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The following Dictionary forms a part of Mr. Weale's Educational 
Series, and is intended to meet the wants of those whose necessities 
or wishes lead them to cultivate a knowledge of the Latin tongue, 
and who, for that purpose, take up such authors as Virgil, Horace, 
Ovid, Terence, Juvenal, Sallust, Livy, Cicero, &c. &c. &c. The 
object of the publisher is to render it extensively useful. When 
bound in one volume with the English-Latin Dictionary, it will form 
a suitable accompaniment to the Series of Educational Volumes. 






A, or a, before consonants instead 

of ab, prep, from, by, by reason 

Abs, of or from _ [of 

Abactor, oris, m. a driver away, a 

Abactus, a, um, part, driven away 

by force, or stealth 
Abactus, us, m. a driving away 
Abaculiis, i, m. dim. from Abacus 
Abacus, i, m. a desk, a cupboard, 
a bench, a table, the Pythago- 
rean multiplication table 
Abalienatio, onis,/. an alienating; 
Abalienatus, a, um, part, alie"- 

nated, removed 
Abalieno, as, act. to alienate, to 
estrange, to throw, or cast off, 
to dispose of 
Abavus, i, m. a great grandfa- 
ther's father 
Abbas, a tis, m. an abbot 
Abbatia, ae,/. an abbacy 
Abbatissa, se, /. an abbess 
Abbrevio, are, avi, atum, a. to 

Abdendus, a, um, part, to be hid- 
den, or concealed 
Abdicandus, a, um, part, to be 
abrogated, to be laid down, or 
Abdlcatio, onis, /. an abdication, 

a renouncing 
Abdlcatiuus, a, um, part, about 

to quit 
Abdlcatus, a, um, part, abdicated, 

renounced, resigned 
Abdico, as, are, a. to abdicate 
Abdico, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to refuse, 

to forebode 
Abdlte, adv. secretly, privately 
Abditlvus, a, um, adj. concealed, 
hidden [cover 

Abditum, i, n. a secret place, a 
Abditus, a, um, part, hidden, con- 
cealed, hoarded up 
Abdo, 6re, didi, ditum, a. to hide, 
to conceal [belly 

Abdomen, Inis, n. the paunch, the 
Abduco, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to lead 
away, to carry off, to take by 
force [away 

Abducturas, a, um, part, to take 
Abductus, a, urn, part, carried off, 

or away, stolen 
Abedo, ere, edi, esum, a. to eat up 
Abeo, Ire, Ivi, and ii, Itum, n. to 

depart, to go off, or away 
AbequTto, as, n. to ride away 
Aberrans, tis, part, wandering 

from . 
Aberratio, 5nis,/. a wandering 
Abcrro, as, n. to wander, to lose 
the way [wanting 

Abl'cre, ii\fi*. of absum, to be 

Abfutiirus, a, um, part, to be 

Abgrggo, as, avi, a. to sever, to 

take out of the flock 
Abhlnc, adv. since, hence, in 

time to come 
Abhorrens, tis, part, abhorring, 

disliking, differing 
Abhorrens, adj. unfit, foolish, not 

consistent with 
Abhorreo, ere, ui, n. to abhor, to 

dislike [ing 

Abhortatus, a, um, part, dissuad- 
Abjecte, adv. meanly, poorly, 

Abjectio, Onis, /. a taking away, 

dejection, despondency, despair 
Abjectus, a, um, part, cast off, 

thrown away, exposed 
Abiens, abeuntis, part, going away 
Abies, gtis, /. a fir-tree, a plank 
Abietarius, i, m. a shipwright, a 

Abiga, se,/. ground ivy 
Ablgendus, a, um, part, to be 
w driven off, or away 
Abigens, tis, part. 
Abigo, 6re, egi, actum, a. to drive, 

or send away, to hinder from 
Abjlciendus, a, um, part, to be 

thrown, or cast away 
Abjtciens, tis, part, casting off 
Abjicio, ere, jeci, jcctum, a. to 

throw, or cast away 
Abinde, adv. from thence, ever 

Abitio, onis,/. a departing 
Ablto, are, n. to go away 
Ablturus, a, um, part, about to 

Abitus, us, m. a going away, an end 
Abjudicatus, a, um, part, given 

by judgment 
Abjudlco, as, a. to give lands, 

sentence, or verdict, to deny 
Abjunctus, a, um, part. 
Abjungo, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to un- 
yoke, to remove 
Abjuratus, a, um, part, denied 

upon oath 
Abjuro, as, a. to deny upon oath 
Ablaqueo, as, a. to lay bare the 

Ablativus, a, um, adj. ablative 
Ablaturus, a, um, part, about to 

take, or carry away 
Ablatus, a, um, part, taken away 
Ablegandus, a, um, part, to be 

sent away 
Ablegatio, onis,/. a sending out of 
Ablegatus, a, um, part, sent away, 

Ablego, as, a. to send away 
Ablepsia, se, / a want of sight 

Abligurio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to 

spend riotously, to consume 
Abloco, as, a. to let for hire 
Abludo, ere, si, sum, n. to be un- 
like, to differ 
Abluendus, a, um, part, to be 

washed clean 
Abluens, tis, part, washing clean 
Abluo, fire, ui, utum, a. to wash 

clean, to wash away, to atone 
Ablatio, onis,/. a washing off 
Ablutus, a, um, part, washed 

Abn&to, as, a. to swim away 
Abneco, ui and avi, a. to kill 
Abnggatus, a, um, part, denied, 

Abnego, as, a. to deny, to refuse 
Abngpos, otis, m. a great grand- 
son _ [daughter 
Abneptis, is, /. a great grand- 
Abnodatus, a, um, part, cleared 

of knots 
Abnodo, as, n to cut off knots 
Abnormis, e, adj. irregular, sin- 
gular [jected 
Abnuendus, a, um, part, to be re- 
Abnuens, tis, part, denying, re- 
Abnuiturus, a, um, part, about to 

refuse, that would refuse 
Abnuo, fire, ui, utum, act. to deny, 

to refuse 
Ab5lendas, a, um, part, to be 

Aboleo, ere, ui and evi, itum, act. 

to abolish, to abrogate 
Abftleseo, 6re, evi, Itum, n. to 

wither or decay, to die 

Ab51ttio, onis, / an abolition, a 

cancelling [abolish 

Abolltuvus, a. um, part, about to 

Abolltus, a, um, part, abolished, 

Abolla, s, /. a senator's robe, a 
soldier's coat, a philosopher's 
Abominandus, a, um, part, to be 

Abommans, tis, pari, abominat- 
_ i n .? 

Abommatus, a, um, part, abhor- 
ring, hated 
Abommor, ari, dep. to abominate, 
to detest [ants 

Aborigines, um, e.g. first inhabit- 
Abortio, 6nis,/. a miscarriage 
Aborto, as, n. to miscarry 
Abortlvum, i, n. an abortion 
Abortlvus, a, um, adj. abortive 
Abortus, us, m. a miscarriage 
Abrado, ere, si, sum, a. to scrape, 
shave, cut - [away 

Abrasus, a, um, part, ahavra, cut 




Abreptus, a, urn, part, torn away, 

carried off 
Abripio, ere, ui, eptum, a. to carry 

or drag away by force 
Abrodo, ere, si, sum, a. to gnaw 

or cut off [versing 

AbrOgatio, onis,/. a repeal, a re- 
Abrogatus, a, urn, part, repealed 
Abrogo, as, a. to repeal 
AbrotOnum, i, n. southernwood 
Abrumpendus, a, uni, part, to be 

broken, torn off 
Abrumpo, ere, rupi, upturn, a. to 

break, tear, or throw off 
Abrupt e, adv. abruptly, rashly 
Abruptio, onis, /. a breaking, a 

Abruptum, i, n. a precipice 
Abrupturus, a, um, part, about to 

Abruptus, a, um, part, broken or 

cut off, steep 
Abs, prep. from. 
Abscedens, tis, part, departing 
Abscedo, ere, cessi, cessum, n. to 

depart, to go or be taken away 
Abscessurus, a, um, part, about 

to depart 
Abscessus, us, m. a recess, a de- 
parture, abscess 
Abscldo, ere, di, sum, a. to cut off 
Abscindendus, a, um, part, to be 

cut off 
Abscindo, £re, scidi, scissum, a: 

to cut or rend off 
Abscissio, onis,/. a cutting short 
Abscissior, us, adj. shorter, severer 
Abscissus, a, um, part, cut off, or 

Abscondite, adv. secretly, closely 
Abscondltus, a, um, part, and adj. 

Abscondo, £re, di and didi, ditum 

and sum, a. to hide, cover, or 

keep close 
Absens, tis, part, absent, distant 
Absentia, ae,/. absence 
Absilio, ire, ui, n. to leap from, to 

fly off 
Absimilis, e, adj. very unlike 
Absinthium, i, n. wormwood 
Absistens, tis, part, ceasing, de- 
Absisto, ere, abstiti, n. to depart 

from, to cease 
Absolvens, tis, part, acquitting 
Absolvo, ere, vi, latum, a. to ac- 
quit, to discharge, to dispatch 
Absolute, adv. perfectly 
Absolutio, onis, /. absolution, an 

acquitting, a discharging 
Abs6lutorius, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to acquitting, or pardoning 
Absolutus, a, um, part, acquitted, 

pardoned, finished 
Abs5nus, a, um, adj. harsh in 

sound, discordant, irregular 
Absorbeo, ere, ui and psi, ptum, 

a. to sup up, to suck in 
Absque, prep, without, but for, 

Abstemius, a, um, adj. sober, not 

fond of 
Abstergens, tis, part, wiping away 
Abstergeo, ere, si, sum, a. to wipe 

clean, or off 
Abstergo, ere, same as Abstergeo 
Absterreo, ere, ui, itum, a. to 

frighten away 
Absterritus, a, um, part . affrighted 
Abttersus, a, um, part, wiped off 
Abstlnendus, a, um, part, to be 

kept from 
Abstlnens, tis, adj. abstinent, 


Abslinenter, adv. discreetly, mo- 
derately [tegrity 
Aostlnentia, se, /. abstinence, in- 
Abstmeo, ere, ui, stentum, a. to 

abstain, refrain 
Absto, stare, stiti, stitum, n. to 
stand at a distance, to stand off 
Abstracturus, a, um, part, about 

to draw off 
Abstract us, a, um, part, drawn 

Abstrahens, tis, part, drawing 

Abstraho, £re, xi, ctum, a. to 

draw, drag, or tear away 
Abstrictus, a, um, part, united 
Abstriido, ere, si, sum, a. to con- 
ceal, to hide 
Abstriisus, a, um, part, hidden, 

concealed, abstruse 
Absum, esse, fui, futurus, n. to be 

absent, or away, distant 
Absiimedo, mis, /. a wasting 
Absumendus, a, um, part, to be 

Absumo, 6re, psi, ptum, a. to con- 
sume, to destroy 
Absumpturus, a, um, part, about 

to consume 
Absumptus, a, urn, part, consumed 
Absurde, adv. absurdly 
Absurdus, a, um, adj. absurd, 
foolish [copious 

Abundans, tis, part, abounding, 
Abundanter, adv. abundantly 
Abundantia, ae,/. abundance 
Abundatio, onis,/. abundance 
Abundaturus, a, um, part, about 
_ to abound 

Abunde, adv. enough, sufficiently 
Abundo, as, n. to abound, to be 

Abusio, onis,/. an abuse 
Abusque, prep, from as far as 
Abusus, (is, m. an abuse 
Abutendus, a, um, part, to be 

Abutens, tis, part, abusing 
Abator, i, usus, dep. to abuse, to 

Abyssus, i,/. a bottomless pit 
Ac, conj. and, and indeed 
Acacia, a?,/, a thorn 
Academia, »,/. an academy 
Academicus, i, m. an academician 
Academicus, a, um, adj. of the 

Acanthinus, a, um, adj. of, or like 

bear's foot 
Acanthis, idis,/. a goldfinch 
Acanthus, i, m. bear's foot 
Acatium, i, n. a pinnace, a barge 
Accedens, tis, part, coming, added 
Accedo, 6re, ssi, ssum, a. to ap- 
proach, to draw near 
Acceleratio, onis,/. a hastening 
Acceleratus, a, um, part, hastened 
Accelero, as, a. to hasten, to make 

Accendendus, a, um, part, to be 

stirred up 
Accendens, tis, part, exciting 
Accendo, 6re, di, sum, a. to in- 
flame, to set on fire, to light 
Accenseo, ere, ui, sum, a. 10 add 

to, to reckon among 
Accensus, a, um, part, set on fire, 

kindled, inflamed 

Accensus, i, m. a new enlisted 

soldier, a supernumerary officer 

Accentus, us, ?n. an accent, a tone 

Aceeptans, tis, part, accepting, 

Acceptator, oris, m. one who ac- 
cepts er approves of a thing 

Acceptio, Onis,/. a taking, a grant- 

ing, or allowing 
Accepto, as, to accept, or receive 
Acceptor, oris, m. a receiver 
Acceptrix, icis,/. a female receiver 
Acceptum, i, n. a thing received 
Accepturus, a, um, part, about tc | 

Acceptus, a, um, part, received, 

taken, treated 
Accersendus, a, um, part, to be 

called, sent for 
Accersens, tis, part, sending for 
Accersio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to fetch, 

or send for 
Accersitor, oris, m. a sender for 
Accersitus, a, um, part, sent for, 

far fetched 
Accersitus, us, m. a sending for 
Accerso, ere, ivi, Itum, a. to send 

for, to accuse, to procure, to hire 
Accessio, onis, /. an accession, an 

increase, interest of money 
Accessurus, a, um, part, about 

to approach 
Accessus, a, wm, part, approached 
Accessus, us, m. an access 
Accidens, tis, part, happening 
Accidentia, ae, /. that which hap- 
pens achance 
Aceido, ere, i, n. to fall down, to 

fall, to come to, to befal, to 

Aceido, ere, di, sum, a. to weaken, 

to cut- short 
Accieo, ere, Ivi, Itum, a. to fetch 
Accinctus, a, um, part, girded, 

furnished, prepared for 
Accingo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to gird 

to, to prepare for 
Accio, Ire, Ivi, itum, a. to send for, 

or call, or procure 
Accipiendus, a, um, part, to be 

taken, received [ceiving 

AccTpiens, tis, part, taking, re- 
Accipio, Cre, epi, eptum, a. to take, 

to receive, to undertake, to learn, 

to accept [tortioner 

Accipiter, tris, m. a hawk, an ex- 
Accisus, a, um, part, cut off, clipt 

short, shortened 
Acciturus, a, um, part, about to 

send for 
Accitus, a, um, part, sent for 
Accltus, us, m. a sending for 
Acclamans, tis, part, calling, 

Acclamatio, onis,/ a calling aloud, 

a shout 
Acclamo, as, a. and n. to shout 

for joy 
Accllnaturus, a, um, part, about 

to lean 
Accllnatus, a, um, part, leaning, 

Acclinis, e, adj. leaning on, in- 
clining, prone 
Acclino, as, n. to lean, or bend 

Accllvis, e, adj. steep, ascending 
Accllvus, a, um, adj. steep, rising 
Accllvitas, atis, /. steepness, as- 
AccOla, ae, c. g. a near inhabitant 
Accolens, tis, part, bordering on 
Accolo, ere, ui, a. to dwell near 
Accomm5dandus, a, um, part, to 

be accommodated 
Accommodans, tis, part, fitting, 

Accommodate, adv. aptly, suitably 
AccommOdatio, onis, /. an accom- 
modation, an applying 
Accommodatus, a, um, part, and 

adj. suited, designed for 




JBcommodo, as, a. to accommo- 
Jdate, to suit, to fit 
•commodus, a, urn, adj. suitable 
ifecredens, tis, part, believing 
Accredo, e>e, didi, Hum, a. to be- 
lieve, to give credit to 
Accrementum, i, n. an increase 
Accrescens, tis, part, increasing 
Accresco, ere, evi, etum, n. to in- 
crease, to swell 
Accretio, Onis,/. an increase 
Accubans, tis, part, lying, or sit- 
ting down, adjoining to 
Accubatio, onis,/. a lying down 
Accubitus, us, m. a sitting down 
Accfibo, are, ui, Hum, n. to sit at 

table, to lie down 
Accudo, ere, di, sura, a. to coin 
Accumbens, tis, part, lying down 
Ai'ctunbo, ere, iibui, Hum, n. to 

lie, or sit down at meat 
Accumiilans, tis, part, heaping up 
Accumulatio, onis, /. a heaping up 
Acciimulatissime, adv. superl. 
most abundantly, most liberally 
Accumulator, oris, m. a heaper up 
Accumulatus, a, um, part, heaped 

Acciimulo, as, a. to accumulate 
Accurate, adv. accurately, care- 
fully, cautiously 
Acc&ratus, a, um, adj. accurate, 

done with care 
Accuratio, onis,/. carefulness 
Accuro, as, a. to take care of, to 

provide for 
Accurrcns, tis, part, running to 
Accurro, ere, ri, sum, n. to run to, 

to flock together 
Accursus, us, m. a concourse 
Accusabilis, e, adj. blamable, bad 
Aceusandus, a, um, part, blam 

Accusans, tis, part, accusing, 

Accusatio, onis, /. an accusation 
Accusativus, a, um, adj. accusative 
Accusator, oris, m. an accuser, a 

Accusatorie, adv. with the design 

of an accuser 
Acciisatorius, a, um, adj. accusa- 
tory [cuser 
Accusatrix, icis, /. a female ac- 
Accusaturus, a, um, part, about 

to accuse 
Accusatus, a, um, part, accused 
Accuso, as, a. to accuse, to blame, 

or reprimand 
Acedia, ae, /. sloth, negligence 
Aceldama, indecl. a field of blood 
Acer, eris, n. a maple-tree 
Acer, acris, e, adj. sharp, sour, 
swift, active, mettlesome, bold 
Aceratus, a, um, adj. mixed with 

Acerbans, tis, part, aggravating 
Acerbe, adv. bitterly [verity 

Acerbitas, atis, /. sharpness, se- 
Acerbius, adv. comp. very bitterly, 

very severely 
Acerbo, are, avi, Stum, a. to ag- 
gravate, to heighten, to enrage 
Acerbus, a, um, adj. bitter, sour, 
■■ unripe, harsh 
Acemus, a, um, adj. of maple 
Acerosus, % um, adj. full of chaff 
Acerra, ae, /. a censer box 
AcerrTme, adv. superl. very bitterly 
Acersecomes, se, m. a catamite 
Acervalis, e, adj. heaped together 
Acervatim, adj. by, or in heaps 
Aeervatio, onis,/. a heaping up 
Aoprvatus, a, um, part, heaped up 
Acervo, ss, a. to heap, or pile up 

Acervus, i, m. a heap, or hoard 
Acescens, tis, part, turning sour 
Acesco, ere, incep. to grow sour 
Acgsis, is, /. water sage 
Acetabulum, i, n. a saucer, a cup, 

a box 
Acetaria, Crura, pi. n. a salad, 

Achates, ae, m. agate, a ring 
Acheron, tis, m. a river in hell, 
hell, the grave [ron 

Achgronticus, a, um, adj. of Ache- 
A chelae, arum, pl.f. grasshoppers 
Achilleum, i, n. a sort of spunge 
Achnas, adis, /. a wild pear-tree 
Achor, oris, m. the scald, a kind 

of scab on children's heads 
Actdulus, a, um, adj. dim. some- 
^ what sour 

Acidus, a, um, adj. acid, sour 
Acies, ei, /. an edge or point, the 
sight of the eve, an army, a 
battle, the field of battle 
Aclnaces, is, m. a scimitar, a sabre 
Aclnosus, a, um, adj. full of ker- 
Acinus, i, m. Acinum, i, n. Acfna, 
ae,/. a grape-stone, an ivy-berry 
AcTpenser, eris, m. a fish, a stur- 
Aelis, idis, /. a short dart 
Acme, es, f. the prime, the flower 

of age 
Aconltum, i, n. wolfsbane, poison 
Acor, oris, m. sourness, tartness 
Acquiesco, ere, evi, etum, n. to 
rest, to he down, to die, to ac- 
quiesce [rest 
Acquieturus, a, um, part, about to 
Acqulrendus, a, um, part, to be 

acquired, or obtained 
Acqulrens, tis, part, gettiag 
Acqulro, ere, slvi, sltum, a. to ac- 
quire, to get 
Acqulsltio, onis, /. an acquisition, 

a getting 
Acquisiturus, a, um, part, about 

to get 
Acquisltus, a, um, part, gotten 
Acredula, ae,/. a woodlark 
Acrimonia, ae, /. acrimony, sharp- 
_ ness 

Acrior, us, adj. comp. sharper 
Acrlter, acritis, acerriml, adv. 
sharply, boldly, valiantly, stout- 
ly, earnestly, warmly 
Acritudo, mis,/, sharpness 
Acroama, atis, n. an opera, play, 
_ or farce 

Acvoasis, is,/, an audience 
Acrostichis, is, /. an acrostic 
Acta, ae, /. a seashore, a strand 
Acta, orum, pi. n. acts, exploits, 

Actio, onis, /. action, an acting, 

an action, or suit 
Acttto, as, freq. to act, to plead 
Active, adv. actively, in an active 

Activus, a, um, adj. active 
Actor, oris, m. an actor, a mana- 

tary, a notary [ble 

Actuarius, a, um, adj. light, nim- 
Actum, i, n. an act, an action 
Actuose, adv. actively, earnestly 
Actuosus, a, um, adj. active, busy 
Actiirus, a, um, part, about to 

act, or do 
Actus, a, um, part, done, per- 
formed, carried on 
Actus, its, m. an act, or deed, <\n 
act of a play 

Actutum, adv. presently, forth- 
Acuendus, a, urc, part, to be 
sharpened [whetting 

Acuens, tis, part, sharpening, 
Aculeatus, a, um, adj. having a 

prickle, or sharp point 
Aculeus, i, m. a sting, a prickle 
Acumen, Inis, n. the point, or edge 

of a thing, a dart, cunning 
Acuminatus, a, um, part, pointed 
Acuo, ere, i, a. to sharpen, to whet, 

to excite, to provoke 
Acus, ens, n. chaff 
Acus, L m. a long prickly sea fish 
Acus, us, /. a needle, a bodkin 
Acute, ius, issime, adv. acutely, 

sharply, wittily 
Acutulus, a, um, adj. dim. some- 
what sharp, or keen 
Acutus, a, um, adj. ior, issimus, 
Ad, prep, to, before, at, on, in 
comparison of, until, near to, 
towards, in, against 
Adactio, onis,/. force, constraint 
Adactus, a, um, part, forced, 
driven [even 

Adaequandus, a, um, part, made 
Adaequatio, onis,/. a levelling 
Adaequatus, a, um, part, levelled 
Adaeque, adv. equally 
Adsequo, as, a. to make equal 
Adaeratio, onis, /. an estimating 

in money 
Adaestuo, as, n. to overflow 
Adaggero, as, a. to heap up, to 
Adagium, i, n. a proverb [heap 
Adalligatus, a, um, part, tied to 
Adalligo, as, a. to tie close to 
Adamantams, a, um, adj. adaman- 
Adamantinus, a, um, adj. hard 

as adamant, of adamant 
Adamas, antis, m. a stone, a dia- 
Adamatus, a, um, part, beloved 
Adambulo, as, a. to walk up to 
Adamo, as, a. to love much, to 

Adaperio, Ire, ui, turn, a. to open, 

to uncover, to disclose 
Adapertus, a, um, part, laid open 
Adaptatus, a, um, part, fitted to 
Adaquo, as, a. to water 
Adauctus, a, um, part, increased 
Adauctus, us, m. an increase 
Adaugeo, ere, xi, etum, a. to in- 
crease, to improve [creased 
Adaugesco, ere, incep. to be in- 
Adblbo, ere, i, ltum, a. to drink, 

to suck in, to admit 
Adblandior, iri, dep. to speak fair, 
to flatter [added 

Addendus, a, um, part, to be 
Addens, tis, part, adding, joining 
Addenseo, ere, ui, a. to thicken 
Addenso, as, a. to thicken 
Addlcens, tis, part, approving 
Addlco, fire, xi, etum, a. to doom, 
to condemn, to sentence, to de- 
vote, to sell 
Addictio, 5nis, /. a valuing 
Addictus, a, um, part, addicted, 
given up, devoted, doomed, con- 
Addisco, fire, didici, a. to learn 
Additamentum, i, n. an addition 
Additio, onis,/. an addition [add 
Additurus, a, um, part, about to 
Additus, a, um, part, added, joined 
Addlvlno, as, a. to conjecture 
Adclo, ere, idi, itura, a. to add, to 
give, to put 

B 2 




Addormisco, 6re, n. to sleep 
Addubitatio, Onis,/. doubt 
Addiibitatus, a, urn, part, doubted 
Addiiblto, as, a. and n. to doubt 
Adducens, tis, part, bringing to 
Addiico, ere, xi, ctum, a. to bring, 

to carry, to induce, to persuade 
Adducte,"n<7»'. closely, nearly 
Adductor, oris, m. be that leads 
Adducturus, a, um, part, about 

to bring 
Adductus, a, um, part, brought, 

induced, prevailed on 
Adedo, ere, or esse, edi, esum, or 

estum, a. to eat up, to consume 
Ademptio, Onis,/. a taking away, 

a disfranchising 
Adempturus, a, um, part, about 

to take away 
Ademptus, a, um, part . taken away 
Aded, adv. so, therefore, much 

more, very much, indeed, inso 

much, that 
Adeo, Ire, Ivi, and ii, Itum, n. to 

go, or come to, to set out, to 

address, to undergo, to ap- 
proach, to reach 
Adeps, Ipis, m. andf. fat, tallow 
Adeptio, onis,/. a getting 
Adepturus, a, um, part, about to 

Adeptu3, a, um, part, having got- 
Adequito, as, a. to ride up to 
Adesurio, Ire, n. to be hungry 
Adesus, a, um, part, eaten, con- 
sumed, undermined, spent 
Adeundus, a, um, part, to be 
gone to [able 

Adexpetendus, a, um, part, desir- 
Adhserens, tis, part, adhering 
Adhsereo, ere, si, rem, n. to ad- 
here, to stick, to keep close to 
Adhjeresco, ere, as Adheereo 
Adhsesio, onis,/. adhesion, a join- 
Adhaesus, us, rn. a sticking to 
Adhalo, as, a. to breathe upon 
Adhamo, as, a. to fish with a hook 
Adhibendus, a, um, part, to be 

Adhlbeo, ere, ui, '"turn, a. to apply, 
to set, to use, to admit, to call, 
or send for 
Adlnbiturus, a, um, part, about 

to use 
Adhibitus, a, um, part, used, ap- 
Adhinnio, Ire, r i, Itum, n. to neigh 

Adhorresco, ere, n. to be greatly 

Adhortans, tis, part, exhorting 
Adhortatio, onis, /. an exhortation 
Adhortator, oris, m. an encourager 
Adhortatus, a, um, part., having 

exhorted, exhorting 
Adhortor, ari, dep. to encourage, 
to exhort [sides 

Adhuc, adv. hitherto, as yet, be- 
Adjacens, tis, part, lying conti- 
Adjaceo, ere, «. to lie near, to 

border upon 
Adjectamentum, i, n. anything ad- 
ded, an appendage 
Adjectio, onis,/. an addition 
Adjectivus, a, um, adj. adjective, 
added to [add 

Adjecturus, a, um, part, about to 
Adjectus, a, um, part, added, 

Adjectus, us, m. an addition 
Adiens, euntis, part, going to 
Adlgens, tis, part, driving, forcing 

Adigo, Sre, egi, actum, o. to drive, 

to force 
Adjiciendus, a, um, part, to be 

Adjiciens, tis, part, adding to 
Adjlcio, 6re, eci, ectum, a. to add, 

to cast to, or on 
Adlmendus, a, um, part, to be 

taken away, hindered 
Adimo, <5re, emi, emptum, a. to 

take away, to keep from 
Adlpatum, i, n. fat meat 
Adlpiscendus, a, um, part, to get 
Adlpiscor, i, adeptus, com. to get, 

to obtain, to arrive at [often 
Adito, avi, atum, to approach 
Aditurus, a, um, part, about to 

go, or undergo 
Aditus, a, um, part, gone to 
Aditus, lis, m. a way, means, access 
Adjudicatus, a, um, part, adjudged 
Adjudlco, as, a. to adjudge, to 

Adjugo, as, a. to join together 
Adjumentum, i, n. help, aid 
Adjunctio, onis,/. a conjunction 
Adjunctor, Oris, m. he who joins 
Adjunctum, i, n. an adjunct, a 

Adjunctus, a, um, part, adjoined, 

joined, yoked, annexed 
Adjungendus, a, um, part, to be 

joined to 
Adjungo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to join, 

to annex, to add, to increase 
Adjurans, tis, part, swearing to 
Adjuro, as, a. and n. to adjure, to 

compel to swear [ing 

Adjutabilis, e, adj. assisting, help- 
Adjutans, tis, part, assisting, help- 
Adjuto, as, a. to help, to succour 
Adjutor, oris, m. a helper, an 

Adjutorium, i, n. help, succour 
Adjutrix, Icis, /. she who helps 
Adjuturus, a, um, part, about to 

help [helped 

Adjutus, a, um, part, assisted, 
Adjilvandus, a, um, part, to be 

Adjuvans, tis, part, helping 
Adjuvo, as, avi, utum, a. to help, 

to assist 
Admensus, a, um, part, measured 
Admetior, Iri, mensus, dep. to 

measure out, to retail [tant 
Adminiculator, oris, m. f»n assis- 
AdmTniculatus, a, um, pa.-t. prop- 
Admmiculo, as, a. and AdmmT- 

culor, ari, dep. to prop, to assist 
Admmiculum, i, n. a prop, aid 
Administrandus, a, um, part, to 

be managed, to be governed 
Administratio, onis, /. adminis- 
tration, management 
Administrator, oris, m. an ad- 
Administraturus, a, um, part. 

about to manage [aged 

Administrates, a, um, part, man- 
Admlnistro, as, a. to administer, 

to manage, to govern 
Adnunistror, ari, pass, to be ad- 

Admirabilis, e, adj. admirable, 

wonderful, astonishing 
AdmlrabTlitas, atis,/. wonder 
AdmlrabilTter, adv. wonderfully 
Admlrandus, a, um, part, to be 

admired, wonderful 
Admlrans, tis, part, admiring 
Admlratio, 6nis, /. admiration 


Admlrator, Oris, m. an admirer 
Admlror, ari, dep. to admire, to 

wonder at [mixed 

Admiscendus, a, um, part, to be 
Admiscens, tis, part, mixing, 

Admisceo, ere, ui, mistum, and 

mixtum, a. to mix, to meddle 

witt _ [cess 

Admksio, onis, /. admission, ac- 
Admissum, i, n. a crime, an offence 
Admissura, se, /. coition, the act 

of engendering [admit 

Admissurus, a, um, part, about to 
Admissus, a, um, part, admitted, 

committed [mixing 

Admistio, or Admixtio, onis, /. a 
Admistus, or Admixtus, a, um, 

part, mixed, mingled 
Admittendus, a, um, part, to be 

Admittens, tis, part, admitting 
Admitto, ere, mlsi, missum, a. to 

admit, to put, to spur on, to 

apply [rule 

Admodeor, ari, dep. to govern, to 
Admodestus, a, um, adj. very 

Adm5dulor, ari, dep. to sing, or 

play to 
Admodum, adv. very, very much, 

yes, truly 
Admolior, Iri, dep. to heap \ip 
Adm5nefacio, ere, a. to admonish 
Admonendus, a, um, part, to be 

Adm6nens, tis, part, admonishing^ 
Admoneo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to ad-' 

monish, to advise, to warn, to 

inforrn [advice 

Admimitio, onis, /. admonition, 
AdmonTtor, Oris, m. a monitor 
AdmOnitum, i, n. and Admonltus, 

us, m. admonition, advice 
AdmOniturus, a, um, part, about 

to admonish 
AdmOnitus, a, um, part, admo- 
Admordeo, ere, di," sum, a. to 

bite hard 
Admorsus, a, um, part, bitten 
Admotio, onis,/. a moving 
Admoturus, a, um, part, about to 

Admotus, a, um, part, and adj. 

applied, put, brought near 
Admotus, us, m. an applying 
AdmOvendus, a, um, part, to be 

brought, or moved to 
AdmOvens, tis, part, bringing to 
AdmOveo, ere, ovi, otum, a. to 

bring, or put to, to bring near, 

to apply 
Admurmuratio, same as Murmu- 

Admurmuro, same as Murmuro 
Admutilo, same as Mutilo 
Adnans, tis,'part. swimming 
Adnascor, same as Agnascor 
Adnato, as, a. to swim to 
Adnavlgo, same ae Navigo 
Adnepos, Otis, m. a great grand- 
child's grandson 
Adnisus, or Adnixus, a, um, part. 

pushing, leaping on, attempting 
Adnltens, tis, part, striving, con- 
Adnitor, i, xus, dep. same as An- 

Adno, as, a. to swlsa to 
Adnubllo, as, a. to darkeu 
Adduto, as, a. to nod to 
Adnutrio, Ire, a. to nourish near 
AdOlendus, a, um, part, to be 



tBoleo, ere, ui, and evi, ultum, a. 
Mind n. to burn, to consume, to 
■perfume, to grow up, to increase 
jB&lescens, tis, c. g. a young man, 
War woman 

Adolescentia, ce, /. youth [girl 
AdSlescentula, a?, /. dim. a mere 
Adolescentulus, i, m. dim. a 

stripling [boy 

Ad6lescentilrio, ire, n. to play the 
lAd&lesco, 6re, ui, and evi, n. to 

grow up, to increase, to burn 
1 Adoperio, Ire, ui, turn, a. to cover 

all over 
AdOperte, adv. secretly, in a 

covert manner [closed 

Ad6pertus, a, um, part, covered, 
Adoptans, tis, part, adopting 
Adoptatitius, i, m. one adopted 
Adoptator, oris, m. an adopter 
Adoptaturus, a, um, part, about 

to adopt 
Adoptatus, a, um, part, adopted 
Adoptio, onis,/. adoption, a graft- 
Adopto, as, a. to adopt, to assume, 

to take, to name, to ingraft 
Ador, oris, and oris, n. fine wheat 
Adorandus, a, um, to be worship- 

IAdorans, tis, part, adoring [ped 
Adoratio, onis, /. adoration, wor- 
ship [adore 
Adoratilrus, a, um, part, about to 
Adoratus, a, um, part, worshipped 
Adorea, a;,/, a gift of corn 
I Adoreum, i, n. fine wheat 
Adoveus, a, um; adj. of fine wheat 
Adorior, Iris, or 6ris, Iri, ortus 
sum, dep. to attack, to assault, 
to accost, to attempt 
! Adornate, adv. in a finished or 
| elegant manner 

Adornatus, a, um, part, adorned 
I Adorno, as, a. to adorn, to rig, to 
i equip 

i Adoro, as, a. to worship, to honour, 
j to salute 

I Adorsus, a, um, part, begun 
Adortus, a, um, part, attacking 
Adrado, ere, asi, asum, a. to shave 
Adrasus, a, um, part, shaven 
Adrepo, ere, psi, ptum,\t. to creep 

to, or into 
Adscisco, same as Ascisco 
Adsitus, a, um, part, planted near, 

or by 
Adsum, es, fui, esse, futuras, n. 
to be present, or at hand, to be, 
to come, to defend 
Advectio, onis, /. a carrying to 
Advectxtius, a, um, adj. foreign 
Advecto, as, a. to carry often to 
Advecturus, a, um, part, about 
to carry [brought 

Advectus, a, um, part, carried to, 
Adveho, ere, xi, ctum, a. to carry, 

to bring, to convey 
Advelo, as, a. to veil, to cover 
Advena, a?, e. g. a stranger, a 

Adveneror, ari, dep. to worship, 

to adore 
Adveniens, tis, part, coming to 
Advenio, Ire, veni, ventum, n. to 

come to, to arrive, to happen 
Adventans, tis, part, approaching 
Adventitius, a, um, adj. adventi- 
tious, extraordinary, foreign 
Advento, as, n. to approach, to 

Adventor, oris, m. a guest 
Adventurus, a, uin, part, about to 

Adventus, us, m. a coming, an ap- 
proach, an arrival; Advent 



Adverbium, i, n. an adverb 
Adverbero, as, a. to beat much 
Adversans, tis, part, thwarting 
Adversarius, a, um, adj. opposite 
Adversarius^ i," m. an adversary, 

an enemy 
Adversaria, drum, pi. n. a book 

of notes 
Adversatrix, Icis, /. a female op- 
ponent [trariety 
Adversitas, atis,/. adversity, con- 
Adversor, ari, dep. to oppose, to 

Adversum, i, n. adversity, misery 
Adversum, prep, against, opposite 

to, towards 
Adversus, a, um, part, and adj. 
opposite, over against, adverse, 
unfortunate [Adversum 

Adversus, prep, and adv., same as 
Advertens, tis, part, observing 
Adverto, ere, ti, sum, a. to turn to, 

to direct, to apply 
Advespero, as, n. to grow late 
AdvTgilo, as, same as Vigilo 
Adulandus, a, um, part, to be 
flattered [soothing 

Adulans, tis, part, flattering, 
Adulatio, Onis, /. adulation, flat- 
Adulator, oris, m. a flatterer 
Adulatorius, a, um, adj. fawning 
Adulor, aris, dep. to fawn, to 

Adulter, tSri, m. an adulterer 
Adulter, a, um, adj. adulterous, 

Adultera, a?, /. an adulteress 
Adulteratus, a, um, part, de- 
^ bauched 

Adulteiinus, a, um, part, counter- 
feit, false 
Adulterium, i, n. adultery 
Adultero, as, a. to adulterate, to 

mix, to corrupt 
Adultus, a, um, part, adult, 

grown up 
Adumbratim, adv. obscurely 
Adumbratio, onis, /. a sketch, or 
w shadowing of a thing 
Adumbratus, a, um, part, sha- 
dowed, feigned 
Adumbro, as, a. to shadow out, to 

shade from heat 

Adunatio, onis, /. a making into 

one, an uniting [united 

Adiinatus, a, um, part, joined, 

Aduncitas, atis, /. hookedness, 

Aduncus, a, um, adj. crooked 
Aduno, avi, atum, a. to unite 
AdvOciitio, onis,/. the office of an 

advocate, a plea, a defence 
Adv5catus, i, m. an advocate 
Adv5co, as, a. to call or send for, 

to call, to summon 
Advolans, tis, part, flying to • 
Advolaturus, a, um, part, about 

to fly 
Advolatus, us, m. a flying to 
Adv6lo, as, n. to fly to, to fly, to 

spring out 
Advolvens, tis, part, rolling to 
Advolvo, ere, vi, utum, a. to roll 
to, to raise [prostrate 

Advolutus, a, um, part, rolled, 
Adurens, tis, part, burning, very 

Adurgens, tis, part, pursuing 
Aduro, fire, ssi, ttum, a. to burn, 

to scorch, to pinch 
Adusque, prep, even to 
Adustio, onis,/. a burning, &c. 
Adustus, a, um, part, burnt, in- 
flamed, consumed, parched 

Adytum, i, n. a secret cell, a re- 
cess, the most sacred place of 
a temple 
jEdgpol, same as Edepol 
.ZEdes, or JEdis, is, /. a house, a 

temple, a chapel 
^Edicttla, a;,/, a little house, a cell 
iEdificandus, a, vim, part, to be 

M&Xi leans, tis, part, building 
iEdli'icatio, onis, /. a building 
Mo\\l icator, oris, m. a builder 
-lEdiflcaturus, a, um, part, about 

to build 
iEdlficatus, a, um, part, built 
jEdificium, i, n. a building, a 

iEdif ico, as, a. to build, to erert 
jEdllis, is, m. an edile, a surveyor 
iEdllitas, atis,/. the officeof edile 
iEdilitius, a, um, adj. of an edile 
^Editimus, and iEdituus, i, m. an 

overseer, a churchwarden 
Aedon, 5nis, /. a nightingale 
Mger, gra, grum, adj. sick, weak, 

iaint, lame, difficult 
JSgis, idis, or idos,/ a shield 
iEgisonus, a, um, adj. sounding 

with the »gis, or shield 
iEgve, ids, errirne, adv. hardly, 

with much difficulty 
jEgrescens, tis, part, being sick 
iEgresco, ere, incep. to be sick, 

or bad 
iEgrlmonia, se, /. grief, sorrow 
.ZEgritudo, inis, /. sickness, sorrow 
jEgrotatio, onis,/. sickness 
iEgroto, as, n. to be sick 
JSgrotus, a, um, adj. sick, ill, bad 
jEmtila, aj, /. a female rival 
jEmulandus, a, um, part, fit to 

be imitated 
iEmtilans, tis, part, emulating 
iEmulatio, onis, /. emulation, imi- 
tation, hatred 
^Emulator, oris, m. a rival 
jEmulor, ari, dep. to rival, to en- 
deavour to excel, to imitate 
iEmulus, i, m. a rival, a com- 
petitor [rivalling 
iEmulus, a, um, adj. emulous, 
iEneator, oris, m. a trumpeter 
iEneus, a, um, adj. brazen 
jEnigma, atis, n. a riddle 
iEquabilis, e, adj. equal, alike 
jEquabilitas, atis,/. equality 
iEquablliter, adv. equally, evenly 
.ZEqusevus, a, um, adj. of the same 
age [age 
.ZEqualis, e, adj. equal, of the same 
jEqualltas, atis, / equality 
iEqualiter, adv. equally, evenly 
jEquandus, a, um, part, to be 

iEquanimltas, atis, /. evenness of 

temper, patience 
iEquanimiter, adv. patiently 
iEquans, tis, part, equalling 
iEquatio, onis, /. an equation, a 

making, or laying esrs 
Equator, oris, m. the equator, or 
equinoctial line [equal 

iEquatiirus, a, um, part, about to 
./Equatus, a, um, part, made equal 
iEque, adv. equally, as well, so 
jEquidistans, tis, adj. equidistant, 

iEquillbris, e, adj. of equal weight 
jEquilibritas, atis, /. equality of 

^Equilibrium, i, n. an even poise 
iEquInoctialis, e, adj. equinoctial 
iEquinoctium, i, n. the equinox 
.(Equip&rabilis, e, adj. to be equal- 




53qulparans, tis, part, equalling 
iEqutparo, are, a. to equal, to vie 
with, to match [weight 

jEquipondium, i, n. the same 
iEquitas, atis,/. equity, justice 
iEquivocus, a, um, adj. equivocal, 
doubtful, of doubtful meaning 
JEquo, as, a. to equal, to level, to 

divide equally 
jEquor, Oris, n. the sea, any level, 

or plain 
jEquoreus, a, um, adj. of the sea, 

bordering on the sea 
jEquum, i, n. equity, justice 
jEquus, a, um, adj. equal, like, 

level, even, just 
Aer, is, to. in ace. aera, the air, or 

iEra, ae, /. a period of time 
iEramentum, i, n. brass, or copper 
ware [forge 

jEraria, ee, /. a copper-mine, a 
iErarium, i, n. a treasury 
iErarius, a, um, adj. belonging to 
brass, or copper; or to a trea- 
-35ratus, a, um, adj. made of brass 
.Sreus, a, um, adj. made of brass 
Aeiius, a, um, adj. airy, lofty, 

.ffirifer, a, um, adj. bearing brass 
./Erifodina, a?,/, a brass-mine 
iEripes, pedis, c. g. swift, brazen- 
.lErlsonus, a, um, adj. sounding 

like brass 
JEro, onis, m. a mat to lie on, a 

iErosus, a, um, adj. full of brass 
iEriiginosus, a, um, adj. rusty 
jErugo, Inis, /. rust, mildew, a 

blight, poison, slander 
■flSrumna, ae, /. sorrow, affliction 
yErumnabllis, e, adj. wretched 
iErumnosus, a, um, adj. wretched, 

calamitous, miserable 
.33s, aeris, n. brass, copper, iron, 

^Sstas, atis, /. summer, a year, the 

^Estifer, a, um, adj. sultry, hot 
jEstimabilis, e, adj. estimable 
iEstimandus, a, um, part, to be 

.ZEstimans, tis, part, esteeming, 


iEstimatio, onis,/. a value, a price, 

a reward D ud ge 

Estimator, oris, m. a valuer, a 

iEstimaturus, a, um, part, about 

to esteem 
.aSstimatus, a, um, part, esteemed, 

valued, rated 
jEstimo, as, a. to esteem, to re- 
gard, to value, to settle 
ffistiva, orum, pi. n. summer quar- 
ters, a country house 
jEstlve, adv. as in summer 
jEstlvo, as, n. to live, or spend the 
summer [summer 

TEstivus, a, um, adj. pertaining to 
iEstuans, tis, part, boiling, scorch- 
ing, sultry 
^Estuarium, i, n. a frith, a marsh 
iEstuo, as, n. to boil, to boil over, 

or out, to be very hot 
/Estuose, adv. hotly 
/Estuosus, a, um, adj. very hot, 

iEstus, us, m. heat, a hot steam, 
a raging sea, a tide, a storm, 
^Etas, atis,/. age, an age [fury 
jEtatula, ae, /. youth, childhood 
/Eternitas, atis,/. eternity 
^Eterno, as, o. to perpetuate 

Sternum, adv. for ever, always 
jEternus, a, um, adj. eternal, "con- 
tinual, perpetual 
iEther, eiis, m. in aec. sethe'ra 
and aethgrem, the pure air, the 
sky, or firmament, heaven 
jEthereus, a, um, adj. etherial, 

aerial, celestial, heavenly 
./Ethiops, 6pis, to. a black 
^Ethra, ae, /. the clear sky, the air 
-lEviternus, a, um, adj. eternal 
iEvum, i, n. age, old age, lifetime, 

Afer, fra, frum, adj. of Africa 
Affabilis, e, adj. affable, courteous 
Affabilltas, atis, /. affability, easi- 
AffabiUter, adv. courteously 
Affabre, adv. curiously, ingeni- 
ously [fable 
Affabulatio, onis,/. the moral of a 
Affaris, or affare, affatus, affari, 
from affor, to speak to, to ad- 
Affatim, adv. abundantly, enough 
Affatus, a, um, part, speaking to, 

Affatus, us, to. talk, discourse 
Affectandus, a, um, part, to be af- 
fected [studying 
Affectans, tis, part, affecting, 
Affectate, adv. with affectation 
Affectatio, onis,/. affectation, love 
Affectator, oris, m. an aspirer to, 
an affected person [desired 
Affectatus, a, um, part, affected, 
Affectio, onis, / affection, love, a 

natural disposition 
Affecto, as, a. to affect, to desire, 

to aim at, to attempt 
Affector, atus sum, ari, dep. to 

strive earnestly after a thing 
Affectus, a, \im,part. affected, dis- 
posed, endued 
Affectus, us, m. an affection, a 
disposition, sickness [brought 
Afferendus, a, um, part, to be 
Affgrens, tis, part, bringing 
Affero, afferre, attuli, allatum, a. 
to bring, to bring word, to al- 
lege, to reply 
Aff iciendus, a, um, part, to be af- 
fected, or punished 
Afficio, ere, eci, ectum, a. to af- 
fect, to move, to influence 
Affictus, a, um, part, feigned, 

Affigo, 6re, xi, xum, a. to fasten, 

to fix, to imprint 
Affingens, tis, part, forming 
Affingo, ere, xi, ietum, a. to form, 

or fashion, to feign 
Affinis, e, adj. adjacent, near, re- 
lated by marriage [tion 
Affinis, is, c. g. a cousin, a rela- 
Affnritas, atis,/. affinity 
Affirmate, adv. solemnly, assuredly 
Affirmatio, onis,/. an affirmation 
Affirmatus, a, um, part, affirmed 
Affirmo, as, a. to affirm, to confirm 
Affixus, a, um, parr, fixed, fastened 

to, placed 
Affians, tis, part, breathing, or 

blowing upon 
Afflatus, a, um, part, blown upon, 

blown, blasted 
Afflatus, us, m. a blast, a gale, a 

vapor, a steam 
Affleo, ere, evi, etum, n. to weep 
Afflictatio, onis, /. a throwing 

down, affliction, sorrow 
Afflictio, onis,/. affliction, distress 
Afflicto, as, a. to afflict, vex, toss 
Afflictor, oris, m. a tormentor, a 

Afflictus, a, um, part, afflicted, 

distressed, thrown down 
Afflictus, us, to. trouble 
AffllKO, ere, xi, ctum, a. to afflict, 

to grieve, to dash down 
Afflo, as, a. to blow, or breathe 

Affluens, tis, part, flowing, abound- 
ing, rich, plentiful 
Affluentia, ae,/. abundance 
Affluentius, adv. comp. more abun- 
Affluo, ere, xi, xum, n. to flow 

upon, or in, to flock together, 

or in, to abound 
Affodio, ere, odi, ossum, a. to dig 

up, or into 
Affor. Consult Affaris 
Affore, to be present, to come 
Afformido, as, n. to be afraid 
Affrango, ere, egi, actum, a. to 

break [roar 

Affremo, ?re, n. to murmur, 'to 
Affrico, as, ui, a. to rub against 
Affrictus, us, m. a rubbing upon 
Affrio, as, a. to crumble, to grate 
Affulgeo, ere, si, sum, n. to shine, 

to smile upon, to favour 
Affundo, gre, udi, sum, a. to pour 

Affiiturus, a, um, part, about to 

come, or be present 
Aforis, adv. from without 
Africanus, adj. brought out of 

Africus, i, m. the south-west wind 
Africus, a, um, adj. African 
Agaso, onis, m. a groom 
Age, pi. agite, imp. come on, used 

as an interjection 
Agedum, adv. come on, well 
Agellus, i, m. a little field 
Agema, atis, n. a battalion, a 

Agendus, a, um, part, to be done, 

or driven, that must be done 
Agens, tis, part, doing, driving, 

Agens, tis, to. an agent, a doer 
Ager, gri, to. a field, land, ground 
Agesis, adv. go to, come on [at 
Aggemo, fire, n. to groan, to sigh 
Agger, eris, m. a heap, a pile, a 

Aggeratus, a, \im,part. heaped up 
Aggerendus, a, um, part, to be 

banked up 
Aggero, as, a. to heap, to lay on 

heaps, to aggravate, to increase 
Aggero, 6re, essi, estum, a. to lay 

on a heap, to bring, or carry 
Aggestio, onis, /. a heaping up 
Aggestus, a, um, part, heaped up 
Aggestus, us, m. a heap, a mount, 

a pile of earth 
Aggl6mero, as, a. to wind up, to 

gather into a body 
Agglutinandus, a, um, part, to be 

associated, or joined 
Aggliitlno, as, a. to glue, to solder, 

to associate 
Aggravans, tis, part, aggravating, 

Aggravatus, a, um, part, aggra- 
Aggravescens, tis, part, growing 

worse, or more troublesome 
Aggravesco, gre, incep. to grow 

worse [increase 

AggrSvo, as, a. to aggravate, to 
Aggrediendus, part, to be at- 
tempted [attacking 
Aggrgdiens, tis, part, going to, 
Aggrgdior, i, essus, dep. to go 

unto, to accost, to attempt 



to assemble, 

grego, as, a 
'¥ get together 
Aggressfo, onis,/. an attack 
Aggressor, oris, m. an aggressor 
Aggressurus, a, um, part, about 

to attack 
Aggressus, a, um, part, attack- 
ing, venturing 
Agilis, e, adj. active, swift 
Agilitas, atis,/. agility, swiftness 
Agffiter, adv. nimbly, quickly 
Agitabilis, e, adj. moveable 
Agitandus, a, um, part, to be 

agitated, to be moved 
Agitans, tis, part, moving, re- 
Agitatio, onis,/. motion, exercise 
Agitator, oris, m. a driver 
Agltatus, a, um, part, agitated, 
tossed, shaken, moved, harass- 
ed, employed, debated 
Aglte, same as Age 
Agito, as, a. to agitate, to debate, 

to revolve, to consider 
Agmen, Inis, n. an army, a troop, 
a company, a crowd, a herd, a 
flock, a swarm 
Agna, se, /. an ewe-lamb 
Agnascor i, natus, dep. to grow 
upon, or to, to be born after a 
father's will is made, to be re- 
lated by the father's side 
Agnatio, 6nis, /. kindred by the 

fathers side, a growing to 
Agnati, 6rum, pi. m. relations by 

the father's side 
Agnatus, a, um, part, growing 

upon, or to, grown up 
Agnellus, i, m. dim. a lambkin 
Agnlnus, a, um, adj. of a lamb 
Agnltio, onis, /. an acknowledg- 
Agnitor, oris, m. one who knows, 
understands [ledged 

Agnitus, a, um, par:, acknow- 
Agnomen, Inis, re. a surname, a 

Agnomentum, i, re. a nickname 
Agnomlno, as, a. to nickname 
Agnoscendus, a, um, part, to be 
owned [ledging 

Agnoscens, tis, part, acknow- 
Agnosco, ere, 6vi, Itum, a. to own, 

to acknowledge 
Agnus, i, m. a lamb 
Ago, ere, egi, actum, a. to act, to 

do, to perform, to transact 
Agon, onis, m. a contest, a match, 
a place for contest, a prize * 
Agonista, ae, m. a wrestler 
Agoranomus, i, m. a clerk of the 

Agrarius, a, um, adj. agrarian, 
t pertaining to fields 
Agrestis, e, adj. belonging to fields, 
or the country [trymen 

Agrestes, ium.pj. m. rustics, coun- 
Agrlcfila, a?, m. and /. a husband- 
AgricGlaris, e, adj. of husbandry 
Agrlcultor, Oris, m. a husbandman 
Agriculture, a?, /. husbandry, til- 

Agrfpgta, ae, m. a claimer in the 

division of lands 
Agrium, i, re. a sort of nitre 
An ! inter j. ah ! oh I alas ! 
Aha, interj. away, fie ! no, oh I 
Ah, ah, interj. oh 
Aheneus, a, um, adj. brazen 
Ahenlpes, Cdis, adj. brazen-footed 
A l% enum, i, re. a brass pot, a cal- 

dron, a kettle 
Aflenus, a, um, ad,, brazen, made 
of copper 


Ai, imperat. from aio, say thou 

Ain,/or aisne? say you so? 

Aio, ais, ait, aiunt, v. def. in im- 

perf. aiebam, as, at, amus, atis, 

ant ; in perf. only, aisti, aistis ; 

in imperat. mood, ai; in optat. 

aias, aiat, aiamus, aiant; part. 

aiens, to say, to affirm, to tes- 
Ala, ae, /. a wing, a feather, a wing 

of an army 
Alabaster, i, m. alabaster, an 

ointment box 
Alacer, m. cris,/. ere, and alacris, 

e, adj. merry, cheerful, spirited, 

courageous, fierce 
Alacrior, us, adj. comp. more ready 
Alacritas, atis, /. alacrity, eager- 
ness, readiness, cheerfulness 
Alacrlter, adv. readily, cheerfully 
Alapa, ae,/. a slap on the face, a 

Alaris, e, adj. belonging to a wing 
Alatus, a, um, adj. winged, swift 
Alauda, ae, /. a lark 
Albarium, i, re. a whitewashing 
Albarius, a, um, adj. of white 

Albatus, a, um, part, made white, 

clothed in white 
Albedo, Inis,/. whiteness 
Albens, tis, part, whitening, 

Albeo, es, ui, n. to be white, to 

grow white 
Albescens, tis, part, growing white 
Albesco, €re, incep. to grow white, 

or bright 
Alblco, as, re. same as Albesco 
Albidus, a, um, adj. whitish 
Albor, oris, m. whiteness, fairness 
Albucum, i, re. a white diafFodil 
Albugo, inis, /. a white spot in the 

eye, the white of an egg 
Albulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

Album, i, n. a white table, a 

muster-roll, a list of names, a 

Alburnum, i, n. a sap of trees 
Alb us, a, um, adj. white, hoary, 

pale, wan, fortunate 
Alcalcus, a, um, adj. alcaic 
Alcedo, inis, /. a kingfisher 
Alcedonia, orum, pi. re. happy 

times, a calm season 
Alchymista, ae, m. an alchymist 
Alea, ae, /. a die, dice, hazard, 
_ chance, fortune, gaming 
Alearius, a, um, adj. pertaining to 

the game of chance 
Aleator, oris, m. a dice-plnyer, a 

Aleatorius, a, um, adj. of dice 
Alec, same as Halec [still 

Alembicum, i, re. an alembic, a 
Alendus, part, to be nourished, or 

Aleo, onis, m. same as Aleator 
Ales, Itis, adj. winged, swift, light 
Ales, itis, c. g. any large fowl, or 

Alex, ecis,/. a pickle made offish 
Alexipharmacon, i, re. an antidote 
Alga, ae,/. sea-weed [vere 

Algens, tis, part, cold, chill, sc- 
Algensis, e, adj. of sea-weed 
Algeo, ere, si, re. to be cold, to 

shake, to catch cold 
Algldus, a, um, adj. chill with 

cold, cold 
Algor, oris, m. cold, chillness 
AlgSsus, a, um, adj. full of sea- 
Alia, adv. some other way 


. » 

Alias, adv. at another time, in 

another manner, after another 

Alibi, adv. elsewhere, in another 

place, with another person 
Alica, ae, /. wheat, flummery. 

hasty-pudding [con. 

Alicastrum, i, re. a kind of bread- 
Allcubi, adv. somewhere, any- 
where, in some place, in any 

Alicula, ae,/. a child's coat 
Alicunde, adv. from some place, 

from somebody [alienated 

Alienandus, a, um, part, to be 
Alienatio, onis,/. an alienation, a 

making over to another, an 

aversion [ate 

Alienaturus, part, about to alien- 
Alienatus, a, um, part, alienated, 

parted, bereaved of, revolted 
Alienlgena, ae, c. g. a foreigner, a 
m stranger 

Alienlgenus, a, um, adj. foreign 
Alieno, as, a. to alienate, to sell, 

to part with, to estrange 
Alienus, a, um, adj. another man's, 

of another country, foreign, 

contrary, different, absurd 
Alifer, gra, erum, adj. winged 
Aliger, 6ra, erum, adj. winged 
Aliment arius, a, um, adj. nutritive 
Alimentum, i, n. nourishment, 

food [nance 

Allmonia, ae, /. alimony, mainte- 
Alio, adv. to another place, or 

Alioqui, Alioquin, conj. otherwise 
Aliorsum, adj. elsewhere, to an- 
other purpose [nimble 
Allpes, edis, adj. swift of foot, 
Aliptes, ae, ret. the person who had 

charge of the wrestlers and 

anointed them before exercise 
Allqua, adv. by some place, or 

Allquandiu, adv. a good while, 

some time, a little while 
Allquandd, adv. sometimes, at 

length, once, formerly 
Allquantillum, adv. a very little 
Aliquantisper, adv. a little while 
Allquant6, adv. somewhat, a little 
Atiquantulum, adj. some part : 

(adv.) ever so little 
Aliquantum, adv. a little, in some 

measure [some 

Allquantus, a, um, adj. a little, 
Aliquatfinus, adv. somewhat 
Allquid, s. something, somewhat, 

a great matter of some note 
Allquis, allqua, aliquod or allquid, 

pron. some, somebody, some 

certain person, something, of 

some note 
Allquispiam, aliquapiam, aliquod- 

piam, or allquidpiam, and 
Allquisquam, aliquaquam, allquid- 

quam, pron. any, somebody 
Allquo, adv. some whither, to 

some place, any whither 
Aliquot, pi. indec. adj. some, a few 
AllquSties, adv. sometimes, divert 

times, several times [other 

Allquovers'um, adv. one way, <rr 
Allter, adv. otherwise, sifter 

another manner, else [kept 

Alltus, a, um, part, nourished, 
Aliubi, aS.v. in other places 
Aliunde, adv. from another place, 

of, or from, some other person 
Alius, a, iud, gen. alius, dat. alii, 

adj. another, other, different, 

contrary, changed 
Aliusmodi, adv. of another kind 




AUabens, tis, part, sliding, slip- 
Allabor, ens, psus, dep. to slide, 

or sail by, to reach, to fall down 
Allaboro, as, a. to labour bard, 

to add [ing 

Allapsus, a, um, part, sliding, fail- 
Allapsus, us, m. a eliding, a 

falling upon 
AUatrans, tis, part, barking at 
Allatro, as, a. to bark at, to roar, 

to rail at . [bring' 

Allaturus, a, um, part, tbat will 
Allatus, a, um, part, brought, 

told, reported 
Allaudo, as, a. to commend highly 
Allectatio, onis, /. an enticing 
Allecto, as, a. to allure, to decoy 
Allector, oris, m. a wheedler 
Alleeturus, a, um, part, about to 

choose [chosen 

Allectus, a, um, part, allured, 
Allegandus, a, um, part, to be 

Allegans, tis, part, alleging 
Allegatio, onis, /. an allegation, a 

plea, an excuse 
Allegatus, us, m. same as Alle- 
Allegatus, a, um, part, sent 
AUego, as, a. to allege, to plead, 

to depute, to send 
AUego, ere, egi, ectum, a. to 

choose, to take 
Allegoria, ae,/. an allegory 
AUegoricus, a, um, adj. allegorical 
Allegorizo, are, avi, atum, to 

speak in allegories 
Allevamentum, i, n. ease, relief 
AllSvandus, a, um, part, to be 

eased [easing 

AUevans, tis, part, raising up, 
AUevatio, onis,/. an easing 
Allevatus, a, um, part, raised up, 

eased, comforted 
AUevo, as, a. to lift, or raise up, 

to ease, to lighten, to lessen, to 

relieve [garlic 

Alliatus, a, um, adj. tasting of 
Allicefactus, a, ma, part, wheedled 
AUiciendus, a, um, part, to be 

AlHcio, 6re, lexi, and llcui, lecturh, 

a. to allure, attract [against 
Allido, ere, si, sum, a. to dash 
Alligatio, onis, /. alligation, a 

joining, a binding 
Alligator, oris, m. a tier 
AUigatura, ae, /. a bandage, a knot 
Alligatus, a, um, part, bound, tied 
Alligo, Adligo, as, a. to bind, to 

bind up, to tie, to fasten 
Alllno, 6re, Ivi, and evi, ltum, a. to 

anoint, to rub, to taint 
Allisus, a, um, part, dashed 

against, crushed 
Allium, i, n. garlic 
Ailoc&tio, onis, /. a speaking to, 

an address 
AUScuturus, a, um, part, about 

to speak to [addressed 

AllCrquendus, a, um, part, to be 
All&quens, tis, part, speaking to 
AU5quiam, i, n. discourse, talk 
Alloquor, i, cutus sum, dep. to 

speak to, to address, to salute 
Allubesco, 6re, ui, itum, a. to 

pie ise 
AUuc ;o, ere, xi, a. to shine upon 
(Uludens, I is part, alluding, sport- 
Alludo, Adludo, e>e, si, sum, n. 

to allude, to play with, or upon, 

to banter, to scoff 
Alluens, tis, part, washing 

Aliuo, 6re, ui, a. to wash, to flow 

Allusio, onis,/. an allusion 
Alhivies, ei, /. a dirty stream, a 

Alluvio, onis, /. an inundation 
Alnms, a, um, adj. kind, cherish- 
ing, nourishing, holy, pure, fair 
Alneus, a, um, adj. made of alder 
Alnus, i, /. an alder-tree, a boat 
Alo, ere, ui, altum and alitum, a 
to feed, to nourish, to bring 
up, to maintain, to support, to 
Aloe, es,/. aloes, a bitter drug 
Alogus, a, um, adj. without reason 
Alopecurus, i, m. tailed wheat, 

fox tail 
Alpha, indecl. the first letter of the 
Greek alphabet, the first, or 
chief of any thing 
Alphabetum, i, n. the alphabet 
Alpinus, a, um, adj. of the Alps 
Alsiosus, a, um, adj. cold by na- 
ture, subject to cold, chill 
Altanus, i, m. an eastern, or high 
Altare, is, n. an altar [wind 

Alte, adv. on high, aloft, deeply, 

Alter, era, Srum, gen. alterius, dat. 
altgri, adj. another, any other, 
the other, other, the one, or 
former, the other, or later 
Altercans, tis, part, contending 
Altercatio, onis, /. contention, 

Altercator, Oris, m. a wrangler 
Alterco, as, n. to contend, to de- 
bate [scold 
Altercor, ari, dep. to debate, to 
Alternandus, a, um, part, to be 

altered or changed by turns 
Alternans, tis, part, doing by 

turns, changing, varying 
Alternatus, a, um, part, changed, 

Alterne, adv. by turns 
Alternis, by turns 
Alterno, as, a. to do by turns, or 

course, to alter, to change 
Alternus, a, um, adj. alternate, 
by turns, in course, one after 
Alteruter, tra, trum, adj. one of 

the two, the one, or the other 
Altemterque, traque, trumque, 

adj. one or the other, either 
Altemtrinque, adv. on both sides 
Altheea, ae,/. marshmallows 
Altllis, e, adj. fed, fatted, cram- 
Altisonus, a, um, adj. sounding 

from above, loud 
Altissime, adv. superl. very high 
Altit6nans, tis, part, thundering 
Altitudo, Inis, /. height, depth, 
loftiness [soaring 

Altiv51ans, tis, part, flying high, 
Altius, adv. comp. higher, deeper 
Altiusc olus, adj. somewhat higher 
Altor, oris, m. a nourisher, a 

Altrinsecus, adv. on either side 
i ltrix, Icis,/. a female nourisher, 

or maintainer 
Altrix, Icis, adj. nourishing 
Altum, i, n. the main sea, the 

deep, heaven 
Altus, a, um, part, and adj. fed, 
maintained, high, lofty, branch- 
ing, exalted 
Alveare, is, Alvear, aris, and Alvea- 

rium, j, n. a beehive 
(Uveatus, a, inn, adj. fluted, chan- 

Alve5lus, i, m. a wooden scoop, 

a tray, a tub 
Alveum, i, n. and Alveus, i, m. * 
channel, a pipe, a hollow large 
vessel, a belly, bees, a chess- 
Alumen, Inis, n. alum 
Aliimmatus, a, um, adj. impreg- 
nated with alum [alum 
Aluminosus, a, um, adj. full of 
Alumna, «, /. a nurse-child, a 

Alumno, are, atum, to nourish, to 

bring up, educate 
Alumnus, i, m, a foster-child, a 
foster-father, a pupil, a scholar 
Aluta, ae, /. tanned leather, a 

leather shoe 
Alvus, i, /. sometimes m. the belly, 

the paunch, the womb 
AmabUis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

superl. amiable, lovely 
Amabilitas, atis,/. amiableness 
Amabiliter, adv. amiably, lovingly 
Amandatio, onis, /. a removal 
Amandatus, a, um, part, sent 
_ away [oft 

Amando, as, a. to send away, or 
Amandus, a, um, part, to be loved 
Amans, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. loving, 
fond [heart 

Amans, tis, c. g. a lover, a sweet- 
Amanter, adv. tihs, comp. tissime, 

Amanuensis, is, m. a secretary, 
' a clerk 

Amaracinum, i, n. an ointment 
Amaracinus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to, sweet marjoram 
Amaracum, i, n. sweet marjoram 
Amaranthus, i, m. everlasting 

Amare, adv. bitterly, spitefully 
Amarior, ius, adj. comp. more 

bitter, or sour ; issimus. 
Ainarities, ei,/. bitterness, grief 
Amaritudo, inis, /. bitterness, 

AmarMentus, a, um, adj. very 

bitter, spiteful, malicious 
Amarus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. bitter, saltish, 
spiteful, malicious 
Amasius, i, m. a courter of wo- 
men, a sweetheart 
Amatio, onis, /. alliance 
4-mator, oris, m. a lover, a gallant 
Amatorciilus, i, m. a pitiful lover 
Amatorie, adv. amorously, fondly 
Amatorium, i, ». a love-potion 
Amatorius, a, um, adj. amorous, 

procuring love 
Amatrix, icis, /. a she-lover 
Amatus, a, um, part, loved 
Ambage,/. abl. sing, ambages, pi. 
and ambaglbus, and in no other 
cases, a turning, or winding, a 
shift, a prevarication, a tedious 
story, a dark mysterious saying 
Ambedo, ere, a. to eat, or gnaw 

about, to eat up, to consume 
Ambesus, a, um, part, eaten 

Ambiens, tis, part, courting, so- 
liciting, going about 
Ambifarius, a, um, doubtful, that 
has two sides, of double mean- 
Ambigens, tis, part, doubting, en- 
Ambigo, ere, without prceterp. ar.d 

supine, a. to doubt, to dispute 
Ambigue, adv. doubtfully, ob- 




Amblguitas, atis, /. ambiguity, 

doubtfulness, uncertainty 
aBubig-uum, i, n. doubt, uncer- 
Amblguus, a, urn, adj. ambi- 
guous, doubtful, taken several 
- ways, uncertain ) 

Ambio, Ire, ivi and ii, itum, a. to 
court, to caress, to compliment, 
to solicit 
Ambitio, onis, /. ambition, a de- 
sire of honour 
Ambitiose, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
sup. diligently, accurately, af- 
fected, fondly 
Ambitiosus, a, um, adj. ambitious, 

vain, glorious, fond 
Ambitus, a, um, part, courted, 

entreated, addressed 
Ambitus, us, m. a compass, a 

circuit, ambition 
Ambo, se, o, both 
Ambo, onis,/. a pulpit [gods 

Ambrosia, se, /. the food of the 
Ambr6siacus, a, um, adj. delicious 
Ambrosius, a, um, adj. ambro- 

sian, divine 
Ambubaiae, arum, pi. f. common 

Ambulacrum, i, n. a walk, a gal- 
lery [going 
Ambulans, tis, part walking, 
Ambulatio, onis./. a walking 
Ambulatiuncula, a?, /. a place to 

walk in 
Ambulator, Oris, m. a walker 

abroad, a vagabond 
Ambulatorius, a, um, adj. mov- 
ing up and down 
Ambulatrix, icis, /. a gossip, a 

Ambulo, as, a. to walk, to amble 
Amburbium, i, n. a solemn pro- 
cession round the city 
Amburo, 6re, ssi, a. to burn all 

about, to scorch 
Ambustio, onis, /. a burning, a 

Ambustus, a, um, part, lsurnt, 

Amellus, i, m. an herb, starwort 
Aniens, tis, adj. tior, comp. tissi- 
_ mus, superl. foolish, simple, mad 
Amentans, tis, part, hurling, 
_ driving 

Amentatus, a, um, part, fastened 
_ with straps 
Amenter, adv. madly 
Amentia, ae, f. madness, folly 
Amento, as, a. to tie with a string, 

&c. to sling 
Amentum, i, n. a thong, a strap 

to hold a sling 
Ames, itis, m. a stake 
Amethystinatus, a, um, adj. clad 
in purple [thyst 

Amethystinus, a, um, adj. of ame- 
Amgthystus, i, m. an amethyst, a 

precious stone 
Arnica, ae, f. a sweetheart 
Amlcabiiis, e, adj. amicable 
Amiie, adv. in superl. cissime, 

Amicio, ire, ui, Ivi and ixi, ctum, 

a. to clothe, dress, cover 
Amicitia, a?,/, friendship, alliance, 
sympathy [kind 

Amlco, as, a. to make propitious, 
Amictorium, i, n. a linen veil 
Amictus, a, um, part, clothed 
Amictus, us, m. a garment, cloth- 
ing, dress 
Amicfila, ae, /. dim. a courtesan 
Amiculum, i, n. a short cloak, a 
coat, a mantle 

Amicttlus, i. m. a dear friend, a 

Amicus, a, um, adj. cior, comp. 
cissimus, superl. friendly, kind, 
Amicus, i, m. a friend, a favourer, 
_ a lover, a companion 
Amissio, onis, J. a losing, a loss 
Amissttrus, a, um, part, about to 
lose [stroyed 

Amissus, a, um, part, lost, de- 
Amissus, us, m. a loss 
Amita, ae, f. a father's sister 
Amittendus, a, um, part, to be 


Amitto, ere, Isi, issum, a. to lose, 

to let go, to part with, to send 

away [pent 

Ammftdytes, ae, m. a kind of ser- 

Ammoniacum, i, m. a gum so 

Ammoniacus, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to ammonia 
Amnestia, ae, f. act of oblivion 
Amnic5la, ae, c. g. dwelling by, or 

growing near, a river 
Amniculus, i, m. dim. a rivulet 
AmnigSnus, a, um, adj. bred in a 

Amnis, is, m. and f. a river, a 

stream, flood, the sea 
Amo, as, a. to love, to be in love, 

to delight in 
Amcene, adv. nius, comp. nissime, 
^ superl. pleasantly, delightfully 
Amoenitas, atis, /. pleasantness 
Amcenus, a, um, adj. nior, comp. 
_ nissimus, superl. pleasant, sweet 
Amolior, iri, itus, dep. to remove, 
to put away, to confute, to be 
Amolltio, onis, /. a putting away 
Amomum, i, m. cinnamon, a sweet 

Amor, oris, m. love, affection, lust 
Amotio, onis, /. a putting away 
Amotus, a, um, part, removed 
Am6vendus, a, um, part, to be re- 
_ moved 

Amoveo, ere, ovi, otum, a. to re- 
move, to convey away, to steal 
Amphib516gia, ae, /. an ambiguity 
Amphibrachys, or us, m. a foot, 
containing a long between two 
short syllables 
Amphimacer, and crus, cri, m. a 
foot, containing a short between 
two long syllables 
Amphimallus, adj. shagged on 

both sides 
Amphitheatralis, adj. of, or be- 
longing to, an amphitheatre 
Amphitheatrum, i, n. an amphi- 
Amph6ra, ae, /. a firkin, a pot 
AmphOralis, e, adj. holding an 

Ample, adv. amply, largely 
Amplectendus, a, um, part, to be 

Amplectens, tis, part, embracing 
Amplector, i, xus, dep. to embrace, 

to surround, to lay hold of 
Amplexans, tis, part, embracing 
Amplexator, oris, m. an embracer 
Amplexatus, a, um, part, em- 
braced [plector 
Amplexor, ari, dep. same as Am- 
Amplexus, a, xxm,part. embracing 
Amplexus, (is, m. an embrace, a 
hug _ [judgment 
Ampliatio, onis, /. an arrest of 
Ampliatus, a, um, part, enlarged 
Amplificatio, onis, /. an amplify- 
ing, or enlarging 

Amplif icator, oris, m. an enlarge? 
Amplificaturus, a, um, part, to 
enlarge [tied 

Amplificatus, a, um, part, ampli- 
Amplifico, as, a. to amplify, to 
enlarge [rich 

Amplificus, a, um, adj. noble, 
Amplio, as, a. to amplify, to en- 
large, to increase 
Amplior, us, adj. comp. greater, 

larger, increased 
Amplissime, adv. superl. very 

amply, abundantly 
Amplissimus, a, um, adj. superl. 
very great, very rich, very 
Ampliter, adv. same as Ample 
Amplitudo, inis, /. greatness, 
largeness, extent, compass, dig- 
nity, honour 
Amplius, adv. comp. more, up- 
wards of, longer, a longer time 
Amplus, a, um, adj ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. ample, large, 
spacious, noble [pitcher 

Ampulla, x, f. a cruet, a jug, a 
Ampullarius, a, um, adj. of bottles 
Ampullarius, i, m. a bottle-maker 
Ampullor, ari, dep. to swell, to 

use great swelling words 
Ampiitandus, a, um, part, to be 

cut off 
Amputans, tis, part, cutting off 
Ampiitatio, onis, /. a cutting off 
Amputaturus, a, um, part, about 

to cut off 
Ampiitatus, a, um, part, cut off, 

cut away 
Amptito, as, a. to cut, or chop off, 
_ to prune, lop [charm 

Amuletum, i, n. an amulet, a 
Amurca, ae, /. leis of oil, scum 
Amurcarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to, the dregs of oil 
Amusium, i, n. a weathercock, a 

Amussim, adv. exactly 
Amussis, is, /. a carpenter's rule 
Amussitatus, a, um, adj. nice, 

Amusus, i, m. one who hath no 

ear for music 
Amygdala, se, /. an almond-tree, 
ail almond [monda 

Amygdalinus, a, um, adj. of al- 
Amygdalum, i. n. an almond 
Amylum, i, n. frumenty, starch 
Amystis, idis, /. a cup, a bowl 
An, adv. whether? or, or else, 

either, if, or no 
Anabathrum, i, «. a pulpit, a desk 
Anacgphalseosis, is,/, a repetition 
An&dema, atis, n. a woman's head- 
dress, a topknot 
Anadiplosis, is, /. a figure in rhe- 
toric, where the first word of 
the following sentence or verse 
is a repetition of the last word 
of the preceding verse or sen- 
Anagl?pha, pi. n. vessels chased 
Anagiypta, the same 
Anag'IJphicus, a, um, adj. chased, 

Anagnosta, or Anagnostes, ae, m, 

a reader 
An&graphe, es, /. a commentary 
Antilecta, orum, pi. n. scraps of 

Analectes, same as An&lecta, ae, 
m. a waiter at table to pick up 
what is left 
Aneiectides, um, /. bolsters for 
stays [tion 

Analogia, ee, /. analogy, propor- 
B 3 




AnalOgus, a, um, adj. proportion- 
able, alike, regular 
Analysis, is, /. an unfolding into 

proper parts 
Analytlcus, a, urn, adj. analytic 
Analytica, orum, pi. n. Aristotle's 
book for resolving of arguments 
Anapaestus, i, m. a foot of two 

short and one long syllable 
Anapeestum, i, n. an anapest 
Anarchia, ae, /. anarchy, confusion 
Anas, atis, /. a duck, or drake 
Anatarius, a, um, adj. of ducks 
Anathema, atis, n. an anathema, 

a curse 
Anathema, atis, n. an offering to 

the gods 
Anatlcula, ae,/. a duckling 
Anatlnus, a, um, adj. of a duck 
Anatome, es, and Anatomia, a?,/, 
anatomy [tomy 

Anat5mice, es, /. the art of ana- 
AnatOmicus, i, m. an anatomist 
Ancala, ae,/. the bend of the knee 
Anceps, cipltis, adj. doubtful, un- 
certain, obscure, double 
Anchdra, ae, /. an anchor, a ship 
AnchSralia, um, pi. n. a cable 
Anchoralis, e, adj. pertaining to 

an anchor 
Anclle, is, n. a kind of shield 
Ancilis, e, adj. made like bucklers 
Ancilium, i, n. same as Ancile 
Ancilla, ae, /. a maid-servant, a 

Ancillans, tis, part, waiting upon 
Ancillaris, e, adj. belonging to a 
maid-servant [humour 

Ancillor, ari, dep. to wait, to 
Ancillula, ae, /. dim. a waiting- 
Ancon, onis, m. the part of a rule 
where the perpendicular and 
basis meet, a corner, a cross 
beam, a foreland, cape, or pro- 
montory [winked 
Andabata, ae, m. a fighter hood- 
Androdamas, ntis, m. a precious 

AndrSgynos, same as Andr&gynus, 

i, m. an hermaphrodite 
Anemone, es,/. a flower 
Anethum, i. n. anise, dill 
Anfractus, a, um, adj. rugged, 

Anfractus, us, m. and Anfractum, 
i, n. a turning, or winding of 1 
Angelica, ae, /. an herb so called 
Anggllcus, a, um, adj. angelical 
Angglus, i, m. an angel, a mes- 
Angina, ae, /. the quinsy 
Angiportum, i, n. and us, m. a 

narrow way, or street, a lane 
Ango, ere, xi, ctum, a. to strangle, 

to choke, to throttle, to vex 
Angor, oris, m. anguish, sorrow 
AnguIcSmus, a, um, adj. having 
snaky locks _ [snake 

Anguicvilus, i, m. dim. a little 
Anguifer, gri, m. a constellation 

like a serpent 
Anguiggna, ae, c. g. gendered by 

a snake 
Anguilla, se,/. an eel 
Anguimanus, i, m. an elephant 
Anguineus, a, um, adj. of a snake 
Angulnum, i, n. a bed, or knot of 

Anguinus, a, um, adj. of a snake 
Angulpgdes, pi. c. g. snake-footed 
Anguipes, edis, adj. snake-footed 
Unguis, is, m and /. a snake, 

Angiilaris, e, adj. angular 

Angillatlm, adv. by corners 

Angulatus, a, um, adj. having 
corners [corners 

Angulosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Angulus. i, m. an angle, a corner 

Angustandus, a, um, part, to be 

Angustans, tis, part, straitening 

Angustatus, a, um, part, made 

Anguste, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. narrowly, closely, straitly 

Angustia, ae,/. straitness, narrow- 
ness, perplexity [passes 

Angustiae, arum, /. straits, narrow 

Angustlclavius, i, m. one of the 
equestrian order 

Angustior, us, adj. comp. more 
narrow, or difficult 

Angustissime, adv. superl. very 
straitly [narrow 

Angustissimus, a, um, adj. very 

Angustius, adv. more narrowly, 
at a less distance, in less room 

Angusto, as, a. to straiten, or 

Augustus, a, um, adj. narrow, 
strait, close, scanty, needy 

Anhelans, tis, part, panting, puff- 
ing and blowing 

Anhelatio, onis, /. a shortness of 

Anhelatus, a, um, part, blown 
forth, breathed forth 

Anhelatus, us, m. the breath, a 

Anhelitus, us, m. a puffing, diffi- 
culty in breathing 

Anhelo, as, a. to pant, to breathe 
short, or out 

Anhelus, a, um, adj. short-winded 

Anlcetum, i, n. anise-seed 

Anicula, ae, /. a mean old woman 

Anilis, e, adj. like old wives, 

^ doting, simple 

Amlitas, /. old age, dotage 

Aniliter, adv. dotingly, like an old 

Anima, se, /. the soul, life, the 
breath, air, wind 

Anlmabllis, e, adj. giving life, &c. 

Anlmadversio, onis, /. animad- 
version, reproof, correction 

Animadversor, oris, m. an animad- 

u verter, a reprover, an observer 

Animadversurus, a, um, part. 
about to animadvert 

Anfmadversus, a, um, part, con- 
sidered, taken notice Of 

Animadvertendus, a, um, part, to 
be observed, to be punished 

Animadvert ens, tis, part, observ- 

Anlmadverto, e"re, i, sum, a. to 

observe, to perceive, to regard, 

to consider, to punish 
Animal, alis, n. an animal, a living 

creature, a man 
Animalis, e, adj. animal, living, 

relating to life 
Animans, tis, part, animating, 

putting life into 
Animans, tis,/. or n., sometimes m., 

any thing that hath life 
Animatio, onis,/. animation 
Animator, oris, m. an encourager 
Animatus, a, um, part, animated, 

living, encouraged 
Animatus, a, um, adj. affected to, 

minded [life 

Ammo, as, a. to animate, to give 
Ammose, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. courageously, boldly, 


Antmosus, a, um, adj. courageous 

bold, brave, daring, hardy 
Animula, ae, /. the life, a poor 
little soul [sweetheart 

Anlmtdus, i, m. a little soul, a 
Animus, i, m. the mind, the soul, 
the heart, conscience, anger, 
courage, spirit, disposition, 
Anisum, i, n. anise-seed, an herb 
Annalis, e. adj. of a year 
Annalis, is, m. a year-book. An 
nales, pi. annals, histories of 
things done from year to year 
Annavigo, as, a. to sail to, or by 
Anne ? conj. inter, whether or no ? 
Annectans, tis, part, joining to 
Annecto, ei-e, xi, xum, a. to annex, 

to join, knit 
Annellus, i, m. dim. a little ring 
Annexus, a, um, part, annext, 
joined to [union 

Annexus, us, m. a joining to, 
Annlculus, a, um, adj. of one 

year's age, or growth 
Annifer, a, um, adj. bearing all 
the year [endeavour 

Annlsurus, a, um, part, that will 
Annitens, tis, part, earnestly, en- 
Annitor, i, xus, and sus, dep. to 
lead unto, earnestly to endea- 
Anniversarius, a, um, adj. anni- 
versary, yearly 
Annixus, a, um, part, leaning to, 

endeavouring earnestly 
Annona, ae, /. a year's increase 
from land, corn, a provision of 
corn, an allowance of victuals 
Annosus, a, um, adj. aged 
Annotatio, onis, /. an annotation 
Annotatiunciila, ae,/. a short note 
Ann6tator, oris, m. one who writes 

annotations, an observer 
Ann5tatus, a, um, part, noted, 

AnnStatus, us, m. a remark 
Annotinus, same as Anniculus 
Ann6to, as, a. to note, to set 

down, to remark, to observe 
Annua, orum, n. a yearly salarr, 
&C [senting 

Annuens, tis, part, nodding, as- 
Annularis, e, adj. having a ring 
Anniilarius, a, um, adj. like a ring 
Annularius, i, m. a ring-maker 
Anntilus, i, m. a ring, any thing 

like a ring, a seal 
Annumgrandus, a, um, part, to be 
numbered [ed 

Annumgratus, a,um, part, reckon- 
Anniimero, as, a. to number 
Annunciatio, onis, /. the annun- 
ciation, the delivery of a mes- 
Annuncio, as, a. to deliver a mes- 
sage, to tell 
Annuo, ere, a. and n. to nod, to 
intimate by a nod, to hint, to 
affirm, to promise, tn assent 
Annus, i, m. a year, time 
Annuus, a, um, adj. yearly, done 

every year 
An6dyna, orum, pi. n. anodynes 
Anomalia, ae, /. irregularity, a de- 
parture from law 
Anomalus, a, um. adj. anomalous, 

Anonymus, a, um, adj. anonymous 
Anormis, e, adj. without rule 
Anqulrendus, a, um, part, to be 
enquired into [into 

Anqulrens, tis, part, enquiring 
Anqu\ro, ere, sivi, situm, a. to 


i enquire, to make diligent search, 
to acquire 
Anqulsitus, a, um, part, tried, &c. 
Ansa, ae, /. a handle, a buckle, a 

latchet, occasion 
Ansatus, a, um, <utj. having a 

Anser, eris, m. a goose, or gander 
Anserculus, i, m. dim a gosling 
Ansennus, a, um, adj. of a goose 
Antae, arum, /. pillars of an edifice 

on each side of the door 
Antagonist^ ae, m. an antagonist 
Ante, prep, (governing an accusa- 
tive case) before 
Ante, adv. before, afore, since 
Antea, adv. before, aforetime, 

formerly, heretofore 
Anteactus, a, um, part, done be- 
fore, driven before, former 
Anteambulo, onis, m. a footman 
of state [star 

Antecanis, is, m. the lesser dog- 
Antecapio, ere, epi, a. to take be- 
forehand, to anticipate 
Antecedens.tis, part, goingbefore, 

former, surpassing 
Antecedo, ere, ssi, sum, a. to go 

before, to excel 
Antgcedens, tis, part, excelling 
Antecello, ere, ui, a. to excel 
Anteceptus, a, um, part, pre- 
Antecessio, onis,/. a going before 
Antecessor, oris, m. one who goes 

Antgcessus, us, m. an earnest 
Antficursor, oris, m. a scout, a van 
Ante-eo, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to go 

before, to exceed 
Antgferendus, a, um. part, to be 
preferred, to be esteemed be- 
Antefero, fers, tuli, latum, a. to 
carry, or direct before [in 

Antegredior, i, ssus, dep. to usher 
Antegressus, a, um, part, going 

Antehabeo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to 
prefer, to value, or esteem more 
Antehac, adv. formerly, till now 
Antglaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Antelatus, a, um, part, preferred 
AntelOgium, i, n. a preamble, a 

Antelucanus, a, um, adj. before 

Antemgridianus, a, um, adj. in 

the morning, before mid-day 
Antgmissus, a, um, part, sent 

Antenna, ae,/. a sailyard [tion 
Anteoceupatio, onis, /. anticipa- 
Anteoccupo, as, a to anticipate 
Antgpllani, drum, pi. m. the 
middle rank of the Roman army 
Antgponendus, a, um, part, to be 
set, or placed before, to be pre- 
Anteponens, tis, part, setting 

Antepono, gre, pOsui, Itum, a. to 
set before, to prefer [fore 

AntepOsitus, a, um, part, set be- 
AntepOtens, tis, part, more power- 
Antgquam, adv. before that 
Anterior, us, adj. comp. former, 

in front 
Antes, ium, pi. m. the fore ranks, 
a battalion, or brigade of horse 
Antgsignanus, i, m. he who 
marches first to defend a stan- 
dard, an ensign 



Antesto, as, n. to stand before, 

to excel 
Antestor, ari, dep. to be witness 
Antevgnio, Ire, i, turn, n. to come 

before, to come, to prevent 
Antevertendus, a, um, part, to be 

outgone, to be surpassed 
Anteverto, ere, i, sum, a. to out- 
strip, to prevent 
Antev6lans, tis, part, flying before 
AntevOlo, as, a. to fly before 
Anthemis, ldis,/. camomile 
Anthinus, a, um, adj. made of 

AnthOlOglca, orum, pi. n. books 

that treat of flowers 
Anthracinus, a, um, adj. black 
AnthropOphagus, i, m. a cannibal 
Antibacchius, i, m. a foot of two 

long, and a third short syllable 
Antiboreus, a, um, adj. turned 

toward the North 
Antichristus, i, m. antichrist, an 

Anticlpatio, Onis,/. anticipation 
Anticipatus, a, um, part, antici- 
Anticipo, as, a. to anticipate 
Antlcum, i, n. a porch, a fore door 
Antlcus, a, um, adj. south, for- 
AntidOtum, i, n. and Antidotus, i, 

/. an antidote 
Antlpathia, ae,/. antipathy 
Antiphona, ae, /. an antiphon, a 

singing by response 
Antiphrasis, is, /. a figure of 

speech whereby the opposite of 

the true meaning is expressed 
Antipodes, um, pi. m. people with 

their feet against ours 
Antiquandus, a, um, part, to be 

Antiquaria, ae, /. a female wit, a 

female critic 
Antiquarius, i, m. an antiquary 
Antlquarius, a, um, adj. studious, 

or fond of antiquity [old 

Antlquatus, a, um, part . repealed, 
Antique, adv. of old, in ancient 

time [dearer 

Antlquior, us, adj. comp. older, 
Antlquiss'mus, a, um, adj. superl. 

Antiquitas, atis, /. antiquity, men 

of ancient times 
Antlquitus, adv. of old time, 

Antlquo, as, a. to repeal, to forget 
Antlquus, a, um, adj. ancient, old, 

of long standing, old fashioned, 

out of date 
Antistans, tis, part, excelling 
Antistes, itis, c. g. a chief priest, 

or priestess, a prelate 
Antistlta, ae,/. a priestess 
Antisto, as, a. to excel, to surpass 
Antithalamus, i, m. an anticham- 

Antithesis, is, /. an opposition 
Antitheton, i, n. a contrariety 
Antilia, ae, /. a pump 
Antlo, as, n. to draw water 
Antrum, i, n. a cave, den 
Anularis, e, adj. pertaining to 
. a ring 

Anulus, i, m. a ring 
Anus, i, m. a circle, a year 
Anus, us, /. an old woman, an 

eunuch : adj. old 
Anxie, adv. anxious 
Anxietas, ati&,/. anxiety, sorrow, 

uneasiness, concern 
Anxietudo, inis,/. disquiet of mind 
Anxifer, a, um, adj. bringing care 

Anxius, a, um, adj. anxious, un- 
easy, concerned, disturbed 
Aoristus, i, m. a Greek tense, used 

to signify past indefinite time 
Apagfe, Apagetfe, adv. away, be- 
gone, avaunt ! 
Apalaestri, pi. adj. rude, ill-bred 
Apeliotes, ae, m. the south-east 
wind [Jew 

Apella, ae, c. g. one circumcised, a 
Aper, pri, m. a wild boar, a boar 
Aperiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Aperiens, tis, part, opening 
Apgrio, Ire, ui, turn, a. to open, to 
set, or lay open, to split, to dis- 
close, to discover 
Aperte, adv. ius, Issime, openly, 

plainly, clearly, manifestly 
Aperto, as, a. to make naked 
Apertum, i, n. a public place 
Apertura, ae, /. a little opening, or 

Apertus, a, um, adj. ior, tisstmus, 

open, public, exposed 
Apex, icis, m. a top, a point, a 
tuft, a plume, a crest, a comb, a 

y ca P 

Apexabo, 6nis,/. a black pudding 

Aphractum, i, n. and Aphractus, 

m. an open ship, a brigantine 
Aphronltrum, i, n. saltpetre 
Aphya, ae, /. a small cheap fish 
Apiarium, i, n. a bee stand 
Apiarius, i, m. a keeper of bees 
Apiastrum, i, n. balm, mint 
Apiatus, a, um, adj. like a bee 
Aplca, ovis,/. a small sheep 
Apicatus, a, um, part, tufted 
Aplcula, ae,/. a little bee 
Apinae, arum, pl.f. trifles, toys 
Apis, is,/, a bee 

Apiscor, i, dep. to get, to recover 
Apium, i, n. parsley, smallage 
Apluda, ae,/. bran, refuse 
Aplustre, is, n. Aplustrum, i, n 

the flag, or colours of a ship 
Ap6calypsis, is,/, the apocalypse, 

or revelation 
Ap6c5pe, es, /. a figure, which 
takes away the last letter of a 
word [phal 

Apocryphus, a, um, adj. apocry- 
Apodicticus, a, um, adj. demon- 
ApOdyterium, i, n. a room near a 

hath for undressing, &c. 
Ap5gaeum, i, n. a point where a 
planet is farthest from the earth 
Apolactizo, as, a. to kick a per- 
son, to slight 
Ap6l8getlcus, a, um, adj. apolo- 
getic, defending 
Apologia, ae,/. a defence, apology 
ApOlOgus, i, m. a fable 
Apophthegma, atis, n. an apoph- 
thegm, or short pithy saying 
Aposphragisma, atis, n. one's seaL 

or coat of arms 
Ap&plexis, eos,/. an apoplexy 
Apostema, atis, an imposthume 
Apost61atus, us, to. an apostleship 
Apostolus, i, m. an apostle, one 
sent to preach the gospel, a 
ApOtheca, ae, /. a storehouse, a 

cellar, an apothecary's shop 
ApOtheosis, eos,/ a canonization 
Apparandus, a, um, part, to be 

Apparans, tis, part, preparing 
Apparate, ius, issime, adv. with 

preparation, sumptuously 
Apparatio, onis,/. great prepara 
tion, bravery, gallantry 




Apparatus, a, urn, part, tior, 
tissimus, prepared, furnished, 

Apparatus, us, m. a preparation, 

Apparens, tis, part, apparent, 

Appareo, ere, ui, itum, n. to ap- 
pear, to be visible, to be forth- 

Appfirltio, onis,/., 
office, or place of apparitors, &c. 

Apparitor, osis, m. an apparitor, 
summoner, marshal, beadle 

Apparitura, x, /.. the attendance 
of an apparitor 

Apparitfuus, a, um, part, about 
to appear 

Apparo, as, a. to prepare, to pro- 
vide, -to get, or make ready, to 
furnish, to design 

Appellandus, a, um, part, to be 
called, to be invoked, to be ap- 
pealed to 

Appellans, tis, part, calling 

Appellatio, onis, /. a name, a title, 
an appeal, pronunciation 

Appellativus, a, um, adj. appella- 
tive, common 

Appellator, oris, an appellant 

Appellatus, a, um, part, called, 
named, entitled, called upon 

Appello, as, a. to call, to name, to 
call to, or upon, to call to wit- 
ness, to speak to, to address, to 
mention, to proclaim, to pro- 
nounce, to accuse, to appeal 

Appello, 6:e, puli, prulsum, a. to 
drive, to force, to bring, to 
bring to land, to apply 

Appendicula, se,/. a little append- 
age, a perquisite 

Appendix, icis, /. an appendix, an 
appendage, an addition 

Appendo, ere, i, sum, a. to hang 
to, or up, to join, to weigh out 

Appensus, a, um, part, hanged 
up, weighed out 

AppStendus, a, um, part, to be 
desired, to be sought after 

App6tens, tis, part, approaching, 

-setting upon 

Appetens, tis, adj. tior, comp. 
issimus, superl. desirous of, 
fond, covetous 

Appetentia, se,/. a desire, a long- 
ing for, a hankering after 

Appfitltio, onis,/. a strong desire, 
earnest endeavour after, a catch- 
ing at, an appetite 

Appetltus, a, um, part, catched at, 
attempted, set upon 

Appetltus, us, m. an appetite, a 

AppSto, AdpSto, ere, ii, or ivi, 
Itum, a. to desire earnestly, to 
covet, to aim, or catch at, to 
aspire to, to attack 

Appingo, 6re, egi, actum, a. to 
join, fasten, or bind to, to add 

Appingo, ei-e, xi, a. to paint, to 

Applaudo, 6re, si, sum, n. to ap- 
prove, to clap hands, &c. 

Applausor, oris, m. an applauder, 
an approver, a clapper 

Applausus, a, um, part, clapped 
upon, stroked gently, cherished 

Applausus, us, m. applause, a 
clapping of hands 

Appllcans, tis, part, applying, ap- 

"Applicatio, onis, /. an application 

AppHcatus, a, um, part, applied, 
laid to, arrived, bent 

Appliciturus, a, urn, part, about to 
apply, about to arrive at 

Applicltus, a, um, part, adjoined 

Applico, as, ui, and avi, itum, and 
atum, a. to apply, set, put, or 
lay near, to bring 

Apploro, as, n. to lament with one 

Appluo, ere, ui, and uvi, turn, a. 
to rain near, to rain upon 

Appono, ere, sui, itum, a. to put, 
or set to, to join, to add, to lay 
upon, or nigh, to serve up 

Apporrectus, a, um, part, stretch- 
ed out, lying near 

Apporrigo, exi, ectum, a. to stretch 
out, to reach near 

Apportandus, a, um, part, to be 
carried to [causing 

Apportans, tis, part, bringing, 

Apporto, as, a. to carry, to bring, 
to bring news 

Apposco, ere, a. to ask, or require 
more, to demand 

AppQsite, adv. fitly, properly, suit- 
ably, to the purpose 

Appositio, onis, /. apposition, an 
adding to 

App&situs, a, um, part, and adj. 
put to, put, laid, or set near, set 
upon, served up, situate by, 
adjoining, fit, suitable 

Appositus, us, m. a putting to 

Appotus, a, um, part, drunk, tip- 
pled [to 

Apprecatus, a, um, part, praying 

Appr£cor, ari, or Adpr£cor, dep. 
to pray unto, to wish one any 

Apprehendens, tis, part, appre- 
hending, laying hold of, seizing 

Apprehendo, and Apprendo, ere, 
i, sum, a. to apprehend, to seize, 
to take, or lay hold of, to snatch, 
to learn, to understand 

Apprehensus, a, um, part, laid 
hold of 

Appressus, a, um, part, pressed, 
put hard together 

Appretio, avi, atum, a. to value, or 
estimate at a price 

Apprlme, or Adprimfe, adv. very 
much, very well, extremely 

Apprimo, 6re, essi, essum, a. to 
press any thing close to, to 
squeeze hard 

Apprlmus, or Adprimus, a, um, 
adj. chief, principal 

Approbandus, a, um, part, to be 

Approbans, tis, part, approving 

Approbatio, onis,/. approbation, 
allowance, a liking 

Appr5bator, oris, m. an approver 

Approbaturus, a, um, part, about 
to approve, or like [allowed 

Appro b atus, a, um, part, approved, 

Approbo, or AdprSbo, as, a. to 
approve, to like, to allow ' 

Appromitto, ere, si, ssum, a. to 
engage for another, to promise 

Appr5peratus, a, um, part. 

Appr6p6ro, as, n. to make haste ; 
a. to hasten, to set forward 

ApprQpinquans, tis, part, drawing 

ApprOpinquatio, onis, /. an ap- 
proach, a drawing near to 

ApprQpinquo, as, n. to approach, 
to draw, or be near 

Appulsus, a, um, part, arrived, 

Appulsus, us, m. an arrival, a 
coming to [sun 

Aprlcans, tis, pari, basking in the 

Apricatio, onis, /. a basking in th«i 
sun, a being abroad in the open 

Aprlcitas, atis, /. the warmth of 
the sun, open, fair weather 

Apricor, ari, dep. to bask in the 

Aprlcus, a. um, adj. ior, comp 
issimus, superl. sunny, warmed 
with the sun 

Aprllis, is, m. April, a menth 

Aprilis, e, adj. of April 

Aprugna, se,/ (caro) brawn 

Aprugnus, a, um, adj. belonging 
to a boar 

Apsis, or Absis, Idis,/. the ring of 
a cart-wheel, a circle about the 

Aptandus, a, um, part, to be fitted 

Aptans, tis, part, fitting, suiting 

Aptatus, a, um, part . fitted, suited 

Apte, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. fitly, properly, suitably, 
pertinently, agreeably 

Aptitudo, inis./. aptitude, fitness 

Apto, as, a. to fit, to make fit, 
to adapt, to join, to prepare 

Aptoton, i, n. an aptote 

Aptus, a, um, part, and adj. fit, 
proper, suitable, good, condu- 
cive, agreeable [chovy 

Apua, a?, /. a small fish, an an- 

Apud, prep, with accus. close by, 
nigh, near, with, at, among 

Apus, Odis, /. a martinet 

Ap^rinus, a, um, and Apyrenus, 
adj. having no kernel, or stone, 

u having small kernels 

Apjfrum, i, n. brimstone not burnt 

Aqua, se, /. water, rain, a wave, 
' a waterish humour 

Aquseductus, us, m. an aqueduct, 
a conduit 

Aqualiculus, i, m. dim. a hog's 
trough, the lower part ot the 

^ belly, the draught 

Aqualis, is, m. in accus. aqualim, 
a water-pot, an ewer 

Aquarium, i, n. a watering place 
for cattle, a sink 

Aquarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to, water 

Aquarius, i, m. one of the signs of 
the zodiac, a water-bailiff 

Aquaticus, a, um, adj. aquatic, of, 
or belonging to, water, living, 
or growing in, or about water 

Aquatile, is, n. an aquatic, any 
creature that lives in water 

Aquatilis, e, adj. living in, or near 

Aquatio, onis, /. a watering, a 
carrying, or fetching of water 

Aquator, oris, m. he that waters, 
or provides water 

Aquatus, a, um, adj. thin like 
water, watery 

Aqueus, a, um, adj. watery 

Aquitonum, i, n. a holly 

Aquila, ae, /. an eagle, a con- 
stellation, a Roman ensign, or 

Aquilegium, i, n. a catching of 
rain, a conveyance of water 

Aquilex, egis, m. a water-bailiff 

Aquilifer, eri, m. the standard- 
bearer among the Romans, who 
had on his ensign the figure of 
an eagle 

Aquilinus, a, um, adj. of, or like 
an eagle, rapacious 

Aquilo, onis, m. the north wind 

Aquilonalis, e, adj. northern 

Aquilonaris, e, adj. northern 

Aquilonius, a, um, adj. northern 




Aquilus, a, urn, adj. dark, of the 

colour of water, sunburnt 
Aquor, ari, dep. to water, to give 

water, to provide, or fetch water 
Aquosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

issimus, superl. watery, wet 
Aquula, ae, /. a little water, a plash 
Ara, ae, /. an altar, a sanctuary 
Arabilis, e, adj. arable 
Arandus, a, um, part, to be 

Aranea, ae, /. a spider, a cobweb 
Arane51a, ae,/. dim. a small spider 
Araneolus, i, m. dim. a little spider 
Araneosus, a, um, adj. full of 

spiders' webs, or things like 

Araneum, i, n. a spider's web 
Araneus, i, m. a spider, a spider's 

Aratio, onis,/. a ploughing, tillage 
Aratiuncula, ae, /. a little field 

Arator, oris, m. a plougher, a tiller 
Aratrum, i, n. a plough 
Araturus, a, um, part, about to 

plough [tilled 

Aratus, a, um, part, ploughed, 
Arbiter, tri, m. an arbitrator, a 

judge, an umpire, a witness 
Arbttra, ae, /. a she witness 
Arbitrans, tis, part, thinking 
Arbitrari6, adv. arbitrarily, at 

one's pleasure [voluntary 

Arbitrarius, a, um, adj. arbitrary, 
Arbitratus, a, um, part, thinking 
Arbitratus, us, m. judgment, opi- 
nion, choice 
Arbitrium, i, n. an arbitrement, 

or award, a judgment, a sen- 
tence, a determination 
Arbitror, ari, dep. to arbitrate, or 

end by arbitration, to sentence, 

or award, to suppose, to imagine, 

to think 
Arbor, and Arbos, Oris, /. a tree, 

wood, a mast, an oar 
Arborarius, a, um, adj. of, or 

belonging to a tree 
ArbOrator, oris, m. a planter, lop- 

per of trees 
ArbOresco, fire, incep. to grow to 

the bigness of a tree 
ArbOretum, i, m. a grove, a nur- 
sery of trees 
Arboreus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a tree _ [shrub 
Arbuscula, ae, /. a little tree, a 
Arbustlvus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to shrubs 
Arbusto, as, a. to plant with trees 
Arbustum, i, n. a copse, a grove 

of trees, an orchard, a shrub 
Arbuteus, a, um, adj. of, made of, 

or belonging to, an arbute 
Arbutum, i, n. the fruit of the 

Arbutus, i,/. an arbute, a kind of 

wild strawberry 
Area, ae, /. an ark, a chest, a coffer, 

a desk, a coffin 
Arcand, adv. secretly, privately 
Arcanum, i, n. a secret, a mystery 
Arcanus, a, um, adj. secret, hidden, 

close [wise 

Arcatus, a, um, adj. made areh- 
Arcendus, a, um, part, to be driven 

away, to drive away 
Arcens, tis, part, driving away 
Arceo, ere, ui, a. sup. car. to drive 

away, to keep off, from, or out, 

to hinder 
Arcfira, ae,/. a covered cart 
Arcessendus, a, um, part, to be 

sent for 


Arcessens, tis, part, sending for 
Arcessltor, or Accessltor, oris, m. 

a messenger sent to fetch one 
Arcessiturus, a, um, part, about 

to send for 
Arcessltus, a, um, part, called, or 

sent for • 

Arcesso, ere, Ivi, Itum, a. to send 

for, to call, to go to call [ed 
Arehaicus, a, um, adj. old fashion- 
Archangelus, i, m. an archangel 
Archetypum, i, n. an authentic 

copy, the original of a writing, 

ArchStypus, a, um, adj. any thing 

at first hand [deacon 

ArchidiacSnus, i, m. an arch- 
ArchiepiscQpus, i, m. an arch- 
Archigrammateus, i, m. in, ace. 

archigrammatea, the principal 

secretary, a chancellor 
Archimaglrus, i, m. the master 

cook [mimic 

Archlmlmus, i, m. the principal 
Archiplrata, ae,/. an arch-pirate 
Archltectio, onis, /. workmanship 
Architectonice. es,/. or Architec- 

t6nica, ae, /. the art, or science 

of building 
Architectomcus, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to architecture, chief 
Architector, ari, dep. to draw 

plans, to model, to devise 
Architectura, ae,/. architecture 
Architectus, i, m. an architect, a 

master-builder, a chief mason, 

Arclritricllnus, i, m. the master of 

the feast 
Archivum, i, w. the place where 

ancient records, or charters, are 

kept, the chancery 
Archon, tis, m. a chief magistrate 
Arcitenens, tis, adj. an epithet of 

Arctans, tis, part, straitening, 

keeping fast [narrow 

Arctatus, a, um, part, straitened, 
Arete, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. straitly, closely 
Arctlcus, a, um, adj. arctic, 

Arctim, adv. same as Arete 
Arcto, as, a. to strain close, to 

Arct&phylax, acis, m. a constella- 
tion near the greater bear 
Arctos, or Arctus, i, /. two con- 
stellations in the form of bears, 

the north f 
Arctiius, a, um, adj. belonging to 

the north 
Arcturus, i, m. a large star 
Arctus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

issimus, superl. close, tight, 

crowded, narrow, scanty 
Arcuatim, adv. bent like a bow 
Arcuatio, onis, /. an arch, an 

Arcuatus, a, um, part, fashioned 

like a bow, or arch 
Arcula, ae,/. a little box, or coffer 
Arcularius, i, m. a cabinet-maker 
Arculus, i, m. dim. a little bow 
Arcuo, as, a. to arch over, to bend 
Arcus, us, and i, rar. m. an arch, 

a bow, a rainbow 
Ardea, ae, /. a heron 
Ardelio, onis, rn. a busybody 
Ardens, tis, pare, tior, comp. tissi- 

mus, superl. burning, hot, eager, 

Ardenter, adv. ids, comp. issime, 

superl. ardently, hotly, eagerly 

Ardeo, ere, si, sum, n. and a. to 
burn, to scorch, to be hot, to 
rage, to love 

Ardescens, tis, part, burning 

Ardesco, gre, incep. to grow hot, 
or hasty 

Ardor, oris, m. great heat, flame, 
fire, rage, love 

Arduitas, atis,/. steepness 

Arduus, a, um, adj. high, lofty, 
tall, steep, hard, difficult 

Area, se, /. a thrashing-floor, a 
granary, a crop, a court yard, 
any void place 

Arefacio, 6re, feci, factum, a. to 
dry, to make dry 

Arefactus, a, um, part, dried, 

Arena, ae, /. sand, the sea-shore, 
barren ground, an amphitheatre, 
a place of contest 

Arenaceus, a, um, adj. of, or like 
sand, mixt with sand, sandy 

Arenariae, arum, pl.f. sand-pits 

Arenatus, a, um, adj. sandy 

Arenatum, i, n. mortar of lime 
and sand 

Aremvagus, a, um, adj. wander- 
ing, or going in sand 

Arenosus, a, um, adj. sandy, 

_ gravelly [parched 

Arens, tis, part, dry, thirsty, 

Arenula, ae, /. dim. small sand, 

Areo, ere, ui, n. to be parched, or 

_ dried up [den 

Areola, ae,/. a little bed in a gar- 

Aresco, 6re, incep. to wax, or grow 
dry, to harden 

AretalOgus, i, m. a talkative phi- 
losopher, a boaster, a quack 

Argentaria, ae, /. a banker's table, 
or shop, a silver-mine 

Argentarius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to silver, or money 

Argentarius, i, m. a banker, a cash 
keeper, an usurer, a pawn- 
broker, the chamberlain of a 

Argentatus, a, um, adj. covered 
over with silver 

Argente61us, a, um, adj. silvered 

Argenteus, a, um, adj. of, or made 
of silver, bright as silver 

Argentif6dlna, ae,/. a silver-mine 

Argentosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Argentum, i, n. silver, bullion, 
plate, coin 

Argestes, ae, m. a western wind 

Argilla, ae,/. white clay, potter's 

Argillaceus, a, um, adj. made of 
white clay 

Argillosus, a, um, adj. clayey, full 
of white clay, or marl 

Arg6nautae, arum, pi. m. idle ma- 

Arguens, tis, part, proving, show- 
ing, reproving 

ArguitCirus, a, um, part, about 
to argue 

Argumentandus, a, um, part, to 
be argued 

Argumentatio, onis,/. a reasoning, 
or producing of arguments 

Argumentor, ari, dep. to prove by 
argument, to argue 

Argumentosus. a, um, adj. full of 
argument, or matter, argument- 

Argumentum, t, n. an argument, 
a reason, a proof, a presumption, 
a sign, or token 

Arguo, 6re, 'li, utum, a. to tihow. 




** prove, to reprove, to accuse, 

to object, convince 
Argutatio, onis, /. a quarrelling, 

tittletattle " [fellow 

Argutator, oris, m. a prating 
Argute, adv. smartly, shrewdly, 

Argutias, arum, pi. /. smartness, 

repartee, quirks 
Arguto, as, a. to rally smartly 
Argutor, ari, dep. to pun, to take 

words otherwise than spoken 
Argutulus, a, um, adj. talkative 
Argutus, a, um, part, accused, 

charged ; adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

superl. sharp, keen, witty, quick, 

shrill, loud, resounding 
Aridltas, atis,/. dryness, drought 
Aridulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

Aridum, i, n. the shore, dry land 
Aridus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

issimus, superl. dry, parched, 

hard, barren, poor 
Aries, etis, m. a ram, or tup, a 

battering-ram, one of the twelve 

signs of the zodiac 
Arietarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to, or like a ram 
Arietatus, a, um, part, butted, or 

clashed against 
Arietinus, a, um, adj. of, or like 

a ram 
Arieto, as, a. to push like a ram, 

to butt, to cast, or strike down, 

to batter 
Aritflatio, onis,/. divination 
Arista, ae, /. an ear of corn, the 

beard of corn, corn, harvest, 

Aristifer, a, um, adj. bearing ears 
Aristocratia, ae,/. an aristocracy, 

a government of nobles 
AristolSchia, ae,/. birthwort 
Arithmgt ica, ae, /. or ArithmStice, 

es, /. arithmetic 
ArithmgtTcus, a, um, adj. of, or 
_ belonging to arithmetic 
ArltudoT Inis, /. dryness, drought, 

dry weather 
Anna, orum, pi. n. arms, weapons, 

armour, tools, instruments 
Armamaxa, ae, /. a kind of chariot 

used in solemnities 
Armamenta, orum, pi. n. tackling, 

Armamentarium, i, n. an armory, 

an arsenal, a magazine 
Armandus, a, um, part, to be 

armed, accoutred 
Armari6lum, i, n. dim. a little 

closet, a cabinet 
Armarium, i. n. a storehouse, a 

closet, a pantry, a chest 
Armatura, ae, /. armour, harness, 

the training, &e. of soldiers 
Armatus, a, um, part, armed, 

Armatu, abl. m. with armour 
Armeniacum pomum, an apricot 
Armentalis, e, adj. of a drove, or 

herd [herd 

Armentarius, a, um, adj. kept in a 
Armentarius, i, m. a herdsman, a 

Armentlcius, or tius, a, um, adj. 

belonging to a herd 
Armentinus, a, um, adj. of great 

cattle that go in herds 
Armentosus, a, um, adj. breeding 

great cattle 
Armentum, i, n. a herd, a herd of 

large cattle 
Armifer, a, um, adj. bearing ar- 
mour, warlike, fierce 

Armiger, a, um, adj. armed, bear- 
ing arms 
Armiger, i, m. an esquire 
Armilla, ae,/. a bracelet, a jewel 
Armillatus, a, um, adj. that hath, 

or weareth, bracelets 
Armillum, ^ n. a wine vessel in 

Armilustrium, or Armuustrum, i, 

n. a muster, or review of military 

ArmipStens, tis, adj. powerful in 

arms, or war, mighty 
Armlsonus, a, um, adj. rustling 

with armour 
Armistitium, i, n. a cessation 

from arms 
Armo, as, a. to arm, to stir up, to 

arms, to furnish 
Armus, i, m. an arm, a shoulder, 

a wing 
Aro, as, a. to plough, to till, to 

dig, to dress and order ground, 

to reap, or gather 
Aromata, all sweet spices, herbs, 

seeds, or roots 
Aromatlcus, a, um, adj. aromatic, 

fragrant, of a sweet smell 
Arqu atus, i. e. Arcuatus, a, um, adj. 

Arquus, i, m. a rainbow 
Arra, or Arrha, ae, /. same as Ar- 

Arrectarius, a, um, adj. erected, 

set upright, set up on end 
Arrectus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

erected, lifted up, standing on 

ead, erect, attentive [repo 

Arrepo, to creep to, same as Ad- 
Arreptiirus, a, um, part, about to 

snatch [seized 

Arreptus, a, um, part, snatched, 
Arrhabo, onis, m. an earnest, a 

token, or pledge, a pawn 
Arridens, tis, part, smiling upon, 
Arrideo, ere, si, sum, n. to laugh 

at, to smile, to look pleasantly, 

to please 
Arrigo, ere, exi, ectum, a. to lift 

up, to raise, to raise the spirits, 

to encourage 
Arripiens, tis, part, laying hold of 
Ampio, ere, ui, eptum, a. to 

snatch at, to seize on, to take, 

or get by force, to catch at 
Arrisio, onis, / a smiling 
Arrlsor, oris, m. a smiler, a flat- 
Arrodo, e"re, si, sum, a. to gnaw, 

to nibble, to rob 
Arr5gans, tis, part, and adj. ior, 

comp. issimus, superl. arrogant, 

proud, haughty 
ArrSganter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. proudly, presumptuously 
Arrogantia, ae,/. arrogance, haugh- 
tiness, pride 
ArrSgo, as, a. to arrogate, to claim, 

to challenge, to assume 
Arrosor, oris, m. he that gnaws, 

plunders [bitten 

Arrosus, a, um, part, gnawn, 
Ars, tis, /. art, skill, knowledge, 

cunning, deceit, artifice 
Arsenicum, i, n. arsenic 
Arsurus, a, um, part, about to 

Artemisia, ae, /. mugwort 
Artemon, or Artgmo, onis, m. the 

pulley of a crane [pulse 

Arteria, ae, /. an pjtery, a vein, the 
Art.erialis, e, adj. arterial [pipe 
Arterium, i, ». an artery, the wind- 
Arthriticus, a, um, adj. gouty 
Arthritis, Idis,/. the gout 

Artlcularis, e, adj. pertaining to 

the joints (jointg 

Artlcularius, a, um, adj. of the 
Articularius, i, m. a gouty man 
Articidate, adv. distinctly, clearlv 
Articulatim, from joint to joint, 

from point to point 
Artlculatio, onis, / articulation, 

the shooting of plants from 

joint to joint 
Articfdatus, a, um, part, jointed, 

articulate, distinct 
Articfilo, as, a. to utter distinctly, 

to joint 
Articulosus, a, um, adj. full of 

joints, or knots 
Articulus, i, m. an article, a joint, 

a knot, a swelling, or rising 
Artifex, icis, c. g. an artist, a 

maker, a creator, a contriver, 

an author [ning 

Artifex, icis, adj. artificial, cun- 
Artificialis, e, adj. artificial, cun- 
ningly wrought [ningly 
ArtlflciaRter, adv. artificially, cun- 
ArtTficiose, adv. artificially 
Artiftciosus, a, um, adj. artificial 
Artificium, i, n. an artifice, a 

trick, a devise, a trade 
Artopta, ae,/. a kneading-trough, 

a baking-pan [pan 

Artoptltius, a, um, adj. baked in a 
Artuatus, a, um, part, torn limb 

by limb 
Artus, us, m. a joint, a limb, a 

mesh, the body 
Arvalis, e, adj. of, or in the field 
Arvina, ae,/. tallow, fat 
Aruncus, i, m. a goat's beard 
Arundifer, a, um, adj. bearing 

reeds [reed 

Arundinaceus, a, um, adj. hke a 
Arundmetum, i, n. a place of reeds 
Aran din eus, a, um, adj. of a reed 
Arundinosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Arundo, inis, /. a reed, a cane, an 

arrow, or shaft 
Aruspex, Icis, e. g. a soothsayer, a 

diviner from the entrails of 

Aruspicium, i, n. soothsaying 
Arvum, i, n. and Arvus, i, m. a 

field, ploughed land, a plain 
Arx, cis, /. a citadel, a fort, a 

fortified place, a castle, a tower 
As, and Assis, gen. assis, m. a 

pound weight, consisting of 

twelve equal parts, or ounces 
Asarotum, i, n. a fine pavement, 

artificially cut in the fashion of 

dice [spikenard 

Asarum, i, n. foalfoot, or wild 
Asbestinum, i, n. and Asbeston, 

i, n. flax, of which they made 

cloth that was cleansed by 

burning in the fire 
Asbestos, i, m. a kind of stone, 

which being set on fire cannot 

be quenched 
AsbSlus, i, m. Coal, a dog's name 
AscSlonia, as, /. or Ascalonium, i, 

n. a kind of onion, a scallion 
Ascarides, um.yi./. bots in horses, 

Ascendendus, a, um, part, to be 

Ascendens, tis, part, ascending, 

climbing up, going up 
Ascendo, ere, i, sum, a. to ascend, 

to go, or come up, to get, or 

climb up, to mount 
Ascensibilis, e, adj. that may be 

Ancensio, onis. /. an ascent 




Accensurus, a, um, part, that will 
ascend, or mount 

Ascensus, us, to. an ascent, a 
going, or climbing up 

Asceteria, orum, pi. n. monas- 
teries, cloisters 

Ascetria, ae, /. a nun 

Ascia, as,/, a great hatchet, an axe 

Asciatus, a, um, part, cut, hewerl 

Ascio, as, a. to cut with a hatchet, 
or axe, to cleanse 

Ascio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to enrol 

Asciscendus, a, um, part, to be 
taken in, owned, desired 

Ascisco, fire, Ivi, Itum, a. to take, 
to call for, to call, or bring in, 
to join 

Awntltius, a, um, adj. farfetched, 
taken in, artificial 

Ascltus, a, um, part, taken, asso- 
ciated, adopted, admitted, ac- 

A?cius, a, um, adj. -without shadow 

Asclepias, adis, /. swalwort 

AscSpera, ae,/. a bag, a sack 

Ascribo, fire, psi, ptnm, a. to as- 
cribe, to impute, to attribute, 
to write, to enrol [rolling 

Ascriptio, onis, /. a joining, en- 

Arcriptltius, a, um, adj. chosen, 

Ascriptivus, a, um, adj. super- 

Ascriptor, oris, to. a subscriber, a 
promoter, a maintainer, a fa- 

Ascriptus, or Adscriptus, a, um, 
part, ascribed, subscribed 

Asella, ae,/. a little she ass 

Asellus, i, to. a little ass, an ass's 
colt, a kind of fish 

Asemus, a, um, adj. that has not 
the purple stripe, undistin- 

Asllus, i, to. or Asllum, i, n. a 
horse-fly, a gad-bee, a dun-fly 

Aslna, ee,/. a she ass 

Aslnarius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to an ass 

Aslnarius, i, m. an ass-driver 

AsTnus, i, to. an ass, a blockhead 

Asio, onis, to. a horn-owl 

As8tus, a, um, adj. riotous, de- 

As6tus, i, to. a sot, a drunkard 

Aspalathus, i, m. the rose of Jeru- 

Asparagus, i, to. asparagus, a plant 

Aspectabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
worthy to be looked upon 

Aspectans, tis, part, beholding 

Aspecto, as, a. to behold, to view, 
to look towards, or earnestly 

AspectOrus, a, um, part, about to 

Aspectus, us, m. an aspect, look, 
or appearance, a sight 

^spello, fire, a. to expel, to chase 

Vsper, fira, firum, adj. ior, comp. 
Imus, superl. rough, rugged, 
unpleasant,disagreeable ; rough, 
rugged, hideous; rough, harsh, 
biting, bitter, stale ; rough, 
hard, sharp ; stinking, fetid 

Asperatus, a, um, part, made 

Aspere, ius, errtme, adv. rough- 
ly, sharply, harshly, rudely 

Aspergillum, i, n. a watering-pot 

Aspergo, fire, si, sum, a. to 
sprinkle, to besprinkle, wet, or 
moisten, to intermix 

Aspergo, inis, /. a besprinkling, 

Aspfiritas, atis,/. roughnese, un- 

evenness, sharpness, clownish- 

ishness, austerity 
Aspfiritudo, Inis,/. sharpness 
Aspernandus, a, um, part, to be 

Aspernans, tis, part, despising 
Aspernatio, onis, /. a scorning, a 

slighting, neglect 
Aspernatus, a, um, part, slighting 
Aspernor, ari, dep. to slight, to 

despise, to reject, to flee from 
Aspfiro, as, a. to make rough, or 

uneven, to freeze, to sharpen, to 

point, or head, to enrage 
Aspersio, onis, /. a sprinkling 
Aspersus, a, um, part, besprinkled 
Aspersus, us, m. a sprinkling 
Asperugo, inis, /. a* plant with 

prickly leaves 
Asph&delus, i, m. the daffodil 
Aspiciendus, a, um, part, to be 

seen, to be beheld [holding 
Aspiciens, tis, part, seeing, be- 
Aspicio, fire, exi, eetum, a. to 

behold, to see, to perceive, to 

espy, to look upon, or towards 
Aspirans, tis, part, breathing, &c. 
Asplratio, 5nis, /. a breathing, a 

fetching of breath, an influence, 

a damp 
Asplro, as, a. to aspire, to reach, 

to attain, to have access, to 

wish for, to breathe, or blow 
Aspis, idis,/. an asp, a spider 
Asportandus, a, um, part, to he 

carried away [away 

Asportatio, onis, /. a carrying 
Asportatus, a, um, part, carried 

from one place to another 
Asporto, as, a. to transport 
Aspretum, i,- n. a rough place, 

cragged, or full of bushes 
Assa, ae,/. a dry nurse, a midwife, 

or nurse 
Assa, orum, pi. n. a dry bagnio 
Assarius, a, um, adj. roasted 
Assatura, ae,/. roasted meat 
Assatus, a, um, part, roasted, 

boarded, planked 
Assecla, ae, c. g. a page, an attend- 
ant, a waiting-man 
Assectatio, onis, /. attendance, a 

waiting upon 
Assectator, oris, m. a waiter, a 

follower, an observer 
Assector, ari, freg. to attend, to 

wait upon, to follow 
Assficuturus, a, um, part, about 

to overtake 
Assficutus, a, um, part, having 

Assensio, onis,/. assent, consent 
Assensor, oris, m. he that assents, 

or consents 
Assensurus, a, um, part, ready 

to assent 
Assensus, a, um, part, assented 

to, agreed to 
Assensus, us, m. assent, agreement 
Assentans, tis, part, flattering 
Assentatio, onis, /. flattery, a 

soothing, assent, compliance 
Assentatiuncida, ae,/. a coaxing 
Assentator, oris, m. a flatterer 
Assentatorifi, adv. like a flatterer 
Assentatrix, icis, /. 6he that 

Assentiens, tis, part, assenting, 

Assentio, ire, si, sum, a. to assent, 

to agree, to be of one's mind 
Assentior, Iri, sus, dep. to assent, 

to agree, to condescend 
Assentor, ari, dep. to flatter, to 

cajole, to comply with 

Assfiquens, tis, part, ov^rtaki-.z 

Assgquor, firis, dep. to over fake, 
to reach, to equal, or match 

Asser, firis, m. and Assis, gen. ass'.s, 
a pole, a chump, a joist 

Asserciilus, i, to. and Asserculum, 
i, n. a little pole 

Asserendus, a, um, part, to be 
asserted [firming 

Assfirens, tis, part, asserting, af- 

Assfiro, ere, evi, Ttum, a. to plant, 
to sow, to set by 

Assfiro, ere, ui, turn, a. to assert, 
to affirm, to claim, to challenge 

Assertio, 6nis,/. an assertion, an 
affirmation, a claim of liberty 

Assertor, oris, to. an assertor, a 
voucher, a vindicator 

Asserturus, a, um, part, about to 
assert [kept 

Asservandus, a, um, part, to be 

Asservatus, a, um, part, preserved, 

Asservio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to serve, 
to help, to second 

Asservo, as, a. to preserve, to 
keep, to keep safe 

Assessio, onis,/. a sitting down 
by one 

Assessor, oris, to. an assessor, a 
justice, a counsellor 

Assfiverans, part, affirming, dis- 

Assfiverantfir, adv. ius, comp. con- 
fidently, boldly, eagerly 

Assfiveratio, onis,/. au assevera- 

Assfivero, as, a. to affirm, to assert, 
to maintain, to show, to disph.y 

Assibilo, as, n. to hiss, to whistle 

Assicco, as, a. to dry, to harden 

Assiciilus, i, m. a lath 

Assidens, tis, part, sitting by 

Assideo, ere, sedi, sessum, n. to 
sit by, or at, to sit close at 

Assldo, fire, sedi, sessum, a. to sit 
down, to sit by 

Assldue, adv. issime, sup. con- 
stantly, continually, daily 

Assldultas, atis,/. assiduity, dili- 
gence, constant care 

Assidu6, adv. constantly, con- 
tinually, daily 

Assiduus, a, um, adj. assiduous, 
industrious [assigned 

Assignandus, a, um, part, to be 

Assignatio, onis,/. an assignation, 
an assignment 

Assignattirus, a, um, part, about 
to assign 

Assignatus, a, um, part, assigned, 

Assignatus, i, m. an assignee 

Assigno, or Adsigno, as, a. to as- 
sign, to allot, to appoint 

Assiliens, tis, part, leaping, bub- 

Assilio, or Adsilio, Ire, ui, Ivi, and 
ii, ultum, n. to leap at, upon, or 
against, to leap up 

Asslmilandus, a, um, part, to be 
made like 

Asslmllatus, a, um, part, made like 

Asslmllis, e, adj. very like 

Asslmlliter, adv. in like manner 

Assimilo, as, a. to assimilate, to 
make like, to take the likeness, 
to resemble 

Asslmfllans, tis, part, comparing 

Assimulatio, onis, /. a counter- 

Asslmulatus, a, um, part, coun- 
terfeited, feigned 

AssTmiilo, as, a. to pretend, t« 
feign, to liken, or compare 




Assiponuium, i, n. a pound- 
weight [plank 
Assis, is, m. a Roman coin, a 
Assistens, tis, part, standing by 
Assisto, ere, astlti, n. to stand, to 

stand still, to assist 
Assitus, a, um, part, planted 

close by 
Asso, as, a. to roast, to board 
AssOcio, as, a. to associate, to ac- 
AssSleo, es, ere, n. to be usual, to 
be accustomed [echo 

Ass5no, are, ui, re. to resound, to 
Assudo, are, a. to sweat with toil 
Assuefacio, ere, feci, a. to accus- 
tom, to inure [tomed 
ABSuefactus, a, um, part, accus- 
Assuendus, part, from Assuor 
Assuesco, or Adsuesco, ere, evi, 
etum, re. and a. to accustom, to 
use, to habituate [use 
Assuetudo, inis,/. custom, usage, 
Assuetus, a, um, part, and adj. 
or comp. accustomed, inured, 
Assugo, ctum, ere, a. to suck 
Assula, a;, /. a board, a lath, a 

shingle, or slate 
Assiilatim, adv. piecemeal 
Assulose, adv. in small chips 
Assultans, tis, part, assaulting, 

Assultlm, adv. by leaps 
Assulto, as, freq. to run, or leap 
upon one, to assault [onset 
Assultus, us, m. an assault, an 
Assumendus, a, um, part, to be 

assumed, received 
Assumentum, i, n. a patch sewed 

Assumo, 6re, psi, turn, a. to as- 
sume, to take, to take as 
Assumptio, onis,/. an assumption, 
an assuming [tive 

Assumptlvus, a, um, adj. assump- 
Assumptus, a, um, part, assumed, 

taken, imputed 
Assuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to sew, to 

sew on, to patch 
Assurgens, tis, part, rising, as- 
Assurgo, Sre, rexi, re. to rise, to 
rise, or stand up, to rise in 
Assus, a, um, adj. roasted, dry, 

without mixture, alone, pure 
Ast, conj. but, and yet, however 
Astans, tis, part, being present, 

standing by, or up 
Astaphis, Idis,/. a comfit 
Asteismos, i, to. a witty jest 
Aster, i, m. starwort, sharewort 
Asteriscus, i, m. a mark, a star 
Astensmus, i, m. an asterism 
Asterno, 6re, stravi, a. to lay by, 

or near to, to spread along 
Astipulatio, onis,/. assent, agree- 
Astlpiilator, oris, ret. *he who 

agrees, or assents, a witness 
Astipiilatu, a bl. to. by assent 
Astipulor, ari, dep. to engage for, 

to agree 

Astituo, fire, ui, utum, a. to set 

before, to carry, or bring before 

Asto, or Adsto, are, iti, ltum, n. 

to stand, to stand by, to be 

near, to assist 

Astragalus, i, in. an herb, wreath, 

Astrepo, 6re, ui, ltum, re. to make 

a noise 
Astricte, adv. closely, briefly 

Astrictio, Onis,/. astriction, sharp- 
ness of taste like to that of 
alum [astringent 

Astrictorius, a, um, adj. stiptic, 
Astrictus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. tied, bound, fastened, 
confined, shackled, compelled 
Astricus, of stars, starry 
Astrifer, era, firum, adj. bearing 

Astriger, e"ra, gram, adj. adorned 

with stars 
Astringens, tis, part, binding 
Astringo, fire, xi, ictum, a. to tie, 
to bind, to fasten, to gird, to 
straiten, to contract, to oblige 
Astr6l6gia, ae,/. astrology 
AstrOlOgus, i, to. an astrologer 
AstrOnomia, ae, /. astronomy 
AstrOnOmicus, a, um, adj. astro- 
nomical, pertaining to astro- 
AstrOnOmus, i, to. an astronomer 
Astructus, a, um, part, built up 
Astrum, i, re. a star, a constella- 
Astruo, e"re, xi, ctum, a. to build 
near, to join, to add, to accu- 
mulate [at 
Astupeo, ere, ui, n. to be amazed 
Astur, uris, m. a hawk, a buzzard 
Asturco, onis, m. an ambling nag 
Astiu, us, to. craft, subtilty, 

Astute, adv. ius, comp. is3ime, 
superl. craftily, cunningly, kna- 
Astutia, a;, /. craftiness, craft, 

cunning, shuffling 
Astutulus, a, um, adj. a little sly, 

or cunning 
Astutus, a, um, adj. or, comp. 
issimus, superl. crafty, cunning, 
Asylum, i, n. a sanctuary, a temple 
AsymbOlus, a, um, adj. shotfree 
Asyndeton, i, n. a figure when 
many words stand together 
without their usual copula 
Asynthetus, a, um, adj. pure, clear 
At, conj. but 
Atabulus, i, m. a burning hot 

wind blowing in Apulia 
Atat, inter j. hey day 1 how now 1 

strange ! 
Atavus, i, m. a great grandfa- 
ther's, or grandmother's grand- 
Atellanicus, or Atellanus, a, um, 

adj. merry, humorous 
Ater, tra, t'rum, adj. black, coal- 
black, dark, brown, gloomy, 
mournful, fatal, mortal, hideous 
Atetiam, conj. why but, I'll war- 
rant you 
Athara, 33, /. gruel, panada 
Atheos, i, and Atheus, i, m. an 
atheist [pion 

Athleta, se, m. a wrestler, a cham- 
Athletiee, adv. stoutly, lustily 
Athleticus, a, um, adj. athletic, 

strong, hearty 
Astima, as,/, an elm-tree 
AtOmus, i, d. g. an atom, a mite 
Atque, conj. and, as, especially, 
and yet, than, but, even as, 
after, after that 
Atqui, conj. but, and yet, however 
Atramentarium, i, n. an inkhorn 
Atramentum, i, n. ink, blacking, 

a black blood 
Atratus, a, um, adj. made black, 

dyed black 
AtricSlor, Oris, adj. of a black 

Atriensis, is, m. a porter, a steir. 
ard [court 

Atriolum, i, n. a porch, a little 
Atrium, i, re. a court-yard, a hall 
Atrocitas, atis,/. cruelty, savage- 

ness, grievousness 
Atrociter, adv. ius, comp. sslme, 
superl. cruelly, severely, barba- 
rously, heinously 
Atr5phia, ae, /. an atrophy, a 

Atrophus, a, um, adj. consumptive 
Atrox, ocis, adj. or, comp. ssimus, 
superl. cruel, heinous, dreadful, 
wicked, fierce 
Attaceo, ere, ui, re. to keep silence 
Attactus, a, uni, part, touched 
Attactus, us, m. a gentle touch 
Attagen, enis, to. a delicious bird 
Attageua, a?, /. a moor-cock, a 

Attallcus, a, um, adj. made ot 
cloth, of gold, brocaded, wealthy 
Attamen, adv. but, but yet, for 

all that 
Attfgiae, krum, pi. f. cottages, huts 
Attelabus, i, to. a small locust 
Attelanus, i, m. a merry actor 
Attemperate, adv. seasonably 
Attempero, as, a. to make fit 
Attendendus, a, um, part, to be 

attended to 
Attendens, tis, part, attending, 


Attendo, ere, di, turn, a. to attend, 

to listen, to observe, to take 

heed, to apply 

Attentatus, a, um, part, attempted 

Attente, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. attentively, diligently 
Attentio, onis,/. attention, care 
Attento, Adtento, as, a. to 
attempt, to set upon, to attack 
Attentus, a, um, adj. and part. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. at- 
tentive, heedful, careful, anx- 
ious, listening 
AttSnuandus, a, um, part, to be 

Attenuans, tis, part, thinning 
Attenuate, adv. slenderly, closely 
Attenuatio, onis, /. a diminishing 
Attenuatus, a, um, part, diminish- 
ed, lessened, weakened, made 
fewer, made thinner 
Attenuo, as, a. to make thin, to 

lessen, to impair, to wear out 
Atterens, tis, part, rubbing 

Attero, fire, rlvi, tritum, a. to rub 
against, or upon, to wear out, 
or away, to waste, to bruise 
Attestans, tis, part, witnessing 
Attestatio, onis, f. verb, an attes- 
tation, a deposition of a witness 
Attestator, oris, to. a witness 
Attestatus, a, um, part, proved by 

Attestor, ari, dep. to call, or take 
to witness, to witness, fo affirm, 
to prove 
Attexo, 6re, ui, xtum, a. to knit, 
or weave unto, or with, to add, 
to join 
Atthis, xdis,/. a nightingale 
Attice, adv. eloquently, elegantly 
AttiCismus, i, m. an atticism, an 

elegance of the Attic dialect 
Atticus, a, um, adj. Athenian, elo- 
Attina:, arum, /. stones piled up 

for a boundary mark 
Attineo, ere, ui, entum, a. to be- 
long, to pertain, to stop, to 
hold back, or forth 




Attingo, Adtingo, 6re, tlgi, tactum, 
o. to touch, to touch lightly, or 
upon, to meddle with, to treat 
of, to be related to 

AttolSro, avi, are, to bear support 

Attollens, tis, part, lilting up, 

Attollo, ere, a. in prat, attuli, to 
raise up, to lift up, to take up, 
to bring up, to raise 

Attondens, tis, part, shearing, &c. 

Ationdco, ere, di, sum, a. to clip, 
to cut, to shear, to shave close, 
to poll, to round 

Attomte, adv. wonderfully 

AttOnitus, a, um, part, asto- 
nished, amazed, thunderstruck, 
affrighted, abashed, inspired 

Attono, as, ui, ltum, o. to astonish 

Attonsurus, um, part, about to 
clip, or shave close 

Attonsus, a, um, part, clipped, 
shaved, mowed, reaped, dimi- 

Attractio, onis, /. attraction, a 
drawing together 

Attractus, a, um, part, drawn, 
dragged, fetched, contracted 

Attrahens, tis, part, drawing, &c. 

Attraho, fire, xi, ctum, a. to draw, 
or bring to, to draw, to drag, to 
attract [ing 

Attrectatus, us, m. handling, feel- 

Attrectatus, a, um, part, han- 
dled, meddled with 

Attrecto, as, a. to touch, to 
handle, to grope, to feel, to 
meddle with 

Attrgmo, ere, ui, n. to tremble at 

Attrepido, as, n. to hobble along 

Attribuendus, a, um, part, to be 
attributed, to be imputed 

Attribuens, tis, part, attributing 

Attribuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to at- 
tribute, to impute, to assign, to 

Attributio, Onis, /. the same as 

Attribution, i, n. an attribute, or 
perfection of the Deity, an affec- 

Attributus, a, um, part, assigned 

Attrltus, a, um, part, or adj. ex 
part, ior, comp. rubbed, worn, 
worn away, wasted 

Attritus, us, m. a rubbing, a fret- 
ting, a wearing 

Attuli, prat, from Affero, I have 

Au ! or Hau 1 inter j. ah ! away 
for shame ! 

Avare, adv. covetously, greedily, 
stingily, cautiously, carefully, 

Avarior, us, adj. comp. issimus, 
superl. more and most covetous 

Avaritia, se, /. avarice, covetous- 
ness, greediness 

Avarities, ei, /. covetoustiess 

Avarus, a, um. adj. covetous, 
greedy, desirous 

Auceps, ciipis, c. g. a fowler, a 
bird-catcher, a hawker 

Auctarium, i, n. something over 
and above, a surplus 

Auctifer, era, 6rum, adj. bringing, 

Auctif icus, a, um, adj. increasing 

Auctio, onis,/- an auction, a sale 

Auctionans, tis, c. g. an auctio- 

Auction arius, a, um, adj. of, or 
belonging to public sale 

AuHionor, ari, dep. to sell by 

Aucttto, as, freq. to increase much 

Aucto, as, n. to increase, to ad- 

Auctor, Oris, c. g. an author, a 
causer, a contriver, an adviser, 
an approver, a reporter, a 

Auctoramentum, i, n. a stipula- 
ting, or contracting, the hire, 
or wages of service, a present 

Auctoratus, a, um, part, hired, cl- 
ient out for money, condemned, 
or bound to serve, pressed 

Auctoritas, atis, /. authority, 
credit, reputation, awfulness, 
weight, force, power, jurisdic- 
tion, an order 

Auctoro, as, a. to bind, hire, or 

- abundance, autumn 
Ttucturus, a, um, part, about to 
augment, or increase 

Auctus, a, um, part, or adj. from 
part, ior, comp. increased, ad- 
vanced, improved, magnified, 

Auctus, us, m. increase, growth, 

Auctipans, tis, part, watching for 

Aucupatio, onis,/. fowling, gain 

Auciipatorius, a, um, adj. of, or 
belonging to fowling 

Aucfipaturus, a, um, part, about 
to watch for 

Aucupium, i, n. fowling, birds 
caught, a careful search, an 
earnest desire, or endeavour 

Aucupo, as, a. to watch, to listen 

Aucupor, ari, dep. to go a fowling, 
or hawking, to hunt after, to 
strive to obtain 

Audacia, as,/, audacity, boldness, 
assurance, impudence, rashness 

Audaciter, adv. boldly, rashly 

Audacter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. freely, boldly, courage- 
ously, confidently 

Audaculus, a, um, adj. saucy 

Audax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. bold, daring, con- 
fident, valiant, audacious, des- 

Audendus, a, um, part, worthy to 
be dared 

Audens, tis, part, or adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. bold, 

Audenter, adv. ius, comp. boldly, 

Audentia, a?,/, fortitude, courage 

Audeo, ere, sus sum, a. to dare, 
to adventure, to be bold 

Audiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Audiens, tis, part, or adj. hear- 
ing, obedient [tion 

Audientia, 83, /. audience, atten- 

Audio, ire, ivi, itum, a. to hear, to 
hearken, to listen, to attend to, 
to regard, to believe 

Auditio, onis, /. a hearing, hear- 

Audltor, oris, m. an auditor, a 

Auditorium, i, n. an auditory, or 

assembly of hearers, a school 
Auditum, i, n. report, hearsay 
Auditurus, a, um, part, about to 
hear [lated 

Auditus, a, um, part, heard, re- 
Auditus, us, m. the sense of hear- 
ing, hearing, a relation of a fact 
Avectus, a, um, part, carried away 
Avfi ho, ere, xi, ctum, a. to carry 

Avellana, a?, /. a filberd 
Avello, 6re, li and vulsi, a. to puil, 
or drag away, to part, to keep 
Avena, a% /. oats, oaten straw, a 

pipe, a reed, a mean low style 
Avenaceus, a, um, adj. of oats 
Avenarius, a, um, adj. of oats 
Avens, tis, part, coveting, desiring 
Aveo, ere, caret prat, and sup. to 

desire, to covet, to wish 
Avernalis, e, adj., and Avernus, a, 

um, adj. of hell 
Averro, ere, i, sum, a. to sweep, or 
_ carry away [appeased 

Averruncandus, a, um, part, to be 
Averrunco, as, a. to cut, scrape, 
turn, or take away, to hoe, to 
_ weed, to prune, to avert 
Aversabtlis, e, adj. abominable 
Aversandus, a, um, part, to be 

Aversans, tis, part, disliking 
Aversatio, onis,/. aversion 
Aversatus, a, um, part, disliking, 
_ refusing 

Aversor, oris, m. a purloiner 
Aversor, ari, dep. to hate, to dis- 
like, to abhor, to reject, to dis- 
regard, to slight 
Aversurus, part, about to turn 

Aversus, a, um, part, or adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. turned 
away, averse, estranged, con- 
_ trary, shy, purloined, embezzled 
Avertendus, a, um, part, to be 
_ averted, to be turned away 
Avertens, tis, part, turning away 
Averto, gre, i, sum, a. to avert, to 
turn, or drive away, to put to 
flight, to turn, to remove, to 
Auferens, tis, part, taking away 
Aufero, ers, abstidi, ablatum, a. 
to take, or carry away, to carry 
off, to get, to obtain, to prevent, 
to take up, to cease, to deceive 
Auftigiens, • tis, part, avoiding, 


Aufugio, ere, gi, Itum, a. to run 

away, to flee from, to escape, 

to shun, to avoid, to be all gone 

Augendus, a, um, part, to be 

Augens, tis, part, increasing 
Augeo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to in- 
crease, to enlarge, to advance 
Augescens, tis, part, increasing, 

Augesco, ere, 4ncep. to increase, 

to grow 
Augmen, Inis, n. augmentation, 

increase, growth of body 
Augmento, as, a. to increase 
Augmentum, i, n. growth, in- 
Augur, uris, c. g. an augur 
Augurale, is, n. an instrument of 
augurs ._ [augurs 

Auguralis, e, adj. belonging to 
Augiirandus, a, um, part, to be 

Augviratio, onis, /. soothsaying 
Augiirat6, adv. by soothsaying 
Augviratus, a, um, part, confirmed, 

or limited by soothsaying 
Augtiratus, us, m. the office, &c t 

of augurs 

Augurium, i, n. augury, divination, 

soothsaying, a prediction, a 

conjecture, a surmise, an oracle 

Augurius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to augury 
Auguro, as, a and Augtiror, ari, 




dm. to presage, to forebode, to 
conjecture, to guess [tent 

Augustale, is, n. apalace, general's 

Augustalia, um, pi. n. plays, in- 
stituted in honour of Augustus 

Augustalis, e, adj. imperial, stately 

Auguste, adv. venerably, majesti- 

Augustus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. august, splen- 
did, majestic, imperial, princely 

Augustus, i, m. the month Au- 
gust . 

Avia, ae, /. a grandmother 

Avia, orum, pi. n. unpassable 

Aviarium, i, n. an aviary, a cage, 
a decoy [catcher 

Aviarius, i, m. a poulterer, a bird- 

Avicula, Be,/, dim. a little bird 

Avide, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. greedily, eagerly 

Aviditas, atis,/. greediness, cove- 

Avid us, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. greedy, cove- 
tous, niggardly, eager after 

Avis, is, /. a bird, a fowl, luck 

Avitus, a, um, adj. left by ances- 
tors, belonging to ancestors 

Avius, a, um, adj. unpassable, 
inaccessible [palace 

Aula, ae, /. a hall, a court, a 

Aulaeum, i, n. a curtain 

Auletes, se, m. a piper, a minstrel 

Auleticus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to pipes, good for pipes 

Aulicus, a, um, adj. belonging to 
the court 

Aulicus, i, m. a courtier 

Aulcedus, i, m. a minstrel, a piper 

Aulon, i, n. an organ-pipe, a muscle 

Av6camentum, i, n. an avocation, 
relaxation, recreation 

AvOcans, tis, part, calling away 

Av6catio, onis, /. a calling away, 
or from, a diverting the thoughts 

AvOco, as, a. to call off, to with- 
draw, to turn aside, to dissuade 

Avolaturus, a, um, part, about to 
fly away [away 

Av6lo, as, n. to fly away, to hasten 

Aura, a?, /. the air, a cool air, a 
gale, a gentle gale, a wind, a 
blast of wind, a breath, favor, 
applause, humour, brightness, 
beauty, gaiety 

Auramentum, i, n. an instrument 
to mine 

Aurantium, i, n. an orange 

Auraria, a?,/, a gold-mine 

Aurarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to gold. 

Aurata, se, /. a gilthead 

Auratura, ae,/. a gilding 

Auratus, a, um, part, gilt with 
gold, adorned with gold 

AureSlus, a, um, adj. golden, ex- 

AureQlus, i, m. a piece of gold 

Auresco, £re, n. to grow bright as 

Aureus, a, um, adj. golden, made 
of gold, of a gold colour, yellow, 
shining bright, rich 

Aureus, i, to. any gold coin, a 

AuricOmus, a, um, adj. that hath 
hair like gold, or golden locks 

Auricula, ae. /. the lap, or flap of 
the ear 

Auricularis, e, adj. auricular, of 
the ear 

A urlcillarius, a, um, adj. same 
as Auricularis 

Aurifer, e"ra, 6rum, adj. that bear- 

eth gold 
Aurifex, icis, m. a goldsmith 
AurifOdina, ae,/ a gold-mine 
Auriga, ae, c. g. a charioteer, a 

carter, a waggoner, a horse- 
keeper, a groom, an equerry 
Aurlgans, tis, part, driving a 

Aurigarius, i, m. a coach-driver 
Aurlgatio, onis, /. the driving of 

a coach [gold 

Auriger, e"ra, 8rum, adj. bearing 
Aurigo, as, a. to drive a chariot, 

or cart 
Aurigor, ari, dep. to st«r, to rule 
Auripigmentum, i, n. a kind of 

ochre, of the colour of gold, 

arsenic, ointment 
Auris, is,/, an ear, hearing 
Auriscalpium, i, n. an ear-pickealk 
Aurltulus, a, um, adj. long-eared 
Auritus, a, um, adj. having large, 

or long ears, hearing well 
Aurora, ae, /. the morning, the 

time just before sunrise 
Aurosus, a, um, adj full of gold 
Aurugo, inis, /. the jaundice 
Aurum, i, n. gold, any thing made 

of gold 
Auscultatio, onis,/. a hearkening 
Auscultator, oris, to. a listener 
Ausculto, as, a. to listen, to 

hearken, to observe, to mind, 

to obey 
Ausim, sis, sit, pi. ausint, verb 

defect. I durst be bold, I dare 
Auspex, Icis, m. a diviner by birds, 

a soothsayer, a chief, or leading 

Auspicans, tis, part, beginning 
Auspicat6, adv. by consulting the 

augurs, auspiciously 
Auspicatus, a, um, part, or adj. 

ior, comp. issimus, superl. set 

apart by soothsayers, auspici- 
ous, fortunate, lucky 
Auspicium, i, n. a consulting the 

soothsayers, an auspice, a sign, 

a token, a beginning, an event, 

fortune, conduct 
Auspicor, ari, dep. to seek, or 

gather from omens, or tokens, 

to begin 
Auster, tri, m. the south-wind, the 

south part of the world 
Austere, adv. austerely, shai ply 
Austerltas, atis,/.austerity, harsh- 
ness, roughness, sharpness, 

sternness, gravity 
Austerus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

austere, harsh, rough, sharp, 

sour, crabbed, sad, grave 
Australis, e, adj. southern 
Austrinus, a, um, adj. southern, 

Ausu, abl. m. with daring 
Ausum, si, n. an attempt, an 

Ausiirus, a, um, part, who will dare 
Ausus, a, um, part, that hath 

dared, committed 
Aut, conj or, or else, either 
Autera, conj. but, however, not- 
withstanding, nevertheless, yea, 

nay, and also, besides 
Auttientlcus, a, um, adj. authentic 
Authepsa, a?, /. a stew-pan 
Author, oris, c. g. same as Auctor 
Authoritas, atis,/. same as Auc- 

toritas [writing 

Autographum, i, n. one's hand- 
Autographus, a, um, adj. written 

with one's own hand 
Automaton, or AutOmatum, i, n. 

an engine that goes with * 
spring, any piece of art that 
seems to move of itself 

Aut6matus, a, um, adj. that which 
goes with a spring, or screw 

Autor, Aut6rltas, same as Auctor, 

Autumn alis, e, adj. autumnal 

Autumnitas, atis, /. the time of 
autumn, the fall of the leaf 

Autumno, as, n. to be autumn 

Autumnus, a, um, adj. autumnal 

Autumnus, i, m. autumn, the time 
from the sixth of August to the 
sixth of November 

Autiimo, as, a. to think, to sup- 
pose, to avouch 

Avulsio, onis,/. a plucking off 

Avulsor, oris, to. he who plucks 

Avulsus, a, um, part, pulled away, 
or off, torn off 

Avunculus, i, to. an uncle, an 
uncle by the mother's side 

Avus, i, to. a grandfather, a 
grandsire [sisting 

AuxTlians, tis, part, helping, as- 

Auxiliaris, e, adj. auxiliary, as- 
sistant, subservient 

Auxiliarius, a, um, adj. sent t& 
help [assistant 

Auxiliator, oris, to. a helper, an 

Auxiliatus, a, um, part, that hath 

Auxiliatus, us, m. help, succour 

Auxilior, ari, dep. to help, to 
assist, to aid, to be of service, 
to relieve, to cure 

Auxilium, i, n. help, assistance, 
aid, protection, patronage, re- 
medy, relief, ease, auxiliary 

Axicillus, i, to. a little shingle, 
latch, lath 

Axilla, ae, /. the arm-pit 

Axillaris, e, adj. of, or near the 

Axioma, atis, n. an axiom, a pro- 
position, a general rule 

Axis, is, m. an axletree, a cart, 
waggon, or chariot, the pole, 
heaven, a climate 

Axungia, ae,/ cart-wheel grease 

Azyma, orum, pi. n. the feast of 
unleavened bread 

Azymus, a, um, adj. unleavened, 
sweet, sincere 

Babae, interj. O strange ; wonder- 

Babylonicus, a, um, adj. formed 
ot divers colours 

Babylonius, a, um, adj. calculat- 
ing nativities 

Bacca, ae, /. a berry, any small 
fruit, a pearl 

Baccalaureatus, us, m. a bache- 
lor's degree [arts 

Baccalaureus, i, to. a bachelor ol 

Baccalia, ae,/. a bay-tree, a laurel 

Baccatus, a, um, adj. of pearl, set, 
or adorned with pearl 

Baccha, ae, /. a priestess of Bac- 
chus, a courtesan [ling 

Bacchabundus, a, um, adj. revei- 

Bacchanal, alis, n. the place where 
the feasts of Bacchus were 
solemnized, the feast itself 

Bacchans, tis, part, raging, mad 

Bacchar, or Baccar, aris, n. ?rA 




1 Hacch&ris, is, /. an herb good 
1 against fascination, lady's glove 
Bacchatio, onis,/. a debauch 
Bacchatus, a, urn, part, raving, 

raging, running about in a rage 
• Bacchicus, a, um, adj. of Bacchus 
Bacchius, i, m. a foot in verse of 

one short and two long syllables 
Bacchor, ari, dep. to revel, to riot, 

to rave, to rage, to swagger 
Bacclfer, a, um, adj. bearing ber- 
Baccfila, a5,/. dim. a small berry 
' Bacillum, i, n. a little staff, or 

Bacfilum, i, n., and Bacillus, i, m. 

a staff, a stick, a batoon 
Badisso, as, n., and Badizo, as, to 

go, to walk, to pace 
Badius, a, um, adj. brown, bay 
Baeticatus, a, um, adj. wearing 

brown, or dark-coloured cloth 
BaetTcus, a, um, adj. brown, tawny 
Bajiilans, tis, part, carrying, bear- 
Bajiilo, as, a. to carry, to bear 
Bajiilus, i, m. a porter, a labourer 
Balaena, a?,/, a whale, a grampus 
Balanatus, a, um, adj. anointed 

with the oil of ben, made of 

whalebone [ben 

Balaninus, a, um, adj. made of 
Balans, tis, part, bleating 
Balanus, i, c. g. an acorn, a date, 

a chesnut, a kind of shell fish 
Balatro, onis, m. a pitiful fellow 
Balatus, us, m. a bleating 
Balaustium, i, n. the flower of a 

Balbe, adv. lispingly 
Balbus, a, um, adj. stammering, 

Balbutiens, tis, part, stammering 
Balbutio, ire, ivi, n. to stutter, to 

stammer, to lisp 
Balineum, i, n. a bath, bagnio 
Bali&lus, a, um, adj. tawny 
Balista, a?, /. a warlike engine 

used to throw stones, &c, a 

sling, a crossbow 
Balistarium, i, n. the place where 

the balista was mounted 
B alius, a, um, adj. tawny, black 
Balnea;, arum, pi. /. public baths 
Balnearium, i, n. a place where a 

bath is 
Balnearius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to baths 
Balneator, oris, m. the master of 

a bath, the keeper of a bagnio, 

a servant attending a bath 
Balneatrix, icis,/. the mistress of 

a bath 
Balneolum, i, n. a little bath 
Balneum, i, n. a bath, a bagnio, a 

Balo, as, n. to bleat 
Balsaminus, a, ran, adj. made of 

balm [tree 

Balsamum, i, n.. balsam, balm, the 
Balteolus, i, m. a small belt 
Balteum, i, n. and Balteus, i, m. 

a belt 
Balux, ucis,/. gold ore, gold dust 
Bambactnus, a, um, adj. of cotton 
Bambacion, i, n. cotton, bombast 
Bambalio, onis, m. a stammerer 
Bancus, i, m. a bank, a bench, a 

seat, or table 
Baptisma, atis, n. baptism 
Baptismus, i, m. baptism 
Baptista, ae, m. a baptizer, John 

the Baptist 
Baptisterium, i, n. a font, a bath 
Baptizo, as, a. to baptize 

Barathrum, i, n. a gulf, a deep pit, 

a deep place, hell 
Barba, ae,/. a beard, a claw 
Barbare, adv. barbarously, cruelly, 
rudely, clownishly, unintelli- 
gibly, unusually, in another 
Barbaria, ae, /. a barbarous coun- 
try, barbarity, cruelty, incivility, 
Barbaricus, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to, or coming from, barbarous 
people, barbarian, foreign 
Barbaries, ei,/. barbarity, cruelty, 
a barbarous people, a barbarism, 
Barbarismus, i, m. a barbarism 
Barbaras, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
barbarous, cruel, savage, wild, 
rude, unpolished, clownish, 
foolish, simple 
Barbata, ae,/. the osprey-eagle 
Barbatulus, a, um, adj. having 

little beard 
Barbatus, a, um, adj. bearded, 

simple, silly, oldfashioned 
Barbiger, a, um, adj. having a 

Barbitos, i, e.g., and Barbitus, i, m. 
and Barblton, i, n. a lute, a harp, 
a bass-viol 
Barbo, onis, m. a barbel 
Barbula, ae, /. dim. a little beard 
Bardaicus, and Bardiacus, a, um, 

adj. drest like Gauls 
Bardltus, us, m. an old bard's song 
Bardocucullus, i, m. a cloak with 

a hood to it 
Bardus, a, um, adj. heavy, slow, 

Bardus, i, m. a British bard, a 

poet amongst the old Gauls 
Baris, idos, /. a bier, a barge 
Baro, onis, m. a blockhead, a fool, 

a sot, a common soldier 
Baronia, ae,/. the fee of a baron 
Barrio, ire, n. to cry like an elephant 
Barritus, us, m. the braying of 
an elephant, a great shout be- 
fore battle 
Barrus, i, m. an elephant, also 

his tooth 
Bascauda, ae, /. a basket 
Basiandus, a, um, part, to be 

Basiatio, onis,/. a kissing 
Basiator, oris, m. one that kisses 
Basiatus, a, um, part, kissed 
Basilica, ae, /. a town-hall, or 
court of justice, a state-house, 
a piazza, an exchange 
Basilice, adv. royally, princely, 

richly, splendidly 
Basilicon, i, n. a princely robe, a 
fine walnut, a salve, an oint- 
Basilicus, a, um, adj. princely, 

royal, noble, stately, dainty 
Basiliscus, i, m. a basilisk, a cock- 

Basis, is, /. a base, a bottom, a 

foundation, a pedestal 
Basium, i, n. a kiss, or buss 
Bassaris, idis, /. a priestess of 

Bat, inter j. tush ! pshaw ! hush ! 
Batillum, i, n. and Batillus, i, m. 

a fire-shovel, an incense-pan, a 

chafing-dish, a paddle-staff, a 

light wooden shovel 
BatrachCmy&machia, ae, /. the 

battle between the frogs and 

Batrachus, i, m. a frog 

Batuens, tis, part, fencing 

Batuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to beat, 
or batter, to fight, to fence 

Batus, i, m. a bath, an Hebrew 
measure of liquid things 

Baubor, ari, dep. to bark like a 

Baxea, ae, /. a shoe with a wooden 
sole, a clog, a pattern 

Bdellium, i, n. a black-tree in 
Arabia, the gum of the same 
tree, of a fragrant scent 

Beate, adv. happily, blessedly, 
prosperously, well 

Beatificus, a, um, adj. beatific, 

Beatitas, atis,/. happiness 

Beatitudo, inis, /. beatitude, fe- 
licity, happiness 

Beatillus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

Beatus, a, um, part, or adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. happy, 
blessed, joyful, rich, fruitful, 
consummate, perfect [ing 

Bellans, tis, part, warring, fight- 

Bellaria, orum, pi. n. sweetmeats, 
dainties, the desert, the choicer 
sort of wines [bruiser 

Bellator, oris, m. a warrior, a 

Bellatorius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to war 

Bellatrix, icis, /. a warlike woman 

Bellatrix, icis, adj. warlike, hot 

Bellaturus, a, um, part, about to 
make war 

Bellax, acis, adj. warlike, fierce 

Belle, adv. issime, superl. prettily, 
finely, neatly, conveniently, 

Belli, adv. in the war, abroad 

Bellicose, adv. iiis, comp. issime, 
superl. in a warlike manner 

Bellicosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. warlike, valiant, 
martial, full of war 

Bellicum, i, n. the sound of a 
trumpet, a signal for battle 

Bellicus, a, um, adj. warlike 

Bellifer, a, um, adj. warlike, mak- 
ing war 

Belllger, a, um, adj. warlike, mar- 
tial, belonging to war 

Belliggrans, tis, part, making, or 
carrying on war 

Belligero, as, a. to wage war 

Belllp&tens, tis, adj. mighty in 
war, warlike, powerful 

Bello, as, n. to war, to wage war 

Bellor, ari, dep. to fight, &c. 

Bellua, ae,/. a beast, a great beast, 
or fish, a brute 

Belluatus, a, um, adj. wrought 
with the figures of beasts 

Belluinus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a beast, beastly 

Bellulus, a, um, adj. pretty, 
spruce, neat 

Bellum, i, n. war, the state of 
war, the time of war, warfare, a 
fight, a battle 

Belluosus, a, um, adj. full of 
monstrous creatures, frightful 

Bellus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. pretty, fine, charm- 
ing, spruce, neat, finical, nice 

BSlone, es,/. the trumpet-fish 

Belus, i,/. a greenish stone 

B6ne, adv. melius, comp. optime, 
superl. well, rightly, wonder- 
fully, happily, luckily 

Benedice, adv. courteously, kindly 

Benedlco, fire, xi, ctum, a. to 
bless, to praise, to commend, to 
applaud, to R^eak well of 




Bdngdictio, anis,/. a blessing 

Benfidictum, i, n. a good saying, 
good language 

Benefacio, ere, eci, actum, a. to 
do well, to do t good turn, to 
benefit, to be serviceable to 

Bgngfactura, i, n. a good deed, a 

Beneflcentia, ae, /. beneficence, 
the doing i<f a favour 

Bfineficiarius, a, um, adj. bene- 

Beneflcia- /us, i, to. a person 
obliged, one promoted, or ex- 
cused irom service in war 

Benef Icium, i, n. a benefit, a 
good turn, a kindness, a favour, 
an obligation, immunity 

Beneflcus, a, um, adj. entior, 
cornp. entissimus, superl. be- 
neficent, liberal, kind 

Bgnevole, adv. friendly, kindly 

BengvOlens, tis, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. benevolent, 

Benevolentia, se, /. benevolence, 
goodwill, favour, kindness 

Benev61us, a, um, adj. well-wish- 
ing, friendly, kind, affectionate 

Benigne, adv. kindly, favourably, 
liberally, freely, readily 

Eenignitas, atis,, /. benignity, 
kindness, goodness, bounty 

Benignus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. kind, favour- 
able, courteous, indulgent, fond, 

Beo, as, a. to bless, to make im- 
mortal, to make happy, or glad, 
to do one good 

Beryllus, i, m. a beryl, a precious 
Btone of a faint green colour, a 
ring set therewith 

Bes, bessis, and Bessis, bessis, m. 
eight ounces, i. e. two thirds of 
the as 

Bessalis, adj. of eight ounces, or 

Bestia, a3, /. a beast, a wild beast, 
a fierce beast 

Bestiarius, i, m. one that fought 
with beasts at public shows 

Bestiarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to beasts 

Besti&la, se,/. dim. a little beast 

Beta, se,/. beet, the second letter 
of the Greek alphabet 

Betizo, as, a. to flag like beets 

Betonica, a?,/, betony 

Betula, and Betulla, ee,/. a birch- 

Betulus, i, m. a whitish stone 

Bia;on, i, n. a kind of wine devised 
for health 

Bibax, acis, adj. given to drink- 

Bibendus, a, um, part, to be drunk 

Bibens, tis, part, drinking 

Biblia, orum, pi. n. the Bible 

Bibli6pegus, i, m. a bookbinder 

Bibliopola, ae, m. a bookseller, a 

Bibliotheca, se, /. a library, a 
study, a place for books 

Bibliothecaiius, i, m. a librarian 

Biblus, or Biblos, i, /. an Egyp- 
tian plant, of the bark of which 
paper was made; papyrus 

BIbo, fire, Ibi, Ibitum, a. to drink, 
to imbibe, to suck in 

BIbosus, a, um, adj. given to 

Blbulus, a, um, adj. drinking in, 
taking in, soaking, thirsty 

Biceps, i pi tis, adj. having tr/o 

heads, ar tops, divided into two 

Bicllnium, i, n. a chamber with 

two beds, or couches in it 
BIcolor, oris, adj. of two colours, 

Blcornis, e, adj. that hath two 

horns, or points, horned 
Bicorpor, oris, adj. having two 

Blcilbltalis, e, adj. of two cubits 
Bidens, tis, adj. having two teeth 
Bidens, tis, m. a fork with two 

Bidens, tis,/. a sheep, a sheep of 

two years old having then two 

teeth longer than the rest 
Bldental, alis, n. a place, or per- 
son struck with lightning 
Blduum, i, n. two days 
Biennis, e, adj. of two years 
Biennium, i, n. the space of two 

years [parts 

Bifariam, adv. two ways, in two 
BIfer, or Bit erus, a, um, adj. bear- 
ing double, yielding fruit twice 

a year 
BIfldatus, a, um, adj. cleft into 

two parts 
Bif Idus, a, um, adj. divided into 

two parts, cloven, forked 
BifSris, e, adj. having a double 

door, gate, or leaf 
BIformatus, a, um, part, double- 
shaped, two-bodied 
Blformis, e, adj. having two shapes 
Bifrons, ontis, adj. having two 

-foreheads, double faced 
Bifurcus, a, um, adj. forked, hav- 
ing two branches 
Biga, ae, f. or Biga?, arum, pi. a 

cart, or chariot drawn with two 

'Bigatus, a, um, adj. having the 

image of a chariot drawn with 

two horses 
BIgemmis, e, adj. having two buds 
BIgener, a, um, and Biggneris, e, 

adj. of two different kinds 
Bijiigis, e, and BIjugus, a, um, 

adj. yoked side by side, coupled 
Bilibra, a?, /. a two-pound weight 
Blllbris, e, adj. of two pounds 

weight, holding a quart 
BUinguis, e, adj. that can speak 

two languages, double-tongued, 

deceitful [vicious 

Biliosus, a, um, adj. choleric, 
Bllis, is, /. bile, choler, rage, 

wrath, anger 
Bllix, Icis, adj. woven with a 

double thread, double-platted 
Bilustris, e, adj. of ten years 
Bimaris, e, adj. placed between 

two seas [mothers 

BImater, atris, adj. having two 
Blmatus, us, m. the space of two 

Bimembris, e, adj. double-limbed, 

of two parts [months 

Bimensis, is, m. the space of two 
Bimestris, e, adj. two months.old, 

lasting two months 
Blmulus, a, um, adj. two years old 
Bimus, a, um, adj. two years old, 

of two years' continuance 
Bmarius, a, um, adj. of two, two 
Binoctium, i, n. two nights 
Binominis, e, adj. having two 

Blnus, a, um, adj. two and two, 

by couples, every two, two 
BIpalium, i, n.a mattock, or pick- 
axe with two bits 
Bipalmis, e, adj. two spans long 

Bipartior, or Bipertior, iri, dep. 

to divide into two parts 
Bipartlt6, adv. in two parts 
Blpartltus, a, um, part, divided 

into two parts 
Bipatens, tis, part, open on both 

sides, with two doors 
BipSdalis, e, adj. two feet long 
Bipfidaneus, and Bipedanus, a, 

um, adj. two feet thick 
Bipennifer, a, um, adj. carrying a 

halberd, or poleaxe 
Bipennis, e, adj. cutting both 

ways, double-edged 
Bipennis, is,/, in abl.i, a halberd, 

a battleaxe 
Bipes, edis, adj. two-footed 
Biremis, is,/, a ship of two banks 

of oars, a ship 
Bis, adv. twice, doubly 
Bison, ontis, m. a buffalo 
Bisqulnus, a, um, adj. the tenth 
Bisseni, a;, adj. pi. twelve 
Bissextllis, e, adj. bissextile 
BIsulcus, a, um, adj. cloveufooted, 

Bitumen, Inis, n. bitumen, a slime 

like pitch, used for lime, or 

mortar, and for oil in lamps 
BItumlnatus, a, um, adj. mixed 

with bitumen [men 

B'itumineus, a, um, adj. of bitu- 
Bltumlnosus, a, um, adj. full of 

bitumen, having bitumen 
Blvertex, Icis, adj. having two 

Blvium, i, n. a way having two 

paths, a place where two ways 

Blvius, a, um, adj. leading two 

ways, of two fashions 
BIksus, a, um, adj. stammering, 

Blande, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. courteously, kindly 
Blandldlcus, a, um, adj. fawning 
Blandiens, tis, part, fawning 

BlandI16quentia, s,f. fair speech, 

courteous language 
Blandlloquentulus, a, um, adj. 

same as Blandlloquus 
Blandlloquium, i, n. softness of 

BlandilOquus, a, um, adj. fair 

spoken, courteous [ment 

Blandnnentum, i, n. an allure- 
Blandior, Iri, Itus, dep. to flatter, 

to compliment, to fawn upon, 

to caress, to soothe, to please 
Blandltia, se, /. a compliment 
Blandltia;, arum, pi. f. compli- 
ments, fawning speeches, flat- 
tery [flattery 
Blandltlm, Blandlter, adv. by 
Blandltus, a, um, part, pleasing, 

charming, delighting 
Blandltus, us, m. a fair speaking, 

an enticing 
Blandus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

issimus, superl. kind, gentle, 

tender, courteous, fawning, 

flattering, suppliant, alluring 
Blasphemia, a;,/, blasphemy 
Blasphemo, as, a. to blaspheme 
Blasphemus, a, um, adj. blasphe- 
Blaterans, tis, part, babbling 
Blatero, as, n. to babble, to talk 

idly, to prate, to tell stories, to 

blab, to falter 
Blatei-o, onis, m. a babbler, s 

prating fellow, an idle, imp^t. 

tinent talker 
Blatio, ire, n. to prate 




Blatta, se,/. a moth, a beetle, a 

•scarlet, or purple worm 
Blattaria, or Blatteria, ae, /. an 

hwb, moth-mullein 

Blartarius, a, urn, adj. having 

moths [scarlet 

Blatteus, a, ran, adj. purple, 

Blennus, i, m. a dirty nose, a 

snivelling fellow, a fool 
Bllteus, a, um, adj. like blite, un- 
savoury, vile, sorry, insignificant 
Blltum, i, n. blite, spinage, beet 
Boa, a?, /. a serpent, a pimple- 
Boans, tis, part, lowing, echoing 
Boarius, a, um, adj. of oxen 
Boatus, us, m. the bellowing of an 

ox, a roaring 
Bola, a?, or Boiae, arum, /. a collar, 
or yoke, wherewith servants 
were punished 
Boletus, i, m. a mushroom 
Bolis, idis,/. a sounding-plummet, 

a fiery meteor like a dart 
Bolus, i, m. a bolus, a bit, a 

mouthful, a mass, or lump 
Bolus, i, m. a cast, or throw at 
dice, a chance, a draught with 
a net 
Bombarda, ae,/. a gun, a musket 
Bombax, interj. pish ! 
Bombllo, as, n. to buzz, to hum 
Bcmbus, i, m. a buzz, a hum, a 
sound, noise [silk 

Bombyclnus, a, um, adj. made of 
Bombyx, Icis, a silkworm, m. the 
silk yarn spun by the worm, /. 
the finest, or inmost part of 
Bomtas, atis,/. goodness, justice, 
equity, bounty, kindness, happi- 
ness, quickness, excellence 
Bonum, i, n. a good, or blessing, 
a benefit, an advantage, good- 
ness, virtue, an endowment, an 
accomplishment, a qualification 
Bonus, a, um, adj. melior, comp. 
opttmus, superl. good, virtuous, 
chaste, towardly, promising, 
happy, kind, friendly, favour- 
able, propitious, liberal, boun- 
Boo, as, n. to low, to roar, to sing, 

or echo 
Bootes, ae, and is, m. a star 
Borealis, e, adj. northern _ 
Boreas, oe, m. the north wind 
B6reus, a, um, adj. northern 
Bos, bOvis, c. g. an ox, a bull, a 
cow, a heifer, money stanvped 
with an ox upon it, a large fish 
BStanicus, a, um, adj. botanical, 

pertaining to herbs 
Bctanismus, i, m. a weeding 
Botellus, i, m. a small sausage 
Botrus, i, m. a bunch of grapes 
BOtryo, onis, m. a bunch of pre- 
served grapes 
Botularius, i, m. a sausage-maker 
BStulus, i, m. a sausage, hog's 
pudding [house 

EOvlle, is, n. an ox-stall, or cow- 
Eovinus, a, um, adj. of an ox, or 

Bovlnatio, onis,/. a cavilling 
Brabeuta, or Brabeutes, ae, m. 
he who gives the prize at games, 
a judge of contests 
Erabyla, orum, pi. n. damascenes, 
plums [breeches 

Bracarius, i, m. a maker of 
Bracca, or Braca, ae, /. breeches, 

slops, brogues, thick cloaks 
Braccatus, a, um, adj. rearing 

Briichiale, is, n. a bracelet 
Brachialis, e, adj. of the arm 
Brachiatus, a, um, adj. having 

arms, or branches 
Brachi6lum, i, n. dim. a little arm 
Brachium, i, n. an arm, a claw, a 

horse's forefoot, a bough 
Brachylogia, ae, /. shortness of 

Bractea, be,/, a thin leaf, or plate 

of gold, &c. tinsel, a spangle 
Bracteatus, a, um, adj. covered 

with thin plates, or leaves of 

any metal, plated [gold 

BracteOla, ae, /. a small leaf of 
Branchiae, arum, pl.f. gills of fish 
Brassica, ae,/. a cabbage 
Breve, adv. for a short time 
Brevl, adv. shortly, in a short 

time, soon, briefly, in short 
Brevia, um, pi. n. fords, shallow 

places, flats 
Breviarium, i, n. a breviary, a 

short draught, an abstract, an 

abridgment, a brief 
BrevilSquens, tis, part. brief, short 
Bievlloquentia, ae, /. a short way 

of speaking, conciseness 
Rrevio, as, a. to abridge, to shorten 
Brfivis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

superl. short, compendious, 

brief, small, little 
Brevitas, atis,/. brevity, shortness 
Brevlter, adv. itis, comp. isslme, 

superl. briefly, shortly, to be 

Brisa, ae, /. a lump of trodden, or 

pressed grapes 
Brltannlea, ae,/. spoonwort 
Bi ochitas, atis, /. crookedness 
Brochon, i, n. a kind of tree 

whence bdellium flows 
BrOchus, a, um, adj. blubber- 
lipped, crooked and sharp 
BrOmos, i, /. oats, wild oats 
BronchOcele, es, /. a swelling in 

the throat like a rupture 
Brontia, ae,/. the thunder-stone 
Briima, ae, /. the shortest day, 

mid-winter, the winter solstice 
Br-ilmalia, um, pi', n. feasts of 

Brumfilis, e, adj. winter-like 
Briitiani, or Brutiarii, orum, pi. 

m. servile officers to magistrates 
Brutus, a, um, adj. brutish, ir- 
rational, insensible, senseless, 

vain, insignificant 
Bryonia, ae,/. briony, wild vine 
Bubalus, i, m. a wild ox, a buffalo 
Bubile, is, n. an ox-stall, a cow- 
house 9 
Bubo, onis, m. an owl, a sore 
Bubfila, ae,/. beef 
Bubulcitor, ari, dep. to tend cattle 
Bubulcus, i, m. a herdsman 
Bubido, as, n. to hcot like an owl 
Bubulus, a, um, adj. of an ox, 

bull, or cow 
Bucca, ae,/ the cheek, the hollow 

part of the cheek, a trumpet 
Buccea, ae,/ a morsel, a mouthful 
Buccella, ae,/ a small mouthful, 

a morsel 
Buccina, ae,/ a trumpet, a horn 
Buccinator, oris, m. a trumpeter, 

a publisher, proclaimer 
Buccino, as, n. to sound a trumpet 
Bucclnum, i, -n. a trumpet, a fish 
Bucco, onis, m. one wide-mouthed 
Buccfila, ae,/ din., a little cheek, 

a beaver [cheeked 

Bucculentus, a, um, adj. full- 
Bucfras, atos, n. the herb fenu- 

Buce'rus, a, um, adj. of, or belong- 
ing to beasts, horned 
Bucetum, i, n. a pasture 
Buclda, ae, m. a butcher, one 

beaten with ox-hide whip3 
Buc6lica, orum, jpl. n. pastoral 

Bucollcus, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to beasts, or to herdsmen 
Bucula, ae, / a young cow, a 
heifer [lock 

Buculus, i, m. a young ox, a bul- 
Bufo, 5nis, m. a toad 
Buglossus, i, m. borage, ox-tongue 
Bulbaceus, a, um, and Bulbosus, 
a, um, adj. bulbous, full of 
small heads [onion 

Bulbus, i, m. a bulbou .oot, an 
Bule, es,/ a council of state 
Buleuta, ae, m. a common-council- 
man, a senator 
Bfdeuterion, i, n. a town-hall, a 

Bulga, ae, / a leathern knapsack 
Bvdimus, i, m., and Bulimia, ae, /. 
an insatiable hunger, a greedy 
Bulla, ae, / a bubble of water, a 
great head of a nail, a stud, a 
boss, an ornament worn round 
the neck, or at the breast of 
children, till they were seven- 
teen years old 
Bullans, tis, part, bubbling 
Bullatus, a, um, adj. decked with 

studs, vain, empty 
Bulliens, tis, part, boiling, bub- 
Bullio, Ire, ivi, Itum, a. and n. to 

boil, to seethe, to bubble 
Bullo, as, n. to bubble, to seal 
Bullula, ae,/ a little bubble, stud, 

or pustule 
Bumammus, a, um, adj. having 
large breasts, having large 
clusters (of the vine) 
Biimastus, i, m. a large grape 
Bura, ae,/ a ploughtail, or handle 
Buris, is,/ in ace. burim, same as 

Bursa, ae,/ an ox-hide, a tower at 
Carthage, an exchange for mer- 
chants, a purse 
Bustlr&pus, i, m. a robber of 
tombs, or graves, a snatcher of 
victuals at funeral feasts 
Bustuarius, a, um, adj. about 

tombs, or graves 
Bustuarius, i, m. a swordplayer at 

a grave 
Bustum, i, w. the place Vhere 
dead bodies were burnt, a tomb 
Biiteo, onis, m. a buzzard, a hawk 
Buthysia, x, f. a sacrificing of 
Butyrum, i, n. butter [oxen 

Buxea, ae, /. a table of box-wood 
Buxetum, i, n. a place having, or 

set with box-trees 
Buxeus, a, um, adj. of box, like 

box, of a pale yellow colour 
Buxifer, a, um, adj. bearing box 
Buxosus, a, um, adj. full of box 
Buxum, i, n. box, a pipe of box 
Buxus, i,/ a box-tree, box-wood, 
a trumpet, flute, or pipe, with 
two rows of holes 
Byrsa, ae,/ same as Bursa 
Bysslnus, a, um, adj. made of 

Byssus, i, / a fine flax, or linen 
Byturos, i, m. a Campaniau worm 




Cabala, or rather Cabbala, ee, /. 
oral tradition compiled into a 
body in the Talmud, a science 
practised by the more modern 
Jews, in discovering mysteries 
and expositions from the num- 
bers that letters of words make 
Cabalista, ae, m. a cabalist 
Cabalisticus, a, urn, adj. cabal- 

Caballinus, a, um, adj. of a horse 
Caballus, i, m. a horse, ajade 
Cabus, i, m. the cabe, a Hebrew 
measure, containing about three 
pints and a half [tridge 

Cacabo, as, n. to cry like a par- 
Cacabus, i, m. a kettle, pot, or 

Cacaturio, ire, ivi, Itum, n. to go 

to stool 
Cachectes, or a, m. and Cachec- 
tlcus, i, m. one of an ill consti- 
Cachexia, ae, /. a bad habit of 
body [ter 

Cachinnatio, Onis,/. a loud laugh- 
Cachinno, as, a. to laugh loud 
Cachinno, onis, m. a great laugher 
Cachinnor, ari, dep. to laugh loud 
Cachinnus, i, m. a loud laugh, 

laughter in derision, or scorn 
Cachla, ee, /. may-weed, bad 

Caco, as, a. to cack, to go to stool 
CacOchymia, a?,/, ill digestion 
Cacochymus, a, um, adj. causing 

bad digestion 
CacSdaemon, Onis, m. an evil spirit, 

a devil 
Cacoethes, is, n. a bad custom, or 

habit, a boil, an ulcer 
Cacozelia, as,/, affected imitation 
Cacozelus, i, m. an aifecter of new 

words, a scurvy imitator 
Cactos, i,/. an artichoke 
Cacula, ae, m. a soldier's boy 
Cacumen, Inis, n. a top, a peak, 

or sharp end 
Cacummatus, a, um, part, pointed 
Cacumino, as, a. to sharpen, to 
make pointed [body 

Cadaver, eris, n. a carcase, a dead 
Cadaverosus, a, um, adj. like a 

dead carcase, ghostly 

Cadens, tis, part, falling, running 

down, setting, dying, deceiving, 

failing [itself 

Cadivus, a, um, adj. that falls of 

Cado, 6re, cecidi, casum, n. to 

fall, or run down, to fall out, to 

be shed, to end, to die, to set, 

to drop, to faulter, to abate, to 

decrease, to miscarry, to fail 

Cadileeator, oris, m. a herald of 

Cadueeum, i, n., and Caduceus, i, 
an. a staff, or white wand, which 
heralds, or ambassadors carried, 
when they went to treat of 
Caducifer, i, m. Mercury, so called 

from his caduceus 
Ciducum, i, n. an escheat, a 

Caducus, a, um, adj. ready to fall, 
tailing, or trickling down, frail, 
fading, uncertain, vain, ruinous, 
Cadurcura, i, n. a white blanket, 
a quilt, a sheet, a bed, a vessel 

to draw water with, a horse 
turning the wheel 

Cadus, i, m. a cask, a measure 
about eighteen gallons, wine 

Caecatus, a, um, part, blinded, 

Caecias, ae, m. a north-east wind, 
a wind bringing rain 

Caeclgenus, a, um, adj. born blind 

Caecilia, ae, /. a sloe-worm, a 

Caecltas, atis,/. blindness 

Caecitulo, inis, /. blindness 

Caeco, as, a. to blind, to dazzle 

Caecor, ari, pass, to be blinded, or 
made dark 

Caucus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
bliud, dark, obscure, ambiguous, 
secret, hidden, unseen, con- 
fused, jumbled, uncertain, ig- 
norant, rash, hasty, precipitate 

Caedendus, a, um, part, to be 

Caedens, tis, part, beating 

Csedes, is, /. slaughter, murder, 
massacre, destruction, havoc, 
death, blood 

Caedo, €re, cecidi, caesura, a. to 
beat, to knock, to whip, to 
chastise, to cut, to cut off, or 
down, to lop, to kill, to slay, to 
sacrifice [lopped 

Caeduus, a, um, adj. used to be 

Caelamen, inis, n. an engraving, or 
etching in metal, a figure, or 
story engraven 

Caelator, oris, m. an engraver 

Caelatura, ae, /. the skill of en- 
graving, or rather embossing, 

Caelatus, a, um, part, engraved, 
carved, adorned 

Caelebs, ibis, adj. single, un- 
married, lonely, solitary 

Caelebs, ibis, c. g. a single, or un- 
married person, a bachelor 

Caelestis, e, adj. heavenly, of 

Caelibatus, us, m. celibacy, a 
single life, widowhood 

CaellcOla, a?, c. g. an inhabitant of 

Caelo, as, a. to chase, or emboss, 
to raise figures 

Caelum, i, n. pi. caeli, orum, m. 
heaven, the firmament, or sky, 
the air, the weather 

Csementltius, a, um, adj. rough, 
rugged, roughcast 

Caementuru, i, n. cement, mortar, 
clay, rubbish [onion 

Caepe, is, n. and Caepa, ae, /. an 

Caeremonia, or Caerlmonia, ae, /. 
ceremony, religion, holiness, 

Caeruleatus, a, um, adj. dyed blue 

Caeruleum, i, n. ultramarine, sand 
in gold and silver ore 

Caeriileus, a, um, adj. blue, azurt, 
green [blue 

Caerfdus, a, um, adj. skycoloured, 

Caesariatus, a, um, adj. bushy, 

Caesaries, ei,/. hair, a head of hair 

Caeslm, adv. with the edge, with 
downright blows [ping 

Caesio, onis, /. a pruning, a lop- 

Caesitius, a, um, adj. cut, jagged 

Caesius, a, um, adj. grey, sky- 

Caeso, onis, m. a child cut, or rip- 
ped out of its mother's belly 

Caespes, Ttis, m. a turf, a sod 

CaespUius, a, um. adj. made of 

Caestrum, i, n. an instrument to 
bore ivory with, a piercer 

Caestus, us, m. a kind of glove 
used in boxing, a whirlbat, a 
club, a thong of leather with 
leaden plummets to it 

Caesura, ae, /. a cut, a gash, or 
incision, an intrailing, or car- 
ving, a figure in poetry, when 
a short syllable at the end of 
a word, and the beginning of a 
foot, is made long ; also when a 
syllable is left, after a complete 

Caesurus, a, um, part, about to cut 

Ca:sus, a, um, part, beaten, cut, 
cut off, or down, cut in pieces, 
killed, slain, slaughtered 

Caeter, and Caetgrus, era, 6rum, 
adj. the rest, the other 

Caetera, adv. furthermore, hence- 

Caetgr6, adv. howbeit, afterwards 

Caeteroqui, or Cffitgroquin, adv. 
otherwise, in other things, or 

Caetgrum, adv. but, in all other 

Calamarius, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to pens 

Calamintha, ae, and Calaminthe, 
es, /. calamint, wild penny- 

Caiamistratus, a, um, part. 
crisped, curled 

Calamistro, as, a. to curl the hair 

Calamistrum, i, n. a crisping-pin, 
a cifiding-iron 

Calamitas, atis,/. calamity, mis. 
fortune, especially to corn, 
trouble, miscarriage, damage, 
injury, mischief 

Calamitose, adv. miserably, 

Calamitosus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. calami- 
tous, miserable, wretched, hurt- 
ful, mischievous, injured, cast 

Calamus, i, m. a reed, a cane, a 
sweet cane, a straw, or stalk of 
corn, a pipe, a quill, or pen, an 
arrow, a graft, or scion 

Calantiica, Calautica, and Cacau- 
tica, ae, /. a c«if, a hood, or 
kerchief for a woman down to 
the shoulders 

Calathiscus, i, m. a little basket 

Calathus, i, m. a basket, a ham- 
per, a pannier, a cup, a 

Calator, oris, m. an apparitor, a 
summoner, a crier, a bailiff 

Calcandus, a, um, part, to be 

Calcaneum, i, n., and Calcaneus, 
i, m. the heel 

Calcans, tis, part, treading upon 

Calcar, aris, n. a spur 

Calcarius, a, um, adj. pertaiun^ 
to lime 

Calcarius, i, m. a lime-burner 

Calcator, oris, m. one who treads 
something, especially the vine 

Calcatura, ae,/. a treading 

Calcaturus, a, um, part, about to 
tread upon 

Calcatus, a, um, part, trodden, 
trampled upon 

Calcatus, us, m. a treading 

Calceamen, Inis, n. a shoe, or 

Calceamentum, i, n. a shoe 

Calceandus, a, um, part, to b« 




Jalcearium, i, n. « place to keep 
shoes in, an allowance for shoes 

; ~alceator, oris, m. a shoe maker 
ualceatus, a, urn, part, shod 

Calceatus, 4s, to. a being shod, or 
having shoes on 

Calceo, as, or Calcio, as, a. to put 
on shoes, to shod 

CalceSlarius, i, m. a shoe-maker 
) Calceolus, i, m. dim. a little shoe 
I: Calceus, i, m. a shoe, a pattern ; 
1 any thing worn on the foot 
i Calcitratus, us, m. a kicking 

Calcitro, as, a. to kick, spurn. 
I wince, or fling, stubbornly to 
I refuse 

Calcitro, onis, m. a kicker, a winc- 
ing beast 

Calcitrosus, a, um, adj. kicking 
I backward 

Calco, as, a. to tread, to tread un- 
derfoot, to trample upon 
| Calculator, oris, m. a calculator, 
I a caster up of accounts 

Calctilo, as, a. to calculate, to 
cast accounts 

Calcfllosus, a, um, adj. full of 
little stones, or gravel, stony, 
rough, subject to the stone 

Calciilus, i, m. a little stone, a 
pebble, a counter, a chessman, 
a small weight, a vote, a sen- 
tence, an account [nio 

Caldarium, i, n. a caldron, a bag- 

Caldarius, a, um, adj. which 
makes hot, pertaining to a cal- 

Caldus {for Calidus), a, um, adj. 
hot, warm 

O.leTacio, and Calfaeio, ere, fac- 
tum, a. to make hot, or warm, 
to warm, to cherish 

Calefactio, onis,/. a heating 

Calefacto, as,freq. to warm often 

Calefactus, or Calfactus, a, um, 
part, warmed, heated 

Calefio, eri, factus sum, n. pass. 
to be made hot 

Calendar, arum, pl.f. the calends, 
or first day of every month 

Calendaris, e, adj. of, or pertain- 
ing to the calends 

Calendarium, i, n. a calendar, an 
almanac, a book of accounts, a 

Calens, tis, part, hot, warm, 
eager, desirous 

Caleo, ere, ui, n. to be hot, to be 
heated, or warmed, to grow 
warm, to be in love 

Calesco, fire, ui, incep. to grow 
warm [warmed 

Calf aciendus, a, um, part, to be 

Caliacio, same as Calefacio 

Calfactus, same as Calefactus 

Calfactus, us, m. a warming 

Calfacto, as,freq. to heat often 
. Caliculus, i, m. dim. a little cup 
[ Callde, adv. hotly, warmly, eagerly 
C Calidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. hot, scalding, 
warm, passionate, hasty, rash, 
bold, ready, quick 
( Caliendrum, i, n. a woman's false 

hair, a wig 
I Cftliga, ae, /. a soldier's stocking, 
a defence for the leg set full of 
nails, and used by soldiers 

Caligans, tis, part, growing dark 

Caligaris, e, adj. pertaining to 
armour for the leg 

Caltgarius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to the Caliga 

Caligatio, onis,/. dimness, blind- 



Caligatus, a, um, ad), wearing 
harness for the legs 

Callglnius, a, um, adj. dark 

Caliginosus, a, um, adj. dark, 
misty, full of obscurity 

Caligo, as, n. to be dark, or dim, 
to grow dark, or dim 

Caligo, Inis, /. darkness, dim- 
ness, obscurity, dizziness, blind- 

Caligula, ae,/ a small military boot 

Caliturus, a, um part, to be 

Calix, Icis, m. a cup, a pot, a 
chalice, any vessel to drink out 
of, a platter, or dish for salad 

Callaicus, a, um, adj. of a sea- 
green colour [whiting 

Callarias, ae, m. a haddock, a 

Callens, tis, part, knowing well, 

Calleo, ere, ui, n. to be hard, to 
be hardened, to know well, to 

Callesco, ere, incep. to grow hard 

Callide, adv. iiis, comp. issime, 
superl. craftily, cunningly, 
shrewdly, subtilly, smartly, ex- 

Calliditas, atis,/. craft- craftiness, 
subtilty, artifice, deceit, pru- 

CalllLus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. crafty, cunning, 
sly, circumspect, skilful 

Calllgraphia, ae,/. fair writing 

Callis. is, to. and/, a path, a foot- 
path [ness 

Callositas, atis,/. callosity, hard- 

Callosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
callous, brawny, having a thick 
skin, hard 

Callus, i, m., and Callum, i, n. 
hardness, roughness, a kind of 
hard flesh, brawn 

Calo, as, a. to call 

Calo, onis, m. a soldier's boy. 
Calones, wooden shoes, clogs, 

Calor, oris, m. and n. heat, 
warmth, vital heat, life, anger, 
hot love 

Caltha, ae,/. a marigold 

Calthtila, ae, / a garment of a 

Calva, ae,/. a skull, or scalp 

Calvaria, ae,/. Calvary, a place of 
skulls, a skull [thin 

Calvatus, a, um, adj. made bare, 

Calvfif lo, eri, factus sum, n. pass. 
to be made bald, or bare 

Calveo, ere, vi, and calvus sum, 
n. to be bald, to grow bald 

Calvesco, 6re, incep. to grow bald 

Calvities, ei,/. baldness 

Calvltium, i, n. baldness, barren 

Calumnia, a;,/, calumny, slander, 
a false accusation, a cavil 

Calumnians, tis, part, calumnia 
ting, slandering 

Calumniator, oris, m. a slanderer 
a false accuser, a caviller, a ma- 
licious interpreter 

Calumniatrix,Icis,/. a slanderous 

Calumniatus, a, um, part, slan- 
dered, finding fault with 

Calumnior, ari, dep. to slander, to 
scandalize, to pccuse, or charge 
falsely, to find fault with 

Calumniose, adv. by false accusa- 

Calumniosus, a, um, adj. slan- 

Calvus, a, um, adj. bald, bare, 

Calx, cis, /. a chalk-stone, lime, 
mortar, cement 

Calx, cis, m. and f. the heel, a 
spurn, or kick with tue heel 

Calyculus, i, to. a little bud 

Calyx, Jcis, m. the cup of a flower, 
or the little green leaves on the 
top of the stalk in herbs, the 
bud of a flower [change 

Cambio, ire, a. to change, to ex- 

Camelinus, a, um, adj. of camels 

Camella, ae, /. a caudle-cup, a 

Camelopardalis, is, /. a beast like 
a camel and a panther 

Camelus, i, to. andf. a camel 

Camena, se, /. a muse, a song, 

Camera, or Camara, se, /. an 
arched roof, a roof, a vault, an 
upper gallery, a chamber 

Camgrarius, a, um, adj. of a vault, 
or gallery 

Camgrarius, i, to. a lord-chamber- 
lain, the chamberlain of a city 

Caminatus, a, um, part, made 
like a furnace 

Caminus, i, m. a chimney, a stove, 
a fire-hearth [fish 

Cammarus, i, to. a kind of crab- 

Camcena, se, f. a muse, a song, 

Campanula, ae,/. dim. a littie bell 

Campester, to. tris, /. tre, n. or 
tris, m. andf. tre, n. adj. cham- 
paign, plain, open 

Campestre, is, n. a pair of breeches, 
or apron, to cover the privities 
of wrestlers otherwise naked 

C amphora, as,/, camphire 

Campus, i, m. a plain, a down, a,i 
open field, a place for assembly, 
or exercise, a large subject 

Camurus, a, um, adj. crooked 

Camus, i, m. a bridle, bit, or rein, 
a snaffle, a cord [gutter 

CanalicGla, ae, /. a little pipe, a 

Canaliculatus, a, um, adj. fashion- 
ed like a pipe 

Canaliculus, i, m. dim. a trough, 
a gutter 

Canalis, is, m. and f. a channel, 
a kennel, a gutter, a sink, a 
pipe, a spout, the neck of the 

Canalitius, a, um, adj. of, or like 
a conduit-pipe 

Canarius, a, um, adj. of a dog 

Cancellaria, ae, /. the court of 

Cancellarius, i, m. a chancellor, a 
scribe, a notary 

Cancellatim, adv. lattice-wise 

Cancellatus, a, um, part, made 
lattice-wise, crossbarred, li- 

Cancelli, 6rum, pi. m. lattices, 
windows made with cross bars 
of wood, iron, &c. balusters 

Cancello, as, a. to make like a 
lattice, to cut crosswise, to de- 

Cancer, eri, and firis, m. crabfish, 
a canker, a spreading sore, oue 
of the twelve signs 

Candfifacio, 6re, feci, a. to make 
white, to bleach, to make fiery 

Candefactus, a, um, part, made 
redhot, set on fire 

Candela, ae, /. a candle 

Candelabrum, i, n. a candlestick 

Candens, tis, part., or rather adj. 
iOT,comp. isBlmus, superl. whita, 


shining, glittering.bright, glow- 
ing, hot 

Candeo, ere, ui, n. to be white, to 
shine, or glitter, to glow, to be 
hot, to burn 

Candesco, ei - e, incep. to grow 
white, or hoary, to wax hot, to 
be on fire 

Candicans, tis, part, whitish 

Candico, as, n. to be whitish 

Candidatorius, a, um, adj. of, or 
pertaining to a candidate 

Candidatus, a, um, part, clothed 
in white 

Candidatus, i, m. a candidate, a 
suitor for a«y place of honour 

Candide, adv. in white, favourably, 
gently, without malice, or envy 

Candldulus, a, um, adj. white, 

Candidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, super}, candid, friendly, 
kind, sincere, innocent, white 

Candor, oris, m. candour, sin- 
cerity, integrity, honesty, fair- 
ness, whiteness 

Canendus, a, urn, part, to be sung 

Cauens, tis, part, singing, declar^ 
ing [white 

Canens, tis, part, hoary, grey, 

Caneo, ere, ui, n. to be white, to 
be hoary, to have grey hairs, to 
grow old, to foam 

Canephora, as, /. a young lady 
carrying a basket on her head, 
on the festival of Minerva 

Canesco, fire, incep. to grow white, 
or grey, to foam, to wither 

Cani, orum, pi. m. grey hairs 

Canicula, ■&, f. a little dog, or 
bitch, the dog-star, the dog- 
days, a dog-fish, the unluckiest 
cast at dice, the ace 

Gamcularis, e, adj. pertaining to 
the dog-days 

Canina, as,/, a dog's skin 

Canlnus, a, um, adj. cf a dog, 
doggish, currish, greedy _ 

Canis, is, c. g. a dog, or bitch, a 
hound, the dog-star, a dog-fish, 
an accuser, a backbiter, a para- 
site, a name in railing 

Canistrum, i, n. a basket, or flas- 
ket, made of osiers, a voider, a 

Canities, ei, /. hoariness, white- 
ness, or greyness of hair, old 
age, gravity 

Canitudo, inis,/.' hoariness 

Canna, as,/, a cane, areed, a pipe, 
a flute, a flageolet, a canoe 

Cannabinus, a, um, adj. hempen 

Cannabius, a, um, adj. hempen, 
of hemp 

Cannabis, is,/ hemp 

Cannetum, i, n. a plat of canes 

Canneus, a, um, adj. of a cane, or 

Cano, gre, cgcini, cantum, a. to 
sing, to play upon, to sound, to 
write of, to praise, to proclaim 
aloud, to declare, to prophesy 

Canon, 6nis, m. a canon, a rule, an 
exact pattern 

Can6nTcatus, us, m. a cancnry 

CanOnicus, a, um, adj. canonical, 
according to the canon, or order, 
receivedinto the canon, regular, 
authentic [priest 

Canomcus, i, m. a canon, a regular 

Canor, oris, m. melody, harmony, 
music, sound 

Canovosus, a, um, adj. sounding 

Caroms, a, um, adj. canorous, 
musical, eweet, loud, shrill 


Cantabundus, a, um, adj. singing 
Cantamen, Inis, n. enchantment, 

witchcraft, a charm 
Cantans, tis, part, singing 
Cantator, oris, m. a singer, a 

chanter, a musician 
Cantatrix, icis, /. a woman-singer, 

an enchantress 
Cantatrix.icis, erf)'. singing, sweet, 

musical, delightful 
Cantatus, a, um, part, sung, 

praised, celebrated, enchanted, 

charmed [propped 

Canteriatus, a, um, adj. underset, 
Cantharis, idis,/. a fly, a Spanish 

fly used to raise blisters 
Cantharus, i, m. a tankard, a cup, 

a jug, a pot, a black beetle, a 

fish, a constellation, a knot, a 

Cantheriatus, a, um, adj. underset 
Cantherlnus, a, um, adj. like a 

horse, that sleeps as he stands 
Cantherius, or Canterius, i, m. a 

gelding, a labouring beast, a 

rafter, a spar, a rail 
Canthus, i, m. the iron wherewith 

a cart-wheel is bound, a felloe 
Canticum, i, n. a song, a ballad, a 

song set to music 
Cantilena, ae, f. a song, an old saw 
Cantillo, as, a. to chirp, to sing 
Cantio, onis,/. a song, or tune, a 

singing, an enchantment 
Cantitatus, a, um, part, sung, 

chanted [sing 

Cantito, as, freq. to sing often, to 
Cantiunctila, as, /. a catch, a bal- 
Canto, as, a. to sing, to chant, to 

praise, to repept 
Cantor, ari, pass, to be sung, 

Cantor, oris, m. a singer, a chant- 
er, a player 
Cantrix, icis,/. a female singer 
Cantus, us, m. a singing, a song, 

a tune, melody, a sound, a crow- 
ing, a charm 
Canus, a, um, adj. hoary, grey, 

grey-haired, white, aged 
Canusina, ae, /. a garment made 

of the finest wool 
Caimsinatus, a, um, adj. arrayed 

in cloth made of Canusian wool 
Capacitas, atis,/. capacity, size, 

largeness, a gauge 
Capax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, svperl. capacious, large, 

wide, holding 
Capedo, inis, /. a great pot, jug, 

or pitcher 
Capeduuciila, as, /. dim. a little pot 
Capella, a?, /. a kid, a star, a 

Ciipelif.nus, i, m. a chaplain 
Cftpellianus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to a goat 
Caper, pri, m. a he-buck, a goat, 

the smell of the araiholes 
Caperatus, a, um, part, wrinkled 
Capero, as, a. to frown, to wrinkle 

the forehead 
Capessendus, a, um, part, to be 

undertaken _ [hand 

C&pessens, tis, part, taking in 
Capessiturus, a, um, part, taking 

in hand 
Capesso, ere, ivi, Hum, a. to go 

about to take, to take in hand, 

to begin, to take the charge, or 

government of, to enter upon 
Capiendus, a, um, part, to be 

taken, or trepanned 
Capieus, tis, part, taking 


Capillaceus, a, um, adj. hairy 
Capillamcntum, i, n. the natui 

hair, a peruke, or false ha 

strings, or threads 
C Spill are, is, n. common oil i 

the hair 
Capillaris, e, adj. of; or like hail 
Capillaris, is,/, the herb maide 

Capillatus, a, um, adj. ior, con : 

wearing long hair 
Capillor, ari, dep. to be hairy 
Capillus, i,, a bush of ha . 

a beard 
Capio, ere, cepi, captum, a. 

take, to take by force, to sei 

on, to apprehend, to catch, . 

carry off, to get, or obtain, 

reach, to hold, or contain, 

please, to delight, to charm, 

win over, to allure, to ent 

upon, to appoint, to ma 

choice of 
CSpis, idis,/. a cup, a pot 
Capisterium, i, n. a cribble, 

sieve [harness 

Capistratus, a, um, part. halter< 
Capistro, as, a. to halter, 

Capistrum, i, n. a halter, a hea 

stall, a muzzle, a rope, a cord 

band, a noose 
Capital, alis, «. a capital offeni 

a heinous crime, a veil, a cc 

Capitalis, e, adj. ior, comp. I 

longing to the head, or li 

capital, worthy of death, & 

Capitaliter, adv. capitally, dead 
Capitatio, onis, /. a capitatio 

tax, poll-money, allowance i 

CapTtatus, a, um, adj. having 

head, growing with a head 
Capitellum, i, n. dim. a litt 

head, the top of plants, a ch 

piter [mach 

Capitium, i, n. a woman's st 
Capito, onis, m. a jolthead, a kii 

of cod 
Capitolinus, a, um, adj. of, or b 

longing to the capitol 
Capltolium, i, n. the temple 

Jupiter in Rome, called tl 

capitol, built on the TarpeiE 

mount; a chief temple 
Capitosus, a, um, adj. having 

large head, heady, stubborn 
C&pitulatim, adv. by chapters, c 

parts, briefly [knobbe 

Capltulatus, a, um, adj. headec 
Capitulum, i, n. a little head, o 

top, a man, or woman, th 

head, or chapiter of a pillar 
Capiundus, a, um, part, to b 

taken, &c. 
Capo, onis, m. a capon, an eunuc! 
Capparis, is, m. capers, a shrub 
Capra, as,/, a she-goat, a const el 

lation, a meteor, the smell of th 

Caprarius, i, n. a goatherd 
Caprea, se, /. a roe, a deer, • 

gazelle, a branch that pui 

forth tendrils 
Capreolus, i, m. a wild buck, 

cheveril, a tendril, a cross pie. 

of timber 
Capricornus, i, m. a constellate 

containing twenty stars 
Caprificatio, onis,/. a dressing I 

wild fig-trees 
Capnficralis, e, adj. of, or belor 

ing to a fig-tree 


CaprTflcor, ari, dep. tr be ripened, 
as figs are 

Caprlficus, i, /. a wild fig-tree, 
vain glory 

Caprifolium, i, n. honeysuckle 

Caprigfinus, a, um, adj. goatish 

Caprile, is, n. a stable for goats 

Capi'Iinulgus, i, m. a goatherd, a 

Caprinus, a, um, adj. of a goat 

CaprTpes, gdis, adj. goat-footed 

Capsa, ae, /. a chest, a box, a 
coffer, a case 

Capsarius, i, to. a servant that 
carried books in a satchel 

Uapsula, ae, /. a small chest, a 

'apsus, i, m., or Capsum, i, n. a 
stall for cattle, the body of a 
chariot, a coach-box 

'aptandus, a, um, part, to be 
caught at 

Captans, tis, part, catching at, 
aiming at 

Japtatio, onis, /. a catching, or 
aiming at 

Japtator, oris, m. he that endea- 
vours to get any thing, particu- 
larly, he that flatters a man to 
be his heir [sought 

Llaptatus, a, um, part, taken, 

Japtio, onis, /. a taking, a taking- 
advantage of, a catch, quirk 

^aptiose, adv. captiously, subtilly 

^'aptiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. captious, full of 
craft and deceit, hurtful 

Captito, avi, atum, n. to strive 
eagerly after a thing 

Captlva, se,/. a captive, a prisoner 

Captlvitas, atis, /. captivity, 

Captiunciila, se,/. a cavil, a quirk 

Captlvus, i, to. a captive, a pri- 

Captivus, a, um, adj. captive, 
taken captive, taken in war 

Capto, as, a. to catch at, to aim 
at, to attempt, to lie in wait for, 
to watch for, to seek, to desire, 
to take, to insnare, to impose 
upon, to allure, to win over, to 
fawn upon, to wheedle, to trip 
up, to clasp, to embrace 

Captura, ae, /. a catching, a taking, 
a thing caught 

Capturus, a, um, part, about to 
take, &c. 

Captus, a, um, part, taten, taken 
by force, deceived, entangled, 
prevailed upon, delighted 

Captus, us, m. a taking, an attach- 
ment, or seizure, capacity, un- 
derstanding [cup 
. Capula, ae, /. a ladle, or spoon, a 

Captilaris, e, adj. very old 

Capulator, oris, m. he who takes 
oil out of vessels with a ladle, 
an officer who distributed oil to 
the people 

Capulum, i, n., and Capulus, i, to. 
| a hilt, haft, or handle, a bier 
; Capus, i, m. a capon, an eunuch 

Caput, Itis, n. the head, a head, 
or top, a spring, or source, a 
beginning, a mouth, a principal 
point, a principal, an amount, a 
chapter, an article, or clause 

Carabus, i, to. a crab, a crayfish 

Carba, ae, m. the south-west wind 

Caracalla, a?,/, a cassock 
f - Carbaseus, a, um, adj. of fine flax, 
or linen [linen 

I C'arbaslnus, a, um, adj. of fine 

Carbaaus?. i, / and m. pi. a, orum, 
\ 2b 


n. fine linen, cambric, lawn, a 
robe, or garment 

CarbatTnus, a, um, adj. coarse, 
rough [coal 

Carbo, onis, m. a coal, a burning 

Carbonarius, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to coals 

Carbonarius, i, m. a collier 

Carbunciilans, tis, part, hot, burn- 

Carbunciilatio, onis, /. a blight 

Carbuncido, as, n. and a. to be 
burned to a coal, to be baffled 

Carbunculosus, a, um, adj. parch- 
ed, burnt up, blighted 

CarbuncCdus, i, m. a carbuncle, a 
blotch, an ulcer, a precious 
stone, a blight, or smut of trees 

Career, eris, m. a prison, or hold, 
a rogue, a jail-bird, a goal, 
barrier, or starting-place 

Carc6rarius, a, um, adj. of a prison 

Carchesium, i, n. a tunnel, a hole, 
a large cup, or bowl, a crane for 

Carcinoma, atis, n. a cancer 

Carcinus, i, m. a crabfish 

Cardiacus, a, um, adj. griped at 
the stomach, sick at heart 

Cardinalis, e, adj. belonging to a 
hinge, chief 

Cardinalis, is, to. a cardinal 

Cardmatus, a, um, adj. hung, or 
pinned fast 

Cardo, Inis, to. a hinge, a very 
point, or crisis, a nick of time, 
a conjuncture, a season 

Carduelis, is,/, a linnet 

Carduus, i, m. a thistle 

Care, adv. ius, comp. dearly, at a 
great price 

Carectum, i, ». a place where 
sedge grows, sedge 

Carendus, a, um, part, to be 
wanted, to be deprived of 

Carens, tis, part, wanting 

Careo, ere, ui, and cassus sum, 
Itum and cassum, n. to want, 
to lack, to be without, to be free 
from, to be deprived of 

Carex, Icis,/. sedge, steer-grass 

Carica, ae,/. a fig, a lenten fig, a 
ship [wine 

Caries, ei, /. rottenness, lees of 

Carina, ae, /. the keel, or bottom 
of a ship, a ship 

CSrmatus, a, um, part, like the 
keel of a ship 

Carino, as, a. to make like the keel 
of a ship 

Cariosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
carious, rotten 

Caritas, atis,/. charity, love, affec- 
tion, complacency, delight, dear- 
ness, scarcity, want, dearth 

Cariturus, a, um, part, about to 

Carmen, Inis, n. verse, a verse, a 
book of verses, a poem, an ode, 
a song, a ditty, a tune, a note, a 
charm, or incantation, a pro- 
phecy, a prayer, a form of oath 

Carmmatio, onis, /. a picking, or 
carding of wool 

Carminatus, a, um, part, carded, 
teazed, or picked [wool 

Carmino, as, a. to card, or comb 

Carnalis, e, adj. carnal, fleshly 

Carnarium, i, n. a larder, a vessel 
to keep meat in, a shambles, a 

Carnarius, i, to. a butcher 

Carneus, a, um, adj. fleshy 

Camlfex, Icis, m. a hangman, an 
executioner, a rogue 


Carnlf Icfna, ae, /. a place where 
malefactors are executed, the 
office of a hangman 

Carnif Icius, a, um, adj. mangled 

Camlficor, ari, pass, to be exe- 
cuted, and cruelly killed 

Carnivorus, a, um, adj. devouring 

Carnosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. fleshy, gross, 
thick, plump, pulpy 

CSro, nis, /. flesh, meat, the sub- 
stance under the peel, or rind, 
of herbs and plants 

Caro, fire, a. to card wool 

Caron, Caros, Cannon, Careum, 
and Carrium, i, «. carraway 

Carpens, tis, part, gathering, 

Carpentarius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to a chariot 

Carpentum, i, n. a chariot, a 
coach, a waggon 

Carpinus, i,/. a maple 

Carpo, fire, ps'i, ptum, a. to gather, 
to pull, or pluck, to take, to 
pick, or choose, to crop, to 
snatch, to rob, to pillage, to 
waste, to consume, to enjoy, to 
carve, or cut up, to divide, to 
teaze, or card, to carp at, to find 
fault with 

Carptim, adv. here and there, 
summarily, in few words, by 
parcels, one by one 

Carptor, oris, to. a carver, a 
carper, a reprover, a carder, or 
picker of wool 

Carptura, ae, /. a gathering 

Carptus, a, um, part, plucked, 
gathered, cropped [cropping 

Carptu, abl. m. a gathering, a 

Carpus, i, to. the wrist 

Carruca, ae, /. a little cart, a 
calash . [gon 

Carrus, i, m. a car, wain, or wag- 

Cartilagmeus, a, um, adj. gristly 

Cartilaginosus, a, um, adj. full of 
gristles, gristly 

Cartilago, inis, /. a cartilage, a 
gristle, or tendon, pith 

Caruncula, ae, /. dim. a little 
piece of flesh 

Carus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. dear, costly, pre- 
cious, beloved 

C&ryon, i, n. a walnut-tree, a 
walnut [flower 

Caryophyllum, i, n. a clove gilly- 

Caryota, ae,/. a gilt date 

Carvotis, Idis,/ a date 

Casa, ae,/. a cottage, hut, or cabin 

Caseale, is, n. a place for making, 
or setting cheeses in 

Casearius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to cheese [cheese 

Caseus, i, m., and Caseum, i, n. 

Casia, ae, /. a shrub, a spice like 

Caso, as, freq. to tumble, to reel 

Casse, adv. in vain, to no purpose 

Casslda, a?, a helmet, a skull 

Cassis, is, to. a hunter's net, a 
cobweb [piece 

Cassis, idis, /. a helmet, a head- 

Cassita, ae,/. a crested lark 

Casslteron, i, n. tin, white-lead 

Cassus, a, um, adj. vain, frivolous, 
of no value, void, empty, igno- 
rant, rotten, worm-eaten 

Castanea, ae,/. a chesnut 

Castanetum, i, n. a grove of ches- 

Castaneus, a, um, adj. of chesnut 

Caste, ius, issijne, adj. chastely, 




purely, honestly, uprightly, de- 

Castellanus, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to a castle 

Castellanus, i, m. a garrison sol- 
dier, the governor, or constable 
of a castle 

Castellanus, i, m. a water-bailiff 

Castellatiin, adv. from castle to 
castle, in small parties 

Castellum, i, n. a castle, a fort, a 

Casteria, ae, /. a house for oars 
and other tackling of ships 

Castificus, a, urn, adj. making 

Castigabilis, e, adj. fit to be chas- 

Castlgatio, onis,/. chastisement, 
reproof, correction 

Castigator, oris, m. a chastiser 

Castigatus, a, um, part, chastised, 
corrected, lessened, or assuaged, 
to be amended 

Castigo, as, a. to chastise, to beat, 
to correct, to punish, to reprove, 
to chide, to mend 

Castlmonia, a;,/, chastity 

Castitas, atis, /. chastity, con- 
tinence, purity 

Castor, oris, m. in ace. castora, a 
beaver, or badger 

CastSreum, i, n. oil of beaver 

Castdreus, a, um, adj. of a beaver 

Castra, orum, pi- n. a camp, a 
tent, a pavilion, an army en- 
camped, war 

Castrametator, oris, m. the mar- 
shal who appoints the camp, 
the quarter- master-general 

Castrametor, ari, dep. to encamp 

Castratio, onis, /. a gelding, a 
pruning of trees 

Castratura, a?, /. a gelding, or 
taking away, a hulling of corn 

Castratus, a, um, part., gelded, 
weakened, enfeebled 

Castrensis, e, adj. of, or pertain- 
ing to a camp, army 

Castro, as, a. to geld, to cut off, 
to prune, to bore holes low in 
trees, to strip, to diminish, to 
weaken, or enfeeble 

Castrum, i, n. a castle, a fortress 

Castus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. chaste, pure, 
undefiled, religious, devout, 
honest, sincere 

Casula, se,/. dim. a little cottage 

Casurus, a, um, part, ready to 

Casus, us, m. a fall, chance, for- 
tune, an accident, an event, 
ruin, misfortune, a cause, a 

Catachresis, is, /. a figure when 
one word is abusively put for 

Cataelysmus, i, m. a general flood, 
a great rain 

Catacrisis, is,/, a condemnation 

Catadromus, i, m. an engine for 
raising weights, a tight rope 

Catagrapha, orum, pi. n. pictures 
representing only one side 

Catagraphus, a, um, adj. pointed 

Catal6gus, i, m. a catalogue, a 

Catamitus, i, m. a catamite, an 
effeminate person 

Cataphracta, a;,/, a breastplate 

Cataphractus, a, um, adj. armed 
cap-a-pie, quite secured 

Cataplasma, atis, n. a plaster, 

Cataplus, i, m. a fleet of merchant- 
men, a voyage 
Catapotium, i, n. a pill 
Catapulta, se,/. a warlike engine 

to shoot darts 
Catapultarius, h, um, adj. shot 

out of an engine 
Cataracta, or Catarracta, se, /. 
and Cotaraetes, ae, m. a cataract, 
a great fall of water, a flood- 
gate, sluice, or lock, a portcul- 
lis, a drawbridge 
Catarrhus, i, m. a catarrh, rheum 
Catasc6pium, i, n. a pinnace 
Catasc6pus, i, m. a spy, a scout 
Catasta, ae, /. a cage, or stall, 
wherein si aves were exposed to 
sale, a rack 
Cate, adv. warily, cunningly 
Catecheticus, a, um, adj. cate- 
Catechismus, i, m. a catechism 
Catechista, a:, m. a catechist, or 

expounder of a catechism 
Catechumenus, i, m. a catechu- 
men [cables 
Categ6remata, um, pi. n. predi- 
Categoria, ae,/. a predicament in 

Categoricus, a, um, adj. express 
Cateia, ae, /. a barbed dart, or 
spear, with a string, an engine 
to throw stones 
Catena, se, /. a little chain, a 

Catellus, i, m. a whelp, a puppy, 

a dog 
Catena, se,/. a chain, a band, a pin 
Catenarius, a, um, adj. chained 
Catenatio, onis, /. a chaining, &c. 
Catenatus, a, um, part, chained, 

tied with, or in chains 
Caterva, se,/. a band of soldiers, 
consisting of 600, a battalion 
of foot, a troop, a crowd 
Catervarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to companies, in a huddle 
Catervatim, adv. in companies, 

bands, or flocks, in confusion 
Catharticus, a, um, adj. purging 
Cathedra, 83,/. a chair, a seat, a 

desk, a pulpit, a sedan 
Cathedralltius, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to a chair 
Cathedrarius, a, um, adj. of, or 

belonging to the chair 
Cathetus, i, /. a perpendicular 

line, a perpendicular 
Cath6licus, a, um, adj. catholic, 

Catillatio, onis,/. a licking clean 
the dishes, a name of disgrace 
Catillo, as, m. to lick the dishes 
Catillo, onis, m. a glutton, a pike 
Catillus, i, m. dim. a little dish 
Catlnus, i, m. a large dish, a pot 
Catochltes, se, m. a clammy pre- 
cious stone, a kind of fig 
Catonium, i, n. the lower world 
Catularius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to whelps 
Catuliens, tis, part, caterwauling 
Catullnus, a, um, adj. of a little 

Catulio, ire, n. to desire the male 
Catulitio, onis,/. a desire of the 

Catulus, i, m. a whelp, a puppy, a 
little dog, a cub, the young of 
Catus, a, um, adj. wise, wary, cir- 
cumspect, quick, smart, skilled, 
subtle, sly 
Cavans, tis, part, hollowing 
Cavaticus, a, um, adj. hollow 

Cavator, oris, m. he that makeF 

Cavatus, a, um, part, hollowed 

Cauda, se, /. a tail, the rump, a 
man's privy member 

Caudex, icis, m. or C6dex, a 
stock, or trunk, the stem, body, 
or stump of a tree, a table-book 

Caudicalis, e, adj. of, or belong- 
ing to the stumps of trees 

Cavea, ae,/. a cave, or den, a cage, 
or coop, a scaffold, a cockpit, 
the area in the midst, of an am- 
phitheatre, a theatre, any place 
railed in 

Cavendus, a, um, part, to be taken 
heed of, or look unto 

Caveo, ere, cavi, cautum, a. and 
n. to beware, to take care, or 
heed, to take care of, or for, to 
provide for, or against, to pro- 
vide, to prevent, to avoid 

Caverna, se, /. a cavern, a cave, a 
den, a vault, a hole 

Cavernosus, a, um, adj. full of 
holes, caves, or dens 

Cavernula, ae,/ dim. a little cave 

Cavetur, imp. care is taken 

Cavilla, se,/. a cavil, a scoff, rail- 

Cavillans, tis, part, cavilling at 

Cavillatio, onis,/. a cavilling, or 
wrangling, an idle exception, 
pretence, a quirk 

Cavillator, oris, m. a caviller, a 
wrangling fellow, a sophister 

Cavillatrix, icis,/. a female cavil- 

Cavillor, ari, atus sum, dep. to \ 
cavil, to taunt, to banter, to jest 

C&vltas, atis,/. cavity, hollowness 

Caula, se, /. a sheep-cote, a fold, 
any receptacle 

Cauliculus, i, m. dim. a little stalk 

Caulis, is, m. a stalk, or stem, a 
quill, the end of a beast's tail 

Cayo, as, a. to hollow, to make 
hollow, to scoop out, to bore 

Caupo, onis, m. a vintner, a sut- 
tler, an innkeeper 

Caupona, ae,/. a tavern, a cellar, 
or victualling-house 

Cauponans, tis, part, huckstering 

Cauponaria, ae, /. the taverner's 

Cauponius, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to taverns 

Cauponor, ari, dep. to huckster, 
to retail, to sell wine, or victuals 

Cauponula, a?,/ a tippling-house, 
a tap-house, a little tavern 

Caurlnus, a, um, adj. cold, wes- 

Caurio, ire, n. to cry, to roar" 

Caurus, i, m. the north-west 

Causa, ae, /. and Caussa, a cause, 
an occasion, a reason, a plea, a 
pretence, an excuse, a defence, 
a motive, a design, or purpose, 
a thing, or matter, an affair, or 
business, a suit, a profit, or 
advantage, a state, or condi- 
tion [ing 

Causans, tis, part, pleading, blam- 

Causarius, a, um, adj. essoined, 
or excused for any matter, bad 

Causatio, onis, /. a pretext, ex- 
cuse, pleading, apology 

Causatus, a, um, part, pretending 

Causia, ae, /. a broad-brimmed 

CausTdTcus, i. *t. a lawyer, a coun 
sellor, a pleader 




Causor, ari, dep. to pretend, or 
plead, to blame, or accuse 

Caustlcus, a, um, adj. caustic, 
that can burn 

Causula, ae, /. a small cause, or 

Caute, ius, isstme, adv. warily, 
circumspectly, advisedly, closely 

Cautela, ee, f. a caution, a pro- 
vision, an assurance 

Cauterium, i, n. an instrument to 
mark, burn [crag 

Cautes, is, /. a ragged rock, a 

Cautlm, adv. cautiously, warily 

Cautio, onis,/. a caution, care, a 
bond, bill, or obligation 

Cautor, 6ris, m. a cautious, or 
wary man, a provider, or taker 
of care, an assurer 

Cautus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. cautious, wary, 
circumspect, careful, provident, 
prudent, subtle, safe 

Cavum, i, n. a hole, a hollow place 

Cavus, a, um, adj. hollow, full of 

C.lvus, i, to. a hollow place, a hole 

Cedens, tis, part, giving place, 
yielding, departing, falling off 

Cedo, fire, cessi, cessum, n. to 
yield, to submit, to give way, to 
give place, to retreat, to go 
back, to depart, to go vff, or 
away, to quit, to pass, to pass 
away, to be inferior, to desist, 
or leave off, to give up, or re- 
sign, to succeed, or fall out, to 
be instead of 

Cedo, pi. Cedite, give me, tell me 

Cedratus, a, um, adj. anointed 
with the juice, or oil of cedar 

Cedrinus, a, um, adj. of cedar 

Cedrium, i, n. oil of cedar 

Cedrus, i,/. a cedar-tree 

Celandus, a, um, part, to be con- 

C elans, tis, part, concealing, 

Celate, or Celatlm, adv. secretly 

Cclator, oris, m. a concealer 

Celatus, a, um, part, concealed, 
kept secret, kept close 

C£k s ber, m. ris, c. g. re, n. adj. 
iior, comp. errimus, superl. fa- 
mous, renowned, ennobled, 
crowded, very much frequented 

Cgleberrime, adv. very famously, 
or solemnly, very frequently 

Celebrandus, a, um, part, to be 
solemnized, or praised 

CelSbrans, tis, part, celebrating, 

Celgbratio, 6nis,/. a celebration, 
or solemnizing, an assembly, or 

Celebrator, 6ris, to. a setter-forth 
of public plays 

Celebratus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. renown- 
ed, famous, ^much spoken of, 
mentioned with honour, much 

Celebris, same as CCleber 

Celebritas, atis, /. renown, good 
name, repute, credit, greatness 
in the world, a solemn assem- 
bly, a solemnity 

Ceiebro, as, a. to celebrate, to so- 
lemnize, to make famous, to 
praise greatly, to record, to 
publish, to.have in estimation, 
to exercise, or perform fre- 

Cfiler, to. celeris, c. g. cClere, n. 
ior, comp. rim us, and issimus, 

superl. swift, expeditious, sud- 
den, active, nimble, brisk, airy, 
light, short 

Ceierandus, a, um, part, to hasten, 
or be hastened 

CCierans, tis, part, hastening 

Celeranter, adv. swiftly, speedily 

Celeratus, a, um, part, hastened 

Celeres, light horse 

Celgripes, 6dis, adj. swift of foot 

Celeritas, atis, /. celerity, expedi- 
tion, swiftness, quickness 

Ceieritfer, adv. swiftly, expedi- 
tiously, hastily, with speed, 
suddenly, immediately 

Ceifirius, adv. comp. more speedily 

Ceiero, as, a. to hasten 

Celerrime, adv. superl. very 

Celes, etis, m. a horseman, one 
that rides on horseback in 
public sports 

CSleusma, atis, n. the shout, or 
noise of mariners 

Cella, ae,/. a cell, a cellar, a store- 
house, a buttery, a pantry, a 
chamber for servants, a room 
in a bath, or the stews 

Cellaria, ae,/. a female butler 

Celiaris, e, adj. pertaining to a 

Cellarium, i, n. a cellar, a pantry 

Cellarius, i. to. a butler 

Cellula, as,/, dim. a little cellar 

Celo, as, a. to conceal, to hide, to 
muffle up, to dissemble 

Celox, ocis, /. a brigantine, or 
yacht, a fly-boat, pinnace 

Celsitas, atis,/. loftiness, haughti- 
ness, height [lity 

Celsitudo, inis,/. highness, nobi- 

Celsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. high, tall, lofty, 
stately, noble, exalted, erect, 

Celtis, is, /. a kind of lotos-tree 

CSnStaphium, i, n. a cenotaph, an 
empty monument set up in 
honour of the dead 

Censendus, a, um, part, to be 

Censens, tis, part, thinking, de- 

Censeo, ere, ui, um, a. to think, 
to suppose, to judge, to be of 
opinion, to resolve, or deter- 
mine, to vote, or give a suffrage, 
to tax, levy, or assess, to pay a 
rate, or cess, to enrol 

Censeor, eri, dep. to enrol in the 
censor's table, to reckon 

Censio, onis, /. a punishing, or 
censuring, a rate 

Censitor, oris, m. an assessor, a 
surveyor of lands, a steward 

Censor, oris, to. he who executed 
the census, a censurer, or severe 
person, a critic 

Censorius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to the censor, or his office, cen- 

Censualis, e, adj. rateable 

Censura, as, /. censure, reproof, 
judgment, severity, punishment, 
the censorship, or office of cen- 
sor, authority, a pattern 

Census, a, um, part, cessed, taxed, 
rated, valued 

Census, us, m. the valuation of 
every man's estate, the register- 
ing of a man, his years, tribe, 
family, profession, wife, chil- 
dren, and servants; a cessing, 
valuing, or mustering of the 

Centaurbmachia, ae,/. a fighting 
with centaurs 

Centaurus, i, m. a centaur, a 
feigned creature, half man and 
half horse, the sagittary 

Centenarius, a, um, adj. of a 

Centenus, a, um, adj. a hundred 

Centesima, ae, /. interest of one in 
the hundred every month, or 
twelve per cent. 

Centesimo, as, a. to punish by lot, 
or to take one out of a hundred 

Centestmus, a, um, adj. the hun- 
dredth, a hundred-fold 

Centiceps, cipitis, adj. hundred- 

Centifes, adv. a hundred times, 
indefinitely, over and over 

Centifidus, a, um, adj. divided into 
a hundred parts 

Centifolia, ae, f. a kind of rose 
with many leaves [handed 

Centimanus, a, um, adj. hundred- 

Centmodia, ae,/. knot-grass 

Centipgda, ae, /. a worm with 
many feet, a caterpillar 

Centipellio, onis, m. the umbles 
of a deer 

Cento, onis, m. patched clothes, a 
coverlet, a shroud to keep off 

Centralis, e, adj. central, midst 

Centrines, um, pi. to. a kind of 

Centrosus, a, um, adj. full of knots 

Centrum, i, n. a centre, the mid- 
dle point, a knot 

Centum, adj. indecl. pi. a hundred 

Centumcapita, ae, /. a thistle, sea- 

Centumggminus, a, um, adj. hun- 

Centumvtralis, e, adj. pertaining 
to the centumviri 

Centumviri, orum, pi. m. judges, • 
or commissioners, chosen to 
hear certain civil causes among 
the people, out of every tribe 
three [coverlet 

Centuncfdus, i, m. a patched 

Ceiitmilex, icis, adj. a hundred- 

Centuplicat6, adv. a hundred 
times, double 

Centupondium, i, n. a hundred- 
weight, a great weight 

Centuria, ae, /. a century, a com- 
pany, or band of a hundred men, 
a subdivision of the Roman 
people into centuries, or hun- 

Centuriatim, adv. by hundreds, 
company by company [place 

Centuriatus, us, to. a captain's 

Centuriatus, a, wm.part. register- 
ed or enrolled, in the number 
of the hundreds 

Centurio, onis, m. a centurion, a 
captain over a hundred footmen 

Centurio, as, a. to divide into 
companies, to divide fields into 
two hundred acres [place 

Centiirionatus, us, m. a captain's 

Centussis, is, m. a Roman money, 
containing forty sesterces, ten 
deniers [onion 

Cepa, ae, /., and Cepe, is, n. an 

Cepetum, i, n. an onion-bed 

Cephalea, ae,/. the headache 

Cephalicus, a, um, adj. cephalic, 
of the head 

Cephalus, i. m. a fish, having a 
ereat head 

Ceplna, ae,/. a bi\l of oniono 
C 2 




Cepphtcus, a, urn, adj. very light, 

Cepphus, i, to. a very light bird 

Cera, re, /. wax, a table-book, &c. 
covered with wax, a waxen 
image, or bust, a cerecloth, a 
cell in a honey-comb, a page, or 
side of a leaf, a will [dler 

Ceraria, re, /. a female wax-chan- 

Cerarium, i, re. wax-money, the 
fee for a seal in wax 

Cerarius, i, m. a wax-chandler 

Cerasinus, a, um, adj. of a cherry 
or red colour 

Cerasium, i, re. a cherry 

Cerasum, i, n., and Cerasus, i, m. 
a cherry 

Cerasus, i,/. a cherry-tree 

Ceratinus, a, um, adj. sophistical, 
intricate, dark 

Ceratium, i, re. a husk, or shell 

Ceratum, i, n. a cerecloth, a 

Ceratura, re,/, a waxing 

Ceratus, a, um, part, waxed, co- 
vered with wax, pitched 

Ceraunia, re,/., and Ceraunius, i, 
to. the thunder-stone [horrid 

Cerbereus, a, um, adj. infernal, 

Cerc5phithecus, i, to. a monkey 

Cerdo, onis, m. a cobbler, a currier, 
a tanner 

Cfirealis, e, adj. pertaining to 
Ceres, or corn, and food, that 
whereof bread is made 

Cerebellum, i, n. the hinder part 
of the head, brains 

C6r6brosus, a, um, adj. passion- 
ate, hasty, crazy, wild, mad 

Cerebrum, i, n. the brain, the 
head, the spinal marrow 

CerSmonia, re, /. same as Crere- 

Cereoius, a, um, adj. of the colour 
of wax 

Ceres, eris,/. the goddess of corn, 
corn, bread 

Cerevisia, re,/, ale, beer 

Cereus, a, um, adj. of wax, waxen, 
like wax, soft, easy, pliant, apt 
to take any shape, yellow, 

Cereus, i, to. a wax-light 

Cerifico, as, n. to make, wax 

Cerintha, re,/., and Cerinthe, es, 
/. a honeysuckle 

Cerraus, a, um, adj. of wax colour 

Cerion, i, re. an ulcer with yellow 
matter _ [tracted 

Ceritus, a, um, adj. mad, dis- 

Cernendus, a, um, part, to be seen 

Cernens, tis, part, seeing, per- 

Cerno, ere, crevi or vidi, cretum 
or visum, a. to see, to perceive, 
to discern, to distinguish, to 
foresee, to presage, to judge, to 
know, or understand, to sepa- 
rate, or divide, to sift 

Cernuo, as, a. to stoop with the 
face forward, to tumble and 
show tricks 

Cernuus, a, um, adj. hanging 
down the head 

Cernuus, i, m. a rope-dancer 

Cero, as, a. to cere, or wax over 

Ceroma, atis, n. an oil tempered 
with wax 

Ceromaticus, a, um, adj. anoint- 
ed with ceroma 

Cerreus, a, um, adj. belonging to 
a mast-tree [holm-tree 

Cerrmus, a, um, adj. made of 

Cerritus, a, um, adj. mad, frantic, 
out of his wits 

Cervus, i, to. a holm-tree 
Certamen, Inis, re. a contest, a 
controversy, a dispute, a trial 
of skill, a battle, a bustle, or 
noise, hazard, or danger, a game, 
or exercise 
Certandus, a, um, part, to be con- 
tended, or contested for 
Certans, tis, part, contending, 

Certatim, adv. earnestly, eagerly 
Certatio, onis, /. a striving, or 

struggling, an emulation 
Certator, oris, m. one that con- 
Certaturus, a, um, part, about to 

strive, or contend 
Certatus, us, m a wrestling 
Certatus, a, um, part, striven, 

contended for 
Certe, adv. ids, comp. issim6, 
superl. certainly, surely, sure 
enough, true, right, yes, as- 
suredly [tain 
Certior, us, adj. comp. more cer- 
Certd, adv. certainly, surely, as- 
Certo, as, a. to strive, to contend, 
or contest, to vie with, to fight, 
to quarrel, to oppose 
Certus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. certain, safe, 
sure, secure, secured, distinct, 
determinate, particular, proper, 
lawfukconvenient, steady, stout, 
resolute, resolved, determined, 
constant, faithful 
Cerva, re,/, a hind, a deer 
Cervarius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to a stag 
Cervical, alis, re. a pillow, or bol- 
ster, a nightcap, a cravat 
Cervlcula, re, dim. a little neck 
Cervinus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a stag, or hart 
Cervisia, re,/, ale, or beer 
Cervix, icis, /. the neck, the 

Cerula, re,/, dim. a little wax 
Cerussa, re,/, white lead, paint 
Cerussatus, a, um, adj. painted 

with ceruse 
Cervus, i, m. a hart, or stag, a 

forked stake 
Cespes, itis, m. a turf, grass 
Cespicator, oris, m. a stumbling 

Cessans, tis, part, ceasing, linger- 
ing, tiring, sitting, or lying 
still, loitering 
Cessatio, onis, / cessation, a sit- 
ting still, a doing nothing, a 
loitering, idleness, slackness 
Cessator, Oris, m. a loiterer, a 
truant [cease 

Cessaturus, a, um, part, about to 
Cessatus, a, um, part, ceased, 
given out, untilled [back 

Cessim, adv. in giving, or going 
Cessio, onis,/. a giving, or yield- 
ing up 
Cesso, as, re. to cease, to leave off, 
to delay, to loiter, to stay, to lie 
still, to have nothing to do 
Cessurus, a, um, part, about to 

yield to 
Cessus, us, m. a yielding 
Cestrum, i, n. same as Crestrum 
Cestus, i, m. the girdle of Venus, 
a marriage-girdle, any kind of 
Cetaria, drum, pi. n. great ponds 

near the seaside 
Cetarius, a, um, ad) belonging 
to whales 

Cetarius, i, m. a fishmonger 
Cete, n. pi. indecl. whales 
Cetra, re,/ a short square buckler 
Cetratus, a, um, adj. that uses a 

short target 
Cetus, i, m. a whale, or large fish 
Ceu, adv. as it were, even, or like 
Ceva, re,/, a small cow [as 

C evens, tis, part, wagging the tail 
Ceveo, ere, re. to wag, or move the 

Ceyx, ycis, m. a kingsfisher 
Chalceos, i, /. a prickly herb 
Chalceus, a, um, adj. of brass, 

ChalcOgraphus, i, m. one that en ■ 

graves upon brass, a copper 

plate printer [astrologei 

Chaldreus, i, m. a Chaldean, an 

Chaldaicus, a, um, adj. of Chal- 

dea, belonging to astrology 
Chal^beius, a, um, adj. of steel 
Chalybs, ybis, m. a kind of the 
hardest iron, steel, a sword, or 
other instrument 
Chamreleon, ontis, or onis, m. a 
chameleon, a beast like a lizard 
living by the air 
Channe, es,/. a perch, a ruff 
Chaos, n. dat. and abl. chao, a 
disordered heap of things, the 
first matter whereof poets sup- 
posed all things were made, hell 
Chara, re,/, a root eaten instead 

of bread 
Characatus, a, um, adj. staked, or 

propped up 

Character, eris, to. a character, a 

mark, a seal, a branding-iron, 

a style, or manner of writing, 

or speaking, a description 

Charistia, orurn, pi. n. a feast of 

reconciliation, &c. amongst 

kinsfolks [Caritas 

Charitas, atis,/. charity, same as 

Charta, re,/, paper, any material 

to write upon, a sheet, a leaf, 

or side of paper, a writing, a 

letter, or epistle, a book, a card, 

a charter [paper 

Chartaceus, a, um, adj. made of 

Chartarius, a, um, adj. of paper 

Charteus, a, um, adj. made of 

paper [roll 

Chartula, re,/, a chartel, or little 

Chartularius, i, m. a bookkeeper 

Charus, a, um, adj. dear, dearly 

Chasma, atis, n. a great opening 
of the earth, or firmament, 
a gulf 
Chaus, i, m. a spotted wolf 
Chelre, arum, pl.f. crabs' claws, 

bulwarks, or piles 
Chelidonia, re,/, a swallow-wort, 

a stone 
CheiidOnias, re, m. the west-wind 
Chelydrus, i, m. a water-tortoise, 

a water-snake 
Chelys, yos, /. a lute, or harp 
Chers5nesus, or CherrSnesus, i, 

/. a peninsula 
Chersos, i, /. land unmanured, 

main land 
Chia, re,/, a delicious fig 
Chiliarchus, i, and CMliarcha, re, 
m. a captain, colonel, or com- 
mander of a thousand men 
Chilias, adis,/. a thousand 
Chimrera, re, /. a poetical mon- 
ster, like a lion in*the forepart, 
a dragon behind, and a goat in 
the middle 
Chimerinus, a, um, adj. winterly 
Chlragra, re, f. the hand gout 




Chlrfimaxiuin, i, n. a child's go- 

Chlrographum, i, n. a hand writ- 
ing, a bill, or bond under one's 
own hand 

Chiromantes, re, m. one that tells 
fortunes by the lines in the 

Chir6n5mia, re,/, a kind of ges- 
ture with the hands 

Chir6n6mon, ontis, adj. shewing 
nimble motions with the hands 

Chir5n6mus, i, m. one that uses 
motions with his hands in 

Chirurgia, re, /. the art of surgery 

Chlrurgice, es,/. surgery 

Chirurgicus, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to surgery 

Cblrurgus, i, m. a surgeon 

Chlamydatus, a, um, adj cloaked 

Chlamjdula, re, /. dim. a little 

Chlamys, ydis, /. a cloak, a sol- 
dier's coat, a tunic, or loose 
coat, a woman's gown 

Choaspides, or tes, is,/, a green 
precious stone 

Cholera, re,/ choler, anger, rage, 
illness of the stomach, with a 
flux and vomit 

Cholgricus, a, um, adj. troubled 
with choler 

Choragium, i, n. the dressing- 
room in playhouses, players' 
apparel, furniture of the stage 

Choragus, i, m. the master, &c. of 

Ch6raules, re, m. a minstrel 

ChOraulistria, re,/, a she-minstrel 

Chorda, re,/ a string of a harp, 
&c. a string 

Chordus, a, um, adj. same as 

ChOrea, or Chorga, re,/, a ball, a 

ChorOcitharista, re, m. he that 
plays on the harp, &c. whilst 
others dance 

ChorOgraphia, re,/, a description 
of a country, a map 

Chor5graphus, i, m. a describer 
of countries, a publisher of 

Chorus, i, m. a company of 
singers, or dancers, a choir, a 
conceit, a band, any company, 
or assembly 

Chria, re,/ a theme, a thesis 

Chrisma, atis, n. chrism, unction 

Christianismus, i, m. Christianity 

Christianus, i, m. a christian 

Christigenus, a, um, adj. born of 

Chroma, &ti3, n. sweet music, a 
colour, a pretence 

Chromaticus, a, um, adj. soft, 

Chronica, orum, pi. n. chronicles 

ChrOnicus, a, um, adj. chronical 

ChrOnicus, i, m. a chronologer 

ChronOlOgia, re, / chronology 

Chr6n616gus, i, m. a chronologer 

Chrysalis, dis, /. a worm, of 
which comes the butterfly 

Chrysanthemum, i, n. crow-foot, 

Chtysendeton, i, n a cup tipt 
with gold 

Chrysocolla, re, / borax, a mineral 

ChrysOlithos, i, m. a chrysolite, 

Chr?s6phrys, JFdis,/. a fish hav- 
ing a gold-colour over its eyes 

Chr^sos, i, m. gold, a gilthead 

Chylus, i, m. chyle, a white juice 

from meat digested in the sto- 

Ciba, re, / a table [mach 

Cibalis, e, adj. of, or belonging to 

meat, or food 
Cibandus, a, um, part, to fatten 
Cibaria, orum, pi. m. food, meat, 
victuals, provisions [flour 

Cibarium, i, n. the second sort of 
Cibarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to victuals, or to common food 
Cibaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Cibatus, us, m. food, sustenance, 
I provision [fatten 

Cibo, as, a. to feed, nourish, or 
Ciborium, i, n. an Egyptian bean, 

a large drinking-cup 
Cibus,!, m. meat, food, nourish- 
ment, increase 
Cicada, re, /. a grasshopper, a 

locust, a balm-cricket 
Cicatrlcosus, a, um, adj. having 

many scars, full of gashes, &c. 
CIcatricula, re, /. dim. a little 

Cicatrix, Icis,/. a scar, a seam of 
a wound, an old sore, a chop, 
or rent, a patch 
Ciccum, i, n. or CIcum, the skin 
in a pomegranate that parts the 
kernels, a thing of naught 
Clcer, eris, n. a vetch, chick-peas 
CIcera, re, /. a pulse good for 

Cicercula, re, / dim. little chiches 
CichOreum, i, n. succory, endive 
Cicindela, re,/ a glow-worm 
Ciconia, se, /. a stork, a mock 

CIcur, tiris, of all gen. adj. tame, 
gentle, mild [ease 

Ciciiro, as, a. to make tame, to 
Cicuta, re,/, hemlock, hellebore, 
poison [mitre 

Cidaris, is,/ a sash, a turban, a 
Ciens, tis, part, raising, or stir- 
ring up 
Cieo, es, Ivi, Itum, iere, a. to stir 
up, to raise, or move, to rouse, 
to excite, to provoke, to call 
upon, or invoke, to call . 
Ctlicinus, a, um, adj. oi haircloth 
Cilicium, i, n. haircloth 
Cilium, i, n. the utmost edge of 
the eyelid, the hairs of the eye- 
Cillones, um, pi. m. minstrels 

using filthy and lewd gestures 
Cilo, onis, m. a person beetle- 
Clmex, icis, c. g. a kind of worm 

in wood, or paper 
Cimolia, terra, fullerVearth 
Cinredicus, a, um, adj. wanton, 

lecherous, bawdy, loose 
Cmredulus, a, um, adj. a little 

Cinredus, i, m. a gelded youth, a 

catamite, a wanton dancer 
Cinredus, a, um, adj. loose, wan- 
Cm&ra, re, f. an artichoke [ton 
Cincinnatus, a, um, adj. that 
hath curled hair [lock 

Cincinnulus, i, m. dim. a little 
Cincinnus, i, m. a curled lock 
Cinctrculus, i, m. dim. a short 

Cinctorium, i, n. a girdle, a belt 
CinctOra, re,/ a girding 
Cinctus, a, um, part, girded, en- 
compassed, surrounded 
Cinctus, us, m. a man's girdle, a 
short coat, girded a little below 
the paps 

Cincturus, a, um, part, armed 
and ready to fight 

Clngfacio, ere, eci, actum, a. to 
bring to ashes 

Cingfactus, a, um, part, turned 
to ashes [colour 

Cineraceus, a, um, adj. of an ash- 

Cmfiralia, orum, x>l. n. Ash- Wed- 

Ctnerarius, i, m. a man who 
makes dresses for women 

Cingreus, a, um, adj. of, or like 
ashes, of an ash-colour 

Cinencms, a, um, adj. baked, or 
roasted under ashes 

CinSrosus, a, um, adj. full of ashei 

Cingendus, a, um, part, to be en- 
compassed, or girded about 

Cingens, tis, part, tying round 

Cingillus, i, m. dim. a little girdle 

Cingo, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to sur- 
round, to tie round, or about, to 
gird, to environ, to beset 

Cingiila, re,/, a girth, or band 

Cingulum, i, a. a girdle, a band, 
the cestus of Venus, a zone, a 

Cimflo, onis, m. a curler of hair, 
a chymist 

Cinis, CinSris, m. and f. ashes, 
embers, cinders, relics 

Cinnab&ri, n. and Cinnab&ris, is, 
/. cinnabar, a gum, redlead 

Cinnamominus, a, um, adj. made 
of cinnamon 

Cinn&momum, i, m. the cinna- 
mon-tree, or cinnamon itself 

Cinnamum, i, n. idem 

Cinnus, i, m. a hotchpotch, a 
medley, a potion, a plaiting of 
the hair in locks and curls 

Cio, ire, ivi, Itum, a. to stir, 

Cippus, i, ik. a palisado, or sharp • 
stake, wooden shackles, or 
stocks for the feet, a gravestone, 
or monument 

Circa, prep, cum, ace. about, near, 
near to, with, in, concerning 

Circanea, re, / a kite 

Circenses, sc. ludi, Juv. games, or 
exercises of wrestling, running, 
&c. kept in the circus 

Circensis, e, adj. of, or belonging 
to the circus, or place of exer- 

Circes, itis, m. a hoop, or ring, a 
sort ol olives 

Circinatio, onis, /. a turning 
round, a measuring with com- 

Circinatus, a, um, part, com- 
passed, rounded 

Circino, as, a. to make a circle, to 
compass round, to turn round 

Circinus, i, m. a pair of compasses, 
the shingles 

Circiter, prep, with ace., and adv. 
about, nigh unto 

Circlus, i, m. for Circulus, a hoop 

Circueo, or Circumeo, Ire, Ivi, 
itum, a. to go about, to sur- 

Circuitio, or Circumltio, onis, /. a 
circuit, a going the rounds, the 
fetching a compass 

Circuitor, oris, m. a night-watch, 
a pedlar 

Circuitus, us, m. a circuit, a com- 
pass, a circumference 

Circuitus, a, um, part, gone about, 
compassed round 

Circulans, tis, part, turning ths 
head round 

Circularis, e, adj. circular round 




Circulating adv. in a circle 

Circulator, oris, m. any hawker 
for gain, a jester, a mounte- 

Circulatorius, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to strollers, mounte- 
banks, &c. 

Circulatrix, Icis, /. a she gipsy, &c. 

Circulo, as, a. and n. to environ, 
to compass about 

Circulor, ari, dtp. to meet in com- 
panies, to run to and fro, to 
hawk about, to stroll 

Circulus, i, m. a circle, an orb, a 
compass, a ring, a hoop, a com- 
pany of persons standing 

Circum, prep, with ace. about, 
round about, with 

Circum, adv. around, about 

Circilmactio, onis, /. a turning 
round [round 

Circumactus, a, um, part, turned 

Circumactus, us, m. a turning 

Circumagendus, a, um, part, to 
whirl, or be whirled about 

Circumagens, tis, part, turning 

Circumaggeratus, a, um, part. 
heaped about, covered over 

Circumaggero, as, a. to heap 

Circumago, ere, egi, actum, a. to 
turn round, or about, to wheel, 
or drive about, to chase 

Circumambulo, as, a. to walk 
round about [about 

Circumaro, as, a. to plough round 

Circumcidaneus, a, um, adj. cut 

Circumcldendus, a, um, part, to 
be cut off, or circumcised, to be 

Circumcido, ere, di, sum, a. to cut 
about, or off, to circumcise, to 
prune, or lop, to shorten, or 
take off, to retrench 

Circumcingens, tis, part, com- 
passing round 

Circumcingo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to 
surround, to compass round 

Cireumcirca, adv. on every side 

CircumGise, adv. briefly, concisely 

Circunicisio, onis, /. circumcision 

Circumcisura, se, /. a cutting, or 

Circumcisus, a, um, part, pruned, 
lopped, cut off, or away, pared, 
circumcised, contracted 

Circumclaudo, ere, si, sum, a. to 
enclose round 

Circumcludo, gre, si, sum, a. to 
inclose round, to encompass, to 
hem in 

Circumclusus, a, um, part, shut 
in, closed in, surrounded 

CircumcSlo, ere, ui, culfum, a. to 
dwell about or nigh, to till 

Circumculco, as, a. to trample all 
over, or down [about 

Circumcursans, tis, part, running 

Cireumcurso, as, n. to run up and 
down, or hither and thither 

Circumdandus, a, um, part, to be 

Circumdatus, a, um, part, com- 
passed, surrounded, environed, 

Circumdo, as, edi, atum, a. to 
surround, to compass about, to 
inclose, to clasp fast about, to 
beset, to prescribe 

Circumdiico, fire, xi, a. to lead 
round, or about, to lead out of 

the way, to impose on, to 

Circumductio, 6nis»/. a bringing 

round, an amplification, a cir- 
cumference, a cheating 
Circumductus, a, um, part, sur- 
rounded, wrapped [ference 
Circumductus, us, m. a circum- 
Circumeo, ire, Ivi, a. to go about, 

or round about, to encircle, to 

encompass, to surround 
Circumeqtuto, as, a. to ride about 
Ch-cumerro, as, a. to wander 

about, to move up and down 
Circiimeundus, a, um, part, to be 

gone about, to be gone round 
Circumfgrens, tis, part, carrying 

round [ference 

Circumfcrentia, se, /. circum- 
Circuvnfero, tfili, a. to carry .about, 

or round, to report, to purify by 

Circumfinio, ivi, Itum, a. to bring 

to an end, to enclose round 

Circumfirmandus, a, um, part, to 

be upheld, or supported round 
Circmnnrmo, as, a. to fortify and 

make strong on all sides, to 

Circumflans, tis, part, blowing on 

all sides 
Circumflecto, ere, xi, sum, a. to 

bend about, to fetch a compass, 

to circumflect a word 
Circumflexio, onis, /. a turning 

Circumflexus, a, um, part, cir- 

cumflexed, bowed, or bent about 
Circumflo, as, a. to blow on all 

sides [round 

Circumfluens, tis, part, flowing 
Circumfluo, ere, xi, a. to flow 

about, to abound 
Circumfluus, a, um, edj. that 

flows, or runs about, flowed 

Circumf6dio, 6re, di, ssum, a. to 

dig about 
Circumforaneus, a, um, adj. that 

goes up and down, that is car- 

ried»about the market 
CircumfSratus, a, um, part, bored 

Circumforo, as, a. to bore round 
Circumfossor, oris, m. a pioneer 
Cireumfossura, ae, /. a digging 

Circumfremo, ere, ui, a. to chirp, 

chatter, or make a noise about 
Circumfrlco, as, a. to rub all over 
Circumfulgeo, ere, si, n. to shine 

on every side 
Circumfundo, 6re, fudi, sum, a. 

to pour about, to encompass 
Circ.umfusus, a, um, part, circum- 
ambient, surrounded, routed, 

Circumgglatus, a, um, part, frozen 

all over 
Circumgemo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to 

groan, or roar round about 
Circumgesto, as. a. to carry about 
CircumglObatus a, um, part. 

gathered into heaps, made 

round [about 

Circumgi-edior, i, dep. to march 
Circumgressus, us, m. a going 

Circumhumatus, a, um, adj. hav- 
ing earth cast about, earthed 
Circumjacens, tis, part, lying 

round, about 
Circumjaceo, ere, n. to lie about 
Circumjectus, a, um, part, liid. 

cast, made, or situate about, 

near, surrounded [round 

Circumiens, euntis, part, going 
Circumjicio, ere, eci, ectum, a. to 

cast round about, to compass 
Circumiturus, a, um, part, about 

to go round, or surround 
Circumitio, onis,/. a going about 
Circumltus, us, m. a going the 

farthest way 
Circumlabens, tis, part, sliding, 

or gliding round about 
Circumlambo, 6re, a. to lick about 
Circumlatro, are, a. to bark round, 

to rail and bawl at one 
Circumlatus, a, um, part, carried 

Circumlavo, as, iavi, lotum, and 

lavatum, a. to wash, or flow 

Circumligo, as, a. to tie about 
Circumlinio, Ire, ivi, Itum, a. to 

anoint all over [smeared 

Circumllnltus, a, um, part, be- 
Circumllno, ere, llvi, levi, anrflini, 

litum, a. to anoint, or daub all 

Circumlitio, onis, /. an anointing 

about, a polishing, burnishing, 

or putting the last hand to a 

Circumlltus, a, um, part, anointed, 

&c. over, washed, gilt 
CircumlScutio, onis, /. a circum- 
locution, a compass, tedious- 

Circumloquens, tis, .parr, speaking 

by circumlocution 
Circunil5quor, i, quutus, and 

cutus, dep. to use many words 
Circumlucens, tis, part, shining 

Circuraluo, ere, ui, lutum, a. to 

wall about 
Circumlustro, as, a. to go rouud 

about, to reconnoitre 
Circumliivio, onis, /. the flowing 

about of waters 
Circummissus, a, um, part, sent 

round about 
Circummitto, ere, si, ssum, o. to 

send round about 
Circummcenio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to 

wall about 
Circummoenitus, a, um, pa~t. 

walled about [licking 

Circummulcens, tis, part, gently 
Circummulceo, ere, si, a. to stroke 

softly, to touch gently 
Circummunio, ire, Ivi, a. to in- 
C ire mnm (initio, onis, /. the in- 
vesting of a place 
Circummunltus, a, um, part, de- 
fended on every side, guarded 
Circumnascens, tis, part, growing 

about [about 

Circumnascor, i, dep. to grow 
Circumnavlgo, are, a. to sail 

Circumnecto, 6re, xui and xi, 

xum, a. to tie round, or connect, 

to join 
Circumobruo, 6re, ui, utum, a. to 

cover over with earth, to oveday 
Circum pactus, a, um, pa-t. set 

round about 
Circurapadanus, a, rail, adj. lying 

about the river Po 
Circumpango, ere, egi, actum, a. 

to set, or plant all about 
Circumpavio, is, Ire, Itum, a. tn 

pave, ram, or beat about 
Circumpavltus, a, um, part, paved, 

and rammed down all over 




Circsimpgdes, ran, pi. m. pages, 
lacqueys, waiters 

Circumpendens, tis, part, hang- 
ing round 

Circumplector, i, xus, dep. to em- 
brace, to surround, to encom- 

Cucumplexus, a, um, part, sur- 
rounded, surrounding 

Circumplexus, us, m. an em- 
bracing, or twisting about 

Circumplicatus, a, am, part, twist- 
ed about, entwined 

Circumplico, as, a. to fold, or 
wind about, to roll, or wrap 

Circumpono, 6re, sui, ltum, a. to 
lay, or put all about [round 

C ircumpositus, a, um, part, placed 

Circumpotatio, onis,/. a drinking 
round [round 

Circumpurgo, as, a. to cleanse 

Circumquaque, adv. every where, 
on every side 

Circumrado, ere, si, sum, a. to 
shave round, to scrape about 

Circumrasio, onis, /. a scraping 
off [round 

Circumrasus, a, um, part, scraped 

Circumretio, Ire, Ivi, a. to ensnare 

Circumretltus, a, um, part, catch- 
ed in a net, entangled, hamper- 

Circumriguus, a, um, adj. watered 
round about 

Circumrodo, ere, si, sum, a. to 
gnaw about, to detract 

Circumsalto, as, a. to dance round 

Circumscalpo, ere, psi, ptum, a. 
to scratch, or scrape all round 

Circumscindo, fire, scidi, scissum, 
a. to cut round about 

Circumscribendus, a, um, part. 
to be circumscribed, bounded 

Circmnscrlbens, tis, part, circum- 
scribing, concealing 

Circumscrlbo, fire, psi, ptum, a. 
to circumscribe, to limit, or 
bound, to draw round, to com- 
prise briefly, to cheat 

Circumscripta, a<Z«. closely, briefly 

Circumscriptio, onis, /. a bound- 
ing, a cheating, or overreaching 

Circumscriptor, oris, m. a cheater 

Circumscripta, a, um, part, and 
adj. ior, comp. circumscribed, 
confined, discarded, laid aside, 

Circumsgco, as, ui, ctum, a. to 
cut about, to circumcise 

Circumsectus, a, um, part, cut 
round, circumcised 

rircumsSdeo, ere, di, ssum, a. to 
sit round about, to besiege 

Circumsepio, Ire, psi, ptum, a. to 
hedge in 

Circumseptus, a, uva,part. hedged 
in, guarded 

Circumsgro, ere, a. to sow about 

Circumsessio, onis, /. a sitting 

\!ircumsessurus, a, um, part. 
about to surround 

Circumsessus, a, um, part, sur- 
rounded, encompassed 

Circumsideo, ere, sedi, sessum, a. 
to beset, to besiege, or block up 

Circumsldo, fire, sessum, a. to sit 
about, to lay siege to, to invest 

Circumsigno, as, a. to mark round 

Circumsllio, ui, n. to leap about. 

f'ircumsistens, tis, part, standing 

Circumsisto, ere, stfti, stltum, a. 
to utand, or gather round 

Circumsltus, a, um, adj. seated, 
or dwelling round about 

Circums5no, as, a. to sound all 
about, to ring again 

Circumsonus, a, um, adj. sound- 
ing round about [round 

Circumspectans, tis, part, looking 

Circumspectator, oris, m. one that 
looks about him on every side 

Circumspectatrix, Tcis, /. a woman 
who looks about on every side 

Circumspecte, adv. ius, comp. 
circumspectly, warily, advisedly 

Circumspectio, onis, /. circum- 
spection, great care, a looking 
round, a. to look about, 
to consider a thing diligently 

Circumspectus, a, um, adj. isst- 
mus, superl. circumspect, wary, 
watchful, wise, prudent 

Circumspergo, ere, a. to sprinkle 
about [round 

Circumspiciens, tis, part, looking 

Circumspicio, ere, exi, ectum, a. 
to look about, to survey, to take 
care, to be cautious [about 

Circumstans, tis, part, standing 

Circumstantia, ae, /. a circum- 

Circumstlpans, tis, part, guarding 

Circumstlpatus, a, um, part. 
guarded about, thronged about 

Circumsto, as, steti, a. to stand 
about [sounding 

CircumstrSpens, tis, part, re- 

Circumstrgpo, fire, ui, ltum, a. to 
make a noise on all sides 

Circumstructus, a, um, part. 
built about 

Circumstruo, ere, a. to build about 

Circumsudans, tis, part, sweating 
all over 

Circumsudo, as, n. to sweat, or be 
moist all over 

Circumsuo, ere, ui, a. to sew, or 
stitch round about 

Circumsurgens, tis, part, rising 
round about 

Circumtectus, a, um, part, cover- 
ed over 

Circumtego, ere, exi, ectum, a. to 
cover all over, or round about 

Circumtexo, ere, ui, xtum, a. to 
weave all over 

Circumtextura, ae,/. a border 

Circumtextus, a, um, part, woven 
throughout [about 

Circumtinnio, ire, ivi, n. to sound 

Circumtondeo, ere, sum, a. to 
clip, or poll round, to shave 
round [about 

Circumtonsus, a, um, part, shaved 

CircumtSno, as, ui, Hum, a. to 
thunder, or make a great noise 
on every side 

Circumtumulatus, a, um, part. 
heaped up all round, surrounded 

Circumvado, fire, si, sum, a. to 
set upon on all parts, to sur- 
prise [about 

Circumvagor, ari, dep. to wander 

Cireumv£gus, a, um, adj. wander- 
ing, rolling 

Circumvallatus, a, um, part, en- 
compassed, beleaguered, be- 

Circumvallo, as, a. to trench 
about, to inclose and fortify 
with bulwarks, to draw a line 
about, to surround 

Circumvectio, 6nis, /. a carrying, 
or moving about 

Circumvecto, as, freq. to carry 
about often 

Circurnvectus, a, um, part, carried 

Circumvfihens, tis r part, carrying, 

riding, or sailing round 
Circumvfiho, fire, exi, ectum, a. to 
carry about [about 

Circumvelo, are, a. to clothe 
Circumvfiniens, tis, part, sur- 
Circumvfinio, ire, veni, entum, a. 
to come about, to surround, to 
roll about, or infold, to flow 
about, to beset, to deceive, to 
Circumventurus, a, um, part. 
about to circumvent, or sur- 
Circumvents, a, um, part, sur- 
rounded, encompassed, over- 
reached, cheated, trepanned 
Circumversor, ari, dep. to roll up 
and down, to go from place to 
place [round 

Circumvertens, tis, part, turning 
Circumverto, fire, ti, sum, a. to 
turn round, to cheat, to defraud 
Circumvestio, ire, Ivi, ltum, a. to 

invest, to cover over 
Circumvincio, Ire, Ivi, ctum, a. to 

bind about, to entwine 
Circumvlso, fire, si, sum, freq. to 
see on every side, to look round 
CircumvSlans, tis, part, flying 
about [about 

CircumvSlatus, a, um, part, flown 
CircumvOlitans, tis, part, flying 

CircumvolTto, as,/reg. to fly about, 
to frequent [surround 

CircumvSlo, as, a. to fly round, to 
Circumvolvens, tis, part, infolding 
Circumvolvo, fire, vi, utum, a. to 
roll, or turn round, to wrap 
Circumvolutus, a, um, part, in- 
wrapped, twisted about one 
Circus, i, m. a circle, a ring 
Clris, is, /. a lark 
Cirnea, ae,/. a can, or jug 
Cirratus, a, um, adj. curl-pated, 

shaggy, jagged, rough 

Cirriger, era, firum, adj. curl-pated 

Cirrus, i, m. a curled lock, a curl, 

a fringe, a shag, the hair polled 

Cis, prep, with accus. on this side, 

before ; adv. all about 
CIsium, i, n. a calash, a chariot 
Cispello, ere, uli, a. to keep out 
Cisrhenanus, a, um, adj. on this 
side the Rhine [pannier 

Cista, ae, /. a chest, a basket, a 
Cistella, ae, /. dim. a casket, or 

cabinet, a little box 
Cistellatrix, Icis,/. a waiting-maid 
Cistellula, ae,/. dim. a little box 
Cisterna, ae,/. a cistern, a vault 
Cisternmus, a, um, adj. of a cis- 
tern [casket 
Cistifer, a, um, adj. carrying a 
CistophOrus, i, m. an ancient coin 
CistCila, ae,/. dim. a small casket 
Citattm, adv. hastily, speedily, 

CItatio, onis,/. a citation, a sum- 
moning to appear, an arrest 
Citatorium, i, n. a summoning 
before a tribunal [cita 

Citaturus, a, um, part, about to 
Citatus, a, um, part, and adj. ior 
comp. issimus, superl. cited 
quoted, summoned, stirred up 
Cltfirior, comp. adj. the hither 

nigher, nearer 
Clthara, e,/. a harp, vio', lute 




Cltharista, and Citharistes, se, 
m. a player on the harp, a harper 

Cltharistria, se, /. a female har- 
per, or minstrel 

Citharizo, as, a. to play upon 
the harp [like 

CHharcedlcus, a, urn, adj. harper- 

Cltharoedus, i, m. he that plays 
upon the harp, a fiddler 

Citlmus, a, urn, adj. superl. next, 

Cltd, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. quickly, swiftly, fast, 
soon, shortly, suddenly, easily 

Cito, as, a. to cite, to summon, to 
quote, to recite, to produce, to 
name, or call, to proclaim, to 
excite, to stir up, to provoke, 
or cause 

Citra, or Citra, prep, with ace. 
and. adv. on this side, without, 
before, near upon [wood 

Citreum, i, n. a citron, citron- 

Citreus, a, um, adj. of citron- 
wood, or the citron-tree 

Citrlnus, a, um, adj. of a citron- 

Citr6, adv. hither, and thither, to 
and fro, on each side, in and out 

Citrum, i, n. citron-wood, a table, 
or other thing made thereof 

Citrus, i, /. a citron-tree, a le- 
mon, or orange-tree 

Cltus, a, um, part, provoked, 
moved, disturbed 

Citus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus, superl. swift, speedy, 
hasty, sudden 

Civicus, a, um, adj. of a city, or 
citizen, civil 

ClvUis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. of a city, or citizen, civil, 

Clvil'itas, atis, /. civility, cour- 
tesy, lenity, gentleness, huma- 
nity, policy 

Civlliter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. after the manner of 
citizens, civilly, courteously 

Civis, is, c. g. a citizen, a free man, 
or woman, a countryman 

Civltas, atis,/. a city, a corpora- 
tion, a state, or whole country, 
the rights, &c. of citizens 

Clvitatula, ae,/. dim. a little city, 

Clades, is,/, a slaughter, defeat, 
or overthrow, all kinds of mi- 
sery and misfortune, hurt, ruin, 
destruction, plague, pestilence 

Clam, prep, with abl. or ace. by 
stealth, privily, secretly, with- 
out one's knowledge 

Clam, adv. secretly, privately, 
suddenly, by way of surprise 

Clamans, tis, part, crying, cal- 
ling upon 

Clamatio, onis, /. a crying aloud, 
a crying, or bawling [crier 

Clamator, oris, m. a bawler, a 

Clamatorius, a, um, adj. clamo- 
rous, bawling, noisy 

Clamatus, a, um, part, called to 

Clamltans, tis, part, calling often, 
crying out 

Clamitatio, onis, /. same as 

Clamito, as, a. to cry out against, 
to cry aloud, to cry goods about, 
to profess openly 

Clamo, as, a. to cry out, to bawL 
to speak aloud, to call upon, or 
invoke, to entreat, to proclaim 

Clamor, oris, m. a olamour, a 
great noise, a shout, an outcrv, 

a loud voice, a bawling, an en- 

Clamose, adv. with great noise, 

Clamosus, a, um, adj. clamorous, 
loud, shrill, that rings again 
with noise 

Clanctilarius, a, um, adj. secret, 
close, unknown, nameless 

ClanctilO, same as 

Clanctilum, adv. secretly, privily, 
privately ' [stealth 

Clandesfind, adv. privately, by 

Clandestinus, a, um, adj. clan- 
destine, secret 

Clangens, tis, part, sounding 

Clango, ere,, xi, a. to sound a 
trumpet, to cry like an eagle 

Clangor, oris, m. the sound of a 
trumpet, the cry of an eagle, 
the clanking of a goose, the 
crunking of a crane, any loud 
noise [explained 

Clarandus, a, um, part, to be 

Clare, ius, issime, adv. brightly, 
distinctly, clearly, plainly, aloud 

Clareo, ere, ui, and clarus sum, n. 
to be clear and bright, to shine, 
to be illustrious, or noble, to be 

Claresco, 6re, incep. to grow 
bright and clear, to be mani- 
fest, to become famous 

Claricito, as, a', to call aloud 

Clarificus, a, um, adj. sounding 

Clarlgatio, onis, /. a denouncing 
of w T ar, a reprisal, an arrest, or 

Clarigo, as, a. to denounce war, 
to arrest [shrill 

Clarlsfinus, a, um, adj. loud, 

Clarltas, atis,/ clearness, plain- 
ness, brightness, renown, fame, 
excellency [nown 

Claritudo, Inis, /. clearness, re- 

Clariiis, adv. more brightly 

Claro, as, a. to clear, to declare, 
to make plain, to make famous 

Claror, oris, m. brightness, neat- 

Clarus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. clear, bright, fair, 
unspotted, plain, evident, loud, 
famous, noble, honourable, 

Classiarius, a, run, adj. belonging 
to a navy 

Classicen, Inis, m. a trumpeter, a 
common crier 

Classicida, se,/. dim- a little fleet 

Classicum, i, n. the sound of a 
trumpet, a trumpet 

Classicus, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to a fleet, or navy 

Classicus, i, m. one that sounds a 
trumpet, the crier of a court, a 
seaman, a freeman 

Classis, is, /. a fleet, a navy, a 
ship, a class, a rank, a form 

Clathratus, a, um, adj. latticed, 

Clathro, as, a. to shut with lat- 
tices, bars, grates, or rails 

Clathrus, i, m. or Clathrum, i, n. 
a bar, a lattice, a grate, a balus- 
ter, a harrow 

Clava, se,/. a club, a batoon 

Clavatus, a, um, adj. set with 
*tuds, or nails, studded 

Claudendus, a, um, part, to be 
snut up [closing 

Claudens, tis, part, shutting, 

Claudicans, tis, part, halting, 

Claudicatio, Onis, /. a halting, 

Claudico, as, n. to halt, limp, or 
hobble, to be feeble, imperfect, 
or maimed [limping 

Claudigo, Inis, /. a lameness, 

Clauditas, atis, /. lameness, a 

Claudo, ere, si, sum, a. to shut, to 
shut up, or in, to stanch, or 
stop, to close, finish, or con- 
elude, to keep off, or withstand 

Claudus, a, um, adj. lame, halt- 
ing, crippled, wavering, uncer- 
tain, feeble, weak, short 

Clavator, oris, m. one who carries 
clubs, or foils in attendance on 
another for military exercises, a 
cudgel bearer 

Clavlcula, se,/. a little key, a ten- 
dril, young twig, or shoot of a 

Claviger, 6ra, um, adj. which 
carries a club [keys 

Claviger, a, um, adj. that carries 

Clavis, is,/, a key, a lock, or bolt, 
a clef in music [tree 

Clavola, ae, /. a graff, a slip of a 

Claustrum, i, n. a bar, a close 
gate, a thing that incloses, an 
inclosure, a closet 

Clausula, se,/. a clause, an article, 
a short sentence, a close, end, 
or conclusion 

Clausum, i, n. a close, a stable, a 
stall, a hive [siege 

Clausura, se, /. an inclosure, a 

Clausurus, a, um, part, that will 

Clausus, a, um, part, shut, shut 
up, inclosed, surrounded, beset, 
confined, secret, close, finished, 
concluded [rable 

Clavuius, i, m. a little nail, a spa- 

Clavus, i, m. a nail, a spike, a note 
by which the old Romans rec- 
koned their years, serving in- 
stead of a calendar: a button, 
or stud, a round knob, or stud 
of purple, dignity, the rudder, 
or helm of a ship, rule, or go- 

Clemens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. kind, merciful, 
favourable, kindly, quiet, peace- 
able, easy, undisturbed, un- 
moved, smooth 

Clementer, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. kindly, courteously, mer- 
cifully, favourably, quietly 

dementia, se,/. clemency, mercy, 
compassion, pity, gentleness, 
mildness, calmness, tranquillity^ 

Cl6po, ere, psi, ptum, a. to steal, 
or pilfer, to shelter, to protect 

Clepsydra, se,/. a vessel measur- 
ing time by water 

Cleptes, or Clepta, se, m. a thief 

Cleptus, a, um, part, stolen 

Clericus, i, rn. a clergyman 

Cleros, i, m. a worm in beehives 

Clerus, i, m. the clergy, a con- 

Cllbanus, i, m. a portable oven, a 
suit of complete armour 

Chens, tis, in. and f. a client, a 
retainer, or dependent, a lawyer, 
a tenant, a vassal 

Clienta, se, /. a woman-retainer 

Clientela, se, /. the state, or re- 
lation of clients and tenants, 
patronage, guardianship 

Clientulus, i, m. dim. a pool 




CJima, .Itis, n. a clime, or climate 

Climacter, eris, m. a step, or 
round of a ladder 

Climactericus, a, um, adj. cli- 
uiacterical, ascending, perilous 

Climax, acis,/. a ladder, a round 
of a ladder, an ascent by steps, 
a figure connecting the subse- 
quent to the precedent 

Cllnamen, Inis, n. a declination 

Cllnatus, a, um, part, inclined, 

Clinice, es, /. a part of physic, 
which prescribes diet 

Clinicus, i, m. a physician, a bed- 
ridden person 

Clino, as, a. to incline, to bend 

Olln&pale, es, /. an exercise in 
the field of Venus 

Clipeo, are, a. to furnish, or arm 
with a shield 

Cllpeolum, i, n. a little shield 

Clltellae, arum, pi. /. a packsad- 
dle, a pannier, a descent, or 
valley, a kind of engine 

Clltellarius, a, um, adj. having a 
packsaddle [difficult 

Clivius, a, um, adj. steep, hard, 

Clivosus, a, um, adj. full of cliffs, 

Clivulus, i, m. dim. a little descent 

Clivus, i, to. and Clivum, i, n. any 
declivity, or sloping, an ascent, 
or descent, the side of a hill, 
difficulty [sink 

Cloaca, ae, /. a common-sewer, a 

Cloacalis, e, adj. of a sink 

Cludo, ere, si, sum, a. to shut, to 
close, to surround, to tie about, 
to set 

Cluens, tis, part, excelling, re- 
markable, shining 

Clueo, es, ere, n. to be named, 
spoken, or talked of, to be es- 
teemed, famed, or highly com- 
mended [cleaver 

Clunaculum, i, n. a butcher's 

Clunis, is, m. andf. a buttock, or 
haunch [mous 

Cluo, ere, n. to shine, to be fa- 

Clusilis, e, adj. easy to be shut 

Clusinus, a, um, adj. whitish 

Clusus, a, um, part, shut up, in- 

Cl?peatus, a, um, adj. armed 
with a buckler 

Clypeum, i, n. and 

Cl^peus, i, m. a shield, buckler, 
or target 

Clyster, eris, m. a clyster 

Cnaso, onis, m. a bodkin 

CnOdax, acis, to. the gudgeon in 
a spindle 

Coaccedo, 6re, essi, essum, a. to 
approach, to be added to 

Coa.cerva.tim, adv. by heaps 

Coacervatio, onis,/. a heaping, a 
laying in heaps, an accumula- 
tion [together 

Coacervatus, a, um, part, heaped 

Co&cervo, are, n. to heap up, to 
lay on heaps, to amass 

Co&cesco, 6re, incep. to grow 
tart, or stale 

Coacte, adv. by compulsion 

Coactio, onis,^/. an assembling 
together, the business of a col- 
lector, a disease of cattle 

Coacto, are, freq. to constrain 

Coactor, oris, to. a gatherer, col- 
lector, or receiver, a purveyor, 
an enforcer 

Coactu, abl m. by consfrjunt 

Coactura, fE, /. the gathering of 
any thing, a heaping together 

Coacturus, a, um, part, about to 

Coactrs. % um, part, assembled, 
brou^.j' together, curdled, 
forci & compelled, obliged, 
strai .Bsrsd 

Coadd^ e"re, didi, ditum, a to 
add, v- lay together 

Coadjtcio, jeci, jectum, a. to cast 
to, or together 

Coadunatus, a, um, part, gather- 
ed together in one 

Cosedificatus, a, um, part, built 
close together, contiguous, very 

Coaequalis, e, adj. coequal, like 

Coaequandus, a, um, part, to be 
made equal, or level 

Coaequatus, a, um, part, made 
equal, or level 

Coaequo, are, a. to make equal, to 
level, to make indifferent 

Coaequus, a, um, adj. equal, even, 

Coaetaneus, a, um, adj. that is of 
the same time and age, or of 
the same standing,- contempo- 

Coaeturnufs, a, um, adj. eternal 

Coaevus, a, um, adj. coeval, of the 
same age 

Coagggro, are, a. to heap together 

CoSgitatio, onis,/. a shaking to- 

Coagito, are, a. to shake together 

Coagmentandus, a, um, part, to 
be joined, or fastened together 

Coagmentatio, onis, /. a joining, 
or gluing together, a cement- 

Coagmentatus, a, um, part, joined, 
or patched together 

Coagmento, as, a. to join, or glue 
together, to cement 

Coagmentum, i, n. a strait join- 
ing, a joint, mortar 

Coagiilatio, onis,/. a curdling 

Coagulatus, a, um, part, curdled 

Coagulo, are, a. to curdle, to join 

Coagulum, i, n. a curd, rennet, a 
calf's maw, cream 

Coaleo, ere, ui, ltum, n. to grow, 
or cleave together, to improve 

Coalescens, tis, part, uniting to- 

Coalesco, €re, ui, ltum, a. to 
grow together, or close, to 
grow into [proved 

Coalitus, a, um, part, grown, im 

Coalitus, us, m. communion, 

Coangusto, are, a. to make nar 
row, or straiter 

Coarctatio, onis,/. a straitening, 
or crowding together 

Coarctatus, a, um, part, straiten 
ed, pressed together 

Coarcte, adv. closely, strictly 

Coarcto, are, a. and Coarto, to 
straiten, or press together, to 
bring a matter into few words 

Coarguendus, a, um, part, about 
to convict, reprove, &c. 

Coarguo, fire, ui, utum, a. to re- 
prove, to tax, or charge down- 
right, to convince, or convict 

Coaspernans, tis, part, slighting 

Coaspernor, ari, dep. to despise, 
or set light by 

Coassatio, 6nis,/. a planking, or 
laying a floor 

Coasso, are, a. to plank, or floor 

Coaxatus, a, um, part, floored, &c. 
Coaxo, are, n. to croak like a 

Cocclnatus, a, um adj. in scarlet 
Coccineus, a, um, adj. of scarlet, 

or crimson 
Coccinum, i, n. a scarlet robe 
Coccinus, a, um, adj. of a scarlet, 

or crimson colour 
Coccum, i, n. or Coccus, i, to. the 

grain wherewith cloth is dyed 

in grain, scarlet cloth dyed in 

Coccyx, ?gis, or cis, to. a cuckoo, 

a fish 
Cochlea, ae, / the shell of a snail, 

a snail, a cockle, a periwinkle, a 

shellfish, any thing in a spiral 

Cochleare, and Cochlear, aris, n. 

a spoon, a spoonful 
Cochlearis, e, adj. of a spoon 
Cochlearium, i, n. a spoonful, a 

cocklepit, a stove, or place to 

keep shellfish in 
Cochlldium, i, «. and Cochlis, 

idis,/. a winding staircase 
Cocio, onis, m. a higler, or pedler 
Codes, itis, c. g. he that is born 

with one eye only, or that hath 

but one eye 
Coctibilis, e, adj. easily sodden, 

boiled, or baked, easy of diges- 
tion [roasted 
Coctilis, e, adj. sodden, baked, 
Coctio, onis,/. a seething, a boil- 
ing, concoction 
Coctito, axe, freq. to boil often 
Coctivus, a, um, adj. easily boiled, 

or roasted, easily digested 
Coctor, oris, m. a boiler, one that 

has wasted all, a spendthrift 
Coctura, se,/. a seething, or that 

which is sodden 
Coctus, a, um, part, ior, comp 

sodden, boiled, baked, dressed, 

ripe, digested, ruminated 
C6culum, i, n. a pot, a kettle 
Codex, Icis, m. the body, stump, 

or stock of a tree, a book 
Codicariae naves, barges made of 

thick planks, hoys, lighters 
Codicillus, i, m. a stick, a little 

book, a table-book, a letter 

Ccelator, oris, m. an engraver 
Ccelebs, ibis, c. g. a bachelor, or 

Ccelestis, e, adj. heavenly 
Cceliacus, a, um, adj. griped 
Coelibatus, us, to. a single life 
Ccelitus, adv. from heaven 
Ccelo, as, a. to engrave, or carve 
Ccelum, i, n. pi. i, m. and Ccelus, 

i, ra. heaven, the sky, the air, 

firmament, the weather, a cli- 
mate, an orb of heaven 
Coemendus, a, um, part, to be 

Ccemeterium, i, n. a church-yard 
Co6mo, ere, ptum, a. to buy, to 

Coemptio, onis, /. a buying up 
Coemptionalis, e, adj. of buying 
Coemptor, oris, to. a buyer up 
Coemptus, a, nm,part. bought up 
Ooena, ae, / a supper, a set meal, 

room to sup 
Ccenaculum, i, n. a parlour, or 

other place to sup in 
Coenans, tis, part, supping 
Coenaticus, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to supper 
Ccenatio, onis,/. asuramer-hoiisJv 

a parlour 

C 3 


Ccenatiuncula, ae, /. a little room 
to sup, &c. in 

Ccenatoiium, i, n. a night-gown 

Ccenatdrius, a, ran, adj. of supper 

CoenatQiio, ire, Ivi, n. to have an 
appetite for supper [sup 

Ccenaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Ccenatus, a, um, part, having sup- 
ped, treated with a supper 

Coenito, are,/reg. to sup often 

Coeno, are, avi, n. to sup, to be at 

CcenSbium, i, n. a convent 

Ccenosus, a. um, adj. dirty, filthy, 

Coenula, ae,/. dim. a little supper 

Ccenum, i, n. dirt, mire, obscurity, 
poverty, a dirty fellow 

Coeo, Ire, ivi, Itum, a. to come, 
meet, assemble, or flock toge- 
ther, to agree together, to unite, 
to couple, to join, to close 

Ccepi, isti or cceptus sum, v. defect. 
I have begun, or taken in 

Cceptans, tis, part, beginning 

Coepto, are, a. to begin, to at- 

Coeptum, i, n. a beginning, an 
undertaking, an enterprise, an 
attempt [begin 

CceptOrus, a, um, part, ready to 

Cceptus, a, um, part, begun, at- 

Cceptus, us, m. a beginning 

Coequito, are, n. to ride together 

Coercendus, a, um, part, to be 

Coercens, tis, part, restraining, 
containing, bounding, &c. 

Coerceo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to re- 
strain, to bridle, or curb, to 
stop, or stay, to hinder, to keep 
under, or in awe, to bind 

Coercitio, onis,/. restraint, chas- 
tisement, a keeping in good 

Coercltor, oris, m. a restrainer, 
an enforcer 

Coercltus, a, um, part, restrained, 
kept in, stopped, tied up, com- 

Ccesius, a, um, adj. grey 

Coetus, us, m. an assembly, a 
meeting, a flock, an engagement 

Coexercitatus, a, um, adj. exer- 
cised together " 

Cogendus, a, um, part, to be 
forced, mixed together 

Cogens, tis, part, compelling, 
forcing, obliging, &c. 

CogitabTlis, e, adj. that may be 
thought upon 

Cogitabundus, a, um, adj. musing 

Cogitans, tis, part, thinking, con- 

C6gitate, adv. advisedly, wittingly 

Cogltatio, onis, /. thinking, 
thought, meditation, consider- 

Cogltatum, i, n. a thought, an 
intention, a design 

Cogitaturus, a, um, part, about 
to think 

Cogltatus, a, um, part, thought 
upon, contrived, devised, de- 

Cogito, are, freq. to think, to 
muse, to cast in mind, or have 
thoughts about, to reflect, to 

Cognatio, onis, /. kindred, rela- 
tionship, likeness, agreement 

Cognatus, a, um, adj. kindred, 
allied, of the same blood, very 

egi, actum, 
:ollect, 1 


like, almost of the same nature, 
Cognatus, i, m. a kinsman 
Cognitio, onis, /. knowledge, 
judgment, a trial, cognizance, a 
rule, definition 
Cognitor, oris, m. one that takes 
cognizance, a proctor, a lawyer, 
one that overlooks the sale of 
confiscated goods 
Cognitura, ae, /. the practice of an 

attorney, proctorship 
Cognlturus, a, um, part, about 

to know 
Cognitus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior,comp.issimus, superl. known, 
understood, known by report 
Cognomen, mis, n. the same as 
Cognomentum, i, n. a surname 
Cognominans, tis, part, surnam- 

Cognominatus, a, um, part, sur- 

Cognomlnis, e, c. g. of the same 

Cognomino, are, a. to surname 
Cognoscendus, a, um, part, to be 

known, or understood 

Cognosco, ere, ovi, cognitum, a. 

to know, to understand, to 

know carnally, to experience, 

to learn, to inform oneself, to 


Cogo, ere 

gather, or collect, to get, bring, 

or assemble together, to heap 

up, to thicken, to curdle, to 

force, or compel, to oblige 

Cohaerens, tis, part, agreeing, or 

hanging together 
Cohaerenter, adv. ius, comp. or- 
derly, without interruption, 
fitly, agreeably 
Cohaerentia, ae, /. coherence, a 
fastening, or sticking together, 
a subsisting 
C6haereo, ere, si, sum, n. to stick, 
or hang together, to cleave to- 
gether, to be joined in office 
Cohasres, edis, c. g. a co-heir 
CShaeresco, ere, incep. to stick 
together [curbed 

C5hlbendus, a, um, part, to be 
Cohibens, tis, part, restraining 
COhlbeo, ere, ui, itum, a. to re- 
strain, to curb, or hold in, to 
keep under, or off, to refrain 
C5hibItio, onis,/. a restraint 
Cohibitus, a, um, part, restrained, 

C6h6nesto, are, a. to commend, 

to grace 
Coborreo, ere, ui, n. to shake, to 

tremble for fear 
CShorresco, ere, the same 
Cohors, tis, /. a cohort, a troop, 
or band of men, a regiment of 
foot, a company, an assembly 
CShortalis, e, adj. fed in a coop 
C6hortandus, a, um, part, to be 

Cohortans, tis, part, encouraging 
CShortatio, onis,/. an exhortation 
Ctihortatus, a, um, part, encou- 
raged, having encouraged 
Coborticula, ae,/. a small retinue 
Cohortis, is,/, a coop, a pen 
C5hortor, atus sum, dep. to ex- 
hort, to encourage 
Colbilis, e, adj. hanging together 
Coiens, euntis, part, meeting, or 

coming close together 
Coinqumo, are, a. to soil, or be- 
daub, to corrupt, or inlect 
Coitio, onis, /. an a»8emblisx 


together, a confederacy, cr 
union, a correspondence 

Colturus, a, um, part, about to 
meet, or join with 

Coitus, a, um, part, come to- 
gether, allied 

Coitus, us, m. a coming together, 
or assembling, copulation 

C6laphizo, are, a. to buffet 

C61aphus, i, m. a box on the ear, 
a slap on the chops 

Colatus, a, um, part, strained, 
cleansed [parasite 

COlax, acis, m. a flatterer, a 

C&lendus, a, um, part, to be wor- 
shipped, or reverenced 

C&lens, tis, part, worshipping, 

Coles, is, m. or Colis, a stalk of 
beans, &c. 

Coleus, i, m. the stones of a man, 
or beast [colic 

Collce, es, or Colica, ae, /. the 

Coliculus, i, m. dim. a little stalk 

CSlicus, a, um, adj. of the colic 

Collphium, i, n. a kind of nou- 
rishing food used by athletes 

Collabasco, 6re, n. to stagger 

Collabefacio, ere, a. to loosen, to 
break, to destroy 

Collabefactatus, a, um, part, to be 

CollabSfacto, are, a. to thro« 
down, to enfeeble [borne 

Collabefactus, a, um, part, over- 

Collabgfio, eri, n. to be broken, 
cast down to the ground, or 
dashed in pieces 

Collabens, tis, part, falling down 

Collabesco, ere, n. to fail, to 

Collabor, i, psus, dep. to fall, sink, 
or give way, to stumble 

Collaceratus, a, um, part, torn 

Collachrymans, tis, part, weeping 

Collachryinatio, onis,/. a weeping 

Collachrymo, are, a. to bewail, or 
weep for a thing with one 

Collacteus, a, um, adj. nursed 
with the same milk 

Collapsus, a, um, part, ruined, or 
fallen down, out of heart, faint- 
ing, falling into a swoon, stop- 

Collare, is, n., and Coliarium, i, n. 
a collar, a band, or cravat 

Collaria, ae, /. a collar, or iron 

Collaris, e, adj. of the neck 

Collatatus, a, um, part, enlarged, 

Collateralis, e, adj. collateral 

Collatio, onis, /. a collation, a 
comparison, a bringing, or join- 
ing together, a tax 

Collatitius, a, um, adj. contri- 
buted, conferred, lent, borrowed 

Collato, are, a. to widen, to en- 

Collator, oris, m. a collator, a 

Collatu, abl. m. in comparison 

Collaturus, a, um, part, about to 
confer, or compare 

Collatus, a, um, part, collated, 
compared, set, or advanced over 
against, brought together, con- 
tributed, bestowed 

Coilaudandus, a, um, part, to be 
highly praised, or commended 

Collaudans, tis, part, commed 
ing, praising 

Collaudatio, onis, /. praise 

Collaudatus, a, una, part, prewired 


Collaudo, are, a. to praise, to 

Collecta, a?,/, a collect, a collec- 
tion, or gathering, a shot, club 

Collectanea, orum, pi. n. things 
written, or gathered out of 
many works 

Collectaneus, a, um, adj. collected 
here and there, scraped up to- 

Collectio, 6nis, /. a collection, or 
gathering together, a jaicking 
up, an imposthume, a swelling, 
a conclusion, or inference 

Collectltius, a, um, adj. gathered 
up of all sorts 

Collectivus, a, um, adj. collective, 
apt to make inferences, gather- 
ed together into one 

Coilectum, i, n. that which is 
gathered together 

Collectus, a, um, part, gathered 
together, assembled, gotten, 
obtained, picked up 

Collega, ae, m. a colleague, a 
partner, a sharer, an associate 

Collegium, i, n. a college, a cor- 
poration, a company, a frater- 
nity, or society [lighten 

Collevo, are, a. to give ease, to 

Colllbertus, i, m. one made free 
by the same master 

Colliciae, arum, pi. f. pipes, 
troughs, gutters, drains 

Colliciilus, i, m. dim. a hillock 

Collldo, ere, si, sum, a. to beat, 
strike, or dash together, to 
dash against, to attack 

Colllgandus, a, um, part, to be 
bound together 

Colligatio, onis, /. a binding to- 
gether, a conjunction, an union 

Colligatum, i, it. what is bound 
together [together 

Colllgatus, a, um, part, bound 

Colllgendus, a, um, part, to bo 
collected, gathered 

Colflgens, tis, part, collecting, 

Colligo, are, a. to tie, bind, or 
clap together, to connect, fetter, 
to entangle, or engage 

Colligo, ere, egi, ectum, a. to 
collect, to get, or bring toge- 
ther, to gather, to pluck, or 
pick, to get, or acquire, to har- 
ness, or join together, to tie, or 
truss up, to take, or pick up, to 
conclude, or infer, to reckon up 

Colllmitium, i, n. the borders 
where two counties meet 

Collimo, are, a. to look straight, 
to aim, to hit the mark 

Colllneo, are, a. to level, or aim 
in a right line [over 

Collinltus, a, um, part, daubed 

CollTno, ere, Ini, ivi, and evi, 
Hum, a. to besmear, to defile 

Collmus, a, um, adj. of a hill 

^olliquans, tis, part, melting, 

Colliquatio, 6nis,/. a melting 

CollTquefacio, ere, eci, actum, a. 
to melt down, or dissolve 

Colliqugfactus, a, um, part, melted 

CollTqueo, ere, cui, n. to melt 

Colllquesco, ere, inc. to begin to 

Colliquia?, arum, pi. f. drains, 

Collis, is, m. a hill, a little hill, a 
hillock, an easy ascent 

Collisio, onis, /. collision, a dash- 
ing, breaking 


Collisu, abl. m. a thrusting to- 
Collisus, a, um, part, dashed 

together, battered 
Collitus, a, um, part, besmeared 
Coll&candus, a, um, part, to be 

set, or placed 
CollOcans, tis, part, placing 
CollOcatio, onis, /. a placing, set- 
ting, a bestowing, or settling, a 

Collocatus, a, um, part, placed, 
posted, set, bestowed 

CollOco, are, a. to place, or set, to 
pitch, to put, or lay, to lay out, 
employ, or bestow, to let out, to 
lend, to give in marriage 

CollQcupletandus, a, um, part, to 
be enriched, or improved 

CollOeiipleto, are, a. to enrich 

CollOcutio, onis,/. a conference 

CollOcuturus, a, um, part, about 
to converse, or confer 

CollOcutus, a, um, part, having 
talked with [gether 

CollOquens, tis, part, talking to- 

CollOquium, i, n. a discourse, a 
conversation, a conference, a 

CollOquor, i, utus sum, dtp. to 
speak, or talk together, to speak 
to, or with, to speak, to dis- 
course, to converse 

Collucatio, onis,/. a lopping, &c. 

Collucens, tis, part, shining to- 

Colluceo, ere, xi, n. to shine, or 
give a general light, to glitter 

Colluco, are, a. to lop trees 

Colluctans, tis, part, struggling 

Colluctatio, onis, /. a wrestling, 

Colluctator, oris, nt. a wrestler 

Colluctor, ari, dep. to wrestle, to 

Colludo, ere, si, sum, a. to play, or 
sport together 

Collum, i, n. the neck 

Colluo, ere, ui, utum, a. to rinse, 
wash, or scour 

Collusio, onis,/. collusion, deceit 

Collusor, oris, m. he that doth 
any thing by collusion 

Collusorie, adv. knavishly 

Collustrans, tis, part, surveying 

Collustratus, a, um, part, en- 

Collustro, are, a. to make clear, 
to enlighten, to behold, to sur- 

Collutulo, are, a. to defile, dis- 

Collutus, a, um, part, washed, 

Colluviarium, i, n. a sink 

Colluvies, ei,/. a sink, or kennel, 
filth, dirt _ 

Colliivio, onis,/. filth, wash 

Collybus, i, m. gain, or loss by the 
changing of money 

Collyra, a?,/, a bun, a sippet 

Collyricus, a, um, adj. sopped in 

Collyrium, i, n. eye-salve, a clyster 

Colo, are, a. to strain, purge, re- 

COlo, e>e, ui, cultum, a. to till, to 
cultivate, to deck, trim, or 
adorn, to piune, to dwell in, to 
inhabit, to frequent, to worship, 
to honour, to love and esteem, 
to be attached to, to make love, 
or court to 

Colocasia, a?, /., and C616casium, 
i, n. an Egyptian bean 


COlOcyntkis, ulis, /. a kind oi 

wild gourd, purging phlegm 
Colon, i, n. the great gut winding 
from the left side to the right, 
a member of a sentence 
Colona, ae,/. a country-woman 
COlonarium, i, n. a land-tax 
COlonia, ae, /. a colony, or plan- 
tation, a company of people 
transplanted from one place to 
Colonicus, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to a colony, or husbandry 
COlonus, a, um, adj. of a colony, 
that may be tilled, fit to be 
COlonus, i, m. a husbandman, a 
farmer, a planter, a hind, or 
country fellow at service 
COlOphon, onis, m. an end, a con- 
Color, or COlos, Oris, m. a colour, 
a die, or hue, a complexion, 
outward show, or beauty, a 
cloak, or pretence, a plea 
COloiate, adv. by pretence 
COloratus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
coloured, painted, set out, or off, 
garnished, trimmed, vamped, 
varnished, disguised 
COlOro, are, a. to colour, to dye, 
to give a complexion, or set a 
gloss, to tan, to make tawny 
COiosseus, a, um, adj. colossean, 
giant-like, gigantic [size 

Colosslcus, a, um, adj. of a huge 
COlossinus color, a bright purple 
COlossus, i, m. a huge pillar, or 

Colostra, ae,/. and trum, i, n. the 
first milk after birth, biestings 
COlostratio, onis,/. a disease 
COlostratus, a, um, adj. thick, 
like biestings [pent 

Coluber, bri, m. a snake, a ser- 
COlubra, ae,/. a female snake 
COlubrifer, a, um, adj. having 

snaky tresses 
COlubrlnus, a, um, adj. of a snake, 

Colum, i, n. a colander, a strainer, 
a wheel, a member of a sen- 
tence, the colic 
COlumba, ae,/. a dove, a pigeon 
COlumbar, aris, n. a pillory, a hole 
in the side of a ship, a mortice^ 
Columbaria, ae,/. a pigeon-house 
COlumbaris, e, adj. of a pigeon 
Columbarium, i, n. a pigeon- 
house, a dove-cote 
COlumbarius, i, m. a keeper of a 

COluinbatlm, adv. like doves 
Columbina, ae, /. columbine, ver- 
COlumbinus, a, um, adj. of pigeons 
COlumbor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

bill like doves, to kiss 
COlumbiilus, i, m. a young dove 
Columbus, i, m. a dove, a pigeon 
Columella, ae, /. a little pillar, a 

COlumellaris, e, adj. of the fashion 

of a little pillar 
COlumen, inis, n. a principal beam, 
or prop, a buttress, a stay, or 
Colilmis, e, adj. safe, healthy 
COlumna, ae,/ a column, a pillar, 

a post, a support 

COlumnarium, i, n. a tribute for 

every pillar [pillRr 

COlumnelia, 88, /. dim. a little 

COluri, orum, pi. m. imaginary 




circles meeting in the poles of 
the world 

COlurnus, a, urn, adj. made of hazel 

Colus, i,/. also Colu, a distaff 

COluthea, orum, pi. n. sweetmeats, um, pi. f. pickled 

Coma, ae, /. the hair, a bush, or 
head of hair, a branch, a leaf 

Comans, tis, part, having long 
hair, bushy, bearing long grass 

Comarchus, i, m. an earl, a go- 
vernor of a city 

Comatorius, a,um, adj. of, or per- 
taining to the hair 

COmatus, a, um, part, having 
hair, adorned with hair, having 

Ccmbibo, ere, bibi, itum, a. to 
drink together, to drink up, or 
in, to suck, or take in 

Comblbo, onis, m. a pot-com- 

Comburendus, a, um, part, to be 

Comburens, tis, part, burning, 
consuming, destroying 

Comburo, 6re, ssi, stum, a. to 
burn, to consume with fire, to 
burn up, to scorch, parch 

Combustio, onis,/. a combustion, 
a burning 

Combustus, a, um, part, burnt 

CSmgdendus, a, um, part, to be 
eaten up 

Comedo, is, or comes, c5mest, 
gdere, or esse, edi, esum, or 
estum, a. to eat, to eat up, to 
devour, to waste, to consume, 
to squander away 

Comedo, onis, m. a glutton, a 

Comens, tis, part, combing 

Comes, itis, c. g. a companion, an 
attendant, a follower, an assist- 
ant, a partner, a partaker 

Comessabundus, same as Comis- 

Comessans, tis, part, rioting 

Comessatio, onis, /. same as 

Comessator, same as Comissator 

C6messe,/o?- Comedere 

Comessem,/oi- Comederem 

Comessor, same as Comissor 

Comestura, ae, /.. an eating, a 

Comesus, and CQmestus, a, um, 
part, eaten up [eat 

C&mesurus, a, um, part. about to 

CCmeta, and Cometes, 33, m. a 

Cornice, adv. like a comedy, comi- 
cally, pleasantly 

Cdmicus, a, um, a <?;. belonging to 
comedy, represented in come- 
dies, comical 

Comicus, i, m. awriterof comedies 

Cominus, adv. near at hand, 
hand to hand, forthwith 

Comis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. gentle, mild, courteous, 
gracious, kind, nice, curious 

CSmissabundus, a, um, adj. revel- 

Comissatio, Onis,/. revelling 

Comissator, oris, m. a reveller 

Comissor, atus sum, dep. to revel, 
to feast 

Comitans, tis, part, accompanying 

Comltas, atis, /. affability, com- 
plaisance, mildness, kindness 

Comitatus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
accompanied, attended 

C8rn'tams, us, m. a retinue of at- 

tendants, equipage, a prince's 

CSmiter, issime, superl. adv. 
gently, courteously, splendidly 

C6mitia, orum, pi. n. an assem- 
bly, a pai-liament, a common- 
council, a convention 

Comitialis, e, adj. pertaining to 
an assembly 

COrnitialiter, adv. by reason of 
the falling-sickness 

COmitiarius, a, um, adj. after the 
manner of a public assembly 

COmitiatus, us, m. a meeting of 
the people in town-hall, &c. 

Cdmitio, atum, are, n. to go to, or 
assemble in the comitium 

C&mitium, i, n. an assembly, a 
place of assembly, a parliament- 
house, a state-house 

CSmito, are, a. the same as 

C6mitor, atus sum, dep. to ac- 
company, or go along with, to 
attend, or wait upon 

Comma, atis, n. a part of a mem- 
ber in a period 

Commaculatus, a, um, part, de- 

Commaculo, are, a. to spot, de- 
file, stain, or soil, to embrue, 
to disparage 

Commadeo, ere, ui, ». to be moist, 
or wet, to be well soaked 

Commanducans, tis, part, chew- 

Commanducatus, a, um, part. 

Commanducatus, us, m. chewing 

Commanduco, are, a. to chew 

Commanipularis, is, m. a fellow- 
soldier, a comrade 

Commeans, tis, part, going to 
and fro, travelling, wayfaring, 

Commeator, oris, m. a courier, a 

Commeaturus, a, um, part, about 
to go 

Commeatus, us, m. provisions, 
victuals, a convoy, a passport, 
or pass, a passage 

Commedltor, atus sum, dep. to 
meditate, or muse upon, to con 

Cemmemini, isse, v. defect, to 
remember, or have in remem- 

CommemOrabilis, e, adj. worth 
the mentioning 

Commemorandus, a, um, part. 
worthy to be mentioned 

CommgmOrans, tis, part, men- 

CommgrnSratio, onis, /. a com- 
memoration, a mentioning, a 

Commem6ratus, a, um, part. 

Commem6ro, are, a. to comme- 
morate, to call to mind, to re- 
member, to mention, or speak 
of, to relate, to recount 

Commendabilis, e, adj. commend- 
able, worthy to be praised 

Commendandus, a, um, part, to 
be commended [ing 

Commendans, tis,part. commend- 

Commendatio, 6nis,/. a commen- 
dation, or recommendation 

Commendatitius, a, um, adj. 

Commendator, oris, m. he that 
commends, or praises 

Commendatrix, Icis, /. she who 

Commendatus, a, um, part. avA 
adj. ior, comp. issimus, superl. 
commended, praised, valued, 
esteemed, recommended 

Commendo, are, a. to commend, 
to praise, to recommend, to 
adorn, to commit 

Commensalis, is, c. g. a boarder, 
a fellow- commoner 

Commensus, us, m. the measure 
of a thing in proportion to 

Commentans, tis, part, comment- 

Comment ariolum, i, n. a journal, 
a day-book 

Commentariolus, i, m. a note, a 
book of comments 

Oommentarium, i, n. a commen- 
tary, a note 

Commentarius, i, m. a commen- 
tary, an exposition, a brief re- 
gister, or account, an historical 
memorial, a book of notes 

Commentatio, onis,/. a meditat- 
ing, musing, or thinking upon 

Commentator, oris, m. a com- 
mentator, an inventor, a devi- 
ser, a liar 

Commentatus, a, um, part. a. 
and pass, studied, devised, ham- 
mered, thought upon, com- „ 

Commentior, iri, dep. to agree 
together in a he 

Commentitius, a, um, adj. feign- 
ed, devised, newly invented, 

Commentor, atus sum, freq. to 
comment, to write, or compose, 
to devise, or invent, to feign, or 
forge, to discourse, reason 

Commentor, oris, m. an inventor 

Commentum, i, n. an invention, 
a contrivance, a device, deceit, 
artifice, a tale 

Commentus, a, um, part, that 
imagines, or devises, forged, 
feigned, devised 

Commeo, are, n. to go to and 
fro, to go, or come, to pass 

Commercium, i, n. commerce, 
traffic, merchandise, a buying 
and selling, a bartering, an in- 

Commercor, atus sum, dep. to 
traffic, &c. 

Comme.reo, ere, ui, itum, a. to de- 
serve well, or ill, to commit 

Commentus, a, um, part, that 
hath deserved 

Commetiendus, a, um, part. 

Commetior, iri, ensus, dep. to 
take measure of, to proportion. 

Commlgratio, onis, /. a motion, a 

Commigro, are, a. to remove, to 
go away, to come 

Commiles, itis, m. a fellow-sol- 

Commilitium, i, n. fellowship in 

Commilito, onis, m. a fellow- sol- 
dier, a comrade 

Commmandus, a, um, part. 
threatened, threatening 

Comminans, tis, part, threatening 

Commmatio, onis, /. commina- 
tion, a threat, a threatening, a 

Commmatus, a, um, part, threa- 
tening, threatened 

Commingo, ere, xi, ictum, a. to 
make water ob 





Commlniscor, entus sum, dep. to 
devise, invent, feign, or forge 

Comministro, same as Ministro 

Comminor, atus, dep. to threaten 

Commlnuendus, a, um, part, to 
be broken to pieces 

Comminuo, ere, ui, ututn, a. to 
break in pieces, to bruise, or 
crumble, to break 

Comminiitim, adv. by pieces 

Commlnutus, a, um, part, broken 
in pieces, impaired 

Commiscendus, a, um, part, to be 
mingled, or mixed with 

Commisceo, ere, ui, stum, a. to 
mix, or mingle together, to 
mix, to jumble, to adulterate 

Commisgrandus, a, urn, part, to 
be pitied 

Comimserans, tis, part, pitying 

Commise'ratio, onis,/. pity, com- 

CommisSror, ari, dep. to bewail, 

Commissio, 6nis,/. a setting to- 
gether two, for trial of maste- 
ries in any exercise 

Commissum, i, n. an offence, or 
fault, a crime, an undertaking, 
or attempt, a secret, or trust 

Commissura, 8e, /. a joint, a clo- 
sure, a seam, a joining 

Commissurus, a, um, part, about 
to commit 

Commissus, a, um, part, com- 
mitted, intrusted, communi- 
cated, or imparted, done, per- 

Commistus, a, um, part, mixed, 
mingled together 

Commltigo, are, a. to bruise, to 
make soft 

Committendus, a, um, part, to be 
committed, intrusted, begun, 
joined, permitted 

Committens, tis, part, commit- 
ting, &c. 

Committo, Sre, mlsi, missum, a. 
to commit, to intrust, to im- 
part, to enjoin, to expose, to 
venture, to do amiss, to give 
cause, to bring, to engage, to 
give battle, to begin, to set on 

Commixtio, onis, /. a mixing to- 

Commixtus, a, um, part, mixed, 

Commtidandus, a, um, part, to be 

Commodans, tis, part, lending 

Commodatio, onis, /. a lending, 
or obliging one 

CommSdatus, a, um, part, lent, 
fitted, or made fit 

CommOde, adv, ius, comp. isst- 
me, superl. well, handsomely, 
elegantly, conveniently, fitly 

Commoditas, atis, /. commodity, 
profit, advantage, convenience, 

Comm6do, are, a. to lend, to 
give, to yield, or afford, to pro- 
fit, or do good, to benefit, or 

Commodule, adv. somewhat con- 
veniently, or partly 

Commodiilum, adv. pretty well 

CommSduleum, i, n. a small ad- 

Commodum, i, n. advantage, be- 
nefit, profit, gain, interest, 

Comm6dnm, adv. in good time, 
seasonably, luckil? 

Commodus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, auperl. convenient, 
suitable, proper, fit, apt, ad- 
vantageous, profitable, bene- 
ficial, lucky, fortunate, season- 

Commcereo, same as Mcereo 

Commolior, Iri, tus, dep. to en- 
deavour, to attempt, to devise 

Commolitus, a, um, part, ground 

Comm61o, ere, ui, Itum, a. to 
grind, bruise 

Commone'f aciendus, a, um, part. 
to be admonished, to be re- 

Commongf acio, 8re, eci, actum, 
■a. to admonish, to advise, to 
remind, to rehearse 

Commonefio, 6ri, factus, n. pass. 
to be put in mind 

Comm5neo, ere, ui, Itum, a to 
warn, advise, or put in mind 

CommOnitio, Onis,/. an admonish- 
ing, a warning, a summing up 

Commomtorium, i, n. a letter 

CommSnitus, a, -am, part, warned, 
advertised, put in remembrance 

Commonstro, are, a. to show, or 
point out 

Comm6randus, a, um, part, to 

CommOratio, onis, /. a staying, or 
continuing, a dwelling, a place 
of abode, a delay 

CommOraturus, a, um, part. 
about to stay 

CommOratus, a, um, part, having 

Commordeo, ere, di, sum, a. to 
bite [gether 

Commoriens, tis, part, dying to- 

CommOrior i, tuus sum, dep. to 
die together 

Commoror, ari, dep. to abide with, 
to stay, to dwell, to sojourn, to 
continue long 

Commorsus, a, um, part, bitten 

Commortalis, e, adj. very frail 

Commotio, onis, /. commotion, 
trouble, disquiet; disturbance 

Coromotiuncula, ae, /. a small mo- 
tion, or passion 

Commotus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
moved, raised, vexed, incensed, 
affected, astonished 

CommSveo, ere, ovi, otum, a. to 
move, or stir, to raise, or excite, 
to disturb, to disquiet, to stir 

Commulceo, ere, si, a. to cajole, 
to smooth up 

Commune, is, n. a common- 
wealth, a state, the public 

Communicandus, a, um, part, to 
be communicated 

Communicans, tis, part, commu- 
nicating, sharing, imparting 

Communicatio, onis,/. communi- 
cation, the making of a thing 
common, partnership 

Communicaturus, a, um, part. 
about to communicate 

Communicatus, a, um, part, im- 

Communiceps, rpis, m. a towns- 
man, a fellow-citizen 

Communico, are, a. to com- 
municate, to impart, to share 
with, to confer, to consult 

Communio, ivi, ire, a. to fortify 

Communio, onis, /. communion, 

mutual participation, an equal 
privilege, the community 

Communis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
common, general, universal, 
the same, all alike, equal, on 
a level 

Communitas, atis,/. community, 
a having all things in commou, 
fellowship, society 

Communiter, adv. in common, in- 
differently, together 

Communltio, onis,/. a fortifying 

Communltus, a, um, part, forti- 
fied, fenced 

Commurmuratio, Onis, /. a 
grumbling together 

Commurmuro, are, n. to murmur, 
or whisper together, to grumble 

Commurmuror, atus sum, dep. to 
mutter [mutable 

Commutabilis, e, adj. changeable, 

Commutandus, a, um, part, fit, to 
be altered 

Commutatio, onis, /. a change, 
or alteration 

Commiitaturus, a, um,part. about 
to change [changed 

Commutatus, a, um, par*, altered, 

Commutatus, us, m. a change 

Commuto, are, a. to change, to 
alter, to exchange, to barter 

C6mo, are, a. and n. to adorn, to 

Como, Sre, psi, ptum, a. to comb, 
or deck the hair, to trim 

Comoedia, se,/. a comedy, an in- 
terlude, or farce, a dramatic 

Comcedice, adv. comically, merrily 

Comcedicus, a,um,a<Z.7. comic 

Comcedus, i, m. a comedian 

Comcedus, a, um, adj. persona- 
ting, pretending to be what 
one is not 

Comosus, a, um, adj. isshnus, 
superl. hairy, rough, full o* 

Compactilis, e, adj. compact, 
joined, or set together 

Compactio, onis, /. a joining, or 
setting together 

Corapactum, i, n. a compact, an 
agreement, a covenant 

Compactus, a, um, part, or adj 
joined together, well set 

Compages, is, /. a close joining, 
or setting together, a joint 

Compago, Inis,/. a joint, or clo- 
sure [caress 

Compalpo, are, atum, a. to stroke, 

Compar, aris, adj. equal, even, 
like, agreeable 

Compar, aris, c. g. a companion, 
or second, a compeer, a partner 

Comparabilis, e, adj. comparable 

Comparandus, a, um, part, to be 
compared, to be gotten 

Comparate, adv. nTcomparison 

Comparatio, onis,/. comparison, 
a getting, provision, prepara- 
tion, proportion 

Comparative, adv. comparatively 

Comparativus, a, um, adj. com- 
parative, relative 

Comparatus, a, um, part, com- 
pared, prepared, ordained, de- 
signed, gotten, procured 

Comparco, fire, si, sum, n. to 
spare, or husband well 

Compareo, ere, ui, Itum, ». to ap- 
pear, to be extant 

Comparo, are, a. to compare, to 
prepare, or provide, to provider 
for, to procure, to acquire, to 
raise, to recruit, to order 




C'ompasco, ere, a. to feed to- 
gether in pasture 

Compedis, /. gen., and Compede, 
abl., plvir. Compedes, a fetter, 
or shackle for the feet, stocks 

Compedia ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to 
shackle or fetter, to bind 

Compeditus, a, um, part, fettered 

Coropellatio, onis, /. an address 
by name, a chiding 

Compellaturus, a, um, part, about 
to call upon, or accuse by name 

Compellatus, a, um, part, called 
upon by name, called 

Compellendus, a, um, part, to be 
compelled, or forced 

Compellens, tis, part, compelling, 

Compello, are, a. to call by name, 
to speak to, to address, to ac- 
cost, to salute, to chide, to 

Compello, Sre, uli, ulsum, a. to 
compel, to force, or constrain, 
to drive, or bring together 

Compellucidus, a, um, adj. bright, 

Compendiaria, ae,/. a short cut 

Compendiari6, adv. compendi- 

Compendiari us, a, um, adj. com- 
pendious, hrief, short 

Cornpendif&cio, fire, eci, actum, a. 
to abridge, to profit 

Compendiosus, a, um, adj. com- 
pendious, brief, gainful, profit- 

Compendium, i, n. an abridgment, 
an abstract, a short way, or 
method, a short cut, gain 

Compensandus, a, um, part, to be 
recompensed, or made amends 

Compensatio, onis, /. a compen- 
sation, a recompence, a satis- 

Compensatus, a, um, part, re- 
compensed, requited, rewarded 

Compenso, are, a. to recompense, 
or make amends, to requite, to 
reward, to equal, to abridge 

Compfirendinatio, onis,/. an ad- 
journment, or putting off a trial 

Compe'rendinatus, us, m. the same 

Comperendlnatus, a, um, part. 
prolonged, adjourned, deferred 

Comperendino, are, a. to delay, to 
defer from day to day 

Comperio, ire, ri, rtum, a. to find 
out, to discover, to understand, 
to know for certain, to get good 

Comperior, tus sum, dep. to know 
assuredly, to be sure of 

Compernis, is, c. g. one knock- 

Compertus, a, um, part, or adj. 
known for certain, found out, 
discovered, taken in the act 

Compes, gdis, same as Compedis 

Jompescendus, a, um, part, to be 

Compesco, ere, ui, a. to restrain, 
to stop, or check, to curb, or 
bridle, to hold, or keep in, to 
ease, or assuage, to quench, to 
suppress, to cease 

Cornpetens, tis, part, desiring, 

Cornpetens, tis, adj. competent, 
sufficient [duly 

Compgtenter, jidv. competently, 

Competentia, a?,/, a competency, 
a fitness 

Competltio, onis,/. a competition, 

a rivalship, a canvassing for one 
Competitor, oris, m. a competitor 
Competltrix, Icis,/. a she rival 
Compgto, fire, Ivi, Itum, a. and n. 
to agree, to suit, to be proper, 
or convenient, to join, or meet, 
to fall ci*it, or upon, to ask, or 
sue for the same thing, to stand 
for the same place, to be r. 
Compllatio, 6nis, /. pillage, plun- 
der, a robbing [extortioner 
Compllator, oris, m. a robber, an 
Compilatus, a, um, part, robbed, 

pillaged, plundered 
Compllo, are, a. to rob, to pillage, 

to plunder, to strip, to steal 
Compingo, ere, egi, actum, a. to 
j oin, or fasten together, to make, 
or form, to frame 
Compitalia, um, pi. n. feasts in 

honour of the rural gods 
Compitalis, e, adj. belonging to 

the cross-ways 
Compitalitia, same as Compitalia 
Compitalitius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to the feasts called Compi- 

Compitum, i, n. a cross way, or 
street, a place where several 
ways meet 

Complaceo, ere, ui and Itus sum, 
itum, n. to please, or be well 
liked [pleasing 

Complacitus, a, um, part, well 

Complaco, are, a. to gain favour, 
to make court to, to appease 

Complanator, oris, m. he that 
makes plain, level, or smooth 

Complanatus, a, um, part, made 
even, levelled with the ground 

Complano, are, a. to make plain, 
level, or even, to smooth, to 

Complaudo, gre, si, sum, a. and n. 
to clap hands, to applaud 

Complectendus, a, um, part, to 

Complectens.tis, part, embracing 

Complector, i, xus sum, dep. to 
embrace, to hug, to grapple, to 
take hold of, to comprise, to 
contain, to comprehend, to com- 

Complementum, i, n. a comple- 
ment, a completion, a filling up, 
or perfecting 

Complendus, a, um, part, to fill, 
or be filled up 

Complens, tis, parr, filling up 

Compleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to 
complete, to finish, to perfect, 
to fill, to fill up, to recruit, to 
supply the place of 

Completorium, i, n. midnight de- 

Completus, a, ma,part . completed, 
finished, ended, filled 

Complexio, onis, /. a comprehen- 
sion, or comprisal, a compass, 
a period, or full sentence, a con- 

Complexus, a, um, part, embrac- 
ing, containing, embraced, con- 
tained, comprised, complex 

Complexus, us, m. an embrace, 
affection, or love, a comprehen- 
sion, or enumeration, a compass 

Complicandus, a, um, part, to be 
folded up [up 

Co'mpflcatus, a, um, part, folded 

Compllco, are, ui and avi, Hum 
and atum, a. to fold up, to wrap 

ComplSdo, ere, si, sum, a. to clap 

Complorans, tis, part, bewailing 

Comploratio, onis, /. a lamenta- 

Comploratus, a, um, part, be- 
wailed, lamented 

Comploratus, us, m. alamentation 

Comploro, are, a. to bewail 

Complosus, a, um, part, clapt 

Compluo, utum, ere, a. to flow 
together in raining 

Complures, c. g. and h»c com- 
plura and compluria, n. many, 
several, a great many 

Compilings, adv. several times 

Complusculi, orum, adj. very 

Comphiviatus, a, um, adj. fashion- 
ed like a gutter 

Compluvium, i, n. a penthouse, a 

Compluvius, a, um, adj. that into 
which rain falls 

Componendus, a, um, part, to 
compose, or he composed of 

Componens, tis, part, composing, 
putting together, comparing, 

Compono, gre, sui, Itum, a. to 
compose, to put, or lay together, 
to join, to set in order, to ad- 
just, to methodize, to dispose, 
to confront, to compare, or 
liken, to set, or place, to ap- 
pease, or quiet, to settle, to re- 

Comportandus, a, um, part, to 
carry, or be carried together 

Comportatio, Onis, /. a carrying, 
or fetching, a carriage 

Comportatus, a, um, part, carried 
together [convey 

Comporto, are, a. to carry, to 

Compos, otis, c. g. that hath ob- 
tained his desire, a partaker, 
one in his right senses 

Composite, adv. in order, orderly, 

Compositio, onis,/. a composition, 
or mingling, a composing, a 
disposal, an agreement, a match- 

CompSsit6, adv. on purpose, oa 
set purpose, by design 

Compositor, oris, m. a composer, 
he who sets, or puts things to- 
gether, a maker, a compositor 

Comp6situra, se, /. a joining, or 
putting together 

CompOsitus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp issimus, superl. com- 
posed, set, or placed together, 
set in order, disposed, adjusted, 
fitted, matched, confronted, 
made, formed 

Compotatio, onis, /. a drinking 
together, a drinking-match 

Compoto, are, n. to drink toge- 
ther [nion 

Compotor, oris, m. a pot-compa- 

Compotrix, Icis, /. a drinking 

Compransor, 6ris, m. he that dines 
with another 

Comprgcatio, onis, /. a supplica- 
tion, a solemn prayer 

Comprecor, atus sum, dep. u 

Comprghendendus, a, um, par\ 
to apprehend, or be apprehend- 
ed, to be wrapped in 

Comprghendo, ere, di, sum, a. to 
comprehend, to understand, to 




apprehend, or seize, to take, nr 
catch, to take, or lay hold of, to 
tind out, or discover, to con- 

Comprfihense, adv. briefly, shortly 

Compr6hensibIlis, e, adj. compre- 
hensible, that may be under- 

Coiuprehensio, onis, /. a compre- 
hension, an understanding, an 
apprehension, a seizure 

Comprehensus, a, um, pari, com- 
prehended, understood, disco- 
vered, found out, apprehended, 
seized, laid hold of, taken, 

Compres?e, adv. ius, comp. briefly, 
concisely, compactly, closely 

Compressi'o, onis, /. compression, 
a squeezing together, a close 
embrace, a brief comprehension 

Compressiuncula, se, /. a gentle 

Compressor, oris, m. a deflowerer, 
a ravisher 

Compressurus, a, um, part, about 
to crush, stop, suppress, &c. 

Compressus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. pressed together, or close, 
kept, or shut close, clinched, 
closed, squeezed, crushed, sup- 
pressed, repressed, stopped 

Compressu, abl. m. a pressing 
close, an embracing 

Comprimendus, a, um, part, to be 
stopped, curbed, or repressed 

Cemprlmens, tis, part, stopping, 

Comprimo, ere, essi, essum, a. to 
press together, or close, to close, 
to keep close, to hold in, to 
suppress, to repress [tion 

Comprobatio, onis,/. an approba- 

ComprSbator, oris, m. an approver 

Comprobatus, a, um, part, ap- 

Compr6bo, are, a. to approve, to 
allow, to commend, to make 
good, to verify 

Compromissum, i, re. a compro- 
mise, a bond, or engagement 

Compromitto, gre, si, ssum, o. to 
put to arbitration, to consent 
to a reference 

Compte, ius, adv. neatly, elegantly 

Comptus, or Comtus, a, um, part. 
combed, adorned, trimmed, 
decked, made spruce 

Comptus, us, m. a decking, dress, 
attire [scolding 

Compugnans, tis, part, fighting, 

Compugno, are, a. to fight to- 
gether, to quarrel 

Compulso, are, freq. to strike 

Compulsus, a, um, part, driven, 
forced, compelled, constrained, 

Compunctio, 6nis, ./. compunc- 
tion, a pricking pain 

Compunctus, a, um, part, pricked, 

Compungendus, a, um, part, to be 

pricked, marked 
Compungo, fire, xi, ctum, a. to 
prick, to sting, to vex, or tor- 
ment, to offend [purify 
Compurgo, are, a. to clear, to 
Computabilis, e, adj. that may be 

counted, or numbered 
Compiitans, tis, part, reckoning 
Computatio, onis, /. a computa- 
tion, an account 
Cmnputator, oris, m. a computer 
Compute are, a. to compute, to 

count, or reckon, to cast up, to 
think, or deem, to show, or 
poiut out 
Computresco, ?re, ui, incep. to 

putrefy, or grow rotten 

Computus, i, m. an account, a 

reckoning [effort 

Conamen, Inis, re. an attempt, an 

Con amentum, i, n. that which 

helps a lever 
Conandus, a, um, part . to attempt 
Conans, tis, part, endeavouring 
Confttus, a, um, part, attempted 
Cdnatus, us, m. an attempt, an 

Concsedes, ium, pi. f. the lop- 
pings of trees, shreds 
Concalefacio, €re, a. to warm, to 

Concalefactio, 6nis,/. a warming 
Concalefactorius, a, um, adj. that 
makes warm, heating [ed 

Concalefactus, a, um, part, warm- 
Concaleflo, eri, factus sum, n. 
pass, to be heated, to grow hot 
Concalesco, Concaleo, ui, re. to be 

hot, to be made warm 
Conealleo, ere, n. to grow brawny, 

or hard, to be well versed 
Concamerandus, a, um, part. 

to be arched, or vaulted 
Concamgratio, onis, /. an arch, a 

celling, an arbour 
ConcameTatus, a, urn, part, arch- 
ed [ceil 
Concame"ro, are, a. to arch, to 
Concandeo, ere, n. to be warm, 

or hot 
Concastlgo, are, a. to chastise 
Concatenatus, a, um, part, linked 

Concavo, are, a. to make hollow, 

to bow, to bend 

Concavus, a, um, adj. concave, 

hollow [granted 

Concedendus, a, um, part, to be 

Concedens, tis, part, yielding, 

granting, departing 
Concedo, fre, ssi, ssum, a. to 
yield, to submit, to give place, 
or way, to resign, to go over, or 
away, to depart, to withdraw 
Concelebratus, a, um, part, cele- 
Coocelebro, are, a. to celebrate, 
to solemnize, to make famous, 
to extol, to resort to 
Concelo, are, a. to conceal, to hide 
Concentio, onis, /. a conceit, 
melody [centric 

Concentricus, a, um, adj. con- 
Concenturio, are, a. and n. to 
take votes in the centuries, to 
call over, to assemble 
Concentus, us, an. a concert of 
music, consent, agreement, con- 
cord, the chirping of birds 
Conceptaculum, i, n. a receptacle 
Conceptio, onis,/. the conception 
of a female, a breeding, the 
wording, writing 
Conceptivae feria, moveable feasts 
Conceptus, a, um, part, conceiv- 
ed, begotten, bred, hatched, 
thought of, caused, occasioned, 
duly formed, set down in writ- 
Conceptus, us, m. a conception, 
the act of conceiving, a breed- 
ing, a thing conceived, a con- 
Concerpo, ere, psi, ptum, ar to 

pull in pieces, to rend, to tear 
Concerptus, a, um, part, pulled 
in pieces 

Concertans, tis, part, striving 
Concertatio, 6nis,/. a contention, 

dispute, jarring, or opposition 
Concertativus, a, um, adj. con- 
Concertator, oris, m. a rival 
Concertatorius, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to pleading 

Conceitatus, a, um, part, debated 

Concerto, are, re. to strive to- 
gether, to contend, to quarrel, 
to debate, to brawl 

Concessatio, onis, /. a leaving off, 
a loitering, a stopping by the 

Concessio, onis, /. a concession, 
a grant 

Concessu, abl. m. by permission 

Concessum, i, n. a giant 

Concessurus, a, um, part, to re- 
move [lawful 

Concessus, a, um, part, granted, 

Concha, se, /. a shell-fish, a shell, 
a pearl, a hollow vessel, a wine- 
pot, &c, a large box, a trumpet 

Conchatus, a, um, adj. made like 
the shell of a fish, hollow, wide 

Conchis, is, / a bean unshelled, 
or boiled in the cod 

Conchula, a:,/, a little shell 

Conehyliatus, a, um, adj. of violet 

Conchylium, i, re. a shell-fish, a 
purple or violet colour 

Conchyra, », m. an oyster-man 

Concidendus, a, um, part, to be 
cut in pieces 

Concidens, tis, part, falling 

Coneido, ere, di, sum, a. to cut in 
pieces, or off, to cut, to chop, to 
maim, or mangle, to beat, or 

Coneido, ere, di, n. to fall down, 
to fall, to fall into decay, to go 
to ruin 

Conciens, tis, part, stirring up 

Concieo, ere, Ivi, Itum, a. to move, 
or stir up, to call together 

Conclliabulum, i, n. a conventicle, 
a junto, an unlawful assembly, 
a riot 

Conciliandus, a, lira, part, to be 
procured, to be gained 

Concilians, tis, part, reconciling, 

Conciliatio, onis, /. a reconcilia- 
tion, an agreement, a procure- 

Conciliator, 5ris, m. a reconciler, 
a maker-up, a procurer 

Conciliatricula, se, /. a little pro- 
curess, a small bawd 

Conciliatrix, icis, /. she that pro- 
cures, in a good sense, a recon- 

Conciliate abl. m. by composition 

Conciliatura, te,f. a reconciling 

Conciliaturus, a, um, part, about 
to reconcile 

Conciliatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. reconciled, brought 
over, gained, procured, purchas- 
ed, bought, joined together 

Conellio, are, a. to reconcile, to 
bring, or win over, to unite, to 
bring about, to engage, to gain, 
to obtain, to procure, to pur- 

Concilior, atus, dep. to full cloth, 
or work felts 

Concilium, i, n. a council, an as- 
sembly, a company, a place of 
meeting, an agreement, a mix- 

Concinnatio, 6nis,/. a f. ttiog, ftc. 




Concinnator, Oris, m. a dresser, a 
trimmer, one that trims a thing, 
or makes it fit for his purpose 

Concinnat&rius, a, um, adj. per- 
taining to dressing, &c. 

Concinnatus, a, um, part, trim- 
med, fitted 

Concinne, adv. neatly, prettily 

Concinnitas, atis, /. neatness, 
compactness, quaintness 

Concinniter, adv. prettily, neatly 

Concinnitudo, inis, /. neatness, 
elegance, politeness 

Concinno. are, a. to make neat, 
fine, or fit, to make ready, to 
prepare, to mix, to dress, or 
carry, to render, to make, cause, 
or excite 

Concinnus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
neat, fine, trim, well-fashioned, 
compact, dexterous, elegant, 
polite, comely, becoming, plea- 

Concinno, 6re, ui, entum, a. to 
sing, or play in concert, to sing, 
to play, or sound, to mourn, to 
celebrate, to agree, consent, or 
accord, to foretel 

Concio, Ire, Hum, a. to call to- 
gether, to summon, to stir up 

Concio, onis, /. an assembly, or 
congregation, an oration, or 
public discourse 

Concionabundus, a, um, adj. 

Concionalis, e, adj. belonging to 
haranguing, &c. 

Concionans, tis, part, making a 
speech, or sermon 

Concionarius, a, um, adj. that is 
often in assemblies [&c. 

Concionator, oris, m. a preacher, 

Concionatorius, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to preaching 

Goncionor, atus sum, dep. to 
make public orations 

Concipiens, tis, part, conceiving 

Concipio, Sre, epi, turn, a. to con- 
ceive, to breed, to devise, to plot, 
or contrive, to form, to beget, 
to comprehend, to entertain, to 
resolve, or determine, to under- 
take, to reckon 

Concipilo, are, a. to seize upon, 
to tear 

Concise, adv. concisely, &c. 

Conclsor, oris, m. one who cuts 
down, or fells [pieces 

^onclsuxa, ae, /. a chopping in 

£oncisus, a, um, part, cut in 
pieces, cut, chopt, battered, 
bruised, killed, broken, hum- 

Concitamentum, i, n. an incentive 

Concitans, tis, part, stirring up 

Concltatio, onis, /. a stirring up, 
a motion, a passion, mutiny 

Concitator, Oris, m. a stirrer up 

Concitatrix, Icis,/. she, or it that 
moves, provokes, or stirs up 

Concitaturus, a, um, part, about 
to stir up 

Concitatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. stirred 
up, stirred, moved, excited, 
pushed on, encouraged, pro- 

Concito, are, a. to stir up, to 
raise, to excite, to push on, or 
forward, to chase, or pursue, to 
disturb [causer 

Con cl tor, oris, m. a stirrer up, a 

Concitus, a, um, part, stirred up, 
moved, raised, pushed on, has- 
tened, incited, provoked 

Concitus, a, um, part, summoned 

Conciuncula, ae, /. a short oration, 
or speech 

Conclamans, tis, part, shouting, 
crying out [noise 

Conclamatio, onis, /. a shout, a 

Conclamatus, a, um, part, dead 
and buried 

Conclamito, are,/reg. to cry aloud 

Conclamo, are, a. to cry together, 
to cry out, to cry, or call upon 

Conclavatus, a, um, adj. locked 

Conclave, is, n. an inner chamber, 
a private room, a dining-room 

Conclavium, i, n. a parlour 

Conclausus, a, um, part, shut up 
together, inclosed 

Concludens, tis, part, concluding, 

Concliido, 6re, si, sum, a. to con- 
clude, to end, or finish, to shut, 
or lock up, to inclose, to en- 
compass [roundly 

Concluse, adv. concludingly, 

Conclusio, onis, /. a conclusion, 
an end, a shutting up, a siege, 
an inference 

Conclusiuncula, ae, /. a sophism, 
a wrested silly inference 

Conclusura, as, /. an extremity 

Conclusurus, a, um, part, about 
to conclude 

Conclusus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. concluded, ended, 
finished, shut up, inclosed, con- 
tained, comprised 

Concoctio, onis, /. a concoction, 

Concoctus, a, um, part, concoct- 
ed, boiled 

Conccenatio, Onis, /. a banquet- 
ing, or supping together 

Concolor, oris, adj. of the same 
colour [companied 

Concomitatus, a, um, adj. ac- 

Concopulo, are, a. to couple, or 
join [digested 

Conc6quendus, a, um, part, to be 

Concoquens, tis, part, digesting 

Concoquo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to boil, 
or seethe, to concoct, to digest, 
to endure 

Concordantia, ae, /. agreement, a 

Concordia, se, /. concord, agree- 
ment, union, harmony 

Concorditer, adv. issime, suptrl. 
harmoniously, unanimously 

Concordo, are, n. to agree, to be 
in tune 

Concorporo, are, a. to mix, to in- 

Concors, dis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. of one mind, una- 
nimous, peaceable 

Concrebresco, 6re, ui, n. to resound 

Concreditus, a, um, part, intrust- 
ed, delivered to one's charge 

Concredo, ere, didi, ditum, a. to 
intrust, to commit upon trust, 
to trust with, to hazard 

Concrematurus, a, um, part. 
about to burn 

Concremo, are, a. to burn, to set 
on fire 

Concrepans, tis, part, rattling 

Concr£po, are, ui, Itum, a. and n. 
to make a noise, to rattle, to 
ring, to snap 

Concrescentia, as,/, an increase 

Concresco, £re, evi, etum, n. to 
grow together, to congeal, to 
be frozen, to clot 

Concretio, onis,/. a concretion, a 

growing together, a growing 

hard, a congealing 
Concretum, i, n. a concrete, a 

substance, or solid thing, the 

quality considered with its 

Concretus, a, um, part, and adj. 

ior, comp. joined together, 

mixed, compounded, formed, 

congealed, frozen, clotted 
Concretus, us, m. a growing to- 
Concrlminor, atus sum, dep. to 

accuse, to tax, to blame 
Concriicio, are, a. to torment 
Concrustatus, a, um, adj. crusted 

Couciiblna, ae,/. a concubine 
ConcUblnatus, us, m. concubi- 
Concublnus, i, m. a catamite 
Concubiturus, a, um, part, about 

to lie with 
Concubitus, us, m. a lying with, 

Concubium, i, n. the still and 

dead time of the night, when 

people are in their first sleep 
Concubius, a, um, adj. in bed 

and asleep 
Conculcandus, a, um, part, to be 

trodden, or trampled down 
Conculcatio, Onis,/. a trampling, 

or pawing with the foot 
Conculcatus, a, um, part, trodden 

under foot 
Conculco, are, a. to tread, or 

trample under foot 
Concumbo, 6re, ubui, Itum, n. to 

lie together, to he with, or by 
Conciipio, ere, Ivi, itum, a. to 

long, or lust for, to covet 
Concupiscendus, a, um, part, to 

be desired; same as Concu- 

Concupiscens, tis, part, desiring, 

lusting after 
Concupiscentia, ae, /. a coveting, 
* concupiscence, lust 
Concupisclbilis, e, adj. that 

which desires earnestly 
ConciVpiseo, ere, Ivi, Itum, a. to 

covet, or desire, to lust after, 

to aim at 
Conciipitus, a, um, part, coveted, 

longed for, lusted alter 
Concurator, oris; m. a trustee, a 

Concuro, are, a. to take care of 
Concurrens, tis, part, concurring, 

flowing together, coming on 

in a body 
Concurro, £re, ri, sum, n. to run 

with, or together, to flow, or 

flock together, to run at, or 

against, to fall foul on one 

another, to give a shock, or 

charge, to grapple, to engage 
Concursandus, a, um, part, to go 

Concursans, tis, part, meeting, or 

going together 
Concursatio, onis,/. a running of 

people together, an earnest 

contention, a medley, or con- 
fusion, a riot 
Concursator, oris, m. a runner to 

and fro, a skirmisher 
Concursio, onis,/. a running, or 

meeting together 
Concurso, are,/reg. to run hit aer 

and thither, to run about 
Concursiirus, a, um, part, about 

to come together 
Cencursus, us, m. a concourse, * 


crowd, a resort, an encounter, 
an engagement 
Concussio, onis, /. a shaking - , a 
jumbling, a combination against 
the innocent 
Concusso, are, a. to shake often 
Concussu, abl. m. by shaking 
Concussus, a, urn, part, shaken, 
moved, troubled, disquieted, 
affected [shaken 

Concutiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Concutiens, tis, part, shaking 

Concfitio, ere, ssi, ssum, a. to 
shake, to move, to brandish, to 
tremble, to jog, to terrify, to 
trouble, to alarm, to disquiet, 
to disturb 

Condalium, i, n. a thimble, kind 
of ring [tit 

Condecens, tis, part, convenient, 

Condecenter, adv. becomingly 

Condgcentia, ae, /. becomingness, 
fitness [ed 

Condgc&ratus, a, um, part, adorn- 

Condec6r6, adv. very gracefully, 

Condficoro, are, a. to grace, to 
deck, to adorn, to embellish 

Condellquesco, ere, n. to melt 
together [nation 

Condemnatio, onis,/. a condem- 

Condemnator, oris, m. a con- 

Condemn aturus, a, um, part. 
about to condemn, ready to 

Condemnatus, a, um, part, con- 
demned, cast 

Condemno, are, a. to condemn, 
to doom, to devote, to accuse 

Condens, part, hiding, covering 

Condendus, a, um, part, to be 
built, to be laid up 

Condensatio, onis,/. a thickening 

Condenseo, ere, a. to condense 

Condenso, are, a. to condense, to 
thicken, to flock together 

Condensus, a, um, adj. condense, 
thick, close together 

Condenso, fire, ui, ltum, a. to 
mingle, or knead together 

Condico, €re, xi, ctum, a. to ap- 
point, or order, to agree upon, 
to declare, to promise 

Condictitius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to a demand, or claim 

Condictum, i, n. an agreement, a 

Condictus, a, um, part, mutually 
appointed, promised 

Cor.dignc, adv. worthily, suitably 

Condignus, a, um, adj. worthy, 
becoming, suitable, like, de- 

Condlmentarius, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to sauce, or pickle 

Condlmentarius, i, m. a Salter 

Condimentum, i, n. sauce, season- 

Condio, ire, Ivi, ltum, a. to season 
meat, to corn, to pickle, to pre- 
serve, to embalm, to sweeten 

Condiscens, tis, part, learning 

Condiscipula, a?, /. a female 

Condiscipulatus, us, m. fellow- 
ship at school 

Condiscipulus, i, m. a school- 
fellow, a fellow-student 

Con disco, 6re, didiei, a. to learn 

Conditaneus, a, um, adj. that 
may be seasoned, or kept and 
laid up 

Conditio, 6nis,/. a seasoning 

Conditio, onis, /. a condition, a 


state, a disposition, a situation, 
a way, manner, or course, an 
order, rank, or degree, a term, 
or offer, a bargain 
Condltionalis, e, adj. conditional 
Condltltius, i. um, adj. seasoned, 

powdered, kept 
Conditivum, i, n. a grave, a vault 
Conditivus, a, um, adj. that is, 
or may be preserved, and kept 
for use 

Condltor, 6ris, m. a maker, a 
builder, a founder, the first in- 
ventor, or beginner, a compiler 

Condltorium, i, n. a place to lay 
up, or hide things in, a sepul- 
chre, a coflSn, an arsenal 

Condltrix, Icis,/ a foundress 

Conditura, ae, /. sauce, pickle 

Conditura, ae, ./. a building, a 

Conditus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. seasoned, corned, 
pickled> preserved, made 
savory, well relished, tem- 
pered, mixed 

Conditus, a, um, part, laid up, 
concealed, hidden, inclosed, 
buried, founded, built, made, 
composed, stale 

Conditus, us, m. a seasoning, a 
preserving, a pickling 

Condo, gre, didi, ltum, a. to lay 
up, to hoard, to stow, to hide, 
or conceal, to keep close, to 
put up, to close, to bury, to 
found, to build, to compose, or 

Condocefacio, ere, eci, actum, a. 
to teach, to acquaint, to in- 

Condocgfactus, a, um, part, in- 
structed, &c. [teach 

Condoceo, ere, ui, ctum, a. to 

Condoctus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
taught, or instructed together 

Cond61eo, ere, n. to condole, or 
sympathize with, to grieve 

Cohdolesco, ere, incep. n. to 
grieve, to smart 

Condonandus, a, um, part, to be 
forgiven [away 

Condonatio, 6nis, /. a giving 

Condonatus, a, um, part, given, 
granted, forgiven 

Condono, are, a. to give willingly 
and freely, to bestow, to grant, 
to pardon, or forgive, to omit 

Condormio, ire, Ivi, ltum, n. to 
sleep together 

Condormisco, ere, incep. to fall 

Conducendus, a, um, part, to be 
hired [gaging 

Conducens, tis, part, hiring, en- 

Condueiblhs, e, adj. ior, comp. 
conducible, expedient 

Conduco, ere, xi, ctum, a. to con- 
duct, to lead, or bring along 
with, to assemble, to hire 

Conductio, onis, /. a hiring, a 
renting, or taking by lease, a 
taking to do at a price, a col- 
lection, an inference, a deduc- 

Conductitius, a, um, adj. that is, 
or may be hired 

Conductor, 6ri% m. he that takes, 
or hires, a tenant, an under- 

Conductum, i, n. a thing hired 

Conductus, a, um, part, hired, 
taken to hire, taken up at use, 
brought together 

Condupllcans, tis, part, doubling 


Conduplicatio, onis, /. a doubling, 

a duplicate 
Conduplicatus, a, um, part. 

Condupllco, are, a. to double, to 

pay double, to return double 

Condiiro, are, a. to harden greatly 

Condus, i, m. a butler, a steward 

Condyloma, atis, n. a swelling, a 


Condylus, i, m. a knuckle, a joint, 
a ring 

Confabricor, atus sum, dep. to 
forge, or make, to devise 

Cont abulatio, onis, /. confabu- 
lation, discourse, a talking to- 

Confabulor, atus sum, dep. to 
tell tales, to talk together 

Confarreatio, onis, /. the solem- 
nizing of a marriage, by eating 
a bride cake together 

Confarreaturus, a, wn, part, about 
to marry with a bride-cake 

Confarreatus, a, um, part, mar- 
ried with a bride-cake eaten to- 
gether, lawfully coupled to- 

Confarreo, avi, atum, n. to marry 
with a bride-cake eaten together 

Confatalis, e, adj. of the same 

Confectio, onis,/. a making up, a 
writing, a dispatching 

Confector, oris, m. a dispatcher, 
an ender, or finisher, a con- 
sumer, waster, or destroyer, one 
who fought with wild beasts 
in the amphitheatre 

Confectura, se,/. the making, or 
doing of a thing 

Confectus, a, um, part, finished, 
ended, dispatched, performed, 
obtained, won, worn out, wast- 
ed, spoiled, destroyed, killed, 

Conferbeo, ere, ui, n. to grow 
very hot, to grow together 

Confercio, ire, si, turn, a. to stuff, 
to drive thick and close 

Ccnferendus, a, um, part, to be 

Conferens, tis, part, bringing, or 
getting together, comparing 

Conf 6ro, tuli, ferre, tollatum, a. 
and n. to bring, carry, put, or 
lay together, to confer, to.cou- 
duce, to contribute 

Confertim, adv. in a heap, closely 

Confertus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. full, filled, cram- 
med, thick and close together 

Confervefacio, fire, a. to make hot 

Conferveo, ere, n. to be very hot, 
to boil up, to knit together, to 

Confervesco, fire, incep. to grow 
scalding, or boiling hot, to 

Confessio, onis,/. a confession 

Confessus, a, um, part, confess- 
ing, owning, confessed, pro- 
fessed, plain, manifest, not to 
be denied 

Confestlm, adv. immediately, 
forthwith [pin 

Conilbula, m,f. a clasp, a wooden 

Conficiendus, a, um, part, to be 
made, done, dispatched, pro- 
cured, killed, &c. 

Conficiens, tis, part, and adj. 
issimus, svperl. dispatching, 
effective, efficient 

Conflcio, gre, eci, ectum, a. to 
finish, or make an end of, to 




dispatch, to perform, to effect, 
or accomplish, to get, or obtain, 
to procure, to raise, to spend, 
or waste, to consume, to wear 
out, or away, conquer, to kill, 
or slay 

Confictio, onis, /. a forging 

Confictor, oris, m. he who fabri- 
cates a thing, a fabricator 

Confictus, a, um, part, counter- 

Confidens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. trusting, 
hoping, confident, bold, daring, 
rash, presumptuous, foolhardy, 

Confldenter, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. confidently, boldly, 
with assurance, audaciously 

Confidcntia, se, /. confidence, 
boldness, courage, assurance, 
presumption, foolhardiness • 

Confldentiloquus, i, m. a bold 

Confido, ere, idi and Isus sum, n. 
to confide, rely, or depend upon, 
to put confidence in, to be con- 
fident, or well assured, to 

Conf Igo, ere, xi, mm, a. to stick 
or thrust into, to nail, or fasten 
together, to pierce, to shoot, to 
kill [ioned 

Configuratus, a, um, part, fash- 

Conflguro, are, a. to fashion, to 
form [cleave 

Confindo, 6re, fidi, fissum, a. to 

Confingo, 6re, nxi, ictum, a. to 
form, or make, to shape, or 
fashion, to feign, forge, or in- 

Conf Inia, um, pi. n. the confines 

Confinis, e, adj. next to, adjoin- 
ing, bordering, bounding, lying 
very near, joined to 

Confinis, is, m. a borderer 

Confinitas, atis,/. neighbourhood, 

Conflnium, i, n. a confine, the 
marches, frontier, limit, or 
bound, nearness of place, like- 
ness, a neighbour 

Conflo, 6ri, n. pass, to be brought 
to pass, made, or done 

Confirmandus, a, um, part, to be 

Confirmans, tis, part, confirming 

Confirmatio, onis, /. a confirma- 
tion, assurance, encouragement, 

Confirmator, oris, m. a confirmer, 
an assurer, an insurer 

Confirmaturus, a, um, part, about 
to confirm, about to encourage 

Confirmatus, a, um, part, and 
adj. ior, comp. confirmed, made 
strong, fortified, constant, re- 

Confirmltas, atis, /. sturdiness, 
resolution, firmnesB 

Confirmo, are, a. to confirm, to 
establish, to strengthen, or for- 
tify, to encourage, to hearten, 
to recover, to get strength, to 
make good 

Confiscatio, 6nis,/. a confiscation 

Confiscatus, a, um, part, confis- 
cated, forfeited to the exche- 
quer, seized on, laid up in the 

Confisco, are, a. to confiscate, to 
seize as forfeited to the trea- 

f'onflsio, 6nis, /. an affianc, or 

Confisus, a, um, part, trusting, 

Confltendus, a, um, part, to be 

Confitens, tis, part, confessing 

Confiteor, eri, essus sum, dep. to 
confess, to own, or acknow- 
ledge, to profess, to declare 

Confixus, a, um, part, pricked, 
thrust, or shot through, pierced 

Conflaccesco, is, n. to be allayed, 
or weakened, to grow calm 

Conflagratus, a, um, part, burnt 

Conflagro, axe, a. to burn, or set 
on fire 

Conflans, tis, part, blowing 

Confiatilis, e, adj. cast, or molten 

Confiatio, onis, /. the melting of 

Conflator, oris, m. a founder 

Conflatura, a?, /. a melting, a 

Conflatus, a, um, part, blown to- 
gether, melted down, cast, for- 
ged, contrived, made up, com- 
posed [bowed 

Cocfiexus, a, um, part, bent, 

Confiictatus, a, um, part, strug- 
gling, grappling with 

Conflictio, onis, /. a crashing, 
clashing, or dashing of one 
against another, a conflict 

Conrlicto, are, n. to struggle, to 
strive, to encounter, to trouble, 
to vex, to afflict 

Conflictor, atus sum, dep. to 
struggle, to encounter, to have 
to do with, to be fretted 

Conflictus, us, m. the dashing, or 
striking of one thing against 
another, a justling together 

Confllgo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to con- 
tend, to strive, to encounter, to 
engage, to try bylaw, to debate, 
to dispute, to clash 

Conflo, are, a. to blow, or blow 
together, to melt, to forge, to 
found, or cast, to get, or pro- 
cure, to raise, to cause, or work, 
to make, to contrive 

Confiuctuor, ari, dep. to fluctuate, 
to be uncertain, to wave to and 

Confiuens, tis, part, flowing to- 
gether, flocking in 

Confluens, tis, m. a place where 
two rivers run together 

Confluentia, ae,/. a confluence 

Confluo, ere, xi, xum, n. to flock, 
or flow together, to run, to re- 
sort, to come 

ConfOdio, ere, odi, ossum, a. to 
dig, to dig up, to gore, to stab, 
to cut 

Confoedero, are, a. to confederate 

Confore, to be, to be brought 

Conformandus, a, um, part, to be 

Conformatio, onis,/. the framing, 
fashioning, ordering, or dispos- 
ing of a thing, an embellish- 

Conformatus, a, um, part, formed 

Conformis, e, adj. of like form, 
conformable, agreeable, suit- 
able, convenient, fashionable 

Conforaritas, atis,/. conformity 

Conformo, are, a. to conform, to 
adapt, to form, shape, or fashion, 
to make like 

Conlornlco, are, a. to make like 
an arch, to arch, to vault 

Confossio, onis, /. a stabbing 

Confossor, Oris, m. he that staDs, 

or digs 
Confossus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. digged, stabbed, thrust 
through, piercpd 
ConfOveo, ere, a. to cherish 
Confractus, a, um, part, broken, 

Confractus, us, m. roughness 
Confragose, adv. roughly, rug- 
Confragosus, a, um, adj. rough, 
rugged, craggy, uneven, uneasy 
and troublesome to go in, hard 
to understand [rugged 

Confragus, a, um, adj. rough, 
Conftemebundus, a, um, part. 

making a terrible noise 
Confremltus, us, m. a. great roar- 
Confremo, ere, ui, n. to make a / 
great noise, to roar, to murmur, 
to ring, to resound 
Confricatus, a, um, part, rubbed 
Confrico, are, ui, a. to rub, to rub 
hard, or down, to scratch, to 
ConfrTgeo, ere, n. to grow cold 
Confringo, ere, egi, actum, a. to 
break, or dash in pieces, to 
bruise, to split, to break open 
Confiigiens, tis, part, fleeing 
Confugio, ere, ugi, gitum, n. to 
flee, to flee or go for shelter, 
&c, to have recourse, to betake 
Confugium, i, n. a place of suc- 
cour and refuge, a retreat, a 
Confulgeo, ere, si, n. to shine 
Confundens, tis, part, mingling, 

Confundo, £fe, fudi, fusum, a. to 
confound, to mix, mingle, or 
jumble together, to blend, to 
pour, to disturb, to trouble, to 
discompose [sedly 

Ccnfuse, adv. ius, comp. confu- 
Confusim, adv. confusedly 
Confusio, onis, /. a mixing, or 
jumbling together, confusion, 
disorder, trouble, shame, shame- 
Confusiirus, a, um, part, about to 

confound, or disorder 
Confiisus, a, um, part, and adj. 
from part, ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. confused, jumbled to- 
gether, mixed, or mingled, hav- 
ing mixed, confounded, fright- 
ed, terrified, disturbed, disor- 
Confutatio, onis,/. a confutation, 
a disproving [accused 

Confutatus, a, tun, part, confuted, 
Confuto, are, a. to confute, to 
disprove, to convict, to reprove, 
to allay, to repress . 
Congelabilis, e, adj. congeal able 
Congelatio, onis,/. a congealing 
Congelatus, a, um, part, con- 
Congelldus, a, um, adj. chill, cool 
Congelo, are, a. to congeal, to 

freeze, to starve 
CongemTnans, tis, part, doubling 
Cong6minatio, onis, /. a redoub- 
ling [doubled 
Congeminatus, a, um, part. 
Congemino, are, a. to redouble, 
or multiply, to double, to make 
two of one 
Congemo, ere, ui, n. to groan, m 
sigh round, to groan ; a to bo- 
wail, to lament 




Congener, gneris, adj. of one 
stock, kindred, or sort 

Oonggngratus, a, uni, part, be- 
gotten together 

Conggngro, are, a. to join in alli- 
ance, to unite, or associate 

Congenltus, a, uro, adj. born with 

Conger, and Congrus, i, m. a fish 

Conggries, ei,/. a heap, a pile, a 

Congerminatus, a, um, part, bud- 
ded, or growing together 

Congero, ere, ssi, stum, a. to 
heap, pile, or lay up, to amass, 
to get together, to hoard 

Congerro, 6nis, m. a merry com- 
panion [gether 

Congestio, onis, /. a heaping to- 

^.ongestitius, a, um, adj. cast up 
in heaps, heaped up, raised, 

Congesturus, a, um, part, about 
to heap up 

Congestus, a, um, part, heaped, 
piled, or laid up, amassed, heap- 
ed, or brought together 

Congestus, us, m. aheap, a carry- 
ing, or bringing of things to- 

Congialis, e, adj. holding a gallon 

Congiarium, i, n. a vessel holding 
a gallon, a largess, a dole, a gift 
in corn, or money 

Congiarius, a, um, adj. holding a 
gallon [more 

Congius, i, m. a gallon, or a little 

Conglaciatus, a, um, part, frozen 

Conglacio, are, n. to freeze, or 
turn to ice [others 

Conglisco, fire, n. to shine with 

Conglobatlm, adv. in a round 

Corgl6batio, onis, /. a gathering 
round, or like a ball 

ConglSbatus, a, um, part, gather- 
ed round together, accumulated 

Conglobo, are, a. to gather into a 
ball, or lump 

Conglomgriitus, a, um, part, heap- 
ed, or wound together 

Conglomgro, are, a. to wind upon 
a bottom, to heap up 

Conglutinans, tis, part, glueing 
together, closing 

Conglutinatio, onis, /. a glueing, 
a joining together 

Conglutlnatus, a, um, part, glued 
together, cemented, made up, 

Conglutino, are, a. to glue, or 
cement, to join, to close up 

Conglutinosus, a, um, adj. gluti- 

Congraico, are,n., and Congrsecor, 
atus sum, dep. to feast, to make 
good cheer, to live merrily 

Congratulans, tis, part, congratu- 

Congratiilatio, onis, /. congratu- 
lation, or a wishing of joy, a 
rejoicing with any one for his 
good fortune 

Congratulator, Oris, m. he that 
rejoices at one's prosperity 

Congratulor, atus sum, dep. to 
congratulate, or wish one joy 

C'ongredicns, tis, part, going to- 
gether, meeting, encountering, 

Congrgdior, essus sum, dep. to go 
together, to meet, or assemble, 
to encoaater, to engage, to join 

CongrggabtT.s, e, cdj. easily as- 
sembled a iciable 

Congrggans, tis, part, collecting 

Congrggatio, 6nis, /. a congrega- 
tion, an assembly, society, or 
company, an assembling 

Congrggatus, a, um, part, gathered 
together, assembled, condensed, 

Congrggo, are, a. to gather, or 
assemble together 

Congressio, onis, /. a coming to- 
gether, a meeting with, an as- 
sembly, an encounter 

Congressus, a, urn, part, meeting, 
assembling, encountering, en- 

Congressus, us, m. an engage- 
ment, or battle, an encounter, 
a meeting, or coining together, 
an interview, a conference 

Congrex, ggis, c. g. of the same 

Congruens, tis, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. agreeing, an- 
swering, suitable, meet, tit 

Congruentgr, adv. aptly, fitly, 

Congruentia, ae, /. agreeableness, 
suitableness, fitness 

Congruo, ere, ui, n. to agree, to 
accord, to suit, to answer, to 
fall out 

Congruus, a, um, adj. agreeable, 
suitable, proper, fit, apt, con- 

Conjectans, tis, part, guessing at 

Conjectatio, onis, /. a conjecturing 

Conjectatorig, adv. by conjecture 

Conjectio, onis, /. a casting, 
throwing, or hurling, a divina- 
tion, or interpreting of dreams, 
a conjecture, or guess 

Conjecto, are, a. to throw, or cast, 
to conjecture, divine 

Conjector, oris, m. an interpreter 
of dreams, a diviner, a guesser 

Conjectrix, Icis, /. she who in- 
terprets dreams 

Conjectura, a, /. a conjecture, or 
guess, an imagination, or con- 
ceit, an interpretation 

Conjectiiralis, e, adj. conjectural 

Conjecturus, a, um, part, about 
to cast 

Conjectus, a, um, part, cast, 
hurled, flung, thrown, conjec- 
tured, guessed, divined 

Conjectus, us, m. a casting, hurl- 
ing, or throwing, a discharge, a 

Conifer, or Comfgrus, a, um, adj. 
tapering, spiring 

Coniger, gra, um, adj. the same 

Conjiciendus, a, um, part, to be 

Conjicio, gre, eci, ectum, a. to 
cast together, to cast, to throw, 
to fling, to hurl, to drive, to 
put, to comprise, to digest, to 
state, to lay open, to conjecture, 
to guess 

Conisco, are, n. to butt as a ram, 
to throw the dust about 

C6nissans, tis, part, butting 

COnisso, are, n. to butt, to frisk 
about, to raise dust, to prepare 
for fight 

C6nisterium, i, n. a place for 
sprinkling wrestlers with dust, 
after they were anointed with 

Conjoga, ee,f. a wife [oil 

Conjugalis, e, adj. conjugal, of 

Conjiigalitgr, adv. like married 
persons, in the maimer of such 

Conjugata, orum, pi. n. worda 
that come of one original 

Conjugatio, onis,/. a conjugation, 
a yoking, or coupling together, 
a derivation of words of one 

Conjugator, oris, m. a joiner, a 
coupler, a matcher 

Conjugatus, a, um, part, joined, 
joked, or coupled, married 

Conjiigialis, e, adj. belonging to 
marriage, or wedlock 

Conjugium, i, n. marriage, wed- 
lock, a match, carnal copula- 
tion, a pair of creatures mak 
and female, a husband 

Conjugo, are, a. to yoke, or couple 
together, to marry 

Conjugulus, a, um, adj. paired, 
mated, matched 

Conjugus, a, um, adj. the same 

Conjunctg, adv. issimg, sv.perl. 
jointly, intimately 

Conjunctim, adv. together, joint- 
ly, unitedly, intimately 

Conjunctio, onis,/. a conjunction, 
a joining, or mixing together, 
union, alliance, affinity, near- 
ness, agreement, concord, mu- 
tual love, familiarity 

Conjuncturus, a, um, part, about 
to join 

Conjunctus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. con- 
joined, joined together, joined, 
united, married, allied, akin, 
belonging to, adjoining to 

Conjungendus, a, um, part, to be 
joined together 

Conjungo, gre, xi, ctum, a. to 
conjoin, to join together, to 
join, to couple, to unite, to as- 
sociate, to ally 

Conjurans, tis, part, conspiring \ 

Conjuratio, onis, /. a conspiracy, 
a confederacy, a general com- 

Conjuratus, a, um, part, con- 
spired, combined, united, con- 

Conjuratus, i, m. a conspirator 

Conjuro, are, a. to conjure, to 
conspire together, to plot, to 
swear, to swear together to do 
all one thing 

Conjux, ugis, c. g. a husband, or 
wife, a married man, or woman, 
one who was expected to be so 

Conlabgfio, figri, n. to go to 

Conlatro, are, a. to bark with, to 
rail at, to decry 

Conlaxo, are, a. to slacken 

Conlueo, are, a. to lop boughs 

Connatalis, e, adj. that hath the 
same birth-day with others 

Connato, are, a. to swim together, . 
to rival 

Connectens, tis, part, connecting 

Connecto, ere, xi and xui, xum, a. 
to connect, to knit, tie, link, 
join, or fasten together, to join, 
or add 

Connexio, onis, /. a connexion, a 
joining together, a conclusion 

Connexivus, a, um, adj. copulative 

Connexum, i, n. a conclusion 

Connexus, a, um, part, connected, 
joined, or fastened together, 
joined, united, tied, or trussed 

Connexus, us, w. a knitting, tying, 
or joining together, a j oint, « 

Connicto, fee, a, to wink often 




Connisus, a, ma, part, striving 

Connitor, i, xus or sus sum, dep. 
to endeavour, to struggle, to try 
to the utmost, to travail with 
child, to yearn, to bring forth 

Connivens, tis, part, conniving, 
winking at, winking 

Conniveo, ere, ivi and ixi, n. to 
connive, to wink at, to wink, to 

Connlvo, fire, same as Conniveo 

Connixus, a, um, part, leaning, 
bending forward, yeaning 

Connodo, are, a. to knit together 

Connflbialis, e, adj. pertaining to 
wedlock, or marriage 

Connubilis, e, adj. marriageable 

Connubllo, are, a. to make cloudy 

Connubium, i, n. wedlock, mar- 
riage, an embrace 

Connudatus, a, um, part, made 
bare, naked 

Connudo, are, a. to make naked, 
or bare, to uncover 

Conopeum, i, n. Conopfium, a 
canopy, an umbrella, a pavilion 

Conor, atus sum, dep. to endea- 
vour, to attempt, to try 

Conquadratus, a, mn,part .squared 

Conquassatio, onis,/. a shaking 

Conquassatus, a, um, part, shaken 

Conquasso, are, a. to shake in 
pieces, to shake, to harass, to 
lay waste 

Conqufirens, tis, pari, complaining 

Conqugror, i, questus sum, dep. 
to complain of, to bewail 

Conquestio, onis, /. a complain- 

Conquestus, us, m. a complaint 

Conquiescens, tis, part, resting 

Conquiesco, fire, evi, etum, n. to 
rest, to repose, to cease, to leave 
off, to abate, to acquiesce 

Conquieturus, a, um, part, about 
to rest 

Conqulnisco, fire, quexi, n. to nod, 
to bow, or bend, to stoop 

Conqulrendus, a, um, part, to 
search for, or be sought, to be 

Conqulrens, tis, part, searching 

Conquiro, fire, si\i, situm, a. to 
seek about, to seek, to search 
for diligently 

Conqulsite, adv. exquisitely, rarely 

Conquisltio, onis,/. a diligent in- 
quiry, a pressing of soldiers 

Conquisitor, oris, m. a searcher 
for, or after, a pressmaster, a 

Conquisitus, a, um, part, and 
adj. issimus, superl. searched 
out, chosen, invented, devised, 
exquisite, fine, dainty, curious 

Conrldeo, ere, si, n. to laugh, to 

Conruo, ere, a. to subvert 

Consalutatio, onis,/. a greeting 

Consalutatus, a, um, part, greeted 

Consaluto, are, a. to salute, or 

Consanesco, fire, incep. to become 
whole, to grow sound 

Consanguinea, se. /. a kinswo- 

Consanguineus, a, um, adj. of 
the same blood, or family, kin- 
dred, related 

Consanguineus, i, m. a cousin, a 
cousin-german, a relation, a 
kinsman of the same blood by 
the father's side 

Consanguinltas, atis, /. consan- 
guinity, kindred by blood 

Consano, are, n. to heal 

Consarcino, are, a. to patch, to 

Consarriendus, a, um, part, to be 
raked, or weeded 

Consarrio, ire, Ivi, itum, a. to 
rake, or weed 

Consauciatus, a, um, pari, wound- 
ed together, wounded, hurt 

Consaucio, are, a. to wound, or 

ConscglSrate, adv. wickedly 

Consceleratus, a, um, part, and 
adj. issimus, superl. defiled, 
profaned, wicked, villanous 

Conscfilfiro, are, a. to profane, or 
unballow, to pollute [&c. 

Conscendens, tis, part, climbing, 

Conscendo, fire, di, sum, a. and n. 
to climb, to go up, or into, to 
ascend, to mount 

Conscensio, onis,/. an ascending, 
mounting, an embarking 

Conscensus, a, um, part, as- 
cended [guilty 

Consciens, tis, part, knowing, 

Conscientia, ee, /. conscience, con- 
sciousness, privity, knowledge, 
remembrance, reflection, re- 

Conscindo, fire, scidi, scissum, a. 
to cut, or tear in pieces, to 
lash, to censure severely 

Conscio, ire, ivi, itum, n. to 
know, to be privy to, to be 
conscious of 

ConsciQlus, a, um, adj. guilty, &c. 

Consciscendus, a, um, part, to be 
procured, or resolved upon 

Conscisco, ere, ivi, itum, a. to 
vote by common consent, to 
make an order, or act, to com- 
mit, to get, or procure 

Conscissura, se,/. a gash, a cut 

Conscissus, a, um, part, rent in 
pieces, cut 

Conscltus, a, um, part, decreed, 
resolved upon and acted 

Conscius, a, um, adj. conscious, 
privy to, knowing, obnoxious, 
guilty [spit 

Conscreor, ari, dep. to hawk, or 

Conscrlbendus, a, um, part, to be 
written, or copied out together 

Conscribillo, are, a. to scrawl, or 
scribble, to write down 

Conscribo, fire, psi, ptum, a. to 
write, to set down in writing, 
to make, or ordain, to list 

Conscripti, orum, m. senators 

Conscriptio, onis, /. a writing, an 
enrolling, or registering 

Conscripturus, a, um, part, about 
to levy 

Conscriptus, a, um, part, written, 
scribbled, enrolled, . registered, 
mustered [about 

Conscrutor, ari, dep. to search 

Consfico, are, ui, ctum, a. to cut 

Consecrandus, a, um, part, to be 
consecrated, or hallowed 

Consficratio, onis, /. a consecra- 
tion, or dedication 

Consficratus, a, um, part, con- 
secrated, dedicated, devoted, 
canonized, sainted, sworn 

Consficro, are, a. to consecrate, 
to devote, to hallow, to canon- 
ize, or saint, to make a god 

Consectandus, a, um, part, to 
pursue, to be pursued 

Consectaneus, a, um, adj. follow- 
ing eagerly after, hanging on 

sequel, a 
ment j 1 
rt. abou? 


Consectans, tis, part, following 

Consectarium, i, n. an inference 
a deduction, a corollary 

Consectarius, a, um, adj. de. 

Consectatio, 6nis,/. a pursuit, « 
running after 

Consectator, oris, m. he which 
follows, pursues, &c. 

Consectatrix, icis, /. she that 
pursues [ing 

Consectatus, a, um, part, pursu- 

Consectio, onis, /. a cutting, a 
hewing, a felling 

Consector, ari, dep. to follow up 
and down, to follow, to run, or 
hunt after, to chase, to pursue, 
to persecute, to haunt, to 

Consficutio, onis, /. a sequel, 
consequence, an attainment 

Consecuturus, a, um, part 
to obtain, about to effect 

Consficutus, a, um, part, followj 
ing, succeeding, having gotten) 

Conseminalis, e, adj. sown 

Consemineus, a, um, adj. sown 
with seeds [old 

Consfinescens, tis, part, growing 

Consfinesco, ere, sfinui, incep. to 
grow old, or out of date, to 
decay, to fade 

Consensio, onis,/. consent, agree- 
ment, one mind,, or purpose, 
a plot, a conspiracy, a con- 
federacy [&c. 

Consensus, a, um, part, granted, 

Consensus, us, m. a consent, ac- 
cord, or agreement, a granting, 
or owing 

Consentaneus, a, um, adj. con- 
sentaneous, agreeable, conso- 
nant, answerable, convenient, 

Consentiens, tis, part, consent- 
to con- 
sent, to agree, to be unanimous, 
to unite 

Consepjp, ire, psi, ptum, a. to 
hedge in, to inclose 

Conseptum, i, n. a close, an inclo- 

Conseptus, a, um, part, hedged, 

Consequens, tis, n. subst. a con- 
sequence ; part, following, next, 

Consfiquenter, adv. consequently 

Consequentia, ffi,/. a consequence 

Consfiquor, qui, qufitus, dep. to 
follow with, or close, to follow, 
to reach, or overtake, to get, o» 
obtain, to purchase 

Consfiquuturus, a, um, pari, about 
to obtain, or compass 

Consfiquutus, a, um, part, follow 
ing, ensuing 

Consero, fire, sevi, and sfirui, 
situm and sertum, a. to sow, 
set, or plant, to close, or join, 
to put, or lay together 

Conserratus, a, um, adj. indented, 

Conserte, adv. fast, close 

Consertor, oris, m. a fastener 

Consertus, a, um, part, joined, in- 
terwoven, tacked, or braced, 

Conserva, te, /. she that serves ■ 
the same mistress 

Conservandus, a, um, part, tc 
preserve, or be preserved 

Conservans, ti», part, preserving 


Conservatio, 6nis, /. a preserva- 

'Conservator, Oris, m. a preserver, 
a keeper, a protector, a defender 

Conservatrix, Icis, /. she that 
preserves, &c. 

Conservaturus, a, um, part, about 
to preserve, or observe 

Conservatus, a, um, part, pre- 
served, saved [service 

Conservttium, i, n. fellowship in 

Conservitus, utis,/. the same 

Conservo, are, a. to preserve, to 
save, to keep, to keep warily, 
or entire, to maintain, to de- 

Conservus, i, m. a fellow- servant 

Consessio, 6nis, /. a sitting to- 

Consessor, oris, m. he that sits 
with, or by others 

L'onsessus, us, m. an assembly 
sitting together, a meeting, a 
session [pitching 

Consldens, tis, part, sitting, 

Consldeo, ere, sedi, sessum, n. 
to sit with, or near, to sit 
down, to pitch, or light, to set- 
tle, or be settled 

Consldgrandus, a, um, part, to be 

Consldgrans, tis, parf. considering 

Consldgrantia, ae,/. consideration 

Considerate, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. with consideration, 

Consldgratio, onis, /. considera- 
tion, regard, good heed 

Conslderaturus, a, um, part. 
about to consider 

Consldgratus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. con- 
sidered, viewed, regarded, 
weighed, well thought of 

Considgro, are, a. to consider, to 
think of, to revolve, to regard, 
to view earnestly 

Consido, gre, sedi, sessum, n. to 
sit down, to pitch, or light, to 
settle, to sink down, to abate 

Conslgillo, are, a. to seal to- 

Consignandus, a, um, part, fit to 
be noticed 

Consignanter, adv. remarkably 

Consignatio, onis, /. a sealing, a 
marking, a handwriting 

Consign atus, a, um, part, sealed, 
signed, marked, set down, put 
in writing, recorded 

Consignifico, are, a. to signify, to 
show by tokens, or words 

Consigno, are, a. to seal, to sign, 
to mark, to register, or record, 
to confirm, or ratify 

Consileo, ere, n. to keep silence 

Consilesco, gre, n. to be silent, or 

Oonsllians, tis, part, giving, or 
asking counsel, advising 

Consiliarius, a, um, adj. giving 

Consiliarius, i, m. a counsellor 

Consiliator, oris, m. a counsellor, 
an adviser, one of the council 

ConsTliatrix, icis,/. she who gives 

Consiliaturus, a, um, part, about 
to take counsel [fetterwort 

Consiligo, Inis, /. bearsfoot, or 

Consilio, ire, ui and Ivi, sultum, 
n. to leap upon, to fall upon, to 

Consllior, atus sum, dep to give 
counsel, to advise 


Consiliosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Consilium, i, n. counsel, advice, 
deliberation, reason, wisdom, 
understanding, discretion, a 
design, a purpose, a project, a 
Consimilis, e, adj. very like 
Consiroiliter, adv. very like 
Consimiilatus, a, um, part, re- 
sembled [wits 
Consipio, fire, n. to be well in his 
Consistens, tis, part, staying, 
long lasting, durable, that bears 
age well 
Consisto, gre, stiti, itum, n. to 
consist, to agree, to stand to- 
gether, to stand fast, or good, 
to stand, to stop, or halt, to 
abide, or stay, to be at a stay, 
to be stopped, or stayed, to be 
Consistorium, i, it. consistory, a 

council-house, a council 
Consitio, onis, /. a planting 
Consitor, oris, m. a planter, a 
setter [plantation 

Consitura, ae, f. a planting, a 
Consitus, a, ura,part. set, planted, 

Consobrina, ae,/. a cousin, a mo- 
ther's sister's daughter 
Consobrinus, i, m. a cousin, a mo- 
ther's sister's son, a mother's 
brother's son 
Cons6cer, en, m. those whose 
sons and daughters have mar- 
ried together [unite 
Consbciandus, a, um, part, to 
ConsOciatio, onis, /. fellowship, 

Cons6ciatus, a, um, part and adj. 
issimus, superl. associated, 
joined in fellowship 
ConsScio, are, a. to associate, to 
join together, to make partaker 
Consolabilis, e, adj. that may be 

appeased, which comforts 
Consolandus, a, um, part, to be 

Consolans, tis, part, comforting 
Consolatio, onis, /. consolation, 

Consolator, oris,/, a comforter 
Consolatorius, a, um, adj. con- 
solatory [forted 
Consolatus, a, um, part, com- 
Cons61idatus, a, um, part, joined 

in one 
Cons6lido, are, a. to consolidate 
Consolor, atus sum, dep. to com- 
fort, to encourage ; pass, to be 
Consomnio, are, a. to dream 
Consonans, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. sounding together, con- 
sonant, consistent, agreeable 
Consbnantia, ae,/. harmony 
ConsSnantissime, adv. mostagree- 

ConsSne, adv. with one voice 
ConsOno, are, ui, n. to make a 
great noise, to ring again, to 
resound, to echo, to agree 
Consonus, a, um, adj. of like 
sound, or tune, convenient, 
agreeable [asleep 

Consopio, ire, Ivi, itum, a to lay 
Consopltus, a, um, part, laid 

Consors, tis, c. g. a consort, a 

partner, a sharer, a partaker 
Consors, tis, adj. partaking, shar- 
ing, like 


Consortio, onis, /. partnership, 
fellowship, society 

Consortium, i, n. fellowship, 
partnership, intercourse, cor- 

Conspectus, a, um, part, and ad) 
ior, comp. beheld, seen, looked, 
or gazed at, visible 

Conspectus, us, m. a sight, or 
view, presence 

Conspergo, gre, si, sum, a. to be- 
sprinkle, to strew, to sprinkle, 
to dash 

Conspersus, a, um, part, sprin- 
kled, strewed, mixed, set about 
with, adorned 

Conspicatus, a, um, part, having 
spied, beheld 

Conspicax, acis, adj. evident, clear 

Conspiciendus, a, um, part, to 
be seen, or taken notice of 

Conspiciens, tis, part, seeing, be- 

Conspicillum, i, n. a peeping-hole, 
a pair of spectacles 

Conspicio, onis,/. a prospect 

Conspicio, gre, exi, ectum, a. to 
see, to behold, to take a view 
of, to look towards, to discover, 
or find out, to consider 

Conspicor, atus sum, dep. to see, 
or behold, to perceive, to 

Conspicuus, a, um, adj. conspi- 
cuous, visible, easy to be seen, 
clear, remarkable, eminent, ex- 
cellent, commendable, distin- 

Consplrans, tis, part, conspiring, 
uniting, agreeing 

Consplratg, adv. ius, comp. with 
great ardour 

Consplratio, onis,/. a conspiracy, 
a plot, unanimity, consent 

Consplratus, a, um, part, having 
conspired, banding together 

Consplratus, fts, m. a confederacy 

Conspiro, are, n. to conspire, to 
plot, to unite, to blow together 

Consplro, are, a. to wind round 

Conspissatio, onis,/. a crowding 
together, a thickening 

Conspissatus, a, um, part. 
thickened [curdle 

Conspisso, are, a. to thicken, to 

Conspondeo, ere, sum, n. to be 
surety [security 

Consponsor, 5ris, m. a joint 

Consponsus, a, um, part, mutu- 
ally engaged 

Conspumatus, a, um, part. 
covered with froth 

Conspumo, are, n. to foam, to froth 

Conspuo, gre, ui, utum, a. to spit 
upon, to spit in one's face 

Conspurcatus, a,um, part, defiled 

Conspurco, are, a. to defile, to 

Consputo, are, freq. to bespawl, 
to spit often at 

Consputus, a, um, part, spit upon 

Constabilio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to 
settle, to make sure, to assure 

Constabilltus, a, um, part, estab- 
lished, assured 

Constans, tis, part, costing, con- 

Constans, tis, adj ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. constant, certain, 
fixed, steady, even, moderate, 

Constantgr, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. constantly, always, con- 
sistently, regularly, evenly, 
calmly, deliberately 




Constantia, x,f. constancy, firm- 
ness, steadfastness, perseve- 
rance, resolution, subsistence 

Constatiirus, a, urn, part, that 
will cost 

Constellatio, onis,/. a constella- 
tion, a company of stars 

Consternatio, onis, /. consterna- 
tion, great fear, astonishment, 
a mutiny 

Consternatus, a, um, part, af- 
frighted, dismayed, alarmed, 

Consternens, tis, part, covering 

Consterno, are, a. to affright, to 
terrify, to dismay, to alarm, to 
astonish, to disorder 

Consterno, fire, stravi, atum, a. to 
strew, or cover all over, to pave, 
or floor, to shake 

Constipatus, a, um, part, thick 

Constlpo, are, a. to cram close 

Constltuendus, a, um, part, to be 
ordered, to be managed, to be 

Constituo, ere, ui, utum, a. to 
constitute, to appoint, to pro- 
mise, to agree, to set, put, or 
place, to fix, or establish, to 
range, or dispose, to settle, re- 
solve, or determine, to purpose, 
design, or intend 

Constituta, orum, pi. n. statutes, 
decrees, ordinances 

Constitutio, onis,/. a constitution, 
order, or decree, an establish- 
ment, the state of the body, a 
stating of a cause 

Constltut&, adv. to the day ap- 
pointed, according to appoint- 

Constitutor, oris, m. an ordainer, 
or appointer 

Constitutum, i, n. a constitution, 
or decree, a judged case, an ap- 

Constitutus, a, um, part, consti- 
tuted, appointed; settled, de- 
termined, agreed on, founded, 
formed, built, set up 

Consto, are, stiti, stitum ' and 
atum, n. to stand together, to 
stand, to be consistent, to con- 
sist, to be built of, to abide, 

Constrator, oris, m. a leveller 

Constratum, i, n. the deck of a 

Constratus, a, um, part, covered, 
strewed, paved 

Constrepo, ere, ui, Itum, n. to 
make a great noise 

Constricte, and Constrictlm, adv. 

Constrictus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. bound hard, strained 

Constringendus, a, um, part, to 
be tied, or bound, to be re- 

Constringo, fire, xi, ictum, a. to 
bind fast, to tie straight, or up, 
to strain, to constrain 

tonstructio, onis,/. a construc- 
tion, a building, framing, mak- 
ing, or joining, a frame 

Constructor, oris, m. a builder 

Constructus, a, um, part, heaped, 
or piled up, built, framed, set 
together, or in a rank 

Construo, fire, xi, ctum, a. to 
heap up, to build, to frame, to 
make, to set together 

Constuprator, oris, to. an adul- 
terer, a ravisher 

Constupratus, a, um, part, de- 
flowered, debauched, corrupted 

Constupro, are, a. to commit 
adultery with, to debauch, to 
ravish [persuade 

Consuadeo, ere, si, sum, a. to 

Consuasor, Oris, m. an adviser 

Consuaviatio, onis,/. a kissing 

Consubstantialis, e, adj. consub- 
stantial, of the same substance 

Consudasco, ere, n. to sweat to- 

Consudo, are, n. to sweat 

Consuefacio, ere, eci, actum, a. to 
accustom, to inure 

Consueo, ere, evi, etum, same at 

Consuesco, fire, evi and etus sum, 
etum, n. and a. to be accustom- 
ed, or used, to have to do, or be 
intimate with 

Consuetio, onis,/. an use 

Consuetudo, mis, /. custom, 
usage, use, company, conver- 
sation, intimacy, acquaintance, 
fashion, or manner 

Consuetus, a, um, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. accustomed, 

Consul, iilis, m. a consul, a year's 
space, because every year new 
consuls were created 

Consularis, e, adj. consular, of, or 
belonging to a consul 

Consulariter, adv. like a consul 

Consulatus, us, m. the consulship, 
the office, or honour of a 

Consfilendus, a, um, part, to con- 
sult, or be consulted 

Constilens, tis, part, consulting 

Consulo, ere, sului, sultum, a. and 
n. to consult, to consult with, 
to ask, or give counsel, or ad- 
vice, to advise, to provide for, 
to take care of, to favour 

Consultandus, a, um, part, to be 

Consultans, tis, part, consulting 

Consultatio, onis, /. a consulta- 

Consults, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. wisely, discreetly, warily 

Consulto, are, a. to consult to- 
gether, to consult, to ask, to 
provide for 

Consultb, adv. advisedly, deliber- 
ately, considerately, purposely, 

Consultor, oris, to. one who asks 
counsel, a client, a counsellor, 
an adviser 

Consultrix, Icis,/. a she-adviser 

Consultum, i, n. an ordinance, or 
decree of council, a statute, or 
law, advice, a wise action 

Consuiturus, a, um, part, about 
to consult 

Consultus, a, um, part, consult- 
ed with, debated, considered, 
weighed; skilful, skilled, well- 
versed, wise 

Consultus, i, to. a counsellor 

Consultus, us, m. advice, a leaping 

Consumendus, a, um, part, to 
be consumed. 

Consumens, tis, part, consuming 

Consummabllis, e, adj. that may, 
or is to be perfected 

Consummatio, onis, /. a perfect- 
ing, an accomplishment, a sum 

Consummfiturus, a, um, part. 
about to end, about to finish 

Consummatus, a, um, part, com- 

plete, ended, finished, accom- 

Consummo, are, a. to complete 
to end, to finish, to perfect, tc 

Consumo, fire, psi, ptum, a 
consume, to spend, to spend 
lavishly, to eat up, to devour, to 
destroy, to cut off, to lay waste, 
to wear out 

Consumptio, onis, /. a consump. 
tion, a spending, a laying out, 
a wasting 

Consumptor, oris, m. a consumer 

Consumptiirus, a, um, part, about 
to consume, about to destroy 

Consumptus, a, um, part, con- 
sumed, spent, wasted, decayed, 
ruined, destroyed, burnt 

Consuo, fire, ui, utum, a. to sew up 

Consurgens, tis, part, rising with, I 

Consurgo, fire, exi, ctum, a. and 
n. to rise up, to rise against, to 
rise, to grow 

Consurrectio, onis,/. a respectful 
rising up, a rising 

Consurrecturus, a, um, part. 
about to rise up 

Consusurro, are, a. to whisper 
together [stitching 

Consutura, se, /. a sewing, a 

Consutus, a, um, part, sewed, or 
stitched together, invented 

Contabfifacio, fire, a. to waste 

Contabescens, tis, part, wasting 

Contabesco, ere, tabui, n. to pine 

Contabulatio, onis,/. a planking, 
a boarding, &c. a timber-frame 

Contabulatus, a, um, part, board- 
ed over 

Contabulo, are, a. to plank, to 
floor, to frame a building of 

Contaetus, a, um, part, touched, 
dyed, stained, coloured, tainted, 
infected, moved 

Contaetus, us, m. a touch, an in- 
fection, defilement, pollution 

C outages, is, /. a contagion, an 
infection, a rot, a murrain 

Contagio, onis, /. a contagion, an 
infection, a pollution, an effect, 
or affection 

Contagium, i, n. a contagion 

Contaminatio, onis,/. a pollution 

Contamlnator, oris, to. a defiler 

Contaminatus, a, um, part, and 
adj. contaminated, polluted, de- 
filed, debauched, distained, 
spoiled by mixture, corrupt 

Contamino, are, a. to contaminate, 
to pollute, to defile, to corrupt, 
to spoil by mixing, to disgrace 

Contarii, orum, m. a kind of sol- 
diers armed with pikes 

Contatio, onis, /. a delaying, a 

Contatus, a, um, part, dallied, 
armed with a pike, or lante 

Contechnatus, a, um, part, play- 
ing tricks 

Contechnor, ari, dep. to devise, or 
play tricks 

Contectus, a, um, part, covered, 
hidden [covered 

Contfigendus, a, um, part, to be 

Contfigens, tis, part, covering, 

Contfigo, fire, exi, ectum, a. to 
cover, to hide, to conceal, ta 
cloak, to clothe 

Contemfiro, are, a. to violate, tc 
profane, to pill ate, to injure 




Contemnendus, a, um, part, to be 
despised, contemptible, despic- 

Contemnens, tis, part, contemn- 

Contemno, ere, psi, ptum, a. to 
contemn, to despise, to under- 
value, to slight, to disregard 

Contemplans, tis, part, contem- 

Contemplatio, onis, /. contem- 
plation, consideration, regard, 
a survey, a beholding 

Contemplatlvus, a, um, adj. con- 
templative, speculative 

Contemplator, oris, m. one who 
contemplates, a beholder 

Contemplatrix, Icis, /. she that 
contemplates, meditates, or be- 

Contemplatu, all. m. by contem- 

Contemplatus, a, um, part, hav- 
ing beheld 

Contemplor, atus sum, dtp. to 
contemplate, to consider, to re- 
flect, or meditate on, to behold 

Contemp6ralis, e, adj. contempo- 
rary [ible 

Contemptibliis, e, adj. contempt- 

Contemptim, adv. ills, comp. with 
contempt, scornfully, lightly 

Contemptio, onis, /. contempt 

Contemptor, oris, m. a contemner, 
a despiser 

Contemptrix, icis, /. she that 
scorns, cares not for 

Contempturus, a, um, part, about 
to contemn, disdain, &c. 

Contemptus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. con- 
temned, despised, disdained, 
slighted, contemptible 

Contemptus, us, m. contempt, 
scorn, disdain, derision 

Contendens, tis, part, contending, 

Contendo, fere, di, sum and turn, 
a. and n. to contend, to fight, to 
engage, to quarrel, to dispute, 
or debate, to be positive, to 
affirm, to stretch, or strain, to 
strive, or endeavour 

Contensus, a, um, adj. very swift 

Contente, adv. ius, comp. closely, 
forcibly, earnestly, vehemently 

Contentim, adv. earnestly, hastily 

Contentio, onis,/. a contention, a 
dispute, a debate, a quarrel, a 
strife, a lawsuit, a straining, or 

Contentiosus, a, um, adj. conten- 
tious, quarrelsome 

Contentus, a, um, part, contained, 
held, stretched, drawn, bent, 
girded, screwed; adj. content, 

Contfirfibro, are, to bore through 

Contfirendus, a, um, part, to be 
bruised together 

Conterminatio, onis, /. a border- 
ing on, an adjoining 

Conterminatus, a, um, part, bor- 
dered on, lying near to 

Conterminium, i, n. a border 

Contermino, are, n. to border 

Contermmus, a, um, adj. bound- 
ing, bordering, adjoining, nigh 

Conterminus, i, m. a borderer 

Conternatus, a, um, adj. parted 
into companies by threes 

Contfiio, fire, trivi, tritum, a. to 
break, or bruise small, to pound, 
to crush, to waste, or consume, 

to spend, or pass, to wear 

Conterraneus, a, um, adj. of the 
same country 

Conterreo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to put 
in fear, to affright, to astonish 

Conterrito, are, a. to put in fear 

Conterritus, a, um, part, put in 
fear, affrighted, scared, alarmed 

Contestans, tis, part, calling to 

Contestato, adv. before witnesses 

Contestatus, a, um, part, wit- 
nessed, proved by witnesses, 
well known 

Contestor, atus sum, dep. to call 
to witness, to make protesta- 

Contexo, ere, ui, turn, a. to weave, 
to tie, join, or twist together, to 
join, to forge 

Contexte, adv. closely, compactly, 

Contextlm, adv. of one piece 

Contextio, onis,/. a composition 

Contextura, ae, f. a contexture 

Contextus, a, um, part, woven, 
wrought together, interlaced 

Contextus, us, m. a weaving, or 
twisting together, a composi- 
tion, a text 

Conticeo, ere, ui, n. to hold one's 
peace, to become speechless 

Conticesco, ere, incep. to be hush, 
or still, to be silent, to desist, 
or cease 

Conticinium, i, n. the dead time 
of the night 

Contignatio, onis,/. the raftering, 
or boarding of a house, a floor 

Contignatus, a, um, part, rafter- 
ed, floored, built into stories 

Contigno, are, a. to floor a house 

Contiguus, a, um, adj. contigu- 
ous, adjoining, very near 

Continctus, a, um, part, dyed, 

Contmendus, a, um, part, to be 
kept in 

Contmens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. adjoining, 
continent, chaste, modest, vir- 
tuous, temperate, moderate, un- 
interrupted, continual 

Continens, tis, /. the continent, 
the main land 

Continenter, adv. continently, 
chastely, soberly, sparingly, 
closely, continually, without in- 

Continentia, se, /. continence, 
chastity, moderation, absti- 
nence, forbearance, a keeping 

Contineo, ere, ui, entum, a. to 
contain, to keep, or hold to- 
gether, to keep, or hold in, to 
keep close, or secret, to keep, 
or hold, to prevent 

Contingens, tis, part, touching, 
adjoining, relating to, chancing, 
or happening, contingent 

Contango, fire, tigi, tactum, a. to 
touch, to handle, to lay hold of, 
to happen, to fall out, to befal, 
to arrive at, to reach 

Contingo, fire, xi, nctum, a. to 

Continuans, tis, part, continuing 

Continuatira, adv. continuously 

Continuatio, onis, /. a continua- 

Continuatus, a, um, part, con- 
tinued, joined, adjoining 

Continue, adv. continually, daily 

Contluuitas. at is, f. the con- 

tinuity, or whole length, depth, 

Contlnuo, adv. by and by, pre- 
sently, forthwith, immediately, 

Continuo, are, a. to continue, to 
persevere, to join, to close to- 

Continuus, a, um, adj. continual, 
continued, constant, whole, 
close together, touching, ad- 
joining, plain, even 

Contollo, fire, a. to take, or lift 
up together, to mend 

Contor, ari, dep. to sound, to feel 
the bottom 

Contorquendus, a, um, part, to 
be twisted about, to be moved 
round [round 

Contorquens, tis, part, whirling 

Contorqueo, ere, si, sum and tuns, 
a. to wind, or whirl about, to 
twist [screwing 

Contorsio, onis, /. a wresting, 

Contorte, adv. ius, comp. awry, 
intricately, obscurely 

Contortilis, e, adj. writhed, twist- 
ed [force 

Contortio, onis, /. a wTesting, 

Contortor, oris, m. a twister, &c. 

Contortulus, a, um, adj. some- 
what wrested 

Contortfip lie atus, a, um, part. 
writhed in many folds 

Contortiiplico, are, a. to fold, or 
wrap together, to plait 

Coutortus, a, um, part, and adj. 
hurled, or flung with force, 
violently turned about, twisted, 

Contra, prep, governing accus. 
against, over against, opposite 

Contra, adv. on the contrary, on 
the other hand, contrariwise, 
otherwise, opposite, mutually 

Contractu), onis, /. a contraction, 
an abridgment, a shrinking, or 
drawing in 

ContractiunciUa, ae,/. a pinch 

Contractorium, i, n. a cord, a 

Contractura, se, /. the making of 
pillars small about the top 

Contractus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. contracted, shortened, 
abridged, drawn, or gotten to- 
gether, raised, gathered, mus- 
tered, gotten, procured, carried 

Contractus, us, m. a contract, co- 
venant, or bargain, a lessing, 
or making smaller 

Contradicens, tis, part, contra- 
dicting, opposing 

Contradico, ere, xi, ctum, a. to 
contradict, gainsay, or oppose 

Contradictio, onis, /. contradic- 
tion, a contradicting, an objec- 

Contrado, fire, dtdi, turn, a. to 

Contraeo, Ire, n. to go contrary, 
or against, to oppose, to con- 

Contrahendus, a, um, part, to be 
contracted, to be transacted, to 
be bargained for, &c. 

Contraho, fire, xi, ctum, a. to 
contract, to draw, or get to- 
gether, to gather, or pick up, 
to g'et, or procure, to muster, or 
raise, to bargain, or agree, to 

Contraliceor, Sri, dep. to cheapen 


Contrap6sItus, a, um, adj. oppo- 

Contrarie, adv. contrarily [site 

Contrarietas, atis, /. contrariety, 

Contrario, are, a. to thwart 

Contrarius, a, um, adj. contrary 
to, opposite, repugnant, hurtful 

Contrascriptum, i, n. a reply 

Coutravenio, Ire, ni, tum, a. and 
n. to come against, to oppose, 
to cross 

Contrectabiliter, adv. palpably 

Contrectandus, a, um, part, to be 

Contrectatio, onis,/. a touching 

Contrectatus, a, um, part, often 

Contrecto, are, a. to touch often, 
to handle, to treat of, to peruse 

Contremisco, ere, n. to tremble 
for fear ; a. to be afraid of 

Contremo, fere, ui, n. to tremble, 
to quake, to shake ; a. to trem- 
ble at, to fear, to waver 

Contribuendus, a, um, part, to be 

Contribulis, e, adj. of one tribe 

Contrlbuo, fere, ui, utum, a. to 
contribute, to give, to distri- 
bute, to divide, to grant, or 

Contribiitio, onis,/. a contribution 

Contrlbutus, a, um, part, contri- 
buted, reckoned 

Contristatus, a, um, part, grieved 

Contristo, are, a. to make sorry, 
heavy, or sad, to make dark, or 
lowering [sorrow 

Contrltio, onis, /. contrition, 

Contritor, oris, m. a wearer out 

Contrltus, a, um, part, broken, 
or bruised small, crushed, filed, 
worn, much used 

Controversia, se, /. a controversy, 
a debate, a dispute, a quarrel, 

Controversiosus, a, um, adj. con- 
tentious, litigious 

Controversor, atus sum, dtp. to 
controvert, to contest 

Controversus, a, um, part, and 
adj. controverted, debated, dis- 
puted, doubtful, quarrelsome 

Contriicldatus, a, um,par£.wound'- 
ed grievously, mangled, left for 
dead [butcher 

Contrucldo, are, a. to kill, or 

Contrudo, fere, si, sum, a. to 
crowd in 

Contrunco, are, a. to mangle, to 
hack, to chop, or cut in pieces, 
to cut off by the stumps 

Contrusus, a, um, part, thrust 

Contubernalis, e, adj. belonging 
to the same quarters, &c. 

Contubernalis, is, e.g. a comrade, 
a companion, a bedfellow, a 
colleague, or partner 

Omtiibernium, i, n. a company of 
soldiers that lodge in the same 
tent, or are billeted together, a 
file of soldiers under a serjeaut, 
a hut, or tent, fellowship in 
one house, conversation 

Contuendus, a, um, part, to be 
looked upon [viewing 

Contuens, tis, part, beholding, 

Contueor, Itus sum, dep. to look 
wistfully upon, to survey 

Contuitus, a, um, part, having 
stedfastly beheld 

Contuitus, us, m. an earnest, or 
stedfast looking, sight, presence 

Contumicia. ae, /. stubbornness, 


obstinacy, wilfulness, insolence, 
haughtiness, sullenness, pee- 
vishness, stoutness 

Contumacitfer, adv. ius, comp. 
obstinately, stubbornly, fro- 
wardly, proudly 

Contumax, acis, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. contumacious, 
obstinate, stubborn, head- 
strong, resolute, resty, hard and 
stiff, constant, steady 

Contttmelia, ae,/. a bitter taunt, 
or reproach, a sarcasm, sharp 
raillery, or wit, a railing, scur- 
rility, foul language 

Contumeliosfe, adv. ius, comp. issl- 
me, superl. spitefully, reproach- 
fully, outrageously, injuriously 

Contumeliosus, a, um, adj. isrfl- 
mus, superl. contumelious, re- 
proachful, abusive, insolent, 
outrageous, disgraceful 

Conttimeo and Contumesco, n. to 
swell together [terred 

Contumulatus, a, um, part, in- 

Contumulo, are, a. to inter, to 

Contundo, fere, tiidi, tusum, a. to 
beat, knock, or thump, to batter, 
or bruise, to crush, to strike 
down, to take lower, to hum- 
ble, to repress 

Contuor, Itus sum, dep. to be- 
hold, to spy, or see 

Conturbatio, onis,/. a troubling, 
a confounding, disorder, con- 

Conturbator, oris, m. a troubler, 
a disturber, an undoer, a bank- 

Conturbatus, a, um, part., or adj. 
ior, comp. troubled, disquieted 

Conturbo, are, a. to trouble, dis- 
quiet, or dismay, to disturb, to 
disorder, or put in confusion, to 

Conturgeo, ere, a. to swell 

Conturmalis, e, adj. belonging to 
the same squadron 

Contus, i, m. a long pole, or staff, 
a pole, a weapon to fight beasts 

Contusio, onis, /. a contusion, a 
battering, or bruising, a blunt- 

Contusus, a, um, part, pounded, 
stamped, beaten, bruised, worn, 
dulled, wasted 

Convadatus, a, um, part, that 
goes under surety 

Convador, atus sum, dep. to bind 
one to appear, to put in surety 

Convalescens, tis, part, recover- 

Convalesco, fere, ui, Itum, incep. 
to grow strong, to get strength, 
to recover, to grow 

Convallatus, a, um, part, in- 

Convallis, is,/, a valley, a dale 

Convario, are, atum, a, to varie- 

Convaso, are, a. to pack up 

Convecto, are,/reg. to carry 

Con vector, oris, m. a fellow pas- 

Convectum, i, n. provision laid up 

Convectus, a, um, part, carried, 
brought [carry 

Conveho, fere, exi, ectum, a. to 

Convfelatus, a, um, part, covered 
over [weakened 

Convellendus, a, um, part, to be 

Convellens, tis, part, weakening 

Convello, fere, velli and vulsi, 


vulsum, a. to tear, pull, or 
pluck up, to rend, or tear asuii - 
der, to tear in pieces, to rend, 
or tear, to unloose, to remove, 
to pervert 

Convelo, are, a. to veil, cover, or 

Conveniendus, a, um, part, to 
meet, or come together 

Conveniens, tis, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. com- 
ing, gathering, or assembling 
together, agreeing, becoming 

Convenientfer, adv. ius, comp. con- 
veniently, agreeably, to the pur- 
pose, fitly, suitably 

Convfenientia, se, /. a meeting, or 
coming together, suitableness, 
agreement, accord 

Convenio, Ire, veni, ventum, n. 
to come, or meet together, to 
resort together, to flock round, 
to assemble, collect, or meet, to 
come, or go to, f resolve, or 
agree upon, to agree, to be 
agreed upon, to suit 

Conventlcius, a, um, or Con- 
ventitius, a, um, pertaining to 

Conventiculum, i, n. a conventi- 
cle, a little private assembly, a 

Conventio, 6nis,/. a convention, 
covenant, meeting, an assem- 

Conventum, i, n. a covenant, 
league, or compact 

Conventurus, a, um, part, about 
to come together, or agree 

Conventus, a, um, part, met 
and talked with, agreed upon 

Conventus, us, m. an assembly, 
or meeting, a pack, or crew, a 
hundred, or county, a district, 
a covenant, bargain, agreement 

Converbferatus, a, um, part. 

Converbfero, are, a. to beat well 

Converro, fere, ri, and si, sum, a. 
to sweep, or cleanse all over, to 
brush, to make clean 

Conversans, tis, part, turning 

Conversatio, onis,/. conversation, 
behaviour, carriage, familiarity 

Converse, adv. neatly, cleanly 

Conversio, onis,/. a conversion, a 
change, an alteration, a revolu- 
tion, or course, a turning up- 
side down, a confusion 

Converso, are, freq. to whirl round 

Conversor, atus sum, dep. to con- 
verse with, to be often with 

Conversus, a, um, part, convert- 
ed, changed, turned, turned 
about, or towards, turning 

Conversurus, a, um, part, about 
to turn 

Convertens, tis, part, convert- 
ing, turning 

Convertibles, e, adj. convertible, 

Converto, fere, ti, sum, a. to con- 
vert, to turn, to turn about, or 
towards, to whirl, to change, to 
transform, to translate 

Convestio, Ire, Itum, a. to clothe 

Convestitus, a, um, part, clothed, 

Convexitas, atis,/. convexity 

Convexus, a, um, adj. convex, 
crooked, bending down on 
every side like the heavens, 
vaulted, arched, roofed 

Convibro, are, a. to shake 




Convicians, tis, part, reviling, 

Conviciator, oris, m. a railer 

CoriTlcior, atus sum, dep. to 
taunt, or reproach, to revile 

Convlcium, i, n. a reproach, 
abuse, a brawling, or bawling, 
a loud noise, an" exclamation, 

Convictio, onis, /. a conviction, 
or evidence 

Convictor, 6ris, m. a companion 
at table, a fellow-boarder, a 

Convictus, a, um, part, convicted, 
convinced, thoroughly proved, 

Convictus, us, m. a living toge- 
ther, fellowship, society, ordi- 
nary food, diet 

Convinco, fire, Ici, ctum, a. to 
convince, to convict, to confute, 
to prove clearly, to show 

Convinctio, onis,/. a conjunction, 
a bending 

Conviso, ere, si sum, a. to visit, 
to go to see 

Convitiator, oris, m. a railer 

Convltior, same as Convicior 

Convlva, ae, c. g. a guest 

Convivalis, e, adj. of, or belong- 
ing to a feast, or banquet, fes- 
tive [ner 

Convivator, oris, m. an entertai- 

Convlvialis, e, adj. convivial 

Convlvium, i, n. a feast, a ban- 
quet, an entertainment, a treat, 
a prince's table 

Convivo, 6re, xi, ctum, n. to live, 
or dwell together, to eat and 
drink together 

Convlvor, atus sum, dep. to feast, 
to revel 

ConvOcandus, a, um, part, to be 
called together, assembled, or 

Conv6catio, 6nis, /. a convoca- 
tion, a calling together 

Convocaturus, a, um, pari, about 
to call together 

Convocatus, a, um, part, calling 

ConvOco, are, a. to call together, 
to assemble, to summon 

Convolans, tis, part, flying to- 

ConvSlo, are, n. to fly together, 
to fly, to come together in all 
haste [about 

Convolvens, tis, part, rolling 

Convolvo, ere, vi, utum, a. to 
wrap, or wind about, to roll to- 
gether, or up, to encompass 

CnnvSlutus, a, um, part, rolled up 

| uvolvtilus, i, m. a vine worm, 
or fretter, the herb withwind, 
or bindweed 

ConvOmo, ere, ui, a. to vomit up 

Conus, i, m. a cone, the crest of a 
helmet, a pineapple, the fruit 
of a cypress-tree 

Convulnerandus, a, um, part, to 
be wounded with, to be hurt 

Convulngratus, a, um, part, sore, 

Convulnero, are, a. to wound 

Convulsio, onis,/. a convulsion, a 
shrinking, &c. up 

Convulstirus, a, um, part, about 
to tear up, about to destroy 

Convulsus, a, um, part, plucked, 
pulled, or torn up, shrunk up, 
taken with the cramp 

Conero, are, a. to burden, to load 

Cooperciilum, i, n. a cover, or lid 

Co5pgrio, ire, ui, turn, a. to cover 
all over, to cover, to overwhelm 

CoSpertorium, i, n. a cassock, a 

Coopertus, a, um, part, covered, 
buried, overwhelmed 

Cooptandus, a, um, part, to 
choose, or be chosen with 
others [choice 

Cooptatio, onis, /. a choosing, a 

Cooptatus, a, um, part, chosen, 

Coopto, are, a. to choose, or 
elect by vote, to choose, to 
adopt, to admit 

Coorior, Iri, ortus, dep. to rise 

Coortus, a, um, part, risen up, 

Copa, a?,/, a hostess, a vlntress 

C6phmus, i, m. a twig-basket, a 
pannier, a coffer, a coffin 

Copia, ae, /. plenty, abundance, 
wealth, riches, store, number, 
power, ability, possibility, leave, 
liberty, help, assistance, an as- 

Copiolse, arum, pl.f. dim. small 
force, or store, a little army 

Copior, atus sum,* ari, dep. to 
furnish oneself abundantly with 

Copiose, adv. ius, eomp. issime, 
superl. copiously, plentifully, 
abundantly in plenty, with a 
great train 

Copiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isstmus, superl. copious, plenti- 
ful, abundant, rich, ample, 
well provided 

CSpis, idis,/. a hanger 

Copo, onis, m. ant. for Caupo, * 
huckster, a vintner 

Copria and Coprias, a?, m. a 
jester, a buffoon 

Copros, i, m. dung 

Copta, ae,/. a cake, a hard biscuit 

Copula, ae, /. a couple, a dog's 
collar, a fetter, chain, or 
shackle [joined 

Copiilandus, a, um, part, to be 

Copulate, adv. jointly, conjointly 

Copulatio, onis, /. copulation, a 
coupling, or joining [tive 

Coptllativus. a, um, adj. copula- 

Copulatus, &, um, part, coupled, 
joined, compounded 

Copiilo, are, a. to couple, to join, 
to unite 

C&quendas, a, um, part, to be 
digested, or ripened, to be 

C6qulna, ae,/. a kitchen 

COquinaris, e, adj. belonging to 
a cook 

COquinarius, a, um, adj. of a 

C6quIno, are, a. to cook 

C5quInor, atus sum, dep. to dress 

CSquinus, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to a kitchen, oi cook 

Coquo, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to cook, 
or dress, to boil, to seethe, to 
bake, to heat, to scorch, to 
burn up, to consume, to dry, 
to ripen 

Coquus, i, m. a cook, a baker 

Cor, dis, n. the heart, the mind, 
or soul, a man, or person, cou- 
rage, wit, wisdom, judgment, 

Coralium, i, n. coral 

Coram, prep, before, in presence of 

Coram, adv. face to face, openly 

Corax, axis, »». a raves, an engine 

Corban, n. indecl. a gift of pioua 
uses [kes 

Corbicula, ae,/. a very small bas- 

Corbis, is, m. and/, a twig-basket, 
a pannier 

Corbita, ae, /. a hoy, a slow sailer 

Corbito, are, a. to load a ship, to 
cram the guts 

Corbula, ae, /. a little pannier, a 

Corculum, i, n. a little, or poor 
heart, a sweetheart, a minion, a 
prudent person [dent 

Corctilus, a, um, adj. wise, pru- 

Cordate, adv. wisely, discreetly 

Cordatus, a, um, adj. ior, eomp. 
wise, prudent, judicious, con- 

Cordax, acis, m. a kind of dance, 
used in comedies 

Cordicitus, adv. to the heart 

Cord51ium, i, n. grief of heart 

Cordus and Chordus, a, um, adj. 
late in the year, rather late, late 

C&riaceus, a, um, adj. of leather 

C6riago, inis, /. the sickness 
called hidehound 

C5riandrum, i, n. coriander, an 

Cftriarius, i, m. a currier, a tanner 

Corias, ae,/. a fish 

CSrium, i, n. a hide, a skin, lea- 
ther, a husk of chesnuts, &c. 

ComeSlus, a, um, adj. almost as 
hard as horn [horn 

Cornesco, 6re, n. to grow hard as 

Cornetum, i, n. a grove of corneil- 

Corneus, a, um, adj. horny, of 
or like horn, hard, or white as 
horn, made of horn 

Corneus, a, um, adj. of the cor- 

Cornicen, Inis, e. g. one who 
blows a horn, a cornet 

Cornicor, atus sum, dep. to chat- 
ter, to prate 

Cormcula, a?, /. a jackdaw, a 
crow, a chough 

Cornicularius, i, m. a cornet, a 
trooper, a brigadier, an officer 

Corniculum, i, n. a little horn, a 
kind of ornament presented to 
soldiers, and worn in their hel- 
mets [nels 

Cornifer, a, um, adj. bearing eor- 

Corniger, a, um, adj. horned, 
having, or wearing horns 

Cornlpes, £dis, adj. horn-footed 

Cornipes, 6dis, m. a horse 

Comix, Icis, /. a crow, or rook, a 
ring-iron, or knocker at a door 

Cornu, n. indecl. pi. cornua, a 
horn, a cornet, a trumpet, 
power, strength, courage, a 
■wing of an army, a squadron, a 
chief point, or head, a corner, 
end, or extremity, the ends, or 
bosses of the stick about which 
books were rolled 

Cornucopia, ae, /. the horn ol 
plenty, abundance of all things 

Cornulum, i, n. a little horn 

Cornum, i, n. a corneil, a wild 

Cornu o, are, n. to bend like a horn 

Cornus, i and us, /. the corneil- 
tree, a javelin made thereof 

Cornuta, ae,/. a fish, the gurnard 

Cornutus, a, um, adj. horned, 

C6rolla, m,f.dim. a little crown, 
a chaplet 

C&roliavium, i, *. a corollary, p 




coronet, an overplus, an acces- 
Corona, ae, /. a crown, a diadem, 
a coronet, a chaplet, a garland, 
a circle, a round thing like a 
coronet, a company of persons 
standing, or sitting in a ring 
Coronalis, e, adj. belonging to a 

Coronamentum, i, n. stuff, or 

flowers to make garlands 
Coronans, tis, part, crowning 
Coronaria, ae, f. a woman who 

makes and sells garlands 
Coronarius, a, um, adj. that be- 
longs to, or serves to make 
C6ronatus, a, um, part, crowned, 

Coronatus, i, m. a crown-piece 
Cor6ne61a, ae,/. a musk-rose 
COronis, idis,/. the top, or peak 
of a hill, &c. the utmost part, 
or end, a cornice, a weather- 
Corono, are, a. to crown, to sur- 
round, or encompass 
C5ron5podium, i, n. dandelion 
Coron6pus, 6dis, m. the herb 

CorpOralis, e, adj. corporal, that 

hath a body 
CorpSraliter, adv. corporally 
Corporatio, onis,/. the size, plight, 
state, and fashion of the body, 
a corporation, company, or body 
Corporatura, ae,/. bulk of body 
CorpSratus, a, um, part, having a 

body, embodied, incorporated 

CorpSreus, a, um, adj. corporeal, 

bodily, that hath, or belongs to 

a body 

Corporo, are, a. to form into a 

body, to kill 
Corpulent^, adv. corpulently 
Corpulentia, ae, f. corpulence, 

Corpiilentus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
corpulent, well-fleshed, bulky, 
Corpus, Oris, n. a body, the flesh, 
substance, the whole man, a 
spirit, a shade, a ghost, a sys- 
tem, or volume, a company, or 
Corpusculum, i, n. a little, or 

small body, an atom 
Corradens, tis, part, scraping, 

Corrado, ere, si, sum, a. to scrape, 

or rake together 
Correctio, onis, /. a correction, an 

Corrector, oris, m. a corrector, a 
reformer, an amender, a gover- 
nor, or ruler 
Correcturus, a, um, part, about 

to correct, or amend 
Correctus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

corrected, reformed, redressed 
Corrependus, a, um, part, to creep 
Correpo, 6re, psi, ptum, n. to 
creep, sneak, or slink into a 
Correpte, adv. ius, comp. shortly 
Correptio, onis, /. a correction in 
words, a checking, or- rebuking, 
a reproof, a punishment 
Correptor, oris, m. a reprover 
Correptus, a, um, part, laid hold 

on, seized, reproved, chidden 
Corrideo, ere, si, sum, n. to laugh 

or smile 
Corrigendus, a, um, adj. to correct 
Corrlgens, tis, part, correcting 

Corngia, ae, /. the latchet of a 

shoe, a thong of leather 
Corrigiarius, i, m. a point, or 

Corrigo, ere, exi, ectum, a. to 
correct, to amend, to make 
better, to reform, to set to 
rights, to straighten 

Corripiendus, a, nru, part, to seize, 
or be seized 

Corripiens, tis, part, rebuking 

Corripio, gre, pui, epium, a. to 
snatch up, to seize on, to seize, 
to lay hold of, to reprove, to 

Corrivales, ium, pi. c. g. those 
who drink of the same stream, 

Corrivalitas, atis, /. rivalship 

Corrivatio, onis,/: the running in 
one stream 

Corrivatus, a, um, part, made up 
of several streams 

Corrivo, are, n. to draw water out 
of many streams into one 

Corrivor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
run, or flow together from 
several streams 

Corrob6ratus, a, um, part, cor- 
roborated, strengthened 

Corrob5ro, are, a. to corroborate, 
to strengthen, to confirm 

Corrodo, 6re, si, sum, a. to cor- 
rode, to gnaw, to consume, to 

Corrogatus, a, um, part, invited, 
bidden, scraped up, got to- 

Corr6go, are, a. to bring, or get 
together, to seek up and down, 
to scrape 

Corrosus, a, um, part, corroded, 
gnawed, wasted, consumed 

Corrotundo, are, a. to make round 

Corruda, ae, / wild asparagus 

Comigatio, onis, /. a wrinkling 

Corrugatus, a, ma, part, wrinkled 

Corrugo, are, a. to wrinkle, to 
make in wrinkles 

Corrumpendus, a, um, part, to be 
corrupted, or spoiled, to be 

Corrumpens, tis, part, corrupting 

Corrumpo, ere, upi, upturn, a. to 
corrupt, to pollute, to taint, or 
infect, to debauch, to deflower, 
to spoil 

Corruo, 6re, ui, n. to fall together, 
to fall, or tumbledown, to come 
to ruin, to decay, to be spent, 
to fail 

Corrupte, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. corruptly, depravedly 

Corruptela, ae,/. corruption, a de- 
praving, or falsifying, a de- 
bauching, a corrupter 

Corruptibilis, e, adj. corruptible, 
subject to corruption 

Corruptio, onis,/. corruption 

Corruptor, oris, m. a corrupter, a 
debaucher, a spoiler 

Corruptrix, icis,/. a corrupter 

Corrupturus, a, um, part, about 
to corrupt, about to bribe 

Corruptus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. cor- 
rupted, depraved, tainted, in- 
fected, debauched, deflowered, 

Cortex, icis, doubtful gen. a rind, 
or bark, a shell, a peel 

Corticatus, a, um, part, that hath 
a rind 

Corticosus, a, um, adj. full of bark 

Corticula, se,/. dim. a thin rind 

Cortina, se,/. a caldron, or kettle 
a dyeing vat, a vessel set to re- 
ceive oil when the olives were 
pressed, the tripos of Apollo, 
from whence oracles were given, 
the oracle itself, a curtain, or 

Cortinale, is, n. a place where 
kettles were set 

Corvinus, a, um, adj. of a raven, 
or crow, black as a raven 

Corus, i, m. the north-west wind 

C5ruscans, tis, part, shining, glit- 

C&ruscatio, flnis,/. a glittering 

Corusco, are, n. to shine," to 
glitter, to flash, or lighten ; a. 
to brandish, to shake, to wave 

Coruscus, a, um, adj. glittering, 
shining, bright, moving, waving 

Corvus, i, m. a raven, a term in 
architecture, a kind of grapple, 
or iron hook 

Corycaeus, i, m. a spy, a scout, a 
telltale, an informer 

C5rydalus, i, m. a lark [tTees 

Coryletum, i, n. a grove of hazel- 

Corylus, i,/. a hazel-tree 

Corymbifer, a, um, adj. which 
bears berries like ivy, an epithet 
of Bacchus 

COrymbion, or C6rymbium, i, n. a 
peruke worn by women 

CSrymbus, i, m. a bunch, or clus- 
ter of ivy-berries, the fruit, or 
flower of the herb chrysocome, 
the head of an artichoke, a 

Coryphaeus, i, m. a ringleader 

Corytos, i, m. a quiver 

Coryza, ae, /. a running at the nose 

Cos, cotis,/. a whetstone, a hone, 
a grindstone 

Cosmeta, ae, m. or f. a valet 

Cosmianum, i, n. a rich perfume 
made by Cosmus a perfumer 

Cosmianus, a, um, adj. very sweet 

Cosmicus, a, um, adj. cosmieal, 
according to the course of the 

Cossis, is, m. a worm bred in wood 

Cossus, i, m. the same 

Costa, ae,/. a rib, a side, a coast 

Costatus, a, um, adj. having large 

Costus, i, /., and Costum, i, «. a 
herb called zedoary, an oint- 

COthurnatus, a, um, adj. that 
wears buskins, tragical 

Cothurnus, i, m. a buskin, a sort 
of shoe worn by the actois ot 
tragedies, a high-soled shoe 

Coticula, ae, /. dim. a little whet- 
stone, a touchstone 

C6tinus, i,/. a wild olive 

COtoneum, i, n. a quince 

Cotoneus, a, um, adj. belonging 
to a quince [whip 

Cottabus, i, m. the smack of a 

Cottana, or C6t6na, or CottOna, 
or Coctana, Oram, pi. n. a kind 
of small Syrian fig 

C5turnix, icis,/. a quail 

C6tyla, ae, /. a measure less than 
a pint, a dish . 

C6t.yledon, 6nis, /. the hollow of 
the huckle-bone, wall-penny- 

C8vinarius, i, m. a charioteer 

C6vinus, i, m. a chariot armed 
with hooks, a coach, a calash 

Cous, a, mn, adj. Coan 

Coflterinus, i, m. a brother by the 
mothers side 




CAvum, i, n. heaven, a hollow 

place about a plough 
Coxa, ae, /. the hip, or haunch, 
the huckle-bone, the joint of 
the hip [huckle-bone 

Coxendix, Icis, /. the hip, the 
Crabro, onis, m. a hornet, a wasp 
Crambe, es,/. a kind of colewort 
Cranium, i, n. the skull 
Crapula, ae, /. a surfeit, a sur- 
charge, a dizziness 
Crapulosus, a, um, adj. drunken 
Cras, adv. to-morrow, in time to 

Crasis, is, /. a mixture, a tempera- 
ture, a contraction 
Crassamen, Inis, n. dregs, sedi- 
Crassamentum, i, n. thickness, 
bigness, sediment, or lees of 
Crasse, adv. ius, comp. thickly, 

homely, bunglingly 
Crassescens, tis, part, thickening 
Crassesco, ere, incep. to thicken, 
or grow thick [ness 

Crassities, ei, /. thickness, gross- 
Crassltudo, Inis, /. the same 
Crasso, atum, are, a. to thicken 
Crassus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. thick, gross, 
fat, heavy, dull, coarse, homely, 
Crastin6. adv. to-morrow 
Crastlnus, a, um, adj. of to-mor- 
row, of the time to come 
Crater, eris, m. in accus. sing. 
cratera, plur. crateras, a great 
cup, or bowl, a goblet, a trough, 
or receiver of water, a platter 
Cratera, ae,/. same as Crater 
Crates, is, /., and Cratis, is, a 
hurdle of rods wattled together, 
a grate 
Crateuta, a;, /. a rack for a spit 
Craticula, ae,/. a gridiron 
Cratio, ire, a. to wattle, to harrow 
'Cratitius, a, um, adj. wattled, 

made of sticks 
Creagra, ae,/. a flesh-hook 
Creandus, a, um, part, to be 
created, to be produced, or 
Creatio, onis, /. a creation, a 
creating, or making, a begetting 
Creator, Oris, m. a creator, a 
maker, a father, a founder, or 
Creatrix, icis,/. a mother, &c. 
Creatura, ae,/. a creature 
Creaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Creatus, a, um, part, created, 

made, framed, formed, born 
Creber, bra, brum, adj. ior, comp. 
errimus or isslmus, superl. fre- 
quent, thick, thick grown 
Crebre, adv. frequently, closely 
Crebrescens, tis, part, growing 

Crebresco, and Crebesco, ere, 
incep. to grow, or come thick, 
to increase more and more 
Crebritas, ads, /. frequency, com- 
Crebriter, adv. frequently, usually 
Crebrb, adv. ius, comp. errime, 
superl. often, frequently, pell- 
Crebro, Tire, a. to do often 
Credendas, a, um, part, to be 

believed, or trusted 
Credens, tis, part, believing, 
trusting, thinking, venturing, 

Credlbllis, e, adj. credible, pro- 
bable [bably 
CredlblTlter, adv. credibly, pro- 
Creditor, oris, m. a creditor 
Credltrix, icis,/. she that lends 
Credltum, i, n. credit, a trust, a 
debt [believe 
Credlturus, a, um, part, about to 
Credltus, a, um, part, believed, 

Credo, ere, didi, ditum, a. to 
credit, to believe, to think, to 
suppose, or imagine, to trust, to 
put confidence in, to intrust, to 
Credulitas, atis, /. credulity, rash- 
ness of belief, foolishness 
Credulus, a, um, adj. credulous, 
easy, or light of belief, silly, 
simple, foolish 
CrSmabalum, i, n. a child's rattle 
Cremandus, a, um, part, to be 

Cremans, tis, part, burning 
Crgmatio, 6nis, /. a burning 
CrSmatus, a, um, part, burnt, 


CrSmium, i, n. a dry stick, a bavin 

Cremo, are, a. to burn, to burn 

up, to set on fire, to bury in 


Cremor, 6ris, m. the thick juice of 

barley, panada, frumenty 
Crena, ae, /. a notch, a jagg, a 
mark, a dent, a slit, a cleft, a 
nib Digged 

Crenatus, a, um, adj. notched, 
Creo, are, a. to create, to make, 
to form, to beget, to breed, or 
bring forth 
Crgpans, tis, part, rustling 
Cr6i ax, acis, adj. making a noise 
Creperus, a, um, adj. doubtful 
Creplda, ae, /. a low shoe with a 
latchet, a slipper, a sandal, a 
Crgpidarius, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to slippers, or shoemakers 
Crgpldarius, i, m. a slipper-maker, 

Crepidatus, a, um, adj. wearing 

shoes, or slippers 

Crepido, Inis, /. a creek, a shore, 

or bank, the top, edge, or brow 

of a steep rock, mouth, border, 

drink [per 

Crepldiila, ae, /. dim. a little slip- 

Crgpis, Idis,/. a slipper 

Crepitaculum, i, n. a child'* 

rattle, a timbrel 
Crepitans, tis, part, crackling, 
ringing, rattling, chattering, 
making a noise 
Crgplto, are, freq. to crackle, to 
creak, to clatter, or make a 
noise, to growl, to gnash 
Crepitus, us, m. a rustling noise, 
a creaking, a crashing, a ring- 
ing, or jingling 
Crepo, are, ui, Itum, n. to make a 
noise, or sound, to resound, to 
crack, to crackle, to creak, to 
crash, to clatter, to ring 
Crgpundia, orum, pi. n. children's 
playthings, baubles, bells, rat- 
tles, puppets 
Crfipusci, orum, pi. m. children 

born about twilight 
Crgpusculum, i, n. the twilight 
Crescens, tis, part, increasing, 

Cresco, £re, crevi, cretum, n to 
grow, to increase, to swell, to 
grow up, to be brought up 
Creta, as, /. chalk, fuller's clay, 

loam, white paint, the gonl, o? 
mark at the end of a race 
Cretaceus, a, um, adj. of chalk, 

CretaefSdina, ae,/. a chalk -pit 
Cretarium, i, n. a chalk-pit 
Cretarius, i, m. a worker in chalk 
Cretarius, a, um, adj. chalky 
Cretatus, a, um, adj. chalked, 

Creteus, a, um, adj. of chalk 
Cretio, onis, /. a solemnity or. 

entering on an estate 
Cretosus, a, um, adj. full of chalk 
Cretula, ae,/. a chalk ased in the 

sealing of letters 
Cretiira, ae,/. pollat 1, coarse meal 
Cretus, a, um, part, born, de- 
scended, sprung, severed, re- 
solved upon 
Cribellatus, a, um, part, sifted 
Crtbello, are, a to sift, or garble 
Ciibellum, i, n. dim. a little sieve 
Cribrarius, a, um, adj. of a sieve J 

Cribro, are, a. to sift, or bolt 
Crimen, inis, n. a crime, an of. 
fence, a fault, an error, or mis- 
take, a scandal, a reproach, a 
suspicion, a charge 
Criminalis, e, adj. criminal, guilty 
Criminans, tis, part, accusing 
Criminaliter, adv. criminally, like 

a criminal 
Crlmlnatio, onis, /. the objecting 

of a crime, an accusation 
Crlminator, oris, m. an accuser 
Crlminatorius, a, um, adj. crimi- 
Criminatus, a, um, part, accusing 
Criminor, atus sum, dep. to ac- 
cuse, to charge with a crime, to 
blame, to find fault with 
Criminose, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. criminally 
Criminosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. accusatory, re- 
proachful, scandalous, criminal 
Crinale, is, n. a bodkin, ahairlace, 

a fillet 
Crinalis, e, adj. pertaining to hair 
Crinlger, a, um, adj. wearing 

much hair, hairy 
Crlnis, is, m. hair, a tress, or lock 

of hair, a band of horses' hair 
Crinitus, a, um, adj. hairy, fulj 

of hair, having much hair 
Crin5m6non, i, n. an issue in law 
Crinon, i, n. a reddish lily 
CriObolium, i, n. a sacrifice of 

Cripa, ae, /. a kind of syrup 
Crisis, is,/, a judgment, the de- 
cision of a conflict between 
nature and a distemper 
Crispans, tis, part, shaking, bran- 
dishing, trembling, wreathed 
Crispatus, a, um, part, curled, 
quivered [curling 

CrispTcans, tis, part, waving, 
Crispltudo, inis,/. curledness 
Crispo, are, a. to curl, or wreathe, 

to shake, or brandish 
Crispulus, a, um, adj. dim. having 

curled tresses 

Crispus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

isslmus, superl. crisp, curled, 

frizzled, crumpled 

Crissans, tis,/>arf. wagging the tail 

Crisso, are, n. to move wantonly, 

or obscenely, to shake 

Crista, ae, /. a crest, a tuft, or 

plume of feathers, or hair, a 

comb [tufted 

Crist atus, a, um, adj. crested* 





Cristttla, ee,/. a little crest, plume, 
or comb 

Crltlcus, a, urn, adj. critical 
'•Crltlcus, i. to. a criti" >ne who 
judges of the genuineness and 
goodness of other men's writ- 
Crocatus, a, um, adj. tinctured 

with saffron 
CrOceus, a, um, adj. like saffron 
Cr&clnus, a, um, adj. of saffron, of 
' the colour of saffron [raven 
CrScio, ire, re. to croak like a 
Crocltatio, onis, /. a croaking 
CrQcito, are,freq. to croak, or cry 

like a raven, or crow 
Cr6e6dllia, a?, /. excrement of the 
land crocodile, a wash for the 
Crocodillnus, a, um, adj. like a 

crocodile, sophistical 
CrSeSdllus, i, m. a crocodile 
CrScdta, ae, /. a yellow gown 
Cr5c6tula, se, /. a little yellow 
garment [yellow 

CrOcotularius, i, ret. a dyer of 
Croeum, i, re., and CrOcus, i, m. 

Cr6talia, orum, pi. n. a rattling 

Cr6taphitae, arum, pi. m. two 

muscles in the temples 
CrSton, onis, /. an Egyptian herb 

called Palma Christi 
Crticiabllis, e, adj. vexatious 
Cruciablllter, adv. painfully, 

Cruciamen, inis, re. a torment 
Ciuciamentum, i, n. torture, an- 
guish, pain [tormented 
Cruciandus, a, um, part, to be 
Crucians, tis, part, tormenting 
Cruciarius, a, um, adj. worthy to 

be tormented, or hanged 
Cruciarius, i, to. a tormenter, one 

Criiciator, oris, to. a tormenter 
Cruciatus, a, um, part, tormented, 

tortured, afflicted, grieved 
Cruciatus, us, m. torment, torture, 

anguish, pain, affliction, grief 
Crucifer, a, um, adj. carrying a 

Crucifigo, fire, xi, xum, a. to 
crucify, toenail to a cross, to 
Cmcifixus, a, um, part, crucified 
Crucio, are, a. to torment, to 
torture, to pain, to vex, to grieve, 
to afflict, to distress 
Criidaria, ae,/. a vein of silver at 

the top of a mine 
CrCidelis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. cruel, barbarous, 
fierce, ill-natured, hard-hearted 
Crudelitas, atis, /. cruelty, bar- 
barity, inhumanity 
Crudeliter, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. cruelly [fierce 

Crudescens, tis, part, growing 
Cmdesco, fire, re. to grow raw, 
green, or fresh, to increase more 
and more 
Crudltas, atis, /. crudity, bad di- 
gestion, a crude humour 
Crudus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. crude, raw, un- 
dressed, green, unripe, sour, 
Cruentatus, a, um, part, made 

bloody, dyed with blood 
Cruente, adv ius, comp. bloodily, 

Cruento, are, a. to fetch blood, to 
make bloody, to imbrue 

Cruentus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. bloody, of blood, 
as red as blood, cruel, fierce 
Crumena, ee,f. a purse, a pocket, 

a bag 
Criimenisgca, as, c. g. a cutpurse 
Cruor, oris, m. blood from a 

wound, blood, gore 
Crupellarii, orum, pi. m. soldiers 

armed cap-a-pie 
Cruralis, e, adj. crural 
Crurlfragium, i, re. a breaking of 
legs on the cross [leg 

Crurulis, e, adj. belonging to the 
Crus, uris, re. the leg from the 
knee 'to the ancle, the leg, the 
hinder leg of a quadruped 
Crusculum, i, re. dim. a little leg 
Crusma, atis, n. a timbrel, a la- 
bour, a tinkling noise 
Crusta, ae, /. a crust of bread, a 
piece of ice frozen, a piece of 
wood, or stone 
Crust arius, i, m. a plasterer, a 


Crustatus, a, um, part, crusted, 

plastered, roughcast, covered 

with a shell, scaled [serve 

Crusto, are, a. to plaster, to pre- 

Crustosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

crusty [scab 

Crustoila, ae, /. a little crust, or 

Crustularius, i, m. a pastrycook 

Crustiilum, i, re. a wafer, a thin 

Crustum, i, re. a crust, a small 

piece, a morsel 
Crux, ficis,/. a cross, gibbet, or 
gallows, any thing, or person, 
that troubles, vexes, or tor- 
ments us, affliction 
Crypta, ae, /. a hollow place, a 
vault, a sink, a common sewer, 
a grotto, a cell, a cloister, a 
low gallery [secret 

Cryptleus, a, um, adj. hid, close, 
Crystalllnum, i, re. a crystal glass 
Crystallinus, a, um, adj. crys- 
talline, made of crystal, clear 
as crystal 
Crystallum, i, n. crystal 
Crystallus, i,/. crystal 
Cubans, tis, part, lying, or sitting, 
lying sick, or ill, leaning, stoop- 
ing, descending 
Cubatio, onis,/. a lying down 
Cfibatus, us, m. a lying down, a 

lying-in, a brooding 
Cublcularis, e, adj. pertaining to 

a chamber 
Cublct.l arius, a, um, adj. the same 
Cublcularius, i, ret. a chamber- 
Ciiblculatus, a, um, adj. formed 

to lie in 
Cubiculum, i, re. a bedchamber, a 

parlour, a pavilion, a tent 
Cublcus, a, um, adj. cubical, 

Cublle, is, re. a bed, or couch, a 
den, a kennel, a bird's nest, a 
beehive, a mine, a ground- 
Cubital, alis, re. a cushion under 

the elbow 
Cubitalis, e, adj. a cubit high 
Ciibltans, tis, part, lying along 
Cubltissim, adv. with the elbow 
Ciibito, are, freq. to be used to lie 
Cilbltor, oris, m. he that lies 

Ciibitum, i, re. a cubit, a couch 
Cubitus, i, m. a cubit, a foot and 
half, the elbow fbed 

j Cubitus, us, m. a lyinj down, a 

Cubo, are, Itum, n. to lie, to lie 

down, to be in bed 

Cubus, i, m. a cube, a die 

Ciicubo, are, a. to cry like an 

Ciiculio, Onis, m. a hood to travel 
with, a frock [cowled 

Ciicullatus, a, um, adj. hooded, 

Cucullus, i, m. a hood, a cowl, a 
frock, a paper, or coffer for 

Ciiculo, are, re. to cry like a cuckoo 

Cuculus, i, to. a cuckoo, a cuc- 
kold maker, a name of reproach 
on many accounts 

Cuciima, ee, f. a vessel like a 

Ciicumer, ens, to. a ( ■" -imber 

Cucumis, is, m. in uc*"us. ciicii- 
rain, a cucumber, a shellfish 

Cucurblta, ee,/. a gourd, a cup- 

Cucurbltinus, a, um, adj. of, or 
like gourds 

Cucurbltula, ae,/. a cupping-glass 

Cucurio, or Cucurrio, Ire, Ivi, re. 
to crow, or cluck like a cock 

Cfldo, 6re, di, sum, a. to hammer, 
forge, stamp, or coin 

Cudo, onis, to. a leather, or fur 

Cujas, atis, pron. of what coun- 
try, or sect ? belonging to 
whom ? [of 

Cujus, a, um, pron. whose, where- 

CujusmOdi, of what sort, man- 
ner, fashion, or quality ? 

Cujusqufimodi, of what manner 
soever, such as it is 

Culclta, ae, /. the tick of a bed, 
a bed, cushion, or pillow 

Culcltrarius, i, m. an upholsterer 

Culcltrula, as, /. dim. a little 
pillow [culeus 

Culearis, e, adj. containing the 

Culearium, i, n. a measure of 
forty urns [sack 

CuleSlus, i, to. a satchel, a knap- 

Culeus, or Cullcus, i, to. a lea- 
thern sack, or bag, a sack 

Culex, tcis, to. a guar, or little fly 

Cullcarius, a, um, adj. driving 
away gnats 

Culigna, ae,/. a bowl, a dish 

Cullna, ae, /. a kitchen, a sink, 
a common sewer 

Ctillnarius, a, um, adj. culinary 

Culmen, Inis, re. the top, or 
height of a thing, the ridge o' 
a house, or hill, the crown oi 
one's head, honour, advance- 

Culmus, i, m. the stalks, or straw 
of corn 

Culpa, ae, /. a fault, an offence, 
guilt, blame, mischief 

Culpandus, a, um, part, to be 

Culpans, tis, part, blaming 

Culpatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. blamed, disliked 

Culplto, are, freq. to blame, to 

Cu'.po, are, a. to blame, to censure 

Cultellatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
sharp like a knife, edged, made 
plain [level 

Cultello, are, a. to cut even, to 

Cultellus, i, m. dim. a little knife, 
a pruning-knife 

Culter, tri, n.. a eoulter, a plough- 
share, a knife, the part of d 
sickle towards the handle 

Cultio, 6nis,/. a tilling, a manur 
ing, culture, tillage, tilth 




Suitor, Oris, m. a tiller, a hus- 
bandman, a dresser, or pruner 
of a vine, a dweller, or inhabi- 
.ultrarius, i, m. a slaughter-man 
Jultratus, a, urn, adj. made sharp 
}ultrix, icis, /. a female polisher, 

or dresser, a worshipper 
Hultum, i, ». ploughed land 
^ultura, ae, /. culture, cultiva- 
tion, husbandry, tillage, a 
dressing, or pruning, improve- 
vultus, a, um, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. culti- 
vated, tilled, manured, dressed, 
adorned, trimmed, garnished, 
worshipped, adorned 
^ultus, us, m. culture, a tilling, a 

! manuring, husbandry, tilth, a 
trimming, apparel, dress, tinery, 
ornaments, worship, service, 
honour, respect, observance 
' Culullus, i, m. a pitcher, a pot 
I, Cuius, i, m. the tail 
I Cum, prep, with, together with, 
I in conjunction with, or assisted 
bv, against, in, so that, provided 

Cum, adv. when, at what time, 

because, forasmuch as, seeing 

that, although, albeit, as, as 

I well, not only, indeed, but 

especially, since 

Cumatilis, e, adj. sky coloured, 

Cumbo, 6re, cubui, n. to lie 
down [vessel 

Ciimgra, ae,/. a meal-tub, a covn- 

Cumeratus, a, um, adj. heaped up 

Cumlnum, and Cymlnum, i, n. 

Cumplurimum, adv. at most 

Cumprimls, adv. very much, 

Cumulans, tis, part, accumulating 

Cfimulate, adv. ids, comp. issime, 
superl. abundantly, amply 

C/imulatlm, adv. by heaps, in 

Cumiilatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. 
heaped up, filled, pestered, 

Ciimulo, are, a. to heap up, to 
add, to adom 

Cumulus, i, m. a heap, a pile, a 
heaping up, an overflowing, an 
accession, or addition 

Cunabula, drum, pi. n. a cradle, 
cradle-clothes, infancy, a begin- 
ning, rise 

Ciinae, arum, pi. f. a cradle, a 
bird's nest 

Cunctabundus, a, um, adj. de- 
laying, delayed, slow 

Cunctans, tis, part, and adj. ior. 
comp. delaying, staying, doubt- 
ing _ 

Cunctanter, adv. ius, comp. slow- 
ly, leisurely, dilatorily 

Cunctatio, onis, /. a delaying, a 
lingering, delay 

Cunctator, oris, m. a delayer 

Cunctatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior) comp. delayed, delaying 

Cunctipotens, tis, same as Omnl- 
potens, adj. all-powerful 

functor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
delay, to stay, to dally, to pro- 
long time, to demur, to stag- 
ger, to be at a stand 

Cucctus, a, um, adj. all, the 
whole, full and whole, perfect, 


Ctmealis, e, adj. like a wedge 

Cuneandus, a, um, part, to be 

Cilneatlm, adv. wedgewise, by 

Ciineatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. wedged, made like a 

Ciineo, are, a. to wedge, to fasten 
with a wedge, to make wedge- 
wise, to peg, or pin, to secure 

Cune51us, i, m. dim. a little 
wedge, a piece of tent to put 
into a fistula 

Cimeus, i, m. a wedge, a batta- 
lion, or company of foot drawn 
up in form of a wedge, seats in 
the theatre narrower near the 
stage [miner 

Cunicularius, i, m. a pioneer, a 

Cunlctdatim, adv. in fashion of a 

Cimiculosus, a, um, adj. full of 
conies, full of holes 

Cunlciilus, i, m. a coney, or rabbit, 
a coney-burrow, a hole, a mine, 
a long pipe 

Cunlla, a?, /. the herb savoury, 
marjoram, and penny-royal 

Cunio, Ire, a. to bewray, to defile 

Cunque, howsoever, whensoever 

Cupa, or Cuppa, ae, /. a cup, a 
drinking, or sepulchral vessel, 
a vessel, a barrel, tun 

Cupedia, ae, /. daintiness 

Ciipedia, orum, pi. n. and 

Cupedise, arum, pl.f. dainties 

Cupedlnarius, i, m. a dainty cook 

Ciipediosus, a, um, adj. lickerish, 

Cilpedo, inis,/. desire, lust, greedi- 
ness, gluttony 

Ciipelia, ae,/. and 

Ciipellum, i, n. a cup 

Cupide, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. desirously, gladly, fond- 
ly, eagerly, passionately 

Cupidlneus, a, um, adj. wanton 

Cupiditas, atis, /. strong desire, 
earnestness, a desire, or appe- 
tite, covetousness, ambition, 
unlawful love, lust 

Ciipldo, inis, /. desire, appetite, 
love, earnest desire, lust, cove- 
tousness, ambition, luxury 

Cupldo, mis, m. Cupid, the god 
of love, covetousness 

Cupidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. desirous, cove- 
tous, greedy, eager, fond 

Ciipiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Ciipiens, tis, part, or adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. desiring, 
coveting, desirous 

Ctipienter, adv. earnestly, fondly 

Ciipio, ere, ivi, Itum, a. to desire, 
to wish, or long for, to covet, to 
wish well 

Cvipltor, oris, m. a coveter 

Cupitus, a, um, part, desired, 
longed for, coveted 

Cupressetum, i, n. a cypress- 
grove [cypress 

Cupresseus, a, um, adj. made of 

Cupressil'er, a, um, adj. that bears 

Cupres sinus, a, um, adj. made of 
cypress [tree 

Ctipressus, i or As, /. a rypress- 

Ciipreus, a, um, adj. of copper 

Cuprinus, a, um, adj. made of 

Cuprum, i, n. copper 

Cupula, a?,/, dim. a little cup 

Cur, adv interr. wherefore ? why I 
for what cause ? 

Ciira, ee,/. care, concern, regard, 
thought, carefulness, study, 
diligence, providence, foresight, 
skilfulness, anxiety, grief, 

Curalium, i, n. coral 

Curandus, a, um, part, to be 
taken care of, to be cured 

Curans, tis, part, taking care of, 

Curate, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. carefully, with care, 

Curatio, onis,/. a cure, or method 
of cure, a curing, healing, or 
dressing, care, oversight, 

Curator, oris, m. a surveyor, aa 
overseer, a bailiff, a commis- 
sioner, an agent, a trustee 

Curatfiria, ee,/. a guardianship, a 

Curatura, s,f. a management 

Curaturus, a, um, part, to take 
care of 

Curatus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. done with 
care, taken care of, regarded, 
procured, administered, dis- 

Curcillio, onis, m. the weasand of 
a man's throat, a mite 

CurculiuncCdus, i, m. a little 

Curia, ae, /. a court, a palace, a 
hall, a senate-house, a state- 
house, a council-house, the hall 
that belonged to each of the 
thirty-five wards of Rome, a 
ward, the senate, a consecrated 

Curialis, e, adj. of the court, of 
the same tribe, or ward 

Curialis, is, m. a common-council- 
man, a headborough, a tith- 

Curiattm, adv. ward by ward 

Curiatus, a, um, adj. belonging 
to tribes, or wards 

Curio, onis, m. an alderman, 
deputy, or chief person of a 
ward, the crier of a court, any 
public crier, a proclaimer, the 
curate of a parish 

Curionatus, us, m. a deputyship 
of a ward, a curacy 

Curionius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to the officer of a court, or 

Curiose, adv. ius, comp. issirr.^ 
superl. curiously, strictly, 

Curiositas, atis, /. curiosity 

Curiosus, a, um, adj. ior, com;). 
curious, nice, critical, studious, 
inquisitive, prying, busy 

Curis, is, /. a spear 

Curo, are, a. to cure, or heal, to 
take care of, to look after, tc 
tend, to mind, regard, or value 
to respect, or attend to, to 
order, or provide, to cook, or 
prepare, to refresh, to indulge, . 
or make much of, to dress 

Currax, acis, adj. diligent 

Currens, tis, part, running, flow 
ing, turning round swiftly 

Curriculo, adv. in post haste 

Curriculum, i, n. a place to r\m 
in, the lists, a race, a course 
or motion, a term, or space, nn 
exercise, or employment, a 
chariot, a cart 


Curriufilus, i, m. dim. a chariot 
Curro, ere, cucurri, cursum, n. to 
run, to run on, or over, to go 
fast, to post away, to pass, or 
turn swiftly, to fly, to sail 
apace over 
Curruca, ae, /. a hedgesparrow, 
a tomtit, a pinnock, a cuckold, 
or wittal 
Currus, us, m. a chariot, a coach, 
a car, the horses, a triumph, a 
waggon, or cart, a pinnace, or 
Cursans, tis, part, running up and 

down, frisking, hopping 
Cursaturus, a, um, part, about to 

run, or happen upon 
Cursim, adv. hastily, swiftly, 
apace, as fast as he can run, in 
full speed, in a hurry 
Cursio, onis,/. a running 
Curstto, are, freq. to run to and 

fro, to run 
Curso, are, n. to run to and fro 
Cursor, oris, m. a runner, a racer, 

a courier, or stated post 
Cursorius, a, um, adj. cursory 
Cursiira, a?,/, a running [run 

Cursurus, a, um, part, about to 
Cursus, us, m. a course, a race, a 
running, speed, or haste, a 
flight, a journey, or way, a voy- 
age, a passage, a progress, a 
Curtatus, a, um, part, shortened 
Curto, are, a. to shorten, to cut 

Curtus, a, um, adj. short, little, 
small, imperfect, curtailed, bob- 
tailed, battered, broken 
Curvamen, inis, n. a bending 
Curvans, tis, part, bending 
Curvatio, onis, /. a bending, or 

Curvatura, a;,/, a bending, a bend 
Curvatus, a, um, part, bent, 

bowed, winding 
Curvesco, ere, n. to grow crooked, 

or bow down 
Curvitas, atis, /. crookedness 
Curulis, e, adj. belonging to a 

Curulis, is, to. a chief magistrate 
Curvo, are, a. to bend, to bow, to 

wind, to turn, to influence 
Curvor, oris, to. crookedness 
Curvum, i, n. a plough-handle 
Curvus, a, um, adj. crooked, bent, 

bowed, turning, winding 
Cusculium, i, to. the scarlet berry 

of the holm-oak 
Cusor, oris, m. a coiner, a forger 
Cuspidatim, adv. with a point 
Cuspidatus, a, um, part, pointed 
Cuspido, are, a. to point, to tag 
Cuspis, iidis, /. the point of a 
spear, &c, a spear, a javelin, 
arrow, &c, a sting, a pipe 
Custodia, ae, /. custody, care, 
charge, a keeping, or preserving, 
a preservation, watch, tuition, 
or education, a keeper, or guard, 
a prisoner, or number of pri- 
soners, a prison, or jail, a watch- 
tower [kept 
Custodiendus, a, um, part, to be 
Custodiens, tis, part, keeping safe 
C«»cst6dio, ire, Ivi, itum, a. to keep 
safe, to guard, to preserve, or 
defend, to look to, to attend to, 
to observe, watch 
Custodite, adv. ius, comp. warily 
CustGdltus, a, um, part, kept, 
preserved, guarded, secured, &c. 
C'ustos, Sdis, c. g. a keeper, 


guardian, or preserver, a watch- 
man, an overseer, a tutor, a 

looker on, a spy 
Cuticula, se, /. the cuticle, the 

outmost skin 
Cuticiilaris, e, adj. belonging to 

the skin 
Cutis, is,/, a skin, the bark, rind, 

peel, or outmost coat of a thing, 

an outward show 
Cyamos, i, m. an Egyptian bean 
Cyaneus, a, um, adj. of a bright 

blue [blue-bottle 

Cyanus, i, m. a lazule-stone, a 
Cyathisso, are, n. to pour drink 

into, or serve up a cup 
Cyathus, i, to. a cup, a little pot, 

or glass to drink out of, a small 

Cybea, se, /. a large ship 
C?bi5sactes, is, to. a fishmonger 
Cybium, i, n. a rand of tunny 
Cycladatus, a, um, adj. having a 

woman's gown on 
Cycl&mlnus, i, /. the herb sow- 
Cyclas, adis, /. a woman's gown 

of a round form, with a long 

train, a widow's veil 
Cycllcus, a, um, adj. circular, 

turning round 
Cyclus, i, m. a cycle, a circle, 

a round 
Cydonltes, se, m. marmalade 
Cygneus, a, um, adj. of a swan, 

like a swan, soft and sweet 
Cygnus, or Cycnus, i, to. a swan, 

a poet, a nickname for a black- 
Cylindraceus, a, um, adj. in the 

manner of, or like a cylinder 
CJlindrus, i, to. a cylinder, a roller, 

a rolling-pin, a precious stone, 

oblong an d round, which women 

used to hang at their ears 
Cyma, se, /., and Cyma, atis, n. a 

Cymattlis, e, adj. blue, green 
Cymatium, i, n. a carved work 

resembling waves 
Cymba, ae, /. a boat, pinnace, a 

ferry-boat, a fishing-boat 
Cymbalistes, or Cymbalista, se, 

m. he that plays on the cymbal 
Cymbalistra, a;, /. she that plays 

on the cymbal 
Cymbalum, i, n. a cymbal, a pipe 
Cymbium, i, n. a cup like a boat 
Cyinbula, ae,/. dim. a sculler 
Cymlnatus, a, um, adj. mixed 

with cummin 
Cyminum, i, n. cummin 
Cyinosus, a, um, adj. full of 

young sprouts 
Cynegetica, orum, pi. n. books 

written of, or about hunting 
Cynlce, adv. cynically, churlishly 
Cynlcus, a, um, adj. cynical, 

churlish, currish, dogged, like 

a dog _ [ape 

Cynocephalus, i, m. a baboon, an 
Cynoglossus, i, m. the herb dog's 

tongue, a kind of fish 
Cynorrh6dion, i, n. the wild rose, 

the red lily 
Cynosbatos, i, /. sweetbriar, the 

Cyn6sura, ae, /. the lesser bear 
Cynosiiris, idos, /. having a dog's 

Cyn6surus, a, um, adj. addle 
Cyparissus, i,/ a cypress-tree 
Cyperum, i, n. galingal 
CJprTnus, a, urn, adj. of the 



Cyprinus, i, m. a carp 

Cyprius, a, um, adj. of, or from 

Cyprus, i, /. a bush like privet, 

Cypsfilus, i, nt. a marten 
Cytlnus, i, m. the first bud of a 

pomegranate- tree 
CJtisus, doubtful gen. hadder 

Dabula, ae, /. a kind of palm 
Dactylicus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a dactyl 
Dactyliotheca, ae, /. a box, &c. for 

rings, a collection of jewels 
Dactylus, i, to. a dactyl, a date, 
the fruit of a palm-tree, a shell- 
fish, a muscle 
Daedalus, a, um, and Daedaleus, 
adj. artificial, neatly made, 
handsomely contrived, varie- 
gated, cunning 
Daemon, onis, m. a demon, or 

spirit, an angel good, or bad 
Dsem6niacus, a, um, adj. de- 
moniac, possessed with a devil 
Daemonicus, a, um, adj. devilish, 
vile [genius 

Daem6nium, i, n. a devil, a good 
Dama, se, doubtful gen. a fallow 

deer, a deer, a buck, or doe 
Damascenus, a, um, adj. of a 

damask-prune, or damascene 
Damnabilis, e, adj. worthy of 

Damnandus, a, um, part, to be 

Damnans, tis, part, condemning 
Damnatio, onis, /. a condemna- 
tion [demns 
Damnator, oris, to. he who con- 
Damn atorius, a, um, adj. that 

Damnaturus, a, um, part, about 
to condemn, that will condemn 
Damnatus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
condemned, cast, blamed, dis- 
liked, bound 
Damnatus, us, m. a condemnation 
Damnlficus, a, um, adj. that 
brings, harm, damage, loss, or 
Damno, are, o. to condemn, to 
dislike, to disapprove, to doom, 
to devote, or consign over, to 
cast in a suit, to prove guilty 
Damnose, adv. with hurt, or 

Damnosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. hurtful, mis- 
chievous, destructive, preju- 
dicial, causing, or suffering 
Damnum, i, n. loss, misfortune, 
harm, hurt, injury, damage, 
prejudice, disadvantage, ruin 
Dandus, a, um, part, to be given 
Dans, tis, part, giving, showing 
Danista, se, m. an usurer, a banker 
Dapalis, e, adj. sumptuous, costly, 

presiding over feasts 
Dapes, um, pi. f. good cheer, 

dainties, feasts 
Daphne, es,/. a bay-tree 
Daphnon, onis, to. a laurel-grove 
Daphlno, are, a. to provide, to 

prepare, to dress 
Daps, dapis,/. a banquet or feaol 




DapsTle, adv. sumptuously 

* Dapsllis, e, adj. noble, free, boun- 
j tiful, liberal, plentiful 

* Dardanarius, i, nt. an engrosser, 

regrater, or forestaller of the 
Dardanium, i, n. a gold ornament 

for men's arms 
PStarius, a, urn, adj. freely given 
Datatlm, adv. from hand tohand 
Dfitio, onis, f. a giving, an ap- 
Datlvus, a, um, adj. dative, that 

giveth, giving 
Dato, are, a. to give from one to 

Dator, oris, m. a giver, a causer 
Datum, i, n. a gift, a present 
Daturus, a, um, part, which will 

Datus, a, um, part, given, granted, 
lent, joined with, appointed, as- 
signed, dated [ing 
Datus, us, m. a giving, or grant- 
Daucus, i, m.akind of wild carrot, 

a linkboy 

De, prep, with abl. of, concerning, 

touching, or about, from, out 

of, by, according to, after, on, 

or upon, for, upon the account 

of, proceeding from, in, with 

regard to, by reason of, at 

Dea, a?,/, a goddess [&c. 

Dcacinatus, a, um, part, stoned, 

Deaclno, are, a. to stone grapes, 

&c. [whitened 

Dealbandus, a, um, part, to be 

Dealbatio, onis, /. a whitening 

Pealbator, oris, m. a whitewasher 
Dealbatus, a, um, part, whitened 
Dealbo, are, a. to whiten, to 

whitewash, to beautify 
Deamatus, a, um, part, to be 
greatly loved, or valued, dearly 
Deambiilatio, onis, /. a walking 

abroad, a walk 
DeambulatOrium, i, n. an alley, 

gallery, or place to walk in 
Deambulo, are, n. to take a walk, 

to walk 
Deamo, are, a. to love dearly 
Dearmatus, a, um, part, disarmed 
Dearmo, are, a. to disarm 
Deartuatus, a, um, part, dismem- 
bered, disjointed 
Deartuo, are, a. to joint, quarter, 
dismember, or cut to pieces, 
quite and clean to ruin 
Deasciatus, a, um, part, chipped, 

hewed, squared 
Deascio, are, a. to chip, to hew, 

to cut in pieces 
Deaurator, oris, m. a gilder 
Deauratus, a, um, part, gilded, 

Deauro, are, a. to gild, to lay over 

with gold 
Debacchatlm, adv. ravingly 
Debacchatio, onis, /. a raging 
Oebacchatus, a, um, part, having 

raged, stormed 
Pebacchor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

roar, to storm, to rave 
Debellandus, a, um, part, to be 
subdued by war, to be con- 
Debellatio, 6nis, /. a vanquishing 
Debellator, oris, m. a vanquisher 
Debellatrix, I"is, /. she that van- 
Debellaturus, a, um, pnrt. about 
to conquer in war, about to 

Debellatus, a, um, part, conquered 
Debello, are, a. to conquer, t« 

vanquish, to subdue 

Debens, tis, part, owing, indebted 

Debeo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to owe, to 

be due, to be indebted, to be 


Debllis, e, adj. ior, comp. weak, 

faint, feetsle, impotent 
Debilltas, atis,/. weakness, feeble- 
ness, a decay of strength 
Debiiitatio, Onis, /. a weakening, 

an enfeebling 
Debffitatus, a, um, part, weaken- 
ed, enfeebled, discouraged 
Deblliter, adv. weakly, feebly 
Debilito, are, a. to' weaken, or 

enfeeble, to hurt, to break 
Debitio, onis,/. an owing 
Debitor, oris, m. a debtor 
Debitum, i, n. a debt [owe 

Debiturus, a, um, part, about to 
Debitus, a, um, part, due, owing, 

deserved, designed 
Deblateratus, a, um, part, fool- 
ishly blabbed [prate 
Deblatero, are, a. to babble, to 
Debucclnator, oris, m. a trum- 
peter of his own praise 
Debuccino, are, o. to trumpet 

Decacumlnatio, Onis, /. the lop- 
ping off the tops of trees 
Decacumlnatus, a, um, part, lop- 
Decacumfno, are, a. to lop 
Decalogus, i, m. the ten com- 
Decantatus, a, um, part, sung, or 
solemnly pronounced, much 
spoken of 
Decanto, are, a. to sing, or chant, 
to make an end of singing, to 
celebrate, to extol 
Decanus, i, n. the leader of the 
file, a dean, the head of a col- 
Decaplto, are, a. to behead 
Decaptdandus, a, um, part, to be 
laded out [out 

Decaptilo, are, a. to lade, or pour 
Decas, adis, /. a decade, ten in 
number [pillars 

DScastyius, a, um, adj. having ten 
Decaulesco, ere, incep. to grow to 

a stalk, to shed leaves 
Decedens, tis, part, departing, 
going off, or away, giving place, 
dying, altering 
Decedo, ere, essi, essum, n. to de- 
part, to go off, or away, to re- 
tire, retreat, or withdraw, to 
give place, or way, to yield, to 
cease, to die, to weaken, or 
Decedor, i, dep. to depart, to have 

the way given, &c. 
Dgcem, adj. indecl. pi. ten 
December, bris, m. December 
Decembris, e, adj. of December 
Dgcemjugis, e, adj. having ten 

yoked, or coupled together 
Decempeda, x., f. a rod ten feet 

Deceinpe'dator, oris, m. a surveyor 
DScemplex, icis, adj. tenfold 
Decemprlmi, Orum, pi. m. the ten 
chief headboroughs, general 
receivers of tribute 
Decemscalmus, a, um, adj. having 

ten benches 
Decemviralis, e, adj. pertaining to 

the ten governors 
Dgcemviratus, us, m. the office of 
the ten governors 

Decemviri, Orum, pi. m. ten men 
chosen and appointed for writ- 
ing the twelve tables of the 
Roman law 

Decennalis, e, adj. decennial, of 
ten years, or that lasts ten 

Decennia, ium, pi. n. solemn 
games to be kept every tenth 

Decennis, e, adj. of, or lasting 
ten years [years 

Decen'nium, i, n. the space of ten 

D6cens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. decent, 
becoming, seemly, comely 

Decenter, adv. ius, comp. isslrne, 
superl. decently, becomingly, 
seemly, fitly, gracefully 

Decentia, Ee, "/. decency, comeli- 
ness [beseem 

Deceo, ere, ui, n. to become, or 

Deceptio, onis, /. a deception, or 
deceit [beguiier 

Deceptor, oris, m. a deceiver, a 

Decepturus, a, um, part, about to 

Deceptus, a, um, part, deceived, 
beguiled, deluded, caught 

Decermina, um, pi. n. leaves, or 
boughs plucked off [decreed 

Decernendus, a, um, part, to be 

Decernens, tis, part, decreeing 

Decerno, ere, crevi, cretum, a. to 
decree, to determine, to order, 
or appoint, to decide, to give 
sentence, to pronounce, to 
judge, conclude, or infer, to 
discern, or distinguish 

Decerpens, tis, part, gathering 

Decerpo, ere, psi, ptum, a. to pull, 
or pluck off, to pull away, to 
crop, or gather, to get, or gain, 
to diminish, lessen 

Decerptus, a, um, part, gathered, 
plucked up, taken from 

Decertandus, a, um, part, to be 
contended for 

Decertans, tis, part, contending 

Decertatio, Onis, /. a striving for 
mastery, the management of a 

DecertatOrius, a, um, adj. that 
strives for mastery 

Decertaturus, a, um, part, about 
to contend, or engage 

Decertatus, a, um, part, contend- 
ed about, strove, or fought for, 
performed, or obtained by con- 

Decerto, are, n. to contend, or 
engage, to strive, or dispute, to 
try it out by words 

Decessio, onis, /. a departure, a 
lessening, or abatement, an in- 

Decessor, oris, m. a predecessor 

Decessus, us, m. a departure, a 
ceasing, a decease, death 

Decidiurn, i, n. a downfall, a decay 

Decldo, ere, Idi, n. supine wanting, 
to fall, to fall down, or into, to 
drop, to fail, to be brought low, 
to die 

Decldo, ere, Idi, isum, a. to cut 
off, or out, to determine, to con- 
clude, to settle, to compound, 
<ir capitulate, to express 

Deciduus, a, um, adj. subject to 
falling, falling, fading [cut 

Deciduus, a, um, adj. hewn down, 

Decies, adv. ten times, often, 
never so often, indefinitely 

Decima, se,/. a tenth, or tithe 

Dficlruw, arum,p<./. tenths, tithai 




Dgclmani, firum, pi. m. tithe- 
gatherers, soldiers of the tenth 

Dgcimanus, a, um, adj. the tenth, 
fair, of a large size 

Dgclmatio, onis, /. decimation, a 
tithing [tithe 

Dgcimo, are, a. ta decimate, to 

Declmum, adv. the tenth time 

Dgcimus, a, um, adj. the tenth 

Decipiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Declpio, 6re, epi, eptum, a. to de- 
ceive, to beguile, to cheat, to 
impose on, to take 

Decipula, ae, /. a snare, a trap 

Decircino, are, a. to draw a circle 

Deciremis, is,/, a galley with ten 
ranks of oars, or ten oars in a 

Decisio, onis, /. a decision, or 
determination, a cutting off 

Decisus, a, um, part, cut off, de- 
cided, determined, ended, ex- 

Declamans, tis, part, declaiming 

Declamatio, onis, /. a declama- 
tion, a declaiming, an oration 
upon a theme, the subject of a 

Declamatiuncula, ae, /. a little ex- 
ercise in speaking, a declama- 

Declamator, oris, m. a declaimer 

Declamatorius, a, um, adj. de- 

Declamatiirus, a, um, part, about 
to declaim [ing 

Declaimtans, tis, part, declaim- 

Declamito, are, freq. to declaim 

Declamo, axe, n. to declaim, to 
cry out aloud, to cry out 
against, to inveigh, to rail 

Declarandus, a, um, part, to be 
shown, or set forth 

Declarans, tis, part, declaring, 

Declaratio, onis,/. a declaration 

Declarator, oris, m. he that 
declares • 

Deelaraturus, a, um, part, about 
to declare 

Declaratus, a, um, part, declared, 
reported, remonstrated, dis- 

Declaro, are, a. to declare, to 
show, to show evidently, to 
make clear, to signify, to pro- 

Declinandus, a, um, part, to de- 
cline, or be declined 

Declmans, tis, part, declining, de- 
creasing, drawing toward an 

Declinatio, onis,/. a declination, 
a declension, a turn, or bend, 
a turning aside, or away, an 
avoiding, or eschewing, an 

Decllnaturus, a, um, part, ready 
to step aside, shun, &c. 

Decllnatus, a, um, part, turned, 
or turning aside, declining 

Declino, are, a. and n. to decline, 
to turn aside, or away, to bend, 
or turn, to shun, avoid 

Decllvis, e, adj. bending down- 
ward, descending, steep 

Deck vitas, atis,/. a declivity 

Decocta, a?, /. water boiled and 
then cooled with snow 

Dccoctor, oris, m. a spendthrift 

Decoctum, i, n. a decoction, broth 

Uecoetus, a, um, part, cud adj. 

ior, comp. much sodden, or 
boiled, melted away, luscious, 
well digested, pure [liquor 

Decoctus, us, m. a boiling of 
Decollatio, onis,/. a beheading 
Decollo, are, a. to put, or loose a 
thing off from one's neck, to 
behead, to fail 
Decolor, oris, adj. discoloured, 
that hath lost the colour, tawny, 
depraved, corrupt, shameful 
Dec&loratio, onis, /. a discolour- 
ing [coloured 
Decoloratus, a, um, part, dis- 
Decoloro, are, a. to discolour, to 
tarnish, to stain [boiled 
Decoquendus, a, um, part, to be 
DecOquens, tis, part, boiling 

DecSquo, gre, xi, ctum, a. to boil, 
or seethe, to boil away, to be 
separated in melting, to con- 
Decor, oris, m. comeliness, grace, 
gracefulness, beauty, loveliness 
Decorameu, mis, n. an ornament 
Dec6randus, a, um, part, to be 
adorned, set forth, or recom- 
Dec5rans, tis, part, adorning 
Dec5ratus, a, um, part, adorned, 
embellished [fitly 

Decore, adv. comely, gracefully, 
Dec5ro, are, a. to adorn, to grace, 
to embellish, to set forth, tore- 
Decorticatio, 5nis, /. a peeling, 

or barking of a tree 
Decorticatus, a, um, part, peeled, 

Decortico, are, a. to bark a tree 
Decorum, i, n. decorum, comeli- 
ness, seemliness, suitableness, 
good grace, good fashion, or 
Decorus, a, um, adj. comely, be- 
coming, decent, graceful, hand- 
some, fashionable 
Decrementum, i, n. a decrease 
Decrgpitus, a, um, adj. decrepit, 
crazy [lessening 

Decrescens, tis, part, decreasing, 
Decrescentia, ae,/. a decreasing 
Decresco, gre, crevi, etum, n. to 
decrease, to lessen, to wane, to 
wear away 
Decretorius, a,um, adj. decretory, 

judicial, critical, decisive 
Decretum, i, n. a decree, a statute, 

an act, a principle 
Decreturus, a, um, part, about 

to decree, determine 
Decretus, a, um, part, decreed, 

ordained, voted, assigned 
Deculco, are, a. to trample upon 
Dgctima, ae,/. the tenth part 
Dficumae, arum, pi. f. tenths, 
tithes, an impost [men 

Dgciimani, orum, pi. m. tithing- 
Deeumanus, a, um, adj. of the 

tenth, great, fair, of large size 
Decumbens, tis, part, lying down 
Decumbo, ere, ubui, iitum, n. to 
lie down, to sit at table, to 
keep his bed when sick 
Decunx, cis, m. ten ounces 
D6cupl6, adv. tenfold 
Decuplus, a, um, adj. ten times 

so much 
Dgcuria, x, f. a set of ten men 
appointed to any office, &c. a 
set, or roll of judges, a company 
of soldiers 
Dgcuriatio, dnis, /. a dividing 
into wards, or companies 

. grace 

Decuriatus, a, um, part, divided 
into wards, bands 

Dgcuriatus, us, m. the dividing 
into companies of ten men 

Dgcurio, onis, m. a captain over 
ten men, the leader of a file, a 
serjeant, a corporal, a civil 
officer like our high constable, 
a tithing-man in a county 

Decurio, are, a. to put into small 
companies, to range, or rank 

Decurionatus, (is, m. a Serjeant's 

Decurrens, tis, part, running 

Decurro, 6re, ri and cucurri, 
rsum, n. to run down, along, 
or hastily, to run, or pass over, 
to sail along, to set down 

Decursio, onis, /. a running, or 
course, a sailing along, a de- 
scent, or inroad, a tilt 

Decursurus, a, um, .parr, about 
to run 

Decursus, a, um, part, passed, or 
run over, run out, finished 

Decursus, us, m. a running down, 
a descent, a course, a stream, 
a going, or passing through 

Decurtatus, a, um, part, shor- 

Decurto, are, a. to shorten 

Decus, oris, n. an honour, 
an ornament 

Decussatim, adv. crosswise 

Dgcussatio, onis, /. a cutting 

Decussis, is, m. a coin, or piece 
of money, of the value of the 
Roman denarius 

Decusso, are, a. to cut, or divide, 
after the form of the letter X, 
to cut crosswise 

Decussus, a, um, part, shaken, 
beaten down, demolished 

Decussus, us, m. a beating down 

Deciitiens, tis, part, shaking 

Decutio, gre, ssi, sum, a. to 
shake, or strike off, to shake, 
or beat down 

Dedeceo, ere, n. to misbecome 

Dedecor, 6ris, adj. unseemly, dis- 

Dedgcorans, tis, par*, disgracing 

Dedecoratus, a, um, part, dis- 

DedgcOro, are, a. to dishonour, 
to disgrace 

DedgcSrosg, adv. shamefully 

Dedgcorosus, a, um, adj. shame- 

Dedecorus, a, um, adj. the same 

Dedgeus, Oris, n. disgrace, dis- 
credit, dishonour, infamy, 
shame, a shameful thing 

Dedendus, a, um, part, to be sur- 
rendered up 

Dedens, tis, part, surrendering 

Dedicandus, a, um, part, to be 
dedicated [devoting 

Dedicans, tis, part, dedicating, 

Dedicatio, onis, /. a dedication 

Dedicaturus, a, um, part, about 
to dedicate 

Dedicatus, a, um, part, dedicated, 
consecrated, devoted 

Dedico, are, a. to dedicate, to 
consecrate, to devote 

Dedignandus, a, um, part, to ba 

Dedignans, tis, part, disdaining 

Dedignatio, onis,/. a disdaining,, 
contempt [disdained 

Dcdignatus, a, um, part, having 


Dcdignor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

disdain, to count unworthy 
DSdiscendus, a, um, part, to be 
unlearned, to be practised no 
Dedisco, e>e, dedidici, sup. want- 
ing, a. to unlearn, to forget 
what one hath learned 
Deditio, onis,/. a yielding up, a 

Dedititius, a, um, adj. surrendered 
DedTturus, a, um, part, about to 

Dedltus, a, um, part ior, comp. 
given up, surrendered, addicted, 
devoted, subservient 
Dedo, Sre, dedldi, Itum, a. to 
submit, or yield, to give up, or 
surrender, to give over 
Ded6ceo, ere, ui, ctum, a. to 
unteach [hewed 

Ded61andus, a, um, part, to be 
DedOlatio, onis,/. a hewing 
Dedftlatus, a, um, part, hewed 
DedSleo, ere, ui, n. to grieve 

Dedolo, are, a. to cut, or hew, to 
chip, or square, to fashion, to 
smooth, to plane [brought 

Deducendus, a, um, part, to be 
Deducens, tis, part, bringing, de- 
Deduco, ere, xi, ctum, a. tobring, 
or fetch down, to take from, or 
away, to substract, or abate, to 
derive, to make small, or slen- 
der, to draw or spin out, to 
spread, or unfurl, to prolong, to 
remove, or withdraw, to con- 
vey, or conduct, to wait upon, 
or attend, to engage 
Deductio, onis,/. a deduction, or 
abatement, a bringing, or lead- 
ing forth [often 
Deducto, are, freq. to conduct 
Deductor, oris, m. a companion, 
an attendant, a follower, a 
Deducturus, a, um, part, about 

to lead 

Deductus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

deducted, taken from, or away, 

abated, derived, brought, or 

handed down, brought, fetched, 

conducted, conveyed, brought 

over [straying 

Deerrans, tis, part, straggling, 

Deerraturus, a, um, part, about 

to wander 
Deerro, are, n. to wander out of 
the way, to straggle, or go 
astray, to digress 
Defaecatio, onis,/. a fining 
Defaecatus, a, um, part, fined, 

clear from dregs, quiet, easy 
Defeeco, are, a. to clear from 
dregs, to fine, to strain, to de- 
Defalcatio, onis,/. a pruning 
Defalcatus, a, um, part, pruned, 
cut [away 

Defalco, are, a. to prune, to cut 
Defamatus, a, um, part, defamed 
Defamo, are, o. to defame, to 

Def atlgatio, onis,/. weariness 
Def atigatus, a, um, part, wearied, 
tired, spent, worn out of heart 
Def atigo, are, a. to weary, to tire 
Defatiscens, tis, part, languish- 
ing, weak 
Defectio, onis,/. a defection, or 
revolt, a defect, or want, a 
failing, or deviating, a feeble- 



Defecttvus, a, um, adj. defective 
Defector, oris, m. a revolter 
Defecturus, a, um, part, about 

to revolt, or desert 
Defectus, a, um, part, ior, comp 
issimus, superl. wasted, spent, 
worn out, decayed, having lost, 
destitute, forlorn, in a swoon 
Defectus, us, m. a defect, a want, 

a failing, an eclipse 
Defendendus, a, um, part, to be 

Defendens, tis, part, defending 
Defendo, 6re, di, sum, a. to de- 
fend, to guard, to preserve, or 
keep, to keep, or ward off, to 
keep out, or away, to act, or 
Defensans, tis, part, defending 
Defensio, onis,/. a defence, a de- 
Defensito, are, freq. to defend 

very often 
Defenso, are, a. to defend often 
Defensor, oris, m. a defender, a 
keeper, a preserver, a saver, a 
guardian, a champion 
Defensiirus, a, um, part, that 
will defend [kept 

Defensus, a, um, part, defended, 
Deferbeo, ere, ui, n. to grow cool 
Deferendus, a, um, part, to be 
carried [carrying 

Deferens, tis, part, bringing, 
DefSro, fers, tuli, latum, a. to 
bring, or carry off, to bring, or 
carry word, to bring, carry, or 
convey, to tell, or inform, to 
offer;, or present, to confer, or 
Deiervefacio, e"re, eci, actum, a. 
to make to boil [well 

Defervefactus, a, um, part, boiled 
Defervesco, 6re, fervi and ferbui, 
incep. to grow cool, to abate, or 
be abated 
Defervo, fire, i, n. to grow cool 
Defessus, a, um, part, weary, 

languid, listless 
Defetiscor, i, fessus, dep. to be 

Defrciens, tis, part, failing, 

Deficio, ere, eci, ectum, a. to 
fail, to leave, to forsake, to re- 
volt, to faint, or be discouraged, 
to sink under, to be in an 
eclipse, to be defective, or 
wanting [fixed 

Defigendus, a, um, part, to be 
Def lgens, tis, part, fixing 
Deflgo, fire, xi, xum, a. to fix, to 
fasten, to put down, to thrust 
into, to plant, to set, or place, 
to pitch, to astonish 
Defnriendus, a, um, part, to be 

determined, or limited 
Def Inio, ire, Ivi, itum, a. to de- 
fine, to determine, to settle, to 
end, or conclude, to bound, or 
limit, to choose 
Definite, adv. precisely, expressly 
Def initio, onis, /. a definition, a 

limiting, or bounding 
Def lnitivus, a, um, adj. definitive 
Definitus, a, um, part, defined, 

determined, limited, fixed 

Def io, 6ri, n. pass, to lack, or to 

be wanting [eye 

DeflOculus, i, m. he that lacks an 

Defixurus, a, um, part, about to 

fix, fasten, set, &c 
Defixus, a, um, part, fixed, fasten- 
ed, set, intent, at a stand 
Deflagrans, tis, part, consuming 


Defiagratio, onis,/. a burning, a 
conflagration [sumed 

Deflagratus, a, um, part, con- 

Deflagro, are, n. to be burnt 
down, or consumed, to be set 
on fire, to grow cool 

Deflamno, are, a. to deprive of 
flame, to extinguish 

Deflectens, tis, part, bending 

Deflecto, ere, xi, xum, a. to bend, 
or bow down, to turn aside, to 
swerve, to digress, to wrest, to 
be changed [wailed 

Deflendus, a, um, part, to be be- 

Deflens, tis, part, bewailing, la- 

Defleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to be- 
wail, to lament, to deplore, to 
weep for [lamented 

Defletus, a, um, part, bewailed, 

Deflexus, a, um, part, bent, or 
laid as a vine 

Deflexus, us, m. a bending, a 

Deflo, are, a. to blow away, to 
blow off, to blow upon 

Defloccatus, a, um, part, worn out 

Deflocco, are, a. to fetch the nap 

Defloratus, a, um, part, having 
shed its blossoms, or lost its, 
fruit, deflowered, forestalled 

Deflorescens, tis, part, casting 
the blossoms 

Defloresco, ere, orui, incep. to 
shed its blossoms, to shed, or 
cast its flowers, to decay 

Defloro, are, a. to deflower, to 

Defluens, tis, part, running down 

Defluo, fire, xi, xum, n. to flow, 
or run down, to flow, or run 
out, to go, or swim down, to 
fall down, or off, to slip out, or 

Defluvium, i, n. a falling off 

Defluus, a, um, adj. flowing down, 
falling off, hanging down 

Defluxio, onis,/. a defluxion 

Def Sdiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Def 6dio, gre, fodi, fossum, a. to 
dig, or hide in the earth, to bury 

Defcenerandus, a, um, part, to be 
ruined by paying interest 

Defceneratus, a, um, part, deeply 
indebted [usury 

Defoeneror, ari, dep. to borrow on 

Def 5re, t. e. Def uturum esse, to 
lack, to be wanting hereafter 

Deformatio, onis,/. a deforming, 
or disgracing 

Deformatus, a, um, part, deform- 
ed, disfigured, disgraced, fa- 
shioned, formed 

Deformis, e, adj. ior, comp. iss?, 
mus, superl. deformed, ugly, 
misshapen, ill-favoured, un- 
sightly, rough, uncultivated 

Deformitas, atis, /. deformity, 
ugliness, indecency, dishonour 

Deformlter, adv. disgracefully, 

Deformo, are, a. to deform, to 
disfigure, to disgrace, to dis- 
honour, to describe 

Defossus, a, um, part, dug, dug 
out, hidden, buried, cut deep 

Defossus, us, m. a digging down 

Defractus, a, um, part, brokea 

Defrsenatus, a, um, part, utv 
bridled, unruly 

Defraudans, tis, part, beguiling 




) »etraudiitor, Oris, m. a deceiver 
Pefraudatus, a, urn, part, de- 
Defraudo, are, a. to defraud, to 

cheat, to beguile, to cozen, to 

Pefremo, ere, ui, n. to be appeased 
Pefricarjdus, a, um, part, to be 

Pefricatus, a, um, and Pefrictus, 

a, um, part, rubbed hard 
PeMco, are, ui and avi, ictum 

and atum, a. to vub hard 
Pefrigesco, ere, xi, incep. to grow 

Defringo, gre, fregi, fractum, a. 

to break down, or off 
Pefrudo, are, a. to defraud 
Pefrtitarius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to sod wine 
Pefriito, are, a. to boil new wine 
Petrutum, i, n. a mixture made of 

new wine, wine boiled down 
Pefugiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Pefugio, £re, i, ltum, a. to shun, 

or avoid, to refuse to accept of 
Defulg-uro, are, a. to brandish 
Defunctorie, adv. slightly, care- 
Pefunctorius, a, um, adj. slight 
Defuncturus, a, um, part, about 

to finish 
Pefunctus, a, um, part, that hath 

discharged, or performed, end- 
ed, finished, dead, rid of 
Defunctus, i, m. a dead corpse 
Defundendus, a, um, part, to be 

poured out 
Defundo, ere, fudi, fusum, a. to 

pour out 
Pefungendus, a, um, part, to be 

done, or discharged 
Pefungor, i, ctus sum, dtp. to 

discharge, or perform, to go 

through with, to finish, or make 

an end of, to escape 
Pefusus, a, um, part, poured 

down, poured forth 
Pefutiirus, a, um, part, about ta 

be wanting 
Pegendus, a, um, part, to be 

spent, led, or lived 
Degener, gris, adj. degenerating, 

unlike, unworthy, ignoble, base, 

cowardly [ing 

Peggnerans, tis, part, degenerat- 
Degfnero, are, n. to degenerate, 

to grow worse, to emasculate 
Pegens, tis, part, living 
Pegero, fire, essi, estum, a. to 

carry away, to ease of 
Peglabro, are, a. to make bald, to 

pluck off hairs 
Peglubo, fire, bi, bitum and de- 

gluptum, a. to peel, to pull off 

the skin, or rind 
Pegluptus, a, um, part, flayed, 

circumcised, &c. 
Peglutino, are, a. to unglue 
Pegiuttio, and Deglutio, Ire, a. to 

swallow down 
Pego, ere, gi, a. to lead, to pass, 

to spend, to live, to dwell 
Pegrassatus, a, um, part, robbing, 

or killing upon the highway 
Pegrassor, ari, dep. to rob, or kill, 

to attack 
Pegravatus, a, um, part, weighed 

down [down 

Pegravans, tis, part, weighing 
Pegr&vo, are, a. to weigh down, 

to sink down 
Pegrfidior, i, essus, dep. to fro 

down, to descend, to alight 

Pegressus, a, um, part, going 
down, descending, alighting 
from horseback 
Pegustandus, a, um, part, to be 

lightly touched, tasted 
Pegustatio, onis,/. a tasting 
Pegustatus, a, um, part, tasted 
Pegusto, are, a. to taste, to taste 
of, to touch slightly on, to try, 
prove, or essay 
Pehaurio, Ire, si, stum, a. to draw 

from out, or off 
Pehlnc, adv. from henceforth, 

henceforward, after this time 
Peliiscens, tis, part, gaping, open- 
ing, cleaving asunder 
Pghisco, ere, n. to gape, to open 
wide, to open, to cleave, to ch?.p, 
to spread 
Pghonestamentum, i, n. a dis- 
grace, or disparagement, a 
blemish, or disfigurement 
Pehonestatio, onis, /. disgrace, 
dishonour [figured 

PehOnestatus, a, um, part, dis- 
PehSnesto, are, a. to disgrace, 
disparage, discredit, or discoun- 
tenance [some 
PehSnestus, a, um, adj. unhand- 
Pghortans, tis, part, dissuading 
Pehortor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

dehort, or dissuade, to check 

Pejectio, onis, /. dejection, a 

throwing down, a stool, a going 

to stool [often 

Pejecto, are, freq. to cast down 

Pejector, oris, m. he that casts 

Pejectus, a, nm, part, dejected, 
cast, or thrown down, fallen 
down, shed, slain, killed, re- 
moved, dispossessed, debased, 
Pejectus, us, m. a throwing, or 
casting down, a felling, or cut- 
ting down, a removal, a de- 
Pejero, are, a. and n. to swear 
downright, to take a solemn 
oath [down 

PejTciens, tis, part, throwing 
Pejicio, ere, eci, ectum, a. to 
throw, or cast down, or out of 
the way, to dispossess, to re- 
move, to go to stool 
Pein, adv. afterwards, hereafter, 

moreover, furthermore 
Peinceps, adv. successively, in 
order, one after another, be- 
sides, moreover, furthermore, 
Peinde, adv. from thence, from 
that place, and then, next after 
that, the next place, afterward 
Pcinsupgr, adv. from above 
Peintggrd, adv. anew, afresh, 

Pejugis, e, adj. unyoked 
Pejunctus, a, um, part, disjoined 
Pejungo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to dis- 
join, to sever, to part, or put 
Pejurium, i, n. a solemn oath 
Pejuro, are, a. to swear solemnly 
Pejuvo, are, a. not to help, to 

leave to himself 
Pelabens, tis, part, gliding 
Pelabor, i, psus, dep. to slip, 
slide, or fall down, to fall to 
Pelacgro, are, a. to tear, or rend 
Pelacrfmatio, onis,/. a weeping 
Pelacrjmo, are, n. to weep, to 

Pelactatio, dDis,/. a weaning 

Delactatrix, icis,/. she that wean* 

Pelactatus, a, um, part, weaned 

Pelacto, are, a. to wean 

Pelaevo, are, a. to plane, or 
smooth [o\ et 

Delambo, ere, a. to lick gently all 

Pelamentor, ari, atus sum, dep. 
to lament, to bewail 

Pelapido, are, o. to pick out 
stones, to pave with stones 

Pelapsus, a, um, part, slidden, 
slipt, fallen, descended 

Pelassabilis, e, adj weariable 

Pelassatus, a, um, part, tired, 
wearied [weavy 

Pelasso, are, a. to tire out, to 

Pelatio, onis, /. an information, 
or accusation, an impeachment 

Pelator, oris, m. an informer, a 
secret accuser, a telltale 

Pelatorius, a, um, adj. accusatory 

Pelatura, ae,/. an accusation 

Pelaturus, a, um, part, about to 
tell of, or accuse 

Pelatus, a, um, part, carried, 
brought, arrived, told, accused, 
complained of, offered 

Pelavo, are, a. to wash away 

Pelebilis, e, adj. that may be 
blotted out 

Pelectabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
delectable, pleasant, delightful 

P elect ab Tilt er, adv. delightfully 

Pelectamentum, i, n. a delight, a 

Pelectandus, a, um, part, to be 
delighted, or pleased 

Pelectatio, onis, /. delectation, 
pleasure, delight 

Pelectatus, a, um, part, delight- 
ed, pleased 

Pelecto, are, a. to delight, to 
please, to allure, or draw 

Pelectus, a, um, part, chosen, 

Pelectus, us, m. an election, a 
choice, a picking out a detach- 
ment, or levy, a difference 

Pelegandus, a, um, part, to be 
delegated [charging 

Pelegans, tis, part, delegating, 

Pelegatio, onis, /. a sending 
away, a giving in charge, or 
putting in commission, a de- 

Pelegatus, a, um, part, sent 
away, banished, appointed, as- 
signed [commissioner 

Pelegatus, i, m. a delegate, a 

Pelego, are, a. to delegate, to 
send on an embassy, or away, 
to depute, to commit, or en- 
trust, to assign, or allot, to re- 
fer, to attribute, or impute 

Pelendus, a, um, part, to be 
blotted out [gentle 

Peleniflcus, a, um, adj. smooth, 

Pelenimen, Tnis, n. a lenitive 

Pelenio, or Pellnio, ire, Ivi, itum, 
a. to mitigate, to ease, to smoot h 
one up, to cajole 

Peleniturus, a, um, part, about 
to mitigate 

Pelenltus, a, um, part, charmed, 
delighted, enticed 

Pelens, tis, part, blotting out, 

Peleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to blot 
out, to deface, to abolish, to 
rase, to destroy, to extin- 

Peleterius, a, um, adj. deadly 

Peletio, onis,/. a rasing out 

Peletitius, a, um, adj. that may 
be blotted out 


Deletor, Oris, m. a destroyer 
Deletrix, Icis,/. a female destroyer 
Deletus, a, um, part, blotted out, 

defaced, destroyed, cut off 

Dellbamentum, i, n. a sacrifice 

Dellbans, tis, part, tasting lightly 

of [taste 

Delibatio, finis, /. an essay, or 

Dellbatus, a, um, part, gently 

touched, picked, chosen, taken 

out [ing 

Deliberabundus, a, um, deliberat- 

Dellberandus, a, um, part, to 

be deliberated 
Dellberans, tis, part, deliberating, 

asking advice 
Deliberate, adv. deliberately 
DC-lIberatio, finis,/, a deliberation, 

a debate, or consideration 
DeTiberatlvus, a, um, adj. de- 
De-liberator, Oris, m. an adviser 
Dellbgraturus, a, um, part, about 

to deliberate, or consider 
Dellbgratus, a, Mm, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. deliberated, debated, 
considered, resolved on, deter- 
Dellbero, are, a. to deliberate, to 
debate, to consider, to consult, 
to revolve, to resolve 
Delibo, are, a. to taste, touch 
lightly, or take a smack of, to 
have the first essay of 
Delibrandus, a, um, part, to be 
pulled off [bark 

Delibratio, finis, /. a pulling off 
Delibratus, a, um, part, having 

the bark taken off, peeled 
Delibro, are, a. to pull off the 

bark, to peel, to weigh out 
Delibuo, ere, a. to anoint, to stain 
Delibutus, a, um, part, anointed, 
daubed over, besmeared, stain- 
Delicate, adv. ius, comp. deli- 
cately, deliciously 
Delicatus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. delicate, fine, 
dainty, nice, wanton, effeminate 
Dellcia, ae,/. a darling 
Dellcise, arum, pi. f. a delight, 
what delights, delights, plea- 
sures, pastimes, toys, jokes, 
jests, dalliance, wantonness, 
Delicifilse, arum, pi. /. my little 

Deliciolum, i, n. a little darling 
Delicium, i, «., same as Delicise 
Delictum, i, n. a fault, an offence, 
a crime, a sin, guilt, a failure in 
Delicus, a, um, adj. weaned 
Deligandus, a, um, part, to be 

Peligatio, finis,/, a binding up 
Deligatus, a, um, part, tied up 
Deligendus, a, um, part, to be 

Deligens, tis, part, choosing 
Deligo, are. a. to tie, or bind 
Dellgo, fire, egi, ectum, a. to 
choose, pick out, or cull, to 
separate, to gather 
Delimatio, finis,/, a filing 
Delimatus, a, um, part, filed, 

polished, &c. 
Pellmo, are, a. to file, or polish 
Delineatio, onis, /. a delineation 
Delineator, Oris, m. he who de- 
Delinendus, a, um, part, to be 

rubbed, or daubed over 
Uelineo, are, a. to delineate, to 


draw the outlines, to sketch, to 

make a rude draught 
Delingo, ere, xi, a. to lick off 
Dellmmentum, i, n. a mitigating, 

or assuaging, a love potion, or 

powder, a charm 
Dellnio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to touch, 

or rub softly, to assuage, to ap- 
pease, to allure 
Dellnltio, onis, /. a mitigating 
Delinitor, oris, m. an appeaser, a 

soother, a cajoler 
Delinltus, a, um, part, touched 

gently, appeased, allured, won 

over, bewitched 
Delino, ere, ini, evi, and ivi, itum, 

a. to besmear, or anoint, to 

blot, to deface 
Delinquo, ere, Iqui, ictum, n. to 

omit, to fail in duty, to offend, 

to do wrong, to act amiss 
Deliquamen, inis, n. dripping, 

Deliquatio, finis,/, a melting 
Deliquatus, a, um, part, molten, 

Deliqueo, ere, cui, n. to melt 
Deliquesco, ere, cui, n. to melt 

down, to be dissolved, to wax 

soft, or moist 
Deliquiae, arum, pl.f. gutters 
Dellquium, i, n. lack, defect, want, 

Dellquo, are, a. to drain, to de- 
cant, to strain, clear 
Deliquus, a, um, adj. wanting 
Dellrabundus, a, um, adj. doltish 
Dellramentum, i, n. a doting, a 

foolish, idle story 
Dellrans, tis, part, doting 
Dellratio, finis, /. dotage, folly, 

madness, the making of a baulk 
Delirium, i, n. a delirium, dotage 
Deliro, are, n. to dote, to talk, or 

act idly, to act amiss, to rave, 

to make a baulk in ploughing 
Dellrus, a, um, adj. doting, silly, 

Delitens, tis, part, lurking 
Deliteo, ere, ui, ». to be hid, to 

lie hid 
Delitescens, tis, part, lurking 
Delitesco, ere, n. to lie hid, to 

sculk, to lurk, to shelter, to 

Delltigo, are, n. to brawl, to chide 
Delitus, a, um, part, besmeared, 

anointed, blotted, defaced 
Delphin, Inis, and Delphlnus, i, 

m. a dolphin, a constellation, a 

Delubrum, i, n. a temple, a shrine, 

a church, or chapel, an altar, a 

place before the chapel where 

they washed before they per- 
formed sacrifice 
Delucto, are, n. to struggle, to 

wrestle [wrestle 

Deluctor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
DeTudifico, are, o. to mock 
Deludlficor, ari, atus sum, dep. 

and pass, to mock, to impose 

upon, to be mocked 
Deludium, i, n. a giving over play 
Deludo, fire, si, sum, a. to delude, 

to deceive, to beguile, to cheat, 

to mock, to disappoint 
Delumbatus, a, um, part, hipped, 

hip shot, wanting sinews, weak, ? 

Delumbis, e, adj. weak, feeble, 

broken-backed, soft, wanton 
Delumbo, are, a. to break the 

back, to hipshot, to weaken, to 



Deluo, fire, ui, utum, a. to wasb 
clean, to wash off, to blot out 

Delusio, finis,/, a delusion 

Delustro, are, a. to smear over 
person with any thing as a pre 
servative against evil, or acci- 
dent [disappointed 

Delusus, a, um, part, deluded, 

Delutamentum, i, n. a daubing 

Deluto, are, o. to lute, to daub 

Demadeo, ere, ui, n. to be wet 

Demadidus, a, um, adj. wet 

Demagogus, i, m. a demagogue 

Demandatus, a, um, part, intrust 
ed [intrust 

Demando, are, a. to commit, to 

Demano, are, n. to stream, or flow 

Demarchus, i, m. a ruler, or pro- 
tector of the people 

Demendus, a, um, part, to take, 
or be taken away 

Demens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. mad, outrageous, 
ranting, roaring, foolish, simple, 

Demensum, i, n. an allowance to 
servants of meat, drink, or corn 

Demensus, a, um, part, measured 
out, parcelled, detailed, pro- 

Dementatio, finis, /. a making, or 
being mad [simply 

Dementer, adv. madly, foolishly, 

Dementia, ae, /. madness, stu- 
pidity, folly 

Dementio, Ire, ivi, n. to be mad, 
or stupid, to dote 

Demento, are, v. to grow mad 

Demgrendus, a, um, part, to be 

Demereo, ere, ui, a. to earn, to 
acquire, to deserve, to oblige, 
or endear 

Demereor, eri, ltus, dep. to de- 
serve well at one's hands 

Demergens, tis, part, drowning 

Demergo, ere, si, sum, a. to dive, 
to plunge over head and ears, 
to sink, to drown, to swallow 
down, to bring down 

Demeritus, a, um, part, deserved 

Demersio, finis, /. a drowning, a 

Demersus, a, um, part, drowned, 
overwhelmed, sunk down 

Demersus, us, m. a drowning 

Demessus, a, um, part, reaped, 
plucked, cropped 

Demetatus, a, um, part, distin- 
guished, set out in bounds 

Demgtendus, a,_um, part, to be 
reaped, or cut down 

Demetior, Iri, mensus sum, dep. 
to measure exactly 

Demetltus, a, um, part, measured, 
set down 

Demgto, ere, essui, essum, a. to 
reap, or mow, to crop, or gather, 

. to chop 

Demetor, axi, atus sum, dep. to 
set out bounds, or limits 

Demigrans, tis, part, departing 

Demigraturus, a, um, part, about 
to remove 

Demigratio, finis, /. a removal, a 
change, an expedition 

Demigro, are, n. to remove, to 
change one's abode, to depart 

Deminuo, Sre, ui, utum, a. to 
diminish, to lessen 

Deminiiturus, a, um, part, about 
to lessen 

Piffninutus, a, unt, part, diminish- 
ed, lessened 


DE\ T 


Demlror, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
admire, to wonder at greatly, to 

Demisse, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. low, meanly, pitifully, 
abjectly, humbly 

Demissio, onis, /. a letting fall, 

Demissitius, a, um, adj. hanging 
down, long, low 

Demissus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. sent from, or away, 
dismissed, let, or hanging down, 
put, or cast down 

Demitigo, are, a. to appease, to 

Demittendus, a, um, part, to be 
let down 

Demitto, 6re, Isi, issum, a. to 
send, let, or hang down, to 
hew, or cut down, to dismiss, 
or let go, to cast, or thrust, to 
throw [man 

Demiurgus, i, m. a public states- 
Demo, ere, psi, ptum, a. to take 
away, or off, to tear off, to 
banish, to abate, or lessen, to 
pare [republic 

Democratia, ae, f. a democracy, a 

Democraticus, a, um, adj. demo- 

Democraticus, i, m. a republican 

Demoliens, tis, part, demolishing 

Demolior, Iri, itus, dep. to de- 
molish, to destroy, to throw, 
pull, or take down, to abolish 

Demolitio, onis, /. a throwing 

Demo'.itor, 6ri3, m. a demolisher 

Demolitus, a, um, part, demo- 

Demonstrandus, a, um, part . to be 
demonstrated, to be declared 

Demonstrans, tis, part, demen- 

Demonstratio, 5nis, /. a demon- 
stration, a clear proof 

Demonstrative, adv. demonstra- 

Demonstratlvus, a, um, adj. de- 

Demonstrator, oris, m. a shower, 

Demonstratus, a, um, part, de- 
monstrated, evidently shown, 

Demonstro, are, a. to demon- 
strate, to prove evidently, to 
show, to declare, to relate 

Dern5ratus, a, um, part, having 
tarried, or stayed, stopped, 
stayed, hindered [off 

Demordeo, ere, di, sum, a. to bite 

Demorior, i, tuus sum, dep. to 
die, to die for love 

Demoror, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
detain, to keep back, stop, or 
hinder, to wait, or look for 

Demorsus, a, um, part, bitten off 

Dernortuus, a, um, part, dead 

Demotus, a, um, part, removed, 
banished, thrust back 

Dem6vendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dem&veo, ere, ovi, otum, a. to 
remove, to send away, to banish, 
to put out 

Dempturus, a, um, part, about to 
take away 

Demptus, a, um, part, taken off, 
or away, plucked, or pulled off, 
cropt, gathered 

Demugitus, a, um, part, ringing 
with the lowing of beasts, re- 

Demulcatus, a, um, part, beaten, 

or cudgelled soundly 
Demuiceo, ere, si, sum, and 

ctum, a. to stroke softly 
Demulctus, a, um. part, stroked 

gently, appeased 
Demum, adv. at length, at last, 

too late, never till now, or then, 

only, certainly [over 

Demurmuro, are, a. to mutter 
Demussatus, a, um, part, mut- 
Demutabllis, e, adj. changeable 
Demutandus, a, um, part, to be 

Demutatio, onis,/. a changing 
Demutilo, are, a. and Demutulo, 

to break, or lop off, to abridge 
Demuto, are, a. to change, or 

alter, to revoke, or unsay ; n. to 

change, or swerve 
Denarium, i, n. a penny 
Denarius, a, um, adj. containing 

the number of ten 
Denarius, i, m. a Roman denier, 

of the value of eight pence three 

Denarratio, onis,/. a relating 
Denarro, are, a. to tell, to relate 
Denascor, i, natus, dep. to die, to 

cease to be 
Denaso, are, a. to cut, bite, or pull 

off one's nose 
Denato, are, n. to swim down 
Denegandus, a, am, part, to be 

Denegans, tis, part, denying 
Denegaturus, a, um, part, about 

to deny 
Denegatus, a, um, part, denied 
Denego, are, a. to deny, to refuse, 

not to permit, to disavow 
Deni, ae, a, adj. pi. ten [smut 

Denigro, are, a. to blacken, to 
Denique, adv. in fine, in short, at 

last, finally, at length, in process 

of time 
Denodo, are, a. to loose, to un- 
bend, or unstring [nation 
Denomlnatio, onis, /. a denomi- 
Denommator, oris, m. he that 

names [names 

Denominatrix, icis, /. she that 
Denominatus, a, um, part, named 
Denomino, are, a. to denominate, 

to name 
Denormatus, a, um, part, set out 

of order 
Denormo, are, a. to set out of 

rule, or square 
Den6tandus, a, um, part, to de- 
note, or be denoted 
DenOtans, tis, part, marking 
Den5tatio, onis,/. a noting 
Den5tatus, a, um, part, observed, 

marked, drawn, or chalked out 
Denoto, are, a. to denote, to 

imply, to point out, to set 

down, to mark 
Dens, tis, m. a tooth, a tusk, or 

fang, any thing like a tooth, 

the tine of a prong, or fork, the 

fluke of an anchor 
Densans, tis, part, growing thick 
Densatio, onis,/. a thickening 
Densator, oris, m. he that makes 

Densatus, a, um, part, made 

thick, standing, or held ciose 

Dense, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. thick, close together 
Denseo, ere, n. to thicken, or 

grow thick, to clouter; a. to 

make thick 

Densitas, atis,/. thickness 
Denso, are, a. to thicken, or m> ke 
thick, to set, or hold close to- 
Densus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus, superl. thick, close, full of 
Dentale, is, n. the wood wherein 
the share, or coulter of a plough 
is put, a coulter, or share, a 
plough tail 
Dentatus, a, um, adj. toothed, 
having teeth, single, or grg 
toothed, born with teeth, 
smoothed, or polished with a 
tooth [teeth 

Dentex, Icis, m. a fish with sharp 
Denticulatus, a, um, adj. that 
hath teeth like those of a saw, 
Dentlculus, i, m. a little tooth, a 

cog of a wheel 
Dentiens, tis, part, breeding teeth 
Dentifrangibulum, i, n. an instru- 
ment to break teeth with 
Dentifrlcium, i, n. a dentifrice, a 

powder to rub the teeth with 
DentUoquus, a, um, adj. that 
lisps, or speaks through the 
teeth [teeth 

Dentio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to breed 
Dentiscalpium, i, n. a toothpick 
Dentltio, onis,/. dentition, a grow- 
ing, or breeding of teeth 
Denubo, £re, psi, ptum, n. to be 

Denudandus, a, um, part, to be 

made bare, or naked 
Denudatio, onis,/. a laying bare 
Denudatus, a, um, part, stript, 

made bare 
Denudo, are, a. to make bare, or 
naked, to strip, to despoil, to 
Denumgro, are, a. to tell out, or 

count money 
Denuncians, tis, part, denouncing 
Denunciatio, onis,/. a denuncia- 
tion, a declaration, a threat, or 
menace, a token, a prognostic, 
a summons 
Denunciatum, i, n. a threat 
Denunciatus, a, um, part, de- 
nounced, declared 
Denuncio, are, a. to denounce, to 
declare, to signify, to give 
notice, or warning, to foretcl, 
or foreshow, to threaten, or 
Denu6, adv. again, anew, afresh 
Denuptus, a, um, part, married 
Deoccatio, onis,/. a harrowing 
Deocco, are, a. to harrow 
Deonero, are, a. to disburden, or 

Deoperio, Ire, a. to uncover 
Deopto, are, a. to wish for 
Deorsum, adv. down, downward, 

up and down 
Deosculatio, onis,/. a kissing 
Deosculatus, a, um, part, kissed 
Deosculor, ari, dep. to kiss and 

Depaciscor, i, pactus, sum, dep. 
to make a coiftract, to bargain, 
to agree upon 
Depactus, a, um, part, fastened, 
planted, or set in the earth, 
prefixed, foreappointed 
Depalatio, onis,/. abounding with 

Depango, e"re, xi and pegi, actum, 

a. to plant, fasten, set 
Deparco, Sre, a. to spare 
Deparcus, a, um, adj. niggsrdiy, 




Depateendus, a, ran, part, to be 

Depascens, tis, part, eatirfg up, 

or off, feeding upon 
Depasco, fire, pavi, pastum, a. 

and n. to feed, to graze, to 

browse, to feed upon, to eat up, 

or off, to waste 
Depascor, i, stus, dep. to eat up, 

to feed upon [cattle 

Pepastio, onis, f. a feeding of 
Depastus, a, urn, part, eaten up, 

browsed on, gnawed, barked, 

having fed on 
Depaupero, are, a. to impoverish 
Depgciscor, i, dep. to bargain, or 

Depecto, ere, xui, xum, a. to 

comb, to trim, or dress, to 

Depeculator, Oris, m. a robber of 

the state, an extortioner 
Depeculatus, a, urn, part, that 

hath robbed 
Depeculor, ari, atus sum, dep. 

to plunder, spoil, pillage, or rob 
Depellendus, a, um, part, to be 

driven away 
Depellens, tis, part, driving away 
Depelliciilo, are, a. to excoriate, 

to flay 
Depello, ere, puli, pulsum, a. to 

drive away, or out, to drive 

along, to expel, to banish, to 

keep off, to avert 
Dependendus, a, um, part, to be 

paid down 
Dependens, tis, part, hanging 

Dependeo, ere, di, sum, n. to 

depend, to hang from, down, or 

Dependo, gre, di, sum, a. to 

weigh, or poise, to give by 

weight, to pay, to bestow, to 

Depensus, a, um, part, paid, ex- 
amined, weighed 
Deperdens, tis, part, losing 
Deperditus, a, um, part, utterly 

Deperdo, ire, didi, ditum, a. to 

lose, to have killed, or taken in 

Depereo, Ire, ivi and ii, Itum, n. 

to perish, to be lost, or gone, 

to die [perish 

Depgriturus, a, um, par/.»-eady to 
Depesta, orum, pi. n. wine-vessels 

used in sacrifices (scurf 

Depfitlgo, Inis, /. a ringworm, 
Depgtlgosus, a, um, adj. and 

Depgtlgiosus, that hath the 

measles, or leprosy 
Depexus, a, um, part, combed, 

trimmed, dressed, curried 
Depictus, a, um, part, painted 
Depilatio, onis, /. a pulling off 

the hair 
Depilatus, a, um, part, made bald, 

made thin 
Depilis, e, adj. void of hair, bald 
Deptlo, are, a. to pull off the hair 
Depingo, ere, xi, ictum, a. to 

paint, or draw, to describe, to 

set forth 
Deplango, Sre, xi, ctum, a. to 

beat, to bewail, or lament 

Deplantatus, a, um, part, planted, 

or set 
Deplanto, are, a. to root, or take 

up, to break off, to plant, to set 
Depleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to 

empty, to shift out of one 

vessel into another, to decant, 

to rack 
Deplexus, a, um, part, winding, 

or clasping about 
Deplorabundus, a, um, adj. like 

one lamenting [bewailed 

Deplorandus, a, um, part, to be 
Deplorans, tis, part, bewailing 
Deplorator, oris, m. a lament er 
Deploratus, a, um, part, bewailed, 

lamented, desperate, past all 

Deploro, are, a. to deplore, to 

bewail, to lament 
Deplumis, e, adj. void of feathers, 

callow, unfledged 
Deplumo, are, a. to pluck off 

Depluo, ere, ui, utum, n. to rain, 

to fall down 
Depfilio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to 

polish, to finish, to stain 
Dep6litio, onis,/. a polishing 
Dep6lltus, a, um, part, polished, 

finished, perfected 
Deponendus, a, um, part, to be 

laid aside, or forgotten 
Deponens, tis, part, laying down 
Deponens, tis, n. a deponent 
Depono, Sre, sui and slvi, situm, 

a. to. put off, or down, to lay 

down, or aside, to resign, or 

give up, to leave off, to take off, 

or from, to leave, or intrust, to 

put, place, or fix, to set 
Depontani, pi. m. superannuated 

Depopulandus, a, um, part, to de- 
populate, or be depopulated 
Depopulans, tis, part, depopulat- 
Dep5pulatio, onis, /. a laying 

waste, a spoiling, robbing 
Dep5pulator, oris, m. a spoiler, a 

Dep5piilaturus, a, nm,part. about 

to depopulate, or lay waste 
Dep&ptilatus, a, um, part, de- 
populated, laid waste, having 

laid waste 
Depoptilo, are, a. and 
Depopiilor, ari, atus sum, dep. 

to lay waste, to rob, ravage, 

or plunder 
Deportandus, a, um, part, to be 

carried away, to carry 
Deportatio, onis,/. a carrying, a 

carrying away, a conveyance, a 

Deportaturus, a, um, part, about 

to carry away 
Deportatus, a, um, part, carried, 

conveyed, banished, exiled 
Deporto, are, a. to carry away, or 

off, to bear away, to convey, to 

bring home, to transport 
Deposcendus, a, um, part, to be 

demanded [asking 

Deposcens, tis, part, demanding, 
Deposco, fire, p6posci, a. to de- 
mand, to require, to call, ask 
Depositio, onis, /. a deposition, a 

deprivation, death 
Depositum, i, n. a trust, a pledge, 

a stake, a wager 
Depositurus, a, um, part, about 

to lay down 
DepOsitus, a, urn, part, deposited, 

intrusted, deposed, degraded, 

laid down, or aside, rejected, or 

refused, ruined [demands 

Pepostulator, oris, m. he that 
Depostiilo, are, a. to demand 
Deprwdatio, onis,/. a robbing 
Deprse dator, oris, m. a robber 

Depraedor, ari, atus sum, dtp. tl 
rob, or spoil, to plunder 

Depraelians, tis, part, scuffling, 

Depraelior, ari, atus sum, dep. ta 
fight, to scuffle 

Depravate, adv. corruptly, badly 

Depravatio, onis,/. a depravation, 
a corruption, a crooking, or 
writhing, a misinterpretation 

Deprava'tor, oris, m. a corrupter 

Depravatus, a, um, part, depraved, 
corrupted, marred, spoiled 

Depravo, are, a. to deprave, to 
corrupt, to, wrest, to rack, or 

DeprScabilis, e, adj. easy to be 
entreated, ready to forgive 

Deprecabundus, a, um, part. 

Depr<5candus, a, um, part, to be 
deprecated, or removed by en- 

Deprgcaneus, a, um, adj. scaring 
but harmless 

Deprgcans, tis, part, entreating 

Deprecatio, onis, /. a prayer, an 
entreaty, a petitioning, a beg- 
ging of pardon 

DeprScator, oris, m. he that en- 
treats, an intercessor, a solici- 
tor, an excuser 

Deprgcaturus, a, um, part, about 
to deprecate 

Deprecor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
deprecate, to pray, or wish 
against, to beg pardon, to pray 
earnestly, to beg, or petition 

Deprghendo and Deprendo, fire, 
di, sum, a. to catch, or find, 
to take unawares, or in the fact, 
to discover, or find out, to per- 
ceive, or discern, to reach, or 
overtake, to seize 

Deprehensio, onis, /. a discovery 

Deprehensus and Deprensus, a, 
um, part, caught, caught un- 
awares, taken in the fact, de- 
tected, discovered 

Depress^, adv. deeply 

Depressio, onis,/. a pressing down 

Depressurus, a, um, part, about 
to sink, about to make navi- 

Depressus, a, wm, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. depressed, pressed, 
or weighed down, kept down, 
thrust, or crushed down, trod- 
den under foot 

Deprgtio, are, a. to undervalue 

Deprimendus, a, um, part, to be 

Deprimo, fire, essi, essum, a. to 
depress, to bear, thrust, pre??, 
weigh, keep, or hold down, lo 
bear hard upon, to make to 

Depr5ciil, adv. afar off 

Depromendus, a, um, part, to be 
drawn out 

Depromo, 6re, psi, ptum, a. to 
take, draw, or fetch out, to 
bring forth 

Deprompturus, a, um, part, about 
to draw, or take out 

Depromptus, a, um, part, drawn, 
or taken out 

Deproperandus, a, um, part, to be 

Deproperatio, onis,/. a hastening 

Depr5pero, are, a. to make haste, 
or speed, to hasten 

Depsiticus, or Depsitius, a, urn, 
adj. kneaded, moulded 

Depso, 6re, ui. Hum, a. to knead, 




vr mould, to tan, taw, or carry 

leather, to lie with 
ivepstus, a, urn, part, kneaded 

together, worked, or trodden 

with the feet, tawed, tanned, 

Depubis, e, is, adj. and Depuber, 

ens, ad}, unripe of age, young 
Dcpudesoo, ere, re. with gen. to be 

Depugnator, oris, m. a champion 
Depugnaturus, a, um, part, about 

to fight, or fight it out 
Depugnatus, a, um, part, fought 

Depugno, are, n. to fight it out, 

to fight, to contend, to disagree, 

to overcome 
Depulsio, onis,/. a thrusting, or 

beating away, a removal 
Depulso, axe,freq. to push away 
Depulsor, oris, m. he that repels 
Depulsurus, a, um, part, about to 

drive away 
Depulsus, a, um, part, put, or 

driven away, thrust out by 

force, weaned 
Depuratio, onis,/. a cleansing of 

filthy matter in a wound 
Depurgandus, a, um, part, to be 

cleansed, or cleared 
Depurgo, are, a. to purge, to 

cleanse, to clear, to gut 
Deputatus, a, um, part, cut off, 

lopped, pruned, deputed, as- 
Deputo, are, a. to judge, or 

esteem, to think, to account, or 

reckon, to prune, or cut off 
Dequestus, a, um, part, having 

complained of 
Deradendus, a, um, part, to be 

shaven, or scraped off 
Derado, gre, si, sum, a. to shave, 

bark; or scrape off 
Derasus, a, um, part . scraped off 
Derelictio, onis, /. dereliction, a 

leaving, or forsaking 
Derelictus, a, um, part, forsaken, 

abandoned, left, destitute, soli- 
Dcrelinquendus, a, um, part, to 

be abandoned 
Derelinquo, gre, llqui, lietum, a. 

to leave, to abandon, to forsake 
DerSpente, adv. suddenly, quickly 
Derepo, ere, psi, a. to creep down 
Dereptus, a, um, part, snatched 

away [derided 

Deridendus, a, um, part, to be 
Deridens, tis, part, deriding, 

laughing at 
Derldeo, ere, si, sum, a. to deride, 

laugh at 
Deridlculum, i, n. a scorn, a 

laughing-stock, a jest, foolery 
Deridlculus, a, um, adj. fit to be 

laughed at, silly, ridiculous 
Deripio, fire, ui, eptum, a. to 

take, pi 1 11, or pluck down, to 

Derisio, Onis,/. derision, contempt 
Derisor, Oris, m.- a laugher at, a 

scoffer, a jester, a buffoon 
Derisurus, a, um, part, about to 

deride, or laugh at 
Derisus, a, um, part, derided, 

Derisus, us, m. derision, ridicule, 

a jest 
TVrivandus, a, um, part, to be 

turned another way 
Derivatio, onis, /. a derivation, a 

draining of water, or a turning 

of it« courw 

Derivalivus, a, um, adj. derivative 
Derivator, oris, m. he that turns 

Derivatus, a, um, part, derived, 
deduced, drawn from, or down, 
Derivo, are, a. to derive, to de- 
duce, to draw from, or down, to 
convey, to turn aside, to inter- 

DerOgandus, a, um, part, to be 
taken away 

DerOgatio, onis,/. a derogation 

DerOgator, oris, m. he that dero- 

Der6gat5rius, a, um, adj. de- 

Der6gaturus, a, um, part, about 
to derogate, or take away 

DerOgito, are, a. to ask instantly, 
to pray 

Derogo, are, a. to derogate, to 
abate, or lessen, to take away 

Derosus, a, um, part, gnawed, 

Derumpo, gre, upi, a. to break off 

Deruncinatio, onis,/. a pruning 

Deruncinatus, a, um, part. 

Deruncino, are, a. to plane, to 
smooth, to cut, to cheat 

Deruo, gre, ui, utum, a. to pull 
down, or take away; ». to fall 

Deruptum, i, re. a craggy place 

Deruptus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. broken, craggy, steep 

Desacro, are, a. to consecrate, 

Dessevio, ire, ivi, itum, re. to be 
quiet, or calm, to rage extremely 

Desaltatio, onis, /. a leading or 
ending of a dance 

Desaltatus, a, um, part, danced 

Desalto, are, re. to leap, or dance, 
to end a dance 

Desarcino, are, a. to unload 

Descendens, tis, part, descending 

Descendo, gre, di, sum, re. to de- 
scend, to go, or come down, to 
fall, or run down, to alight, to 
take root 

Descensio, onis, /. a descent, a 
going down, a landing 

Descensurus, a, um, part, about 
to descend 

Descensus, us, m. a descent 

Desciscens, tis, part, revolting 

Descisco, gre, ivi, n. to revolt, to 
depart, to alter, to change 

Descissus, a, um, part, torn asun- 
der, rent 

Desciturus, a, um, part, about 
to revolt 

Describo, gre, psi, ptum, a. to 
describe, to draw, copy, or write 
out, to divide, to distribute 

Descriptio, onis, /. a description, 
a copying, or writing out, a 
copy, or transcript, a plan, or 
model, a registering 

Descriptiuncula, a;, /. a short 

Descriptus, a, um, part., and adj. 
ior, comp. described, written 
out, copied, set down, or in 
order, assigned, appointed 

Desecans, tis, part, cutting off 

Desgco, are, ui, ctum, a. to cut 
off, or down, to mow down 

Desecratus, a, um, part, profaned 

Desecro, are, a. to profane, to 

Desectio, 6nis,/. a cutting off, or 
down, a mowing 

Desector, oris, m. a cutter down, 
a mower, a reaper 

Desectus, a, um, part, cut off, 
down, or up, mowed, reaped 

Desgrendus, a, um, part, to be 
deserted [leaving 

Desg.rens, tis, part, forsaking, 

Desgro, gre, sgrui, sertum, a. to 
desert, to forsake, to quit, to 
leave, to leave off 

Deserpo, gre, re. to creep along 

Desertatus, a, um, pari, forsaken, 
left [forsaking 

Desertio, Onis, /. a desertion, a 

Deserto, are, a. to desert, to for- 

Desertor, Oris, m. a deserter, a 
forsaker, a turncoat, an exile 

Desertum, i, re. a desert, a wil- 

Deserturus, a, um, part, that will 
desert, or forsake 

Desertus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. isslmus, superl. de- 
serted, forsaken, left, set, plant- 
ed, fixed, desert 

Deservio, ire, ivi, itum, re. to do 
service, to wait upon 

Deses, tdis, adj. idle, slothful, in- 
active, slow 

Desiccatio, onis, /. a drying up 

Desicco, are, a. to dry up 

Desidens, tis, part, sinking 
under, sinking, falling to decay 

Desideo, ere, gdi, re. to sit still, to 
sit, to be idle, to loiter, to go to 

Desidgrabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
desirable, to be desired, wanted 

Desidgrandus, a, um, part, to be 

Desidgrans, tis, part, desiring 

Desldgratio, onis,/. a desiring 

Deslderaturus, a, um, part, about 
to desire 

Desldgratus, a, um, part, desired, 
longed, or wished for, wanted 

Desidgrium, i, re desire, love, af- 
fection, a longing, or craving, 
want, or lack, absence, a re- 
quest, petition, or supplication 

Desldgro, are, a. to desire, to 
wish, or long for, to need, to 
want, to ask, to require, to de- 
mand [ness 

Desidia, se, /. idleness, slothful- 

Desidiabulum, i, re. an idje place 

Desidies, ei,/., same as Desidia 

Desidiose, adv. slothfully, idly 

Desidiosus, a, urn, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. lazy, slothful 

Desido, gre, sedi, re. to sink, or 
fall down, to settle, to light, or 
sit down, to go to stool 

Designatio, onis, /. a designation, 
an appointment 

Designator, oris, m. a marshal 
that appoints a procession, &c, 
a master of ceremonies, a herald 

Designatus, a, um, pari, designed, 
appointed, chosen, elected 

Designo, are, a. to design, to in- 
tend, to mean, to appoint, to 
choose, to mark, or point out, 
to doom, to show, or signify, to 

Deslliens, tis, part, running down 

Desllio, ire, ivi, and ii, ultum, n. 
to leap down, to alight 

Desinens, tis, part, ceasing, 

Desino. gre, ivi and ii, Itum, n. 
and p. to cease, to leave off, to 
give over, to desist, to discon- 
tinue, to renounce, to hold 




^ue's peace, to end, or conclude, 
to die 

l>eslpiens, tis, part, doting, fool- 
ish, silly [ness 

Desipientia, se, /. silliness, mad- 

Desipio, fire, ui, n. to dote, to 
trifle, to play the fool, to be 
foolish [ing 

Desistens, tis, part, ceasing, end- 

Desisto, stiti, sistfire, n. to desist, 
to cease, to give over, to leave 
off, to discontinue, to stop, to 
stand off, or apart, to go away 

Desiturus, a, um, part, about to 
leave off 

Desitus, a, um, part, planted, 
set, ceased 

Desolatio, Snis,/. desolation 

Desolatorius, a, um, adj. comfort- 

Desolatus, a, um, part, desolate, 
forsaken, deserted, left alone, 
laid waste 

Desolo, are, a to lay waste 

Despectans, tis, part, looking 
down upon 

Despectatio, 6nis, /. a looking 
down, a prospect 

Despectio, onis, /. a looking 
down, contempt 

Despecto, are, a. to look down 
upon, to despise 

Despector, oris, m. a looker down 

Despecturus, a, um, part, that 
will see 

Despectus, a, um, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. despised, slight- 
ed, looked down upon 

Despectus, us, m. a despising, 
contempt, despite 

Desperandus, a, um, part, to be 
despaired of, desperate 

Desperans, tis, part, despairing, 
being past hope, desperate 

Desperanter, adv. despairingly 

Desperatio, onis, /. a despairing, 
despair, a want of spirit 

Desperatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, eomp. issimus, superl. de- 
spaired of, desperate, past cure 

Desperno, fire, sprevi, etum, a. to 
despise, to contemn 

Despero, are, a. to despair, to be 
heartless, or out of hope 

Despicatio, onis,/. contempt 

Despicatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. despised, slight- 
ed, disesteemed, despising 

Despicatus, us, m. despite, a 

Despiciendus, a, um, part, to be 
contemned, slighted, or dis- 

Desplciens, tis, part, despising, 

Despicientia, te, /. a contempt, a 
disregard, a looking down 
• Despicio, fire, exi, ectum, a. to 
despise, to slight, to disregard, 
to look down 

Despoliandus, a, um, part, to be 

Desp8liator, 6ris, m. a plunderer 

DespOliatus, a, urn, part, pillaged, 

Desp6lio, are, a. to rob, to plun- 
der, to pillage, to strip, to im- 

Despondens, tis, part, betrothing 

Despondeo, ere, di and sp&pondi, 
a. and n. to promise, to promise 
in marriage, to betroth 

Desponsator, 6ris, m. a betrother 

Desponsatus, a, um, part, be- 


Desponsus, a, um, part, pro- 
mised, betrothed 
Despretus, a, um, part, greatly 

Despuendus, a, um, part, to be 

contemned, or despised 
Despumatus, a, um, part, clarified 
Despumo, are, a. to scum, to take 

off, to clarify, to digest 

Despuo, fire, utum, a. to spit 

down, upon, or out, to pour out, 

to detest [fish 

Desquamatio, 6nis,/. a scaling of 

Desquamatus, a, um, part, peeled 

off [bark 

Desquamo, are, a. to scale, to 

Destans, tis, part, standing off, or 

behind, one another 
Desterto, 6re, ui, n. to snore, to 

leave off snoring 
Destillo, are, n. to distil, drop, 
or run [waste 

Destimulo, are, a. to prick, to 
Destina, a%/. a supporter, a pillar 
Destinandus, a, um, part, bound 
Destinans, tis, part, designing 
Destinatio, onis,/. a destination, 
a purpose, resolution, or deter- 
Destinatd, adv. with full purpose 
Destinatus, a, um, part, destined, 
appointed, determined, fixed, 
resolved on, pitched 
Destlno, are, a. to determine, to 
design, intend, or purpose, to 
aim at, to mark out to order, or 
appoint, to suspect, or conjec- 
ture, to value 
Destltuendus, a, um, part, to be 

left destitute, to be forsaken 
DestTtuens, tis, part, forsaking 
Destituo, 6re, ui, uturn, a. to leave 
destitute, to leave, to forsake, 
to desert, to give up, or over, to 
deceive, or disappoint 
Destltutio, onis, /. a forsaking, a 

Destitutus, a, um, part, destitute, 
forsaken, left, bereft, disap- 
pointed, forlorn 
Desto, are, n. to stand behind, 
or off [drawn 

Destrictus, a, um, part, tied hard, 
Destrigmentum, i, n. that which 

is scraped, or rubbed off 
Destringendus, a, um, part, to be 

pruned, or cut off 
Destringo, fire, xi, ictum, a. to 
cut, lop, or scrape off, to di- 
minish, to attack, to find fault 
with, to scrub 
Destructio, onis,/. a demolishing, 
a subversion, a ruin, a refutation 
Destructor, oris, m. a destroyer 
Destructus, a, um,part. destroyed, 
ruined [spoiling 

Destruens, tis, part, destroying, 
Destruo, gre, xi, ctum, o: to de- 
stroy, to pull down, or break 
up, to overthrow, to spoil, to 
Desub, prep, under [abate 

DesuMto, adv. all on a sudden 
Desudans, tis, part, sweating 

Desudatorium, i, n. a hot bath 
Desiido, are, n. to sweat much, to 

labour earnestly 

Desuefactus, a, um, part, disused, 

weaned [from 

Desuefio, Sri, u. to be weaned 

Desuescendus, a, um, part, that 

must be disused 
Desuesco, ere, evi, etum, n. to 
disuse oneself, to change the 
fashion, or custom 

Desuetudo, Inis,/. disuse 

Desuetus, a, um, part, disused, 
worn out 

Desultor, oris, m. a vaulter, that 
leaps from one horse to another 

Desultorius, a, um, adj. desultory, 
fickle, inconstant, leaping 

Desultiira, se,/. a vaulting 

Desum, esse, fui, n. to be want- 
ing, to fail, to absent himself 

Desumo, £re, psi, ptum, a. to pick 
out, or choose 

Desuo, 6re, ui, a. to sew behind, 
to fasten below 

Desuper, adv. from above, aloft, 
overhead, upon, on the top 

Desurgo, 6re, rexi, n. to arise 
from, to go to stool 

Detector, oris, m. a discoverer 

Detectus, a, um, part, detected, 
discovered, laid open, uncover- 
ed, bare 

Detggendus, a, um, part, to be 
detected [covering 

DetSgens, tis, part, detecting, dis- 

Detego, 6re, xi, ectum, a. to de- 
tect, to discover, to disclose, to 
lay open, or naked 

Detendo, fire, di, sum, a. to un- 
stretch, to take down 

Detensus, a, um, part, unstretch- 
ed, taken down 

Detentus, a, um, part, detained, 
kept back 

Deter, whence comp. deterior, 
and superl. deterrimus, bad, 
naughty, ill 

Detfirens, tis, part, rubbing 
against [cleansed 

Detergendus, a, um, part, to be 

Detergens, tis, part, cleaning, 
wiping off 

Detergeo, ere, and Detergo, 6re, 
si, sum, a. to wipe, brush, 
scour, or cleanse, to wipe, rub, 
break, or cut off, to take off 

Detfirior, oris, adj. worse, weaker 

Doterius, adv. comp. worse 

Determinandus, a, um, part, to 
be bounded 

Determinatio, Onis, /. a deter- 
mination, a conclusion, a boun- 

Determlnaturus, a, um, part. 
about to determine, or limit 

Determinatus, a, um, part, de- 
termined, limited 

Determlno, are, a. to determine, 
to appoint, or describe bounds 
and limits, to measure 

Detgro, 6re, trivi, Itum, a. to 
bruise, or beat out, to rub one 
against another, to make worse 

Deterrendus, a, um, part, to be 

Deterrens, tis, part, deterring 

Deterreo, ere, ui, ftum,a. to deter, 
to frighten, or discourage, to 

Deterrimus, a, um, adj. superl. 
worst, very lewd, &c. 

Deterritus, a, um, part, discou- 
raged, frighted, scared, awed 

Detersus, a, um, part, scoured, 
wiped off 

Detestabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
detestable, abominable, un- 
lucky, unhappy 

Detestandus, a, um, part, to be 
detested, abominable 

Detestans, tis, part, detesting, 
abhorring, hating, cursing 

Detestatio, onis, /. a detestation, 
abhoirence, an imprecation, a 




Detestatus, a, um, part, detested, 
abhorred, having entreated 

Oetestablliter, adv. detestably 

Jetestor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
detest, to loathe, to abominate, 
to avert, to shun, to curse 

Detexendus, a, um, part, to finish 
in weaving 

Detexens, tis, part, weaving 

Detexo, ere, ui, turn, a. to weave, 
or plait, to work it off 

Detexus, a, um, part, woven 

Detlnens, tis, part, detaining, 

Detmeo, ere, ui, entum, a. to de- 
tain, stop, or hinder, to keep in 
doubt, to engage, to employ 

Detondeo, ere, "di, sum, a. to 
sheer, to clip, to cut, or lop 

Det6no, are, ui, n. to thunder 
mightily, to give over thunder- 
ing [shred 

Detonsus, a, um, part, shorn, cut, 

Detorno, are, a. to make by turn- 

Detorqueo, ere, si, sum and turn, 
a. to turn, warp, or draw aside, 
to turn, to bend 

Detorsus, a, um, part, turned 
away [turned 

Detortus, a, um, part, wrested, 

Detractio, onis, /. detraction, 
scandal, a drawing, or taking 
away, a diminution 

Detractor, oris, m. a detracter, a 
diminisher, a slanderer 

Detracturus, a, um, part, about 
to take from, or pull off 

Detractus, a, um, part, withdrawn 

DetrShendus, a, um, part, to be 
taken off 

Detrahens, tis, part, taking off, 
or from 

Detraho, ere, xi, ctum, a. to draw, 
or take off, or away, to pluck, 
tear, or pull off, or away, to re- 
move, to draw, or force, to 
take from 

Detrectandus, a, um, part, to re- 
fuse, or be refused 

Detrectans, tis, part, refusing 

Detrectatio, onis, /. a refusal, or 
denial, a drawing back, a revolt 

Detractator, oris, m. a refuser, a 

Detrectaturus, a, um, part, about 
to refuse 

Detrecto, are, a. to refuse, to de- 
cline, to disown, to shift off, to 
discourage, to dispirit 

Detrectus, a, um, part, refused, 

Detrimentosus, a, um, part, caus- 
ing damage, hurtful, injurious 

Detrimentum, i, n. detriment, 
loss, damage, hurt, injury 

Detrlt&s, a, um, part, worn, worn 
out, or away [away 

Detrudens, tis, part, thrusting 

Detrudo, ere, si, sum, a. to thrust 
from, out, or down, to push, or 
shove, to drive away, or expel 

Detruncatio, onis, /. a cutting off 

Detruncatus, a, um, ijart.lopped 

Detrunco, are, a. to cut, or lop off, 
to maim, or mangle 

Detriisus, a, um, part, thrust out, 
or down, cashiered 

Detiimeo, ere, ui, n, to leave off 
swelling, to abate 

Detumesco, ere, the same 

Deturbandus, a, um, part, to bp. 
tLrown down, &c 

Deturbatus, a, um, part, thrown. 

tumbled, or beaten down, much 

troubled, or disturbed 
Deturbo, are, a. to throw, cast, 

tumble, or beat down, to de- 

Deturgeo, ere, n. to assuage 
Deturpans, tis, part, defiling, 

spoiling, &c. 
Deturpo, are, a. to defile, to de- 
face [wander 
Dev&gor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
Devastandus, a, um, part, to be 

wasted [havoc 

Devastatio, onis, /. devastation, 
Devastator, oris, m. a waster, a 

spoiler, a robber 
Devastatus, a, um, part, wasted, 

spoiled, killed 
Devasto, are, a. to destroy, to 

Devectus, a, um, part, carried 

down, carried, brought to 
Devehendus, a, um, part, to be 

carried away 
Deveho, ere, xi, ctum, a. to carry 

away, to carry, to convey 
Develatus, a, um, part, uncovered 
Devello, 6re, li and ulsi, ulsum, a. 

to pull away, to pluck off 
Develo, are, a. to unveil, discover 
Devgngrandus, a, um, part, to be 

worshipped, to be atoned for, 

or averted 
Deveneror, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

worship, adore, or pray unto, to 

Deveniendus, a, um, part, to come 
Devgnio, ire, eni, entum, n. to 

come, to go down to, to chance, 

or happen 
Deventurus, a, um, part, about 

to come [spoil 

Devgnusto, are, a. to deface, to 
Deverbgro, are, a. to beat much 
Devergo, gre, n. to bend down- 
Deverro, ere, ri, sun, a. to sweep 
Deverticulum, i, n. a bye-road, an 

inn; same as Diverticulum 
Deverto, gre, ti, sum, a. to turn 

Devescor, i, dep. to feed upon 
Devestio, Ire, ivi, a. to divest, to 

Devgto, are, a. to forbid 
Devexatus, a, wm, part, disquieted 
Devexitas, atis,/. a bending down 
Devexo, are, a. to vex, to disturb 
Devexus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

bending, hanging, or declining 

down, shelving, sloping 
Devictus, a, um, part, vanquished, 

routed, overcome 
Devincendus, a, um, part, to con- 
quer, or be conquered 
Devinciendus, a, um, part, to be 

Devincio, ire, nxi, nctum, to bind 
fast, to bind, to tie up, to ham- 
per, or entangle, to secure, to 
join, or unite 

Devinco, gre, ici, ictum, a. to 
overcome, to rout, to vanquish, 
to conquer 

Devinctus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. bound, tied, bound 
round, united 

Devirgino, are, B. to deflower a 
maiden [shunned 

Devitabilis, e, adj. easy to be 

Devltans, tis, part, avoiding, 

Devltatio, onis, f. an avoiding 

Devltator, Oris, m. a shunner 

Devitatus, a, um, part, avoided, 

Devito, are, a. to avoid, to shun 

Devius, a, um, adj. out of the way, 
lying out of the way, lonely, 
retired.remote, deviating, swerv- 
ing, or wandering from 

Deunx, cis, m. a pound troy lack- 
ing an ounce, eleven ounces, 
eleven parts of any thing divid- 
ed into twelve 

DevOcaturus, a, um, part, about 
to call 

Devoco, are, a. to call down, or 
away, to fetch, or lure down, to 
invite [fly 

Devolaturus, a, um, part, ready to 

Dev61o, are, n. to fly down, or 
away, to hasten away, to leave 

Devolvo, gre, vi, utum, a. to roll, 
or tumble down, to pour out, to 

Devolutus, a, um, part, devolved, 
rolled, or tumbled down,brought 

Devorandus, a, um, part, to'be 
devoured, or consumed 

DevOrans, tis, part, devouring, 

DevSratio, onis,/. a devouring 

DevOraturus, a, um, part, about 
to devour 

Devoratus, a, um, part, devoured 
swallowed, consumed, spent 

Devftro, are, o. to devour, to eat 
up, to swallow down, to take in, 
or greedily, to spend, or waste, 
to look earnestly 

Devotio, onis,/. a devoting, giving 
up, or vowing, avowed service, 
a curse, an imprecation, a 
charm, magic spell 

Dev^tissime, adv. very devoutly 

Devoto, are, a. to devote, or give 
up by vow, to conjure, or lay a 
spell upon 

Devotorius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to a vow, or curse 

Devoturus, a, um, part, about to 
devote, or curse 

Devotus, a, um, part, devoted, 
dedicated, destined, doomed, 
vowed, unhappy, execrable 

Devotus, i, m. a vowed servant 

DevOveo, ere, ovi, otum, a. to de- 
vote, to consecrate, to engage, 
to vow, to curse 

Deuro, gre, ssi, stum, a. to burn, 
to set on fire, to envenom, to 

Deus, i, m. and f. a god, a god- 
dess, an angel, or saint, a genius, 
a patron, or benefactor, an 
oracle [blasted 

Deustus, a, um, part, burnt down, 

Deutgria, orum, pi. n. a small 
beverage made of grapes 

Deuter5nomium, i, n. Deutero- 

Deutor, i, sus, dep. to make ill 
use of 

Devulsus, a, um, part, pulled, or 
torn off 

Dextans, tis, m. ten ounces, or 
ten parts of twelve 

Dextella, ae,/ a little right hand 

Dexter, tgra, tgrum, or tra, trum, 
adj. ior, comp. dextimus, superl. 
right-handed, fit, suitable, meet, 
lucky, fortunate 

Dextgra, se,/., same as Dextra 

Dexterg, adv. ius, comp. rirac, 
dexterously, aptly, properly, 
fitly [quickness 

Dextgrftas, stis, f. dexterity, 


Dextra, «,/. a right hand, a hand, 

aid, help, allianoe [hand 

Dextrorsum, adv. on the right 
Dextrorsus, adv. towards the right 

Dextroversum, adv. the same 
Dl for Du, pi. m. the Gods, /rom 

sivg. Deus ; in dat. and abi. 

Diabetes, ae, or is, m. a funnel, a 

waterpipe, a disorder when a 

person cannot hold his water 
Diabolus, i, m. the devil 
Diacodion, i, n. syrup of poppy 
Diacfinatus, us, m. a deaconship 
DiacOnus, i, m. a deacon 
Diadema, atis, n. a diadem, a 

crown, a white fillet wherewith 

kings and queens encircled 

their foreheads 
Diadematus, a, um, adj. wearing 

a crown 
Diaeresis, is, /. a distribution, a 

figure where one syllable is 

divided into two 
Diaeta, ae, /. diet, food, a regular 

way of life, a parlour, a sum- 

Diabetica, ae,/. the first part of 

physic, that concerns regimen 

in diet 
Diseteticus, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to diet 
Di&gonios, i, n. a diagonal 
Diagramma, atis, n. a diagram, a 

figure in geometry to illustrate 

any proposition 
Diagraphice, es, /. the art of 

Dialectica, ae, /. and Dialectice, 

es, the art of logic, teaching to 

Dialectica, 5rum, pi. n. dialectics 
Dialectice, adv. by logic 
DiSlecticus, a, um, adj. logical 
Dialecticus, i, m. a logician 
Dialectos, i,/. a dialect, a manner 

of speech 
Dialis, e, adj. pertaining to Jupi- 
ter, of one day 
Diallage, es, /. a figure, when 

many arguments are brought 

to the same purpose 
DialSgus, i, m. a dialogue 
Diameter, tri, /. a diameter 
Diapasma, atis, n. a perfume, or 

sweet powder 
Diapason, i, n. a concord of music 

of all the eight notes [notes 
Diapente, es,/. a ctmcord of five 
Diaphoreticus, a, um, adj. diapho- 
Diaphragma, atis, n. the midriff 
Diapontius, a, um, adj coming 

from beyond sea, foreign 
Diarium, i, n. a diary, or book of 

remembrance, a journal, or 

day-book, a day's provision, al- 
Diarrhoea, ae,/. a looseness, a flux 
Diastole, es, /. the dilatation of 

the heart and breast when we 

fetch breath 
Diathyra, 6mm, n. an inclosure 

before the door of a house, a 

Diatretum, i, n. a cup chased and 

curiously engraved 
Diatretus, a, um, adj. chased, 

Diatrlba, an, /. or Diatribe, es,/. 

a discourse, or dispute, a school 
Dvbaphus, a, um, adj. double- 
dyed, dyed in grain, scarlet 
Die, same ns Dice 


DIca, a?, /. an action at law, a 
cause, a suit, a process, an in- 
dictment [drollery 

Dicacltas, atis, /. talkativeness, 

Dicaciilus, a, um, adj. full of 
words, talkative, prating, tat- 
tling [dedicated 

Dicandus, a, um, part, to be 

Dicans, tis, part, dedicating, de- 

Dicatio, onis, /. a dedication, a 
taking up a freedom in a city 

Dicatura, ae,/. a dedication 

Dicatus, a, um, part, dedicated, 
designed, promised, suited to, 
employed in 

Dicax, acis, adj. ior, comp. talka- 
tive, prating, jesting, bantering, 
abusive [spoken 

Dlcendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dlcens, tis, part, saying, speak- 

Dico, are, a. to dedicate, to con- 
secrate, to devote, to set apart, 
or give up, to employ, to ap- 
point, or design, to vow, or 

Dico, ere, xi, ctum, a. to say, to 
speak, to tell, to relate, to 
write, or describe, to rehearse, 
or repeat, to harangue, to plead, 
to give an opinion, to declare, 
to pronounce, to show, or prove, 
to mean, or intend, to object, 
to call, or name, to bid, or 
order [oars 

Dicrotum, i, n. a galley with two 

Dictamnus, i, m. dittany, ginger 

Dictans, tis, part, dictating 

Dictata, orum, pi. n. dictates, 
precepts, or instructions, les- 
sons, or notes 

Dictator, oris, m. a dictator, or 
chief magistrate among the 
Romans, an ordinary officer in 
most Latin towns 

Dictatorius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a dictator 

Dictatrix, icis,/. a governess 

Dictatiira, ae, /. the dictatorship 

Dictatus, a, um, part, dictated, 

Dicterium, i, n. or rather Dicte- 
ria, orum, jests, witticisms 

Dictio, onis,/. a diction, a style, 
a manner of speech, a speaking, 

Dictionarium, i, n. and DictiOna- 
rius, i, m. a dictionary 

Dictiosus, a, um, adj. drolling, 
jesting [ing- 

Dictitans, tis, part, saying, repeat- 

Dictito, &xe,freq. to say frequent- 
ly, to say, tell, or speak often 

Dicto, are, freq. to dictate, to 
suggest, to order, or appoint, 
to counsel, or advise, to say 

Dictum, i, n. a word, a saying, 
an expression, a proverb, "a 
reproach, or ill word, a lam- 
poon, a jest, or merry saying 

Dicturus, a, um, part, about to 

Dictus, a, um, part, said, spoken, 
uttered, told, declared, thrown 
out, promised, threatened, 
pleaded, celebrated 

Didltus, a, um, part, given out, 
spread abroad, divided 

Dido, fire, dldidi, dldltum, a. to 
give out, to spread abroad 

Didrachmura, i, n. or Didraehma, 
atis, n. two drachmas, 9V fifteen 


Dlduccndus, a, um, part, to be 

drawn aside, or parted 
Dlduco, fire, uxi, uctum, a. to 

lead, or draw aside, to sever, ot 

part, to divide, to set open, to 

stretch wide, to digest 
Dlducius, a, um, part, drawn 

aside, separated, divided, 

opened, cleft, gaping, dispersed 
Diecula, as,/, dim. a little while 
Dierectus, a, um, adj. hanged 
Dies, ei, m. or f. in sing, in phcr. 

m. a day, the transactions of a 

day, the light, life, length of 

Diespiter, tris, m. Jupiter 
Diffamans, tis, part, defaming, 

Diff amatio, onis,/. defamation 
Diff amatus, a, um, part, defamed, 

aspersed, published, made 

Diffamia, ae,/. defamation 
Diffamo, are, a. to defame, to 

traduce, to spread an ill report 

Diffarreatio, Cnis, /. a ceremony 

at a divorce, a divorcement 
Difffirendus, a, um, part, to be 

put off [differing 

Differens, tis, part, putting off. 
Differentia, ae,/. a difference 
Differo, ferre, distuli, dllatum, a. 

to Aefer, to put off, to delay, to 

cany up and down, to spread, 

or disperse, to scatter abroad, 

to tear in pieces, to teaze, or 

provoke [stuffed 

Differtus, a, um, part, filled, or 
Diffibtilo, are, o. to unbutton, to 

Difficile, adv. ifts, comp. lime, 

superl. difficulty, with difficulty, 

Difflcilis, e, adj. ior, comp. limus, 

superl. difficult, hard, crabbed 

rough, boisterous, captious, 

hard to please, hard hearted 
Difficillter, adv. difficultly, baldly 
Difficultas, atis, /. difficulty 

trouble, danger, distress, scarci 

ty, dearth, a disease 
Difficulter, adv. with difficulty 
Diffldens, tis, part, distrusting, 

Diffidenter, adv. diffidently 
Diffldentia, ae, /. diffidence, dis- 
Diffido, Sre, sus sum, a. and n. 

to distrust, to despair 
Diffindo, fire, fldi, fissum, a. to 

cleave, to part asunder, to slit, 

to cut 
Diffingo, ere, xi, ictum, a. to form 

anew, to mar, to spoil, to undo, 

to deny, to pretend 
Difflnio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. tc 

define, to set bounds 
Diff "mite, adv. definitely 
•Diff Initio, onis,/. a definition, p 

Diffissus, a, um, part, cleft, split 
Difflsus, a, um, part, distrusting. 

doubting [deny 

Diff Iteor, eri, fessus sum, dep. to 
Difflo, are, a. to blow, or puff 

Diffluens, tis, part, flowing every 

way, running down 
Diffluo, fire, uxi, uxum, n. to flow, 

or run abroad, to run, or fall 

down, to fall asunder 
Diffringo, fire, fregi, actum, a. to 

Difffigiens, tis, part, fleeing a-vaj. 




DifT&gio, fire, fugi, Itum, n. to 
flee, or run away, to refuse 

Difiugium, i, n. a refuge, an 

Diffulmlno, are, a. to break down 

Diffundens, tis, part, spreading 

Diffundlbulum, i, «. a sieve, a 

Diffundltor, ari, atus, pass, to be 
squandered abroad, to be la- 

Diffundo, fire, fudi, f usum, a. to 
diffuse, to pour out, to spread 
abroad, to disperse, to publish 

Diffuse, adv. diffusedly 

Diffusllis, e, adj. that may be 

Diffusio, onis,/. a spreading 

Diffusus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. diffused, extended, 
spread abroad, poured, filled 

Digamus, a, um, adj. twice mar- 
ried [digested 

Dlgfirendus, a, um, part, to be 

Digfiro, fire, essi, estum, a. to 
digest, to dispose, to place, or 
set in order, to distribute, to 
divide, to explain 

Digesta, orum, pi. n. digests, or 
books of civil law 

Digestio, 6nis, /. digestion, a 
separation of meats in the sto- 
mach, an arrangement 

Digestorius, a, um, adj. digestive 

Digestus, a, um, part, digested, 
methodized, put in order 

Digestus, us, m. a distribution 

Dlgltale, is, re. a finger-stall, a 
thimble, a finger of a glove 

Digitalis, e, adj. of a finger 

DIgltatus, a, um, part, having 
fingers, toes, or claws 

Dlgltulus, i, m. dim. a little finger 

Digitus, i, m. a finger, a finger's 
breadth, a toe, a claw 

Digladiator, oris, m. a fencer 

Digladior, ari, dep. to fence, to 

Digma, atis, re. a specimen 

Dignandus, a, um, part, to be 
thought worthy 

Dignans, tis, part, vouchsafing, 

Dignatio, onis, /. reputation, 
credit, respect, esteem, worth, 
majesty, dignity 

Dignatus, a, um, part, vouch- 
safing, vouchsafed, thought 

Dtgne, adv. ius, comp. worthily, 
deservedly, decently, meetly, 

Dignltas, atis, /. dignity, ma- 
jesty, eminence, grandeur, mag- 
nificence, authority, gravity, 
credit, honour, comeliness 

Dignor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
vouchsafe, to think worthy, to 

Dignosco, fire, n6vi, nStum, a. to 
discern, to distinguish 

Dignus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. worthy, deserv- 
ing, decent, becoming, meet, 
fit, suitable 

Digrfidiens, tis, part, turning 
aside, departing 

Digrfidior, i, essus sum, dep. to 
go, or turn aside, to depart, to 
digress, or go from the purpose 

Digressio, onis,/. a digression, a 
parting, an excursion 

Digressus, a, um, part, departing, 
having departed, or turned 
aside, eloped 

Digressus, us, m. a digression, a 

departure, or going aside 
Digrunnio, ire, re. to grunt like a 
Dii, pi. m. gods [hog 

Dijicio, fire, eci, a. to cast down 
Dijudicandus, a, um, part, to be 

settled, or determined 
Dijudicatio, onis, /. a judging 

between two, a discerning 
Dijiidlcaturus, a, um, part, about 

to judge, or determine 
Dljudicatus, a, um, part, judged, 

settled, determined 
Dijudlco, are, a. to judgebetween, 
to judge, to discern, to settle, 
to decide [separation 

Dljunctio, onis, /. a disjoining, a 
Dijungo, fire, xi, ctum, a. to un- 
yoke, or unharness, to part, or 
Dilabens, tis, part, falling, sliding, 

slipping i 

)Idus, a, um, adj. that falls, 
or wears away quickly 

Dilabilis, e, adj. easily slipping 

Diiabor, i, psus sum, dep. to slip 
aside, or out, to steal away, to 
waste, or come to nothing 

DUacfirandus, a, um, part, to be 
torn in pieces, to be destroyed, 
to destroy 

Dliacfiratus, a, um, part, torn in 
pieces, destroyed, ruined 

Dilacero, are, a. to tear, or rend 
in pieces, to destroy, to con- 
sume, to spend, waste 

Dllacrumo, are, n. to weep, to 

DUamino, are, a. to split in two 

Dilaniandus, a, um, part, to be 

Dilaniatus, a, um, part, torn, 
rent, tearing 

Dilanio, are, a. to tear, to mangle, 
to devour 

Dilapldans, tis, part, stoning 

Dllapldatio, onis,/. a dilapidation, 
a wasteful spending 

Dilapido, are, a. to clear of stones, 
to pelt with stones, to consume 

Dllapsurus, a, um, part, about to 
slip away 

Dilapsus, a, um, part, gliding 
along, slipping aside, fallen 

Dilargior, iri, itus sum, dep. to 
bestow liberally, to give 

Dilargitus, a, um, part, having 
bestowed, bestowed 

Dilatans, tis, part, enlarging, ex- 

Dllatatio, onis,/. an enlarging 

Dilatatus, a, um, part, dilated, 
extended, stretched out 

Dllatio, onis,/. a delaying, delay 

Dllato, are, a. to dilate, to extend, 
to enlarge, to make, or open 

Dilator, oris, m. a delayer 

Dilatorius, a, um, adj. dilatory 

Dilaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Dilatus, a, um, part, delayed, de- 
ferred, put off, spread abroad 

Dllaudatio, onis, /. praise, com- 

Dilaudo, are, a. to praise highly, 
to extol 

Dllectio, onis,/. love 

Dilectus, a, um, part, or adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. dearly be- 
loved, beloved, chosen 

Dilemma, atis, re. an argument 
that convinces both ways 

Dillgens, tis, adj. ior, comp. iwri- 

mus, superl. diligent, industri. 

ous, active, careful, mindful, 

studious, fond of, thrifty, wary ; 

part, loving, choosing 
Dillgenter, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 

superl. diligently, carefully, with 

Dillgentia, ae, /. diligence, care, 

attention, labour, frugality, 

Dillgo, fire, exi, ectum, a. to love, 

to favour, or respect, to divide, 

or cut up 
Dilorico, are, a. to ungird, to tear 

off, to rip open 
Diluceo, ere, uxi, n. to shine, t: 

be clear, evident 
Dilucesco, luxi, re. to grow light, 

to begin to shine 
DUucIdatio, onis,/. a delucidation 
DUucIde, adv. evidently, clearly 
Dilucldo, are, a. to make plain, or 

Dilucldus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

clear, plain, manifest, bright 
Dllucul6, adv. betimes, in the 

morning [dawn 

Diluculum, i, re. daybreak, the 
DUudium, i, re. a respite from ex- 
ercise [cleared 
Diluendus, a, um, part, to be 
Diluens, tis, part, washing, clear- 
Diluo, fire, ui, utum, a. to wash, 

or rinse, to wash off, or away, to 

purge, or clear, to explain, to 

mix [poorly 

Dilute, adv. ius, comp. weakly, 
Dilutium, i, n. an infusion 
Dilutus, a, um, part, and adj. ior, 

comp. issimus, superl. diluted, 

washed, wetted, tempered, 

mingled, washy, thin 
Diluvies, ei, /. a deluge, a flood 
Diluvio, are, a. to overflow 
Diluvium, i, n. a deluge, or inun- i 

dation, a calamity, destruction 
Dlmachse, arum, pi. m. dragoons 
Dimadeo, ere, ui, n. to grow wet, 

to melt 
Dlmano, are, re. to flow, to abound, 

to spread abroad 
Dlmensio, onis, /. a dimension, a 

Dimensor, oris, m. a measurer 
Dimensus, a, um, part, having 

measured, or meted out, mea- 
Dimergo, fire, si, a. to drown 
Dimetatus, a, um, part, measured 
Dimetatio, onis,/. a measuring 
Dimetiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dimetiens, tis, part, measuring 
Dimetiens, tis, /. a diameter 
Dimetior, iri, ensus sum, dep, to 

measure, or mete, to account 

reckon up, or tell over 
Dlmlcans, tis, part, fighting, con- 
Dimlcatio, 6nis,/. a skirmish, or 

battle, a struggle, or contest 
Dimlcator, oris, m. a fighter 
Dimlcaturus, a, um, part, about 

to fight 
Dlmlco, are, ui aredavi.a.tofight, 

to engage, to skirmish, to con- 

tend, to struggle 
Dlmidiatim, adv. by halves 
Dimldiatus, a, um, part, divided 

into two parts, halved, half 
Dimldium, i, n. the half 
Dimldius, a, um, adj., same at 

Dimlnuo, fire, ui, utum. a. to di. 




ininish, to lessen, to abate, to 
break in pieces, to alienate 
i Dlmlnutio, Onis, /. a diminution, 
a lessening 
DiminutTvum, i, n. a diminutive 
word [ed 

Dlmlnutua, a, um, part, diminish- 
,i Dlmissio, onis, /. a dismission, a 
, discharge, a sending forth 
DlmissOrius, a, um, adj. dimissory 
,; Dlmissurus, a, um, part, about to 
,1 dismiss 
Dimissus, a, um, part, dismissed, 
i sent away, sent, dropped, or 
thrown down, lowered, sub- 
Dimittendus, a, um, part, to be 
,! dismissed 

Pimittens, tis, part, dismissing 
sDimitto, ere, Isi, ssum, a. to dis- 
miss, disband, or send away, to 
]' send, to discharge, or acquit, to 
| let go, to let slip, to let fall 
1 Dlmotus, a, um, part, removed, 
I banished, thrust away, parted 
pDlmOveo, ere, Ovi, otum, a. to re- 
move, to put away, or aside, to 
thrust aside, to move, to banish, 
to withdraw [mouse 

i'Dintrio, Ire, n. to squeak like a 
^Dlnumgrandus, a, um, part, to be 

Dlnumerans, tis, part, reckoning 
■ Dinumgratio, onis,/. a numbering 
iDinumgro, are, a. to number, to 
» reckon, to count, to pay money 
i DiObOlaris, e, adj. cheap, vile 
i Dicecesanus, i, m. a diocesan 
Dicccesis, is, or eos,/. a diocese, a 
; jurisdiction, a government, ft 
i province [overseer 

i Dioecetes, a?, m. a steward, an 
Diota, se, /. a diinking-pot with 

two ears 
Diphthongus, i,/. a diphthong 
Diplinthius, a, um, adj. of two 

bricks' thickness 

Diploma, atis, n. a diploma, a 

charteT.aprince's letters patent, 

an edict, a mandamus, a pass- 

i port » 

DIpondiarius, a, um, adj. of two 

pounds' weight 
Dlpondium, i, n., and Dipondius, 
i, m., or Dupondium, i, n., and 


rht of 

two pounds, a penny, halfpenny 

Dipsas, adis,/. a serpent 

Diptoton, i, n. a diptote, a noun 
I with only two cases 

Dlradiatio, onis, /. a spreading, 
&c. of vines in the form of sun- 

Dlrftdio, are, a to spread, or set 
like the rays of the sun 
' Dlras, arum, pi. f. curses, or im- 
precations, the furies 

Directarius, i, m. one who steals 
into a house in order to steal 

Directira, adv. directly 
"' Dircctio, onis, /. a direction, a 
direct leading to a thing, an 

DirectO, and Directe, adv. ius, 
comp. directly, straight, simply, 
without condition, downright 

Director, oris, m. a director, a 

Directum, i, n. right, justice, 
equity [line 

Direetura, se, /. a laying out by a 

Dlrectus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. directed, ordered, set 
in array, made, or ruled straight . 
cut, divided, direct 

DIremptio, onis, /. a separation, 
or breaking off 

Direrapturus, a, um, part, about 
to part, or take away 

Diremptus, a, um, part, divided, 
separated, parted, taken away 

Diremptus, us, m. a parting 

Direpo, fire, psi, ptum, a. to creep 

Dlreptio, Onis, /. a robbing, pil- 
laging, plundering, or rifling 

Dlreptor, oris, m. a robber, a 

Dlrepturus, a, um, part, about to 
tear in pieces, about to plunder 

Dlreptus, a, um, part, plucked, or 
torn in pieces, torn from, rob- 
bed, spoiled, plundered, beaten 

Dlreptus, us, m. a taking away 

Dlrlbeo, ere, ui, a. to count over, 
to distribute 

Dlribitor, oris, m. an officer that 
makes a scrutiny, a judge, a 

Dlrlbitorium, i, n. a place where 
Roman soldiers were mustered 
and paid [directed 

Dirigendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dlrigens, tis, part, directing 

Dirigeo, ere, ui, n. to grow stiff, 
to stand on end, to grow cold 
with fear 

Dingo, ere, exi, ectum, a. to di- 
rect, to rule, or guide, to lead, 
or conduct, to range, to set in 
order [decided 

Diiimendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dinmens, tis, part, breaking off, 

Dirimo, gre, emi, emptum, o. to 
break off, to interrupt, to divide, 
to part, to determine 

Dlrlpiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Diripiens, tis, part, plundering 

Diripio, 6re, ui, eptum, a. to tear 
asunder, or in pieces, to cast 
down, or destroy, to tear, or pull 

Dlritas, atis, /. fierceness, rug- 
gedness, cruelty, inhumanity, 

Dlruendus, a, um, part, to be 
pulled down, or destroyed 

Diruens, tis, part, destroying 

Dirumpo, gre, upi, upturn, a. to 
break, to break in pieces, or off 

Dirunclno, are, a. to saw, or plane 

Dlruo, gre, ui, iltum, a. to pull 
down, to overthrow, to destroy 

Dlruptio, Onis,/. a bursting 

Diruptor, oris, m. a burster, a 

Diruptus, a, um, part, and adj. 
burst, or broken, quite wasted, 
steep, craggy, rigorous 

Dlrus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. dreadful, horrible, 
terrible, ugly, cruel, dismal, 

Dirtitus, a, um, part, broken, or 
cut down, destroyed, over- 
thrown, ruined 

Dis, ditis, c. g., and dlte, n. ior, 
comp. isslmus, superl. rich, 
wealthy, great, fertile 

Discalceatus, a, um, part, unshod 

Discalceo, are, a. to unshoe 

Discaveo, vi, cautum, n. to be 
very circumspect, to beware of 

Discedens, tis, part, departing 

Discedo, fire, essi, essum, n. to 
depart, to go off, or away, to 
elope, to come off, to separate, 
to be parted, or divided, to leave 

off, to cease, to vanish, tr» die. 
to give place, or yield 

Discendus, a, um, part, to be 

Discens, tis, part, learning 

Discentia, ae,/. a learning 

Disceptatio, onis,/. a disputing, 
a dispute 

Disceptator, Oris, m. an arbitrator 

Disceptatrix, Icis, /. she that 
judges between two, a de- 

Disceptaturus, a, um, part, about 
to dispute, or determine 

Disceptatus, a, um, part, disputed 

Discepto, are, a. to dispute, de- 
bate, or reason, to award, to 
determine, to settle 

Discernens, tis, part, discerning 

Discerniculum, i, n. a pin, or 
bodkin, a difference, a diversity 

Discerno, ere, crevi, cretum, a. to 
discern, to distinguish, to judge, 
or determine, to decree 

Discerpendus, a, um, part, to be 
torn in pieces 

Discerpo, ere, psi, ptum, a. to 
pull, or tear in pieces, to divide 

Discerptus, a, um, part, torn in 

Discessio, Onis, /. a departure, a 
parting, or divorce, an absence, 
or want, a voting, or separation 

Discessurus, a, um, part, about to 
leave, or quit 

Discessus, us, m. a departure, a 
going away, an opening, or 
going asunder 

Disceus, eos, m. a comet 

Discldium, i, n. a separation, a 
divorce, departure, death, dis- 

Discincte, adv. dissolutely, loosely 

Discinctus, a, uin, part, ungirt, 
disarmed, dissolute, negligent, 

Discindendus, a, um, part, to be 
cut in two, to be torn asunder 

Discindo, ere, scldi, issum, a. to 
cut, or hew asunder, to tear, or 
rend in pieces 

Discingo, gre, xi, ctum, a. to un- 
gird, or undo, to strip, to put 
out of office 

Disciplina, ae, /. discipline, in- 
struction, literature, skill, sci- 
ence, a profession, or trade, a 
fashion [taught 

Discipllnabllis, e, adj. may be 

Disciplinatus, a, um, adj. disci- 
plined [auditor 

Disclpftla, se, /- a she scholar, or 

Discipulus, i, m. a disciple, a 
scholar, a learner, an apprentice 

Discissus, a, um, part, rent, torn, 
pulled down 

Discludo, gre, si, sum, a. to shut 
up, to separate, to set apart 

Disclusus, a, um, part, shut up 

Disco, ere, didici, a. to learn, to 
understand, to be informed 

DiscObOlus, i, m. in accus. disco- 
bolon, a quoit-caster, a piece of 
Myron's workmanship 

Discoctus, a, um, part, well boiled 

DiscOlor, oris, adj. discoloured, of 
a different colour.parti-coloured, 

DiscOlorius, a, um, adj. of dif- 
ferent colours, parti-coloured 

Disconvgnio, Ire, n. to be unlike, 
to disagree 

DiscOquo, gre, oxi, a. to secths 

DiscordablliB, e, adj disagrecabl* 




Discordaas, tis, part, discordant, 
jarring, disagreeing, differing, 

Discordia, ae, /. discord, variance, 
disagreement, debate, strife 

Discordialis, e, adj. causing dis- 
coid [tious 

Discordiosus, a, um, adj. conten- 

Discordo, are, n. to be at. variance, 
to differ, to disagree, to be con- 
trary to 

Discors, dis, adj. discordant, jar- 
ring, harsh, different, differing, 

Discrepans, tis, part, differing 

Discrepantia, a;,/, a difference 

DiscrSpatio, onis, /. a dispute, a 

Discrepltans, tis, part, differing 

Discreplto, are, freq. to disagree, 
to jar 

Discrepo, are, ui and avi, itum, n. 
to differ, to disagree, to dissent, 
to jar, to vary [tinctiy 

Discrete, adv. separately, dis- 

Discreturus, a, um, part, about 
to sever 

Discretus, a, um, part, and adj. 
parted, separated, severed, dif- 

Discrimen, inis, n. difference, di- 
versity, distinction, discretion, 
debate, doubt, danger, peril, 
battle, a space, or distance 

Discrlminatim, adv. distinctly 

Discriminatio, onis,/. a severing 

Discrlminatus, a, um, part, dis- 

Discrimino, are, a. to divide 

Discruciatus, a, um, part, tortur- 
ed, tormented, troubled 

Discrucio, are, to torment, to vex 

Discubltus, us, m. a sitting down 
at meat 

Discubo, are, ui, itum, n. to lie 
down to sleep [down 

Discunibens, tis, part, sitting 

Discumbo, ere, cubui, n. to lie, or 
sit down 

Discuneatus, a, um, part, cloven 
with a wedge 

Disctipio, 6re, Ivi, Itum, n. to de- 
sire much- 

Discurrens, tis, part, running up 
and down, "running, dividing 

Piscurro, ere, ri, rsum, n. to run 
hither and thither; a. to run 

Discursans, tis, part, running up 
and down 

Discursatio, onis, /. a running 
to and fro 

Discursim, adv. running severally 

Discurso, are,/reg. to run over 

Discursus, us, m. a running about, 
a flight, a discourse, a treatise 

Discus, i, m. a quoit, a dish, or 
platter [shake 

Discussio, onis, /. a shaking, a 

Discussor, oris, m. a diligent 
searcher, inquirer, or examiner 

Discussorius, a, um, adj. able to 

Discussurus, a, um, part, about 
to discuss 

Discussus, a, um, part, shaken 
off, dispersed, driven back 

Disctitiendus, a, um, part, to be 
shaken off 

Discutiens, tis, part, shaking, &c. 

Disciitio, fire, ssi, ssum, a. to dis- 
cuss, to shake, cast, beat, or 
batter down, to beat 

Diserte, adv. ids, camp, eloquently, 
elegantiv, expressly, by name 

Disertim, adv. expressly, particu- 

DIsertus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, super!, eloquent, fluent, 
copious, subtle, witty 

Dishiasco, ere, incep. to begin to 
chap [down 

Disjecto, are, freq. to toss up and 

Disjectus, a, um, part, dispersed, 
scattered, routed, destroyed, 
thrown down 

Disjectus, its, m. a dissipation, 
a dispersion 

Disjicio, ere, eci, ectum, a. to dis- 
perse, to scatter, to put to flight, 
to overthrow, to throw down 

Disglutino, are, a. to disjoin, dis- 

Disjuncte, adv. severally 

Disjunctio, onis, /. a separation, 
a difference 

Disjunctive, adv. disjunctively 

Disjunctlvus, a, um, adj. dis- 

Disjunctus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. dis- 
joined, separated, unyoked, di- 

Disjungo, Sre, xi, ctum, a. to dis- 
join, to separate, to part, to un- 
yoke, to withdraw 

Dispalatus, a, um, part, strag- 
gling, wandering about, dis- 
persed [known 

Dispalesco, ere, n. to be made 

Dispalo, are, a. and n. to scatter, 
to disperse, to wander about, to 

Dispando, ere, di, passum, a. to 
stretch out, to spread abroad 

Dispansus, a, um, part, stretched 
out, extended, spread abroad 

Dispar, aris, adj. unlike, different, 
unequal [parted 

Dispai-andus, a, um, part, to be 

Disparllis, e, adj. different, un- 

Disp&rilitas, atis, /. unlikeness, 
diversity, inequality 

Disparillt'er, adv. diversely, un- 

Disparo,' are, a. to sever, to sepa- 
rate, to be unequal, or unlike 

Dispartio, Ire, Ivi, a. to divide 

Dispartltus, a, um, part, divided 

Dispassus, a, um, part, extended, 
stretched out 

Dispecturus, a, um, part, about 
to consider, regard, or view 

Dispectus, us, »\ regard, conside- 

Dispellens, tis, part, driving away 

Dispello, ere, puli, pulsum, a. to 
dispel, or drive away, to banish, 
to remove 

Dispendiosus, a, um, adj. hurtful 

Dispendium, i, n. expense, cost, 
charge, loss, damage, a circuit 

Dispendo, ere, di, sum, a. to 
spend, to consume, to employ 

Dispenno, are, n. to stretch the 
wing [managed 

Dispensandus, a, um, part, to be 

Dispensatio, onis,/. dispensation, 
distribution, management 

Dispensator, oris, m. a dispenser, 
a steward, a manager 

Dispensatus, a, um, part, dis- 
pensed, distributed, divided, 

Dispenso, are, a to dispense, to 
distribute, to lay out, to ma- 
nage, to administer 

Dispercutio, ere, ssi. a tc dash, 

Disperdltio, onis, /. a destroying 
Disperdttus, a, um, part, lost, 

Disperdo, Sre, didi, dltum, a. f o 

lose, to spend, to waste 
Dispgreo, Ire, ii, n. to be undone, 

ruined, or destroyed 
Dispergendus, a, um, part, to bs 

Dispergo, ere, si, sum, a. to dis- 
perse, to scatter [loosely 
Disperse, adv. here and there, 
Dispersim, adv. severally 
Dispersus, a, um, part, dispersed, 

scattered, spread abroad, sepa- 
rated, sprinkled 
Dispersus, us, m. a dispersing 
Dispertiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dispertio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to di- 
vide, to distribute 
Dispertltus, a, um, part, divided 
Dispescens, tis, part, separating 
Dispesco, ere, ui, a. to separate, 

to divide 
Dispessus, a, um, part, stretched 

wide, or asunder 
Dispicio, 6re, exi, ectum, a. to 

look about, to discern, to espy 
Displicatus, a, um, part, scatter- 
ed, dispersed 
Displlcens, tis, part, displeasing 
Displicentia, ae,/. a displeasing 
Displicea, ere, ui, itum, n to 

Displtciturus, a, um, part, about 

to displease 
Displodo, ere, si, sum, a. to g» 

off, &c. with noise, to let off 4 

Disp\6sus, a, um, part, let off 

with a crack, &c. discharged 
Displuviatus, a, um, adj. made 

shelving to carry off the fain 
DispSliabulum, i, n. a place where 

robbery, &c. is committed 
Dispolio, are, a. to despoil, to rob 
Disponendus, a, um, part, to be 

disposed of 
Disponens, tis, part . disposing 
Dispono, er$ posui, itum, a. to 

dispose, to place, or set in 

order, to put, or set, to settle, 

to divide [orderly 

Disposite, adv. methodically, 
Dispositio, onis,/. a disposition, 

a disposal, a setting in order 
Dispositor, oris, m. a disposer 
Disposltura, ae,/. a disposition 
DispOsitus, a, um, part, and adj. 

ior, comp. disposed, set in order, 

or array, ranged 
Dispftsitus, us, m a disposal 
Dispulsus, a, um, part, dispelled, 

Dispulvero, avi, are, a. to reduce 

to powder, to pulverize 
Dispungo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to 

divide, to prick, to mark, to 

note down, to balance 
Dispfitabilis, e, adj. disputable 
Disputans, tis, part, disputing 
Disputatio, onis, /. a disputation 
Disputatiuncula, se, /. a small 

Disputator, oris, m. a disputant 
Dispiitatrix, Icis, /. she that dis- 

Dispiitatus, a, um, part, disputed 
Disputo, are, a. to dispute, to 

argue, to debate, to reason, to 

discourse, to make plain 
Disquiro, ere. sivi, sltum, a. to 

inquire diligently, to f.rareb 

c it 


Disquisitio, finis,/, a disquisition, 
a diligent inquiry, or examina- 

Disrumpt , ere, rupi, ruptum, a. 
to break off, to burst, to sepa- 
rate [pieces 

Dissecatio, onis, /. a cutting in 

Disseco, are, ui, ctum, a. to dis- 
sect, to cut in pieces, or open, 
to cleave 

Dissectio, onis,/. a dissection, a 
cutting asunder, or down, a 
reaping [pieces 

Dissectus, a, um, part, cut in 

Disseminatio, onis, /. a sowing 
about [sows 

Disseminator, dris, m. he that 

Dissemlnatus, a, um, part, pub- 

Dissemlno, are, a. to spread 
abroad, to publish, to sow 

Dissensio, onis, /. dissension, 
dissent, disagreement, diffe- 
rence, discord 

Dissensurus, a, um, part, about 
to dissent [riance 

Dissensus, us, m. dissension, va- 

Dissentaneus, a, um, adj. dis- 

Dissentiens, tis, part, disagreeing 

Dissflhtio, Ire, si, sum, n. to dis- 
' sent, to disagree, to differ with, 
or from 

Disseplmentum, i, n. a partition 

Dissepio, Ire, psi, ptuin, a. to 
break down a hedge, or inclo- 
sure, to part 

Disseptum, or Dissepium, i, n. 
an inclosure, a wall 

Disseptus, a, um, part, separated 

Disserendus, a, um, part, to be 
discoursed, or treated of, to be 

Dissereno, are, a. to clear up 

Disserens, tis, part, discoursing, 
disputing [transplant 

Dissero, ere, evi, a. to sow, to 

Dissgro, 6re, ui, ertum, a. to dis- 
course, to speak, or treat of, to 
reason, debate, or dispute, to 
declare [arise 

Disserpo, 6re, n. to spring, or 
i Dissertans, tis, part, debating 
i Dissertatio, onis,/. a dissertation 

Dissert at.urus, a, um, part, about 
to debate 

Disserto, are, freq. to discourse, 
to argue [jarring 

DissTdens, tis, part, disagreeing, 
■ Dissidentia, se, /. discord, diffe- 
i rence 

Dissldeo, ere, edi, essum, n. to be 
at variance, to disagree, to 
differ, to be unlike, to be sepa- 
! Pissidium, i, n. a separation, a 
disagreement, a breach of 
I friendship 

( Dissignator, oris, m. a master o{ 

Dissiliens, tis, part, breaking, &c. 

Dissilio, Ire, ui and Ivi, ultum, n. 
to leap about, to break, to fly 
I in pieces, to burst asunder 

Pissimilis, e, adj. ior, comp. illi- 
mus, superl. unlike, different 

Dissimiliter, adv. diversely, diffe- 
i Dissimilitiido, inis,/. unlikeness 
i Dissimulamentum, i, n. a pretence 
i Dissimulandus, a, um, part, to 
be dissembled, denied, or con- 

Dissimulans, tis, part, dissem- 
bling, concealing 


Disslmidauter, adv. dissenibUng- 
ly, secretly 

Dissimtilantia, se, /. a dissembling 

Dissimulatim, adv. secretly, close- 

DissTmulatio, Onis, /. dissimula- 
tion, insincerity, disguise, con- 
tempt, irony [bier 

Dissimulator, oris, m. a dissem- 

Dissimulaturus, a, um, part. 
about to dissemble, or conceal 

Dissimulatus, a, um, part, dis- 
sembled, concealed 

Dissimulo, are, a. to dissemble, 
to pretend, to hide, to conceal 

Dissipabllis, e, adj. that may be 
dispersed • 

Dissipatio, onis, /. a dissipation, 
a wasting 

Dissipatus, a, um, part, dissipat- 
ed, dispersed, scattered, spread 
abroad, shattered in pieces 

Dissipo, are, a. to dissipate, to 
disperse, to scatter, to drive 
away, to confound, or disorder, 
to dissolve, to waste, or squan- 
der, to spread abroad 

Dissitus, a, um, part, scattered, 
dispersed, distant, remote 

DissSciabllis, e, adj. discordant, 
opposite, to be parted 

DissOciatio, onis, /. a disunion, a 
separation, an antipathy, an 

DissOciatus, a, um, part, divided, 
parted, separated, disunited 

Dissocio, are, a. to divide, to 
part, to separate, to break, or 

Dissolvendus, a, um, part, to 
dissolve, or be dissolved 

Dissolubilis, e, adj. easy to be 

Dissolvens, tis, part, dissolving 

Dissolvo, ere, vi, utum, a. to dis- 
solve, to melt, to break, to 
break or dash in pieces, to 
break down, to destroy, to cause 
to die, to loosen, to unbind, to 
disengage [gently 

Dissolute, adv. dissolutely, negli- 

DissQlutio, onis,/. a dissolution, 
a dissolving, an abolishing, a 
purgation, or answering, weak- 
ness, easiness 

DissOlutus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. dis- 
solved, loosened, dishevelled, 
broken, abolished, shaken off, 
avoided, dissolute 

Dissdnans, tis, part, disagreeing, 

DissOno, are, ui, Itum, «. to be 
- discordant, to jar 

Diss6nus, a, um, adj. dissonant, 
different, discordant, jarring, 

Dissors, tis, adj. disagreeable to 

Dissuadendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dissuadens, tis, part, dissuading 

Dissuadeo, ere, si, sum, a. to 
dissuade, to advise to the con- 

Dissuasio, 6nis, /. a dissuasion 

Dissuasor, oris, m. a 

Dissuavior, ari, dep. to kiss 
sweetly [asunder 

Dissultans, tis, part, breaking 

Dissulto, are, a. to fly about, to 

Dissuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to un- 
stitch, to unrip, to undo 

Dissutus, a, um, part, unsewed, 

Distabesco, 6ie, incep. to consume 
to melt 

Distans, tis, part, distant, differ- 

Distantia, se,/. distance, difference 

Distendens, tis, part, stretching 

Distendo, ere, di, turn and sum, 
a. to stretch out, to extend, to 
swell, to fill 

Distensus, a, um, part, stretched 
out, extended 

Distentio, onis, /. a distension, a 
stretching out 

Distento, are,/reg. to stretch out, 
to make large, to stuff, to 

Distentus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. 
stretched out, extended, swell- 
ed, busied, taken up, let, hin- 

Distentus, us, m. a stretching out 

Disterminans, tis, part, bounding 

Distermmatus, a, um, part, se- 

Distermino, are, a. to bound, to 
divide, to part, to separate 

Distermtnus, a, um, adj. separated 

Distichon, i, n. a distich, an 

Distillans, tis, part, distilling, 

Distillatio, onis,/. a distillation, 
a rheum 

Distillator, oris, m. a distiller 

Distillo, are, a. and n. to distil, to 

Distincte, adv. ius, comp. dis- 
tinctly, plainly, clearly, orderly 

Distinctio, onis, / a distinction, 
a diversity, a point, or note, a 

Distinctus, a, um, part, and adj 
ior, comp. distinct, explicit, 
distinguished, marked, pointed 

Distinctus, us, m. a distinction, 
or separation, variety 

Distinendus, a, um, part, to be em- 
ployed, hindered, &c. 

Distineo, ere, ui, entum, a. to 
hinder, to keep, or hold, em- 
ployed, to keep off, to stop, to 
divide, to part, to puzzle 

Distinguens, tis, part, distin- 

Distinguo, 6re, nxi, nctum, a. to 
distinguish, to diversify, to 
mark, to adorn, to set, inlay, or 

Distito, axe, freq. to be distant 

Disto, are, stiti, n. to be distant, 
to differ, to be unlike 

Distorquens, tis, part, turning 

Distorqueo, ere, si, turn, a. to set 
awry, to turn aside 

Distortio, onis, /. distortion, 
crooke&aess, a turning, a wrest- 

Distortus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. dis- 
torted, deformed, crooked, bow- 
ed, irregular 

Distractio, onis, /. a separation, 
a divorce, a desertion, a selling 

Distractus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus. superl. diS" 
tracted, drawn, or pulled asun- 
der, drawn, parted 

Distrahendus, a, um, part, to be 
parted, drawn asunder, broken 
off, ended, parcelled out 

Distrsiho, e>e, axi, actum, a. to 
pull, or draw asunder, to parfr 




to separate, to divide, to break 
off, to dissolve, to end 
Distrlbuendus, a, urn, part, to be 

Distrlbuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to dis- 
tribute, or divide, to deal, to 
bestow, to appoint [tinctly 

Distribute, adv. ius, comp. dis- 
Distrlbutio, onis,/. a distribution 
Distributor, oris, m. a divider 
Distrlbuturus, a, urn, part, about 

to distribute 
Distributus, a, um, part, distri- 
buted, divided, bestowed 
Districte, adv. ius, comp. briefly, 

Districtim, adv. shortly, straitly 
Districtus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. bound, perplexed, 
troubled, busied, engaged, 
drawn [binding 

Distringens, tis, part, scrubbing, 
Distringo, 6re, xi, ictum, a. to 
bind fast, to strain hard, to 
busy, or engage, to strike, 
prick, or touch softly, to graze, 
or wound slightly, to gall, to 
rub, or cleanse, to chip 
Distrunco, are, a. to quarter, to 

cut off a limb, or piece 
Disturbatio, onis, /. a casting 

Disturbo, are, a. to overthrow, to 
cast down, to disorder, or con- 
found, to let and hinder 
Dltandus, a, um, part, to be en- 
Ditans, tis, part, enriching 
Dltatus, a, um, part, enriched, 

Ditesco, Sre, incep. to grow rich, 
or be enriched, to be well stored 
Dithyramblcus, a, um, adj. be- 
longing to a dithyrambic . 
Dithyrambus, i, m. a name of 
Bacchus, a song in honour of 
DItio, onis, /. rule, power, autho- 
rity, empire, lordship, a shire, 
or place of jurisdiction 
Ditis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

superl. rich, fruitful 
Ditisslme, adv. most richly 
Dito, are, a. to enrich, to make 

Diu, adv. tius, comp. tisslme, 
superl. a long time, or while, 
long, of long continuance 
Diva, ae,/. a goddess, a she-saint 
Divarlcatus, a, um, part, severed 
Divarlco, are, a. to stride, to 

straddle, to set asunder 
Divellens, tis, part, pulling asun- 
Divello, ere, li and vulsi, vulsum, 
a. to tear asunder, or in pieces, 
to tear away, to take away by 
Divenditio, onis, /. a selling 
Divenditus, a, um, part, sold in 

Divendo, fire, dldi, Itum, a. to sell 

in divers parcels, to set to sale 
Diverberatus, a, um, part, cleft 

asunder, &c. 
Diverbero, are, a. to strike, to 
beat, to bang, to cleave, or cut 
Diverbium, i, n. the first part of a 


Diverse, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 

superl. differently, different 

ways, &c. [ference 

Diversltas, atis, /. diversity, dif- 

Diversltor, Oris, m. an inkeeper, a 



Diversor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

lodge, or inn, to sojourn, to 


Diversor, oris, m. a guest, a lodger 

DiversoriOlum, i, n. dim. a little 

Diversorium, i, n. an inn, a lodg- 
ing, a harbour, a country-house 
Diversorius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to an inn, or lodging 
Diversus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. different, con- 
trary, opposite, unlike, distinct, 
separate, apart, distant 
Divertens, tis, part, turning aside 
Diverticulum, i, n. a turning, a 
bye-path, a lane, a shift, a hole 
to get out at 
Diverto, Sre, ti, sum, n. to turn 
out of the way, to turn, or lead 
aside, to go, to digress, or 
swerve, to differ 
Dives, itis, adj. divitior, comp. 
ditissimus, superl. rich, wealthy, 
opulent, abundant, abounding 
Divexo, are, a. to vex, to harass, 

to spoil, to waste 
Divi, orum, pi. m. gods, saints 
Dividendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dividia, se, /. strife, discontent, 
grief, trouble, a heart-breaking 
Divido, ere, isi, isum, a. to divide, 
to distribute, to cut off, to 
break down 
Divldue, adv. by halves 
Dividuus, a, um, adj. that is, or 
may be parted and divided, cut 
into several parts 
Divina, a?,/, a prophetess 
Divinans, tis, part, presaging, 

Divinatio, onis, /. divination, a 
divine foresight, a telling of 
things to come 
Divinatus, a, um, part, divined 
Divine, adv. divinely, heavenly 
Divinitas, atis, /. divinity, the 

Divinltus, adv. from God 
Divino, are, a. to divine, to guess, 

to judge, to foretel, to foresee 
Divinus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. divine, heavenly, 
more than human, blessed, holy, 
consecrated, wonderful 
Divinus, i, m. a diviner, a con- 
Divise, Divlsim, adv. severally 
Divisio, onis, /. a division, a par- 
tition, a distribution 
Divisor, oris, m. a divider, or dis- 
Divisura, se,/. a division, a cleft 
Divisurus, a, um, part, about to 

Divisus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

divided, distributed, parted 
Divisus, us, m. a dividing, a di- 
Divltiae, arum, pl.f. riches 
Dium, i, n. the daylight, the fir- 
mament, the open air 
Divortium, i, n. a divorce, a part- 
ing, or separation, a division 
Diurnum, i, n. a day-book, a 

journal, a day's hire 

Diurnus, a, um, adj., i. e. diu- 

turnus, of the day, belonging to 

the day, daily [excellent 

Dius, a, um, adj. divine, heavenly, 

Diutlne, adv. a long time 

Diutlnus, a, um, adj. continual, 

lon^, lasting [time 

Diutius. adv. a good while, a long 

Diuturne, ado. a long time 
Diuturnttas, atis, /. long con- 
tinuance, lastingness, length ol 
Diuturnus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
lasting, long, of long continu- 
ance, of long life 
Divulgandus, a, um, part, to be 

published abroad 
Divulgatio, ouis, /. a publishing 
Divulgator, oris, nt. a publisher 
Divulgatus, a, um, part, issimus, 
superl. published, spread abroad, 
made known, extolled, given up, 

Divulgo, are, a. to divulge, to 
publish, to spread abroad, to 
make known 

Divulsus, a, um, part, torn asun- 
der, or in pieces, parted, sepa- 
rated, broken [holy 

Divus, a, um, adj. divine, sacred, 

Divus, i, m. a god, a saint 

Do, dare, dgdi, datum, a. to give, 
to bestow, to grant, to allow, to 
yield, to surrender, to give up, 
to apply, to deliver, to commit, 
or intrust, to appoint, to as- 
sign, to attribute, to make, or 
ordain, to do [taught 

Docendus, a, um, part, fb be 

Docens, tis, part, teaching, telling 

D5ceo, ere, ui, ctum, a. to teach, 
to inform, to tell, to show, to 

D&cllis, e, adj. ior, comp. docile, 
tractable, soon taught 

D6cllltas, atis, /. docility, gentle- 

Docte, adv. ius, comp. isslmft, 
superl. learnedly, skilfully 

Doctiuscule, adv. in a somewhat 
too learned manner 

Doctor, oris, m. a doctor, a 
teacher, an instructor, a master 

Doctrlna, se, /. doctrine, instruc- 
tion, teaching, learning, erudi- 
tion, wisdom, philosophy 

Doctus, a, um, part, or adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. taught, 
instructed [warning 

DScumen, Inis, «. a lesson, a 

Documentum, i, n. a lesson, an 
example, a proof, a warning, an 
omen, or presage, reputation, 

Dodrans, tis, m. nine ounces, or 
inches, nine parts of twelve 

Dodrantalis, e, adj. of nine ounces. 
or inches [nion 

Dogma, atis, n. a decree, an opi- 

Dogmatlcus, a, um, adj. dog- 
matical [axe 

D6labella, se, /. a hatchet, a little 

DOlabra, ae,/. an axe, a chip-axe 

Ddlabratus, a, um, part, chipped 
with an axe 

D6latus, a, um, part, rough-hewn 

Dolendus, a, um, part, to be la- 

Dolens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. grieving, or repining at, 
affected, vexed 

Ddlenter, adv. ius, comp. sorrow- 
fully, mournfully, grievously 

D6lentia, ae,/. grief, sorrow 

D6leo, ere, ui, Itura, n. to grieve, 
to fret, to repine, to be sorry, 
or displeased, to pain 

Doliaris, e, adj. as big as a tun, 

Doliarius, i, m. a cooper 

Doliolum, i, n. dim. a little barrel 

D6llturus, a, um, part, about to 
grieve, that would grieve 




D6lium, i, «. a cask, a tub, a tun, 

Dolo, are, a. to cut, or hew 
smooth, to rough-hew, to chip, 
to square, to bang, to beat 

DOlon, and D6lo, onis, m. a staff 
with a tuck in it, a tuck, a little 

D6lor, oris, m. pain, smart, ache, 
soreness, a throe, or pang, an- 
guish, grief, sorrow 

D6lose, adv. craftily, deceitfully 

D6i6sltas, atis,/. deceitfulness 

D6l6sus, a, um, adj. deceitful, 
treacherous, false, crafty 

Dolus, i , m. deceit, guile, treachery, 
falsehood, collusion, subtlety, 
policy, a trick, a wile, a strata- 

D5mabllis, e, adj. easy to be tamed 

D6mandus, a, um, part, to be 
tamed, or subdued [duing 

D6mans, tis, part, taming, sub- 

D&matio, onis,/. a subduing 

DSmator, 6ris, m. a tamer, a sub- 

D6m6factus, a, um, adj. culti- 
vated, tamed [house 

DOmestlcatlm, adv. house by 

D&mestlcus, a, um, adj. of the 
same house, domestic, staying 
at home, private, civil 

Dc-mestlcus, i, m. a domestic, an 

D6mlcllium, i, n. an abode, a 

Dftmlcoenium, i, n. a supper at 
home [lady 

D6mina, ae,/. a mistress, a wife, a 

D6mlnans, tis, part, ior, comp. 
bearing rule, or sway, governing 

Domlnatio, onis, /. rule, power, 
authority, sovereignty, lordship, 
tyranny [vernor 

Domlnator, oris, m. a ruler, a go- 

Domlnatrix, Icis, /. a governess 

Dominatus, a, um, part, having 
ruled, or governed, ruled 

Dominatus, us, m. mastership, 
rule, government, lordship 

Dominica, ae,/. the Lord's day 

D6mlnlcalis, e, adj. dominical 

DOmlnlcus, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to a lord, or master 

Dominium, i, n. dominion, lord- 
ship, rule, empire, a domain 

Domlnor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
be lord and master, to rule, to 

DOmmus, i, m. a master, a son, or 
young master, a husband, a 
ruler, or governor, a jailer, a 
possessor, or owner 

D6mlnus, a, am, adj. ruling, chief 

POmlporta, ae,/. a snail 

Domito, are, a. to tame, to break, 
to weary 

D&mitor, oris, m. a tamer, a sub- 
duer, a vanquisher 

Domltrix, icis,/. she that tames 

D6mltura, se, /. a taming, a break- 
ing [tame 

D&mlturus, a, um, part, that will 

Domltus, a, um, part, tamed, 
subdued, vanquished 

D6mltus, us, m. a taming, a 

D6mo, are, ui, "turn, a. to tame, 
to break, to subdue, to conquer, 
to vanquish 

Dbmultio, onis, /. a going home 

DOmuncula, ae, /. dim. a little 
house, a cottage 

Domus, us or i, /. a house, a 
lodging, a dwelling, an abode, 

or habitation, a nest, a stable, a 
temple, a church 

Donabilis, e, adj. to be presented, 
worthy, or deserving of 

Donandus, a, um, part, to be pre- 
sented [ing 

Donans, tis, part, giving, reward- 

Donarium, i, n. a temple where 
gifts were offered, a gift 

Donatio, onis, /. a donation, a 
present, a reward 

Donatlvum, i, n. a donative, a 
dole, a benevolence 

Donator, oris, m. he that gives, a 

Donatus, a, um, part, bestowed, 
given, presented, rewarded, 
granted, forgiven 

D6nax, acis, m. an angling-rod 

Donee, adv. until, as long as, 
while that 

Donlcum, adv. until, &c. 

Dono, are, a. to give, to bestow, 
to present, to distribute, to re- 
ward, to forgive 

Donum, i, n. a gift, a present, an 
offering, a reward, a bribe 

Dorcas, adis, /. a doe, a lean 

Dormiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Dormiens, tis, part, sleeping 

Dormio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to sleep, 
to be asleep 

Dormisco, fire, incep. to nod 

Dormltandus, a, um, part, to be 
slept [twinkling 

Dormltans, tis, part, nodding, 

Dormltator, oris, m. a sleeper, a 

Dormlto, are, n. to be sleepy, or 
careless, to sleep, to nap, to 
nod, to slumber 

Dormitor, oris, m. a long sleeper 

Dormltorium, i, n. a dormitory 

Dormltorius, a, um, adj. that 
pertains to [sleep 

Dormlturus, a, um, part, about to 

Doron, i, n. a gift, or present, a 
handbreadth, palm 

Dorsum, i, n. the back, a pro- 
montory, a shelf, or heap of 
sand, a ridge, or side of a hill 

DOrjfphorus, i, m. a life-guards- 

Dos, otis, /. a portion, or dowry, 
a gift, a property, an use, a 
nature, an advantage 

Dossuarius, a, um, adj. bearing 
on the back 

Dotalis, e, adj. dotal, of, or per- 
taining to a dowry 

Dotatus, a, um, part, isslmus, 
superl. endowed, enriched, dow- 
ered, married, joined 

Doto, are, a. to endow 

Drachma, se, /. a drachm, the 
eighth part of an ounce, a Greek 

Draco, 6nis, m. a dragon, a ser- 
pent, an old hardened vine- 
branch, a fish 

Draconlggna, ae, c. g. bred of a 

Dracunculus, i, m. a little dragon, 
dragon's-wort, a shell-fish 

Drama, atis, n. the action of a 

Dramattcus, a, um, adj. dramatic 

Drapfita, ae, m. a fugitive 

DrOmas, adis, m. a dromedary, a 
dog, Swift 

Dr6mgdarius, i, m. a dromedary 

Dropax, acis, m. ointment to take 
away hair 

Druldae, pi. m., and Druldes, the 

Dualis, e, adj. dual 
Duallter, adv. in the dual numbei 
Dtibie, adv. doubtfully, obscurely 
Dubiosus, a, um, adj. doubtful 
Dubltabllis, e, adj. that may be 
doubted [doubted 

Dflbltandus, a, um, part, to be 
Dubltans, tis, part, doubting, de- 
laying, hovering betwixt life and 
Dubitanter, adv. doubtingly 
Dubltatio, onis, /. a doubt, a 

Diibltatus, a, um, part, doubted 
Dublto, are, n. to doubt, or be in 
doubt, to hesitate, to waver, to 
scruple, to mistrust 
Dubium, i, n. doubt, danger 
Dubius, a, um, adj. dubious, 
doubtful, uncertain, variable, 
reserved, sharp on each side, 
Ducalis, e, adj. ducal 
Ducatus, us, m. a dukedom, a 
duchy, a generalship, conduct, 
a play _ [hundred 

Ducenarius, a, um, adj. of two 
Ducendus, a, um, part, to be led, 

to be carried 
Diiceni, ae, a, adj. pi. two hundred 
Ducens, tis, part, leading, con- 
ducting, bringing, drawing, de- 
Ducentesimus, a, um, adj. the 

two hundredth 
Diicenti, ae, a, adj. pi. two hundred 
Dacenties, adv. two hundred 

Duco, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to lead, to 
draw, or drag, to bring, carry, 
or conduct, to carry off, or 
away, to take, or go along with, 
to induce, move, or persuade 
Ductabllitas, atis, /. ductability, 

aptness to be duped 
Ductans, tis, part, drawing 
Ductarius, a, um, adj. drawing, 

gilding, running 
Ductllis.e, adj. ductile, easy to be 

drawn, conveyed into 
Ductlm, adv. leisurely [veying 
Ductio, onis, /. a drawing, a con- 
Ductltius, a, um, adj. malleable 
Ductlto, are, a. to lead quickly 
away, to lead up and down, to 
cheat, to decoy 
Ducto, are,/reg.tolead, to wheedle 
Ductor, oris, m. a leader, a con- 
veyor, a guide, a captain 
Ducturus, a, um, pert, about to 

Ductus, a, um, part, led, led on, 
drawn, moved, induced, pre- 
vailed on, drawn out, deduced, 
Ductus, <is, m. a leading, guid- 
ance, conduct, a draught, shape, 
form, or figure, a conduit-pipe 
Dudum, adv. but late, lately, not 
long since, a while ago, hereto- 
fore, a great while since, long 
Duellarius, a, um, adj. martial 
Duellator, oris, m. a warrior 
Duelllcus, a, um, adj. martial, 

Duellum, i, n. a duel, a battle 

between two people, war 
Duellus, a, um, adj. pretty, hand- 
Dulce, adv. isslme, superl. sweetly, 

pleasantly, comically 
Dulcedo, Inis, /. sweetness, plea 




santness, delightfulness, fond- 
ness, desire, harmony 
Duleescens, tis, part, growing 

Du'.cesco, ere, incep. to grow sweet 
Duieiarius, a, um, adj. relating 

to what is sweet 
Duleiciilus, a, um, adj. sweetish 
Dulciferus, a, um, adj. bearing 

Dulciloquus, a, um, adj. sweetly 

sounding, harmonious, musical 
Dulcio, ire, n. to become sweet 
Dulcis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

superl. sweet, pleasant, agree- 
able, delicious, delightful, 

charming, lovely 
Pulcit&r, adv. sweetly, gently 
Dulcitudo, inis, /. sweetness, 

Dulcor, oris, m. sweetness 
Dum, adv. until, upon condition 

that, provided that, so that, 

while, whilst 
Dilmetum, i, n. a thicket, a place 

full of bushes, intricacy 
Durnmodb, adv. so that, provided 

Dumosus, a, um, adj. full of 

bushes, bushy 
Dumus, i, m. a bush, a grove 
Duntaxat, adv. only, at least, to 

Duo, ae, o, adj. pi. two, twain, 

Duodecies, adv. twelve times 
Duodeeim, adj. indecl. twelve 
Puddecimus, a, um, adj. the 

Puodenarius, a, um, adj. of twelve 
Puodeni, ae, a, adj. pi. twelve 
Duodenonaginta, adj. pi. eighty- 
Duodeoctoginta, seventy-eight 
Duodequadrageni, ae, a, adj. pi. 

Du5dequadragesimus, a, um, adj. 

the eight-and-thirtieth 
Duodequinquaginta, pi. forty- 
Duodesexagesimus, a, um, adj. 

the fifty-eighth 
DuSdetrlcesimus, a, um, adj. the 

DuOdetricies, adv. eight-and- 

twenty times 
DuQdetrlginta, adj. pi. indecl. 

eight-an d-t wenty 
PuOdevlceni, ae, a, eighteen 
Pu5devlcesimus, adv. PuSdevI- 

gesimus, a, um, adj. the eigh- 
Duoetvlcesimanus, a, um, adj. of 

the two-and-twentieth legion 
Duplex, Icis, adj. double, twofold, 

twice as much, big, or many, 

broad, crafty, subtle 
Dupllcandus, a, um, part, to be 

Dupllcans, tis, part, doubling 
Dupllcarius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to what is double 
Duplicarius, i, m. a soldier who 

receives double pay as a reward 
Dupluatio, onis,/. a doubling 
Pupllcat6, adv. two ways, &c. 
PuplTcaturus, a, um, part, about 

to double 
Dupllcatus, a, um, part, doubled, 

made twire as many, &c, bowed 
Puplicltas, atis,/. duplicity 
Dupliclter, adv. doubiy 
Duplico, are, a. to double, to make 

twice as much, big, or long, to 


Duplio, onis, m. the double 

Duplo, adv. twice as much 

Duplum, i, n. the double 

Duplus, a, um, adj. double, twice 
as much 

Dupondiarius, a, um, adj. weigh- 
ing, or holding two pounds 

Durabilis, e, adj. durable, lasting 

Durabllitas,' atis, /. long con- 

Duracinus, a, um, adj. hard, 
rough, tough, sticking 

Duramen, Inis, n. and Duramen- 
turn, i, n. a hardening, a con- 
gealing, a strengthening, con- 

Durans, tis, part, hardening, 
abiding, lasting 

Duratio, onis, /. duration 

Duratrix, Icis, /. she who hardens 

Duraturus, a, um, part, that will 

Duratus, a, um, part, hardened, 
dried, frozen, confirmed, patient 

Dure, adv. hardly, harshly 

Diireo, ere, n. to'be hard 

Dflrescens, tis, part, growing 

Duresco, ere, w. to grow hard, to 
be hardened, or frozen, to con- 
tinue long 

Dureta, ae,/. a vessel, or wooden 
chair in a bath 

Durltas, atis, /. churlishness, 
rigour, cruelty 

Durit6r, adv. ius, comp. hardly, 
painfully, harshly, roughly, 
rudely, ungenteelly 

Diiritia, ae,/. hardness, firmness, 
brawniness, cruelty, harshness, 
ruggedness, a hard way of life, 

Duriusculus, a, um, adj. some- 
what rough, hard, unpolished 

Diiro, are, a. and n. to harden, to 
become hard, to make hardy, 
or strong, to inure to hardships, 
to abide, continue 

Durus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superi. hard, stiff, rough, 
unpleasant, stale, obstinate, in- 
exorable, untractable, blunt, 
clownish, rustic, unpolished, 
sharp, pinching, hardy, rugged 

Dtisius, i, m. the devil 

Duumvir, iri, m. and Duumviri, 
orum, two officers of Rome 

Duumviralis, e, adj. duumviral 

Duumviratus, us, m. a duumvi- 
rate, the office of two in equal 

Dux, diicis, c. ff. a leader, a lead- 
ing person, a head, a conduc- 
tor, a ringleader, a king, a com- 
mander, a captain, a general 

Dyas, adis, /. a deuce, a couple 

Dynasta, or Dynastes, ae, m. a 
prince, a potentate, a ruler 

Dynastia, ae,/. a government, or 

Dysenteria, ae,/. a dysentery, the 
bloody flux 

Dysentericus, a, um, adj. troubled 
with a flux 

Dysuria, as, /. a difficulty of 
making water, a strangury 

D^suricus, a, um, adj. ill of a 

E, prep, with all. out of, of, from, 
for, after, in, according to 

Ea, adv. that way 
Eamse, for earn ipsam, her very 
self [far 

Eatenus, adv. so far, so long, thus 
Ebgnum, i, n. or Ebenus, i,/. the 

ebon-tree, ebony 
Ebibo, ere, bi, blbltum, a. to 
drink up, to drink, to suck dry, 
by drinking, to forget 
Eblandior, iri, Itus sum, dep. to 
get, or obtain by flattery, or 
fair words, to coax, to charm 
Eblandltus, a, um, part, having 
obtained by fair words, ob- 
tained by wheedling 
Eboriirius, a, um, adj. belonging 
^ to ivory [ivory 

EbSratus, a, um, part, inlaid with 
EbGreus, a, um, adj. made of 

Ebriatus, a, um, part . made drunk 
Ebrietas, atis, /. drunkenness, 

Ebrio, are, a. to make drunk 
Ebriola, ae,/. a drunken woman 
Ebriolus, a, um, adj. somewhat 
drunk [tas 

Ebriositas, atis,/. same as Ebrie- 
Ebriosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
drunken, sottish, given to 
Ebrius, a, um, adj. drunken, in- 
_ toxicated, soaked dipt 
Ebullio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to boil, 
or bubble up, to fret, or work, 
_ to utter, to break out into talk 
Ebullo, are, n. to bubble, or burst 

Ebillum, i, n. and Ebulus, i, /. 

wallwort, dwarf-elder 
Ebur and Ebor, oris, n. ivory, 

any thing made of ivory 
Eburatus, a, um, adj. inlaid with 
^ ivory [ivory 

EburneOlus, a, um, adj. made of 
Eburneus, a, um, adj. of ivory, 

like ivory, fair, white 
Eburnus, a, um, adj. made of 

Ecce, adv. demon, lo ! see, behold 
Eccentricus, a, um, adj. eccen- 
Ecclesia, ae, /. a church, a con- 
gregation, or assembly 
Ecclesiasterium, i, n. a place for 

public assemblies 
Ecclesiastes, ae, m. a preacher 
Ecclesiasticus, i, m. a book of 

apocryphal scripture 
Ecdlcus, i, m. a proctor, a solici- 
Ecf ari, infin. to speak out 
Echgneis, idis, f. a sea-lamprey 
Echidna, ae, / a viper, the Hydra 
Echinatus, a, um, adj. covered 
^ with prickles, sharp, rough 
Echinus, i, m. a hedgehog, a 
sea-urchin, the prickly shell of 
a chesnut, a vessel 
Echo, tis, /. an echo 
Eclecta, ornm, pi. n. choice pieces 
Eclipsis, is,/ an eclipse, a figure 
in grammar when a word is 
Eclipticus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to an ecbpse 
Ecloga, ae, / an eclogue, a pas- 
Eclogarius, i, m. a collector of 
things read, a scholar hearing 
_ lectures 

Econtra, adv. on the contrary 
Ecph6ra, ae,/. a jutting, or bear- 
ing out 
Eequandd, adv. at what time' 


whether at any time ? but 

Ecquld, adv. whether or no, whe- 
ther any, whether, what 

Rcquis, ecqua, ecquod, or ecquid, 
pron. what, who, whether any 
man, woman, or thing 

Eoquisnam, aenam, odnam, or 
idnam, iiron. whether any man, 
woman, or thing 

Ecqud, adv. whither 

Ecstasis, is, /. au ecstacy, a 
trance, a sudden surprise 

Eciyuum, i, n. a copy 

EctJpus, a, um, adj. copied, imi- 

^ tated 

Eculcus, i, m. a little horse, a 
colt, a wooden horse for punish- 
ment, a rack 

Edacitas, atis,/. edacity 

Edax, acis, adj. issimus, superl. 
eating much, gluttonous, gor- 
mandizing, wasting 

Edendus, a, um, part, to be eaten, 
to be devoured 

Edens, tis, part, eating, publish- 

_ ing, setting forth, uttering 

Edentatus, a, um, part, having 
the teeth pulled, or knocked out 

Edento, are, a. to dash out one's 

_ teeth 

Edentulus, a, um, adj. toothless 

Edep61, adv. by Pollux 

Edlco, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to tell 
plainly, to declare, to advertise, 
to give warning, or notice, to 

_ publish by edict, to order 

Edictatio, onis,/. a declaring 

Edictio, onis, /. a charge, or in- 

Edicto, are, freq. to declare, or 
pronounce, to tell, to inform 

Edictum, i, n. an edict, a com- 
mand, or ordinance, aproclama- 

_ tion [declare 

Edicturus, a, um, part, about to 

Edictus, a, um, part, proclaimed, 
published, declared, pronounced 

Ediscendus, a, um, part, worthy 
to be learned by heart 

Edisco, ere, dldici, a. to get, or 
learn by heart, to learn per- 
fectly, to learn, to discern, to 

_ distinguish 

Edissfirendus, a, um, part, to be 

_ discoursed of 

Edisserens, tis, part, declaring 

Edissero, ere, ui, turn, a. to de- 
clare, or rehearse, to dispute, or 

_ discourse [tion 

Edissertatio, 6nis, /. a disserta- 

Edissertator, oris, m. a declarer 

tidisserto, are, freq. to tell par- 

Edissertu'rus, a, um, part, about 
to discourse of 

Editio, onis, /. an edition, a pub- 
lication, an exhibition of plays 

EdMtius, a, um, adj. named, al- 

_ lowed 

Editor, oris, m. an editor, a set- 
ter forth, a publisher, an ut- 

__ tcrer 

Editurus, a, um, part, about to 

_ publish, produce, or exhibit 

Editus, a, um, part, and adj. ut- 
tered, declared, published, made 
known, spread abroad, set forth, 

Edo, gre, dldi, turn, a. to speak, 
to utter, to declare, to tell, to 
proclaim, to publish, to make 
known, to show, or produce, to 
put, shoot, or bring forth, to 



Edo, ere, or esse, es, est, edi, 

esum, or estum, a. to eat, to 

graze, to devour, to consume, to 

waste, to corrode 
Edo, onis, to. a great eater 
EdOcens, tis, part, instructing 
Edocenter, adv. in a teaching way 
EdOceo, ere, ui, doctum, a. to 

teach, to instruct, to certify, to 
_ inform 

Edoctus, a, um, part taught, in- 
_ structed, advertised, informed 
Edolatus, a, um, part . polished 
Edolo, are, a. to polish, to finish 
Edfimatio, onis,/. a taming 
Edomitus, a, um, part, tamed, 

broken in 
Edomo, ui, are, Itum, a. to tame, 

to make gentle, to conquer, to 
_ subdue [soundly 

Edormio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to sleep 
Edormisco, ere, incep. to sleep out 
Educandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ educated 
Educatio, onis, /. education, or 

learning, a breeding up, or 
_ nourishing [up 

Educator, oris, thatbrings 
Ediicatrix, icis, /. a teacher, a 
_ nurse 

Ediicatus, a, um, part, educated, 
_ brought up 
Educendus, a, um, part, to be 

drawn out 
Ediico, are, a. to educate, to 

teach, or instruct, to bring up, 

to cherish, to maintain, to 
_ feed, to feast 
Educo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to lead, 

or draw out, to lead forth, to 

take, or bring away, to bring 

into the world, to bring, or 

raise up, to nourish 
Educturus, a, um, pari, about to 
_ lead out 
Eductus, a, um, part, drawn out, 

or forth, drawn, unsheathed, 
_ brought up, bred 
Edulco, are, a. to sweeten 
Ediilis, e, adj. eatable 
Edulium, i, n. meat, food 
Edtiratio, onis,/. a hardening 
Edure, adv. very hardly, very 
_ unkindly 

Eduro, are, n. and a. to endure, 
_ to harden 
Edurus, a, um, adj. very hard, 

tough, unkind 
Effabilis, e, that may be 

spoken of, uttered [clared 

Effandus, a, um, part, to be de- 
Effarcio, Ire, tuns, a. to stuff, to 

Effarctus, a, um, part, crammed, 

Effascinans, tis, part, bewitching 
Effascmatio, onis, /. a bewitch- 
ing, a charm 
Effascino, are, a. to bewitch 
Effatum, i, n. a maxim 
Effatus, a, um, part, speaking, 

having spoken, dedicated 
Effectio, onis, /. an effecting, or 

Effective, adv. effectively 
Effector, oris, m. a maker, a 

Effectrix, Icis,/. she that makes, 

or procures 
Effectum, i, n. an effect [effect 
Effecturus, a, um, part, about to 
Effectus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

effected, brought to pass, or 

about, made, done 
Effectus, us, m. an effect, a bring- 


ing to pass, a thing mtde, 

Effccundo, avi, are, a. to make 
fruitful, to fertilize 

Effeminate, same as Effcerainate 

Efferate, adv. madly, wildly 

Efferatus, a, um, part, ior, comp 
issimus, superl. made wild, or 
fierce, enraged, savage, cruel 

Efferbeo, ere, ui, n. to be hot, or 
angry [stuff 

Effercio, Ire, a. to cram full, to 

Efferendus, a, um, part, to be 
carried out 

EffSrens, tis, part, lifting up, ad- 
vancing, extolling, boasting 

Effero, are, a. to make wild, to 

Effero, fers, extuli, elatu^, a. 
and n. to carry off, out, or 
away, to carry, to bring forth, 
or produce, to raise, advance, or 
exalt, to praise, commend, or 
extol, to utter, or pronounce, to 
divulge, or make known, to 
elate, or transport 

Effertus, a, um, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. stuffed, full, 

Efferveo, ere, vi, n. to be very hot 

Effervescens, tis, part, fuming, 
very hot 

Effervescentia, se, /. a sudden 
boiling, anger, fury, rage 

Effervesco, ere, n. to be very hot, 
to boil over, to ferment, to be 
chafed, troubled, or moved 

Effervo, ere, vi, n. to boil over 

Efferus, a, um, adj. wild, savage, 
cruel, outrageous, fierce, eager 

Efficacia, se,/. efficacy, force 

Efftcacitas, atis,/. efficacy, power 

Efficaciter, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. effectually, with ef- 

Eff Icax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. efficacious, effec- 
tual, effecting, toiling effectu- 
ally, laborious, active, forcible, 
strong, powerful, having power, 

Efficiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Efflciens, tis, part, and adj. ef- 
ficient, effecting, bringing to 
pass, causing 

Efficienter, adv. casually, with 

Efficientia, se, /. efficiency, the 
virtue, or power to effect 

Efficio, 6re, eci, ectum, a. to ef- 
fect, to bring about, or to pass, 
to accomplish, to fulfil, to do, 
or perform, to procure, or get, 
to make, or render, to take care 

Effictio, onis,/. an expressing 

Efflctus, a, um, part, expressed, 

Effigia, ae, /. an image 

Effigiatus, a um, part, fashioned 

Effigies, ei,/. an image, or statue, 
a shape, pattern, or represen- 
tation, a resemblance 

Effigio, are, a. to portray 

Effindo, ere, a. to divide, to cut 

Effingens, tis, part, fashioning, 

Effingo, 6re, xi, ictum, a. to form, 
or fashion, to work, or make 

Efflo, ieri, factus, n. "to be made, 
or done 

EfHagitatio, 6nis, /. an earnest 

Efllagitatus, a, um, part, earnest' 
ly required, importuned 




Efflagitatus, us, m. importunity 
Elfiagitans, tis, part, importun- 
ing, desiring 
EtHagito, are, a. to desire, or 

crave, to extort 
Efflans, tis, part, breathing forth 
Etfleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to weep 
out [utterly 

Efflictlm, adv. beyond measure, 
Efflictor, ari, pass, to be vexed, or 

Efflictus, a, um, part, wretched 
Effligo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to 

straiten, to vex sore 
Efflo, are, a. to breathe out 
Effloreo, ere, ui, n. to bloom, to 

Effloresco, fire, n. to blow, to 
spring forth, to flourish greatly 
EfHuenter, adv. abundantly 
Effluentia, se,/. a flowing out, a 

flux, or issue 
Effluo, ere, xi, xum, n. to flow, or 
run out, to leak, to run over, or 
abound, to slip, pass away, to 
be published abroad 
Effluvium, i, n. a flowing over 
Effluus , a, um, adj. running out 
Effocandus, a, um, part, to be 
choked [strangle 

Effoco, are, a. to choke, or 
Effodiens, tis, part, digging up, 

scratching up 
EffSdio, Sre, odi, ossum, a. to dig 
out, to dig up, to pull out, to 
grieve sore 
Effeeminanclus, a, um, part, to ef- 
feminate, to be softened 
Effcemmate, adv. effeminately, 

womanly, tenderly 
Effceminatus, or Effeminatus, a, 
um, part, and adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. effeminate, wo- 
manlike, tender, delicate 
Effcemino, are, a. to effeminate, to 

make nice, or delicate 
Effcete, adv. barrenly, weakly, 

Effcetus, or Effetus, a, um, adj. 
past having young, or bearing 
fruit, barren, worn out, de- 
Effor, ari, atus sum, dep. to speak, 
to speak out, to utter, to pro- 
nounce [through 
Eff5ratus, a, um, part, bored 
Efforo, are, a. to "bore through 
Effossus, a, um, part, dug, or 

turned up, dug 
Effractarius, i, m. a burglar, or 

Effractor, oris, m., the same 
Effractus, a, um, part, broken, 
broken down, or open, dashed 
Effraenate, adv. ius, comp. rashly, 

fiercely, unruly, loosely 
Effrsenatio, onis, /. unbridled 

Effraenatus, or Effrenatus, a, um, 
part, ior, comp. issimus, superl. 
unbridled, loose, headstrong, 
Effrenis, e, adj. unbridled 
Effreno, are, a. to unbridle 
Effrenus, a, um, adj. unbridled. 

ra«h, headstrong, unruly 
Effricandus, a, um, part, to be 

rubbed off 
Effrlcatio, onis,/. a rubbing out 
Effrico, are, a. to rub off, or out 
Effringo, 6re, egi, actum, a. to 
break up, or open, to break 
down, or in pieces, to enfeeble 
Effrons, tis, c. g. shameless, bold 

Efiugiendus, a, um, part, to be 
avoided [avoiding 

Effiigiens, tis, part, escaping, 

Effugio, ere, ugi, Hum, a. and n. 
to escape, to fly, to shun, to 

Effugium, i, «. a flight, an escape, 
an escaping, or shunning, a 
place to escape, a passage to 

Effulcio, ire, a. to prop, or hold up 

Effulgens, tis, part, shining 

Effulgeo, ere, si, sum, n. to shine 
forth, or out, to appear 

Effulgidus, a, um, adj. shining, 

Effulgo, 6re, si, n. to shine bright 

Effultus, a, um, part, stayed up < 

Effundendus, a, um, part, to be 
poured out 

Effundens, tis, part, pouring out 

Effundo, ere, udi, usum, a. to 
pour, or issue out, to shed, or 
spill, to drop, to empty, or dis- 
embogue, to discharge, to put, 
or bring forth, to spread abroad, 
to tell 

Effuse, adv. ius, comp. isstme, 
superl. out of measure, prodi- 
gally, with all speed, vehe- 

Effusio, onis, /. an effusion, a 
pouring out prodigally, extra- 
vagance, waste, a rout, com- 

Effusurus, a, um, part, about to 
pour out 

Effusus, a, um, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. poured, 
or dashed out, spilt, shed, over- 
flowing, running over, thrown 
off, routed, discomfited, turned, 
scattered, squandered away, 
wasted, extravagant 

Effutio, ire, ivi, itum, a. to prate, 
or speak foolishly, to blab out 

Effutitius, a, um, adj. foolishly 

Effutltor, oris, m. a babbler 

Effutitus, a, um, part, rashly 
spoken [mistresses 

Efftituo, ui, 6re, a. to spend on 

Egelidus, a, um.* adj. lukewarm, 
that hath the cold taken off, 
very cold [want 

Egens, tis, part, needy, poor, in 

Egentior, us, adj. comp. very poor 

Egenus, a, um, adj. , wanting, 
destitute, distressed, necessi- 
tous, poor 

Egeo, ere, ui, n. to need, to stand 
in need of, to want, to be in 

. want 

Egerrndus, a, um, part, to be 

_ carried out 

Eggrens, tis, part, carrying out 

Egerminatus, a, um, part, budded 

Egermmo, are, a. to bud forth 

Egero, Sre, essi, estum, a. to bear, 
or carry out, to cast, or spout 
out, to pass over 

Egestas, atis, /. extreme poverty, 
indigence, beggary, lack 

Egestio, onis,/. a casting forth, a 
voiding, a discharge, a laying 

Egestosus, a, um, adj. and Eges- 
tuosus, very, poor, or needy 

Egestum, i, n. ordure, dung 

Egestus, a, ura, part, cast, or 
carried out, voided 

Egestus, us, m. a casting forth, 
or out 

Ego, pron. I, myseli 

EgSmet, pron. I myself 

Eg6ne, pron. who I ? 

Egrediens, tis, part, going our, 

Egredior, i, essus sum, dep. to 
step forth, or out, to go out, to 
depart, to leave, to debark, or 

Egregie, adv. ius, comp. excellent- 
ly, extraordinarily, rarely, accu- 
rately, in a singular manner 

Egregius, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. egregious, ex- 
cellent, noble, eminent, extra- 
ordinary, singular 

Egressio, onis, /. a going forth, 
a digression 

Egressus, a, um, part, gone forth, 
going out, or beyond, departing, 

Egressus, us, m. an egress, a going 
forth, a debarking 

Egula, se, /. a kind of brimstone 
to whiten wool 

Egurgito, are, a. to empty, to 

Ehe, interj. alas ! ha! 

Ehem, interj. hall ! ahah 1 

Eheu, interj. ah, alas ! 

Eho, interj. what 1 pray sayl 

Ehodfim, adv. come hither 

Eja, interj. away I O fie ! 

Ejaculatio, onis,/. an ejaculation, 
a casting forth in a sling 

Ejaculatus, a, um, part, darted 

_ out, shot 

Ej&culo, are, a. to shoot out 

Ejaciilor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
shoot, to dart, to cast afar off, 
to spout, or squirt out 

Ejeetamentum, i, n. what the 
water casts up to land 

Ejectans, tis, part, casting out 

Ejectatio, onis, /. a casting, or 
throwing out 

Ejectatus, a, um, part, cast forth, 
or out [spitting 

Ejectio, onis, /. a casting out, a 

Ejectitius, a, um, adj. cast out 

Ejecto, are, a. to cast, or throw 
out often, to throw up 

Ejectus, a, um, part, ejected, cast 
out, or up, banished, cast on 

_ shore, shipwrecked, driven 

Cjero, are, n. to refuse, or except 

_ against a judge, or court 

Ejiciendus, a, um, part, to be 

_ ejected 

Ejicio, 6re, eci, ectum, a. to eject, 
to cast, drive, or thrust out, to 
banish, or remove, to throw up, 
or vomit, to cast 

Ejulans, tis, part, howling, yelling 

Ejulatio, onis, /. a waiting, a cry- 
ing out [menting 

Ejulatus, us, m. a wailing, a la- 

Ejillo, are, n. to cry, to wail, to 

Ejuncidus, a, um, adj. dwindled 
away, dry 

Ejuratio, onis,/. a renouncing 

Ejuratus, a, urn, part, having 
sworn against 

Ejuro, are, a. to swear against,*to 
quit, resign, or surrender on 

_ oath, to refuse a judge 

Ejuscemodi, adj. indecl. of the 

_ same sort 

Ejusdemm6di, adj. indecl. of th» 
same sort 

EjusmOdi, adj. indecl. such like, 
of the same sort 

Elabor, i, psus sum, dep. to slide, 
or slip away, to escape, to fall 




Elaborans, tis, part, taking pains 
Elaborate, adv. accurately, with 

Elaboratio, onis, /. diligence, per- 
severing labour 
Elaborates, a, urn, part, elaborate, 
laboured, done with pains, or 
care, finished, exquisite 
Elaboro, are, n. and a. to labour, 
to take pains, to endeavour, to 
aim at, to work, to cause, or 
Elacate, es,/. a tunny 
Elacto, are, a. to give suck 
Elamentabilis, e, adj. very la- 
Elangueo, ere, ui, n. to languish, 
_ droop, or pine away 
Elanguescens, tis, part, fainting 
Elanguesco, fire, incep. to lan- 
guish, to grow faint, cold, or 
ElanguTde, adv. faintly, weakly 
Elangtudus, a, urn, adj. faint, 

Elapidatus, a, um, part, cleared 
of stones . [stones 

Elapido, are, a. to rid" a place of 
Elapsurus, a, um, part, about to 
' escape 

Elapsus, a, um, part, slipped 
away, or aside, escaped, gone 
Elaqueo, are, a. to ensnare, to 

Elargior, iri, Itus sum, dep. to 
give largely and bountifully, to 
Elassesco, fire, incep. to grow 

weary, to decay, or wear out 
Elate, adv. ius, comp. sublimely, 
loftily, proudly, haughtily, arro- 
Elatio, onis,/. a lifting, or taking 
up, height, loftiness, sublimity, 
greatness of soul 
Elatratio, onis,/. a barking 
Elatro, are, a. to bark, to speak 
Elaturus, a, um, part, about to 

carry out 
Elatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
elated, lifted, or puffed up, 
transported, carried out, or to 
burial, buried, published, di- 
vulged, blabbed 
Elaudo, are, a. to name with 

Elavo, are, vi, lotum, a. to wash 
_ clean, to rinse, or scour 
Elautus, a, um, part, well washed 
Elecfibra, ae, /. an allurement, a 
_ lure, a wheedler, a coaxer 
Electe, adv. ius, comp. choicely, 

Electilis, e, adj. choice, nice 
Electio, onis, /. an election, or 
_ choice [wheedle 

filecto, are, freq. to allure, to 
Elector, oris, m. an elector, a 
chooser [amber 

Electrifer, a, um, adj. bearing 
Electrum, i, n. amber 
Electuarium, i, n. an electuary 
Electiirus, a, um, part, about to 

Electus, a, nm, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. elect- 
_ ed, chosen, choice, singular 
Electus, us, m. an election, a 

Eleemos^na, se, /. alms, pity 
Eleemosynor, ari, dep. to receive 

Elfigans, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. elegant, fine, hand- 

some, neat, delicate, polite, 

_ eloquent 

Elfiganter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. elegantly, finely, choice- 
ly, sumptuousiy, luxuriously, 

_ genteelly, courteously, artfully 

Elegantia, ae, /. elegance, neat- 
ness, finery, luxury, genteekiess 

Elfigeia, ae, /. an elegy 

Elfigia, ae, f. an elegy, a mournful 
song, a love-sonnet, a low reed 

Elfigia, orum, pi. n. elegies 

Elfigiacus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to elegy, or alternate 

Elfigidium, i, n. dim. a little elegy 

Elegus, i, m. an elegiac verse, an 

„ elegy _ 

Elfimentarius, a, um, adj. ele- 
mentary, simple, prime 

Elfimentum, i, n. an element, a 
letter, the first rudiments, or 
grounds of a thing 

Elenchus, i, m. an argument, or 
confutation, a bob, or drop at 
women's ears 

Elencticus, a, um, adj. elentic, 

^ reprehensive, sharp, keen 

Elephantia, se, /. the scurvy, the 

Elephantiacus, a, um, adj. leprous 

Elephantiasis, is,/, a leprosy 

Elfiphanttnus, a, um, adj. of an 
elephant, of, or like ivory 

Elfiphantiosus, a, um, adj. full 
of scurf, or leprosy 

Elfiphantus, i, m. an elephant, a 
monster, a kind of lobster, ivory 

Elfiphas, antis, m. an elephant, 
the leprosy [sened 

Elevandus, a, um, part, to be les- 

Elfivatio, onis, /. a debasing, a 

Elevatus, a, um, part, debased, 

_ lessened 

Elfivo, are, a. to lift, or heave up, 
to extenuate, to diminish, or 
lessen, to slight 

Elibo, are, a. to taste, or pour out 

Elices, imn, pi. m. gutters, water- 

Eliciendus, a, um, part, to he 

_ fetched, or drawn out 

Eliciens* tis, part, enticing, al- 

_ luring 

Elieio, fire, ui, Itum, a. to entice, 
to draw out, or from, to screw 
out, to strike out, to call, or 

_ fetch out 

ElTcitus, a, um, part, drawn out 

Elidendus, a, um, part, to be 
broken off, &c. [ing 

Elldens, tis, part, dashing, squeez- 

Elldo, ere, si, sum, a. to strike, 
dash, or force out, to strike, or 
dash against, to squeeze, to 
strangle, or throttle, to crush, 
or kill, to crush 

Ellgendus, a, um, part, to be 

_ chosen, or picked out 

Eligens, tis, part, choosing 

Eligo, ere, egi, ectum, a. to elect, 
choose, or pick out 

Ellgurio, ire, a. to consume 

Ellmatus, a, um, part, filed off, 
filed, made smooth 

Elimlno, are, a. to turn out of 

_ doors, to publish, to babble 

Elirno, are, a. to tile off, to tile, to 

_ polish, to correct 

Elinguis, e, adj. dumb, speechless 

Elinguo, are, a. to pluck, or cut 

_ the tongue out 

Elino, Cre, levi, a. to blot out, to 

Eltquamen, Inis, n. dripping of 
meat [melted 

Eliquatus, a, um, part, cleared, 
Eliquesco, fire, incep. to melt 
Eliquium, i, n. an outlet 
Eliquo, are, a. to melt, to make 
liquid, to clarify, to strain, to 
consume, or spend 
Ellsio, onis, /. an elision, a squeez- 
ing, the cutting off a vowel in 
_ verse at the end of a word 
Elisurus, a, um, part, about to 

strangle, or put to death 
Elisus, a, um, part, burst, squeez- 
_ ed, forced through, emitted 
Elix, icis, m. a gutter 
Elixatim, adv. by way of boiling 
Elixatura, ae,/. a boiling 
Elixo, are, o. to seethe, or boil 
Elixus, a, um,part. boiled, sodden, 

moistened, wet 
Ellipsis, is, /. a defect, a section 

of a cone, a figure 
Ellops, 6pis, m. a choice fish, a 
sturgeon [is 

Ellum, for en ilium, see where he 
El5catus, a, um, part, removed, 
carried away, let to farm, let to 
ElQco, are, a. to remove, or put 
out of place, to let to hire, to 
let to farm, to dispose of in 
_ marriage, to bargain 
Elocutio, onis,/. elocution, utter- 
ance, delivery, a fit and proper 
_ order of words and sentences 
ElOcutorius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to elocution 
ElScutrix, icis, /. she that speaks 
_ readily [spoken 

Elocutus, a, um, part, having 
E15gium, i, n. for EUOgium, a 
brief saying, or sentence, a cer- 
_ tificate, a testimonial 
Eloquens, tis, part, and adj. 

speaking, declaring, eloquent 
Eloquenter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
_ superl. eloquently, gracefully 
Eloquentes, um, pi. m. orators 
Eloquentia, ae,/. eloquence 
ElOquium, i, n. discourse, speech, 
eloquence, graceful delivery, an 
_ oracle 

ElOquor, i, quutus sum, dep. to 

speak out, plainly, or eloquently, 

to speak, to utter, to declare, to 

__ deliver 

Elotus, a, nm, part, washed, 


Elucens, tis, part, shining, bright 

Eluceo, ere, xi, n. to shine out, or 

forth, to be bright, clear, or 

manifest, to appear, to show 

^ itself 

Eluctabilis, e, adj. that may be 
_ surmounted, or passed over 
Eluctandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ struggled through 
Eluctans, tis, part, struggling to 

get out 
Eluctatus, a, um, part, having 
_ struggled and escaped through 
Eluctor, ari, atus sum, dep. "to 
struggle, or strive to get out, to 
break through, to escape 
Elucubratus, a, um, part, studied, 
_ &c. by candle-light 
Eliicubro, are, a. to write by can- 
_ die-light 

Eludendus, a, um, part, to elude, 
_ or be eluded 
Eludens, tis, part, deceiving 
Eludo, fire, si, sum, a. to elude, to 
escape, to avoid, to shift off, -it 
parry, to baffle, tn di«appoi»* 
E 2 




Eluendus, a, urn, part, to be de- 
Eiugeo, ere, xi, ctum, n. to leave 

off mourning 
Elumbis, e, adj. having weak loins 
Eluo, 6re, ui, utum, a. to rinse, to 
make clean, to wash out, or 
away, to wipe off, to clear one- 
self of a thing [elude 
Elusurus, a, um, part, about to 
Elusus, a, um, part, eluded, 
_ avoided, deluded, deceived 
Elutriatus, a, um, part, decanted 
Elutrio, are, a. to decant, to draw 

Eliitus, a, um, part, and adj. 
washed, rinsed, watered, watery, 
Eluvies, ei, /. a bog, a quagmire, 
a common sewer, or sink, off- 
scouring, or filth 
Eluvio, onis, /. a deluge, or in- 
_ undation 

Eluxatus, a, um, part, put out 
_ of joint 

Eluxurior, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
grow rank, to be too full of fruit, 
_ &c. 

Elysium, i, n. paradise, a place of 
_ rest and joy beyond the grave 
Eljfsius, a, um, adj. elysian 
Emaceratus, a, um, part, made 
_ lean 

Em&ceseo, ui, n. to be lean, thin, 
_ or lank 

Emaciatus, a, um, part, made lean 
Emacio, are, a. to emaciate 
Emacitas, atis, /. a desire to be 
_ always buying 
Emacresco, fire, n. to grow lean 
Emactilo, are, a. to take out spots 
Emadeo, ere, ui, a. to wet 
Emanans, tis, part, flowing out 
Emanaturus, a, um, part, to be 
known abroad, or come to light 
Emanclpatio, onis, /. emancipa- 
tion, a setting free, or at liberty, 
the alienation and surrendry of 
_ an estate 
Emancipatus, a, um, part, eman- 

pipated, alienated, made over 
Emancipo, are, a. to emancipate, 
to set at liberty, to alienate, to 
sell, or make over 
Emaneo, ere, si, sum, n. to exceed 
_ the time allowed 
Emano, are, n. to flow, or run out, 

to be spread abroad 
Emarcesco, ere, incep. to fade 
_ away [edge 

Emargino, are, a. to clear the 

Emasculator, oris, 


Emasculo, are, a. to geld 
Ematuresco, ere, incep. to grow 

too ripe, to be at the highest 
Emax, acis, adj. fond of buying, 
_ ready to buy 

Embamma, atis, n. any sauce 
Emblema, atis, n. an emblem, 

picture-work of wood, stone, or 

metal, finely inlaid in divers 

colours, small images, flowers 
EmbOlismus, i, m. the adding of a 

day in leap-year 
EmbOlium, i, n. an interlude, the 

argument of a play 
Embolus, i, m. a bar of a door, a 

spoke, a pin, a wedge 
Embryon, i, n. the child before it 

hath its perfect shape in its 

mother's womb 
Emeatus, us, m. the mouth of a 

Emeaullatus, a, um, part, from 
Emgdullo, are, a. to take out the 

marrow, or pith, to rack, ot take 
away the strength 
Emendabilis, e, adj. amendable 
Emendandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ amended 

Emendans, tis, part, amending, 
_ correcting 

Emendate, adv. ius, comp. cor- 
rectly, purely, accurately, with- 
_ out fault 

Emendatio, onis, /. an emenda- 
_ tion 

Emendator, oris, m. a corrector, 
_ an emender, a reformer 
Emendatrix, icis, /. she that cor- 
_ rects, or amends 
Emendaturus, a, um, part, that 
_ will correct, or amend 
Emendatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, supeil. 
amended, made better, improv- 
ed, corrected 
Emendicabilis, e, adj. to be gotten 
_ by begging 

Emendicatus, a, um, part, begged 
Emendico, are, a. to beg, to ask 
Emendo, are, a. to amend, to 
correct, to reform, to make 
better, to heal, cure 
Emendus, a, um, part, to be 
w bought, or bribed 
Emens, tis, part, buying 
Emensus, a, um, part, that hath 
measured, or passed, measured, 
_ passed dver 

Ementiendus, a, um, part, to 
_ falsify, or be falsified 
Ementiens, tis, part, lying 
Ementior, iri, itus sum, dep. to 
lie downright, to feign, tocoun- 
_ terfeit, forge 

Ementite, adv. falsely, forgedly 
Ementitus, a, um, part, that coun- 
terfeits, feigns, or belies, coun- 
_ terfeited, feigned [buy 

Emercor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
Emereo, eri, ui, ltum, a. to merit, 
or deserve, to do harm, to com- 
_ mit 

Emfireor, eri, Ttus sum, dep. to 
deserve, to win, or get, to be 
ended, to serve one's whole 
_ time 

Emergens, tis, part, and adj. 
_ arising, starting up 
Emergo, fire, si, sum, n. to arise, 
to rise, pop, or come out, to rise 
up, to appear, or show itself, to 
be manifest, to escape, or re- 
_ cover [served 

Emfiritum, i, n. a pension de- 
Emeritus, a, um, part, deserved, 
earned, completed, finished, 
ended, discharged, acquitted 
Emersurus, a, um, part, which 
__ will escape, or come out 
Emersus, a, um, part, risen, or 
__ appearing out, come out 
Emersus, us, m. a coming forth, 
_ or out, a rising up 
Emetiens, tis, part, measuring, 
_ passing 

Emetior, iri, ensus sum, dep. to 
measure out, to bestow, to tra- 
vel, to go, or pass over, to finish 
Emfito, fire, essui, essum, a. to 
_ mow down [out 

Emicans, tis, part, shining, flying 
Ernico, are, ui, n. to shine, gush, 
or issue forth, to jump, leap, or 
sally out, to appear 
Emigrans, tis, part, removing 
Emigro, are, n. to go from one 
_ place to another, to remove 
Eminatio, onis,/. a threatening 

Emlnatus, a, um, part, having 
_ threatened 

Eminens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. appear- 
ing aloft, rising up, standing 
_ out, eminent, high, conspicuous 
Emmentia, a, /. eminence, excel- 
lency, a protuberance, a stand- 
_ ing out, a relief in a picture 
Emineo, ere, ui, n. and a. to 
stand, or show itself above 
others, to be higher, to appear 
above, to appear, to overtop, to 
_ excel [openly 

Eminor, ari, dep. to threaten 
Emintilus, a, um, adj. rising, or 
_ sticking out a little 
Eminuo, fire, a. to diminish, to 
_ abate 

Eminus, adv. far off, at a distance 
Emiror, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
_ marvel greatly at 
Emisceo, ere, ui, stum, a. to pour 
_ out, to fill out 

Emissarium, i, n. a sluice, a 
_ flood-gate, a water-gate, a sink 
Emissarius, a, um, adj. sent out, 
put forth, put apart for breed- 
. in S 

Emissarius, i, m. an emissary, a 
missionary, an informer, an 
officer to procure bribes, or 
_ to bring tales 

Emissio, onis, /. an emission, a 
_ discharge, a sending forth 
Emissitius, a, um, adj. cast out 
Emissiirus, a, um, part, about to 

Emissus, a, um, part, sent forth, 
hurled, or flung, discharged, 
let out, emptied, uttered, or 
_ spoken 

Emittens, tis, part, sending forth, 
_ or out 

Emitto, ere, isi, issum, a. to send, 
to send forth, out, or away, to 
discharge, to let go, or escape, 
to drop, to throw away, to hurl 
Emo, fire, emi, emptum, a. to 
buy, to purchase, to take, get, 
_ or obtain, to bribe, to hire 
Em6derandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ moderated, or lessened 
EmOdulandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ sung, or tuned [warble 

EmSdulor, ari, dep. to sing, or 
Emolior, iri, itus sum, dep. to ac- 
complish, to effect, to stir, or 
_ raise up, to get up 
Emollesco, fire, n. to grow soft 
Emollldus, a, um, adj. soft, tender 
Emolliendus, a, um, part, to be 

Emolliens, tis, part, mollifying 
Emollimentum, i, n. a softening 
Emollio, ire, ivi, ltum, a. to 
soften, to loosen, to effeminate, 
_ to civilize 

Emollitus, a, um, part, softened, 
_ effeminated 

EmOlo, ere, a to grind thorough- 
_ ly, to spend, to consume 
EmSlumentum, i, n. profit, bene- 
_ fit, advantage, interest 
Emoneo, ere, ui, ltum, a. to 
warn, to put in mind of, to 
_ charge 

EmOrlbundus, a, um, part, about 
_ to die, at the point of death 
Emoriens, tis, part, dying 
Em6rior, i, tuus, dep. to die, to 

decay utterly 
Emorsus, us, m. remorse 
Emorluus, a, um, part. dead, sense 
less, dull 




Emotio, 6nis,/. an emotion 
EmOtus, a, um, part, removed, 
cast, or thrown off, sent away, 
caused to depart, moved 
EinOveo, ere, ovi, otum, a. to re- 
move, to put out, to drive 
away, to transplant 
Emphasis, is,/, an emphasis, or 

accent, earnestness 
Emphatlce, adv. emphatically, 
forcibly [tical 

Emphatleus, a, um, adj. empha- 
Empirice, es, /. skill in physic 
gotten by mere practice, 
Emplricus, i, m. an empiric, a 
mountebank, a quack, a physi- 
cian by practice only 
Emplastratio, 6nis, /. a graft- 
ing, or inoculating 
Emplastraturus, a, um, part, about 

to ingraft 
Emplastro, are, a. to ingraft 
Emplastrum, i, n. a plaster, or 
salve [tile 

Emp6reticus, a, um, adj. mercan- 
Emp&rium, i, n. a maiket-town, a 
place where a market, &c. is 
kept, a mart 
Emporus, i, m. a merchant, a trader 
Emptio, onis,/. a buying 
Emptionalis, e, adj. using to 

buy proscribed goods, buying 
Emntitatus, a, um, part, bought 

often, bought 
Emptitius, a, um, adj. that is, or 

may be bought, or hired 
Emptito, ate,freq. to use to buy, 

to buy 
Emptor, oris, m. a buyer, pur- 
chaser, or chapman 
Empturiens, tis, part, going to 

Empturio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to 

long, desire, or intend to buy 
Empturus, a, um, part, about to 

Emptus, a, um, part, bought, 

purchased, procured 
Empusa, ae, /. a hobgoblin 
Empyrasus, a, um, adj. the highest 
Emucidus, a, um, adj. very 
_ mouldy 

Emiigio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to bel- 
_ low out, to cry, or speak aloud 
Emulceo, ere, a. to stroke gently 
Emulctrale, is, n. a milking-pail 
Emulgatio, Onis, /. a publishing 
Emuigendus, a, um, part, to be 
_ milked 
Emulgeo, ere, si and xi, sum, or 

ctum, a. to milk out, to stroke 
Emulsus, a, um, part, drained, dry 
Emunctio, onis, /. a wiping the 

Eraunctor, oris, m. a snuffer 
Emunctorium, i, n. snuffers 
Emunctura, a?, /. the snuff of a 
_ candle 

Emunctus, a, um, part, wiped, 
_ snuffed, cheated, choused 
Emundate, adv. very cleanly 
Emundatio, onis,/. a cleansing 
Emundo, are, a. to cleanse, to 

Emungens, tis, part, wiping the 

Emungo, e"re, xi, ctum, a. to wipe 
__ the nose, to snuff a candle 
Emuniendus, a, um, part, to be 

fortified, fenced 
Emunimentum, i, *. a fortifica- 
Emiinio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to for- 
tify, to fence, to inclose 

Emunltus, a, um, part, fortified, 
_ fenced 

Emusco, are, a. to rub off moss 
Emutatus, a, um, part, changed 
Emutio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to mut- 
_ ter, to mumble, to hum 
Emfito, are, a. to change for the 

En, adv. lo ! see ! behold I 
Enallage, es,/. a change 
Enargla, as,/, evidence, clearness 
Enarrabilis, e, adj. that may be 
_ declared, described 
Enarrandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ related 

Enarratio, onis,/. a plain declara- 
_ tion, or interpretation 
Enarrator, oris, m. an interpreter, 
_ or describer 

Enarro, are, a. to tell, to declare, 
_ to relate, to recite 
Enascens, tis, part, growing 
Enascor, i, natus, dep. to be born 
_ of, to grow, to arise 
Enatans, tis, part, swimming out 
Enato, are, n. to swim out, or to 
_ land, to escape, to disentangle 
Enatus, a, um, part, grown out, 
_ sprung up 
Enavatus, a, um, part, carefully 

employed, bestowed 
Enavlgandus, a, um, part, to be 
sailed over, or through, to be 
_ passed [over 

Enavigatus, a, um, part, sailed 
Enavigo, are, n. to sail out, or 
through, to escape, to get out 
of [stow 

Enavo, are, a. to employ, to be- 
Encasnia, orum, pi. n. anniversary 
feasts to commemorate the 
building of cities, or the dedi- 
cation of temples, &c. [led 
Encaustlcus, a, um, adj. enamel- 
Encaustum, i, n. enamel, varnish 
Encaustus, a, um, adj. enamelled 
Enchiridium, i, n. a manual, a 

pocket-book, a dagger 
Encliticus, a, um, adj. enclitic 
Encomiastes, as, m. an encomiast, 
a praiser [comiastic 

Encomiasticus, a, um, adj. en- 
Encomium, i, n. an encomium, 

Encyclopaedia, as,/, learning that 
comprehends all the liberal 
sciences [mantle 

EndrOmis, Idis, /. a thick shag- 
Enecandus, a, um, part, to be 
. killed 

Enficans, tis, part, killing 
Enecatio, onis,/. a slaying 
En6catus, a, um, part, killed, 

slain, choked 
Eneco, or Enlco, are, ui and avi, 
ctum and atum, a. to kill, or 
slay, to teaze, plague, or trouble 
Enectus, a, um, part, almost slain, 
_ or killed, almost dead 
Energia, a?, /. energy, efficacy, 
_ force 

Enervatio, onis,/. a weakening 
Enervatus, a, um, part, feeble, 
_ faint, heartless, soft, effeminate 
Enexvis, e, adj. feeble, weak, 
_ faint, void of sinews, lank, slim 
Enervo, are, a. to enervate, to 
weaken, to effeminate, to make 
_ tender, or nice 
Enigro, are, a. to make black 
Enim, conj. for, truly, verily, in- 
deed, yea, forsooth 
Enimvgro, conj. verily, truly, in- 
deed, really, on my word, for- 
sooth, immediately 

Enlsus, a, um, part, clambering 
_ endeavouring, endeavoured 
Enltendus, a, um, part, to en- 
Enltens, ti3, part, endeavouring, 
_ striving, yeaning [tering 

Enltens, tis, part, shining, glif- 
Eniteo, ere, ui, n. to shine, to ap- 
_ pear fair, bright, or charming 
Emtesco, ere, n. to shine, to be- 
_ come glorious 

Enltor, i, Isus and ixus sum, dep. 
to climb up with pain, to clam- 
ber, to tug, or pull, to endea- 
_ vour 

Enixe, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
_ superl. earnestly, tooth and nail 
Enixurus, a, um, part, about to 
_ strive 

Enixus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. having eDdea- 
_ voured, having brought forth 
Enixus, us, m. a delivering of 
_ young, foaling, yeaning, &c. 
Eno, are, n. to swim out, to es- 
_ cape, to pass through 
Enodate, adv. ius, comp. clearly, 
_ plainly, evidently 
Enodatio, onis, /. an explication, 
_ or explanation 

Enodatus, a, um, part, cleared of 
knots, explained, made mani- 
_ fest 

Enodis, e, adj. void of knots, 
_ smooth, plain . 
Enodo, are, a. to unknot, to cut 
_ away knots, to clear, to declare 
Enormis, e, adj. void of rule, enor- 
_ mous, vast, huge, irregular 
Enormitas, atis, /. enormity, 

Enormiter, adv. irregularly 
Enotesco, ere, ui, n. to come to 
_ knowledge, to become known 
En5to, are, a. to mark out, to 

Enovatus, a, um, part, become, ox- 
made new [sword 
Ensiculus, i, m. dim. a little 
Ensifer, era, £rum, adj. that bears 

a sword 
Ensiger, the same 
Ensis, is, m. a sword, a tuck, an 

office, or command 
Entheatus, a, um, part, inspired 

with God 
Entheca, as,/, a coffer, a chest 
Entheus, a, um, adj. sacred, in- 
Enthusiasmus, i, m. enthusiasm 
Enthusiasta, as, m. an enthusiast 
Enthusiasticus, a, um, adj. en- 

Enthymema, atis, n. an enthyme- 
me, an argument drawn froirj 
contraries, a syllogism wanting 
the major, or minor proposition 
Enubo, 6re, psi, ptum, n. to be 
_ married out of one's degree, &c. 
Enucleandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ explained, or cleared 
Enucleate, adv. clearly, plainly, 
_ exactly, politely 
Eniicleatus, a, um, part, having 
the kernel, or stones picked out, 
cleared, declared, made mani- 
_ fest 

Enucleo, are, a. to take out the 
_ kernel, to explain 
Enudate, adv. very plainly 
Eniido, are, a. to make bare, to 
expound [countr;! 

Eniimgrabilis, e, adj. that may be 
Enume'rans, tis, part, enumerat- 


Faumeratio, onis,/. an enumera- 
tion [rated 
Enumeratus, a, um, part, enume- 
Lnumero, are, a. to enumerate, 
count, or reckon up, to recite, 
_ to pay [uttered 
Enunciandus, a, um, part, to be 
Enunciatio, onis,/. an axiom, or 
_ maxim, a proposition [sive 
Enunciatlvus, a, um, adj. expres- 
Enunciatrix, icis,/. she that de- 
_ clares 

Enunciation, i, n. a proposition 
Enuneiaturus, a, um, part, about 
_ to utter 

Enunciatus, a, um, part, spoken 

Eauncio, are, a. to speak, to utter, 

to express, to tell, to declare, to 

pronounce, to show, or discover, 

_ to publish 

Enuptio, onis,/. a woman's mar- 
rying out of, or below her tribe, 
_ quality, &c. 

Enutrio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to nou- 
rish, feed, cherish, maintain, or 
bring up 
Eo, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to go, to go 
on, to walk, to travel, to march, 
to pass, to proceed, or advance, 
to come, to come in, or enter 
E6, adv. thither, to that place, to 
that, or such a pass, or condi- 
tion, to that end, or intent 
Eodem, adv. to the same place, to 
the same purpose, to the same 
state, or condition 
Eos, ois,/. the morning 
Eous, a, um, adj. eastern 
Eous, i, m. thedaystar, one of the 

horses of the sun 
Eousque, adv. so far forth, so 
w long, to that height 
Epactae, arum, pi./, the epact 
Epaphaeresis, is,/, a rounding, or 
_ second clipping of the hair 
Epastus, a, um, part, eaten 
Epaticus, a, um, adj. of the liver 
Ephebatus, a, um, adj. fifteen 

years of age 
Ephebia, ae,/ the age of striplings 
Epheblcus, a, um, adj. youthful 
Ephebium, i, n. a - place where 
young men exercised them- 
selves [youth 
Ephebus, i, to. a stripling, a 
EphemSris, idis, /. an ephemeris, 

a day-book, a journal 
Ephemerus, a, um, adj. daily 
Ephe.tae, arum, pi. to. judges at 

Athens, fifty in number 
Ephialtes, ae, to. the nightmare 
Ephippiarius, i, m. a saddler 
Ephippiatus, a, um, part, saddled 
Ephippium, i, n. a saddle, a hous- 
ing, or horsecloth, harness 
EphOrus, i, to. a chief magistrate 

amongst the Lacedemonians 
Epibata, or Eplb&tes, ae, to. a 
soldier serving on shipboard, a 
Eplbathra, se, /. a ladder 
Epicedium, i, n. a funeral song 
Epichirema, atis, n. a proof of a 
^ proposition by argument 
Epiccenus, a, um, adj. epicene, 
v common, of both sexes 
Eplcr6cus, a, um, adj. yellow 
Epicureus, a, um, adj. of the sect 
of Epicurus, epicurean, volup- 
Epicurus, i, to. an epicure, one 
that is devoted wholly to plea- 
Eplcus, a, um, adj. epic, heroic 
Epldemicus, a, um, adj. epidemical 


Epidermis, Idis, /. the outward 

thin skin of the body 
Epidicticus, a, um, adj. demon- 
strative [dessert 
Epulipnis, Idis, /. a collation, a 
Epidromus, i, n. the mizen-sail 
Epigramma, atis, n. an epigram, 
^ an inscription upon a statue 
Epigrammatista, ae, m. an epi- 
_ grammatist 

Epigraphe, es,/ an inscription 
Epigrus, i, m. a shoe, a pin to 

fasten wood 
Epilepsia, ae,/ the epilepsy 
Epilepticus, a, um, adj. epileptic 
Epilogo, are, a< to conclude 
Epilog^us, i, m. an epilogue, the 

closing of a speech 
Eplnicion, i, n. a song of triumph 
Epiphania, ae, /. or Epiphania, 
^ orum, pi. n. epiphany 
Epiphonema, atis, n. a moral re- 

Epiphbra, re, f. a running of the 

eyes, a fall of water 
Eplrhedium, i, n. a waggon, a cart 
Epirrhedium, i, n. a cart, or w;ig- 

gon, the harness of a carthorse 
Episcflpalis, e, adj. episcopal 
Episcopatus, us, m. episcopacy 
Episcupo, are, a. to oversee 
Episcopus, i, m. a bishop, an 
^ overseer, a superintendent 
Epistates, st, m. a steward, or 

EpistOla, a;, / an epistle, a letter 
Epistolaris, e, adj. epistolary 
Epist&lium, i, n. dim. a little 

Epistfimium, i, n. a cock, a spout, 

a tap, a spigot, a bung 
Eplstylium, i, n. a chapiter 
Epitaphium, i, n. an epitaph, a 

funeral song 
Epithalamium, i, n. a song in 

praise of a married pair 
Epitheca, x,f. an addition 
Epithgton, i, n. an epithet 
EpitOgium, i, n. a tabard, a gar- 
^ ment worn upon a gown 
Epitome, es, and Epitoma, a, /. 

an epitome, an abridgment 
Epitonium, i, n. a pin, or peg 
Epityrum, i, n. a kind of salad 
EpScha, as, /. a solemn date of 

Epodes, is, m. a kind offish 
Epodus, i, /. an epode, a kind of 

Epos, n. indecl. epic, or heroic 
_ poetry, a lofty strain 
Epoto, are, a. to drink up, to 

suck in 
Epotus, a, um, part, drank up, 

swallowed up 
Epulae, arum, pi. f. banquets, 

feasts, a feasting, good cheer, 

victuals, dishes of meat 
Epulandus, a, um, part, to be 

eaten, devoured, or fed upon 
Epulans, tis, part, feasting 
Epularis, e, adj. belonging to 
- feasts, feasting 
Epularium, i, n. a banqueting- 

Epiilatio, onis, /. a feasting, a 

banquet, or feast 
Epulatiirus, a, um, part, about 
^ to feast [feasted 

Epulatus, a, um, part, having 
Epiilo, onis, m. an officer, a guest 
Epulor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

feast, or banquet, to eat 
Eptilum, i, n. a feast, a banquet, 

an entertainment, a treat 

Equa, ae,/. a mare 
Equaria, as,/, a stud of mares 
Equarius, i, m. a horsebreaker 
Eques, Itis, c. g. a horseman, a 
man of arms amongst the Ro- 
mans, a knight, or chevalier, 
one of the three orders in Rome 
betwixt the senators and com- 
monalty, cavalry 
Equester, or Equestris, e, adj. 
of, or belonging to a horse, ot 
to cavalry, knightly, belonging 
to the order of knighthood 
Equestria, um, pi. n. fourteen 
seats in the theatre for the 
Equidem, conj. verily, indeed 
EqiufSrus, i, m. a wild horse 
Eijulle, is, n. a stable for horses 
Equimentum, i, n. the hire of 

a stallion fur covering a mare 
Equlnus, a, um, adj. belonging to 
a horse [hoi se 

Equio, Ire Ivi, n. to desire the 
Equlria, orum, pi. n. horse-rid- 
ings, or races, tournaments, 
. plays 

Equlso, onis, m. a horse's rider, or 
master, an equerry, or groom, a 
Equltabllis, e, adj. that may be 

ridden, easy to ride 
Equitans, tis, part, riding 
Equltatio, finis,/ a riding 
Equitatus, a, um, part, ridden 
Equitatus, us, to. the act of riding, 
^ a company of horsemen, horse 
Equito, are, a. and n. to ride, to 

run, scour, or gallop along 
Equiila, as,/, a mare-colt, a filly 
Equuleus, i, to. a horse-colt, an 
instrument of torture made like 
^ a horse 

Equulus, i, m. dim. a colt or a nag 
Equus, i, m. a horse, a nag, a sea- 
_ fish, a star [erased 

Eradendus, a, um, part, to be 
Eradicatus, a, wm, part, eradicated 
Eradlcltiis, adv. from the very 
_ root 

Eradlco, are, a. to eradicate, to 
root, or grub up, to destroy 
_ utterly 

Erado, 6re, si, sum, a. to scrape 
off, or out, to blot out, to 
_ efface 

Eranus, i, m. a taxga^herer, a tax 
Erasus, a, um, part, rased, scraped, 

or taken out, effaced, blotted 
Ereiscendus, a, um, part, to be 

Ercisco, Sre, n. same as 
Erciscor, i, dep. to divide lands 
Erebgus, a, um, adj. hellish, of 
Erebus, i, m. hell [hell 

Erecte, adv. ius, comp. rightly 
Erectio, onis, /. an erection, a 

Erectus, a, um, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. made erect, or upright, 
standing upright, raised high, 
or up, roused, encouraged, cou- 
_ rageous 

Eremigatus, a, um, part, sailed 
_ over 

Eremigo, are, a. to sail over 
Eremlta, ae, to. a hermit 
Eremlticus, a, um, adj. pertain- 
ing to a hermit 
Eremus, i,/. a wilderness, a desert 
Erepo, 6re, psi, ptum, n. to creep 
out, to get out, or pass over 
_ with difficulty 

Ereptio, onis, / a violent taking 


Erepto, are, freq. to creep along 
_ often 

Ereptor, Oris, m. a robber 
Eiepturus, a, ran, part, about to 

take away 
Ereptus, a, um, part, taken from, 

or out, rescued, delivered, saved 
Eres, is, m. a hedgehog, an urchin 
Eretria, se,/. a kind of ceruse 
Erga, prep, towards, against, over 

Ergastfilarius, i, m. a keeper of a 

workhouse, a keeper of a prison, 

or house of correction 
Ergastulum, i, n. a workhouse, a 

house of correction, a prison, a 

Ergastfdus, i, m. a rogue, a slave 
Ergata, se,/. a capstan, a crane 
Ergo, conj. therefore, then, for, 

because, for the sake 
Erica, se,/. heath, sweet broom 
Encetum, i, n. a heath, a broom- 
l close _ [hog 

Ericeus, and Ericius, \,m. ahedge- 
Erigendus, a, um, part, to be 

Erigens,tis,pa)f. erecting, raising 
£rigidus,a, um, adj. very cold 
Erigo, ere, exi, ectum, a. to erect, 

or make upright, to build up, 

to raise, to set, lift, or hold up, 

to prick up, to draw up, to 

rouse [star 

Erigoneius, a, um, adj. of the dog- 
| Erinaceus, i, m. a hedgehog 
firinnys, yos and yis,/. a fury 
Enpiendus, a, um, part, to be 

taken away 
Eripiens, tis, part, taking away 
Enpio, ere, ui, eptum, a. to take 

away by force, to take away, to 

pluck, pull, or snatch out 
Erithacus, i, m. a robin-redbreast 
Eritius, i, m. a warlike engine 
Erlvatio, onis, /. a drain of water 
Erivo, are, a. to drain by a sluice 
Erix, Icis, /. broom 
Erneum, i, n. a cake baked in an 
_ earthen pot 

Erodens, tis, part, gnawing 
trodo, 6re, si, sum, a. to gnaw 

off, to eat into 
Er6gandus, a, um, part, to be 

bestowed, &c. 
ErOgans, tis, part, bestowing, &c. 
Er&gatio, onis, /. a laying out, a 
_ profuse spending, a distribution 
ErOgator, oris, m. an almoner 
ErOgaturus, a, um, part, about 

to lay out 
Sr6gatus,a, um, part, distributed, 

delivered, or laid out, bestowed, 

Erogito, &ve,freq. to ask, or desire 
_ heartily, to get out 
Er6go, are, a. to lay out, to ex- 
pend, to bestow, to beg, or 

entreat, to get 
Erosio, onis,/. a consuming 
Erosus, a, um, part, eaten into, 

or up [big 

Errabundus, a, um, adj. wandcr- 
Errandus, a, um, part, to be stray- 
** "-Errans, tis, part, wandering, 

straying, creeping here and 

there, creeping about, mistaken 
Erraritia, se, /. a wandering 
Erraticus, a, um, adj. unfixt, 

wandering, straying abroad 
Erratio, onis, /. a wandering, a 

mistake, mutability 
Errator, oris, m. a wanderer, a 



Erratrix, Icis,/. a she wanderer 

Erratum, i, n. an error, a mistake, 
a fault, a miscarriage 

Erraturus, a, um, part, about to 
err, or wander 

Erratus, a, um, part, wandered 
about, strayed over 

Erro, are, n. to rove up and down, 
to roam, to wander, to wander 
about, to stray, to straggle, to 
saunter, to walk abroad, to run, 
to feed, graze, or pasture, to 

Erro, onis, m. a wanderer, a loi- 
terer, a vagabond [stars 

Errones, um, pi. m. wandering 

Erroneus, a, um, adj. erroneous, 

Error, oris, m. an error, a'mistake, 
a false, or wrong opinion, a 

_ deceit, or surprise, a maze 

Erubescendus, a, um, part, to be 
ashamed, of, base, mean, sorry, 

_ poor 

Erubescens, tis, part, blushing 

Erubesco, ere, bui, incep. to be 

_ red, to colour, to blush 

Eruca, se, /. a canker-worm, the 

_ herb rocket 

Eructans, tis, part, belching, 

_ casting, or vomiting out. 

Eructatio, onis,/. a belching 

Eructo, are, n. to belch, to throw 

. U P 

ErudSratus, a, um, part, cleansed, 
_ or freed from rubbish 
Erudero, are, n. to carry out 
rubbish [taught 

Eriidiendus, a, um, part, to be 
Eriidiens, tis, part, teaching, &c. 
Erudio, ire, ivi, itum, a. to teach, 

to instruct, to bring up 
Erudite, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
_ superl. learnedly, skilfully 
Erudltio, onis, /. erudition, learn- 
_ ing, scholarship [teacher 

Eruditrix, icis, /. a mistress, a 
Eruditulus, i, m. a smatterer 
Erudlttilus, a, um, adj. somewhat 
__ learned 

Erudifus, a, um, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. taught, 
_ instructed, educated, bred up 
Eruendus, a, um, part, to be 
_ searched out 

Erugatio, onis, /. a taking away 
_ of wrinkles [smooth 

Erugatus, a, um, part, made 
Erugo, 6re, n. to belch 
Erfigo, are, a. to make smooth 
Erumpens, tis, part, breaking out 
Erumpo, 6re, upi, upturn, n. and 
a. to break, burst, or gush out, 
to issue, or sally forth, or out, 
to send forth, vent, or dis- 
_ charge 

Erunco, are, a. to weed, to pull 
_ out, or up 

Eruo, ere, ui, iitum, a. to pluck, 
tear, root, or dig up, to subvert, 
overthrow,or destroy, to scratch, 
_ or pull out 

Eruptio, onis, /. an eruption, a 
_ sally, a bursting forth 
Erupturus, a, um, part, that will 
_ break out [out 

Eruturus, a, am, part, to pluck 
Eriitus, a, um, part, plucked, or 
weeded out, pulled, or torn up, 
subverted, overthrown, destroy- 
Ervum, i, «. a pulse like tares 
Ei-ysipglas, atis, n. Saint Au- 

thony'B fire 
Erythrseus, a, um, adj. red 


Erythranum, i, n. a species of ivj 

with red berries 
Erythros, i, m. sumach, a shruh 

used by curriers 
Esca, se, /. meat, or food, a bait 
Escarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to meat [up 

Escendo, gre, n. to ascend, or go 
Esciilenta, orum, pi. rc.meat, food 
Esculentus, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to eating 
Esculetum, i, n. a grove of beeches 
Esculeus, a, um, adj. of, or per- 
taining to a beech [beech 
Esctilinus, a, um, adj. made of 
Esctilus, i,/. a beech-tree 
Esitatus, a, um, part, eaten 
Esito, are,/-e9. to eat often, to eat 
Esotericus, a, um, adj. inward 
Esseda, se, /. a chariot, a seat in a 

waggon [riotcer 

Essfidarius, i, m. a carter, a cha- 
EssSdum, i, n. a chariot 
Essentia, se, /. the essence, or 

being of a thing 
Essentialis, e, adj. essential 
Essentialiter, adv. essentially 
Estor, oris, m. he that eats, a 

Estrix, Icis,/. she that eats 
Estrix, Icis, adj. ravenous, greedy 
Esurialis, e, adj. belonging to 
_ fasting [hungry 

Esurlbundus, a, um, adj. very 
Esiiriens, tis, part, being hungry, 
_ covetous, greedy 
Esurienter, adv. hungrily 
Esuries, ei, /. hunger, niggardli- 
_ ness 

Esiirio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to desire 
_ to eat, to be hungry, to be poor 
Esurio, onis, m. a hungry fellow 
Estirltio, onis,/. hunger 
Esurltor, 6ris,m. one often hungry 
Estirlturus, a, um, part, that 

shall be hungry 
Esurus, a, um, part, about to eat 
Esus, us, m. an eating 
Et, conj. and, also, yet even, both, 

and afterwards 
Etenim, conj. for, because, that, 
^ and also, but 
Etgnimverft, adv. for truly 
£tesiacus, a, um, adj. of the trade 

fitesise, arum, pi. m. trade winds 
Etesius, a, um, adj. yearly, east- 
. erly 

Etesticiilatio, onis,/. a gelding 
Ethlca, orum, pi. n. ethics 
Ethice, es, /., or Ethica, se, /. 

moral philosophy 
Ethicus, a, um, adj. ethic, moral 
Ethnicus, a, um, adj. ethnic, 

Eth616gia, se, /. the art, &c. of 

counterfeiting men's manners 
EthdlOgus, i, m. a mimic, a jester 
Eth&pceia, se, /. a representation 

of manners, carriage 
Etiam, conj. also, too, yea, farther 
Etiamnum, adv. as yet, still 
Etiamsi, conj. although 
Etsi, conj. with indie, and subj. 

although, albeit 
Etjfm61ogia, se,/. etymology 
Etym516gicus, a, um, adj. etymo- 
EtjrmolSgus, i, m. an etymologist 
Etymon, i, n. the etymon, of 

original of a word 
Eu, interj. O brave ! 
Evacuandus, a, um, part, to be 

Evacuatio, Onis,/. an emptying 




Evaeuatus, a, Mm, part, evacuated, 

made void [ed 

Evacuefactus, a, um, part, empti- 
Evacuq are, a. to evacuate, to 
_ empty 
Evadens, tis, part, getting away, 

or off 
Evado, ere, si, sum, n. and a. to 

get off, or away, to escape, to 

avoid, to come, go, get, or reach 
_ to, to climb, mount, or ascend 
Evagandus, a, um, part, to wander 
Evagans, tis, part, wandering 
Evagatio, onis, /. a roving abroad 
Evagator, oris, m. he that strays 
Evagatus, a, um, part, wandering 
_ about, going out 
Evaginatus, a, um, part, un- 
_ sheathed [draw 

Evaglno, are, a. to unsheath, to 
Evagor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

wander, stray, or run abroad, to 

rove about, to ramble 
Evaleo, ere, ui, ltum, n. to be of 
_ power, to be able 
Evalesco, ere, ui, incep. to wax 

very strong, to grow strong, to 
_ add 

Evallo, ere, itum, a. to winnow 
Evanescens, tis, part, vanishing 
_ away 
Evanesco, ere, ui, incep. to vanish 

away, to vanish, or disappear, 

to perish, to be lost 
Evangellce, adv. gospel-like 
Evangelicus, a, um, adj. evangelic, 

of the gospel [preacher 

Evangelista, a?, m. an evangelist, a 
Evangelium, i, n. the gospel, good 
__ news, a reward [gospel 

Evangelizo, are, a. to preach the 
fivangelus, i, m. a bringer of good 

Evanidus, a, um, adj. fading, apt 
_ to decay, frail, vain 
Evanno, are, a. to fan, to winnow 
Evans, tis, part, shouting in 
_ praise of Bacchus, bawling 
Evfiporatio, onis,/. an evaporation 
Evaporo, are, a. to evaporate 
Evasio, onis, /. an evasion, an 

escape [destroyed 

Evastandus, a, um, part, to be 
Evastatio, onis, /. a laying waste 
Evastator, oris, m. a waster 
Evastatus, a, um, part, wasted 
Evasto, are, a. to waste, spoil, or 

Evasurus, a, um, part, about to 
_ come off, or end 
Evax, inter j. huzza I 
Eucharistia, ee, f. the eucharist, 

the sacrament of the Lord's 

Supper, a thanksgiving 
Eucharisticus, a, um, adj. eucha- 

Evectio, onis,/. a carrying forth, 

or out 
Evectus, a, um, part, carried, or 

brought out, carried through, 

or beyond, carried, mounted, 

raised, advanced, exalted 
Evectus, us, m. carriage, convey- 
Eveho, ere, exi, ectum, a. to carry 

out, or away, to convey, to 

raise, to lift up, to advance, to 

Evelleudus, a, um, part, to be 

plucked up [out 

Evellens, tis, part, pulling off, or 
Evello, 6re, clli and ulsi, ulsum, a. 

to pluck, or tear up, to pluck, 

or tear out, to pull off, or out 
EvCnio, Ire, eni, entum, n. to 

come out, or proceed, to come, 
to come to pass, to happen, to 
_ fall out 

Eventilator, 6ris, m. a sifter 
Eventilatus, a, um, part, win- 
_ nowed [fan 

Eventilo, are, a. to winnow, to 
Eventum, i, n. an event 
Eventurus, a, um, part, that will 
_ come to pass 

Eventus, us, m. an event, end, or 
issue, an accident, or chance, 
Everberatus, a, um, part, beaten 
Everbero, are, a. to beat, to slap, 
_ to ply [forth 

Evergo, ere, a. to cast, or send 
Everrendus, a, um, part, to be 

Everrlculum, i, n. a drag-net, a 
_ sweep, or draw-net 
Everro, ere, ri, sum, a. to sweep 
clean, or away, to brush, to 
_ scrub, to examine curiously 
Eversio, onis, /. an overthrowing, 
or overturning, an overthrow, a 
_ ruin, a destruction 
Eversor, oris, m. an overthrower, 
_ or destroyer [overturn 

Eversurus, a, um, part, about to 
Eversus, a, um, part, overthrown, 
overturned, cast down, ruined, 
destroyed, broken, shattered 
Eversus, a, um, part, brushed, 
_ scrubbed, robbed 
Evertendus, a, um, part, to be 
_ overthrown 

Everto, ere, ti, sum, a. to turn out 
of, to turn upside down, to 
_ overthrow, to overset, to ruin 
Evestlgatio, onis, /. a searching 
_ out [out 

Evestigator, oris, m. a searcher 
Evestlgatus, a, um, part, found, 
_ or traced out 
Evestigi6, adv. forthwith 
Evestlgo, are, a. to seek, to hunt 

Euge, inter j. O brave ! well done ! 
Euhoe, interj. ho ! oho ! 
Evibratio, onis,/. a brandishing 
Evibro, are, a. to brandish, to stir 

Evictus, a, um, part, overcome, 
vanquished, convicted, cast, 
_ proved guilty 

Evidens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issT- 
mus, superl. evident, clear, plain, 
_ easy 

Evidenter, adv. issime, superl. 
evidently, clearly, plainly, ap- 
_ parently 

Evldentia, se, /. evidence, perspi- 
cuity, clearness 
Evlgilandus, a, um, part, to be 
_ passed without sleep 

1 itio, onis, /. a waking 
Evigilatus, a, um, part, done by 
watchfulness, care, or good ad- 
_ vice 

Evigilo, are, n. to watch, to awake, 
_ to be careful or laborious 
Evilesco, ere, n. to grow cheap, 
_ to decline [subdued 

Evincendus, a, um, part, to be 
Evincio, Ire, viuxi, a. to bind, or 
_ tie 

Evinco, gre, Ici, ictum, a. to 
evince, or prove, to show, to 
vanquish, to overcome, to sub- 
due, to master 
Evinctus, a, um, part, bound, tied 

up, fettered, manacled 
Eviratio, onis, /. a gelding, a 
weakening, a discouraging 

Eviratus, a, um, part, ior, comp 
unmanned, gelded, effeminate 
Eviio, are, a. to emasculate, to 
geld . [bowelled 1 

Eviscgratus, a, um, part. 
Eviscero, are, a. to embowel, to 
. gut 

Evitabilis, e, adj. avoidable 
EvUandus, a, um, part, to be! 
_ avoided 

Evltatio, onis,/. an avoiding 
Evltaturus, a, um, part, about to 
_ avoid [escaped 

Evltatus, a, um, part, avoided, 
Evito, are, a. to avoid, to shun, to 

fly, to escape, to kill 
Eul6gia, a;,/, praise, benediction, 

a good, or probable reason 
Eunucho, are, a. to castrate, to 

Eunuchus, i, m. an eunuch, a 
gelded, or continent man, a 
chamberlain, a great officer in 
_ a king's court 

Ev6candus, a, um, part, to be 
_ called forth 

Ev5catio, onis, /. a calling forth, 
_ an invocation, or calling upon 
Ev5cator, oris, m. he that calls 
_ forth 
EvOcatus, a, um, part, called out, 

summoned, invited, implored 

EvOcatus, i, m. a veteran called 

again to service after a dis- 

_ mission, and made a captain 

Evoco, are, a. to call out, forth, 

or away, to call, or bid to come, 

to command to appear, to send 

for, to summon, to call upon, or 

implore, to invite, allure, or 

entice, to provoke, to challenge, 

_ or dare 

Evce, a word often repeated by 
_ the priests of Bacchus 
Evohe, or Euoe, interj. the same 
Evfrians, tis, part, flying out of 
Ev5laticus, a, um, adj. that gads 
_ abroad [fly 

E»Claturus, a, um, part, about to 
Ev&lito, are, freq. to fly out of 
Ev6lo, are, n. to fly out, or away, 
to hasten away, to pass away 
_ quickly, to rush out 
Evolvenclus, a, um, part, to be 
_ rolled, &c. 

Evolvens, tis, part, rolling down 
Evolvo, ere, vi, utum, a. to roll, or 
tumble down, over, or away, to 
pull out, to unfold, to extricate, 
or disengage, to sever, or sepa- 
rate, to expound, to declare, or 
_ utter, to discover 
Evolutio, onis, /. a rolling, or 
_ tumbling over, a reading over 
Evolutus, a, um, part, unfolded, 
_ stripped off, turned out 
Ev5mens, tis, part, vomiting up, 
_ or out 

Ev6mo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to vomit 
up, or out, to spue, or cast out, 
to disembogue, or discharge 
Euphonia, ep,/. a good sound 
Eurlnus, a, um, adj. eastern 
Eurlpus, i, m. an arm of the sea, 
an inlet, or creek, a frith, a 
canal, a pool, a ditch, trench, or 
Euroaquilo, onis, m. tne north- 
east wind [wind 
Euroauster, tri, m. a south-east 
Eurocljdon, onis, m. same aa 

Euronotus, i, m. a south-east wind 
Eurus, i, m. the east-wind, tnt 
eastern parts 





Suschemg, adv. handsomely 
ivulgatio, 6nis, /. a publishing 
j, abroad 
Lvulgator, oris, m. a publisher 
jvulgo, are, a. to publish, to 

spread abroad 
ivulsio, onis, /. a plucking, pul- 
_ liDg, or drawing out 

Syulsus, a, um, part, pulled, torn, 
or rooted up, drawn out, drained 

Ex, prep, out of, of, for, from, by, 
in, with, above, before, since, 
after, among, or one of, accord- 
ing to, in respect to, by reason 
of, for the sake of [ed 

Exacgratus, a, um, part, winnow- 

Exacerbatus, a, um, part, pro- 
voked [angry 

Ex&cerbesco, fire, incep. to grow 

Exacerbo, are, a. to provoke 

Exacero, are, a. to winnow, to fan 

Exacervo, are, a. to heap toge- 

Exacesco, fere, ui, n. to grow sour, 
or tart 

Exacte, adv. exactly, perfectly 

Exactio, onis, /. exaction, a ga- 
thering, &c. of public money, a 
demanding, requiring, or dun- 
ning, a driving out 

Exactor, oris, m. a gatherer, or 
receiver of money, a collector of 
taxes, or tolls 

Exactum, i, n. an exact thing 

Exacturus, a, um, part, about to 
exact, pass over, &c. 

Exactus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. ex- 
acted, demanded, taken, driven 
out, or away, banished, expel- 
led, driven, thrust, agitated, 
plagued, past, spent, nearly 
spent, done, finished 

Exactus, us, m. a sale of wares 

Exacuendus, a, um, part, to be 
sharpened, provoked, &c. 

Exacuens, tis, part, sharpening, 

Ex&cuo, gie, ui, utum, a. to whet, 
or sharpen, to point, to quicken, 
to excite 

Exacutio, onis,/. the pointing, or 
making of a thing sharp 

Exacutus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. made sharp, pointed 

Exadversum and Exadversus, adv. 
over against 

Exaedif icatio, onis, /. a building 
up, the making a thing perfect 

Exaedificatus, a, um, part, built 

Exaedif ico, are, a. to build up, to 
build, to finish, to complete, to 
make an end of 

Exaequabilis, e, adj. that may be 
equalled, or made smooth 

Exaequandus, a, um, part, to be 

Exaequatio, onis, /. a levelling 

Exaequatus, a, um, pari, made 
equal, plain, level, or smooth 

Exaequo, are, a. to make equal, 
even, plain, or smooth, to equal, 
or equalize 

Exaestuans, tis, part, boiling up 

Exaestuatio, onis,/. a boiling 

Exaestuo, are, n. to boil, to boil 
up, or over, to cast up surges 

Exaevio, ivi and ii, Itum, n. to 
grow gentle, or mild 

Exagggrandus, a, um, part, to be 
heightened, or increased, to 

Exagggrans, tig, part, exaggerat- 


Exagggratio, onis,/. an exaggera- 
tion, a heaping together, or up 

Exagggratus, a, um, part, heaped 
up, increased, enlarged, ampli- 

Exagggro, are, a . to heap up, to 
increase, to enlarge, to aggra- 

Exagitandus, a, um, part, to be 
driven, hunted, &c. 

Exagitans, tis, part, harassing, 

Exagitatio, onis,/. a stirring up 

Exagitator, oris, m. a persecutor 

Exagltatus, a, um, part, agitated, 
harassed, persecuted, driven 
out, canvassed, beaten 

Exagito, are, a. to harass, to per- 
secute, to drive, or chase away, 
to disturb, to alarm, or terrify, 
to move, to rouse 

Exagoga, ae, m. an exporter 

Exagoglcus, a, um, adj. belonging 
to exportation [wan 

Exalbesco, fire, grow pale, or 

Exalbidus, a, um, adj. pale, or 

Exalburnatus, a, um, adj. deprived 
of the alburnum 

Exalgeo, ere, n. to be very cold 

Exaltatio, onis, /. exaltation, 

Exaltator, oris, m. a boaster 

Exalt atus, a, um, part, exalted, 

Exalto, are, a. to exalt, to raise, 
to lift up, highly to praise 

Exalummatus, a, um, part, clear, 
made fair and bright, orient 

Examen, inis, n. a swarm, a flock, 
a shoal, a company, the tongue, 
beam, or needle of a balance, an 
examination, test, or trial 

Examinandus, a, um, part, to be 

Examinate, adv. advisedly, warily 

Exammatio, onis,/. an examina- 
tion [amined 

Examinatus, a, um, part, ex- 

Examino, are, a. to examine, to 
weigh, to try, to swarm 

Examitum, i, n. an amice, a 
popish dress 

Examo, are, a. to love greatly 

Examurco, are, a. to cleanse 

Examussim, adv. exactly, by rule 

Exanguis, e, adj. pale, lifeless, 

Exanimalis, e, adj. killing, cor- 
roding, void of soul, dead 

Exammans, tis, part, killing 

Exanimatio, onis, /. a dishearten- 

Exanimatus, a, um, part, dis- 
heartened, dispirited, dejected, 
disturbed, troubled, amazed, 

Exanimis, e, adj. astonished, 
heartless, lifeless, dead 

Exanimo, are, a. to astonish, to 
stun, to kill 

Exanimus, a, um, same as Ex- 

Exanthema, atis, n. an eruption 

of the skin 
Exantlatus, a, um, part, pumped 
out, exhausted, spent, endured, 
Exantlo, are, a. to draw out, to 
empty, to suffer, to sustain, en- 
dure [ready 
Exapto, are, a. to fit, to make 
Exaptus, a, um, adj. very fit 
Exarafio, Onis, /. a ploughing, a 
writing, an engraving 

Exarator, Oris, m. a plougher, 
writer, or engraver [rased 

Ex&ratus, a, um, part, ploughed, 

Exarchus, i, m. an exarch, a 

Exardeo, ere, si, sum, to burn, to 
be on fire, to be very hot, fierce, 
or vehement, to become terri- 
ble, to shine [hot 

Exardescens, tis, part, glowing 

Exardesco, fire, n. to grow hot, to 
be very desirous 

Exareflo, gri, factus, n. pass, to 
be dried up [sand 

Exareno, are, a. to purge from 

Exareo, ere, ui, n. and Exaresco, 
ere, to be, or grow dry, to 
wither, to pine, to waste away, 
to decay 

Exarmatus, a, um, part, disarmed 

Exarmo, are, a. to disarm 

Exaro, are, a to receive, or get by 
ploughing, to plough, or dig up, 
to furrow, to write 

Exarsurus, a, um, part, about to 
burn out [carve 

Exartuo, are, a. to joint meat, to 

Exasciatus, a, um, part, rough- 
hewn [chip 

Exascio, are, a. to rough-hew, to 

Exasperaturus, a, um, part, about 
to exasperate, orxex 

Exasperatus, a, um, part, shar- 
pened, enraged, swelled 

Exaspgro, are, a. to exasperate, to 
enrage, to provoke, to vex, to 
make sharp, or rough 

Exauctoratus, a, um, part, dis- 
banded, discharged, dismissed, 
discarded, cashiered 

Exauctoro, are, o. to disband, to 
discharge, to dismiss, to dis- 
card [fectly 

Exaudiens, tis, part, hearing per- 

Exaudio, Ire, ivi, itum, a. to hear 
perfectly, to hear, to regard 

Exaudltus, a, um, part, heard, 
granted, regarded 

Exaugeo, ere, xi, ctum, o. to in- , 
crease much [ing 

Exaugiiratio, onis,/. an unhallow- 

Exaugurator, oris, m. he that un- 
hallows, or profanes 

Exaugiiratus, a, um, part, made 
common, profaned 

Exaugftro, are, a. to profane 

Exausptcatio, onis, /. an unlucky 

Exauspico, are, a. to do a thing 

Exbalisto, are, a. and n. to sling 
stones, to shoot, to cozen 

Exbibo, gre, a. to drink [blind 

Excaecatio, onis, /. a making 

Excaecatus, a, um, part, blinded, 
stopped up, concealed 

Excaeco, are, a. to make, or render 
blind, to blind, to deprive of 
reason, to deceive, to hide 

Excalceandus, a, um, part, to 
have the shoes pulled off 

Excalceatus, a, um, part, bare- 
footed [shoes 

Excalceo, are, a. to pull off the 

Excalgfacio, or Excalfacio, gre, 
feci, factum, a. to make very 

Excalfactio, onis, /. a heating 

Excalfactdrius, a, um, adj. that 
heats, or is apt to heat 

Excalfio, gri, factus, n. pass, to 
be made hot 

Excalpo, gre, psi, ptum, a. to 
scratch, to engrave, to cut in 

tfceambium, i, n. an exchanga 
E 3 



* EXC 

Excandefacio, ere, feci, factum, 
a. to make very hot, or angry 

Excandescentia, se, /. excandes- 

Excandesco, ere, ui, incep. to 
grow very hot, to be in a fume, 
to be very angry 

Excantatus, a, um, part, charmed 

Excanto, are, a. to enchant, to 
bewitch, to charm, to charm 

Excarnlficatus, a, um, part, quar- 
tered, cut in pieces 

Excarnifico, are, a. to quarter, or 
cut in pieces, to torment 

Excavatio, onis, /. a making hol- 
low [hollow 

Excavatus, a, um, part, made 

Excavo, are, a. to hollow out 

Excedens, tis, part, exceeding, 
departing, dying, &c. 

Excedo, ere, essi, essum, n. to de- 
part, to go forth, or out, to 
quit, to go, come, or arrive at 

Excellens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. excelling, 
surmounting, rising, high, ex- 

Excellenter, adv. excellently 

Excellentia, ae,/. excellence, dig- 

Excello, 6re, ui, sum, n. to excel, 
to surmount, to be high, to 
ascend, to lift up 

Excelse, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. highly, on high, loftily, 

Excelsifas, atis, /. height, lofti- 
ness, haughtiness, nobleness 

Excelsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. high, tall, lofty, 

Exceptans, tis, part, taking up 

Exceptio, onis, /. an exception, or 
restraining clause, a demur, a 

Exceptitius, a, um, adj. excepted 

Exceptiuncula, ae, /. a small ex- 

Excepto, are, freq. to take, or 
draw in, to gather 

Excepturus, a, um, part, about 
to except, or receive 

Exceptus, a, um, part, except- 
ed, received, welcomed, enter- 
tained, taken prisoner, taken, 

Excerno, ere, crevi, cretum, a. to 
sift, or sieree, to purge, or 
cleanse, to void by stool, to 
hawk, or spit out 

Excerpendus, a, um, part, to be 

Excerpens, tis, port, picking out 

Excerpo, ere, psi, ptum, a. to 
pick, to take out, or choose, to 

Excerpta, orum, pi. n. things 
culled out 

Excerptio, onis, /. a culling out. 

Excerptor, Oris, m. a culler 

Excerptus, a, um, part, picked 
out, chosen 

Excessurus, a, um, part, about 
to exceed, or depart 

Excessus, us, m. excess, a going 
out, a departure, death, decease, 
a standing out, a digression 

Excetra, »,/. a viper, or serpent, 
a curse 

Excidendus, a, um, part, to be de- 

Excldens, tis, part, falling away, 
failing, cutting off, destroying' 

Excidio, onis,/. destruction 

Excldium, i, n. and Exscidium, 
the sacking of a city, ruin, de- 

Excido, ere, di, n. to fall out, or 
away, to slip, or escape, to drop, 
to fail, to be disappointed 

Excido, ere, di, sum, a. to cut 
out, down, or up, to hew, to 
root out, to rase, to destroy 

Exciens, tis, part, raising 

Excieo, ere, vi, a. to raise 

Excindo, ere, Idi, issum, a. to 
cut off, out, or down, to over- 
throw, root out, or abolish 

Excingo, 6re, xi, d. to ungird, to 

Excio, ire, Ivi, itum, a. to call out, 
to send for, to raise up, to 
waken, to rouse, to summon, to 

Excipiendus, a, um, part, to be 
received, caught, expected, &c. 

Excipiens, tis, part, receiving, ex- 
cepting, taking in short-hand 

Excipio, ere, epi, eptum, a. to re- 
ceive, to take, to take up, to 
pick up, to catch, to undertake, 
to sustain, to entertain, to de- 
light, to ensnare, "to surprise, to 
except, or exclude, to pull out 

Exciptuus, i, m. a receiver 

Excisatus, a, um, part, cut off, 

Excisio, onis,/. an excision, a de- 

Exclso, are, a. to crop, cut, or 

Excisorius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to cutting, or carving 

Excisus, a, um, part, cut off, out, 
or down, rased, destroyed 

Excitandus, a, um, part, to be 
raised up 

Excitate, adv. briskly, vehemently 

Excltator, oris, m. an exciter 

Excitatiirus, a, um, part, about to 
stir up 

Excltatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. stir- 
red up, roused, awaked, raised, 
exalted, advanced, loud, shrill, 

Excito, are, a. to exoite, to stir, 
raise, rouse, or put up, to waken, 
to incite, to instigate, to ani- 
mate, to encourage, to quicken, 
to enliven, to invigorate 

Excito, are. freq. to excite, to pro- 

Exclturus, a, um, part, about to 
stir up 

Excltus, a, um, part, called, or 
raised up 

Exclamatio, onis, /. an exclama- 
tion, an outcry, a shout 

Exclamator, oris, m. one that 

Exclamo, are, n. and a. to exclaim, 
to cry out, to call out, to bawl 

Excludens, tis, part, excluding, 

Exclude, ere, si, sum, a. to ex- 
clude, to shut, or put out, to 
reject, or refuse, to debar, to 

Exclusio, onis, /. an exclusion, a 
shutting out 

Exclusive, adv. exclusively 

Exclusurus, a, um, part, that will 
shut out 

Exclusus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. shut, cast, or 
thrust out, debarred 

Exclusus, us, m, a shutting out 

Excoctio, 6nis, /. a thoroug], 

baking, or boiling 
Excoctus, a, um, part. well-boile«L 

boiled, baked, perfectly tried 
Bxcogltandus, a, um, part, to be 

found out, or devised' 
Excogltans, tis, part, devising 
Excogitatio, onis,/. an invention, 

a device 
Excogltator, oris, m. an inventor, 

a deviser 
Excogitatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. devised, invent- 
ed, found out, thought upon 
Excogito, are, a. to find out, or 
contrive, to devise, to project, 
to think 
Excolendus, a, um, part, to be 
taught, instructed, or trained up 
Exc61o, ere, ui, ultum, a. to till, 
or cultivate, to improve, to 
adorn, deck, or polish, to trim 
up, to instruct, to perform 
Excommunlcatio, onis, /. an ex- 
Excommunlcatus, a, um, part. 

Excommunico, are, a. to excom- 
Excompact6, adv. on purpose 
Exconsul, ulis, m. one formerly 

Excontinenti, adv. immediately, 

out of hand 
Excoquo, ere, oxi, octum, a. to 
boil thoroughly, or away, to dry 
up, to refine, to devise 
Excorio, are, a. to flay, to whip 
Excors, dis, adj. heartless, spirit- 
less, witless, foolish, simple, 
Excreabilis, e, adj. that may be 

spit out 
Excrcans, tis, part, spitting out 
Excreatio, onis,/. a spitting out 
Excrementum, i, n. an excrement, 
ordure [Exscreo 

Excreo, are, a. to hawk, same as 
Excrescens, tis, part, growing out 
Excresco, ere, crevi, cretum, n. to 
grow out, or up, to increase, to 
rise [excrements 

Excretio, onis, /. the voiding of 
Excretum, i, n. refuse, or offal 
Excreturus, a, um, part, about to 

void by stool 
Excretus, a, um, part, well-grown, 
purged, voided, sifted [ticn 

Excrimlnatio, onis, /. an accusa- 
Excruciabilis, e, adj. punishable 
Excriiciandiis, a, um, part, to be 

Excrilciatus, a, um, part, tor- 
mented, tortured [afflict 
Excriicio, are, a. to torment, to 
Exctibans, tis,part. keepingwatch 
Excubatio, onis,/. a watching 
Excubaturus, a, um, part, about 

to watch 
Excubiae, arum, pl.f. watch, ward, 
the sentry, the guard, al aying 
Exciibicularius, i, m. an ex- 
chamberlain [watch 
Exciibltor, oris, m. a sentinel, the 
Excubltus, us, m. a watch 
Excubo, are, n. to watch, to keep 
watch, to stand sentry, to stand 
upon one's guard, to lie down, 
or out, to grow 
Excudo, ere, di, sum, a. to beat, 
or strike out, to stamp, or coin, 
to forge, to make, to hatch, to 
find out with study, tocompose, 
to wrest from, or obtain by en- 




Exculcatus, a, uns, part, kicked 
out, out of date 

Exculco, are, a. to tread, or 
trample upon, to kick out 
: Exculpo, ere, psi, ptura, a. to en- 
grave, or carve, to pull out, to 
erase, to get hardly, or wrest 
from one 

Excultus, a, um, part, cultivated, 
dressed, adorned, garnished, 

Excuratus, a, um, part, and adj. 
handsomely received, dressed, 
or handled diligently, choice 
V\« Excurrens, tis, part, sallyingforth, 
! superfluous, redundant 
It Excurro, £re, curri and cucurri, 
] sum, n. to run out, or hastily, 
q to issue, or sally out, or forth, 
j to rush out 
i Excursatio, onis,/. an excursion 

Excursator, oris, m. a light horse- 

Excursio, Onis, /. an excursion, a 
sally, an incursion, inroad, or 
invasion, a digression, a diver- 
sion [down 
. Excurso, are, a. to run up and 

Excursor, oris, m. a courier, a 
straggler, a skirmisher, a corsair 

Excursurus, a, um, part, about 
to go abroad 

Excursus, a, um, part, passed over 

Excursus, us, m. an excursion, a 
stage, a course beyond due 
bounds, a digression, a sally 

Excusabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. ex- 
cusable, that may be excused 

Excusandus, a, um, part, to be 

Excusans, tis, part, excusing 

Excusate, adv. ius, comp. with 
excuse, tolerably 

Excusatio, onis, /. an excuse, or 

Excusaturus, a, um, part, about 
to excuse 

Excusatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior comp. issimus, superl. ex- 
cused, taken for an excuse 

Excuso, are, to excuse, to allege 
for, or in excuse, to cloak 

Excusor, oris, m. a printer, a 
founder, a coiner 

Excusse, adv. exactly, strictly 

Excussorius, a, um, adj. that 
shakes out 

Excussus, a, um, part, issimus, 
superl. shaken off, chased, or 
driven out, flung, cast 

Excusus, a, um, part, forged, 
printed, coined 

Exctitiendus, a, um, part, to be 
shaken off, to be overcome 

Excutiens, tis, part, shaking off, 
or out 

Exciitio, ere, ussi, ussum, a. to 
shake off, or out, to strike, dash, 
or fetch out, to make to drop, 
or fall, to shake, to brandish, 
to throw, or fling, to discharge, 
to rouse 

Exdorso, are, same as 

Exdorsuo, are, a. to flay, split out, 
or part along the ridge-bone 

Ex6co, are, ui, ctum, a. to cut off, 
or out, to cut, to make a hole 
in, to castrate, to take off, or 
away, to remove, to get, or 

Execrabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
execrable, abominable, detest- 
able, odious, horrible 

Execrabilitas, atis,/. cursedness 

Exacrabillter, adv. execrably 

Execrandus, a, um, part, exe- 
crable, cursed 

Execrans, tis, part, cursing 

Execratio, onis, /. an execration, 
or curse, a curse, hatred 

Execratus, a, um, part, issimus, 
superl. cursed, abhorred, de- 
tested, devoting 

Execror, ari, atus sura, dep. to 
curse, to abhor, to detest, to 
devote [out 

Exectio, onis, /. a cutting off, or 

Exectus, a, um, part, cut off, or 
out, cut, castrated, deprived, 

Executio, onis, /. an execution, a 
performance, a government 

Executor, oris, m. an executor, a 
punisher, an avenger 

Exgcuturus, a, um, part, about to 
execute [followed 

Executus, a, um, part, that hath 

Exedendus, a, um, part, to be 
eaten up [rosive 

Exgdens, tis, part, eating, cor- 

Exedentulus, a, um, adj. toothless 

Exgdo, ere, edi, esum, a. to eat, 
to eat up, or out, to consume, 
to destroy 

Exedra, se, /. a bye-place, a jut- 
ting building with seats, a par- 
lour, a drawing-room 

Exemplar, aris, »., and Exem- 
plare, is, n. a pattern, a plan, or 
model, a copy 

Exemplaris, e, adj. that serves as 
a pattern, or example 

Exemplatus, a, um, part, exem- 

Exemplo, are, a. to exemplify, to 
copy, to transcribe 

Exemplum, i, n. an example, an 
instance, a precedent, a copy, a 
draught, or plan, a model, a 
sample, a resemblance 

Exemptilis, e, adj. easily taken 

Exemptio, onis, /. an exemption 

Exemptor, oris, m. a taker away 

Exemptus, us, m. a taking away 

Exemptus, a, um, part, exempted, 
spared, privileged, taken out, or 
away, chosen out 

Exentera, orum, pi. n. the bowels 

Exenteratio, onis, /. a gutting 

Exent6ratus, a, um, part, gutted, 

Exentero, are, a. to gut, to 
paunch, to draw, to empty 

Exeo, Ire, Ivi, itum, n. to go out, 
or away, to set, get, or comb 
out, to set sail, to depart, to re- 
tire, or withdraw, to escape, to 
avoid, to be continued, or ex- 
tended, to proceed 

Exgquendus, a, um, part, to exe- 
cute, or he executed 

Exgquens, tis, part, executing, 

Exgquise, arum, pi. f. funeral 
solemnities, or rites, a burial, 

Ex^quialis, e, adj. of a funeral 

Exgquor, i, cutus sum, dep. to 
execute, to do, or perform, to 
effect, or accomplish, to follow, 
to pursue, to prosecute, to go 
on, to persist, to imitate, to 
punish, to revenge 

Exgquutus, a, um, part, ihat hath 
followed [exercised 

Exercendus, a, um, part, to be 

Exercens, tis, part, exercising, 

Exerceo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to exer- 

cise, to practise, to exert, tG 
use, to make use of, to employ, 
to find employment, or work, 
to get 

Exercitandus, a, um, part, to be 

Exercitatio, onis, /. exercise, use, 
custom, recreation 

Exercitator, oris, m. an exercisel 

Exercitatrix, icis,/. the art, skill, 
or practice of exercise 

Exercitatus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. exercised, 
practised, experienced, accus- 
tomed, hardened 

Exercitio, onis, /. exercise, a share 

Exercitium, i, n. use, practice 

Exercito, are, frea. to exercise 
often [master 

Exercitor, oris, m. a tutor, or 

Exercitorius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to exercise 

Exercitus, a, um, part, exercised, 
employed, inured to, hardened 
in, tormented, teased, vexed 

Exercitus, us, m. an army, a host, 
or band of armed soldiers, a 
great flock, or shoal 

Exero, erere, ui, turn, a. to exert, 
to thrust, or draw out, to put 
forth [cline 

Exerro, are, n. to deviate, to de- 

Exertans, tis, part, thrusting out, 

Exerte, adv. plainly, openly, nicely 

Exerto, are, freq. to hold, put, or 
thrust out, to show 

Exertus, a, um, part, shown, 
drawn out, put forth 

Exesor, oris, m. an eater up, a 

Exesurus, a, um, part, that will 
eat up 

Exesus, a, um, part, eaten up, 
consumed, gnawn, worn, old 

Exf61io, are, n. to take out leaves 

Exfututus, a, um, part, exhausted 

Exgurgito, are, a. to throw out 

Exhaeredans, tis, part, disinherit- 
ing [riting 

Exhaeredatio, onis, /. a disinhe- 

Exhaeredatus, a, um, part, dis- 

Exhseredo, are, a. to disinherit 

Exhares, edis, c. g. one disin 

Exhalans, tis, part, breathing out 

Exhalatio, onis, /. an exhalation 

Exhalatus, a, um, part, breathed 

Exhalo, are, a. to exhale, to 
breathe out, to send forth, to 
emit, to steam 

Exhauriendus, a, um, part, to be 
emptied, &c. 

Exhaurio, ire, si, stum, a. to ex- 
haust, to empty, to draw out, 
to spend, consume, or waste, to 
pillage, or rob, to dig up 

Exhaustum, i, n. the taking of 

Exhaustus, a, um, part, exhausted, 
emptied, drained, drawn out, or 
dry, beggared, wearied, tired 

Exhedra, is, f. same as Exedra, a 

Exhedrium, i, n. the same 

Exherbandus, a, um, part, to be 

Exherbo, are, a. to weed 

Exhibendus, a, um, part, to ex- 
hibit, be exhibited, to show 

Exhibens, tis, part, showing 

Exhibeo, ere, ui, itum, a. to ex- 
hibit, to show, to discover, ta 


make appear, to make gaod, to 
produce, to offer 

Exhibltio, onis,/. an exhibition, a 
producing for public view 

'xhlblturus, a, um, part, abot t to 
exhibit, or show 

Exlribitus, a, um, part, exhibited, 
shown, discovered, given 

Exhilaratio, onis,/. a comforting 

Exhilaratus, a, um, part, made 
merry, comforted, refreshed 

Exhilaro, are, a. to exhilarate, to 
make merry, to rejoice, to de- 

Exhinc, adv. next [light 

Exhio, are, n. to gape wide 

Exhorreo, ere, ui, n. to dread 

Exhorresco, ere, n. to tremble, to 
shudder, to dread, to be sore 
afraid of [exhorted 

Exhortandus, a, um, part, to be 

Exhortans, tis, part, exhorting 

Exhortatio, onis,/. an exhortation, 
an encouraging 

Exhortatus, a, um, part, that hath 
exhorted or encouraged, en- 

Exhortor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
exhort, encourage, or cherish 

Exlbilo, are, a. to hiss off 

Exiccatus, a, um, part, dried up 

Exiccesco, fire, incep. to grow dry 

Exicco, are, a. to dry thoroughly, 
to quaff 

Exiens, euntis, part, going out 

Exigendus, a, um, part, to de- 
mand, or be demanded 

Exigens, tis, part, driving out, de- 

Exigo, ere, egi, actum, a. to ex- 
act, to drive out, or away, to 
expel, or banish, to divorce, to 
hiss off, or explode 

Exigue, adv. very little, niggardly, 
sparingly, scarcely, hardly 

Exiguitas, atis, /. littleness, slen- 
derness, scantiness 

Exlguum, i, n. a little 

Exigjius, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. little, small, puny, pitiful 

Exllio, Ire, ui, and ii, ultum, n. to 
go out hastily, or quickly, to 
leap, issue, or gush out, to leap, 
start, or fly up, to leap, or skip 

Exilis, e, adj ior, conip. slender, 
fine, thin, lean, hungry, or bar- 
ren, trifling, small, little, low, 
creeping, shrill, treble 

Exilitas, atis, /. slenderness, 
smallness, barrenness, poor- 
ness, flatness 

Exiliter, adv. faintly, poorly, badly 

Exilium, i. n. exile, banishment 

Exlmendus, a, um, part, to be 
taken out 

Exlmie, adv. choicety, excellently, 
sumptuously ,particularly,dearly 

Exlmius, a, um, a>l). choice, se- 
lect, particular, Unparalleled, 

Eximo, ere, emi, emptum, a. to 
exempt, to free, deliver, or dis- 
charge, to take out, or away, to 

Exln', adv. afterwards [dig 

Exinaniendus, a, um, part to be 

Exinaniens, evacuating 
Exinanio, Ire, ivi, Itum, a. to eva- 
cuate, or discharge, to empty, 
to unlade, to waste away, to 
strip, or plunder 
Exinanitio, onis,/. an emptying 
Extnanitus, a, um. part, emptied, 

plundered, brought to nought 
Exinde, adv. from that time, from 
i* place, from a thing 


Exinsperat6, adv. unexpectedly 
Exintegr6, adv. afresh, anew ■ 
Exinteratus, a, um, part, em- 

bowelled, paunched. 
Exjocor, ari, dep. to jest, to joke 
Existens, tis, part, existing, being 
Existentia, ae,/. existence 
Existimandus, a, um, part, to be 
thought, esteemed, valued, &c. 
Existimans, tis, part, thinking, 

Existimatio, onis, /. an opinion, a 
name, reputation, respect, es- 
teem, credit 
Existimator, oris, m. one that 

gives his opinion, a guesser 
Existimaturus, a, um, part, about 

to judge, esteem, &c. 
Existimatus, a, um, part, thought, 
deemed, judged, reckpned, es- 
Existimo, are, a. to think, to sup- 
pose, or imagine, to judge, to 
Existo, ere, extiti, n. to exist, to 
be, to become, to come, rise, or 
spring, to be seen, to appear 
Exitiabilis, e, adj. hurtful, de- 
structive, fatal, pestilent, veno- 
mous, cruel 
Exitialis, e, adj. mischievous, de- 
structive, pernicious, mortal, 
fatal [out 

Exitio, onis, /. a going forth, or 
Exltiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
deadly, fatal, mischievous, dan- 
Exitium, i, n. destruction, ruin, 
death, mischief, a distemper, a 
plague, a departure, destroyer 
Exiturus, a, via, part, about to go 

Exitus, us, m. an outlet, an end, 
or issue, death, an event, a 
result, an effect, a resource, 
success [oath 

Exjuro, are, a. to vow with an 
ExlecSbra, a?,/, a device 
Exlex, egis, e.g. a lawless person 
Exlibratus, a, um, part, weighed 
ExmSveo, ere, a. to remove [out 
Exobsgcro, are, a. to entreat earn- 
Exocdlatus, a, um, part, blinded 
Exocido, are, a. to put out the eyes 
ExOdiarius, i, m. an interlude- 
Ex6dium, i, n. the end, a farce 
Exoleo, ere, %. to fade, or wither 
Ex61escens, tis, part, falling to 

Ex61esco, ere, ui, and evi, etum, n. 
to grow stale, or out of use, to 
be out of mind, to be forgotten 
Ex51etus, a, um, part, grown stale, 
worn out, out of use, or date, 
defaced, forgotten 
ExOletus, i, m. an old catamite 
Exolvo, Sre, vi, utum, a. to unbind, 
to loose, to free, to disentangle, 
or disengage, to raise, to pay, 
to return, to perform 
Ex61utus, a, um, part, loosed, un- 
bound, freed, not costive, ex- 
plained [pay 
Ex61uturus, a, um, part, about to 
Ex5nerandus, a, um, part, to un- 
burden, or be unburdened, to 
unload [easing 
Ex6n6rans, tis, part, unloading, 
Ex6ngraturus, a, um, part, about 

to unload, empty, &c. 
Exoneratus, a, um, part . unloaded, 

Exonero, are, a. to unload, to un- 


burden, to lighten, to ease, to 
free from, to discharge 
Exopinat&, adv. unawares 
Exoptabilis, e, adj. to be wished 

or desired 
Exoptandus, a, um, part, to be 
earnestly wished for, or desired 
Exoptans, tis, part, earnestly 

wishing or desiring 
Exoptatio, onis, /. an earnest 
wishing [wish 

Exoptat&, adv. even as one would 
Exopto, are, a. to wish, or desire 
greatly ,.to wish, or long for, to 
wish [rable 

Exorabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. exo- 
Exorabulum, i, n. a persuasive 
Exorandus, a, um, part, to be en- 
Exorans, tis, part, begging, re- 
questing, prevailing upon 
Exorator, oris, m. he that prevails 

by entreaty 
Exoraturus, a, um, part, about to 

Exoratus, a, um, part, obtained 

by entreaty, persuaded 
Exorbeo, ere, ui, ptum, a. to sup, 
or drink up, to swallow, to 
shed plentifully 
Exorbito, avi, atum, a. to go out 

of the track, to deviate 
Exorbitans, tis, part, exorbitant, 

Exorbo, are, a. to bereave, to kill 
Exorcismus, i, m. an exorcism 
Exorcista, ae, m. an exorcist, a 

Exorcizo, are, a. to exorcize, to 

raise, or lay spirits, to adjure 

Exordine, adv. orderly, in order 

Exordior, Iri, sus sum, dep. to 

begin, to undertake, to use a 


Exordium, i, n. a beginning, a 

preface, a preamble 
Exoriens, tis, part, rising 
Exorior, reris, Iri, ortus sum, dep. 
to rise, to spring up, to appear, 
to be born, to proceed 
Exornandus, a, um, part, to be 

Exornatio, onis, /. a decking, a 
garnishing, ornament, elegance 
Exornator, oris, m. a setter off 
Exornatrix, Icis,/. she that decks 
Exornaturus, a, um, part, about 

to adorn 
Exornatus, a, um, part, issimus, 

superl. adorned, set off 
Exorno, are, a. to adorn, to em- 
bellish, to set off, or forth, to 
deck, to dress, to commend, to 
Exoro, are, a. to entreat, to beg 
earnestly, to get by entreaty, to 
force, to extort, to invite 
Exors, tis, adj. deprived, given by 

choice, extraordinary 
Exorsum, i, n. a beginning, an 

enterprise, a story 
Exorsus, a, um, part, that hath 
begun, begun, put into the 
Exorsus, us, m. a beginning 
Exortlvus, a, um, adj. eastern, 

Exortus, a, um, part, risen, begun 
Exortus, us, m. a rising, a source 
Exos, ssis, adj. boneless, void of 
bones [billing 

Exosculans, tis, part, kissing, 
Exosculatio, onis,/. a kissing, a 
billing [kissed 

Exosculatus, a, um, part, havicg 




Exoseiilor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
kiss, to bill 

Exorsor, oris, m. one who hates 

Exossatio, onis, /. a boning 

Exossatus, a, um, part, that hath 
the bones taken out, boned 

Exosso, are, a. to bone, to 
strengthen with bones 

Exossus, a, um, adj, void of bones 

Exosus, a, um, part, hating, 
hatred [foreign 

Exoticus, a, um, adj. exotic, 

Expalleo, ere, ui, n. to be, or turn 
pale, to fear, to dread, to shud- 
der at 

Expalliatus, a, um, part, stripped 
of a cloak 

Expalpo, are, a. to grope, to feel, 
to soothe, to flatter 

Expamplno, are, a. to prune vines 

\)xpando, ere, di, passum, a. to 
expand, to display, to spread 
out, or abroad, to open, or lay 

Expango, ere, xi, ctum, a. to mar- 
shal, to set. 

Expansio, onis, /.an expansion 

Expansum, i, n. the firmament 

Expansus, a, um, part, expanded, 
spread abroad, displayed 

Expapillatus, a, um, adj. extended 

Expapillo, are, a. to make naked 
to the paps 

Expassus, a, um, part, opened 

Expatians, tis, part, expatiating, 
running over, wandering, large 

Expatiator, oris, m. a gadder, a 

Expatiatus, a, um, part, that 
flows over 

Expatior, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
expatiate, to enlarge, to wan- 
der, or rove about 

Expatrltius, i, m. a past senator 

Expavefacio, ere, a. to terrify, to 
frighten, to make afraid 

Expavescens, tis, part, greatly 

Expavesco, ere, vi, incep. to be 
greatly afraid, to be frightened 
at, to dread 

Expavldus, a, um, adj. frighted 

ExpectabUis, e, adj. to be ex- 

Expectandus, a, um, part, thesame 

Expectans, tis, part, expecting 

Expectatio, onis, /. expectation, 
a hoping, longing, or looking 
for, hope, fear, attendance 

Expectaturus, a, um, part, about 
to expect 

Expectatus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. expected, 
hoped, or looked for, earnestly 

Expecto, are, a. to expect, to 
hope, wish, or look for, to hope, 
to stay, to tarry, to wait, to 
wait for, to await, to watch 

ExpectOro, are, a. to expectorate, 
to discharge, to free one's 

Expgcfiliatus, a, tun, adj. having 
lost his flock 

Exp6diendus, a, um, part, to be 
got ready 

Expgdio, Ire, ivi, itum, a. and n. 
to free, to deliver, to extricate, 
to disengage, to unloose, to 
undo, to dispatch, to finish, or 
put an end to, to bring to pass 

Expedite, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. speedily, easily, quickly, 

Expgdltio, onis,/. an expedition, 

a voyage, a military preparation, 
a quick dispatch 

Expedition alis, e, adj. speedy 

Expedlturus, a, um, part, about 
to disengage, about to set to 

Expedltus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. dis- 
engaged, freed, rid of, nimbly 
thrown, or hurled, provided, pre- 
pared, equipt 

Expellendus, a, um, part, to be 

Expellens, tis, part, expelling 

Expello, ere, piili, pulsum, a. to 
expel, to banish, to drive, chase, 
or thrust out, forth, or away, to 

Expendens, tis, part, weighing 

Expendo, ere, di, sum, a. to 
weigh, to consider, to examine, 
to rate, or value, to spend, to 
lay, or put out [cost 

Expensa, ae, /. expense, charge, 

Expenso, are,/reg. to lay out, or 
forth, to use, to weigh, to re- 

Expensum, i, n. expense 

Expensus, a, uin, part, expended, 
weighed, considered 

Expergefacio, ere, eci, actum, a. 
to awaken, to stir up, to hearten 

Expergefactus, a, um, part, roused 

Expergefio, 6ri, n. pass, to be 

Expergiscens, tis, part, awaking 

Expergiscor, i, rectus sum, dep. to 
awake, to bestir oneself, to take 

Expergltus, a, um, part, wakened 

Expergo, ere, si, sum, a. to sprin- 
kle all over [awaken 

Expergo, 6re, exi, ctum, a. to 

Exp6riendus, a, um, part, to be 

Experiens, tis, part, and adj. issi- 
mus, superl. trying, experienced, 
acquainted with, inured to 

Exp6rientia, a?, /. experience, 
practice, trial, skill, knowledge 

Exp6rlmentum, i, n. an experi- 
ment, proof, or trial, an essay, 

Experior, Iri, ertus sum, dep. to 
experience, to try, to essay, or 
prove, to find 

Experrectus, a, um, part, and adj. 
awaked, wakened, risen 

Expers, tis, adj. void, destitute, 
free, free from, that hath no ex- 
perience, ignorant 

Expersus, a, um, part, sprinkled, 
wet all over 

Expertor, oris, m. a trier, a causer 

Expertus, a, um, part, and adj. 
issimus, superl. experienced, 
tried, proved, having tried, ex- 
pert [desired 

Expetendus, a, um, part, to be 

Expetens, tis, part, ior, comp. de- 
siring, requesting, fond of 

Expetesso, ere, a. greatly to 

Expetlbllis, e, adj. desirable 

Expetisso, ere, a. greatly to long 

Expetltiirus, a um, part, about 
to seek, or demand 

Expetltus, a, um, part, desired, 

Expeto, ere, ivi, itum, a. to desire, 
to covet, to endeavour 1 to get, 
to aim at, to ask, to demand, 
to pray 

Expiabiiia, e, adj, expiable 

Expiamentum, i, a. an atonement 
Expiandus, a, um, part, to be ex- 
Expiatio, onis,/. an atonement 
Expiatiirus, a, um, part, about to 

expiate, atone, &c. 

Expiatus, a, um, part, expiated, 

atoned, purged [drawn 

Expictus, a, um, part, painted, 

Expllatio, onis, /. pillage, extor- 

Expllator, oris, to. a pillager, a 
plunderer, a robber, an extor- 
tioner [&c. 
Expllatus, a, um, part, robbed, 
Expllo, are, a. to plunder, to 
pillage, to rob, to spoil, to extort 
Expingo, ere, xi, ictum, a. to 
paint, to draw, to limn, to de- 
Expinso, 6re, a. to grind out 
Expio, are, a. to expiate, or atonr 
to purge by sacrifice, to cleans* 
to hallow, to consecrate, to 
Explrans, tis, part, breathing out 
Expiratio, onis,/. a breathing out 
Explraturus, a, um, part, about 

to die 
Explro, are, a. to expire, to give 
up the ghost, to die, to breathe 
out, or forth, to cast, or send 
out, to exhale 
Expiscor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
fish, or get out, to search dili- 
gently [ed 
Expissatus, a, um, part, thicken- 
Expisso, are, a. to thicken 
Explanabilis, e, adj. that may be 

Explanandus, a, um, part, to be 

explained, or made distinct 
Explanate, adv. ius, comp. plainly, 

clearly, intelligibly 
Explanatio, onis, /. an explana- 
tion, an exposition, a declara- 
tion, utterance 
Explanator, oris, m. an explainer 
Explanaturus, a, um, part, about 

to explain, or declare 
Explanatus, a, um, part, explain- 
ed, made plain, distinctly pro- 
Explano, are, a. to explain, to ex- 
pound, to make plain 
Explanto, are, a. to pull up 
Explaudo, ere, si, a. to clap off 
Explebllis, e, adj. that may be 

filled, or satisfied 
Explementum, i, n. a filling, or 


Explendeo, ere, n. to shine forth, 

or out [bright 

Explendescens, tis, part, shining, 

Explendesco, 6re, splendui, n. to 

grow bright, to shine, or glitter, 

to be eminent 

Explendus, a, um, part, to fill, 

or be filled 
Expleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to fill 
up, to fulfil, to complete, to 
perfect, or finish, to make up, 
to fill, to glut, to Batiate, to 
Expletio, onis,/. an accomplishing 
Expletlvus, a, um, adj. expletive 
Expleturus, a, um, part, about to 

fill, or satisfy 
Expletus, a, um, part, filled up, 
finished, accomplished, replen- 
ished, satisfied 
Expllcabilis, e, adj. that may be 
explained [explained 

Expllcandus, a, um, part, to ba 
Explicate, adv. plainly, clearly 




E\pl!catio, onis, /. an unfolding, 
or untwisting, an exposition 

Expllcator, oris, m. an explainer, 
an interpreter [plains 

Explicatrix, icis, /. she that ex- 

Explicaturus, a, um, part, about 
to explain, or unfold 

Explicatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. unfolded, explained, 
made plain, or easy, displayed, 
exposed to view, finished, per- 

Explicatus, us, m. an explication, 
an exposition, an unfolding 

Expliciturus, a, um, part, about 
to unfold, draw up, dispatch, &c. 

Explicitus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
unfolded, declared, drawn up, 
dispatched, finished 

Explico, are, ui and avi, Itum and 
atum, a. to unfold, to unfurl, to 
open, to expand, to display, to 
set, or expose to view, to set 
out, to set in array, to draw up, 
or out, to unravel,' to disengage, 
to free, to deliver, to rescue, to 
clear, to explain, to give an ac- 
count, to relate 

Explodo, ere, si, sum, a. to ex- 
plode, to hiss, or clap off, to 
reject, to dislike, or disapprove 

Explorandus, a, um, part, to be 
explored, examined, &c. 

Explorans, tis, part, searching, 

Explorate, adv. ills, comp. for a 
certainty, certainly, surely 

Exploratio, onis,/. a'searchingout 

Explorat6, adv. assuredly 

Explorator, oris, m. a searcher, a 
scout, a spy 

Exploratorius, a, um, adj. per- 
taining to searching, or spying 

Exploratrix, icis, /. she "that 

Exploratus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
isslmus, super!, explored, ex- 
amined, searched, tried, well, 
or certainly known 

Exploro, are, a. to explore, to ex- 
amine, to search, or view dili- 
gently, to search, to grope, or 

Explosio, 5nis,/. a casting off, or 
rejecting, a rejection 

Explosus, a, um, part, exploded, 
rejected, hissed, clapped, or cast 
off [polished 

Expoliendu?, a, um, par:, to be 

Exp61io, are, seme as Exspolio 

Expolio, ire, ivi, itum, a. to polish, 
to smooth, to adorn, or set off, 
to improve, to finish, or com- 
plete [neatly 

Exp61ite, adv. very finely, or 

ExpSlItio, 6nis,/. a polishing 

ExpSlitor, oris, m. a polisher, a 

ExpSlitus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. polished, made 
smooth, winnowed, neat 

E\pondfiro, are, a. to weigh, to 
think deliberately 

Exponendus, a, um, part, to be 
exposed, to be expounded, ex- 
plained, described, or related 

Expono, kre, sui, situm, a. to ex- 
pose, to set forth, out, or to 
view, to set to sale, to lay 
abroad, to lay, to leave, to sub- 
ject, to land, or set on shore, to 
expound, to teach 

Kxpopiilatio, onis,/. a ravaging 

Exporrectus, a, um, part, and adj. 
icr, comp stretched out, ex- 

tended, smooth, without wrin- 
kles, brisk, active 
Exporrigens, tis, part, extending 
Exporrigo, ere, exi, ectum, a. to 
extend, or stretch out, to pro- 
Exportandus, a, um, part, to be 

carried out 
Exportatio, onis, /. an exporta- 
tion, conveying, or carrying out 
Exportator, oris, m. an exporter 
Exportatus, a, um, part, exported 
Exporto, are, a. to export, to 
carry out [demanded 

Exposcendus, a, um, part, to be 
Exposcens, tis, part, demanding 
Exposco, 6re, pOposci, a. to de- 
mand, to ask, or require ear- 
ExpOsite, adv. manifestly, plainly 
ExpSsitio, onis, /. an exposition, 
or declaration, an exposing, a 
scheme [left 

Expbsititius, a, um, adj. exposed, 
ExpSsitor, oris, m. an expositor 
ExpOsiturus, a, um, part, about 

to explain 
ExpSsitus, a, um, part, exposed, 
subjected, open to, situated, 
set to, related, propounded, in- 
terpreted, open, obvious 
Expostulandus, a, um, part, to 
expostulate, or be expostulated 
Expostulans, tis, part, demanding 
Expostulatio, onis,/. an expostu- 
Expostulates, a, um, part, de- 
manded, required 
Expostulo, are, a. to expostulate, 
to argue, to demand, to require 
Expresse, adv. ius, comp. ex- 
pressly, aptly, to the purpose, 
to the life 
Expressio, onis, /. an expression, 
a straining out, an extract in 
Expressus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. expressed, squeezed, 
or beaten out, forced, constrain- 
ed, wrested, extorted, made, 
formed, framed, done to the 
life, declared 
Exprimendus, a, um, part, to be 

expressed, to be squeezed, &c. 
Exprimens, tis, part, expressing 
Exprimo, ere, essi, essum, a. to 
express, to squeeze, wring, 
press, force, beat, or strain out, 
to extort, to constrain, to repre- 
sent, to portray, to form, or 
make, to describe 
Exprobrabilis, e, adj. blameable 
Exprobrans, tis, part, upbraiding 
Exprobratio, onis,/. a reproach 
Exprobrator, oris, upbraider 
Exprobratrix, icis, /. a she up- 
Exprobratuxus, a, um, part, about 

to upbraid, or reproach 
Exprobratus, a, um, part, up- 
Exprobro, are, a. to upbraid, re- 
proach, or cast in the teeth, to 
charge with, to reprove, to dis- 
Expromens, tis, part, drawing out 
Expromissor, oris, m. a surety 
Expromo, 6re, psi, p*um, a to 
draw, or bring out, to produce, 
to show forth, to tell plainly, to 
lay out, to spend 
Expromptus, a, um, part, drswn, 
or taken oat, extracted, Ehov* <a, 

Expuens, tis, part, spitting out 

Expugnabilis, e, adj. that may be 
overcome, or taken by storm 

Expugnandus, a, um, part, to bt 

Expugnans, tis, part, ior, comp. 
vanquished, taken by force, or 

Expugnatio, 5nis,/. a conquering 
by force, the storming of a 
town, &c. 

Expugnator, oris, m. a conqueror, 
a subduer, a ravisher 

Expugnatarius, a, um, adj. con- 
quering, overpowering 

Expugnatus, a, um, part, van- 
quished, won by assault, taken 
by storm 

Expugnax, acis, adj. acior, comp. 
powerful in subduing, strong 

Expugnaturus, a, um, part, about 
to take by assault, or storm 

Expugno, are, a. to take by storm, 
or assault, to take, to sack, to 
conquer, to subdue, to over- 
come, to gain, or win over 

Expulpo, are, a. to consume, to 

Expulsatus, a, um, part, rased, 

Expulslm, adv. by striking 

Expulsio, onis,/. banishment 

Expulso, are, a. to bang about, to 
beat [banisher 

Expulsor, oris, m. an expeller, a 

Expulsus, a, um, part, expelled, 
banished, driven, thrust, or put 
out, driven, or forced away 

Expultrix, icis,/. an expeller 

Expumiico, are, a. to polish, to 

Expunctus, a, um, part, expunged, 
crossed out, put out of pay 

Expungo, 6re, xi, ctum, a. to ex- 
punge, to blot, cross, or pull 
out, to efface, to clear 

Expuo, Sre, ui, utum, a. to spit 
out, to pour out, to cast out, to 
drive out [purged 

Expurgandus, a, um, part, to be 

Expurgatio, onis, /. a purging, a 
clearing, or justifying 

Expurgator, oris, m. he that 

Expurgat5rius, a, um, adj. ex- 
purgatory, cleansing 

Expurgaturus, a, um, part, about 
to clear, or justify 

Expurgo, are, a. to purge, to 
cleanse, to scour, to clear 

Exputatio, onis, /. a lopping 

Exputatus, a, um, part, lopped 
off, cut 

Exputo, are, a. to lop, or prune, 
to understand perfectly, to 
imagine, examine 

Exputresco, 6re, ui, n. to putrify, 
to rot 

Exquirendus, a, um, part, to be 

Exqulrens, tis, part, examining 

Exqulro, 6re, sivi, situm, a. to 
search out, into, after, or for, to 
search, to examine, to seek, to 
inquire, to ask 

Exquisite, ius, comp. issXmk, superl. 
and Exquisltim, adv. exquisitely, 
curiously, nicely, exactly 

Exquisititius, a, um, adj. gotten 
by art, not natural 

Exquislturus, a, um, part, about 
to search into 

Exquisitus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. isslmus, superl. 
searched for, or into, exquisite, 


ehoicr, curious, rare, dainty, 

ExsacrifTco, are, a. to sacrifice 
Exsaevio, Ire, itum, n. to cease to 

vage [bloodless 

ExsanguTnatus, a, um, part. 
Exsanguis, e, adj. blood! esg, life- 
less [corruption 
Exsanio, are, a. to squeeze out 
, Exsarcio, ire, si, turn, a. to patch 

Exsatiatus, a, um, part, exsa- 

tiated, cloyed, glutted 
Exsatio, are, a. to exsatiate, gorge, 

or glut [glutted 

Exsatfirandus, a, una, part, to be 
Exsatiiratus, a, um, part, glutted, 

Exsaturo, are, a. to glut, to gorge, 

to fill, to content, or satisfy 
;j : Exscalpo, ere, psi, ptmn, a. to 

scratch out, to erase, to drill 

out, to carve [carved 

Ejcscalptus, a, um, part, erased, 
Exscendo, ere, a. to debark, to 

Exscensio, 6nis, /. a descent 
Exscensus, us, to. a landing, a de- 
scent [town 
Exscidio, onis, /. the rasing of a 
Exscindo, ere, a. to cut off, or 

Exscreabilis, e, adj. that may be 

spit out 
Exscreatio, Onis, /. a hawking up 
Exscreo, are, a. to hawk up, to 

spit up, to cough 
Exscribendus, a, um, part, to be 

written, or copied out 
Exscrlbo, gre, psi, ptum, a. to 

write out, to transcribe, to copy, 

to resemble 
Exscriptum, i, n. an extract 
Exscriptus, a, um, part, written, 

or copied out 
Exsculpo, gre, psi, a. to engrave, 

to erase 
Exsecrabllis, e, adj. execrable 
Exsecrans, tis, part, cursing 
Exsecror, ari, dcp. to curse 
Exsectus, a, um, part, cut out 
Exsgquor, same as Exequor 
Exsero, same as Exero 
Exsibilo, same as Exibilo 
Exsiccatus, a, um, part, dried up 
Exsiccesco, ere, n. to grow dry, 

or hard 
Exsicco, same as Exicco 
Exsiccus, a, um, adj. dry, dried 

up [marked 

Exsignatus, a, um, part, sealed, 
Exsigno, are, a. to seal, to mark, 

to show by signs 
Exsilio, same as Exilio 
Exsilium, same as Exilium 
Exsisto, same as Existo 
Exsolvendus, a, um, part, to pay, 

or be paid 
Exsolvo, same as Exolvo 
Exsomnis, e, adj. sleepless, wak- 
ing [sound 
Exs6no, are, ui, itum, n. to re- 
Exsorbeo, ere, ui, ptum, a. to sup, 

or drink up, to swallow 
Exsordesco, ui, ere, n. to become 

Exsors, tis, adj. without share 
Exspatians, same as Expatians 
Exspatior, same as Expatior 
Exspecto, same as Expecto 
Exspergo, same as Expergo 
Exspersus, a, um, part, dispersed 
Exspes, ei, adj. hopeless, without 

Exspiro, same as Expiro 


Exsplendesco, tame as Explen- 

ExspOliandus, a, um, part, to 
strip, or be stripped, to be rob- 

ExspOliatus, a, um, part, spoiled, 
plundered, stript 

Exspolio, are, a. to rob, or plun- 
der, to strip, to deprive 

Exspuitio, onis,/. a spitting out 

Exspumo, are, n. to foam, to froth 

Exspuo, same as Expuo 

Exstimulator, oris, to. an encou- 
rager [on 

Exstimtilatus, a, um, part, spurred 

Exstimulo, are, a. to spur on, to 
excite, to incite, to encourage, 
to provoke 

Exstinguo, same as Extinguo 

Exstirpo, same as Extirpo 

Exsto, same as Exto 

Exstruo, same as Extruo 

Exsuccus, a, um, adj. juiceless, 
dry, barren 

ExsMo, same as Exudo 

Exsul, same as E'xul 

Exsupero, same as Exupero 

Exsurdo, same as Exuvdo 

Exsurgo, same as Exurgo 

Exsuscito, same as Exuscito 

Exta, orum, pi. n. entrails, 

Extabesco, gre, ui, n. to pine, or 
waste away, to consume, to 
grow old 

Extalis, is, m. the straight gut, 
the rectum 

Extans, tis, part, and adj. stand- 
ing out, arising, overtopping 

Extantia, ae,/. an appearing above 

Extaris, e, adj. of, or belonging to 
the entrails 

ExtSsis, is,/, an ecstasy 

Extaturus, a, um, part, that will 
appear, or arise [with 

Extempl&, adv. immediately, forth- 

Extemp6ralis, e, adj. done, or 
spoken extempore, immediate, 
ready [ness 

ExtempOralitas, atis, /. prompt- 

Extemporaneus, a, um, adj. same 
as Extemporalis 

ExtempOre, adv. immediately, out 
of hand, without study 

Extendens, tis, part, extending, 

Extendo, gre, di, sum and turn, a. 
to extend, to stretch out, to 
lengthen, to enlarge, to con- 
tinue, to raise, to hold up, or 
out, to exert [cramp 

Extensio, onis, /. extension, the 

Extensivus, a, um, adj. extensive 

Extensus, a, um, part, isslmus, 
superl. extended, stretched out, 
swelled, long 

Extento, are,freq. to stretch out 

Extentus, a, um, part, and adj. 
extended, stretched out, con- 
tinued, of great extent, long, 
remote, loud, shrill, high 

Extgnuandus, a, um, part, to be 
lessened, dispersed 

Extgnuans, tis,part. diminishing, 

Extgnuatio, 6nis, /. an extenua- 
tion, a diminisning, or lessening 

Extgnuatus, a, um, part, isslmus, 
superl. extenuated, diminished, 

Extenuissime, adv. very slenderly 

Extgnuo, are, a. to extenuate, to 
diminish, or lessen, to debase, 
or undervalue, to make small 

Exter, gra, grum, adj. foreign 


Exterc5ro, are, a. to void dung 
Exterebratus, a, um, part, bored 

Exterebro, are, a. to bore out, or 

through, to pierce, to screw out 

to extort [clean 

Extergeo, ere, si, sum, a. to wipe 
Exterior, ius, adj. comp. more out. 

ward, or foreign, in a lower de 

Exterminandus, a, um, part, tc 

be banished, or turned out 
Extermlnatio, onis,/. an expulsior 
Exterminator, oris/m. a destroyei 
Exterminatus, a, um, part, exter- 
minated, banished, ruined, de- 
Exterminium, i, n. a banishment 
Extermino, are, a. to exterminate 

to root out, to ruin, or destroy, 

to drive, or cast out, to banish, 

to send away, to cure 
Externatus, a, um, part, affrighted 
Externo, are, a. to astonish, to 

scare, to frighten, to alarm 
Externus, a, um, adj. external, 

outward, strange, foreign, alien, 

of another country 
Extgro, gre, trivi, tritum, a. to 

wear, scrub, rub, rase, tread, or 

beat out, to thrash, to rub hard 
Exterraneus, a, um, adj. foreign 
Exterreo, ere, ui, itum, a. to put 

in fear, to frighten, to scare 
Exterrltus, a, um, part, affrighted 
Extersio, onis, /. a wiping out 
Extersus, a, um, part, wiped clean, 

or out, cleansed, scoured, plun- 
Extgrus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

strange, foreign, of another 

country, outward 
Extexo, gre, ui, turn, a. to unravel, 

to turn one from his purpose 
Extillo, are, a. to drop out, to 

run, or trickle down, to distil 
Extlmeo, ere, ui, n. to be sow 

afraid, to dread 
Extlmescendus, a, um, part. 

greatly to be feared 
Extimesco, gre, ui, incep. to bz 

greatly afraid, to dread 
Extimo, antiq.for Existimo 
Extimiilatio, onis,/. a pricking 
Extimiilator, oris, m. an encou- 

rager [latus 

Extimtilatus, same as Exstimu-. 
Extimulo, same as Exstimulo 
Extimus, a, um, adj. superl. the 

uttermost, outmost, last 
Extinctio, onis,/. an extinction, a 

putting out, an abolishing 
Extinctor, oris, m. a quencher, a 

suppressor, a destroyer 
Extinctorium, i, n. an extinguisher 
Extincturus, a, um, part, about to 

extinguish, put out or destroy 
Extinctus, a, um, part, and adj. 

extinguished, put out, quenched, 

destroyed, killed, put an end to 
Extinctus, us, to. the putting out 

of a candle [extinguished 

Extinguendus, a, um, part, to be 
Extinguo, gre, nxi, nctum, a. U 

extinguish, to put out, to 

quench, to destroy, to kill, to 

cut, or wipe off, to put an end to 
Extirpandus, a, um, part, to be 

Extirpatio, 6nis, /. a rooting out 
Extirpator, Oris, m. he that plucks 

up by the roots, a destroyer 
Extirpatus, a, um,part. rooted up, 

or out 
Extirpo, are, «. to extirpate, tc 




root up, or out, to grub up, to 

Extispex, Icis, c. g. a soothsayer, 
a diviner 

Extispicium, i, n. soothsaying 

Exto, are, tti, Itum and atum, n. to 
stand out, to stand, or stick up, 
to appear, to be, to remain, or 
be left, to spring out 

Extollens, tis, imrt. extolling, 

Extollo, e"re, ttili, elatum, a. to 
extol, to praise, to take, lift, 
raise, or hold up, to exalt, to 
elate [extorted | 

Extorquendus, a, um, part, to be 

Extorqueo, ere, si, sum, a. to ex- 
tort, to take, or get by force 

Extorrefacio, ere, a. to broil, or 
parch [up 

Extorreo, ere, a. to roast, to burn 

Extorridus, a, um, adj. burnt up 

Extorris, is, c. g. an exile, a ba- 
nished man 

Extorter, oris, m. an extortioner 

Extortus, a, um, part, extorted, 
wrested, or forced from 

Extra, prep, without, out of, not 
in, beyond, except, saving, be- 
sides, over and above 

Extra, adv. without, on the outside 

Extractio, onis,/. an extraction 

Extractorius, a, um, adj. that 
draws out, drawing 

Extracturus, a, um, part, about 
to draw out 

Extractus, a, am, part, drawn out, 
prolonged, continued, spun out 

Extraeo, ire, n. to grow out 

Extrahendus, a, um, part, to be 
drawn out, &c. 

Extraho, ere, axi, actum, a. to ex- 
tract, to draw out, to pull, pluck, 
or drag out, to root out, to ex- 
tricate, to disengage, to with- 
draw, to draw, get, or bring 

Extraneo, are, avi, atum, a. to 
treat as a stranger 

Extraneus, a, um, adj. foreign, 
strange, outward, borrowed 

Extraordinarius, a, um, adj. extra- 
ordinary, not common, great 

Extraquam, adv. except that 

Extrarius, a, um, adj. outward, 
strange, of another kindred 

Extrgmisco, ere, incep. to tremble, 
to shake 

Extremltas, atis,/. an extremity, 
an end, an edge, brink, or brim, 
a border 

Extrem6, adv. lastly, in the end 

Extremum, adv. the same 

Extremum, i, n. the extreme, last, 
or remotest part, the beginning, 
or end, a hem, hazard 

Extremus, a, um, adj. superl. the 
extreme, outermost, or utmost, 
the last, the lowest, the most 
afflicted, the basest, or worst 

Extricabilis, e, adj. that may be 
got out of, or disengaged 

Extricatus, a, um, part, disentan- 
gled, &c. 

Extrico, are, a. to extricate, to 
disentangle, to disengage, to 
deliver, to get rid of, to get an 
account of, or understand, to 
get, to obtain 

Extrinsficus, a, um, adj. extrinsic 

Extrinsecus, adv. ext rinsically, 
outwardly, from without, be- 

Extrltus, a, um, part, rubbed out, 
Btruck out, worn out 

Extrorsum, adv. towards the out- 
Extractio, onis,/. a building up 
Extructor, oris, m. a builder 
Extructirus, a, um, part, about 

to build, or erect 
Extructus, a, um, part, issimus, 
superl. built, erected, furnished, 
heaped up 
Extrudo, ere, si, sum, a. to thrust, 
or drive out, to hasten, or send 
away with speed 
Extruendus, a, um, part, to be 

erected, built, or furnished 
Extruo, 6re, uxi, uctum, a. to 
erect, to set, or pile up, to build, 
to furnish 
Extuberans, tis, part, swelling out 
Extubgratio, onis,/. a swelling 
Extubgro, are, n. to swell much, 

or out ; a. to make to swell 

Extumeo, ere, ui, n. to swell, to 

rise [out 

Extumescens, tis, part, swelling 

Extiimesco, ere, n. to begin to 

Extumidus, a, um, adj. that swells 
Extunc, adv. from that time 
Extundo, ere, Midi, tusum, a. to 
beat, knock, or hammer out, 
to invent, to extort, to drive 
away, to crush 
Exturbandus, a, um, part, to be 
thrust out [out 

Exturbans, tis, part thrusting 
Exturbatus, a, um, part, thrust 
out, driven out, pulled up by 
the roots 
Exturbo, are, a. to thrust, drive, 
or turn out, to discharge, to 
banish, to trouble, discompose, 
or confound 
Extussiens, tis, part, coughing up 
Extussio, Ire, ivi, itum, a. to cough 
up, or out, to void with cough- 
Exuberans, tis, part, issimus, 
superl. abounding, overflowing 
Exuberantia, ae,/. an abundance 
Exuberatio, onis,/. an abundance, 
a swell, an overflow, a redun- 
Exubero, are, n. to abound, to 

make to abound, to overflow 

Exuctus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

sucked out, void of moisture, 

dry [out 

Exiidatus, a, um, part, sweated 

Exudo, are, n. to sweat; a. to 

sweat out Tstript 

Exvelatus, a, um, part . uncovered, 

Exvello, ere, a. to pluck out 

Exuendus, a, um, part, to be put 

Exuens, tis, part, stripping, put- 
ting off 
Exverro, ere, a. to sweep out 
Exugo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to suck 

out, to drink up 
Exul, ulis, c. g. a banished man, 

or woman, an exile 
Extilans, tis, part, banished, liv- 
ing in exile 
Exulatio, onis,/. banishment 
Exulaturus, a, um, part, about to 

live in banishment 
Exulcerandus, a, um, part, to 

be fretted 
Exulcgrans, tis, part, exulceruting 
Exulcgratio, onis,/. a soreness, a 
making of a botch, an aggrava- 
Exulcgraforius, a, um, adj. that 
causes blisters to rise, apt to 

Exulceratus, a, um, part, made 

sore, fretted, galled, aggravated 
Exulcero, are, a. to exulcerate, to 

make sore, to gall, fret, or eat 

the skin, to vex 
Exiilo, are, n. to be banished, to 

be sent packing, to live in exile 
Exultabundus, a, um, adj. like 

one rejoicing 
Exultans, tis, part, rejoicing, in- 
sulting, leaping up, spirting out 
Exultantia, x, f. an exulting, a 

leaping for joy, a beating 
Exultantius, adv. comp. more 

Exultiitio, onis, /. exultation, a 

rejoicing, a leaping for joy, a 

boasting, a vaunting 
Exidtim, adv. with leaps 
Exulto, are, n. to exult, to rejoice, 

to leap about, to bounce, to 

Exululatio, onis,/. a crying out 
Exululatus, a, um, part, howlhjg 
Exululo, are, n. to howl, to cry 

Exundans, tis, part, overflowing, 

abounding, raging 
Exundatio, onis,/. an overflowing 
Exundo, are, n. to overflow, to 

break out, to rage, to spread 

far [anoint 

Exungo, Cre, xi, ctum, a. to 
Exuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to put, 

take, or shake off, to strip, to 

divest, to deprive, to free 
Exuperabilis, e, adj. that may be 

surpassed, or got over 
Exupgrans, tis, part, exceeding, 

excelling, surpassing, pre-emi- 
Exupcrantia, a 3 ,/, excellence 
Exuperatio, onis,/ an excelling 
Exupgratus, a, um, part, exceed- 
ed, overcome 
Exupgro, are, a. to exceed, to 

surpass, to overcome, to get 

Exurcfdo, are, a. to prune trees 
Exurdeo, ere, n. to grow deaf 
Exurdo, are, a. to make deaf, to 

make dull [suming 

Exurens, tis, part, burning, con- 
Exurgeo, ere, si, sum, a. to 

squeeze, or crush out 
Exurgens, tis, part, rising up 
Exurgo, gre, rexi, ectum, n. to 

rise up, or out, to arise 
Exuro, ere, ssi, stum, a. to burn 

out, or up, to burn, to parch, to 

Exuscitatio, onis,/. a stirring up, 

a wakening 
Exuscito, are, a. to awake, to 

waken, to rouse, to stir up, to 

Exustio, onis,/ a setting on fire 
Exustor, oris, m. he that burns 
Exustulatio, onis,/ a scorching 
Exust&lo, are, a. to scorch, to 

burn [burn 

Exusturus, a, um, part, about to 
Exustus, a, um, part, burnt, 

parched, scorched, dried 
Exutus, a, um, part, stripped, 

plundered, deprived, divested, 

Exuviae, arum, pi. f. spoils taken 

from an enemy in war, boot?, 

pillage, clothes, hair 
Exiivium, i, a. tke same 




Faba, ae, /. a bean 

l'abeceus, a, um, adj. of a bean 

Fabacia, a;,/, a bean-cake 

Fabaginus, a, um, adj. of beans 

Fabago, inis,/. bean-chaff 

Fabale, is, n. a bean-straw, or 

Fabalis, e, adj. of a bean 

Fabarius, a, um, adj. full of beans 

Fabella, ae, /. a short, or little 
fable, or story 

Fabellator, oris, m. a maker, or 
teller of stories 

Faber, ra, rum, adj. rimus, superl. 
workmanlike, ingenious 

Faber, ri, m. a workman, a smith, 
a forger, a hammerer, a trout 

Fftbetum, i, n. a bean -plat 

Pabre, adv. errime, superl. work- 
manly, cunningly, artificially 

Fabrefacio, ere, ec'i, factum, a. to 
work, or make artificially 

Fabrefactus, a, um, part, cunning- 
ly wrought, or devised 

Fabrica, ae, /. a shop, or work- 
house, the art of framing, or 
making, a fabric, frame, make, 

Fabrlcandus, a, um, part, to be 
made, or formed 

FabrTcans, tis, part, making 

Fabricatio, onis,/. a framing 

Fabricator, oris, in. a i'ramer, a 
maker, a contriver, an inventor 

Fabricates, a, um, part, framed, 

Fabrico, are, a. and Fabricor, 
atus sum, dep. to frame, to build 

Fabrtcus, a, um, adj. and 

Fabrilis, e, adj. belonging to 
smiths', masons', or carpenters' 

Fabnliter, adv. workmanly 

Fabrio, ivi, ire, a. to make, pre- 

Fabula, ae, /. a fable, a tale, 
a story, a feigned device, a rib, 
a lie, a flam, a whim 

Fabula, a:, /. dim. a little bean 

Fabulans, tis, part, talking, dis- 

Fabularis, e, adj. fabulous 

Fabulator, oris, m. a maker, or 
teller of fables, or tales 

Fabulis, e, adj. belonging to 

Fabulor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
make, or tell stories, to talk 

Fabulose, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. fabulously, falsely, idly 

Fabulc-sltas, atis,/. a lying, false- 

Fabulosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. fabulous, ro- 
mantic [bane 

Fabtdum, i, n. bean-chaff, hen- 

Fabulus, i, m. dim. a little bean 

Facessitus, a, um, part, done 

F&cesso, 6re, si and sivi, sum and 
situm, a. to do, to execute, to 
accomplish, to cause, or create 

Facete, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. facetiously, jocosely, 

Facetia, ae, /. Facetiae, arum, pi. 
f. merry, or pretty conceits, 
witty, or pleasant sayings 

Facetosus, a, um, adj. jocose, 

Fftceius, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl facetious, jo- 

cose, merry, pleasant, witty, 
Faciendus, a, um, part, to be 

done, or made 
Fariens, tis, part, doing, making 
Facies, ei, /. a face, a counte- 
nance, an appearance, a show, or 
resemblance, a portrait, or pic- 
ture, a make, form, stature, 
Facile, adv. ius, comp. illime, 
superl. easily, without much 
ado, certainly 
Facilis, e, adj. ior, comp. illimus, 
superl. easy, feasible, gentle, 
mild, pliant, tractable, good- 
natured, easy to be pleased, 
courteous, kind, favourable 
Facilltas, atis,/. easiness, good- 
Faciliter, adv. easily [wickedly 
Facinoiose, adv. villainously, 
FacinOrosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. villainous, 
Facinus, Oris, n. in a good sense, a 
great action, an exploit, an 
Facio, ere, feci, factum, a. to do, 
to perform, to execute, to 
commit, to make, to form, or 
Factio, onis, /. a faction, a party, 
a side, or sect, a band, a com- 
pany [tiously 
Factiose, adv. factiously, sedi- 
Factiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. factious, sedi- 
tious, mutinous 
Factitatus, a, um, part, done 

often, done 
Factitius, a, um, adj. artificial 
Factito, are, freq. to do often, to 

practise, to make, or compose 

Factor, oris, m. a factor, an agent, 

a doer, or maker, a multiplier, 

a presser 

Factum, i, n. a fact, an action, a 

deed, a feat, a transaction 
Factura, ae, /. the making of a 

Facturio, ire, n. to desire to do 
Factiirus, a, um, part, about to 

do, or make, about to offer 
Factus, a, um, part, done, made, 
formed, built, erected, written, 
Factus, us, m. a making, or build- 
ing, a thing, &c. made, a press- 
Facula, ae,/. dim. a little torch 
Facultas, atis, /. liberty, leave, 
permission, opportunity, con- 
venience, advantage, cause, oc- 
casion [means 
F&cultafula, a;,/, small, or scanty 
Facunde, adv. issime, superl. elo- 
Facundia, ae, /. eloquence 
Facundiosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Facunditas, atis,/. eloquence 
Facundo, are, a. to make eloquent 
Facundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. eloquent, well- 
Ffficarius, a, um, adj. of dregs 
Fsecatus, a, um, adj. not fined, 

Faecinius and Faecinus, a, um, 

adj. dreggy, foul, turbid 
Faecosus, a, um, adj. dreggy, thick 
Faeciila, a?,/, lees, or grounds of 
wine, tartar, a sauce made of it 
Fecculente, adv. with dregs 

Faeculentia, a,/, dregginess 
Faeciilentus, a, um, adj. feculent, 

dreggy, foul, belonging to lees 
Fsedus, a, um, adj. filthy, nasty 
Faex, aecis,/. dregs, or lees of wine, 

dregs, sediment, grounds, dross, 

the mob, the scum, or refuse of 

the people 
Fageus, a, um, adj. of beech 
Fagineus, a, um, adj. of beech, 

beechen [beech 

Faginus, a, um, adj. made of 
Fagus, i,/. a beech-tree, a beech 
Fagutalis, e, adj. belonging to 

Faia, ae, /. a gallery, scaffold, or 

tower to throw darts from 
Faiarlca, ae,/. a fiery dart 
Falcarius, i, m.& mower, or maker 

of scythes, one armed with a 

Falcator, oris, m. a bill-man 
Falcatus, a, um, part, hooked, 

crooked, bowed, or bent like a 

hook, armed with a hook, or 

Falclciila, ae,/. dim. a small sickle 
Falcifer, a, um, adj. that bears a 

hook, or scythe 
Falciger, a, um, the same 
Falco, onis, m. a falcon, a hawk 
Falco, are, a. to prune, to cut, to 

Falciila, ae,/. a little hook, or bill, 
a crooked knife, a claw, a marten 
Falcunculus, i, m. a little falcon 
Falere, is, n. a buttress, a pile 
Falisca, ae,/. a crib, a rack 
Faliscus, a, um, adj. stuffed like 
a pudding [treachery 

Fallacia, ae, /. a fallacy, deceit, 
Fallaciosus, a, um, adj. fallacious 
Fallaciter, adv. issime, superl. 

deceitfully, falsely 
Fallax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. deceitful, false, 
treacherous, lying, vain, un- 
certain [deceived 
Fallendus, a, um, part, to be 
Fallens, tis, part, deceiving, 
lying, beguiling, slipping, slid- 
Fallo, £re, fefelli, falsum, a. to 
deceive, to cheat, to disappoint, 
to beguile, to elude, to escape, 
to escape notice, to abscond, to 
conceal oneself 
Falsarius, i, m. a falsifier, a forger 
False, adv. falsely, without cause 
Falsidicus, a, um, adj. lying, false 
Falsif icatio, onis, /. a falsifying 
Falsificator, oris, m. a falsifier 
Falsificatus, a, um, part, falsi- 
Falsifico, are, a. to falsify 
Falsif icus, a, um, adj. working 
deceit [falsely 
Falsijurius, a, um, adj. swearing 
Falsiloquentia, ae,/. a false speak- 
ing [false 
Falslloquus, a, um, adj. lying, 
Falsimonium, i, n. a falsehood, 

Falsltas, atis, /. falsehood 
Fals6, adv. falsely, wrongfully 
Falsum, i, n. a falsehood 
Falsus, a, um, part, deceived, mis- 
taken ; adj. false, deceitful, 
treacherous, lying, pretended, 
Falx, cis, /. a hook, bill, scythe, 
or sickle, a pruning-hook, an 
engine of war crooked like a 
Fama, ae, /. fame, report, rumou/ c 




common talk, tidings, news, a 
tradition, or hearsay, renown, 
Famatus, a, urn, adj. in bad re- 
pute, notorious 
Famelice, adv. very hungrily 
Faraellcus, a, um, adj. hungry, 

Fames, is,/, hunger, fasting, fa- 
mine, dearth, a greedy desire 
Famlger, era, £rum, adj. carrying 

Famiggratio, onis,/. a spreading, 

a report 
Famigeratus, a, urn, part, famed 
Famigero, are, a. to report, to 

F&milia, ae, /. and as, /. a family 
the servants, the wife and chil- 
dren [mily 
Fftmiliaricus, a, um, adj. of a t'a- 
Familiaris, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. of the same family, 
or household, familiar, usual 
F&miliaris, is, m. a servant of the 

family, an intimate, a friend 
Familiaritas, atis, /. familiarity, 

intimacy, friendship 
Famlliarlter, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. familiarly, intimate- 
ly, homely, plainly, privately 
Famosa, a?,/, a courtezan, a miss 
Famosus, a, um, adj. that hath 
an ill name, infamous, noto- 
rious, noted 
Famula, se, /. a maid, a maid- 
servant [attending 
Famulans, tis, part, serving, 
Famularis, e, adj. of a servant 
Famulatio, onis,/. service, attend- 
ance, a retinue of servants 
Famulator, oris, m. an attendant 
Famulatrix, icis, /. a female waiter 
Famulatus, us, m. service, attend- 
Famulitium, i, n. service, drudg- 
ery, attendance 
F&mulor, ari, at us sum, dep. to 

serve, attend, or wait upon 
Famulosus, a, um, adj. fond of 

Famulus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a servant 
Fftmulus, i, m. a servant, a house- 
hold servant, a waiting-man 
Fanatice, adv. madly, franticly 
Fanaticus, a, um, adj. fanatical, 

inspired, possessed, frantic 
Fandus, a, um, part, to bespoken, 

to be divulged, lawful 
Fans, tis, part, speaking, saying 
Fanum, i, n. a temple, a church 
Far, farris, n. all manner of corn, 

flour, meal 
Farcimen, inis, ?! a sausage 
FarcTmentum, i, n. a stuffing 
Farciminosus, a, um, adj. of, or 
belonging to a disease called 

Farciminum, i, n. a disease in 

horses and animals generally, 

Farcio, ire, si, turn and ctum, a. 

to stuff, to cram, to fat 
Farcitus, a, um, part, stuffed, 

crammed [filling 

Farcitura, ae, f. a cramming, a 
Farfuginm, i, n. a white poplar 
Farina, ae, /. meal, Hour, powder, 

Farinarius, a, um, adj. of meal 
Farinarius, i, m. a meahnan 
FarTntuentus, a, um, adj. mealy, 

like meal 
F&rio, onis, m. a troui 

Farnus, i. m. a kind of oak 
Furraceus, a, um, adj. of cWn 
Farrago, inis, /. a hodgepodge, a 
mixture [corn 

Farranus, a, um, adj. fruitful in 
Farrarius, a, um, adj. bearing 

Farratum, i, n. a hasty-pudding 
Farratus, a, um, adj. done with 

Farreatus, a, um, part, joined in 

marriage with a cake 
Farreo, are, a. to join in marriage 

with a cake 
Farreum, i, n. a wheat-cake used 

in marriage, a barn, a vessel 
Farreus, a, um, adj. of corn 
Fartilia, um, pi. n. pellets to cram 

Fartllis, e, adj. crammed 
Fartlm, adv. by stuffing, or cram- 
Fartor, oris, m. a stuffer, a feeder 

of fowls, a poulterer 
Fartum, i, n. a pudding, a sausage 
Fartura, ae, /. a cramming of fowls 
Fart us, a, um, part., and Farctus, 

stuffed, crammed, loaden 
Fartus, us, m. a cramming, a 

Fas, n. indecl. right, justice, 

equity, a thing lawful, piety 
Fascia, ae, /. a swath, band, or 
roller, a bandage, a fillet, a 
ribbon, a head-band, a wreath, 
a diadem, a scarf, a stomacher 
Fasciatim, adv. in bundles 
Fasciatus, a, um, part, swathed, 
bound [bundle 

Fascicularis, e, adj. belonging to a 
Fascicularia, pi. n. faggots, &c. 
Fasciculus, i, m. a packet, or little 
bundle, a parcel, a handful, a 
pack of cards 
Fascinans, tis, part, bewitching 
Fascinatio, onis,/. a bewitching- 
Fascinator, oris, m. he that be- 
witches [witches 
Fascmatrix, icis, /. she that be- 
Fascino, are, a. to bewitch, to 
charm, to praise, or commend 
highly [amulet 
Fascinum, i, n. a charm, an 
Fascio, are, a. to swathe, to bind 
Fasci61a, as, /. a little band, a 

Fascis, is, m. a bundle of wood, 
twigs, straw, reeds, &c, a fig- 
got, or bavin, a bundle, fardel, 
packet, or burden 
Fassurus, a, um, part, about to 
confess [confessing 

Fassus, a, um, part, confessed, 
Fasti, orum, pi. m., and Fastus, 
uum, pi. m. calendars, wherein 
were set down festivals, the 
names of officers, the pleading- 
days [disdained 
Fastidiendus, a, um, part, to be 
Fastidiens, tis, part, disdaining, 

Fastidicnter, adv. in disdain 
Fastidio, ire, ivi, itum, a. to dis- 
dain, to scorn, to set light by, 
to loathe, to abhor, to dislike 
Fastidiose, adv. ius, comp. dis- 
dainfully, scornfully, with diffi- 
1'astidiosuS; a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. disdainful, 
scornful, squeamish, queasy, 
curious, nice, coy 
Fastiditus, a, um, part, despised, 

Fsstidium, i, n. disdain, scorn, 

pride, haughtiness, a loathing 
a dislike, an aversion 
Fastigans, tis, part, rising with a 

Fastigatio, onis, f. a sharpening 

to a poiut 
Fastigiatus, a, um, part, pointed, 

sharpened like a pyramid 
Fastigio, or Fastigo, are, a. to 
point, to raise, or sharpen to a 
Fastigium, i, n. a top, a ridge, i> 
point, or peak, a height, o« 
Fastose, adv. proudly, haughtily 
Fastosus, a, um, part, proud, 

Fastuose, adv. proudly, haughtily 
Fastuositas, atis,/. disdain, pride 
Fastuosus, a, um, adj. disdainful 
Fastus, (is, »t haughtiness, pride. 
Fastus, a, um, adj. lucky, lawful 
Fatalis, e, adj. fatal, appointed 

by fate, deadly, killing 
Fataliter, adv. fatally 
Fatatus, a, um, adj. fated, doomed 
Fatendus, a, um, part, to be con- 
fessed [owing 
Fatens, tis, part, confessing, 
Fateor, eri, fassus sum, dep. to 
confess, to own, to grant, to 
Faticanus, a, um, or Faticinus, 

adj. foretelling, prophetic 
Fatldicus, a, um, adj. soothsaying 
Fatidlcus, i, m. a soothsayer 
Fatifer, a, um, adj. destructive, 
mortal [tired 

Fatigandus, a, um, part, to be 
Fatigans, tis, part, tiring, weary- 
Fatigatio, onis, / fatigue, raillery 
Fatigator, oris, m. he that wearies 
Fatigatrix, icis,/. she that wearies 
F&tigaturus, a, um, part, about 
to weary [wearied 

Fatigalus, a, um, part, tired, 
Fatigo, are, a. to fatigue, to tire, 
to weary, to importuue, to 
trouble, or disturb, to distress, 
or torment, to harass, to perse- 
Fatilegus, a, um, adj. gathering, 

or collecting death 
Fatilogus, i, m. a soothsayer 
Fatiloquus, a, um, adj. foretelling 
Fatim, adv. abundantly 
Fatiscens, tis, part, being weary 
Fatisco, fire, n. to chink, chap, 
open, or gape, to leak, to be 
weary, or tired, to grow faint, 
or weak 
Fatue, adv. foolishly, foppishly 
Fatuitas, atis,/. foolishness 
Fatuor, ari, dep. to dote 
Fatum, i, n. fate, God's provi- 
dence, or decree, the course of 
nature, destiny, fortune, cala- 
mity, mischief 
Fatus, a, um, part, having spoken 
Fatuus, a, um, adj. foolish, 
simple, giddy, insipid, having 
no taste 
Fatuus, i, m. a fool, a simpleton 
Fivens, tis, part, favouring, vic- 
Faveo, ere, vi, fautum, a. and n. 
to favour, befriend, or counte- 
nance, to be on one's side, to 
wish one well, to desire, to 
boast, to attend with silence 
Favilla, as, /. hot embers, or 

Fftvissce, arum, pl.f. cellars where 
they laid up old statues and 


presents, cisterns of water 
round the temples 
FiH onius, i, m. the west wind 
Ktvor, oris, m. favour, regard, re- 
spect, partiality 
Kavorabills, e, adj. ior, comp. fa- 
vourable, favoured, beloved 
Favorablliter, adv. favourably 
Fauste, adv. luckily, prosperously 
FaustTtas, atis, /. good luck, a 

Faustus, a, ran, adj. lucky, fortu- 
nate, happy, propitious, pros- 
Fautor, oris, m. a favourer, a 

furtherer, a 
Fautrix, Icis,/. she that favours 
Fautrix, Icis, adj. favourable, kind 
Fauturus, a, urn, part, that will 
favour [ulcer 

Favus, i, m. a honey-comb, an 
Faux, cis, /. the jaws, the chops, 
the throat, the wind-pipe, the 
straits, or narrow passages be- 
tween hills, the mouth of a 
Fax, facis,/. a torch, a flame 
Febricitans, tis, part, sick of a 

Febrlcitatio, 6nis,/. fevcrishness 
Febrlcito, are, n. to be sick of a 

Febrlcitor, ari, dep. the same 
Febrlcula, se,/. a slight fever 
Febriciilarius, a, um, adj., and 
Febrlciilaris, e, feverish, aguish 
Febrlculose, adv. feverishly 
Febriculosus, a, um, a dj. feverish, 

aguish, hot, lascivious 
Febriens, tis, part, sick of a fever, 

or ague 
Febrlfuga, re, /. feverfew 
Febrilis, e, adj. of a fever, or ague 
Febrio, ire, n. to have a fever 
F?bris, is,/, a fever, an ague 
Februamentum, i, n. a religious 

purification, expiation 
Februarius, i, m. February 
Februatus, a, um, part, purged, 
cleansed [clean ?e 

Februo, are, a. to purify, to 
Fecialis, is, and Feciales, iuni, 

pi. m. a herald 
Fecialis, e, adj. of heralds 
Fecunditas, atis,/. fruitfulness 
FOcutinus, a, um, adj. dreggy, 

Fel, fellis, n. gall, bitterness, grief 

of spirit, poison 
Feles, and Felis, is,/, a cat 
Felicltas, atis, /. felicity, happi- 
ness, fortune, good fortune, 
opulence, wealthiness, fruitful- 
ness [happy 
Follcitatus, a, um, part, made 
Feliciter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. happily, prosperously, 
successfully, luckily, well 
Felicito, are, a. to felicitate, to 

make happy 
Fellneus, and Fellnus, a, um, adj. 

of a cat 
Felis, is, /. a cat 

Felix, Icis, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. happy, prosperous, for- 
tunate, favourable, kind, fruit- 
Felleus, a, um, adj. of gall, bitter 
Fellico, are, a. to suck 
Felllcus, a, um, adj. bitter as gall 
Fellitus, a, um, adj. bitter as gall 
Fello, are, a. to suck 
Femella, re,/, a female 
Femen, Inis, n. the inside of the 



Femina, re, /. a female, a woman 
Feminal, alis, n. the natural parts 
of a female [slops 

FSminalia, um, pi. n. drawers, 
Femlninus, a, um, adj. feminine 
Femorale, is, n. armour for the 
thigh [&c. 

FemSralia, um, pi. n. breeches, 
Femur, 5ris, n. the thigh, or its 

Fenei'atd, adv. with use 
Fenero, same as Fcenero 
Fenestella, re, /. dim. a little 

Fenestra, re,/, a window, an entry, 
or way into, an inlet, a hole, a 
gap, an occasion 
Fenestralis, e, adj. belonging to 

a window 
Fenestratus, a, um, part, and adj. 

having windows, open 
Fenestro, are, a. to open, to make 

a window 
Fenum, i, n. use of money 
Fera, re,/, a wild beast, or fowl 
Feracisslme, adv. most fruitfully 
Feracitas, atis,/. fruitfulness 
Feralia, um, pi. n. sacrifices for 

the dead 
Feralis, e, adj. mournful, dismal 
F6rax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. fertile, fruitful, abound- 
ing, full 
Fercillum, i, n. a dish, or mess of 

meat borne to the table 
Fere, adv. almost, nearly, nigh, 
within a little, about, hardly, 
for the most part, generally, 
commonly, ordinarily, greatly 
F6rendus, a, um, part, to be 
borne, carried, or suffered, to be 
borne with, to bebrought forth 
Ferens, tis, part, bearing, carry- 
ing, enduring, &c. 
Ferentarius, i, m. a sort of soldier 

who fought with missiles 
Fgretrum, i, n. a bier, a coffin, a 
thing whereon spoils were car- 
ried in triumph 
Feria, re,/, a holyday, any day 
Fei'iae, arum, pi. f. holydays, days 
exempted from labour, or plead- 
Ferialis, e, adj. of holydays, holy 
Feiiatio, onis, /. a keeping holy- 
Feriatus, a,um,part. unemployed, 
idle, holy [stricken 

Feriendus, a, um, part, to be 
Feriens, tis, part, striking, beat- 
ing, wounding 
Ferina, re,/, venison 
Ferine, adv. beastly, wildly 
Fermus, a, um, adj. of wild beasts 
F6rio, Ire, percussi, a. to strike, 
to beat, to smite, hit, or knock, 
to butt, or push, to wound, to 
offer, or sacrifice 
Ferior, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

keep holyday, to be idle 
Feritas, atis, /. wildness, fierce- 
ness, cruelty 
Ferme, adv. almost, for the most 
part, nearly, thereabouts, more 
or less 
Fermentatio, o^-is,/. a fermenta- 
tion [leavens 
Fermentator, oris, m. he that 
Fermentatus, a, um, part, lea- 
vened, puffed up, swollen [up 
Fermentescens, tis, part, puffing 
Fermentesco, ere, incep. to puff 

up, to swell, to be light 
Fermento, are, a. to ferment, to 
leaven, to loosen, to make light 


Fermentum, i, n. leaven, a lump 
leavened, a light, or puff? 
thing, fermented liquor, a fret- 
ting, anger 
Fgro, fers, tuli, and tgtuli, ferre, 
latum, a. to bear, carry, or 
bring, to lead, or conduct, to 
carry off, or away, to take off. 
or away, to waste, or destroy, 
to bear with, to condescend, or 
vouchsafe, to endure, to suffer, 
to sustain, to prescribe, to pro- 
pose, to be inclined, to permit, 
to require, to extol 
Ferocia, re, /. fierceness, resolu- 
tion, cruelty 
Feiociens, tis, part, blustering 
Ferocio, Ire, n. to be fierce 
Ffirocitas, atis,/. firceness, headi- 
ness, rashness, surliness, mo- 
Feiociter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. fiercely, boldly, hastily, 
Feroculus, a, um, adj. fierce, surly 
F6rox, ocis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. tierce, bold, coura- 
geous, daring, warlike, fiery, 
mettlesome, stout, lusty, strong, 
hardy, rough, savage, cruel 
Ferramentum, i, n. an instrument 
of iron, an edged, or pointed 
Ferraria, re,/, an iron mine 
Ferrariarius, i, m. one who works 

in forges, a smith 
Ferrarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to iron [iron 

Ferratilis, e, adj. belonging to 
Ferratus, a, um, adj. iron, hard 
as iron, done, covered, or armed 
with iron, laid in irons, fettered, 
Ferreum, i, n. an andiron 
Ferreus, a, vim, adj. of iron, hard, 
stout, unkind, hardhearted, 
cruel, inhuman 
FerrifOdma, re, /. an iron mine 
Femterus, i, m. a slave in chains 
Ferritgrium, i, n. a prison 
Ferrltribax, acis, m. a jailbird 
Ferrugmeus, a, um, adj. like rusty 

iron, or soot, rusty, dark 
Fcrruginosus, a, um, adj. rusty 
Fcrrugo, inis,/. rust of iron, rust, 

the colour of polished iron 
Ferrum, i, n. iron, any weapon, or 
tool made of iron, a sword, a 
ploughshare, fetters of iron 
Ferrumen, inis, n. and Ferriimen- 
tum, i, n. iron, or steel harden- 
ed, solder, cement, glue, pitch, 
Ferruininandus, a, um, part, to be 

cemented, glued, closed, &c. 
Ferrtiminans, tis, part, cementing 
Ferruminatio, onis,/. a soldering 
Ferruminatus, a, um, part, ce- 
Ferrumino, are, a. to solder, to 
cement, to glue, to join, or close 
Fertilis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. fertile, fruitful, abound- 
ing [fulness 
Fertilitas, atis, /. fertility, fruit- 
Fertlliter, adv. fruitfully 
Fertum, i, «. a cake of spices 
Fertus, a, um, adj. fruitful, rich 
Fervgfacio, Sre, eci, factum, a. to 

make hot, to heat, to boil 
Fervef'actus, a, um, part, mads 

Fervens, tis, part ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. boiling, burning, 
fervid, hot 




Fervent er, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. hotly, hastily 
Fcrveo, ere, i, and bui, n. to be 
hot, to boil, or seeth, to fer- 
ment, to fret, to rage, to 
Fervesco, £re, to grow hot, to be- 
gin to rage 
Fervlde, adv. hotly, earnestly 
Fervldus, a, um, 'adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. hot, scorching, 
burning, fermenting, working, 
Ferula, ae, /. a ferula, a wooden 
shipper, a rod, a stick, a reed, a 
cane, a walkingstick 
Fervo, fire, same as Ferveo 
Fervor, oris, m. heat, a boiling, or 
raging, a scorching, earnest- 
ness, vigour 
F6rus, a, um, adj. wild, savage, 
cruel, bloody, tierce, stubborn, 
Ffirus, i, m. a wild beast, a boar, 

a stag, a horse 
Fescennlnus, a, um, adj. smutty 
Fessitudo, Inis, /. weariness 
Fessus, a, um,part. wearied, tired, 

worn out 
Festlnabundus, a, nm, adj. hasty 
Festlnans, tis, part, issimus, 
superl. hastening, making haste, 
being troubled 
Festinanter, adv. ids, comp. hasti- 
ly, in haste, quickly, speedily 
Festmatio, onis,/. haste, speed 
Festlnatd, adv. ius, comp. quickly, 

speedily, in haste 
Festlnaturus, a, um, part, about 

to make haste 
Fcstlnatus, a, um, part, hastened, 
done with speed, or before due 
Festlne, adv. speedily, in haste 
Festlno, are, n. and a. to make 
haste, to hasten, to do speedily, 
to be concerned 
Fesiinus, a, um, adj. quick, hasty 
FestTv6, adv. issime, superl. joy- 
ously, pleasantly, jocosely, hand- 
somely, with a good grace 
Festivltas, atis,/. festivity, mirth, 
merriment, pleasantry, drollery, 
a good grace, a festive time 
Festlviter, adv. merrily, pleasantly 
Festlvo, are, a. to keep a holiday 
Festlvus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. festival, festive, 
merry, pleasant, jocose, good- 
Festuca, ae, /. the shoot, or stalk 
of a tree, or herb, a rod, or wand, 
laid upon a servant's head to 
make him free 
Festucarius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to a festuca, of the praetor's rod 
Festum, i, n. festival, a holiday 
Festus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. fes- 
tival, festive, joyful, merry, plea- 
Fetus, us, m. same as Foetus 
Fiber, ri, m. a beaver, a badger 
Fibra, ae,/. a fibre, a filament, a 

border, or brim inwards 
Fibratus, a, um, adj. having fibres 
Fibrinus, a, um, adj. of a beaver 
Fibula, ae, /. a clasp, a buckle, a 
button, a brace, a hook, a little 
hook, a hasp, a ring 
Flbularis, is, m. a lacemaker 
Fibulatio, onis, /. a bracing to- 
Fibiilator, 6ris, m. he that buttons 
Fibulatorius, a, um, adj. made 
with clasps, or buttons 

Fibulo, are, a. to button, or fasten 
Flcaria, ae,/. a fig-tree [together 
Ficarius, a, um, adj. pertaining to 
figs [figs, liver 

Ficatum, i, n. a meat made with 
Flcedula, ae,/. a fig-pecker 
Ficetum, i, n. a place where fig- 
trees, or the piles grow 
Flcosus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. full of sores, scabs, or 
the piles 
Ficte, adv. feignedly, falsely 
Fictile, is, ». a' thing made of earth 
Fictllis, e, adj. earthen, made of 
earth [device 

Fictio, onis,/. a fiction, a lie, a 
Fictitius, a, um, adj. fictitious, 

Fictor, oris, m. a feigner, a coun- 
terfeiter, a deviser, a forger 
Fictrix, icis,/. a deviser 
Fictura, ae, /. a feigning, a pre- 
Fictus, a, um, part, and adj. feign- 
ed, pretended, counterfeited, de- 
vised, forged, formed, fashioned, 
wrought [trees 

Ficulnetum, i, n. a place of fig- 
Flculneus, and Ficulnus, a, um, 
adj. of a fig-tree, useless, worth- 
Ficulus, i,/. dim. a little fig 
Ficus, i, and us,/, a fig, a tig-tree, 

a disease called the piles 
Fide, adv. issime, superl. faithfully 
Fidefragus, i, m. a trucebreaker 
Fidelcommissarius, i, m. a feoffee 

in trust 
Fidelcommissio, onis, /. a feoff- 
ment of trust 
Fldelcommissum, i, n. a feoff- 
ment of trust 
Fideicommissus, a, um, adj. given 

upon trust, intrusted 
Fidelcommitto, ere, a. to infeoff, 
to intrust, or put into one's trust 
Fldejussio, onis,/. suxetiship 
Fidejussor, oris, m. a surety 
Fidejussorius, a, m, adj. relative 

to suretv, or bail 
FIdele, adv. same as Fideliter 
Fidelia, ae, /. an earthen vessel, a 

jug, a crock, a pot 
Fidelis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. faithful, trusty, constant, 
loyal, sure, fast, lasting 
Fideiltas, atis, /. fidelity, faith- 
Fideliter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. faithfully, trustily, loy- 
Fidendus, a, um, part, to trust 
Fidens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. trusting, 
confident, bold, hardy 
Fidenter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. boldly, courageously, 
Fldentia, ae, /. boldness, confi- 
dence, assurance, trust 
Fides, ei, /. faith, truth, sincerity, 
honesty, uprightness, integrity, 
justice, conscience, faithfulness, 
fidelity, loyalty, trust, credit, 
word, promise, assurance, war- 
rant, authority 
Fides, and Fldis, is,/, a string of 
an instrument, a fiddle, lute, 
harp, or any stringed instru- 
ment [strel 
Fidfcen, Tnis, m. a harper, a min- 
Fidlcina, ae,/. a woman that plays 

on the harp, &c. 
FKIcula, ae, /. a little lute, or 
harp, a guitar, a fiddle 

Fidlctilae, arum, pl.f. little cords 
to stretch people on the rack 

Fldo, fire, di, and flsus sum, n. 
to trust to, or in, to trust, to 

Flducia, ae, /. confidence, assur- 
ance, boldness, courage, trust, 
dependance, hope 

Fiducialiter, adv. confidently 

Fiduciarius, a, um, adj. that takes. 
or is taken, upon trust 

Fiduciarius, i, m. a feoffee in trust 

Fiduciatus, a, um, part, put in 

Flducio, are, a. to put in trust, to 
make a condition of trust 

Fldus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. faithful, trusty, 
true, constant, safe, secuie, 

Fldustus, a, um, adj. very faithful 

Figens, tis, part, fixing, wounding 

Figllna, as,/, a potter's craft, or 

F'igllnarius, i, m. a potter 

Figllnum, i, n. an earthen vessel 

Figlinus, a, um, adj. belonging to 
a potter, earthen 

Figmentum, i, n. work, workman- 
ship, a forgery, a lie, a device 

Flgo, ere, xi, xum, a. to fix, to 
fasten, to stick, to thrust, to 
shoot, to pierce, to wound, to 
set up publicly 

Flgularis, e, adj. of a potter 

Flgulina, same as Figlina 

Figulo, are, a. to make, to fashion 

Flgtilus, i, m. a potter 

Flgura, ae, /. a figure, shape, form, 
or fashion, an image, a repre- 
sentation, a draught, or like- 

Flgurandus, a, um, part, to be 
formed, fashioned, or framed 

Flgurate, adv. figuratively 

Flguratio, onis, /. a fashioning, 
shaping, or resembling 

FIgurativus, a, um, adj. figurative 

Flguratus, a, um, part, formed, 
fashioned, coined, figurative, 

Figiiro, are, a. to make, form, fa- 
shion, or frame, to imagine, or 
conceive [threads 

Fllamenta, orum, pi. n. little 

Fllatlm, adv. thread by thread 

Fllia, ae,/. a daughter 

Fllialis, e, adj. filial, child-like 

Flllcatus, a, um, adj. indented, 

Filicetum, i, n. ferny ground 

Flllceus, a, um, adj. of fern 

Fllictum, i, n. a fern-field 

Filicula, ae,/. wall- fern 

Fiiiola, ae,/. dim. a little daughter 

FiliOlus, i, m. a little, or young 

Filius, i, m. a son, a child, the 
male young of any creature 

FIlix, Icis, /. fern, brake, a small 
fibre, thick hair 

Fllum, i, n a thread, yarn, a line, 
or streak, the string of an in- 
strument, a lineament 

Fimarium, i, n. a dunghill 

Fimbria, ae,/. a border, hem, or 
welt, list, a fringe, extremity, or 

Fimbriate, is, n. a fringe 

Fimbriatus, a, um, part, fringed, 

Fimetum, i, n. a dunghill 

Fimosus, a, um, adj. full of dung 

Fimum, i, n. dung 

Flmus, i, m. dung, ordiiT? 




Flnalis, e, adj. final [cleft 

Findendus, a, um, part, to be 

Findens, tis, part, cleaving, divid- 

Fin do, fire, fidi, fissum, a. to 
cleave, to split, to divide, to 
cut, to plough 

Fingendus, a, um, part, to form, 
or fashion, to be formed 

Fingens, tis, part, forming, pre- 
tending [seeming 

Fiugibilis, e, adj. imaginary, 

Fingo, fire, xi, ictum, a. to make, 
form, or fashion, to frame, or 
build, to devise, invent, or con- 
trive, to fancy 

Finiendus, a, um, part, to be 
finished, or ended 

Ftniens, tis, m. the horizon 

Flniens, tis, part, ending, bound- 

Finio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to finish, 
to end, to put an end to, to 
conclude, to bound, or limit, to 

Finis, is, m. orf. an end, a con- 
clusion, a bound, border, or 
limit, a definition, a country, or 
territory [edly 

Finite, adv. determinately, limit - 

Flnitimus, a, um, adj. bordering 
upon, adjoining, neighbouring, 
near, nearly related 

Finitio, onis, /. a definition, a 
bounding [limits 

Finitivus, a, um, adj. which 

Flnltor, oris, m. an ender, a 
limiter, a bounder, a surveyor 

Finiturus, a, um, part, about to 

Finitus, a, um, part, finished, 
ended, bounded, confined, de- 

Finitus, us, m. the close, the end 

Flo, fis, fact us sum, fieri, n. pass. 
to be made, or done, to happen, 
or come to pass, to grow, or be- 
come [ment 

Firmamen, Inis, n. an establish- 

Firmamentum, i, n. the firma- 
ment, the chief point 

Firman dus, a, um, part, to be 

Firmans, tis, part, strengthening 

Firmatio, onis,/. a strengthening 

Firmator, oris, m. a conhrmer 

Firmaturus, a, um, part, about 
to strengthen 

Firmatus, a, um, part, confirmed, 

Firme, adv. issime, superl. firmly, 
assuredly, stedfastly 

Firmitas, atis,/. firmness, sound- 
ness, strength, steadiness 

Firmiter, adv. firmly 

Firmitudo, tnis, /. firmness, 
strength, constancy 

Firmo, are, a. to confirm, to esta- 
blish, to strengthen, to make 
steady, to harden, to bind, or 
make costive 

Fiimus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. firm, steady, con- 
stant, sure, certain, to be de- 
pended on, bold, resolute, lusty, 
strong, hard 

Fiscalis, e, adj. of, or belonging to 
the exchequer 

Fiscella, a;, /. a twig, or wicker 
basket, a cheese-vat 

Fiscellum, i, n. a little basket 

Fiscina, se, /. a basket, a pannier, 
a hamper, a bag, a font 

Fiscus, i, m. a basket, a large 
moneybag, a bag, money, a 

king's revenue, a treasury, or 
exchequer [open 

Fissiculo, are, a. to open, to lay 

Fissilis, e, adj. that is, or may be 
cleft, split, or divided 

Fissio, onis,/. a cleaving, or chap- 

Fissum, i, n. a cleft, a chap, a 
disease about the fundament, 
the skin which divides the liver 

Fissura, a% f. a fissure, a cleft, a 
chap, a gap, a slit 

Fissus, a, um, part, cleft, cloven, 
split, chapped 

Fissus, us, m. a cleft, chap, or cut 

Fistuca, se, /. an instrument 
called a commander 

Fistucatio, onis, /. a driving of 
piles, a ramming down of stones 

Fistticatus, a, um, part, driven, 

Fistuco, are, a. to drive, to ram 

Fistula, »,/. a water-pipe, a pipe, 
a flute, a flageolet, a whistle 

Fistiilaris, e, adj. of a pipe 

Fistulatim, adv. like a pipe, or 

Fistuliitor, oris, m. a piper 

Fistiilatus, a, um, part, made like 
a pipe [spungy 

Fistulo, are, n. to be hollow, or 

Fistulosus, a, um, adj. hollow, 

Fisus, a, um, part, confiding, 
trusting, relying 

Fixurus, a, um, part, about to 
pierce, or wound 

Fixus, a, um, part, and adj. fixed, 
stuck, or hung up, pierced, 
wounded, impressed, imprinted 

Flabellifer, a, um, adj. bearing a 

Flabellum, i, n. a fan, a stirrer up 

Flabllis, e, adj. that may be 
blown, airy, spiritual [fan 

Flabrum, i, n. a blast of wind, a 

FJacceo, ere, ui, n. to wither, -to 

Flaccesco, fire, incep. to flag, to 
grow lank 

Flaccidus, a, um, adj. withered, 
flagging, hanging, lank 

Flaccus, a, um, adj. flagging, 
hanging down 

Flagella, a,/, a little whip 

Flagellarius, i, to. a beadle 

FlS.gella.tor, oris, m. a beater 

Flagellatus, a, um, part, scourged 

Flagello, are, a. to whip, to 
scourge, to thrash, to raise 

Flagelluni, i, n. a whip, a scourge, 
a flail, a twig, a shoot, a claw 
of a shellfish 

Flagitandus, a, um, part, to be 
earnestly craved 

Flagitans, tis, part, earnestly de- 
siring, demanding 

Flagitatio, onis,/. a demand, an 
earnest entreaty 

Flagitator, oris, m. a demander, 
one who earnestly requests 

Flagitatus, a, um, part, demanded 

Flagitiose, adv. issime, superl. 
wickedly, lewdly, vilely, scan- 
dalously, infamously, villain- 

Flagitiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. wicked, lewd, 
vile, base, scandalous, infa- 

Flagttium, i, n. a crime, a base, or 
scandalous action, wickedness, 
a scandal, disgrace, or reproach, 

Flagito, are, a. to demand, to ask, 

or call laudly for, to importune, 
to claim 

Flagrans, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. burning, 
flaming, glowing, shining, glit- 
tering, blushing, flagrant, eager, 

Flagranter, adv. ids, comp. issime, 
superl. flamingly, eagerly 

Flagrantia, Be,/, a burning, flam- 
ing, or flashing, an eager desire, 
earnestness, violence [whip 

Flagrlfer, a, um, adj. carrying a 

Flagrio, onis, to. a slave 

Flagritriba, se, m. a whipping-post 

Flagro, are, n. to burn, to be hot, 
or inflamed, to shine out, or 

Flagrum, i, n. a whip, a scourge 

Flamen, tnis, n. a blast, a puff, a 
gale, a sound of an instrument 

Flamen, Inis, to. a priest, a high- 

Flaminia, a?, /. the house of a 
priest, or high-priest 

Flaminlca, x, /. a priest's wife 

Flamlnium, i, n. the priesthood 

Flaminius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to the high-priest 

Flamma, a,/, a flame, a blaze, a 
flash, brightness, vehemence, 
ardour, love, danger, hazard 

Flammandus, a, um, part, to be 

Flammans, tis, part, flaming, 

Flammatus, a, um, part, inflamed, 
armed with flames, excited 

Flammearius, i, m. a flame-colour 

Flamme61um, i, m. dim. a scarf of 
a flame-colour, a flag, or ban- 
ner [colour 

Flammeolus, a, um, adj. of Same- 

Flammtfum, i, n. a kind of yellow 
scarf, a veil, a banner 

Flatnmeus, a, um, adj. flaming, 
burning, fiery, of a flame-colour 

Flammidus, a, -am, adj. of aflame- 
colour, living in fire 

Flammifer, a, um, adj.ih&t brings 
flames, or flashes 

Flammtger, fira, erum, adj. that 
carries fire, or flames 

Flammigfira, se, to. flame-born 

Flammigfiro, are, a to cast out 

Flammiv5mus, a, um, adj. vomit- 
ing fire 

Flammo, are, n. to flame, or flash, 
to make bright ; a. to inflame, 
or incense, to set on fire, to 

Flammula, ffi, /. a blaze, a light 

Flandus, a, um, part, to be blown, 
coined, &c. 

Flans, tis, part, blowing 

Flatilis, e, adj. that is blown 

Flator, oris, m. one that blows, a 
piper, a founder, or melter 

Flatulentus, a, um, adj. flatulent, 

Flatuose, adv. flatulently 

Flatuosus, a, um, adj. flatuous, 
full of wind 

Flatura, a?,/, a melting of metal 

Flatus, us, to. a puff, or blast, a 
gale, a gentle breeze 

Flavedo, Inis,/. yellowness 

Flavens, tis, part, of a yellow 
colour, yellow 

Flavco, ere, n. to be yellow 

Flavescens, tis, part, growing 
yellow [low 

Flavesco, fire, incep. to grow yel 




FlavicOmans, tis, adj. having 
yellow hair 

Flavicomus, a, um, adj. the same 

Flavulus, a, um, adj. yellowish 

Flavus, a, um, adj. yellow, bright 

Fiebllis, e, adj. ior, comp. to be la- 
mented, mournful, doleful 

Flebillter, adv. lamentedly, sadly, 

Flectens, tis, part, bending 

Flectio, onis,/. or Flexio, a bend- 
ing, a bowing, a turning , a 

Flecto, ere, xi, xum, a. to bend, 
to bow, to turn, to crook, to in- 
cline, to apply, to decline, to 
avoid [mented 

Flendus, a, um, part, to be la- 

Flens, tis, part, weeping, lament- 
' ing 

Fleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to weep, 
to cry, to bewail, to lament 

Fletifer, a, um, adj. yielding tears, 
or drops [weep 

Fleturus, a, um, part, about to 

Fletus, a, um, part, bewailed, la- 
mented [cry 

Fletus, iis, m. weeping, tears, a 

Flexanimus, a, um, adj. that 
turns, or inclines the mind 

Flexibilis, e, adj. that may be 
bent, flexible, pliant, tractable, 
tender [bending 

Flexilis, e, adj. easy to be bent, 

Flexiloquus, a, um, adj. speaking 

Flexio, onis,/. same as Flectio 

Flexipes, 6dis, adj. crook-tooted, 

Flexuose, adv. crookedly 

Flexuosus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. bending, turning, wind- 

Flexiira, ae,/. a bending, a bowing, 
a declining 

Flexus, a, um, part, bowed, bent, 
turned, crooked, crisped, curled, 
inclining to, reflected 

Flexus, us, m. a bending, turning, 
winding, or changing, a turn, 
or change 

Fiictus, us, m. a dashing against 

Fligo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to dash 
against the ground, to vex 

Flo, are, a. to blow, to found, or 
cast metal, to make money 

Floccidus, a, um, adj. flocky 

Flocclf acio, ere, eci, actum, a. to 
set nought by, to esteem, as 

Flocco, are, n. to snow in flakes 

Flocculus, i, m. a little lock of 

Floccus, i, m. a lock of wool, a 
flock of the shearing of woollen 
cloth, the nap of cloth, a flake 
of snow 

Floralis, e, adj. floral 

FloralTtius, a, um, adj. used in 
Flora's plays 

Florens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. flourish- 
ing, in the prime, prosperous, 
successful, distinguished 

Floreo, ere, ui, n. to flourish, to 
bear flowers, to blossom, to be 
in prime, or in repute 

Florescens, tis, part, flourishing 

Floresco, ere, to blossom, to 
bloom, to flourish, to thrive 

Floretum, i, n. a flower-garden 

Floreus, a, um, adj. flowery, made 
of flowers 

FlorTcomus, a, um, adj. that has 
the hair adorned with flowers 

Floridulus, a, um, adj. blooming, 

gay m 
Floridus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

flowery, adorned, or drest with 

flowers, florid, fresh, gay, lively 
Florifer, a, um, adj. bearing 

Florfger, 6ra, gram, adj. the same 
Florilggus, a, um, adj. that ga- 
thers flowers, or honey out of 

Flos, oris, m. a flower, abloom, or 

blossom, a garland, down, the 

prime of age, &c. 
Flosculus, i, m. a little flower, a 

FluctXfer, 6ra, um, adj. bringing 

Fluctifragus, a, um, adj. breaking 

the waves 
Fluctiggna, a?, c. g. bred in, or on 

the sea 
Fluctigenus, a, um, adj. the same 
Fluctiger, era, 6rum, adj. bearing 

the waves 
Fluctisonus, a, um, adj. roaring 

with waves 
Fluctlv&gus, a, um, adj. passing 

on, or tossed by the waves 
Fluctuans, tis, part, fluctuating, 

floating, wavering 
Fluctuating adv. waveringly 
Fluctuatio, onis, /. a floating, a 

swimming, a wavering, a shak- 
ing, uncertainty, doubt 
Fluetuatus, a, um, part, tossed 

by waves, floating 
Fluctuo, are, n. to fluctuate, to 

waver, to be in doubt 
Fluctuosus, a, um, adj. full of 

waves, like waves, boisterous 
Fluctus, us, m. a wave, a surge, a 

billow, a crowd, a multitude, 

uncertainty, disquiet 
Fluens, tis, part, flowing, running, 

gushing out, dropping, falling, 

succeeding, or going well, 

Fluenter, adv. flowingly 
Fluentia, se,f. a fluency of speech 
FluentisOnus, a, um, adj. sound- 
ing with waves 
Fluentum, i, n. a river, a stream 
Fluldus, a, um, adj. fluid, falling, 

or dropping off, watery, soft 
Flultans, tis, part, flowing, float- 

Flumen, Inis, n. a river, a stream, 
a current, a flood, a flood of 
tears, an overflowing 
Flumineus, a, um, adj. of a river 
Fluo, gre, xi, xum and ctum, n to 
flow, to run, to run, or trickle 
down, to drop, or fall, to gush 
out, to melt, to spread, to come, 
proceed, or arise, to slip 
Fluor, oris, m. a stream 
Fluores, women's monthly courses 
Fluta, se,/. a kind of lamprey 
Fluvialis, e, adj. of a river 
Fluviatllis, e, adj. of a river 
Fluviatus, a, um, adj. steeped, or 

soaked in a river 
Flilvius, i, m. the water in a river, 

a river, a flood 
Fluxe, adv. abundantly, loosely 
Fluxio, onis, /. a flowing, a run- 
ning, a flow, the flux 
Fluxura, x,f. weakness, lust 
Fluxurus, a, um, part, about to 

Fluxus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
flowing readily, flowing, leak- 

ing, loose, hanging down. un. 
Fluxus, us, m. a flux, a flowing, 

a looseness 
F5eale, is, n. a muffler for the 
throat and neck, a garment 
worn by the fireside 
Focaria, <t,f. a kitchen-maid 
Focarius, a, um, adj. belonging tu 

the fire 
F5earius, i, m. a stoker, a cook 
Fociflatus, a, um, part, cherished, 

FOcillo, are, a. to warm, or cherish 
Focillor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

F6cilo, are, a. to cherish 
FScula, orum, pi. n. hot meats 
F6culus, i, m. a little fire-hearth, 

or fire 

Focus, i, m. an hearth, an altar, a 

house, the tire „ [piercing 

F5dicatio, onis, /. a boring, a 

FOdico, are, a. to bore to pierce, 

to push, to scratch, to sting, to 

vex, to grieve 

Fodiendus, a, um, part, to dig, or 

be dug 
Ftidiens, tis, part, digging 
Fodlna, ae,/. a mine, a quarry 
Fodio, Sre and ire, ossum, a. to 
dig, to dig up, to mine, to prick, 
to spur 
Fcecunde, adv. fruitfully, rankly 
Foecunditas, at is, /. fruitfulness, 
abundance, exuberance, fluency, 
eloquence [ful 

Fcecundlto, are, a. to make fruit- 
Foecundo, are, a. to make fertile, 

or fruitful 
Fcecundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. fruitful, abun- 
dant, copious, apt to bear young 
Fcedans, tis, part, defiling, stain- 
ing [luter 
Foedator, oris, m. a defiler, a pol- 
Foedaturus, a, um, part, about to 
defile [polluted 
Foedatus, a, um, part, defiled, 
Fcede, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. foully, dirtily, dishonour- 
ably, basely, shamefully, abomi- 
FoedSratio, onis,/. a confederacy 
Fcederator, oris, m. a covenanter, 

a conspirator 
Fcederatus, a, um, part, con- 
federate, allied 
Fcederifragus, same as Foedifragus 
Foedgro, are, a. to make a league, 
to covenant [federate 

Fcedfror, ari, dep. to be con- 
Foedifragus, a, um, adj. breaking 

a league or covenant 
Fceditas, atis, /. foulness, filtbi- 
ness, nastiness, dimness, rank- 
ness, baseness, vileness, ugli- 
Fcedo, are, a. to daub, to stain, to 
defile, to pollute, to disfigure, 
to tear, to rend, to lay in the 
dust, to bear down, to harass, 
to disgrace 
Fcedus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. foul, filthy, 
nasty, stinking, unpleasant, 
unsightly, deformed, mean, 
sorry, rude, boisterous, dread- 
ful, cruel, base 
Fcedus, eris, n. a league, a cove- 
nant, a treaty, a stipulation, an 
agreement, a conspiracy, an 
alliance, a mutual relation, 
marriage [happy 

Fcelicior, us, adj. comp. mui« 




Foelicissime, adv. most happily 
Foelicitas, atis,/. happiness 
Foeliciter, adv. happily [kind 

Fcelix, Icis, adj. happy, lucky, 
FoemTna, a?,/, a female, a woman 
Foeminatus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to a woman 
Foemineus, a, um, adj. of a wo- 
man, soft 
Foenarius, a, um, adj. of hay 
Foenfibris, e, adj. pertaining to 

Foenferalia, ium, pi. n. days for 

paying interest 
Foeneratio, onis, /. usury 
Foenfirato, adv. with interest, or 

Foengrator, oris, m. an usurer 
Foene'ratOrius, a, um, adj. per- 
taining to usury [broker 
Foenfiratrix, icis, /. a she pawn- 
Fosngratus, a, um, part, put out 
to interest, returned with ad- 
Fjengro, are, a. to lend on usury, 
to bring in usury, to make ad- 
vantage of, to lend, to afford 
Fcengror, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

land, or borrow on usury 
Foeneus, a, um, adj. made of hay 
Foenicularius, a, um, ad), belong- 
ing to hay 
Fceniculum, i, n. fennel 
Foenlle, is, n. a hayloft, a rack 
Fcenise'ca, se, c. g. a mower of 

Foenisgcium, i, n. haymaking-time 
Fcenisector, oris, m. a mower 
Foenisex, icis, m. a mower 
Foenisicia, a?, /. hay-harvest 
Fcenum, i, n. hay 
Fcenus, oris, a. interest upon 

money, usury 

Fcenusculum, i, n. a little interest 

Fceta, se, /. a female big with 

young, an ewe that has newly 

had young 

Foeteo, ere, n. to stink, to have a 

bad smell, to be nauseous 
Foetidus, a, um, adj. stinking, 

Fcetifer, a, um, adj. fruitful 
Fcetif ico, are, n. to be fruitful, to 

breed young 
Foetif icus, a, um, adj. fruitful 
Fceto, are, n. to bring forth young, 

to make a stink 
Fcetor, oris, m. a stink, a smell 
Foetulentus, a, um, adj. stinking 
Foetura, se, /. the breeding of 
cattle, the time from conception 
to the birth, the growth, or 
springing of grass 
Foetus, a, um, adj. big, or great 
with young, that hath young, 
Foetus, us, m. the young of any 
creature, the fruit of trees, a 
birth [puddle 

Fcetutina, se, /. a dirty place, a 
FOliaceus, a, um, adj. of, or like 

Foliatio, onis,/. foliage 
Foliatum, i, n. ointment of spike- 
Fftliatura, ae,/. foliage [nard 

Foliatus, a, um, part, leaved, 

thin as a leaf 
Foliosus, a, um, adj. full of leaves 
Folium, i, n. a leaf 
Folliciilus, i, m. a little bag of 
leather, a small leathern ball 
blown with wind, a husk, cod, 
htill, or peel, the womb 
Foil is, is, m. a bag, purse, or scrip 
ol leather, a pair of bellows 

Follltlm, adv. by the large bag 
Fomento, are, a. to foment", to 

Fomentum, i, n. a fomentation, 

an application to assuage pain, 

an allaying, a cherishing 
Fomes, itis, m. fuel, any thing 

that kindles, or keeps fire in, 

an incentive 
Fons, tis, m. a fountain, a spring, 

a well, a stream, water, a spring- 
head [well 
Fontalis, e, adj. of a fountain, or 
Fontanus, a, um, adj. of a spring 
Fon ti cuius, i, m. a little spring, 

an issue [fountain 

Fontiggna, ae, c. g. born of a 
For, fari, fatus sum, dep. to speak, 

to speak plainly, to describe 
Forabilis, e, adj. that may be 

pierced [thread 

FOrago, inis, /. a slip of yarn, a 
Foramen, inis, /. a hole, an issue 
Forandus, a, um, part, to be 

bored, or pierced 
FOras, adv. out of doors, forth, out 
Forator, oris, m. a borer, a 

piercer [pierced 

F6ra.tus, a, um, part, bored, 
Forceps, Ipis, doubtful gen. a pair 

of tongs, nippers, pincers, 

tweezers, &c. 
Forda, se,/. a cow with calf 
FOrensis, e, adj. belonging to the 

forum, or courts of pleading 
Fores, ium, pl.f. a door, or gate 
Forfex, Icis, /. a pair of scissors, 

or shears, an iron hook 
F6ri, orum, pi. m. decks of a ship, 

scaffolds, or galleries, alleys 
FOrica, se, /. a house of office 
FOricarius, i, m. a cleanser of 

Foricula, te, f. dim. a wicket 
FOrinsecils, adv. from without 
FOris, is, /. a door 
Foris, adv. from abroad, without, 

on the outside, in other peoples' 

Forma, se, /. a form, a shape, a 

make, or fashion, a figure, an 

appearance, a likeness, or re- 
semblance [due 
Formalis, e, ad], formal, proper, 
Formaliter, adv. formally 
Formamentum, i, n.' a form, a 

Formans, tis, part, forming 
Formandus, a, um, part, to be 

Formatio, onis,/. a forming 
Formator, oris, m. a former, a 

maker, a creator, an instructor 
Formatura, se, /. a shape, a form- 
Formaturus, a, um, part, about 

to form [framed 

Form atus, a, um, part, formed, 
Formica, se,/. an ant, an emmet 
Formicabllis, e, adj. resembling 

the creeping of ants 
Formlcans, tis, part, creeping 
Formiciitio, Onis, /. a tingling, a 

Formlcetum, i, n. an ant hill 
Formicinus, a, um, adj. like an ant 
Formlco, are, n. to rise in pimples 
Formlcosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Formidabilis, e, adj. formidable 
Formidandus, a, um, part, to be 

dreaded [dreading 

Formidans, tis, part, fearing, 
Formidatio, Onis, /. a fearing 
Formidatus, a, um, part, dreaded i 

Formldo, are, a. to fear, to dread 
Formido, inis,/. fear, dread, ter 

ror, astonishment 
FormidOlose, adv. ius, comp. fear- 
fully, timorously 
FormidOlosus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. fearful, 
timorous, to be feared, dreadful 
Formo, are, a. to form, frame, 
fashion, or mould, to build, to 
compose, to instruct, to feign, 
or imagine 
Formose, adv. beautifully, neatly 
FormOsitas, atis,/. handsomeness 
Formosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. fair, beautiful, 
handsome, charming 
Formula, se, /. a form, a rule, a 

maxim, a writ, a suit 
Formularius, i, m. he that makes 

out writs, a practiser 
Fornacalia, Orum, pi. n. sacrifices 
offered before the grinding of 
corn [nace 

Fornaceus, a, um, adj. like a fur- 
Fornacula, se,/. a furnace, an oven 
Fornax, acis,/. a furnace, an oven 
Fornicaria, se, /. a prostitute 
Fornicarius, i, m. one belonging 

to stews 
Fornlcatlm, adv. like an arch 
Fornicatio, onis, /. fornication, an 

arching over 
Fornicator, oris, m. a fornicator 
Fornicatrix, icis, /. a whore 
Fornicatus, a, um, part, arched 

Fornico, are, a. to arch over 
Fornix, icis, /. an arch, a brothel 
Foro, are, a. to bore, to pierce 
Fors, tis, /. fortune, luck, chance, 
Forsan, adv. perhaps [hazard 

Forsitan, adv. perhaps, it may be 
Forslt, adv. the same [ture 

Fortasse, adv. perhaps, peradven • 
Fortassls, adv. perhaps, perchance 
Fortax, acis, /. the compass of a 

Forte, adv. by chance, as good 

luck would have it 
Forticulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

strong, or patient 
Fortificatio, onis,/. a fortification, 

a fortifying 
Fortificator, oris, m. he that 

makes strong 
Fortifico, are, a. to fortify 
Fortis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. courageous, valiant, 
bold, brave, gallant, magnani- 
mous, resolute, constant, stout 
Fortiter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. courageously, valiantly, 
boldly, bravely, absolutely, un. 
dauntedly, stoutly, strongly 
Fortitudo, inis,/. fortitude, cou- 
rage, valour, resolution, intre- 
pidity, a brave action, greatness 
Fortiusculus, a, um, adj. stoutish 
FortuitO, adv. by chance, by acci- 
Fortuitu, as abl. the same [dent 
Fortuitus, a, um, adj. that hap- 
pens by chance, casual, acci- 
dental, sudden 
Fortuna, se, /. fortune, hap, ha- 
zard, adventure, chance, luck, 
event, state, condition, an estate 
Fortunse, pi. f. one's fortune, or 

estate, riches, wealth 
Fortunate, adv. ius, comp. fortu- 
nately, luckily, prosperously 
Fortunatus, a, um, adj. ior, comp 
issimus, superl. fortunate, fa- 
vourable, kind, blest, happy, 




Fortunium, i, js. good isck 
Fortuno, are, a. to make happy 
Foruli, pi. m. hatches, shelves for 

Forum, i, n. the forum, a market- 
place, a market, a court of jus- 
tice, a vessel 
FOrus, i, m. the deck, or hatch of 

a ship, a small furrow 
Fossa, as, /. a ditch, a moat, a 

Fossarius, i, m. a ditcher 
Fossatum, i, n. a fosse, a camp 
Fossilis, e, ad/, fossile, that is, or 

may be dug out of the earth 
Fossio, onis,/. a digging, a dress- 
Fossitius, a, um, adj. dug, delved 
Fossor, oris, m. a digger, a pio- 
Fossiila, se, /. a little ditch, a 
puddle [ing 

Fossura, as,/, a digging, a ditch- 
Fossus, a, um, part, dug, wound- 
ed, pierced 
Fotus, a, um, parf. cherished 
Fotus, us, m. a nourisher, a fo- 
Fovea, a?, /. a pitfall, a den, a 

cave, a fox's hole, &c. 
FOvendus, a, um, j;art. to be che- 
rished [vouring 
FOvens, tis, part, cherishing, fa- 
F6veo, ere, fovi, fotum, a. -to 
warm, to cherish, or nourish, to 
feed, or maintain, to make much 
of, to fondle, to embrace 
Fraceo, ere, ui, n. to purify, to rot 
Fiaces, ium, pi. f. lees of oil 
Fracesco, ere, incep. to grow 
mouldy [hoary 
Fracidus, a, um, adj. rotten-ripe, 
Fractio, onis,/. a fraction 
Fractior, us, adj. eomp. more 

Fractura, as, /. a fracture 
Fracturus, a, um, part, about to 

Fractus, a, um, part, broken, 
humbled, discouraged, out of 
heart, spent, lost, vanquished 
Frasnatio, onis,/ a bridling 
Frasnator, oris, m. a restrainer 
Frasnatus, a, um, part, bridled, 

restrained, curbed 
Frasnigerus, a, um, adj. that holds 

the bridle 
Frasno, are, a. to bridle, to curb, 
to restrain, to keep in, to check, 
to stop, or stay 
Fraenum, i, n. a bridle, the bit of 

a bridle, a curb, a check 
Fragesco, fire, a. to break, or 

Fragilis, e, adj. ior, comp. frail, 
brittle, mortal, weak, perish- 
able, that may be easily 
Fragllitas, atis, /. frailty, brittle- 

ness, weakness 
Fragmen, Inis, «. a fragment, a 

Fragmentum, i, n. the same 
Fragor, oris, m. a noise, a crash, 

a crack 
Fragose, adv. with a great noise 
Fragosus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. craggy, rough, uneven, 
uneasy, hoarse, or jarring 
Fragrans, tis, part, and aitj. fra- 
grant, sweet 
brag ranter, adv. fragrantly 
F'f.grantia, a?,/, a fragraace 
FragTO. are, n. to smell sweetly, 
etrnie "> sour 

Fragum, i, n. a strawberry 

Framea, as, /. a javelin, or sword, 
a hunter's staff 

Frangendus, a, um, part, to be 

Frangens, tis, part, breaking, 
■beating against 

Frango, ere, fregi, fractum, a. to 
break, to bruise, to break in 
pieces, to wreck, to weaken, to 
lessen, or diminish, to abate, or 
allay, to soften, to daunt, to 
discourage, to dispirit 

Frater, tris, m. a brother, a ne- 
phew, kinsman, or cousin-ger- 
man, a confederate, or ally, 

Fraterculo, are, n. to grow up to- 
gether as brothers [ther 

Fraterciilus, i, m. dim. a little bro- 

Fraterne, adv. brotherly, kindly 

Fraternltas, atis,/ a fraternity 

Fraternus, a, um, adj. fraternal, 

Fratilli, orum, pi. m. nap, fringe 

Fratricide, as, c. g. a killer of his 

Fratricldium, i, n. a killing, or 
murder of one's brother 

Fratrimonium, i, n. an estate left 
by a brother 

Fratruelis, is, m. a father's bro- 
ther's son, a cousin 

Fraudandus, a, um, part, to be 

Fraudatio, onis, /. a deceiving 

Fraudator, oris, m. a deceiver, a 
deceitful person 

Fraudatus, a, um, part, cheated, 
deceived, deprived of 

Fraudo, are, a. to defraud, to 
cheat, to deprive, to keep back 

Fraudulenter, adv. ius, comp. frau- 
dulently, knavishly, by a trick 

Fraudidentia, as,./, knavery, deceit 

Fraudulentus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. fraudu- 
lent, knavish 

Fraus, dis,/ fraud, deceit, guile, 
artifice, trick, knavery, trea- 
chery, a bad intention, or de- 
sign, a fault, or crime, an in- 

Frax, acis,/ the mash, or lees of 

Fraxmetum, i, n. a grove of ashes 

FraxTneus, a, um, adj. and Fraxi- 
nus, a, um, ashen, of ash, made 
of ash 

Fraxinus, i, /. an ash, a spear 

FrSmebundus, a, um, adj. that 
makes a horrible noise, rattling 

Fremendus, a, um, part, roaring 

Tremens, tis, part, roaring, rag- 
ing, neighing, braying 

Fremldus, a, um, adj. raging, fu- 

Fremitus, us, m. a roaring, a roar, 
a neighing, or braying, a great 
noise, a shouting, a shout, 
or acclamation, a sound, or 

Fremo, ere, ui, itum, n. to roar, 
to neigh, or bray, to make a 
great noise, to bluster, to shout, 
to sound, to resound, to buzz 

Fremor, oris, m. a roaring 

Frendens, tis, part, gnashing 
the teeth 

Fier.deo, ere, ui, n. and Frendo, 
fire, to gnash, or grind the teeth, 
to groan, to grunt, to break 

Frequens, adj ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. frequent, ord|na»" 
that often comes, or is often 

done, resorting much, or nx.c\i 
resorted to, abounding with 
Frfiquentandus, a, um, part, to be 

frequently interspersed 
Frgquentans, tis, part, frequent- 
ing [ing 
Frequentatio, onis,/ a frequent- 
Frgquentat6, adv. frequently, oiten 
Frequentator, oris, m. a fre- 
quenter [quented 
Frequentatus, a, um, part, fre- 
Frgquenter, adv. ius, comp. issimS, 

superl. frequently, oftentimes 
Frequentia, as, / a frequency, a 

great company 
Frgquento, are, a. to frequent, to 
haunt, to resort much to, to 
people, to bring together, to 
amass, or heap 
FiStalis, e, adj. of a narrow sea 
Fretum, i, n. a narrow sea, a 

frith, the straits 
Fret us, a, um, adj. relying upon, 

depending on 
Frgtus, us, m. an arm of the sea 
Friabilis, e, adj. that may be 

Friatus, a, um, part, crumbled 
Fricandus, a, um, part, to be 
rubbed [tering 

Fricatio, Onis,/ a rubbing, aplas- 
Fricator, oris, m. a rubber 
Frlcatus, a, um, part, rubbed 
Fricatus, ds, m. a rubbing 
Frico, are, ui and avi, ctum and 

atum, a. to rub, chafe 
Frictio, onis,/ a rubbing 
Frictus, a, um, part, fried, 

Frictus, us, m. a rubbing 
Frigedo, Inis,/ chilliness, cold 
Frigefacto, are, n. to make cold 
Frlgefactus, a, um, part, made 

Frlgens, tis, part, cold, fearful, 

fainthearted, dead 
Frigeo, ere, xi, n. to he, grow, or 
catch cold, to be faint, to be 
out of favour 
Frlgerans, tis, part, cooling 
Frigescens, tis, part, growing cold 
Frigesco, 6re, incep. to grow coid 
Frigida, as, f. cold water 
Frigidarium, i, n. a cold bath 
Frigidarius, a, um, adj. cold 
Frigide, adv. isslme, superl. coldly ■ 
Fiiglditas, atis,/ frigidity, cold- 
Frigidiusculus, a, um, adj. some- 
what cold 
Frigidule, adv. somewhat coldly 
Frigididus, a, um, adj. chill, cold 
Frlgidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp 
issimus, superl. frigid, cold, 
chill, slight, faint, dull, bald 
Filgilla, as,/ a chaffinch, a spink 
Frlgo, ere, xi, xum, or ctum, a. to 

frj', to parch 
Frig5rif Icus, a, um, adj. causing 

cold, cold 

Frigus, Oris, n. cold, chilliness, 

cold weather, winter, a cold, 

cool shade, refreshment from 


Frio, are, a. to crumble, to break 

Fritillfe, as,/ or Fritilla, orum, pi. 

n. a kind of pulse, or gruel 
Fritillus, i, m. a dice-box 
Fritinnio, ire, n. to chatter like a 

Frivola, orum, pi. n. trumpery 
Frlvolus, a, um, adj. frivolous, 
trifling, slight, of no account, 
or value, mean, pitiful 
Fiixa, as, f. fried llesh 


Frix6rium, i, n. a frying-pan 
Frixura, se,/. a frying 
Frixus, a, um, part, fried 
Frondarius, a, um, adj. of leaves, 
or pruning [browsing 

Frondatio, onis, /. a lopping, a 
Frondafor, oris, m. a lopper, a 

pruner, a woodcutter 
Frondens, tis, part, budding, 

Frondeo, ere, ui, n. to bear leaves, 

to bud 
Frondesco, fire, n. to grow green, 

to bud, to spring 

Frondeus, a, um, adj. made of 

leaves, full of leaves [leaves 

Frondifer, a, um, adj. bearing 

Frondosus, a um, adj. ior, comp. 

full of leaves, leafy, shady 
Frons, tis,/. a front, a forepart, 
an entrance, or beginning, a 
van, the forehead, the brow, 
the face 
Frons, dis,/. a leaf, a branch 
Frontale, is, n. a frontlet 
Frontatus, a, um, adj. fronted, 

standing out like a forehead 
Frontisplcium, i, n. a frontispiece 
Fronto, onis, m. one beetlebrowed 
Fructifer, a, um, adj. bearing fruit 
Fructifico, are, a. to fructify 
Fructuarium, i, n. a vine-branch 
Fructuarius, a, um, adj. bearing 
fruit, breeding [fully 

Fructuose, adv. iiis, comp. fruit- 
Fructuosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. fruitful, profit- 
able, gainful, beneficial, useful 
Fructus, a, um, part, enjoying, 

Fructus, us, m. and antiq. fructi, 
fruit, profit, advantage, benefit, 
service, use, interest, satisfac- 
tion, pleasure, delight 
Fruendus, a, um, part, to be en- 
Frugalis, e, adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus, superl. frugal, thrifty, 
careful, sparing, moderate in 
expenses, of, or belonging to 
Frugalltas, atis,/ frugality, thrift 
Frugaliter, adv. ius, comp. fru- 
Fruges, um, pi. f. all kinds of 
fruit, corn, grain, mast^pulse, 
&c. a cake 
Frugi, indecl. thrifty, careful, 
temperate, sober, modest, 
trusty, honest, useful 
Fruglfer, a, um, adj. bearing fruit, 

or corn, fertile, plentiful 
Fnigiffirens, tis, part, bearing 

Fruglfgro, erre, n. to bear fruit 
Frugilfigus, a, um, adj. gathering 
corn [tree 

Fruglperda, a?, c. g. a knave, a 
Fruiturus, a, um, part, about to 

enjoy, that shall enjoy 
Frumen, Inis, n. frumenty, a pulse 
Frumentaceus, a, um, adj. of corn 
Frnmentarius, a, um, adj. the same 
Frumentarius, i, to. a corn-mer- 
chant, a badger 
Frumentatio, onis, /. harvest, a 

Frumentator, Oris, to. a forager 
Frumentor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
provide corn, to forage, to pur- 
Fromentum, i, n. corn for bread, 
corn, wheat, a grain [tier 

Frumltor, Oris, m. a tanner, a cur- 
Frunincor, i, dep. to enjoy 


Frunltus, a, um, adj. wise, trusty 

Fruor, i, ctus, or Itus sum, dep. to 
enjoy, to take the profit of 

Frustatlm, adv. in pieces 

Frustillatlm, adv. in little pieces 

Frusto, are. a. and Frustito, to 
break into pieces 

Frustra, adv. in vain, to no pur- 

Frustrans, tis, part, frustrating 

Frustratio, onis, /. a frustration, 
a disappointment 

Frustrator, oris, m. a deceiver 

Frustratus, a, um, part . frustrated, 
disappointed, deceived 

Frustratus, us, m. a deceiving 

Frustro, are, a. to frustrate, to 

Frustror, ari, atus 6um, dep. to 
frustrate, or disappoint, to de- 

Frustulatlm, adv. by piecemeals 

Frustiilentus, a, um, adj. full of 
small pieces 

Frustumm, i, n. a morsel, or 
crumb, a little piece 

Frustum, i, n. a broken piece, a. 

Friitetosus, a, um, adj. and Fril- 
tectosus, full of shrubs, or 
bushes, rough 

Frutetum, i, n. a nursery of young 
trees, a shrubbery 

Friitex, Icis, m. a shrub, or bush, 
an herb with a great stalk 

Frutlcans, tis, part, springing, 

Frutlcatio, Onis, /. the sprouting 
of sprigs [shrubby 

Frutlcesco, fire, incep. to grow 

Friitlcetum, i, n. a shrubbery 

Frutico, are, n. to bring forth 
sprigs, shoots, or shrubs 

Frutlcor, ari, atus sum, dep. the 

FruticOsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. shrubby, full of 

Frux, ugis, /. fruit, corn 

Fucae, arum, pi. f. spots on the 
face [ing 

Fucans, tis, part, staining, paint- 

Fucatio, onis, /. a disguising, 

Fucatus, a, um, part, dyed, stain- 
ed, coloured, painted, counter- 
feited [feit 

Fuco, are, a. to paint, to counter- 

Fucosus, a, um, adj. coloured, 
painted, counterfeited, cheat- 
ing, deceitful 

' Fucus, i, m. a drone, a false dye, 
or paint, the liquor of the pur- 
ple fish 

Fuga, ae, /. flight, exile, banish- 
ment, speed, swiftness, a shun- 

Fiigaclter, adv. ius, comp. in a 
flying manner 

Fiigandus, a, um, part, to be put 
to flight, driven away, or ba- 
nished [flight 

Fiigans, tis, part, putting to 

Fflgatio, 6nis, /. a putting tc 

Fugaturus, a, um, part, ready to 
put to flight, about to drive 

Fugatus, a, um, part, put to flight, 
driven away 

Fftgax, acis, adj. cior, comp. cisst- 
mus, superl. swift in flight, run- 
ning away for fear, flying 

Fiigiendus, a, um, part, to be 


Fugiens, tis, part, flying, running 
away, shunning, avoiding 

Fugio, 6re, ugi, Itum, n. and a. to 
flee, to fly, or run away, to 
scamper, to scud, to sail away, 
to vanish, to escape, to shun, or 

Ftigitans, tis, part, shunning, &c. 

Fugitlvus, a, um, adj. fugitive, 
running away, flying, making 

Fugitlvus, i, m. a fugitive 

Fiigito, are, freq. to fly often, to 
run away, to flee from, to es- 
chew, to avoid 

Fugitor, oris, to. a runner away 

Fugtturus, a, um, part, about to 


Ffigo, are, a. to drive away, to put 
to flight, to force, to ny, to rout, 
to overthrow 
Fulcibllis, e, adj. that may be 

Fulciendus, a, um, part, to be 

Fulcimen, inis, n. a prop, a shore 
Fulcimentum, i, n. a prop, a but- 
Fulcio, ire, si, turn, a. to prop, to 
support, to sustain, or uphold, 
to bear up 
Fulcrum, i, n. a prop, a post, a 
couch, or bed, the bridge of a 
Fulgens, tis, part, ior, comp. issT- 
mus, superl. shining, glittering, 
lightning, bright 
Fulgeo, ere, si, n. to shine, to 
glitter, to lighten, to be bright, 
or adorned, to shine out, to ap- 
Fulgetra, se,/. same as [ning 

Fulgetrum, i, n. a flash of light- 
Fulgldus, a, um, adj. shining, 

Fulgo, fire, same as Fulgeo 
Fulgor, oris, m. a shining, or 
glittering, brightness, a flash of 
Fulgur, ftris, n. lightning, a flash, 
a thunderbolt, any reflected 
Fulgfiralis, e, adj. of lightning 
Fulgurans, tis, part, lightniug, 

Fulguratio, dnis,/. lightning 
Fulgurator, oris, to. he that in- 
terprets by lightning, a sender 
of it 
Fulguritasso, fire, «. to be blasted 

with lightning 
Fulgiiritus, a, um, part, blasted 

with lightning 
Fulguro, are, n. to lighten, to 
flash, to shine all over, to 
Fullca, a,/, a coot, a fen -duck 
Fullginatus, a, um, adj. sooted 
Fuligineus/a, um, adj. sooty, dark, 

Fuliginosfi, adv like smoke 
Fuliglnosus, a, um, adj. sooty 
Fuligo, Inis, /. soot, smut, black- 
ness, darkness, a mist 
Fulix, Icis,/. a sea-fowl, a coot 
Fullo, onis, m. a fuller of cloth 
Fullo, are, a. to full cloth 
Fullonia, ae,/. a fulling-mill 
Fullonica, ae, /. a fuller's work- 
house, a fuller's craft 
Fullonicus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to a fuller 
Fullonius, a, um, adj. the same 
Fulmen, Inis, n. a thunderbolt, 
lightning, a boar's tusk, terror, 


impetuosity, a shock, or violent 
Fulmenta, ee,/. the sole of a shoe 
Fulmentum, i, n. a prop 
Fulmtnandus, a, um, part, to be 

Fulmlnans, tis, part, thundering 
Fulmlnatio, onis, /. a clap of 

Fulmlnator, oris, m. a thunderer 
Fulmmatus, a, um, part, thunder- 
Fuimlneus, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to thunder, or light- 
ning, glittering 
Fulmino, are, n. and a. to thunder, 

to strike with a thunderbolt' 
Fultura, a;, /. a propping, a sup- 
Fultus, a, um, part, propped, 

propped up, supported 
Fulvus, a, um, adj. yellow, tawny 
Fumans, tis, part, smoking 
Fumarium, i, n. a chimney, a 
place where wines were smoked 
Fumatio, onis,/. a smoking 
Fumatus, a, um, part, smoked 
Fumeus, a, um, adj. smoky 
Fumidus, a, um, adj. smoky, 
smoking [smoke 

Fumifer, a, um, adj. bringing 
Fumiflcatus, a, um, part, in- 
Fumif Ico, are, a. to oifer incense 
Fumifieus, a, um, adj. making 
smoke [incensing 

Fumigans, tis, part, smoking, 
Fumlgatio, onis,/. a perfuming 
Fumlgator, oris, m. a perfumer 
Fumlgo, are, a. to fumigate, to 
smoke, to perfume, to smother 
Fumo, are, re. to smoke, or reek, 

to fumigate, to foam, or froth 
Fumosus, a, um, adj. smoky, or 
reeky, that is smoked, or doth 
smoke, black 
Fumus, i, mi. smoke, great offers 
and promises without any per- 
Fun ale, is, n. a halter, a cord, a 

torch, or link, a socket 
Funalis, e, adj. belonging to cords, 

or torches, made of cords 
Funambulus, i, m. a rope-dancer 
Fiinarius, i, m. a rope-maker 
Funarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to a rope 
Functio, onis, /. a function, an 

Functus, a, um, part, having 
discharged, or performed, end- 
ed, dead 
Funda, se, /. a sling, a Castanet, 

a satchel, or purse like a net. 
Fundamen.fnis, re. the foundation, 
or groundwork, the first begin- 
Fundamentum, i, n. a foundation, 
or groundwork, a basis, ground 
Fundatio, onis,/. a groundwork 
Fundator, oris, m. a founder 
Fundaturus, a, um, part, about 

to found 
Fundatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. found- 
ed, grounded, established 
Fundendus, a, um, part, to be 

poured out 
Fundens, tis, part, pouring out 
Fundibalum, i, n. a sling-staff 
Fundlbalus, i, m. a slinger 
Fundlto, are, freq. to pour out, to 

be wasteful 
Fundltor, 6ris, mi. a slinger 
Fuudltfis, adv. utterly, entirely 


Fun do, are, a to found, to lay the 
groundwork, to establish, to 
Fundo, 6re, ffidi, fusum, a. to 
pour out, to pour, to shed, or 
spill, to diffuse, to spread, or 
extend, to lay along, to throw 
Fundulus, i, m. a sucker of a 
pump, the end of a gut, a gud- 
geon, a groundling 
Fundus, i, m. land, or ground, a 
farm, a close, or field, a foun- 
dation, a bottom 
Fungbris, e, adj. belonging to 
funerals, funeral, mournful, 
deadly, destructive, fatal 
FunSrarius, a, um, adj., same as 

Funeratio, onis, /. a burial 
Funeratus, a, um, part, buried, 

Funfireus, a, um, adj. funeral, 

dismal, unlucky 
Fiinero, are, a. to bury, to embalm 
Funeste, adv. ius, comp defiledlv 
Funesto, are, a. to pollute, or de- 
file with a dead body 
Ffmestus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. of, or belonging 
to dead bodies, mournful, dole- 
ful, lamentable, destructive 
Funetum, i, re. a winding of twigs, 

or branches of a vine 

Funetus, a, um, adj. bowed, bent, 

crooked [charge 

Fungendus, a, um, part, to dis- 

Funglnus, a, um, adj. like a 

Fungor, i, ctus sum, dep. to dis- 
charge, to perform, to execute, 
to do, to perpetrate, to suffer, 
to conform to 
Fungositas, atis,/. sponginess 
Fungosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

Fungulus, i, m. a little mushroom 
Fungus, i, to. a mushrom, or toad- 
stool, a thief in the candle, the 
measles in olive-trees 
Funiculus, i, an. a little rope, cord, 

or line 
Funis, is, m. and sometimes /. a 

rope, a cord, a cable 
Funus, 6ris, n. a funeral, funeral 
pomp, funeral rites, a funeral 
pile, a dead corpse 
Fur, uris, c. g. a thief, or robber, 

a soldier, a slave, a servant 
Furacltas, atis,/. thievery 
Furaclter, adv. thievishly 
Furans, tis, part, stealing, pilfer- 
ing [iering 
Furatio, onis, /. a stealing, a pil- 
Furator, oris, m. a stealer, a thief 
Furatus, a, um, part, having 

Furax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. thievish, given to 
Furca, ae, f. a fork, auy thing to 

underset, or prop, a gallows 
Furcifer, i, m. a slave, a rogue, a 

Furcilla, se,/. a pitchfork, a claw 
Furcillatus, a, um, adj. forked 
Furcinis, is,/, a dung-fork 
Furcula, x,f. dim. a little fork 
Furens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. raving, raging, blustering, 
mad, outrageous, stormy 
Furenter, adv. like a madman 
Furfur, uris, m, bran, scurf, dand- 

Furturaceus, and Furfureus, a, 


um, adj. made of bran, fit for r 
Furfurosus, a, um, adj. full ol 

bran or scurf 
Fflria, ae, /. a fury, a fiend, a fu- 
rious man 
Fiirise, arum, pl.f. the furies 
Furialis, e, adj. furious, raging, 

Furialiter, adv. furiously 
Furiatus, a, um, part, enraged, 

Fiiribundus, a, um, adj. furious, 

mad, raging, in a- great rage 
Furinus, a, um, adj. of thieves 
Furio, are, a. to enrage, to make 

Ftiriose, adv. ius, comp. furiously 
Fiiriosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp, 
issimus, superl. furious, frantic, 
mad, raging 
Furnaceus, a, um, adj. baked 
Furnaria, ae, /. the trade of a 
baker, a bakehouse, a baker's 
Furnarius, a, um, adj. of a baker, 

or furnace 
Furnarius, i, m. a baker 
Furnus, i, m. an oven, a furnace 
Furo, ere, re. to rave, to rage, to be 
mad, or transported, to bluster, 
to be mixed 
Furor, ari, atus sum, dep. to steal, 
to filch, or pilfer, to take away 
Furor, oris, m. fury, madness, 
rage, an inordinate passion, a 
quarrel, fondness, love 
Furtiflcus, a, um, adj. thieving 
Furtlm, adv. by stealth, privately, 

Furtive, adv. privily, by stealth 
Furtivus, a, um, adj. made by 

surprise, stolen, private 
Furt6, adv. by stealth, secretly, 

Furtum, i, n. theft, robbery, 
stealth, an ambuscade, or stra- 
tagem, a crafty wile, or device 
Furunculus, i, m. a little thief, a 

bile, a knob in a vine, a weasel 
Furvus, a, um, adj. dark, dusty, 
black [clouding 

Fuscans, tis, part, darkening, 
Fuscatio, onis,/. a darkening 
Fuscator, oris, mi. a darkener, or 

Fuscatus, a, um, part, darkened 
Fusclna, m, f. an eel-spear, flesh- 
Fusclnula, ae,/. a little flesh-hook 
Fuscltas, atis,/. cloudiness, dim- 
Fusco, are, a. to blacken, to 
darken, or obscure, to tan, or 
Fuscus, a, um, adj. ior, comp 
brown, tawny, dusky, dim, dark, 
Fuse, adv. ius, comp. largely 
amply, plentifully, copiously, 
Fusllis, e, adj. that may be melted 

or cast 
Fusio, onis,/. a diffusing, or pour- 
ing forth, a spreading, or shoot- 
ing out 
Fusorium, i, n. a sink, or drain 
Fusterna, ae, / the top of a fir 
Fustlbulator, oris, mi. a slinger 
Fustlculus, i, mi. dim. a batoon 
Fustigatio, onis,/. a cudgelling 
Fustlgatus, a, um, part, cudgelled 
Fustlgo, are, a. to cudgel 
Fustim, adv. with clubs, or cud- 


Pustis, is, to. a club, staff, or 
cudgel, a batoon, a blow 

Fustuarium, i, n. a beating with 
a stick, a cudgelling 

Fiisura, ae,/. a melting, founding, 
or casting 

Fusurus, a, urn, part, about to 
pour out 

Fusus, a, um, part, and adj. ior. 
comp. poured out, poured, shed, 
spilt, diffused, expanded 

Fiisis, i, to. a spindle 

Futatim, adv. profusely 

Futile, is, n. a vessel used in 
sacrifices to Vesta 

Futilis, e, adj. futile, trifling, 
simple, silly, foolish, inconsi- 
derate, babbling [ness 

Futilitas, atis, /. silliness, weak- 

Futlliter, adv. foolishly, idly 

Futuitio, onis, /. the act of gene- 

Futum, i, n. a watering-pot 

Futurus, a, um, part, future, 
about to be, that shall, or will 

Gabalium, i, n. an Arabian spice 

Gabalum, i, n. same as 

Gabalus, i, m. a gallows, or gibbet 

Gabarse, arum, pl.f. mummies 

Gabata, ae, /. a platter, a por- 

Gaesum, i, n. a javelin, a dart 

Gaesus, a, um, adj. stout, valiant 

Gagates, is, m. an agate 

Galaxias, ae, to. the galaxy, a 
bright circle in the sky, caused 
by the reflection of many little 
stars, called the milky way 

Galba, ae,/. a maggot, a mite 

Galbanatus, a, um, adj. that wears 
a galbanum [galbanum 

Galbaneus, a, um, adj. of gum 

Galbanum, i, n., or Galbanus, i, 
m. a strong-smelling gum, a 
bright, white effeminate gar- 

Galbanus, a, um, adj. bright, 
white, gay, spruce, wanton, ef- 

Galbeae, arum, pi. f. bracelets 
given to soldiers as a reward of 

Gulbeum, i, n. a woman's dress, 
a kind of medicine wrapt up in 

Galbineus, and Galbinus, a, um, 
adj. greenish, bluish 

Galbiila, ae, /. the bird wittal 

Galbulus, i, to. a nut of the cypress 

Galbus, a, um, adj. smooth 

Galea, ae, /. a helmet, or head- 
piece, the top of a mast 

Galearii, orum, pi. to. the servants 
in an army [helmet 

Galeatus, a, um, part, wearing a 

Galena, ae, f. the ore of silver and 
lead, after the silver is extracted 

Galeo, are, a. to cover with a 

GaleOla, ae,/. a vessel like a helmet 

Galeota, or Galleotae, arum, pi. m. 
expounders of prodigies 

Galeotes, ae, to. a lizard, the 

Galeratus, a, um, adj. having a 
hat on 

Galeria, ae, /. a hat 

Galerlcillum, i, n. a bonnet, or 
cap, false hair, a peruke 


Galerita, ae,/. a lark 
Galeritus, i, m., the same 
Galeritus, a, um, adj. wearing a 

cap, or peruke 
Galerus, i, to., and Galerum, i, n, 
a furred cap, a cap, a beaver, or 
hat, a peruke 
Galla, a?,/, a gall, or oak-apple, a 

wine, an awl 
Gallans, tis, part . playing freaks 
Galliambus, i, m. a sort of verse 
Gallica, ae, /. a kind of maple 
Gallicae, arum, pi. f. wooden pat- 
Galliclnium, i, n. cockcrowing 
Gallicus, a, um, adj. French, be- 
longing to the French 
Gallina, ae,/. a hen 
Galllnaceus, a, um, adj. of a hen 
Galliuaceus, i, to. a young cock 
Galllnago, inis,/. a woodcock 
Galllnarium, i, n. a henroost 
Gallinarius, i, m. a poulterer 
Gallinarius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to poultry [hen 

Galllnula, ae, /. a pullet, a little 
Gallo, are, n. to be mad 
Gallus, i, to. a cock, a Frenchman 
Ganea, ae, /. a brothel, a bawdy- 
house, a tippling-house 
Ganeo, onis, to. a debauchee, a 

Ganeum, i, n. same as Ganea 
Gangaba, ae, m. a porter 
Ganglion, i, n. a swelling, a sprain 
Gangraena, ae,/. a gangrene 
Gannio, Ire, Ivi, ltum, n. to bark, 
yelp, or cry like a fox, to .whine, 
to whimper 
Gannltus, us, to. a whining, yelp- 
ing, complaining, or whimper- 
Ganza, ae,/. a gander, a goose 
Gargarismus, i, to. a gargle 
Gargarizandus, a, um, part, to be 

Gargarizatio, Onis,/. a gargling 
Gargarizatus, a, um,part. gargled 
Gargarizo, are, a. to gargle 
Garrio, ire, ii and ivi, itum, n. to 
prate, to chatter, to talk idly, 
to gabble [tering 

Garritus, us, m. a prating, a chatT- 
Garruiitas, atis, /. a chattering, a 

prating, talkativeness 
Garrulo, are, n. to prate, to chat- 
ter [talk 
Garrulosus, a, um, adj. full of 
Garrulus, a, um, adj. prating, 
chattering, babbling, talkative, 
noisy, gabbling, chirping 
Garum, i, n. sauce made of fish 

salted, pickle 
Gftrus, i, m. a kind of lobster 
Gaudens, tis, part, rejoicing, de- 
Gaudeo, ere, gavisus, n. to re- 
joice, to be glad, to take delight 
in, to be pleased with, to de- 
Gaudialis, e, adj. jovial, jocund 
Gaudibundus, a, um, adj. full of 

Gaudi61um, i, m. dim. a little joy 
Gaudium, i, n. joy, gladness, 

mirth, pleasure, delight 
Gavisurus, a, uii., part, that will 

rejoice, about to rejoice 
Gavisus, a, um, part, rejoicing, 

Gaulus, i, to. a kind of ship al- 
most round, a drinking- cup like 
a boat 
Gaunaca, ae, /. Gaunace, es, /. and 
Gaunacuni, i, ». a thick shag 


Gausapatus, a, um, adj. wearing 

Gausape, is, n. a frieze, or rough 
garment which soldiers used, a 
furred coat, a hair mantle, a 
table-carpet, a long rough beard 

Gausapina, and Gausapila, ae, /. 
a rough frieze mantle, or gar- 

Gausapum, i, Gausapa, same 
as Gausape 

Gaza, ae, /. a treasure, riches, 
wealth, one's estate 

Gazophylacium, i, n. a treasury 

GazOphylax, acis, to. a treasurer 

Gehenna, ae,/. properly the valley 
of Hinnom, hell 

Gelabilis, e, adj. that may be 
frozen, or congealed 

Gelasco, ere, incep. to freeze, to 

Geiaslnus, i, to. a dimple in the 
cheek, a buffoon, or droll 

Gelatio, onis,/. a freezing 

Gelatus, a, um, part, frozen 

Gelicidium, i, n. a frost, water, 
frozen, ice 

Gellda, ae, /. cold water 

Gelide, adv. coldly, chilly, fear- 
fully, faintly 

Gelldus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. cold as ice, cold 

GSlo, are, a. to freeze, to congeal 

Gelu, n. indecl. frost, cold, ice 

Gelum, i, n. the same 

Gelus, i, m. the same 

Gemebundus, a, um, adj. full of 
sighing, or groaning, groaning 

Gemellar, aris, n. an oil-vessel 

Ggmelllpara, ae, /. one bearing 
twins [twins 

Gemellus, a, um, adj. double, of 

Gemendus, a, um, part, to be la- 

Ggmens, tis, part, groaning, be- 
wailing, lamenting, roaring 

Geminans, tis, part- doubting 

Ggminatim, adv. doubly 

Ggminatio, onis,/. a doubling 

Geminatus, a, um, part, doubled, 
made twice as much, repeated 

G6mini, orum, pi. to. twins, two 
born at one birth, a constel- 
lation called Castor and Pollux 

Gemino, are, a. to double, to re- 
double, to increase, to couple 

Geminus, a, um, adj. double, two, 
equal, alike 

Ggniisco, ere, n. to groan 

Gemitua, us, m. a groan, or sigh, 
a howling 

Gemma, ae, /. a gem, a jewel, a 
precious stone, a young bud, or 

Gemmans, tis, part, budding, 
glittering, or shining like a pre- 
cious stone, richly adorned with 

Gemmarius, i, to. a jeweller, a 

Gemmasco, Sre, and Gemiueaco, 
incep. to begin to bud 

Gemmatio, onis,/ a budding out 

Gemmator, oris, to. a jeweller 

Gemmatus, a, um, part, set, or 
adorned with jewels, shining 

Gemmeus, a, um, adj. of, like, ot 
set with precious stones 

Gemmlfer, a, um, adj. that brings 
or bears jewels, or precious 

Gemmo, are, r. to bud, to spriug 
to shoot out, to bloom 
F 2 




GemmOsus, a, um, adj. full of 

jewels, adorned with jewels 
Gemo, 6re, ui, turn, a. and n. with 
accus. to groan, to bewail, to 
lament, or mourn, to complain, 
to bellow 
Gem6niee scalae.. a place in Rome 
from which criminals were cast 
into the Tiber [sad 

Gemulus, a, um, adj. mournful, 
Gfimursa, Ee, /. a corn on the toe 
G6na, ae,/. the cheek, the eyelid 
Genealogia, ae,/. a genealogy 
GenealOgicus, a, um, adj. genea- 
logical [herald 
GenealSgus, i, m. a genealogist, a 
Gener, eri, m. a son-in-law 
Gengrabilis, e, adj. that may be 

engendered, or begotten 
Generalis, e, adj. general, uni 

Generallter, adv. generally 
Generandus, a, um, part, to be- 
get, or be begotten 
Generans, tis, part, begetting, 

Gengrasco, ere, incep. to breed 
Generatira, adv. in general, by 

Gengratio, 5nis, /. a generation, 

an engendering, or begetting 
Generator, oris, m. he that begets, 
a begetter, a breeder, an an- 
Gfineratus, a, um, part, gene- 
rated, engendered, begotten, 
bred, descended 
Genero, are, a. to generate, to en- 
gender, to beget, to breed, to 
conceive, to bring forth, to pro- 
duce, to spring, to make, or 
G£n6r0sg, adv. ius, comp. gene- 
rously, nobly, gallantly 
Gengrositas, atis, /. generosity, 
kindness, excellence, nobility, 
majesty, dignity 
Ggngrosus, i, m. a gentleman 
Gengrosus, a, um, adj. comp. issl- 
mus, superl. generous, kind, 
good, great, noble, born of a 
noble race, courageous, brave, 
Genesis, is, or eos,/. generation, 
nativity, the first book of Moses 
Genethlia, Oram, pi. n. a nativity, 

a birthday, a birthday-feast 
Genethliaca, orum, pi. m. casters 

of nativities, astrologers 
G£nialis, e, adj. genial, festive, 

merry, cheerful 
Geniallter, adv. genially, plea- 
santly (joint 
Genlculatlm, adv. from joint to 
Ggniciilatio, Onis,/. a kneeling 
Gemculatus, a, um, p art. jointed, 

Genlculo, are, a. to joint, or knot 
Genlculum, i, n. a small knee, a 

Geniculus, i, m. a corner, an angle 
Genlmen, inis, n. product, fruit, 

Genista, se,/. broom 
Gfinlta, ae, /. a daughter 
Ggnltale, is, n. a privy member 
Genitalis, e, adj. privy, serving to 
engender, or for breed, or be- 
longing to one's birth 
Genltalitfer, adv. by generation 
Genltlvus, a, um, adj. genitive, 
generating, natural, born with 
Genltor, Oris, m. a father, a be- 
getter, a creator, or maker 

Ggnitrix, icis,/. a mother, a dam 
Genltura, ae, /. generation, a be- 
getting, the seed of generation, 
Geniturus, a, um, part, that will 

engender, beget, or produce 
Genitus, a, um, part, begotten, 

born, sprung, descended 
Genitus, us, m. same as Genitura 
Genius, i, m. a genius, a good, or 
evil demon, the tutelar deity 
of a place, pleasantness, good 
grace, skill, art, a natural incli- 
Geno, ere, ai, Itum, a. to beget 
Gens, tis,/. a nation, a people, a 
tribe, kindred, or stock, a fa- 
mily, a breed, a swarm, a shoal, 
or fry, one of a nation 
Gentiana, ae,/. gentian, felwort 
Gentlcus, a, um, adj. of a nation 
Gentilis, e, adj. gentle, heathen, 
of the same nation, house, fa- 
mily, ancestry, stock [then 
Gentilis, is, m. a gentile, a hea- 
Gentilitas, atis, /. gentility, the 
multitude of a people, or family, 
the relation and alliance of the 
same stock and kindred 
GentUitius, a, um, adj. that is 
common to a people, or family, 
or that is peculiar to them 
Genu, indecl. ». a knee, the leg 
Genualia, um, pi. n. garters, hose 
Ggnunectio, onis,/. a kneeling 
Genuflecto, ere, n. to kneel 
Genuine, adv. genuinely 
Genuinus, a, um, adj. genuine, 

original, natural 
Genus, eris, n. a kind, a sort, a 
kindred, lineage, flock, or fa- 
mily, a descent, extraction, or 
birth, a race or breed 
Geographia, ae, /. geography 
Geographus, i, m. a geographer 
Geometra, ae, m. a geometrician 
Geometres, ae, m. the same 
GeOmetria, ae, /. geometry 
GeOmetrlca, orum, pi. n. the rules 
of geometry [trician 

Geometrice, adv. like a geome- 
Geometricus, a, um, adj. geome- 
Georgica, orum, pi. n. georgics 
Georgicus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to georgics 
Geranltes', ae, m. a precious stone, 

in colour like a crane's neck 
Geranium, i, n. the herb storkbill 
Ggraria, ae,/. a child's maid 
Gerendus, a, um, part, to be borne, 

done, achieved 
Gerens, tis, part, bearing, wear- 
ing, doing, managing, carrying 
Germana, ae,/. a sister [on 

Germane, adv. brotherly, kindly 
Germanltas, atis, /. brotherhood, 

Germaniter, adv. brotherly 
Germanus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. come of the same flock, 
near akin, or allied, very like, 
natural, right 
Germanus, i, m. a brother, a cou- 

Germen, inis, n. a bud, a sprout 
Germinans, tis, part, budding 
Germinatio, onis,/. a budding 
Germmatus, us, m. a budding 
Germino, are, a. to bud, to sprout 
Gero, ere, essi, estum, a. to bear, 
or carry, to wear, to have, or 
show, to manage, conduct, or 
carry on, to do, p.irform, exe- 
cute, or achieve 

Gero, onis, m. a porter, a carrier 
Gerrae, arum, pi. f. hurdles, ga^ 
bions, trifles, or things of no 
Gerres, is,/, a sprat 
Gerro, 6nis, m. a trifler, a droll 
Gerula, ae, / a nursery-maid 
Geruliflgulus, i, m. one who 

makes and carries about lies 
Gerulus, i, m. a porter, a chairman 
Gerundium, i, n. a gerund 
Gerusia, ae, /. the senate-house, 

senate, a convention 
Gesta, drum, pi. n. acts, exploits, 

Gestamen, inis, n. a carriage, a 
sceptre, or mace, a buckler, a 
shield, any thing carried, or 
worn [borue 

Gestandus, a, um, part, to be 
Gestans, tis, part, bearing, carry- 
Gestatio, 6nis, /. a bearing, or 

carrying, riding, a litter 
Gestator, oris, m. a bearer 
Gestatorius, a,um, adj. belonging 

to carriage 
Gestatrix, Icis,/. she that bears 
Gestatus, a, um, part, borne, car- 
ried [rying 
Gestatus, us, m. a bearing, or car- 
Gestleularia, ae, /. a dancing 

Gestlculatio, Onis, /. a gesticula- 
tion, a quick motion 
Gesticiilator, Oris, m. a mimic, a 
buffoon, a tumbler, a puppet- 
Gestlculor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
mimic, to make strange ges- 
tures, to dance 
Gestiens, tis, part, leaping, skip- 
ping, desiring 
Gestio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to leap 
for joy, to leap, to skip, to long, 
to desire greatly 
Gestio, onis,/. a management 
Gestito, are,/reg. to bear, to carry 

Gesto, are, a. to bear, to carry, to 
wear often [bearer 

Gestor, oris, m. a carrier, a tale- 
Gestum, i, n. an action, an exploit 
GestuOsus, a, um, adj. full of ges- 
ture, or action 
Gesturus, a, um, part, about to 

carry on, about to do 
Gestus, a, um, part, borne, carried, 
carried on, managed, achieved, 
performed, done 
Gestus, us, m. a gesture, or mo- 
tion of, the body, a motion, or 
sign, demeanour, carriage 
Gesum, i, n. a dart used by the 

Gibba, ae,/. a bunch on the back 
Gibber, era, erum, adj. hump- 
Gibberosus, same as Gibbosus 
GibbOsus, a, um, adj. bunched, 
bossed, crookbacked, crump- 
shouldered [convex 
Gibbus, a, um, adj. bunched out, 
Gibbus, i, m. and Gibber, is, »». 
and Gibber, i, m. a bunch, or 
swelling on the back, or any 
other part of the body 
Giganteus, a, um, adj. of giants, 

Glgantoniachia, ae, /. the battle 

of the giants 
Glgas, antis, m. a giant 
Gigeria, orum, pi. n. giblets 
Gignendus, a, um, part, to begtt, 
or be begotten 


Gigno, fire, genui, Itum, a. to be- 
get, to breed, to bring forth, to 
create, to make, or fashion, to 
Gilvus, a, um, adj. flesh-coloured 
Ginglber, ens, n. ginger 
Gingiva, ae, /. the gum wherein 

the teeth are set 
Gingriator, oris, m. a piper 
Gingrio, Ire, n. to gaggle like a 

Gingrltus, us, m. a gaggling 
Glabellus, a, um, adj. smooth, 
* bare 

Glaber, bra, brum, adj. ior, comp. 

smooth, bald, bare, without hair 

Glabraria, se, /. she who plucks 

off hair 
Glabreo, ere, n. to be bare 
Glabresco, fire, incep. to begin to 

be smooth 
Glabretum, i, n. a bare place 
Glabriones, um, pi. m. bald peo- 
ple [baldness 
Glabrltas, atis, /. smoothness, 
Glabro, are, a. to take off hair 
Glacialis, e, adj. frozen, freezing, 

icy, cold 
Glacians, tis, part, freezing 
Glaciatus, a, um, part, frozen, 

turned to a curd 
Glacies, ei,/. ice [geal 

Glacio, are, a. to freeze, to con- 
Gladiator, Oris, m. a gladiator, a 
swordplayer, a fencer, a fencing- 
master, a bravo, a hector, a 
Gladiatorie, adv. cutthroat-like 
Gladiatorium, i, n. a fencing- 
GladiatOrius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to gladiators, or fen- 
cers, resolute 
Gladiatura, ae,/. a fencing 
Gladiolus, i, m. a dagger, sedge 
Gladius, i, m. a sword, a knife, a 

Glandarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to mast [acorns 
Glandifer, era, e>um, adj. bearing 
Glandium, i, n. a kernel in the 

Glandula, se,/. a little acorn, or 

kernel, a spongy part 
Glandulae, arum,2> I. /.the glanders 
GlandillOsus, a, um, adj. full of 

Glans, dis,/. an acorn, a chesnut, 
a pellet, or plummet of lead, or 
other metal 
Glarea, ae,/. gravel, grit, sand 
GlareOla, ae,/. dim. small gravel 
GlareOsus, a, um, adj. gravelly 
Glastum, i, n. woadfor dying blue 
Glauclnus, a, um, adj. of a sea- 
green colour 
Glaucis, Idos,/. one greyeyed 
Glaucoma, atis, n. and Glaucoma, 
ae,/. a disease in the eye, a wall- 
eye, a pin, or web 
Glaucopis, Idis,/. one owl-eyed 
Glaucus, a, um, adj. grey, blue, 
azure, sky-coloured, sea-green, 
Gleba, ae,/. a clod, clot, or lump 
of earth, a turf, a piece of 
stone, &c. [turf 

Glebalis, e, adj. made of clods, or 
Glebarius, a, um, adj. ploughing 
Glebosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

full of clods, cloddy 
Glebfila, ae,/. a little clod, a little 

piece of land 
Glessum, i, n. a kind of amber 
Gleuclnum, i, k. fresh oil 



Glinon, i, n. a kind of maple 
Glis, Iris, m. a dormouse 
Glis, Idis,/. mouldiness in bread 
Gliscens, tis, part, growing, in- 
creasing, extending, raging, pre- 
Glisco, 6re, n. to grow, to in- 
crease, to spread, to extend, to 
rage [body 

GlObatlm, adv. in a round, or 
Globatio, 6nis, /. a gathering 

Globatus, a, um, part, made round 
G16bo, are, a. to make, or form 
round, ta gather together, to 
GlObositas, atis,/. a roundness 
Globosus, a, um, adj. round 
Globulus, i, m. a globule, a little 

globe, ball 
Globus, i, m. a globe, a sphere, a 
ball, a bowl, a troop, a squadron, 
or party, a knot, or body 
Glociens, tis, part, clucking 
GlOcio, Ire, n. to cluck, to cackle 
Glocitatio, onis,/. a clucking 
Gloclto, are, same as Glocio 
GlOmeralis, e, adj. that turns 

GlOmgramen, Inis, n. a small ball, 
a pellet, a pill [round 

GlOmgrans, tis, part, winding 
GlOmgratim, adv. in heaps 
Glomeratio, onis,/. a winding, a 

Glomerator, oris, m. a winder up 
GlOmgratus, a, um, part, brought 
into a round heap, wound up, 
collected, confused 
GlOme'ro, are, a. to wind round, 
or up, to make, or form round, 
to gather in a round heap, to 
GlOmgrosus, a, um, adj. round like 
a bottom of thread [clew 

GlOmus, i, m. a bottom of yarn, a 
Glomus, firis, n. the same 
Gloria, ae, /. glory, renown, 
honour, praise, respect, reputa- 
tion, a good name [ing 
GlOriabundus, a, um, adj. boast- 
Gloriandus, a, um, part, to be 
boasted [ging 
Glorians, tis, part, boasting, brag- 
GlOriatio, onis,/. a boasting pride 
Gloriator, oris, m. a boaster 
Gloriaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Gloriflco, are, a. to glorify 
GloriOla, ae,/ dim. small glory 
Glorior, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
glory, to boast, to extol with 
Gloriose, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. gloriously, with great 
honour, nobly, vainly, proudly 
GlOriOsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. glorious, full of 
glory, honourable, noble 
Glos, Otis,/, a husband's sister 
Glossa, ae,/. a tongue, or dialect, 

an interpretation, a hard term 
Glossarium, i, n. a glossary, a 
dictionary, or table, to show the 
signification of words in divers 
Glossema, atis, n. a gloss, or ex- 
position, an obsolete word 
Glotfiro, are, n. to cry like a 


Glubo, ere, bi, Itum, a. to pull off 

the bark, or skin, to peel, to 

strip [chaff 

Gluma, », /. the husk of corn, 

Gluten, Inis, «. glue, paste, solder 


Gliitln amentum, i, n. gluish 
matter [glued 

Glutlnandus, a, um, part, to be 

Glutlnatio, Onis,/. a gluing 

Glutlnator, Oris, m. one that glues 

Glutino, are, a. to glue, paste, or 
solder, to close up 

GlutlnOsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. glutinous, clam- 

Glutinum, i, n. glue [my 

Glutio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to swal- 

Gluto, Onis, m,. a glutton 

Gluttus, i, m. the gullet 

Glutus, a, um, adj. thrust hard 

Glycyrrhiza, le, /. liquorice 

Gnaphalium, i, n. chaffweed 

Gnare, adv. skilfully 

Gnaritas, atis, /. experience, 

Gnarlter, adv. skilfully 

Gnarus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
skilful, expert, learned 

Gnata, ae,/. a daughter 

Gnatho, Onis, m. a parasite, a 

GnathOnicus, i, m. a spunger 

Gnatus, a, um, part, born 

Gnatus, i, m. a son 

Gnavlter, adv. stoutly, in earnest 

Gnavus, a, um, adj. lusty, stout, 
quick, active, diligent, indus- 

Gnoina, ae,/. a sentence 

GnOmon, onis, m. the pin of a 
dial, a carpenter's square 

GnomOnlce, es,/. the art of dial- 

GnomOnlcus, a, um, adj. of a dial 

Gobio, onis, m. a gudgeon 

Gobius, i, m. the same 

Gomphus, i, m. a pile, a stake 

Gonorrhoea, ae,/. the running ot 
the reins 

GorgOnia, se, /. coral . 

Gorytus, i, m. a quiver 

Gosslpinus, a, um, adj. of cotton, 
bombast [cotton 

Gosslpion, i, n. the cotton-tree, 

Grabatulus, i, m. dim. a little 

Grabatus, i, m. a couch, a small 
portable bed, a bed 

Gracilentus, a, um, adj. slender, 
lean [slim 

Gracllesco, £re, incep. to grow 

Gracillpes, edis, adj. slender- 

Gracilis, e, adj. ior, comp. illlmus, 
superl. slender, slim, thin, lean, 
lank, meagre, poor, small, 
young, tender 

Gracllltas, atis, /. slenderness, 
slimness, leanness, lankness 

Gracillo, are, n. to cackle 

Gractilus, i, m. a jackdaw, a jay 

Gracus, i, m. a crow 

Gradalis, e, adj. step by step 

Gradarius, a, um, adj. that goes 
softly [grees 

Gradatim, adv. gradually, by de- 

Gradatio, onis, /. a gradation, a 
regular process [steps 

Gradatus, a, um, adj. made with 

Gradiens, tis, part, going, pro- 

Gradior, i, gressus sum, dep. to go, 
to walk, to march, to proceed, 
or advance 

GradivIcOla, ae, c. g. a worshipper 
of Mars 

Gradlvus, i, m. Mars, war 

Gridus, us, m. a step, a pace. «n 
advance, a course, a way it 


means, a stair, a round of a lad- 
der, a degree, a rank, or quality 
Graecanlcus, a, um, adj. of Greece 
Greece, adv. in Greek 
Graecismus, i, m. a Grecism 
Graecor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
play the Greek, to speak Greek, 
to drink and revel 
Graeculus, a, um, adj. Grecian, 
vain, silly, trifling [cian 

Grteculus, i, m. dim. a poor Gre- 
Grsecus, a, um, adj. Greek, Gre- 
Grajugena, ae, c. g. a Greek born, 

a Grecian 
Grajus, a, um, adj. Grecian 
Grallae, arum.p/./. crutches, stilts 
Grallator, oris, m. he that goes on 

crutches, or stilts, a stalker 
Gramen, Inis, n. grass, all kinds 

of herbs 
Gramlneus, a, um, adj. grassy 
Gramlnosus, a, um, adj. over- 
grown with grass, grassy 
Grammateus, i, m. a notary 
Grammatica, ae, /. or Grammatice, 
es,/. grammar, the art of gram- 
Grammatica, orum, pi. n. gram- 
mar rules, or institutions 
Granimaticaliter, adv. grammati- 
Grammatlcaster, tri, m. a pedant 
Grammatice, adv. like a gramma- 
rian [grammar 
Grammaticus, a, um, adj. of 
Grammaticus, i, m. a grammarian 
Grammatista, ae, m. a pedant 
Granarium, i, n. a granary, or 

Granatim, adv. grain by grain 
Granatum, i, n. a pomegranate- 
tree [grains 
Granatus, a, um, adj. that has 
Grandaevltas, atis,/. great age 
Grandsevus, a, um, adj. very old, 

Grandesco, gre, incep. to grow big 
Grandlciilus, a, um, adj. dim. 

somewhat big, or great 
Grandiloquus, a, um, adj. that 

speaks in a lofty style 
Grandino, are, n. "to hail [hail 

Grandinosus, a, um, adj. full of 
Grandio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to make 

greater, or larger, to hasten 

Grandis, e, adj. ior, eomp. issimus, 

superl. great, large, big, huge, 

considerable, noble, capital, 

sumptuous, lofty, sublime 

Grandltas, atis, /. largeness, 

loftiness, sublimity, a great age 

Granditis, adv. more sublimely, 

more loftily, bigger 
Grandiusculus, a, um, adj. some- 
what big, of a good stature, or 
age [ling 

Grando, Inis, /. hail, a hard swel- 
Granlfer, a, um, adj. that bears 
corn [kernels 

Granosus, a, um, adj. full of 
Granum, i, n. a grain, a kernel, a 
barley-corn _ [ink horn 

Graphiarium, i, n. a pencase, an 
Graphiaria theca, a pen, or pencil- 
Graphice, es,/. the art of painting, 

or drawing 
Graphice, adv. artificially, exactly 
Graphlcus, a, um, adj. perfect, 

done to the life 
Graphis, Idis. f. the art of draw- 
ing, or designing, a pencil 
Graphium, i, n. an iron pen, a 



Grassans, tis, part, passing, 

Grassatio, onis,/. a proceeding, a 
robbing on the highway 

Grassator, oris, m. a highway- 

Grassatus, a, um, part, attacking 

Grassor, ari, atus sum, dep. to go, 
to march, to proceed, or ad- 
vance, to spread, to rage, to 

Gratabundus, a, um, adj. with 
joy, or thanks 

Graians, tis, part, congratulating 

Gratanter, adv. kindly, willingly 

Grate, adv. gratefully, thankfully 

Grates, pl.f. in nom. and accus. 
only, thanks, a requital 

Gratia, ae,/. grace, favour, good- 
will, kindness, a good turn, a 
courtesy, an obligation, an ac- 
knowledgment, a retaliation 

Gratiae, arum, pi. /. thanks, the 

Gratlflcans, tis, part, gratifying 

Gratlflcatio, onis,/. a gratifying 

Gratif Icor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
gratify, to do a good turn, to 

Gratiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. gracious, in 
great esteem, procured by 
favour [purpose 

Gratis, adv. gratis, freely, to no 

Gratisslme, adv. very willingly 

Gratlto, are, n. to gaggle, to cackle 

Gratltudo, Inis, /. gratitude, 

Grato, adv. thankfully 

Grator, ari, dep. to congratulate, 
to wish joy, to bid welcome, to 
thank [ward 

Gratult6, adv. freely, without re- 

Gratultus, a, um, adj. gratuitous, 

Gratiilabundus, a, um, adj. con- 
gratulating, rejoicing with, 
wishing joy [ing 

Gratiilans, tis, part, eongratulat- 

Gratttlatio, onis, /. a congratula- 
tion, a rejoicing, joy, thanks- 

Gratulator, oris, m. he that re- 
joices at the good of another 

Gratulor, ari, dep. to congratulate, 
to wish joy, to be glad 

Gratus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. grateful, thank- 
ful, kind, acceptable, pleasing 

Gravamen, Inis, n. a grievance 

Gravandus, a, um, part, to be 
weighed down 

Gravans, tis, part, weighing 

Gravate, adv. grievously, pain- 
fully, grudgingly, with diffi- 

Gravatim, adv. the same 

Gravatus, a, um, part, weighed 
down, burdened, loaded, drowsy, 
heavy, hanging down, grudg- 

Gravedln6sus, a, um, adj. heavy- 
headed, full of rheum in the 

Gravedo, Inis, /. heaviness 

Grave61ens, tis, adj. stinking, 

Grave6lentia, ae,/. a strong smell 

Gravescens, tis, part, growing 

Gravesco, ere, incep. to be bur- 
dened, to grow heavy, or big 

Gravldatus, a, um, part, impreg- 


Graviditas, atis, /. a being big 
with young, pregnancy 

Gravldo, are, a. to impregnate, to 
load, to oppress 

Gravidus, a, um, adj. impregnat- 
ed, big with young, or child, 
teeming, loaded, full, heavy, 
weighty, plentiful 

Gravis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. heavy, weighty, great, 
big with child, loaded, full, fat, 
plump, grave, serious, solemn, 
awful,terrible, grievous, trouble- 
some, burdensome, hard, diffi- 
cult, unkind 

Giavistellus, i, m. a fat man 

Gravltas, ati3, /. heaviness, 
weightiness, gravity, wariness, 
authority, majesty, greatness, 

Gravlter, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. heavily, gravely, wisely, 
grievously, sorely, severely 

Giavo, are, a. to load, to burden, 
to weigh down, to oppress, to 
trouble, to disturb, to pain 

Gregalis, e, adj. of the same flock, 
or company, common, vulgar, 

Grggarius, a, um, adj. of the 
common set, common, ordinary 

Gregatlm, adv. by flocks, or com- 

Gregatus, a, um, part, keeping 
in flocks 

Grggo, avi, atum, a. to collect 
into a flock, to assemble 

Gr6mium, i, n. a lap, the bosom, 
the middle, or heart of a coun- 
try, the channel of a river 

Gressus, a, um, part, that goes, 
going [going 

Gressus, us, m. a step, pace, or 

Grex, egis, m. a flock, a herd, a 
drove, a covey, a company, band 

Gromatlce, es, /. the art of sur- 
veying land 

Grossula, ae,/. a gooseberry 

Grossularia, "ae, /. a gooseberry- 

Grossiilus, i, m. a green fig 

Grossus, i, m. or/., the same 

Gruinus, a, um, adj. of a crane 

Gruis, is, m. and/, a crane 

Grumiilus, i, m. a little hillock, a 

Grumus, i, m. a hillock, clottei 

Gruudio, ire, ivi, Itum, same as 

Grunnio, Ire, it. to grunt 

Grunnitus, (is, m. a grunting 

Gruo, gre, ui, n. to crunkle 

Grus, uis, m. and /. a crane, an 
instrument to draw or pull up 


Gryllus, i, m. a cricket, a trick 
Gryphus, i, m., and 
Gryps, yphis, m. a griffon 
Gubernaciilum, i, n. the helm, or 
rudder of a ship, steerage, go- 
Giibernandus, a, um, part, to 

govern, or be governed 
Gtibernans, tis, part, governing 
Gubernatio, onis, /. government, 
management, guidance, a steer- 

Gubernator, oris, m. a governor, 
a ruler, a manager, a guide, a 
master, a pilot, or steersman 

Gubernatrix, Icis, /. a governess 

Guberno, are, a. to govern, to 
conduct, to direct, to guide, to 

Gala, ae, /. the gullet, the wind 




pipe, the neck, the throat, the 

palate, gluttony 
GfilSnes, pi. m. guttlers, gluttons 
Gnlosus, a, uni, adj. gluttonous, 

Gumia, ae,/. a glutton, gluttony 
Gummatus, a, urn, adj. gummed, 

Gummi, n. indecl., and Gummis, 
,i is,/, gum 

, Gummosus, a, um, adj. gummy 
Gurdus, i, m. a fool, a sot 
Gurges, Itis, m. a whirlpool, a 

gulf, the deep, a riotous spender 
Gurgiilio, onis, to. the windpipe 
Gurgustium, i, n. a cottage, a 

cabin [tasted 

Gustandus, a, um, part, to be 
Gustatio, onis,/. a tasting 
Gustatorium, i, n. an eating-room, 

a dram-cup, a taste 
Gustatus, a, um, part, tasted 
Gustatus, iis, to. a tasting, the 

Gusto, are, a. to taste, to sip, to 

try, to listen to, to overhear 
Gustulum, i, n. a taste, a morsel 
Gustus, us, m. a gust, a taste, a 

smack, a relish, the sense of 

tasting [spot 

Gutta, ae,/. a drop, a very little, a 
Guttans, tis, part, dropping 
Guttatim, adv. by drops, drop by 

drop [speckled 

Guttatus, a, um, part, spotted, 
Guttula, a?,/, dim. a little drop 
Guttur, tiris, n. and m. the throat 
Guttus, i, to. a cruise, a cruet 
Gymnas, adis, / a wrestling, a 

female wrestler 
GymnS.siarcha, ae, nt. a chief 

schoolmaster, a principal, or 

head of a college 
Gymnaisiarchus, i, to., the same 
Gymnasium, i, n. a place where 

wrestlers, &c. performed feats 

of activity, a school, a college 
Gymnasflcus, a, um, adj. gym- 
nastic, belonging to exercise 
Gymnicus, a, um, part, belonging 

to exercise [raglio 

Gynaeceum, i, n. a nursery, a se- 
Gypsatio, onis,/. a plastering 
Gypsator, oris, m. a plasterer 
Gypsatus, a, um, part, plastered, 

Gypsum, i, n. plaster, mortar 
Gyratilis, e, adj. turning about 
Gyratio, onis,/. a turning about 
Gyratus, a, um, part, turned 

Gyrgillus, i, to. a wheel, a reel 
Gyro, are, a. to turn round 
Gyrus, i, to. a circle, a circuit, a 

compass, a revolution, a career 

Ha, interj. ah, away 

Habena, ae,/. the reins of a bridle, 
a whip, a lash, a thong 

Habendus, a, um, part, to be had, 
possessed, made, accounted, &c. 

Habens, tis, part, having 

Habenula, ae, /. a little bridle, a 

Habeo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to have, 
to possess, to enjoy, to embrace, 
to hold, to contain, to keep, to 
get, or acquire, to handle, or 
use, to act, to manage, to esteem 

iiabilig, e, adj. ior, cornp. isslrnus, 

superl. fit, suitable, proper, apt, 
Plabllltas, atis,/. fitness, ability 
Habiliter, adv. isstmk, superl. fitly 
Habltabllis, e, adj. habitable 
HabTtaculum, i, n. a dwelling, a 
den [inhabited 

Habitandus, a, um, part, to be 
Habitans, tis, part, inhabiting 
Habitatio, onis, / a habitation, a 

house, an abode, house-rent 
Habitator, oris, m. an inhabitant 
Habitatus, a, um, part, inhabited 
Habito, are, a. and n. to inhabit, 
to dwell, to live, to abide, to 
have often 
Habitudo, Inis,/. a habit, or con- 
stitution of the body, plump- 
ness, fatness 
Habiturus, a, um, part, that shall 

have, or ought to have 
Habitus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. had, 
given, accounted, esteemed, af- 
fected.inclined, treated, handled, 
Habitus, us, m. a habit, a manner, 
state, or fashion, an appearance, 
feature, carriage, or demeanour 
Hac, adv. by this way, or place 
Hactenus, adv. hitherto, thus far, 

to this time, or place 
Hsedicftlus, i, m. a little kid 
Hredlle, is, n. a fold for kids 
Haedillus, i, to. dim. a little goat 
Hsedinus, a, um, adj. of a kid 
Haedulus, i, m. dim. a little goat 
Haedus, i, to. a kid 
Haemorrhagia, ae, /. a flux of blood 
Heemorrhois, Idis,/. the piles 
Haarediolum, i, n. dim. a small 

Hjcredlpgta, ae, c. g. one who 
seeks an inheritance, by flat- 
tery, &c. [ditary 
Haereditarius, a, um, adj. here- 
Haereditas, atis, /. an heritage, an 
inheritance [estate 
Haeredium, i, n. a small estate, an 
Haerens, tis, part, sticking fast 
Haereo, ere, si, sum, n. to stick, to 
be fixed, or fastened, to con- 
tinue, to remain, to sit, to lay 
Haeres, edis, c. g. an heir, an 

Haeresco, ere, incep. to continue 
Haergsis, is, a heresy, a sect 
Haergtice, adv. heretically 
HaereYicus, a, um, adj. heretical 
HsrSticus, i, to. a heretic 
Haesitabundus, a, um, adj. doubt- 
ful [stammering 
Hffisitans, tis, part, doubting, 
Haesltantia, a?,/, a stammering 
Haesitatio, onis, /. hesitation, 
doubt, a stammering, or stut- 
Haesitator, oris, to. a delayer 
Haesitatus, a, um, part, doubted of 
Haeslto, are, n. to hesitate, to 

doubt, to falter, to stammer 

Haesurus, a, um, part, that will 

stick to, hang upon, or remain 

Halans, tis, part, breathing, 

Halcyon, onis,/. a kingfisher 
Halec, ecis, /. and n. a herring, 

Halecula, ae,/. a sprat [vapour 
Halitus, us, m. breath, a gasp, a 
Hallex, icis,/. a great toe 
Hallucinans, tis, part, blundering 
Hallucinatio, onis,/. a blunder 
Halluctnator, 6ris, m. a blunderer 
Halluclnor, ari, dep. to blunder 

Halo, are, a. to breathe, to exhale 
Halo, 6nis, m. a circle about the 

sun, moon, or stars 
Hal6sis, eos, /. in aecus. sing, in 
and im, the taking and sacking 
of a town 
Halter, ens, to. a plummet 
Hama, ae,/. a leathern bucket, a 

Hamatilis, e, adj. of a hook 
Hamatus, a, um, adj. hooked, 

crooked, entangled, bearded 
Hamaxa, ae, /. Charles's wain 
Hamaxagoga, ae, m. a carter 
HSmaxor, ari, dep. to draw a cart, 
Hamiota, ae, m. an angler [&c. 
Hamilla, ae,/. dim. a small bucket, 

a bason 
Hamulus, i, to. dim. a small hook 
Hamus, i, to. a hook, a ring, a 

Haphe, es,/. a dust to sprinkle 

wrestlers with 
Hapsus, i, to. a handful, a roller 
Iiara, ae,/. a hogsty, a pen, a coop 
Harifila, ae,/. a prophetess 
Hariftlatio, onis,/. a divining 
Haii61or, ari, at us sum, dep. to 

HariOius, i, m. a soothsayer, a di- 
viner, a frantic fellow 
Harmamaxa, ae,/. a Persian litter 
HarmOnia, ae,/. harmony, melody, 

a due proportion, analogy 
Harm5nicus, a, um, adj. harmo- 
Harpago, are, a. to hook, to grapple 
Harpago, onis, m. a hook, a robber 
Harpastum, i, n. a ball, a cricket- 
Haipax, agis, to. amber, a whirl 
Harpe, es,/. a scimitar, a bayonet 
Harpyiffi, arum, pl.f. harpies 
HSruspex, Icis, m. a soothsayer 
Haruspica, ae,/. she that divines 

from the entrails of beasts 
Haruspicma, ae,/. the art of divi- 
Haruspicinus, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to divination [divination 
Haruspicium, i, n. soothsaying, 
Hasta, ae./. a spear, lance, or pike, 

an auction, a public sale 
Hastarium, i, n. the catalogue of 

an auction 
Hastarius, a, um, adj. of or be- 
longing to auctions 
Hastatus, a, um, adj. carrying, or 

fighting with spears 
Hasticus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to a spear 
Hastlle, is, n. a spear, a halberd, 

a point • 
Hastfda, ae,/ a small spear 
Hau, inter j. alas ! O strange ! 
Haud, adv. not, in no wise 
Haudquaquam, adv. by no means 
Hauriens, tis, part drawing 
Haurio, Ire, si, and i Ivi, stum, and 
itum, a. to draw, to draw, oj 
fetch up, to receive, to take in, 
to sup, drink, eat, or swallow 
up, to drain, to exhaust, waste, 
Haustor, Oris, to. a drawer 
Haustrum, i, n. a bucket, a pump 
Haustus, a, um, part, drawn, 
taken up/swallowed up, drunk in 
Haustus, us, m. a draught, a sup 
Hausurus, a, um, part, about to 

He, interj. alas ! well-a-day ! 
HeautontlmorumSnos, i, ro. the 
self-tormenter, one of Terence'g 


Hebdomada, se,/. a week [ebony 
Hebenus, i, /. an ebony-tree, 
Hgbeo, ere, ui, n. to be blunt, 

dull, or heavy 
Hebes, gtis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 

mus, superl. blunt, dull, slow, 

stupid, heavy, inactive, void of 

Hebesco, ere, incep. to grow 

blunt, dull, dim, languid, or 

Hebetans, tis, part, making dull 
Hgbgtatio, onis, /. a making 

blunt, or dull 
Hgbgtatrix, Icis,/. she that makes 

blunt, or dull 
Hgbgtatus, a, um, part, made 

blunt, dull, or stupid 
H£betesco, ere, the same 
Heb6to, are, a. to make blunt, or 

dull, to blunt [ness 

Hebetudo, inis,/. bluntness, dul- 
Hecatombe, es, /. a sacrifice of a 

hundred oxen, &c. 
Hecjfra, ae, /. a mother-in-law 
Hedera, ae,/ the ivy, the ivy-tree 
Hgdgraceus, a, um, adj. of ivy 
Hgdgrlger, a, um, adj. bearing ivy 
Hederatus, a, um, part, crowned, 

adorned with ivy 
Hgdgrosus, a, um, adj. full of ivy 
HSdrychum, i, n. a sweet oint- 
Hgdysm&ta, um, pi. n. sweet- 
meats, sauces, perfumed oint- 
Hei ! inter j. wo ! alas ! [ments 
Heja ! interj. O brave ! 
Helciarius, i, to. he that hales a 

barge, a bargeman 
Heliacus, a, um, adj. belonging 

to the sun 
Helice, es,/. the great bear 
Heliotrdpium, i, n. the herb turn- 
Helix, icis, to. a creeping ivy 
HellebSrosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Hetleborum, i, m. and HellebS- 

rus, i, to. the herb hellebore 
Hellgnismus, i, m. a grecism 
Hellnatio, or Heluatio, onis, /. 

gluttony, greediness [ton 

Hdluo, or Heluo, onis, m. a glut- 
Helluor, and Heluor, ari, atus 

sum, dep. to gormandize, to 

guttle, to devour, or consume 
Helvinus, a, um, adj. of a flesh- 
HelvSlus, and Helveolus, a, um, 

adj. pale 
Helvus, a, um, adj. of a pale red 
HemgrodriJmus, i, m. a day courier 
Hemlcyclus, i, m. a semicircle 
Hemlna, se, f. half a sextary, 

three quarters of a pint 
Heminarius, a, um, adj. holding 

a hemina 
Hemisphaerium, i, n. ahemisphere 
Hemistlchium, i, n. a half verse 
Hemitonium, i, n. a half tone 
Hemltritaeus, i, to. a semitertian 

Hendgcasyllabus, i, m. a verse 

containing eleven syllables 
Hepar, atis, n. the liver, a rare 

Hep&tarius, a, um, adj. of the liver 
Hepaticus, a, um, adj. of the liver 
Hepteres, is, /. a seven-banked 

Hgra, ae, /. a dame, a mistress, a 

lady, the herb clary 
Heracleon, i, n. the herb milfoil, 

or yarrow [Hercules 

Heracleus, a, um, adj. fit for a 


Herba, se, /. an herb, a weed, 

grass, the blade of corn, &c. 
Herbaceus, a, um, adj. grassy, 

made of herbs, or grass 
Herbarius, a, um, adj. of herbs 
Herbarius, i, m. a botanist 
Herbasco, or Herbesco, gre, incep. 
to produce grass, to grow 
Herbescens, tis, part, growing 
green [grass 

Herbeus, a, um, adj. green as 
Herbldus, a, um, adj. full of 

Herbifer, a, um, adj. bringing 
forth herbs, or grass, green, 
verdant [grass 

Herbigradus, adj. going on the 
Herbilis, e, adj. fed with grass 
Herbosus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. full of herbs, or grass, 
Herbiila, se,/. dim. a little herb 
Hercaeus, a, um, adj. a name of 
Jupiter, the defender of inclo- 
Hercisco, fire, a. to divide, to part 
Hercius, i, m. a portcullis 
Hercle, adv. by Hercules 
Herculanus, a, um, adj. great, 

Herciile, adv. by Hercules 
Herculeus, a, um, adj. of Hercules, 

great, huge, stout, powerful 
Here, adv. yesterday, yesternight 
Herl, adv. yesterday 
Herifuga, se, c. g. a runagate, a 

Herllis, e, adj. belonging to a mas- 
ter, or mistress 
Herma, ae, m. a statue of Mercury 
Hermaphrodltus, i, m. an herma- 
Hernia, ae,/. a rupture 
Heroicus, a, um, adj. heroic, epic 
Herolna, se,/. a heroine 
Herois, idis,/. a lady of quality 
Hgros, ols, m. a hero, a man of 

singular virtue, a ghost 
Heroum, i, n. a monument, or 

Herous, a, um, adj. heroic, epic 
Herpes, etis, m. St. Anthony's fire 
Hgrus, i, m. a master of a family, 

a master, an eldest son 
Hespgrius,. a, um, adj. western 
Hesperugo, Inis, /. the evening 

Hesperus, i, m. the evening star, 

the evening 
Hesternus, a, um, adj. of yester- 
day, or yesternight 
Hfitasria, ae,/ a society, a college 
Heteroclitus, a, um, adj. hetero- 

clitical, irregular in declining 
Heu ! interj. wo ! alas 1 O ! 
Heuretes, ae, m. an inventor, an 

Heus ! adv. ho, soho, ho there, 

consider, mind 
Hex&gonus, a, um, adj. hexagonal 
Hexameter, a, um, adj. of six feet 
Hexapla, pi. n. a work in six 

Hexeres, is, /. a galley with six 

banks of oars 
Hiandus, a, um, part, to be 

Hians, tis, part, gaping, yawning, 

disjointed, craving 
Hiasco, fire, n. to chink, to open 
Hiatus, us, m. a gaping, or yawn- 
ing, a gasping, a chapping, 
cleaving, or opening, a disjoint- 
ing, a parting, a gap 


Hlberna, 6rum, pi. n. winter quar- 

ters, winter-houses 
Hlbernacula, Orum, pi. n winter- 
Hibernaturus, a, um, part, about 

to winter 
Hlberno, are, n. to winter, to be 

in winter-quarters 
Hibernus, a, um, adj. of winter 
Hibiscum, i, n. or Hibiscus, i, m. 

a marsh-mallow, a bulrush 
Hibrlda, and Hybrida, also Ibrida, 

ae, c. g. a mongrel 
Hie, haec, hoc, pron. demon, this, 

this, so great, such 
Hie, or Heic, adv. here, in this 

place, in this affair, or matter, 

upon this, hereupon [verj 

Hicce, haecce, hocce, this, this 
Hiccine, haecclne, hoccine ? this 

man ? this woman ? this thing ? 
Hiccine, adv. here ? 
Higmalis, e, adj. winterly, of 

Hiematio, 6nis, /. a wintering, a 

support in winter 
Hiematurus, a, um, part, about to 

be cold, or stormy [frozen 

Hifimatus, a, um, part, wintered, 
Hiemo, are, n. to winter, to take 

up winter-quarters, to be cold 
Hiems, gmis, /. winter, a storm, 
tempest, a year 

Hifira, ae,/. a sacred garland 
Hierarcha, ae, m. a prelate, a 

Higraticus, a, um, adj. priestly 
Hieroglyphlcus, a, um, adj. hiero- 

Higronices, ae, m. a conqueror in 

the sacred games 
Higrophas, antis, m. the chief 
priest at Athens [about 

Higto, are, n. to gape, to stare 
Hilarans, tis, part, cheering 
Hilaratus, a, um, part, made 

merry, exhilarated 
Hilare, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. merrily, cheerfully, gaily, 
Hilaresco, £re, n. to grow merry 
Hilaris, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. merry, cheerful, jovial, 
jolly, pleasant 
Hilaritas, atis, / mirth, merri- 
ment, cheerfulness, pleasantry 
Hilariter, adv. merrily, pleasantly 
Hilaritudo, Inis, /. mirth, cheer- 
fulness, gaiety, joy 
Hilaro, are, a. to make merry, to- 

cheer, to delight 
Hilariilus, a, um, adj. dim. some- 
what pleasant [ful 
Hilarus, a, um, adj. merry, cheer- 
Hilla, or Hlla, ae,/. the small gut, 
a chitterling [trifle 
Hilum, i, n. a mere nothing, a 
Hlnc, adv. hence, upon this, from 
this place, cause, matter, or 
person, henceforth, out of this, 
part of this 
Hinna, se,/. a hind, a mule 
Hinniculus. i, m. a young, or 

little mule 
Hinnio, Ire, n. to neigh 
Hinnitus, (is, to. a neighing 
Hinniileus, and Hinnulus, i, m. a 

young hind, a fawn, a kid 
Hinnus, i, m. a mule, a nag 
Hio, are, n. to gape, to yawn, to 
open wide, to open, to chap, to 
be loose, or disjoined, to gape 
Hippagus, i, to. a horse-boat 
Hippbcampus, i, m. a sea-horse 


Hippodamus, i, m. a breaker of 

HippOdrOmus, i, m. a coursing, a 

HippOmanes, n. indecl. a poison, 
a raging humour in mares, a 
piece of flesh on the forehead 
of a colt newly foaled 

HipponSmus, i, to. a horsekeeper 

Hipp&pera, ae,/. a cloak -bag 

Hipp6potamus, i, to. a monstrous 
creature in the Nile and 
Ganges, the river-horse 

Hipp6tox6ta, ae, m. an archer on 

Hippurus, i, m. golden fish 

Hippus, i, to. a sea fish 

Hira, ae,/. the small gut 
' Hircinus, and Hirquinus, a, um, 
1 adj. of a goat, goatish, ram- 
J mish [a goat 

' Hircosus, a, um, adj. smelling like 

Hircus, and Hirquus, i, to. a he- 
' goat, lecherous old fellow, the 
rank smell of the armholes, a 
' cuckold 

Hirrio, ire, Ivi, n. to grin, or snarl 

' Hirsutia, ae, /. roughness of hair 

1 Hirsutus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

rough, hairy, shaggy, prickly, 


Hirtus, a, um, adj. rough, hairy, 
shaggy, rugged, unpolished 

Hirudo, Inis, /. a horseleech, a 
blood-sucker, an exhauster 

HIrundlninus, a, um, adj. per- 
taining to a swallow 

HIrundo, Inis, /. a swallow, a sea- 
bat, the spring 

Hiscens, tis, part, gaping, opening 

Hisco, fire, incep. to gape, to 
chap, to open, to open the 
mouth [hair 

Hispldosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Hispldus, a, um, adj. rough, 
bristly, shaggy, prickly, rugged, 
unpleasant [rative 

Hist6ria, ae, /. a history, or nar- 

HistOrialis, e, adj. historical 

Historice, es, /. the narrative 

Hist6ricus, a, um, adj. historical 

HistOricus, i, m. an historian 

HistOriographus, i, m. an histo- 

Histricus, a, um, adj. belonging 
to the stage, &c. 

Histrio, 6nis, to. a stage-player, 
an actor, a buffoon, a quack 

Histrionalis, e, adj. theatrical 

HistriSnia, ae, /. the art of acting 

Histrionlcus, a, um, adj. thea- 

Hiulce, adv. gapingly, by gaps 

Hiulco, are, a. to make, to gape, 
to cleave 

Hiulcus, a, um, adj. gaping, 
chapping, not close, greedy, 

Hocce, n. this same [ravenous 

Hoccine? this? 

Hodie, adv. to-dav, this day, at 
this time, in this age 

H&diernus, a, um, adj. of this day 

Hoediculus, &c. same as Haedicu- 
lus, &c. 

Hoi ! inter j. the voice of crying 

H6l6caustum, i, n. a holocaust, a 
whole burnt-offering 

H6l6graphicus, a, um, adj. or 
H6l6graphus, wholly written 
by a man's own hand 

HSlosericus, a, um, adj. made all 
of silk 

Hdmlcida, ae, c. g. a man slayer, a 

Homlcldiv.m, i, n. homicide 


, ae,/. a homily, a sermon 
H6mo, inis, c. g. a man, or wo- 
man, a mortal, a person, a 
stout, brave, fine, clever, or 
wise man [parts 

H6moe6mena, as, /. a likeness of 
HOmoggneus, a, um, adj. homo- 
geneous, similar, like, of the 
same kind [extended 

H6mot6nus, a, um, adj. equally 
H8mulus, i, m. dim. a dwarf 
H8mullus, i, to. a weak man 
Hftmuncio, onis, to. a scrub, a 

H&muncfilus, i, to. dim. a little 

sorry fellow 
H5nestamentum, i, n. an orna- 
ment, an embellishment 
Honestandus, a, um, part, to be 

honoured, &c. 
Honestans, tis, part, adorned 
HSnestas, atis, /. honesty, probity, 
honour, nobility, eminence, 
dignity, credit [credited 

H6nestatus, a, um, part, adorned, 
HOneste, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. honestly, honourably, 
H6nesto, are, a. to grace, to adorn, 

to embellish, to set off 
H6nestum, i, n. honesty, virtue 
Honestus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. honest, honour- 
able, discreet, chaste, decent, 
becoming, kind, civil, genteel, 
H6nor and H5nos, Oris, m. ho- 
nour, respect, regard, worship, 
an office, post, or dignity, 
H&norabllis, e, adj. honourable 
H6n6rabillter, adv. honourably 
HOnorandus, a, um, part, to be 

Honorarium, i, n. an honorary, or 
free gift, a present, a physi- 
cian's, or lawyer's fee 
Honorarius, a, um, adj. honorary, 

pertaining to honour 
Honoratfe, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
mtperl. honourably, worship- 
Honoratus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. ho- 
noured, rewarded, honourable 
HOnorifice, adv. centius, comp. 
centissime, superl. honourably, 
with honour 
H6n6rlf Icus, a, um, adj. centior, 
comp. centissimus, superl. ho- 
nourable, creditable, done 
H6n6ro, are, a. to honour, to re- 
verence, to respect, to reward 
Honorus, a, um, adj. honourable 
H5nos, same as Honor 
Hopl6machus, i, m. a sword- 
Hora, ae, /. an hour, a day, a 
month, &c. time, a time, or 
season, the time of one's birth, 
or death 
Horarium, i, «. an instrument to 
know the hour by the help of 
water, an hour-glass, clock, 
watch, dial, &c. 
Horarius, a, um, adj. hourly 
Hordeaceus, a, um, adj. of barley 
Hordearius, a, um, adj. relating 

to barley, living upon barley 
Hordeum, i, n. barley 
Hordeus, a, um, adj. of barley 
H6ria, ae,/. a fishing smack 
Horndtinus, a, um, adj. of this 

Hornus, a, um, adj. of this year 


Horol6gium, i, n. a clock, a watch, 

a dial 
HoroscOpium, i, n. a dial 
H6rosc6pus, i, m. a horoscope 
Horrendum, adv. dreadfully 
Horrendus, a, um, part, and adj. 
horrible, terrible, dreadful, dis- 
mal, strange, marvellous 
Horrens, tis, part, and adj. rough, 
ragged, rugged, standing up on 
end, prickly, dark, dismal 
Horreo, ere, ui, n. to be rough, to 
look terrible, to shake, quake, 
shiver, or tremble, to shudder 
at, dread [garner 

HorreSlum, i, n. dim. a little 
Horrescens, tis, part, dreading 
Horresco, ere, incep. to grow 
rough, or rugged, to begin to 
shake, to wave, to shudder at 
Horreum, i, n. a barn, a granary, 
a storehouse, a repository, a 
warehouse, a cellar 
Horribilis, e, adj. ior, comp. hor- 
rible, terrible, dreadful, fright- 
ful, rough, awful, reverend 
HorribUlter, adv. horribly, hor- 
Horricomis, e, adj. with hair on 

an end, bristly, shaggy 
HorridS, adv. roughly, rudely 
Ilorridulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

rough, rugged, or rude, large 
Horridus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
horrid, horrible, dreadful, hide- 
ous, frightful, rough, rugged, 
clownish, grave, austere, un- 
pleasant, cold 
Horrifer, £ra, 6rum, adj. bringing 
cold weather, blustering, dread- 
Horrifice, adv. horribly, terribly, 
frightfully, awfully, religiously 
Horrifico, are, o. to frighten 
Horrlficus, a, um, adj. frightful 
HorrisOnus, a, um, adj. making a 

dreadful noise 
Horror, oris, m. a horror, a dread, 
a great fear, a fright, a shiver- 
ing, or shaking, a cold fit 
Horsum, adv. hitherward, hither 
Hortamen, inis, n. an encourage- 
Hortamentum, i, n. the same 
Hortandus, a, um, vart. to ex- 
hort, or to be exhorted 
Hortans, tis, part, exhorting, 


Hortatio, onis,/. an exhortation, 

or encouragement [tive 

Hortativus, a, um, adj. exhorta- 

Hortator, oris, to. an encourager, 

an adviser 
Hortatrix, icis,/. the same 
Hortatus, a, um, part, exhorted, 
encouraged, having encouraged, 
or cheered 
Hortatus, us, m. same as Hortatio 
Hortensis, e, adj. growing in, or 

pertaining to a garden 
Hortensius, a, um, adj. the same 
Hortor, ari, dep. to exhort, coun- 
sel, or advise, to encourage, 
embolden, or cheer 
Hortiilanus, i, m. a gardener 
Hortulus, i, m.dim. a little garden 
Hortus, i, to. a garden, or or- 
Hospes, Itis, c. g. a guest, a host, 
a landlord, a friend, a stranger 
Hospita, ae, /. a hostess, a stran- 
Hospitalis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. hospitable, using 
hospitality, friendiy, 

V 3 


Hospit&lltas, atis,/. hospitality 
Hospitaliter, adv. hospitably, 

Hospitans, tis, part, dwelling 
HospitiOlum, i, n. dim. a little inn 
Hospitium, i, n. an inn, a place 
to entertain strangers, or guests, 
a lodging, a shelter, a retreat, 
hospitality, entertainment 
Hospitor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
lodge, or quarter, to abide, or 
stay, to grow in a strange place 
Hospitus, a, um, adj. hospitable, 
friendly, strange, neighbouring, 
Hostia, se, /. a sacrifice, the host 
Hosticum, i, n. a foreign country 

inn, an enemy's country 
Kosticus, a, um, adj. hostile, per- 
taining to an enemy 
Hostiier, 6ra, erum, adj. occa- 
sioning enmity 
Hostllis, e, adj. hostile, hitter 
Hostilitas, atis, /. hostility, en- 
mity [ner 
Hostiliter, adv. in a hostile man- 
Hostio, ire, ivi, a. to return like 

for like, to requite, to stop 
Hostis, is, c. g. an enemy, a foe, a 

foreigner, a stranger 
Hostus, i, m. oil yielded at one 

pressing of olives 
Huber, eris, n. an udder 
Hue, adv. hither, to this place, to 

this issue 
Huccine, adv. what hither? 
Hucusque, adv. hithertc 
Hui, interj. ho ! whew ! 
Hujusce, gen. of Hicce, which see 
HujuscemOdi, adj. of this sort, 

HujusmOdi, the same 
Huinandus, a, um, part, to he 

buried, or interred 
H Oman 6, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. humanely, friendly, 
kindly, civilly, obligingly 
Humanitas, atis, /. humanity, 
human nature, friendliness, 
kindness, civility, goed-nature, 
gentleness, courtesy, good man- 
Humaniter, adv iiis, comp. issi- 
me, superl. courteously, kindly, 
patiently, bravely 
Humanitus, adv. as men are wont 
Humanus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. human, belong- 
ing to mankind, or a rational 
creature, humane,friendly, kind, 
civil, obliging, gentle, courteous 
Humatio, onis, /. a burying 
Humator, oris, m. one that buries 
Humaturus, a, um, part, about to 
bury [interred 

Humatus, a, um, part, buried, 
Humectans, tis, part, moistening 
Humectatus, a, um, part, moisten- 
ed, wetted 
Humecte, adv. moistly [wet 

Humecto, are, a. to moisten, or 
Humectus, a, um, adj. moist, 
dampish [tened 

Humefactus, a, um, part, mois- 
II omens, tis, part, moist 
Humeo, ere, ui, n. to be wet, to 

be moistened 
Hilmgrale, is, n. a graduate's hood 
Humerosus, a, um, adj. having 

great shoulders, full of risings 
Humerus, i, m. a shoulder, a stalk 
Humescens, tis, part, growing 

ITumesco, Sre, incep. to grow 
BiOUt, or wet 
J 06 


Hiiml, adv. on the ground 
Humlde, adv. moistly 
Humiditas, atis, /. humidity, 

Humido, are, a. to moisten, to wet 
Humidulus, a, um, adj. dampish 
Humidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. moist, wet, 
damp [moisture 

Humifer, fira, grum, adj. briuging 
Humif ico, are, a. to moisten 
Humificus, a, um, part, that 

Humiliatio, Onis,/. humiliation 
Humiliatus, a, um, part, humbled 
Htimilio, are, a. to humble, to 

Humilis, e, adj. ior, comp. illi- 
mus, superl. humble, lowly, sub- 
missive, suppliant, low, mean, 
poor, trifling, small, little, 
Humilitas, atis, /. humility, low- 
liness, lowness, meanness, 
poorness, weakness, inability, 
baseness, a depreciating 
Humiliter, adv. ius, comp. illime, 
superl. humbly, submissively, 
lowly, meanly, abjectly, basely, 
HumipSta, ae, m. a sparrow hawk 
Humo, are, a. to set, or lay in -the 

ground, to bury, to inter 
Humor, oris, m. a humour, mois- 
ture, water, any liquid, juice, 
sap, &c. 
Humus, i,/, ground, earth, land 
Hyacmthinus, a, um, adj. of a 

violet, or purple colour 
Hyacinthus, i, m. a hyacinth, a 

Hyaena, ae, /. a beast like a wolf, 

a sea-fish, a serpent 
Hyalus, i, m. glass, a green colour 
Hyberna, same as Hiberna 
Hybemo, same as Hiberno 
Hybernus, same as Hibernus 
Hybrida, ae, c. g. a mongrel 
Hydra, se,/. a water-serpent 
Hydrargyrum, i, n. quicksilver 
Hydraulicus, a, um, adj. hydraulic 
Hydria, se,/. a water-pot, abucket 
Hydrocele, es, /. the cod-rupture 
HydrOmantia, ae, /. divination by 

Hvdromeli, n. indecl. metheglin 
Hydr6ph6bia, ae, /. the fear of 

HydrOphObus, i, m. one afraid of 

HvdrOphylai, &cis, m. a water- 
bailiff [cal 
Hydropicus, a, um, adj. hydropi- 
Hydrops, opis, m. the dropsy 
Hydrus, i, m. a water-serpent, any 

Hy6ma.Ua, ium, pi. n. winter- 
Hyemalis, &c, same as Hiemalis, 
Hyems, same as Hiems 
Hylax, acis, m. the same 
HJmen, finis, m. the god of mar- 
riage, marriage, a thin skin 
Hymenaeus, i, m. marriage, a 

Hymnifer, fira, 6rum, adj. that 

brings hymns, or songs 
Hvmnus, i, m. a hymn, a song 
Hypate, es,/. the bass-string 
Hyperbole, es, /. an hyperbole, an 

HyperbOlice, adv. hyperbolically 
HyperbOlicus, a, um, adj. hyper- 
bolical [north 
HyperbOreus, a, um, adj. far 


II?pi)8ti<ms, a, um, adj. causing 
sleep [house 

HypOcaustum, i, n. a stove, a hot. 

Hypochondria, orum, pi. n. thai 
part of the body under the short 
ribs [hypochondriacal 

HypOchondriacus, a, um, adj. 

Hypocrisis, is,/, hypocrisy 

Hypocrita, ae, m. a hypocrite, a 

HypOdidascalus, i, m. an under- 
teacher, an usher in a school 

HypOgastrium, i, n. what reaches 
from the navel to the privities 

HypOgeum, i, n. a cellar, a vault 

Hypostasis, eos, /. a substance, 
or person of the blessed Trinity, 
a sediment 

HypOtenusa, ae,/an hypothenuse, 
the line under the arch of the 

HypOtheca, ae,/. a pledge 

Hypothesis, is or eos, /. a suppj* 
sition, a pretext, or preteBdejTi 
case in law, the argument, 'or 
contents of a book 

HypOthetlcus, a, um, adj. con- 

Hyssopus, i, m., and HyssOpum, 
i, n. the herb hyssop 

Hysterica^, arum, pl.f. hysterics 

Hystrix, Ids,/, a porcupine 

I, ito, imp. from eo, is, go 
lambeus, a, um, adj. of Iambic 
[ambicus, a, um, adj. Iambic 
Iambus, i, m. a foot in verse, hav. 

ing the first syllable short and 

the other long 
Ianthina, orum, pi. n. garments 

of a violet, or purple colour 
lanthinus, a, um, adj. purple 
Ianthum, i, n. a violet 
Iapix, ygis, m. the west-wind 
Iaspideus, a, um, adj. of jasper 

Iaspis, idis, f. a stone of a green 
„ colour, a jasper 
lberica, ae,/. a kind of herb 
Ibex, icis, m. a wild goat 
Ibi, adv. there, then, therein, in 
„ that thing, in that state 
Ibidem, adv. there, in the same 

place, thing, or case 
Ibis, idis and is,/, a stork, a snipe 
Ichneumon, Onis, m. a large rat 
Ichnographia, ee, /. a plan, a 

Ico, 6re, ci, ctum, a. to strike, to 

smite, to beat away 
Icon, Onis,/. an image, picture, or 

statue, a figure in rhetoric 
IcOnicus, a, um, adj. exact, made, 

&c. to the life 
Icrium, i, n. a cross set upon a 

tomb, or in the highway 
IctSricus, a, um, adj. sick of the 

Icterus, i, m. the jaundice, a bird 
Ictiirus, a, um, part, about to 

Ictus, a, um, part, stricken, 

wounded, killed, blasted, in- 
cited, moved 
Ictus, (is, m. a stroke, a blow, a 

rap, a sting, a blast, a pulsation 
Icuncula, ae, /. a little image, a 
Id, pron. that [puppet 

ldcirco, conj. therefore, for that 

cause, on that accoun* 





r/ ta 
I<hls : 

I tea, «, /. an idea, a model, or 

Idem, eadem, Idem, pron. the 
same, the selfsame, self, alike 

Identldem, adv. now and then, 
sundry times, often, ever and 

Ideo, conj. therefore, for that 

|di6ma, atis, n. an idiom 

Idiota, a;, to. an idiot, an illiterate, 
or private man [speech 

IdiStismus, i, m. a propriety of 

Idololatra, a;, c. g. an idolater 

IdolSlatria, »,/. idolatry 

IdOlum, i, n. an idol, an image, 
a spectre, or apparition 

Jdonea, orum, pi. n. tit places 

1 donee, adv. fitly, aptly, conveni- 

I ently 

Idoneus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
fit, meet, proper, suitable, con- 
venient, sufficient, able, sub- 
it antial 

. uum, lbus, pi. f. the ides of 
a month, the eighth day after 
the nones 

Idyllium, i, n. a pastoral 

lens, euntis, part, going 

Igitur, conj. therefore, then, 
thereupon, for 

Ignarus, a, um, adj. ignorant, 
unskilful, unacquainted with 

Ignave, adv. ius, comp. idly, lazily, 
slowly, cowardly, meanly 

Ignavia, x, f. idleness, laziness, 
sluggishness, indolence, inac- 
tivity, cowardliness, fatness 

Ignavitas, atis,/. same as Ignavia 

Ignavlter, adv. idly, lazily 

Ignavus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. idle, lazy, sloth- 
ful, sluggish, indolent, inactive, 
cowardly, base, mean 

Ignescens, tis, part, growing hot 
like fire 

Ignesco, ere, incep. to be on fire, 
to take fire, to inflame 

Igneus, a, um, adj. fiery, hot, 
bright, shining [tinder 

Igniarium, i, n. a tinder-box, 

Igniarius, a, um, adj. of, or be- 
longing to fire 

Ignicolor, or IgnicOlorus, a, um, 
adj. flame-coloured 

Igntcomus, a, um, adj. having 
flaming tresses, red-haired 

Igniculus, i, m. a little fire, an 
instinct [fiery 

Ignifer, a, um, adj. bearing fire, 

Ignlfluus, a, um, adj. flowing 
with fire 

Ignigena, se, c. g. one born in fire 

Igniggp-js, a, um, adj. producing 

Ignipes, 6dis, adj. having fieryfeet 

IgnTpOtens, tis, adj. mighty by 

Ignis, is, to. fire, a flame, light- 
ning, a thunderbolt, wrath 

Ignispicium, i, n. divination by fire 

Ignitabftlum, i, n. a chaffing-'dish, 
a warming-pan 

Ignitus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
burning, fiery, hot 

Ignivfimus, a, um, adj. spitting 

Ignobflis, e, adj. ior, comp. isst- 
mus, superl. ignoble, base, scan- 
dalous, disgraceful, mean, mean- 
ly born, or descended, vulgar 

IgnObllitas, atis,/. ignobleness 

Ign5bffiter, adv. ignobly, meanly 

Ignomtnia, ae, f. ignominy, dis- 
grace, reproach, discredit 

Ignomfniatus, *a, um, part, dis- 
IgnomlniSse, adv. disgracefully 
Ignominiosus, a, um, adj. igno- 
minious, infamous, disgraceful 
Ignorabilis, e, adj. that is, or may 

easily be unknown 
Ignorandus, a, um, part, to be 

taken no notice of 
Ignorans, tis, part, not knowing, 

Ignoranter, adv. ignorantly 
Ignorantia, ae,/. ignorance 
Ignoratio, onis,/., the same 
Ignoraturus, a, um, part, about 

to be ignorant of 
Ignoratus, a, um, part, unknown 
Ignoro, are, a. not to know 
Ignoscendus, a, um, part, to be 

Ignoscens, tis, part, pardoning 
Ignoscentia, ae,/. pardon, forgive- 
Ignosco, £re, 6vi, otum, a. to 
pardon, to forgive, to excuse, 
to know [pardon 

Ignoturus, a, um, part, that will 
Ignotus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unknown, ig- 
lie, is, n. the flank [gut 

Ileos, or Ileus, ei, m. the small 
Ilex, Icis,/. the scarlet oak 
ilia, um, pi. n. the flank, the 

small gut 
Ilias, adis, /. the Iliad, a poem 
of Homer's on the destruction 
of Troy 
Illcet, adv. you may go when you 
list, the business is over, im- 
mediately, forthwith 
Ittcetum, i, n. a grove of oaks 
Ulceus, a, um, adj. of oak, or holm 
Iligneus, a, um, adj., and Tlignus, 

of holm 
Iliosus, a, um, adj. broken-winded 
Illabgfactus, a, um, part, never 

weakened, or made feeble 
Illabens, tis, part, sliding in, 

Illabor, i, psus sum, dep. to slide, 
flow, or glide in, to enter, to fall 
down [ed 

Illaboratus, a, um,;>ffrf.unlabour- 
Illaboro, are, a. to take pains 
Iliac, adv. on that side, that way, 

with, or for .that party 
Illac6rabilis, e, adj. that cannot 
be torn [voked 

Iliaces.sltus, a, um, part, unpro- 
Illachrymabilis, e, adj. not "to be 
moved with tears, unlamented 
Illachrfmandus, a, um, part. 

worthy to be lamented 
Illachrf mans, tis, part, lamenting 
Illachr^mo, are, re., and Illachi J- 
mor, ari, atus sum, dep. to weep 
over, to lament, or bewail, to 
shed tears 
Illaeslbllis, e, adj. not to be hurt 
Illaesus, a, um, adj. unhurt, un- 
injured, sound, uncorrupted 
Illsctabtlis, e, adj. sorrowful 
lllapsus, a, um, part, slidden in, 

falling upon 
lllapsus, us, m. a sliding in 
IHaqueatio, onis,/. an ensnaring 
lllaqueatus, a, um, part, en- 
tangled [bias 
Illaqueo, are, a. to entangle, to 
Illatebro, are, a. to hide in cor 

IllatebrSsus, a, tim, adj. full of 

corners, or lurking-plapes 
Illatgnus, adc. so far fort*. 

Illatio, Onis, /. an inference, an 

interment, are, n. to bark against 
Illaturus, a, um, part, about to 
briug in [inferred 

Hiatus, a, um, part, brought in, 
Illaudabilis, e, adj. unworthy of 

Illaudatus, a, um, part, not 
worthy to be praised, or named 
Hie, ilia, illud, pron. rel. he, she, 
that, one, some one, the one, 
the selfsame 
Illgcgbra, ae, f. an enticement, ot 
allurement, a charm, an entice! 
Iliecgbratio, onis,/. an alluring 
I116c£brator, oris, to. an enticer 
Illgcgbrose, adv. ius, comp. en- 
ticingly, alluringly 
Ille'ce'brosus, a, um, adj. full of 

enticements, allurements 
Illecto, are, a. to entice, to allure 
Illectus, a, um, part, enticed, 

Illectus, us, m. an allurement 
Illegitrme, adv, unlawfully 
Illegitlmus, a, um, adj. illegiti- 
mate, unlawful, base-born 
Illemet, pron. he, himself 
Illeplde, adv. unhandsomely, 

grossly, badly 
Illgpidus, a, um, adj. unhandsome, 

ungraceful, disagreeable 
Illex, egis, c. g. an outlaw 
Illex, Icis, adj. enticing, alluring 
Illex, or Illix, icis, /. an entice- 
ment, an allurement, a decoy 
1111, adv. for Illic, there 
Illlbabilis, e, adj. undefiled, pure 
DUbate, adv. purely 
Illibatus, a, um, adj. untouched, 

undefiled, pure 
IllibSralis, e, adj. illiberal, un- 
genteel, unbecoming, low, mean, 
Illibgralitas, atis, /. illiberally, 
niggardliness [meanly 

IllibSraliter, adv. illiberally, 
Illic, illa:c,illuc,/o>-Ille, ilia, illud 
llllc, adv. there, in that place 
Illiciendus, a, um, part, to be 

Illicio, fire, exi, ectum, a. to en- 
tice, to allure, to inveigle 
Illicitator, oris, to. one who bids 
at an auction to raise the price, 
a mock purchaser 
Illicite, adv. unlawfully 
Illicitus, a, um, adj. unlawful 
Illicium, i, n. an enticement 
Hlic6, adv. in that very place, 

there, immediately, forthwith 
Illldens, tis, part, dashing against 
Illldo, Inlido, 6re, si, sum, a. to 
dash, or beat against, to thrust 
Illigans, tis, part, tying, fastening 
Illtgatio, onis,/. an entangling 
Illlgaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Hligatus, a, um, part, bound, 
tied, fastened, entangled, en- 
gaged, obliged 
Illigo, are, a. to bind, to tie, to 

entangle, to intermix, to wrap 

Illrmis, e, adj. without mud, clear 

Illlnc, adv. from thence, from 

that place, thing, person, or 

party. Klnc illinc, on ever? 

side [anointed 

Illlnendus, a, um, part, to be 

Illtnio, ire, ivi, Itum, a. to anoint 

Illino, ?re, lini, livi, and levL 

litum, a. to anoint, or besmcHr 

to daub, to lay over, or coloiu- 

KM A. 

IJUqugfacio, ere, fici, actum, a. to 

Illiquefactus, a, urn, part, melted 
Tlllsus, a, um, part, dashed, or 

beaten against 
Illisus, us, m. a dashing against 
Mitgratus, a, um, adj. issimus, 

superl. illiterate, unlearned 
Mitus, a, um, part, besmeared, 

stained, dipt, tinctured, tainted 
Mitus, us, m. an anointing 
UliusmOdi, adj. indecl. of that 

1116, adv. thither, to that place 
MOcabllis, e, adj. that cannot be 

hired, let out, or bestowed in 

IllOtus, a, um, part, unwashed, 

slovenlv, nasty 
Illuc,/or"lllud, that thing 
Mile, adv. thither 
Illuceo, ere, xi, n. to shine upon, 

or out, to be day 
Illucesco, gre, incep., the same 
Illuctans, tis, part, struggling 
Illuctor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

wrestle, to struggle 
Mudens, Inludens, tis, part. 

mocking, deriding 
Illudo, ere, si, sum, a. to mock, to 

deride, to laugh, to scorn 
Illumen, inis, adj. void of light 
Illuminandus, a, um, part, to clear 

Illuminate, adv- clearly, plainly 
Muminatio, onis,/. an enlighten- 
ing [ener 
Illuminator, 6ris, m. an enlight- 
Muminatus, a, um, part, en- 
Illumino, are, a. to illuminate, to 

enlighten, to adorn, to set off 
Muminus, a, um, adj. without 

light, dark 
Munis, e, adj. moonless, dark 
Illunus, a, um, adj., the same 
Musio, onis, /. an illusion, a 

Illiisor, oris, m. amocker, a scoffer 
Mustramentum, i, n. an embel- 
Mustrandus, a, um, part, to be 

Illustrans, tis, part, illustrating 
Mustratio, 6nis,/. an illustration 
II lustratus, a, um, part .illustrated 
Mustris, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. illustrious, famous, 
noble,renowned,excellent, clear, 
bright, evident, plain 
Mnstrius, adv. comp. more 

Illustro, are, a. to illustrate, to 
enlighten, to make famous, 
plain, clear, or evident, to clear 
up, to ennoble 
Illusus, a, um, part, mocked, de- 
luded, deceived, fooled 
Mutibilis, e, adj. that cannot be 
washed clean [foul 

Mutus, a, um, part, unwashed, 
Muvies, ei,/. uncleanness, filthi- 

ness, nastiness, sluttisbness 
Illuviosus, a, um, adj. filthy, nasty 
Imaginarius, a, um, adj. imagi- 
nary, feigned, formal, done for 
Imaginatio, 6nis, /. an imagina- 
tion, a conceit, thought, design 
Imaginativus, a, um, adj. fantas- 
„ tical [ed 

Irnaginatus, a, um, part, fashion- 
hnagino, are, a. to represent, to 



Imaginor, Sri, atus sum, dep. to 
„ imagine, to conceive 
Imaginosus, a, um, adj. whimsical 
Imago, inis,/. an image, a statue, 
a picture, or portrait, a resem- 
blance, likeness, or represen- 
tation, a copy, pattern, or ex- 
ample, an appearance, a vision, 
a spectre, or ghost 
Imaguncula, a?,/, a little image 
Imbecillis, e. adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus and illlmus, superl. weak, 
feeble, faint, ineffectual 
Imbecillitas, atis, /. imbecility, 

weakness, feebleness 
Imbecilliter, adv. weakly, faintly 
Imbecillus, a, um, adj. feeble, lazy 
Imbellis, e, adj. ior, comp. unfit 
for war, not suited to war, free 
from war, unwarlike. 
Imber, bris, nt. a shower, rain, 

water, moisture, tears 
Imberbis, e, adj. beardless, 

Imbibo, fire, ibi, itum, a. to im- 
bibe, to drink, suck, or receive in 
Imbrex, icis, m. a gutter-tile, a 

Imbricatlm, adv. like roof-tiles 
Imbricatus, a, um, part, tiled, like 

tiles, crooked 
Imbrico, are, a. to cover with tiles 
Imbricus, a, um, adj. showery, 

Imbrifer, era, grum, adj. that 

brings rain, rainy 
Imbuendus, a, um, part, to be 
tinged, anointed, seasoned, fur- 
Imbuo, gre, ui, utum, a. to imbue, 
to tincture, to tinge, to stain, 
to die, to wet, to soak, or sea- 
son, to habituate, or accustom 
Imbutus, a, um, part, imbued, 
stained, dipped, soaked, sea- 
soned, accustomed, tainted, in- 
„ fecied 

Imitabilis, e, adj. imitable 
Imilamen, inis, n. an imitation 
Imitamentum, i, n. an imitation 
Imitandus, a, um, part, to be irai- 
„ tated [semblmg 

Imitans, tis, part, imitating, re- 
Imitatio, onis,/. an imitation 
Imitator, oris, m. an imitator 
Imitatvix, icis,/. she that imitates 
Imitaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Imitatus, a, um, part, imitating, 
resembling, imitated, counter- 
„ feited 

Imitor, ari, dep. to imitate, to re- 
semble, to counterfeit 
Immaculatus, a, um, adj. imma- 
Immadeo, ere, ui, n. to be wet, 
moist, or soaked [drously 

Immane, adv. mightily, won- 
Immanis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. cruel, outrageous, 
savage, wild, huge, prodigious 
Immanitas, atis, f. cruelty, un- 
reasonableness, insensibility 
Immaniter, adv. cruelly, mightily 
Immansuetus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. untract- 
able, unkind, cruel, savage, in- 
Immature, adv. ius, comp. unsea- 
sonably, out of season 
Irnmaturltas, atis, /. unripeness, 

Immaturus, a, um, adj. imma- 
ture, unripe, sour, unseason- 
able, abortive, too young, busty 


Immeans, tis, part, going In 
Immediate, adv. immediately 
Immedicabilis, e, adj. incurable 
Immeio, ere, minxi, mictum, a, 

to make water in, or upon 
Immgmor, Oris, adj. unmindful, 

forgetful, ungrateful 
ImmgmOrabilis, e, adj. not worth 
remembrance, or notice, unde- 
ImmgmOratus, a, um, adj. un- 

mentioned, never told before 
Immense, adv. immensely, vastly 
Immensitas, atis, /. immensity 
Immensus, a, um, adj. immense, 
vast, huge, very great, immea- 
surable, infinite 
Immeo, are, n. to go, or enter in 
Immerens, tis, adj. undeserving, 

Immerenter, adv. undeservedly 
Immergo, ere, si, sum, a. to ira- 
merge, to sink deep, to plunge, 
to empty 
Immerito, adv. issime, superl. un- 
deservedly, without cause 
Immeritum, i, n. a want of desert 
Immgritus, a, um, adj. unde- 
served, undeserving 
Immersabilis, e, adj. that cannot 

be plunged, or drowned 
Immerso, are, a. to plunge in 

Immersus, a, um, part, plunged, 

dipt over head and ears 
Immetatus, a, um, adj. unmea- 
sured, unlimited 
Immigratio, onis, /. a shifting, or 

entering into a place 
Immigro, are, n. to pass, enter, or 

come into 
Imminens, tis,part. hanging over, 
near at hand, near, ready to 
come upon us, approaching, 
awaiting, watching for 
Imminentia, ae,/. a hanging over 
Immineo, ere, ui, n. to hang over, 
to impend, to be near, or at 
hand, to await, to threaten, to 
watch, or lie in wait for, to 
have a design upon 
Imminuo, gre, ui, utum, a. to di- 
minish, abate, or cut off, to 
Imminutio, Onis,/. a diminution 
Imminutus, a, um, part, dimi- 
nished, lessened 
Immiscens, tis, part, mingling 
Immisceo, ere, scui, stum, a. to 
mix, or mingle, to join with, or to 
Immlsgrabilis, e, adj. unpitied 
Immiserabiliter, adv. without pit y 
Immisericordia, ae, /. unmerci- 
fulness, hardheartedness, cru- 
elty [fully 
Immlsgricorditgr, adv. nnmerci- 
InmiIs6ricors, dis, adj. unmerciful 
Immissarium, i, n. a cistern, a 
cooler [grafting 
Immissio, Onis, /. a setting, or 
Immissus, a, um, part, sent, or 
let in, sent, hurled, cast, ram- 
med, or thrust in 
Immistus, a, um, or Immixtus. 
part, mixed, or mingled, un 
Immitis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, tuperl. merciless, cruel, 
sour, crabbed, rough, boister- 
ous, unripe 
Immittendus, a, um, part, to be 

Immitto, 6re, mtsi, issum, a. to 
send, or let in, to admit into, 
to send forth, or out, to send 


Iramixtus, a, um, part, mingled 

Immo, conj. yea 
Immobllis, e, adj. ior, comp. un- 

nioveable, stedfast 
Immobilltas, atis, /. fixedness 
Immobilitfer, adv. unmoveably 
Immoderate, adv. ius, comp. issl- 
me, superl. immoderately, in- 
ImmSdferatio, onis,/. excess 
ImmOdferatus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. immode- 
rate, extravagant, unreason- 
Immodeste, adv. immodestly 
Immodestia, re,/, immodesty, li- 
centiousness, ill-behaviour, dis- 
ImmOdestus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
immodest, unmannerly, saucy, 
Immddlcfe, adv. immoderately, ex- 
cessively, impatiently 
ImmOdlcus, a, um, adj. immode- 
rate, intemperate, excessive, 
violent, unbounded 
Immftdulate, adv. untunably 
Immddcdatus, a, um, part, ill- 
tuned, harsh [sacrificed 
Immftlandus, a, um, part, to be 
Imm61ans, tis, part, sacrificing 
ImmOlatio, onis,/. a sacrificing 
Immolator, oris, m. a sacrificer 
ImmOlaturus, a, um, part, about 

to offer a sacrifice 
ImmOlatus, a, um, part, sacrificed, 

killed, slain 
Immolior, iri, dep. not to build 
Immolitus, a, um, part, unbuilt 
Immolo, are, a. to sacrifice, to kill 
Immorior, i, ortuus, dep. to die in, 
' upon, or at, to stick close to 
ImmSror, ari, dep. to dwell, or 

insist upon, to abide 
Iramorsus, a, um, part, bitten into 
Immorsus, us, m. a biting into 
Immortalfe, adv. immortally 
Immortalis, e, adj. immortal, 

Immortalltas, atis, /. immortality 
Immortaliter, adv. immortally 
Immortuus, a, um, part, dead, 

Immotus, a, um, adj. unmoved, 

fixed, constant 
Immugio, Ire, Ivi, or ii, Itum, n. 

to bellow, to roar, to ring 
Immulgens, tis, part, milking in 
Immulgeo, ere, si, or xi, sum, or 

ctum, a. to milk, or milk in 
Immundltia, ae, /. uncleanness, 

Immundities, Si,/, the same 
Immundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unclean, filthy 
Iremunificus, a, um, adj. nig- 
Immunis, e, adj. exempt, or free 

from, free, innocent 

Immunltas, atis, /. immunity, 

freedom [titled 

Immunitus, a, um, part, unfor- 

Immurmuro, are, n. to murmur, 

Immutabtlis, e, adj. immu- 
table, unchangeable, constant, 
changed [bility 

Immutabllitas, atis, /. immuta- 
Immutabilitfer, adv. immutably 
Immutatio, onis,/. a cbange 
Immutatus, a, um, part, changed, 
altered [mute 

Immutesco, fere, incep. to become 
Immutio, ire, n. to grumble 


Immtlto, are, a. to change, or 

Im6, conj. yes, yea, nay, nay ra- 
ther, yea rather, yea but 

Impacatus, a, um, adj. restless 

Impactio, onis, /. a dashing to- 

Impactus, a, um, part, dashed, 
or driven against, driven, thrust 
into [tail 

Impages, is, /. a tenon, a dove- 

Impalleo, ere, ui, n. to grow pale 

Impallesco, fere, incep. to grow 

Impar, aris, adj. odd, not even, 
unequal, not a match 

Imparatus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unprepared, un- 
provided, unfurnished 

Impariter, adv. unequally, oddly 

Impasco, fere, pavi, pastum, a. to 
feed within, to feed 

Impasslbllis, e, adj. that cannot 
suffer [lity 

Impasslbffltas, atis, /. impassibi- 

Impastus, a, um, part, unfed, 

Impatlbilis, e, adj. intolerable 

Impatiens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. impatient, not able 
to bear, or endure 

Impatientfer, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
mfe, superl. impatiently, hardly 

Impatientia, ae, /. impatience, an 
inability to bear 

Impavide, adv. undauntedly 

Impavidus, a, um, ad?', undaunted, 

Impeccabilis, e, adj. impeccable 

Impfedandus, a, um, part, to be 

Impfedatio, 6nis,/. a propping up 

Impfedatus, a, um, part, propped 
up [hindered 

Impfediendus, a, um, part, to be 

Impfediens, tis, part, hindering, 
stopping, fastening, tying 

Impedimenta, drum, pi. n. bag- 

Impfedimentum, i, n. an impedi- 
ment, a hindrance, an obstacle 

Impfedio, ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to im- 
pede, to hinder, to obstruct, to 
curb, to restrain 

Impfedltio, 6nis,/. a hindering, a 

Impfedlto, are, a. to hinder 

Impfedltus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. hin- 
dered, entangled, fettered, un- 

Impfedo, are, a. to underprop 

Impellendus, a, um, part, to be 
thrust [thrusting 

Impellens, tis, part, driving, 

Impello, fere, puli, pulsum, a. to 
drive, thrust, or push forward 

Impendendus, a, um, part, to be 

Impendens, tis, part, impending, 
hanging over, near at hand 

Impendeo, ere, di, n. to hang 
over, to threaten, to be near at 
hand [much 

Impendi6, adv. beyond measure, 

Impendiosus, a, um, adj. too 

Impendium, i, n. expense, cost, 
charge, use of money, interest 

Impendo, fere, di, sum, a. to spend, 
to lay out, to bestow, to employ 

Impfenfetrabflis, e, adj. impenetra- 
ble, not to be pierced, or over- 

Impennis, e, adj. unfledged 


Impensa, ae, /. expense, costt 

lmpensfe, adv. ius, comp. isslmfe, 
superl. at great expense, eagerly, 
very much [bestow 

Impensurus, a, um, part, about to 
Impensus, a, um, part, expended, 
spent, laid out, bestowed, em- 
ployed, unweighed, unpaid 
Impferandus, a, um, part, to be 

Impferaus, tis, part, commanding 
Imperativus, a, um, adj. impera 

Impferator, 6ris, m. a commander, 
a general, a captain, a head, or 
chief [mand 

Impferatorife, adv. by way of com- 
Imperatorius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to a commander 
Impferatrix, Icis,/. an empress, a 
mistress [order 

Impferatum, i, «. a command, an 
Impferaturus, a, um, part, about 

to command 
Imperatus, a, um, part, com- 
manded, ordered, enjoined 
Iraperceptus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. that cannot be perceived, 
or understood 
Imperco, fere, a. not to spare, to 
deal gently with [daunted 

Imperculsus, a, um, part, un- 
Impercussus, a, um, part, un- 
stricken [stroyed 

Imperditus, a, um, part, unde- 
Imperfecte, adv. imperfectly 
Imperfectio, onis,/. an imperfec- 
Imperfectus, a, um, adj. imper- 
fect, unfinished, undigested 
Imperfossus, a, um, part, un- 

gored, not hurt 
Impferialis, e, adj. imperial 
Impferiose, adv. imperiously 
Impferiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. imperious, 
haughty, lordly, domineering, 
boisterous, rough, harsh 
Imperitans, tis, part, command- 
Impferftfe, adv. issime, superl. un- 
skilfully, foolishly 
Impferltia, ae, /. ignorance 
Impferlto, are,/reg. to command, 

order, or govern 
Impferltus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unskilful, igno- 
rant, simple, unskilled 
Impferium, i, n. a command, 
power, authority, rule, govern- 
ment, jurisdiction 
Imperjuratus, a, um, adj. and 

part, never falsely sworn by 
Impermissus, a, um, adj. not per- 
mitted, unlawful 
Impfero, are, a. to command, to 
order, to enjoin, to enact, to 
rule over, to reign [petual 

Imperpfetuus, a, um, adj. not per- 
Impersonalis, e, adj. impersonal 
Impersplcax, acis, adj. not fore- 
seeing [evident 
Impersplcuus, a, um, adj. not 
Imperterrltus, a, um, part, un- 
daunted [imparted 
Impertiendus, a, um, part, to be 
Impertiens, tis, part, imparting 
Impertlnens, tis, adj. impertinent 
Impertio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to im- 
part, to communicate, to be- 
stow, to employ, to tell, to ac- 
quaint, to salute 
Impertior, iri, itus sum, dep. tkt 


[mpertitus, a, urn, part, having 

imparted, &c. 
Imperturbatus, a, um, part, un- 
disturbed, calm 
Impervius, a, um, adj. unpassable 
Impgtens, tis, part, attacking 
Impgtibllis, e, adj. not to be 
reached, assailable, intolerable 
Impetigo, Inis, /. a ringworm, a 
tetter [tack 

Impgto, ere, a. to invade, to at- 
ImpStrabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 
that may be easily obtained, 
that can easily obtain 
Impgtrandus, a, um, part, to be 

obtained, or gotten 
Impgtratio, 6nis,/. an obtaining 

by request 
ImpStraturus, a, um, part, about 

to obtain, or get 
Impgtratus, a, um, part, obtained 
by request [ratify 

Impe'trio, ire, a. to obtain, to 
Impgtiitus, a, um, part, obtained 
Impgtro, are, a. to obtain, to 

get, to finish, or perfect 
Impgtuose, adv. violently 
Impgtuosus, a, um, adj. impe- 
Impgtus, us, m. an attack, an 
assault, an onset, a shock, an 
effort, force, violence, impe- 
tuosity, a passion 
Impexus, a, um, part, uncombed, 

untrimmed, rough, rugged 
Impiamentum, i, n. a defilement 
lmpiatus, a, um, part, unatoned, 
defiled [over 

Implcatus, a, um, part, pitched 
Impico, are, a. to pitch over 
Impie, adv. impiously, profanely, 
wickedly . [edness 

Impietas, atis, /. impiety, wick- 
Impiger, gra, grum, adj. active, 

quick, diligent, courageous 
Impigre, adv. quickly, diligently 
Impigritas, atis,/. quickness, dili- 
gence [socks 
Impilia, orum, pi. n. woollen 
Impingo, ere, egi, actum, a. to 
dash against, to run aground, 
to stumble, to put, clap 
Impio, are, a. to profane, to 

Impius, a, um, adj. impious, un- 
godly, irreligious, profane, 
wicked, undutiful, unnatural, 
Implacabilis, e, adj. implacable 
ImplacabUitas, atis,/.implacable- 

Implacabiliter, adv. implacably 
Implacatus, a, um, part, insati- 
Implacidus, a, um, adj. issimus, 

superl. ungentle, obstinate 
Implendus, a, um, part, to be 

Implens, tis, part, filling 
Impleo, ere, evi, etum, a. to fill, 
to fill up, to complete, to fulfil, 
to perform, to accomplish, to sa- 
tisfy, content, or please, to fat- 
ten [fill 
Impleturus, a, um, part, about to 
Impetus, a, um, part, filled up 
Implexus, a, um, part, inter- 
woven, plaited, twisted, folded 
Implexus, us, m. an intwining 
Implicandus, a, um, part, to be 

Implicans, tis, part, wrapping 
Impllcatio, onis, /. an entangle- 
ment, a perplexity- 
Implicate, adv. intricately 


Impllcatus, a, um, part, issimus, 
superl. infolded, entangled, in- 
volved, tied, implied, understood 

Impllciscor, sci, dep. to become 
confused, or disordered 

Impllclte, adv. implicitly, ob- 

Impllclto, are, a. to interweave 

Implicit urus, a, um, part, that 
will braid, or trim up 

Impllcltus, a, um, part, and adj. 
wreathed, entangled, intricate, 

Implico, are, avi and ui, atum and 
Itum, a. to infold, to entangle, 
to fold, or clasp, to surround, to 
tie, to interweave, to intermix, 
to involve 

Implorabllis, e, adj. obtained by 

Implorans, tis, part, imploring 

Imploratio, onis, /. an imploring 

Imploraturus, a, um, part, about 
to implore, or request 

Imploratus, a, um, part, implor- 
ed, invoked 

Imploro, are, a. to implore, to 
beg, to beseech, to entreat, to 
invoke [lead 

Implumbo, are, a. to solder with 

Implumis, e, adj. unfledged, cal- 
low, without feathers, or hair 

Impluo, 6re, ui, iitum, n. to rain 
upon, to rain, to light 

Impliitus, a, um, part, rained 

Impluvia, ee, /. a cloak worn in 
the rain [rain 

Impluviatus, a, um, adj. wet with 

Impliivium, i, n. a gutter for 
water, a court-vard where rain 

Impoenitens, tis, adj. impenitent 

ImpSlite, adv. unpolitely, rudely 

ImpSlitia, ze, /. impoliteness, 

ImpOlitus, a, \xm,part . unpolished, 
unpolite, rude, homely, coarse 

Impollutus, a, um, part, undefiled 

Imponendus, a, um, part, to be 
imposed on 

Imponens, tis, part, imposing 

Impono, fire, sui, situm, a. to im- 
pose, to put, set, or lay upon, to 
set over, to assign 

Importandus, a, um, part, to im- 
port, or be imported 

Importatus, a, um,parf. imported 

Importo, are, a. to import, to 
bring in 

Importune, adv. ius, comp. issl- 
me, superl. importunately, un- 

Importunltas, atis, /. importunity, 
unseasonableness, outrageous- 

Importiinus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. importunate, 
urgent, clamorous, outrageous, 
cruel, troublesome, unreason- 

ImportuOsus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. without port, or haven 

Impos, 6tis, adj. unable to com- 
mand, weak 

Imp6sItio, 6nis,/. an imposition 

Imp6sltltius, a, um, adj. imposed, 

Irap6sltlvus, a, um, adj. imposed 

ImpOsiturus, a, um, part, about 
to impose, or put on, about to 

ImpSsitus, a, um, part, and Im- 
p6stus, imposed, put, set, or 
laid upon, put, set over 


ImpSsItus, us, m. same as Im- 

Imposslbllis, e, adj. impossible 
Impossibilitas, atis,/. an impos- 
Impostor, 6ris, m. an impostor 
Impostura, ae, /. an imposture, a 

Impotens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. impotent, weak, 
feeble, unable to govern, or 
moderate oneself, wild, unruly, 
ImpOtenter, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. impotently, weakly, 
wildly, obstinately, wilfully 
Imp6tentia, se, /. impotence, 
weakness - , want of power, in- 
activity, insolence 
Impraemedltat6, adv. without 

Impraesentiarum, adv. at present, 

at this time, for the present 
Impransus, a, um, parr. not dined, 
fasting [tion 

Imprgcatio, onis, /. an impreca- 
Imprgcor, ari, dep. to wish evil, to 
curse, to wish well, to pray for 
Impresse, adv. forcibly, carefully 
Impressio, onis, /. an impression, 
an assault, attack, or onset, ut- 
Impressor, oris, m. a printer 
Impressus, a, um, part, engraven, 

marked, made, unmilked 
Imprimens, tis, part, imprinting 
Imprimis, adv. in the first place, 

chiefly, especially 
Imprlrao, Sre, pressi, ssum, a. to 
imprint, to impress, to thrust, 
w stick 
ImprObabilis, e, adj. improbable 
ImprSbandus, a, um, part, dis- 
Iniprobans, tis, part, disallowing 
Impr&batio, onis,/. a disallowing 
ImprSbaturus, a, um, part, that 

will disapprove 
ImprObatus, a, um, part, dis- 
allowed, rejected 
Irnprobe, adv. ius, comp. isstme, 
superl. dishonestly, wickedly, 
badly, audaciously, eagerly 
Impr&bltas, atis,/. dishonesty, in- 
justice, unjust violence 
Impr6bo, are, a. to disallow, dis- 
approve, to reject, to condemn 
Impr5bulus, a, um, adj. waggish 
Impr6bus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. dishonest, un- 
just, knavish, wicked, bad, base, 
infamous, audacious 
Improcerus, a, um, adj. low, little 
ImprOfessus, a, um, adj. concealed 
Impromptus, a, um, adj. not 

ready, slow 
ImprSperatus, a, um, adj. slow 
ImprSperium, i, n. a reproach, 

ImprOpgro, are, a. to make haste, 
to go, to go slowly, to reproach 
ImprOpgrus, a, um, adj. slow 
Improprie, adv. improperly, un- 
ImpropriStas, atis,/. impropriety 
Improprius, a, um, adj. improper, 

Improsper, a, um, adj. unprospe- 

rous, unfortunate, indifferent 
ImprospSre, adv. unsuccessfully 
Improvide, adv. improvidently 
Improvidentia, se,/. improvidenc* 
Improvidus, a, um, adj. improvi- 
dent, careless, not foreseeing, 




ImprOvisO and Improvise, adv. 

unexpectedly, on a sudden 
Improvisus, a, urn, adj. ior, comp. 
unforeseen, unexpected, un- 
looked for 
Imprudens, tis, adj. ior, comp. 
I issimus, superl. imprudent, un- 
wise, unwary, foolish, unadvised, 
I unskilful 

Imprudenter, adv. ius, comp. im- 
, prudently, unwisely, unwarily, 
Imprudentia, te,f. imprudence, a 

want of care, unskilfulness 
Impuber, or Impiibes, 6ris, adj. 

unripe of age, youthful 
Impubis, e, adj. the same 
' Impubesco, ere, incep. to grow of 

i Impudens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. impudent, brazen- 
faced, bold 
Impudenter, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, super!, impudently, boldly, 
i shamelessly 

1 Impudentia, ae, /. impudence 
I Impudlcatus, a, um, part, de- 
Impudice, adv. issime, superl. un- 

chastely, immodestly 
ImpMlcItia, se, /. unchasteness, 
I immodesty, lewdness, obscenity 
I Impudicus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unchaste, im- 
modest, wanton 
I Impugnandus, a, um, part, to 
light, or be fought against 
Impugnans, tis, part, fighting 
against [against, 

Impugnatio, 6nis, /. a fighting 
Impugnatus, a, um, part, fought 
' against, attacked 
: Impugno, are, a. to fight against, 
to attack, to oppose, to thwart, 
or cross, to drive away 
Impulsio, onis, /. a forcible mov- 
ing, force, a motion, or passion 
of the mind, persuasion 
J Impulsor, oris, m. a pusher on, 
an instigator, a promoter 
Impulsus, a, um, part, driven, 
forced, thrown, sent, shot, 
beaten, shaken, incited, en- 
Impulsus, us, ret. an impulse, a 
motion, an instigation, or per- 
suasion, an attack, a conflict 
Irapulvgreus, a, um, adj. without 
dust, or much trouble 
I Impunctus, a, um, part, pounced, 

pricked in 

I Impune, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

'superl. with impunity, or safety, 

without punishment, hurt, loss 

I Impunitas, atis, /. impunity, 

1 Impunlte, adv. with impunity 
! Impunitus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
Impuratus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. impure, defiled, nasty, 
shabby, villanous 
Impure, adv. issime, superl. im- 
purely, filthily, lewdly, shame- 
Impuritas, atis,/. impurity 
Impuritiae, arum, pl.f. impurities, 

Impurus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. impure, unclean, filthy, 
nasty, dirty, lewd [imputed 
ImpUtandus, a, um, part, to be 
Imputans, tis, part, imputing 
Imputator, oris, m. one that im- 


Imputatus, a, um, part, imputed, 

Impiito, are, a. to impute, to 
ascribe, to charge, to lay the 
fault, to cess, to account, or 
Imputresco, 6re, incep. to rot 
Imulus, a, um, adj. a little towards 

the bottom 
tmus, a, um, adj. lowest, lower- 
most, deepest, innermost, re- 
In, prep, into, in, to, against, for, 
until, after, according to, to- 
wards, over, through, upon, 
in, within, at, among, with, 
„ before 

Inabruptus, a, um, part, unbroken 
inabsOlutus, a, um, part, imper- 
„ feet [fire 

Inaccensus, a, um, part, not set on 
Inaccessus, a, um, adj. inaccessi- 
. ble 
Inaceo, ere, n. and Inacesco, fire, 

to be tart, or sharp, to prick 
lnadulabilis, e, adj. not to be 

Tnadustus, a, um, part, unburnt, 

unsinged, uninjured 
In», arum, pi. /. fibres 
Insedlf icatus, a, um, part, built 
„ upon, unbuilt 

Inaedif Ico, are, a. to build, to pull 
„ down that which is built 
Inaequabllis, e, adj. unequal, un- 
u even 

Inaequabiliter, adv. unequally 
Inaequalis, e, adj. issimus, superl. 

unequal, uneven, odd, unlike 
lnaequalitas, atis,/. inequality 
Inaequaliter, adv. unequally 
Inasquatus, a, um, part, made 
u equal [level 

Inaequo, are, a. to make even, to 
Inestimabllis, e, adj. inestimable 
Inaestuo, are, n. to boil up, to 
u chafe 

Inaeternum, adv. for ever 
Inaffectatus, a, um, part, unaf- 
Inagitabllis, e, adj. unmoveable 
Inagitatus, a, um, part, unmoved 
Inalbesco, gre, incep. to grow 
white [cold 

Inalgesco, fire, incep. to become 
Inamabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. un- 

amiable, unpleasant, dismal 
Inamaresco, 6re, incep. to grow 
„ bitter 

Inamatus, a, um, part, unloved 
Inambitiosus, a, um, adj. not 

ambitious, homely 
Inambulans, tis, part, walking up 
u and down 

Inambulatio, Onis, /. a walking 
up and dowD, a walk [fro 

Inambulo, are, n. to walk to and 
Inamoenus, a, um, adj. unpleasant 
Inane, is, n. a void place, the sky, 
u emptiness, vanity [empty 

Inanesco, fire, incep. to become 
lnaniae, arum, pl.f. emptinesses, 
„ filth 

InanilOquus, a, um, adj. babbling 
Inanimalis, e, adj. void of life 
Inanimans, tis, part, inanimate 
Inantmatus, a, um, part, inani- 
„ mate, lifeless 

Inanimus, a, um, adj. inanimate 
Inanio, ire, a. to empty 
lnanis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. empty, void, destitute, 
unloaded, vain, frivolous, slight 
Inanitas, atis,/. emptiness, vanity, 

lnaniter, adv. in vain, vainly 
inanitus, a, um, part, emptied 
Inapertus, a, um, part, not open, 
„ not liable [tilled 

Inarandus, a, um, part, to be 
Inaratus, a, um, part, unfilled 
Inardeo, ere, si, n. or Inardesco, 
„ 6re, to burn, to be on fire 
Inardescens, tis, part, growing 
„ hot 

Inargfactus, a, um, part, made 
„ dry, dried 

Tnareo, ere, ui, n. to grow dry 
Inarescens, tis, part, growing dry 
Inaresco, 6re, ui, incep. to dry up, 

to dry 
Inargentatus, a, um, adj. covered 
„ with silver 
Inargute, adv. simply 
Inargutus, a, um, adj. simple, 
u witless, dull, heavy 
Inaro, are, a. to plough, till, or 

Inartificialis, e, adj. inartificial, 
„ artless 

Inartif Icialiter, adv. without art 
Inascensus, a, um, part, that can- 
not be climbed up, or reached 
„ unto 

Inascensus, us, m. an ascent 
Tnaspectus, a, um,part. unseen 
Inaspicuus, a, um, adj. invisible 
Inassatus, a, um, part, well 
u roasted 

Inassuetus, a, um, part, unac- 
customed, unusual 
Inattente, adv. inconsiderately 
tnattenuatus, a, um, part, un- 
wasted [ful 

Tnaudax, acis, adj. cowardly, fear- 
Inaudio, ire, ivi, Itum, a. to hear 
„ by report 

Inauditus, a, um, part, unheard, 
unheard of, strange, incredible, 
u untried 

Inaugiiians, tis, part, guessing at 
Inauguratio, onis, /. an iuaugu- 
u ration 

Inaugiirat6, adv. luckily 
Inauguratus, a, um, part, conse- 
M crated 

Inauguro, are, a. to divine, to 
guess at, to dedicate, or conse 
u crate 

Inaurator, Oris, m. a gilder 
Inauratus, a, um, part, gilt, or 
u overlaid with gold, ungilt 
Inauris, is,/, an ear-ring 
Inauritus, a, um, adj. without ears 
Inauro, are, a. to gild with gold 
InauspicatO, adv. unluckily 
Inauspicatus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. unfortunate, unlucky 
Inausus, a, um, part, unattempted 
Incaeduus, a, um, adj. not lop- 
ped, or cut 
Incalescens, tis, part, growing hot 
Incalesco, 6re, ui, n. to grow hot, 
to be warm, to be warmed, to 
be earnest 
Incalfacio, ere, feci, a. to heat 
Incalllde, adv. simply, artlessly 
Incallidus, a, 'um, adj. ior, comp. 

simple, plain, artless 
Incandesco, 6re, ui, incep. to grow 

very hot, to be inflamed 
Incanesco, fire, ui, incep. to grow 

hoary, or whiteheaded 
Incantamentum, i, re. a charm 
Iucantator, Oris, m. an enchanter 
Incantatus, a, um, part, en- 
chanted [charm 
Incanto, are, a. to enchant, to 
Incanus, a, um, adj. hoary, white 
Incapax, acis, adj. incapable 




Incapistro, 6v% fire, a. to halter, 
muzzle, entangle [ment 

Incarcfiramentum, i, n. imprison- 
Incarceratio, 6nis,/. an imprison- 
IncarcSro, are, a. to imprison 
Incarnatio, onis, /. incarnation 
Incarno, are, a. to incarnate, to 

bring flesh 
Incassum, adv. in vain, amiss 
Incaste, adv. unchastely 
Incastlgatus, a, am, part, not 

■*castro, are, a. to imprison, to 

put in the stocks 
lncastus, a, um, adj. unchaste 
Incasurus, a, um, part, that may 
happen [low 

IncaVvatus, a, um, part, made hoi 
Incavo, are, a. to make hollow 
Incaustum, i, n. ink 
Incaute, adv. ius, comp. unwarily 
Incautus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

unwary, heedless, unadvised 
Incedens, tis, part, walking 
Incedo, ere, essi, essum, n. to go, 

to walk, to march, to come 
Incelebratus, a, um, part, not 
celebrated, not spoken of, un- 
Incelebris, e, adj. not famous, 

Incendendus, a, um, part, to be 

Incendiarius, i, m. an incendiary 
Incendium, i, n. a fire, a flame, a 

vehemence of any passion 
Incendo, ere, di, sum, a. to burn, 
to burn up, to set on fire, to 
inflame, to provoke, to vex 
Incense, adv. earnestly 
Incensio, onis,/. a burning, a set- 
ting on fire 
Incensor, oris, m. a Srer of houses 
Incensum, i, n. frankincense 
Incensurus, a, um, part, about 

to burn 
Incensus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. burnt, fired, set on 
fire, inflamed, incensed, enraged 
Incentivum, i, n. an incentive 
Incentlvus, a, um, adv. incentive, 
provoking, stirring up, begin- 
ning [a beginner 
Incentor, 6ris, m. an incendiary, 
Inceptio, onis,/. a beginning 
Inceptlvus, a, um, adj. inceptive 
Incepto, are, a. to begin, to take 

in hand, to enterprise 
Inceptor, oris, m. a beginner, 
Inceptum, i, n. a beginning, an 
undertaking, an attempt, a de- 
sign [begin 
Incepturus, a, um, part, about to 
Inceptus, a, um, part, begun 
Inceptus, us, m. an undertaking 
Inceramentum, i, n. a waxing over 
Inceratus, a, um, part, cered, 
waxed over [sieve 
Incerniculum, i, n. a searce, a 
Incerno, fire, crevi, cretum, a. to 

sift, to searce, to separate 
[ncero, are, a. to cover with wax 
Incerte, adv. uncertainly, doubt- 
Incertftfido, 1ms, f. uncertainty 
Incert6, adv. uncertainly, not 


Incertum, i, n. uncertainty, doubt 

Incertus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

isstmus, superl. uncertain, 

doubtful, inconstant, wavering 

Incessans, tis, part, assaulting, 

Inceesanter, r.Ji\ incessantly 

Incessens, tis, part, assaulting, 

Incesso, fire, ssi, or sslvi, ltum, a. 
to attack, assault, ov set upon, 
to provoke, vex 

Incessus, us, m. a gait, a walk, a 
march, a step, a pace, a pass, or 
defile [chastely 

Inceste, adv. incestuously, un- 

Incestificus, a, um, adj. inces- 

Incesto, are, a. to defile by incest, 
to pollute, to abuse 

Incestum, i, n. incest [ous 

Incestuosus, a, um, adj. incestu- 

Incestus, a, um, adj. incestuous, 
adulterous, unchaste, filthy 

Incestus, 6s, m. incest 

Inchoandus, a, um, part, to begin, 
or to be begun 

Inchoans, tis, part, beginning 

Inchoativus, a, um, adj. inceptive 

Inchoaturus, a, um, adj. about to 

Inchoatus, a, um, part, begun 

Inchoo, are, a. to begin, to per- 

Incidendu*, a, um. part, to be cut 

Incldens, tis, part, cutting, en- 

Incidents, tis, part, falling into, 

Incido, fire, idi, casum, n. to fall 
into, in, upon, or out, to fall, to 
meet with, to befal 

Incido, ere, idi, Isum, a. to cut, to 
cut short, to shorten, to clip, to 
pare, to chip, to engrave, to 
write, to make an end of, to 
leave off 

Inciduus, a, um, adj. not lawful 
to be cut [nant 

Inciens, tis, adj. very big, preg- 

Inclle, is, n. a watercourse, a 
trench [&c. 

Incilis, e, adj. of gutters, ditches, 

Incilo, are, a. to reprove, to blame 

Incinctus, a, um, part, girt, envi- 

Incingo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to gird, 
to surround, to environ, to com- 

Incino, ere, ui, entum, a. to sing, 
to play on instruments 

Incipiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Incipiens, tis, part, beginning 

Incipio, fire, cepi, ceptum, a. to 
begin, to undertake, to attempt 

Inclpisso, fire, a. to begin 

Incircumclsus, a, um, part, un- 

Incircumscriptus, a, um, part. 

Incise, adv. concisely, piecemeal 

Incisim, adv. the same 

Inclsio, onis, /. an incision, a 
notching, a pointing 

Incisum, i, n. a comma 

Incisura, ae./. a cut, a gash, a line 

Incisus, a, um, part, cut, carved, 
graven, jagged, cut off 

Incisus, us, m. same as Incisio 

IncTta, ae, /. an extremity, the 
farthest bound 

Incltamentum, i, n. an incite- 
ment, motive 

Incltandus, a, um, part, to incite, 
or be incited 

Incltate, adv. ius, comp. hastily 

Incitatio, 6nis, /. a stirring up, 
an emotion, an encouragement, 

Incltaturus, a, um, part, about 
to fecit? 

Incltatus, a, um, part, ior, comp- 
issimus, superl. incited, stirred 
up, set forward, hastened 
Incltatus, us, m. a stirring up 
Inclto, are, a. to incite, to stir up, 
to excite, to move, to hasten, to 
spur on 
Incitus, a, um, part, stirred, 
moved, hasty, speedy, quick, 
that cannot be moved, gone as 
far as may be 
Incitus, us, m. motion 
Inclvilis, e, adj. uncivil, arbitrary 
Incivlliter, adv. ius, comp. un- 
Inclamans, tis, part, calling upon 
Inclamatus, a, um, part, called 

Inclamo, are, n. to call upon, to 
cry out to, to chide, scold, or 
rail at 
Inclareo, ere, ui, n. and Incla- 
resco, ere, ui, to grow famous, 
to get reputation [famous 

Inclaresco, rui, cere, a. to become 
Inclemens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus, superl. unkind, harsh, 
churlish, rigorous 
Inclementer, adv. ius, comp. un- 
kindly, harshly, unmercifully 
Inclementia, ae, /. inclemency, 
unkindness, sharpness, rigour, 
Inclinabilis, e, adj. inclinable 
Inclinandus, a, um, part, to be 

Incllnans, tis, part, inclining 
Incllnatio, onis, /. an inclination, 
a bias, a disposition, a change, 
or alteration [clinc 

Incllnaturus, a, um, part, to iu- 
Inclinatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. inclined, disposed, 
bowed, bent, turned, declining 
Inclinatus, us, m. a declining 
Inclinis, e, adj. stooping, unbent 
Incllno, are, a. to incline, to 
bend, or bow down, to change, 
or turn, to lessen, impair, or 
debase, to lay 
Includendus, a, um, part, to be 

Includo, Sre, usi, iisum, a. to in- 
clude, to inclose, to shut up, 
to hinder 
Inclusio, onis,/. a shutting in, an 

inclosing, an imprisonment 
Inclusus, a, um, part, included, 
contained, inclosed, shut up, 
Inclytus, a, um, adj., isstmus, 
superl. famous, noble, excellent, 
of great renown 
Incoactus, a, um, part, uncon- 
strained, voluntary [&c. 
Incoctilis, e, adj. tinned, leaded, 
Incoctus, a, um, part, and adj. 
sodden, boiled, baked, sun- 
burnt, soaked, seasoned, un- 
Inccenans, tis, part, supping 
Inccenatus, a, urn, part, supperless 
Inccenis, e, adj. supperless 
Incceno, are, n. to sup, or be at 

Incogltabilis, e, adj. thoughtless 
Incogitans, tis, part, inconside- 
rate, rash [ness 
Incogttantia, ae, /. inconsiderate. 
IncOgltatus, a, um, part, never 
contrived before, inconsiderate, 
thoughtless [think 
Incogito, are, n. to contrive, to 
Incognttus, a, nvn, part, unknown, 
unheard, untried at law, stranga 




IncOla, ae, c. jr. an inhabitant 

IncOlendus, a, um, part, to in- 
habit, or be inhabited 

IncOlens, tis, part, inhabiting 

IncOlo, ere, ui, cultum, a. to in- 
habit, dwell, continue, or abide 

Incolorate, adv. without pretence 

Inc6lumis, e, adj. safe, sound, un- 
hurt, whole, entire 

IncOlumltas, atis, /. safety, pre- 
servation, soundness 

Incomis, e, adj. rude, churlish 

IncOmltatus, a um-, part, unac- 
companied, unattended, alone 

Incomlter, adv. rudely 

Incommeabilis, e, adj. unpassable 

Incommendatus, a, um, part, un- 
commended, unpraised 

Incommodatio, onis, /. an incom- 

Incommode, adv. ius, comp. issl- 
me, superl. incommodiously, in- 
conveniently, unsuitably, scur- 

IncommOdltas, atis, /. inconve- 
nience, unseasonableness, dis- 

Incommodo, are, a. to incom- 
mode, to cross 

IncommOdum, i, n. an inconve- 
nience, disadvantage, or mis- 
fortune, loss, damage, annoy- 
ance, illness 

IncommOdus, a, um, adj. incon- 
venient, unsuitable, improper, 
disadvantageous, hurtful, noi- 

Incommunlcabllis, e, adj. incom- 

Incomparabllis, e, adj. incompar- 

Incompertus, a, -um, part, not 
found out 

Incomp&site, adv. disorderly 

IncompOsItus, a, um, part, dis- 
composed, disordered, confused, 
disorderly, unmethodical, un- 

Incomprehenslbllis, e, adj. in- 

Incomprehensus, a, um, part, the 

Incomptus, a, um, part, un- 
combed, untrimmed, rough, un- 

Inconcessus, a, um, part, unal- 
lowed, unlawful 

Inconcllio, are, a. to set at dis- 
cord, to disturb, to provoke, to 

Inconcinne, adv. unhandsomely 

Inconcinnltas, atis, /. unhand- 

Inconcinnlter, adv. unhandsomely 

Inconcinnus, a, um, adj. unhand- 

Inconcltus, a, um, part, un- 
moved, slow [shaken 

Inconcussus, a, um, part, un- 

Incondite, adv. disorderly, con- 

Incondltus, a, um, part, dis- 
ordered, confused, undigested, 
unpolished, doggerel, unripe, 
un buried 

Inconfectus, a, um, part, un- 
digested [confessed 

Inconfessus, a, um, part, not 

Inconfusus, a, um, part, not con- 

Incongrue, adv. incongruously 

Incongruens, tis, part, unsuitable 

Incongruenter, adv. incongru- 

lncongruentia, jr. f. incongruity 

Incongrultas, atis,/. incongruity 
Incongruus, a, um, adj. incon- 
gruous [scious 
Inconscius, a, um, adj. not con- 
Inconsequentia, ae, /. inconse- 
Inconsiderans, tis, part, not con- 
sidering, inconsiderate 
Inconslderantia, ae, f. indiscretion 
Inconsiderate, adv. ids, comp. 
inconsiderately, unadvisedly, 
rashly [ency 
InconsidSratio, onis, /. inadvert- 
Inconslderatus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. incon- 
siderate, rash 
Inconsitus, a, um, adj. unsown, 
unfilled [able 
Inconsolabilis, e, adj. inconsol- 
Inconsplcuus, a, um, adj. not 

Inconstans, tis, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. inconstant, 
wavering, giddy 
Inconstanter, adv. isslme, superl. 
inconstantly, irresolutely, light- 
Inconstantia, ae, /. inconstancy, 

uncertainty, changeableness 
Inconsuetus, a, um, part, unac- 
Inconsulte, adv. ius, comp. unad- 
visedly, rashly, inconsiderately, 
InconsultO, adv. unwarily 
Inconsultus, a, um, part, not con- 
sulted, not advised, unadvised 
Inconsultu, abl. m. without advice 
Inconsummatus, a, um, part, un- 
Inconsump , a, um, part, un- 

consumed, unwasted, endless 
Incontamlnatus, a, um, part, un- 
Incontentus, a, um, part, not 
screwed up [ing 

Incontlguus, a, um, adj. not touch- 
Incontlnens, tis, ad;'. incontinent, 

unchaste, loose 
Incontlnenter, adv. incontinently 
Incontinentia, ae, /. incontinence, 

Incontroversus, a, um, part, not 
controverted, indisputable, cer- 
Inconvgniens, tis, adj. inconve- 
nient, unfit, unsuitable, unlike 
InconvClutus, a, um, part, un- 
folded [boiled 
IncOquendus, a, um, part, to be 
IncOquo, fire, oxi, octum, a. to 
boil, to seethe together, to tin, 
&c. [crowned 
IncOrOnatus, a, um, part, not 
IncorpOralis, e, adj. incorporeal 
IncorpOratio, onis, /. a habit of 
body [bodied 
IncorpOratus, a, um, part, em- 
IncorpOreus, a, um, adj. incor- 
Incorporo, are, a. to incorporate 
Incorrectus, a, um, part, uncor- 
rected [purely 
Incorrupte, adv. incorruptly, 
Incorruptibilis, e, adj. incorrupt- 
Incorruptio, Onis,/. incorruption 
Incorruptus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. un- 
corrupted, untainted, unbribed 
Incoxo, are, n. to sit cross-legged 
Incrasso, are, a. to make thick, 

or fat 
Increatus, a, um, part, uncreated 
Inciebrescens, tis, part, increasing 

Increbresco, ere, brui or bui, 
incep. to increase, to grow, to 
grow common, to prevail 
Increbro, are, a. to have often 
Incredendus, a, um, part, not to 

be believed 
Incredibilis, e, adj. incredible ■ 
Incredlbilltas, atis,/. incredibility 
Incredibilitfer, adv. incredibly, 
strangely [lieved 

Increditus, a, um, part, not be- 
Incrediilltas, atis,/. incredulity 
Incredulus, a, um, adj. incredu- 
lous, diffident, not to be believed 
Incredulus, i, m. an unbeliever, a 

Incrematus, a, um, part, burnt 
Incrementum, i, n. increase, ad- 
dition, improvement, advance, 
ment, promotion, preferment, 
liberality, an offspring 
Increpans, tis, part, blaming, 

chiding, rating 
Incrfipitans, tis, part, chiding, 

rating, exhorting 
Increpito, are, freq. to chide, to 
rate, to rebuke, to blame, to 
Increpitus, a, um, part, chidden, 

rebuked, blamed 
Increpo, are, ui and avi, Itum, a. 
to rattle, to make a noise, to 
chide, to rate, to rebuke, to 
Increscens, tis, part, growing 

upon, growing, increasing 

Incresco, ere, crevi, cretum, n. to 

grow upon, or in stature, to 

grow, to increase [chalk 

Increto, are, a. to whiten with 

Incretus, a, um, part, sifted, 

Incruentatus, a, um, part, not 
stained with blood, not defiled 
Incruentus, a, um, adj. not bloody, 

Incrustatio, 6nis,/. a pargeting 
Incrustatus, a, um, part, pargeted 
Incrusto, are, a. to parget, to 

plaster, to roughcast 
Incubandus, a, um, part, to be 

sat upon 
Incubans, tis, part, sitting upon 
Incfibatio, onis,/ incubation 
Incubatus, us, m. a brooding 
Inciibitatus, a,um, part, lain with 
Incubito, are, n. to lie upon, to 

Inciibitus, us, m. a brooding 
Inciibo, are, ui, Itum, a. and n. to 
lie, or sit upon, to brood, to 
hover over, to cover 
Inciibo, Onis, m., same as 
Inctibus, i, m. the nightmare 
Inculcandus, a, um, part, to be 
inculcated, to be driven, or 
thrust in 
Inculcattts, a, uin, part, inculcat- 
ed, driven in, often repeated 
Inculco, are, a. to inculcate, to 
drive in, to force down, to re- 
peat often [blameless 
Inculpabllis, e, adj. inculpable, 
Iuculpate, adv. unblamably 
Inculpatus, a, um, part, issimus, 

superl. unblamed, blameless 
Inculte, adv. rudely, carelessly 
Incultus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
uncultivated, untilled, undress- 
ed, unmanured, neglected, un- 
inhabited [rudeness 
Incultus, us, m. want of dress, 
Incumbens, tis, part, lying, or 

leaning on 
Incumbo, ere, cubui, Itum, n. ta 




lie, sit, rest, lean, depend, or 
fall upon, to lie down, to hatch 

Incunabula, orum, pi. n. a cradle, 
cradle-clothes, infancy, a na- 
tivity, a birthplace, the begin- 

Incunctanter, adv. without delay 

Incuratus, a, urn, part, uncured, 

Incuria, ae, /. negligence, neglect 

Incuriose, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. negligently 

Incuriosus, a, um, adj. negligent, 

Incurrens, tis, part, rushing on, 
or forward, falling upon 

Incurro, 6re, ri, sum, n. to run in, 
upon, or against, to make an 
incursion, to rush on, to assail, 
or attack, to seize on, to fall 

Incursans, tis,pw^. justling, push- 
ing, running one at another 

Incursatus, a, um, part, overrun, 

Incursio, 6nis./. an incursion, an 
inroad, a justling 

Incurslto, are, freq. to run, or 
stumble often 

Incurso, are, freq. to run against, 
or upon, to run, to attack, to 

In cursor, ari, dep., the same 

Incursurus, a, um, part, about to 
run upon 

Incursus, fts, m. an inroad, an 
attack, a charge, force 

Incurvatio, onis,/. a bending 

Ineurvatus, a, um, part, bowed 
down, crooked 

Incurvesco, fire, incep. to bow 
down [move 

Incurvo, are, a. to bow, or bend, to 

Incurvus, a, um, adj. crooked, 
stooping, bowed down 

Incus, udis,/. an anvil 

Incusans, tis, part, accusing, 

Incusatio, onis, /. a blaming 

Incusator, oris, m. an accuser 

Incusatus, a, um, part, accused, 

Incuso, are, a. to accuse, to com- 
plain of, to blame, to condemn 

Incussio, onis, /. a dashing to- 

Incussus, a, um, part, dashed, 
bruised, inculcated 

Incussus, us, m. a dashing, a 

Incustoditus, a, um, part, not 
duly guarded, or kept, unguard- 

Incusus, a, um, part, pecked 

Incutiens, tis, part, striking 

Incutio, e>e, ussi, ussum, a. to 
strike, smite, or dash upon, to 
knock, to cast into, to excite, 
to raise 

Indagabllis, e, adj. that may be 
traced out 

Indagatio, onis,/. a searching out 

Indagator, oris, m. a diligent 
searcher [searches 

Indagatrix, icis, /. she that 

Indagatus, a, um, part, searched 
out, searched diligently, ex- 
plored [encircling 

Indagatus, us, m. an exploring, 

Indago, are, a. to seek, search, or 
trace out, to seek, or search 
diligently, to explore 

Indago, Inis, /. a diligent search, 
or inquiry, an investigation, a 
restnint, nets 

Inde, adv. from thence, from that 
place, from that person," from 
that time, next after, thence- 
forth, afterwards 
Indeblte, adv. unduly 
Indebltus, a, um, part, not due, 
not owing, unjust [seemly 

Indficens, tis, part, indecent, un- 
Indecenter, adv. issime, superl. 

indecently, unseemly 
Indeceo, ere, n. to misbecome 
Indecllnabllis, e, adj. that cannot 
be avoided, invariable, constant 
Indecllnatus, a, um, part, firm, 

steadfast, constant 
Indgcor, 6ris, or IndScSris, e, adj. 
unseemly, unbecoming, dis- 
graceful [unseemly 
Indgcore, adv. unhandsomely, 
Indgcorus, a, um, adj. unbecom- 
ing [able 
Indef atlgabilis, e, adj. indefatig- 
Indefensus, a, um, part, unde- 
Indefesse, and Indefessum, adv. 

unweariedly, incessantly 
Indefessus, a, wra,part. unwearied 
Indefinite, adv. indefinitely 
Indefinltus, a, um, part, inde- 
finite, undetermined 
Indefletus, a, um, part, unlament- 
ed [stiff 

Indeflexus, a, um, part, unbent, 
Indejectus, a, um, part, not cast 
down [wearied 

Indelassatus, a, um, part, un- 
Indelebilis, e, adj. indelible 
Indelectatus, a, um, part, uude- 

Indelibatus, a, um, part, un- 
touched, undiminished, unde- 
filed [demned 

Indemnatus, a, um, part, uncon- 
Indemnis, e, adj. unhurt, harmless 
Indemnitas, atis,/. indemnity 
Indendus, a, um, part, to be put 


Indenunciatus, a, um, part, not 

denounced before [wailed 

Indeploratus, a, um, part, unbe- 

Indepravatus, a, uin, part, not 

depraved, or corrupted 
Indeprghenslbllis, e, adj. that 

cannot be found out 
Indeprfihensus, and Indeprensus, 

a, um, part, untaken, unfound 

Indeptus, a, um, part, having 

gotten [scribed 

Indescriptus, a, um, part, unde- 

Indesertus, a, um, part, unfor- 

Indesiinenter, adv. continually 
Indespectus, a, um, part, unde- 

Indestrictus, a, um, part, unhurt 
Indeterminate, adv. indetermi- 
Indetonsus, a, um, part, unshaven 
Indebitatus, a, um, part, unerring 
Index, Icis, c. g. a discoverer, an 
informer, a prognostic, or symp- 
tom, a mark, or token, a title, 
or table of a book 
Indlcandus, a, um, part, to be 

Indicans, tis, part, showing 
Indlcatio, onis, /. an indication, 
the setting a price upon wares 
Indlcatlvus, a, um, adj. indicative 
Indlcattira, ae,/. a setting a price 
Indlcaturus, a, um, part, about to 
show [prized 

Indlcatus, a, um, part, shown, 
Indlcendus, a, um, part, not to 
be told 

Indlcens, tis, part, not telling, 
not showing 

Indicium, i, n. a discovery, an in- 
formation, a communication, a 
sign, a token, a mark 

Indlco, are, a. to discover, to 
show, to make known, to dis- 
close, to relate, to tell 

Indlco, fire, xi, ctum, a. to de- 
nounce, to proclaim, to declare, 
to publish, to appoint, to en- 

Indictio, onis, /. an indiction, the 
space of fifteen years, an impost 

Indictus, a, um, part, denounced, 
proclaimed, declared, ordered, 
invited to, unspoken, unsaid 

Indlcum, i, n. indigo 

Indldem, adv. from thence, there 

Indies, adv. daily, every da§ 

Indifferens, tis,' adj. indifferent, 
not nice 

Indifferenter, adv. indifferently 

Indifferentia, ae,/. indifference 

Indlgena, ae, c. g. a native 

Indlgenitalis, e, adj. natural, per- 

Indlgens, tis, part, and adj. want- 
ing, lacking, indigent, needy, 
poor [vert- 

Indlgentia, ae, /. indigence, po 

Indlgeo, ere, ui, n. to want, to 
stand in need 

Indlges, etis, c. g. a god made of 
a man, a native god 

Indlgeste, adv. indigestedly, with- 
out order 

Indigestio, onis,/. indigestion 

Indlgestus, a, um, part, undi 
gested, confused 

Indlgitamenta, orum, pi. n. reli 
gious books containing the 
names of the gods, and pre- 
scribing the mode in which 
they should be worshipped 

Indlglto, are, a. to signify, to 
point at, or out, to call by name 

Indignabundus, a, um, adj. en- 
raged, angry 

Indignandus, a, um, part, to be 
disdained, displeased, enraged, 

Indignans, tis, part, and adj. issl- 
mus, superl. disdaining, enrag- 
ed, with indignation 

Indignanter, adv. in disdain 

Indignatio, onis, /. indignation, 

Indignatiuncula, ae,/. a chagrin 

Indignatus, a, um, part, disdain- 
ing, scorning, not enduring, en- 

Indigne, adv. ids, comp. issime, 
superl. unworthily, undeserved- 
ly, basely, grievously, heinously 

Indignltas, atis, /. indignity, un- 
worthiness, meanness, heinous- 

Indignor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
disdain, to scorn, to be enraged 

Indignus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. unworthy, un- 
deserving, unbecoming, unfit, 

Indlgus, a, um, adj. standing in 
need, wanting 

Indlllgens, tis, adj. ior, comp. 
negligent, careless 

Indlllgenter, adv. ius, comp. neg- 
ligently, carelessly 

Indillgentia, ae, /. negligence, 

Indlmensus, a, um, part, unmea 

Indlpiscor, i, eptus sum, dep. to 




obtain, get, or attain, to over- 
take, to comprehend 
Indlrectus, a, urn, adj. indirect 
Indlreptus, a, um, part, unpillaged 
Indiscretus, a, um, part, undis- 
tinguished, indistinct, alike 
Indiscrlmlnatus, a, um, part, in- 
discriminate, undistinguished 
Indlserte, adv. without eloquence 
Indlsertus, a, um, adj. uneloquent 
Indisp6site, adv. confusedly, dis- 
Indisp5situs, a, um, part, disor- 
Indissimulatus, a, um, part, not 

dissembled, not concealed 
Indissolubllis, e, adj. indissoluble 
Indiss81utus, a, um, part, not 

Indistinctus, a, um, part, and adj. 

undistinguished, confused 
Indistrictus, a, um, part, unhurt 
Inditus, a, um, part, put, or set 

in, or into, put, clapt, set 
Indlviduus, a, um, adj. individual, 

that cannot be divided 
Indlvisibilis, e, adj. indivisible 
Indivisus, a, um, part, undivided 
Indivulsus, a, um, part, unsepa- 

Indo, 6re, Idi, Itum, a. to put, or 

set in, or into, to put 
Indocliis, e, adj. untractable, un- 
taught, natural [edly 
Indocte, adv. ius, comp. unlearn- 
Indoctus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. untaught, un- 
learned, ignorant, unskilful 
Ind&lentia, ae, /. the feeling no 

Ind61eo, ere, ui, Itum, n. to grieve, 

to feel pain 
IndSlesco, fire, n. the same 
Indoles, is, /. a growth, or in- 
crease, a natural towardliness, 
or disposition, a vein, a race, a 
Ind6loria, se,/. absence of pain 
Indaloris, e, adj. free from pain 
IndOmabllis, e, adj. untameable 
IndSmitus, a, um, part, untamed, 

ungovernable, invincible 
Indormiens, tis, part, sleeping 
Indormio, Ire, ivi, Hum, n. to sleep 

upon, to be sluggish 
Indotatus, a, um, part, unen- 
dowed, not honoured with fu- 
neral obsequies 
Indubltabllis, e, adj. indubitable 
Indubltanter, adv. without doubt 
Indiihitatus, a, um, part, un- 
Indubito, are, n. to doubt much 
Indubius, a, um, adj. certain 
Inducendus, a, um, part, to be in- 
Inducens, tis, part, inducing 
Inducise, arum, pi. f. a truce, a 

Induco, fire, xi, ctum, a. to in- 
duce, to persuade, to prevail 
upon, to draw over, or in, to 
cajole, to lead, or bring in, to 
introduce, to give 
Inductio, onis,/. an induction, a 
bringing into, or along, a bring- 
ing in, an introduction, a per- 
Inductiirus, a, um, part, about to 

bring in 
Inductus, a, um, part, induced, 
persuaded, prevailed upon, 
moved, brought, brought in, 
Inductus, ds, m. a persuasion 

Induciila, se, f. a woman's under- 
garment/a waistcoat 
Indulcoro, are, a. to make sweet 
Indulgens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. indulg- 
ing, indulgent, gracious, kind, 
Indulgenter, adr ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. indulgently, kindly 
Indulgentia, a?, /, indulgence, 
fondness, lenity, mildness, 
grace, favour, a pardon, a dis- 
Indulgeo, ere, si, a. to indulge, to 
be indulgent, to make much 
of, to give one's self up to 
Indultus, a, um, part, indulged, 

suffered, pardoned, given 
Indumen, inis, n. same as 
Indumentum, i, n. a garment, 

dress, attire, apparel 
Iuduo, fire, ui, utum, a. to put 
into, on, or upon, to cover or 
clothe, to cover, besmear, or 
daub over 
Indiiperator, same as Imperator 
Indurans, tis, part, hardening 
Induratus, a, um, part and adj. 
ior, comp. hardened, made hard 
Indureo, ere, n. and Induresco, 

fire, incep. to grow hard 
Induro, are, a. to harden, to make 

Indusiarius, a, um, adj. that 

makes under-garments 
Indusiatus, a, um, adj. worn 

Indusium, i, n. a shirt, shift, 
smock, petticoat, or other un- 
Industria, se, /. industry, dili- 
gence, activity, labour, care, 
Industrie, adv. ius, comp. indus- 
triously, carefully 
Industriose, adv. industriously 
Industrius, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
industrious, active [clad 

Indutus, a, "urn, part, put on, 
Indutus, us, m. clothing, apparel 
Indfivise, arum, pl.f. clothes 
Indiivium, i, n. the bark of a tree 
Tnebriatio, onis, /. a making- 
Inebrio, are, a. to make drunk 
Inedia, ae, /. a want of food, 
u fasting 

Ineditus, a, um, part, not declared 
Tneffabllis, e, adj. ineffable, that 
cannot be uttered [vain 

Inefficax, acis, adj. ineffectual, 
Inefflgiatus, a, um, adj. deformed 
Inelaboratus, a, um, part, un- 
u laboured 

lnelegans, tis, adj. inelegant 
TnelSganter, adv. without ele- 
„ gance 

Ineluctabilis, e, adj. inevitable 
Inemendabllis, e, adj. not to be 
„ amended 

Inemorior, i, dep. to die in 
Inemptus, a, um, part, unbought 
Inenarrabilis, e, adj. inexpressible 
Inenarrablliter, adv. inexpressibly 
Inenarratus, a, um, part, not told 
Inenodabilis, B, adj. intricate 
Ineo, Ire, Ivi, itum, a. to go, or 
enter into, to enter upon, to 
u commence, to undertake, to lie 
lneptfc, adv. issime, superl. fool- 
„ ishly 

Ineptia, a?, /. foolishness, folly, 
„ absurdity, a story, a tale 
Ineptio, Ire, n. o trifle, to t*ik 

Ineptus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. isst 
mus, superl. unfit, impropei, 
„ silly 

Inequltatolis, e, adj. not to b« 
„ rid over 

Inequito, are, a. to ride in, upon, 
„ or about, to insult 
Inermis, e, adj. unarmed, defence- 
less, weak, feeble, rude, un- 
„ learned 

Inermus, a, um, adj. unarmed 
Inerrans, tis, part, fixed 
Inerro, are, n. to wander, to strag- 
„ gle, to seize on 

■ Iners, tis, adj. inactive, heavy, 
dull, sluggish, lazy, slothful, 
„ slow, motionless, artless 
Tnertia, as,/, inactivity, heaviness, 
idleness, laziness, indolence, 
sloth, softness, luxury, igno- 
rance [fitly 
Inerudlte, adv. unlearnedly, un- 
Inerudltus, a, um, part, issimus, 
„ superl. unlearned, unskilled 
lnescandus, a, um, part, to be 

taken with a bait 
Inescans, tis, part, catching 
Inescatus, a, um, part, allured, 

Tnesco, are, a. to lay a bait, to 
„ wheedle, to allure, to catch 
Tnevltabilis, e, adj. inevitable 
Ineundus, a, um, part, to be en- 
„ tered upon 
Inev61utus, a, um, part, unrolled, 

Inexcltabllis, e, adj. that cannot 
„ be awakei 

Inexcltus, a, um, part, not raised 
Inexcogitatus, a, um, part, in- 
„ thought of 

Inexcusabilis, e, adj. inexcusable 
Inexercltatus, a, um, part, unex- 
ercised [ciplined 
Inexercitus, a, um, part, undis- 
Inexcussus, a,um, part, unshaken 
Inexhaustus, a, um, part, inex- 
hausted [cruel 
Inexorabilis, e, adj. inexorable, 
Inexpectatus, a, um, part, unex- 
pected [pared 
Jnexpgdltus, a, um, part, unpre- 
Inexperrectus, a, um, part, not 
„ awaked 
Inexpertus, a„ um, part, untried, 

unattempted, unexperienced 
Inexpiabilis, e, adj. inexpiable, 
„ irreconcileable [merir.g 

Inexplanatus, a, um, part, stam- 
Inexplebilis, e, adj. insatiable 
Inexpletus, a, um, part, not com- 
pleted, not finished 
Inexpltcabilis, e, adj. inexplica- 
u ble, inextricable 
Inexpllcatus, same as 
Inexplicitus, a, um, part, not ex- 
plained, dark, obscure, intri- 
„ cate 

Inexplorate, and Inexploratd, 
adv. without search, precipi- 
„ tately 

Inexploratus, a, um, part, un- 
searched, untried, undiscovered 
Inexpugnabilis, e, adj. impreg- 
nable [rable 
Inexputabilis, e, adj. innume- 
Tnexsiiturabilis, e, adj. insatiable 
lnextinctus, a, um, part, inextin- 
guishable, insatiable [guishable 
Inextinguibilis, e, adj. inextin- 
Inextirpabilis, e, adj. not to be 
„ rooted out 

Inextrlcabilis, e, adj. inextricab'11 
Inexstipgrabilis, e, adj. insupe 
rable, invin:ibl3 




Infabrg, adv. bunglingly, rudely 

Infabrlcatus, a, um, part, un- 

iDfacete, and Inflcgtg, adv. un- 
pleasantly, unwittily 

Infacetise, or Inficeti<e, arum, pi. 
/. poor jests, little puns 

Infacetus and Inficetus, a, um, 
adj. ior, comp. unpleasant, not 
witty, rude, unpolished 

Infacundia, ae, /. a want of elo- 

Infacundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
uneloquent, rude in speech. 

Infamandus, a, um, part, to de- 
fame, or be defamed 

Infamans, tis, part, defaming 

Infamatus, a, um, part, defamed 

Infamia, a?, /. infamy, disgrace, 
dishonour, an aspersion 

Infamis, e, adj. infamous, vile, 
disgraceful, dishonourable 

filthy, dismal, unlucky 

Infamo, are, a. to defame, to dis- 
grace, to disparage, to decry, to 
confute, to spread abroad 

Infandum, adv. O abominable 

Infandus, a, um, adj. issimus, 
superl. wicked, abominable, hei- 
nous, cruel, raging, bitter, 

Intans, tis, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. young, little, small, ten- 
der, unable to speak, unelo- 

Infans, tis, c. a. an infant, a babe, 
a young child, the young of any 

Infantia, ae,/. infancy, childhood 

Infantilis, e, adj. belonging to 

Infarciens, tis, part, stuffing in 

Infatigabilis, e, adj. indefatigable 

Infatuo, are, a. to infatuate, to 

Infaustus, a, um, adj. unpros- 
perous, unlucky, inauspicious 

Iafectio, onis,/. an infection 

Intectivus, a, um, adj. belonging 
to dyeing, colouring, or painting 

Infector, 6ris, m. a dyer, what 

Infectus, a, um, part, infected, 
polluted, died, stained, poisoned 

Infectus, a, um, adj. undone, not 
made, unwrought, unfinished, 

Infectus, us, m. a dying 

Infelicitas, atis,/. infelicity, un- 

Infeficlter, adv. unhappily 

Infeliclto, are, a. to make un- 

Infelix, Icis, adj. ior, comp. un- 
happy, miserable, unfortunate, 
unsuccessful, useless, barren 

Infensans, tis, part, destroying 

Infense, adv. ius, comp. ho'stilely, 

Infenso, are, a. to harass, to spoil 

Infensus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
issimus, svperl. enraged, furi- 
ous, hostile 

Infercio, Ire, a. to stuff, to cram 

Infgrendus, a, um, part, to be 
carried on 

Infgrens, tis, part, carrying on 

Infgri, orum, pi. m. the gods, or 
shades below, manes 

lafgrias, arum, pl.f. sacrifices to 
the infernal gods for the dead 

inferior, 6ris, adj. inferior, lower 

Infgrius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to funerals 

Internalis, e, adj. infernal 

Infernas, atis, adj. growing beljiv 
Inferne, adv. below, beneath 
Infernus, a, um, adj. infernal, hel- 
lish, lying below 
Infgro, ferre, tuli, illatum, a. to 
infer, or conclude, to bring in, 
into, upon, or up, to bring, or 
carry, to lay to, to apply 
Infertliis, e, adj. unfruitful 
Infervefacio, gre, a. to make hot, 
to seethe [hot 

Infervgfactus, a, um, part, made 
Infervgflo, fieri, factus, n. to be 

made hot, to be made to boil 
Inferveo, or Infervesco, ere, bui, 

it. to be hot, to be boiling hot 
Inferus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
inflmus, superl. low, below, be- 
neath, inferior, lower 
Infestans, tis, part . infesting 
Infestator, oris, m. a robber 
Infeste, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 

superl. hostilely, outrageously 
Infestivlter, adv. unpleasantly 
Infestlvus, a, um, adj. unpleasant 
Infesto, are, a. to infest, to dis- 
turb, to disquiet, to plague, to 
Infestus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. hostile, enraged, 
spiteful, malicious, savage, 
troublesome, vexatious, per- 
plexed, adverse 
Infibulo and Infiblo, are, a. to 
clasp, to buckle, to join to- 
Inf'Icetiae, same as Infacetise 
Inficetisslme, adv. most rudely 
Inflcialis, e, adj. pertaining to 

Inf Iciandus, a, um, part, to be de- 
nied, to be disproved 
Inf Icians, tis, part, denying 
Inf Iciator, oris, m. a denier, one 
that pleads non assumpsit to a 
debt, or not guilty to a crime 
Inflciatus, a, um, part, denying 
Inflciens, tis, part, infecting, 

Inflcio, gre, feci, fectum, a. to 
infect, to pollute, to corrupt, to 
dye, to stain, to tinge 
Inflcior, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

deny, to disowu, to abjure, &c. 
Infidelis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. unfaithful, trea- 
cherous, deceitful 
Infidelltas, atis,/. unfaithfulness 
Infldellter, adv. unfaithfully 
Infldus, a, um, adj. unfaithful, 
disloyal, treacherous, false, de_- 
ceitful, mutable 
Infigendus, a, um, part, to be 

Inf igo, gre, xi, xum, a. to fix, to 
fasten, to thrust, push, or drive, 
to imprint 
Inflmus, a, um, adj. superl. low- 
est, last, low, mean, contemp- 
Infindo, gre, fldi, fissum, a. to 
cut, to cleave, to plough, to en- 
Inflnltas, atis, /. infinity, gene- 
Infinite, adv. and Inflnlto, infi- 
nitely, without measure, vehe- 
Inflnitivus, a, um, adj. infinitive 
Inf initio, onis, /. an infinity 
Inf Initus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
infinite, indefinite, endless, 
boundless, excessive 
Infirm atio, 6nis, /. a weakening, 
a confuting, a disproving 

Infirmatus, a, um, part, weaken- 
ed, enfeebled, wounded, hurt, 
Infirme, adv. ius, comp. weakly 
Infirmltas, atis,/. infirmity, feeb.e 
ness, weakness, fickleness, in 
Infirmo, are, a. to weaken, to in- 
validate, to oppose, to confute, to 
Infirmus, a, um, adj. ior, comp 
issimus, superl. infirm, feeble, 
weak, not durable, unsettled, 
Infixus, a, um, part, fixed, fasten- 
ed, bent upon, resolved 
Inflammandus, a, um, part, to be 

inflamed, to be set on fire 
Inflammatio, onis, /. an inflam- 
Inflammator, 6ris, m. an inflamer 
Inflammatus, a, um, part, in- 
flamed, set on fire, excited 
Inflammo, are, a. to inflame, to 
set on fire, to excite, to stir up, 
to provoke, to transport, to ex- 
aggerate [up 
Inflans, tis, part, swelling, puffing 
Inflate, adv. ius, comp. haughtily 
Inflatio, onis,/. a swelling 
Icflatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. blown upon, or about, 
blown, swelled, puffed up 
Inflatus, us, m. a blowing upon, a 

sound, or blast, an inspiration 
Inflectens, tis, part, bending, de- 
Inflectio, 6nis, /. a turning, or 

Inflecto, gre, exi, exum, a. to bow, 
or bend, to turn, to turn aside, 
or another way, to decline, to 
Infletus, a, um, part, unbewailed, 

unlamented, unpitied 
Inflexlbllis, e, adj. inflexible, ob- 
Inflexio, onis,/. same as Inflectio 
Inflexus, a, um, part, bowed, bent, 
turned, crooked, winding, va 
ried, altered 
Inflexus, us, m. a bending 
Inflictio, onis,/. and Inflictus, us, 

m. an inflicting, a striking 
Inflictus, a, um, part, inflicted 
Infligo, gre, ixi, ictum, a. to in- 
flict, to lay, or bring upon, to 
fling, or throw, to strike, or 
Inflo, are, avi, a. to blow upon, to 
blow, to swell, to pufl up, to 
increase, to heighten 
Infloreo, gre, ui, n. to flourish 
Influens, tis, part, flowing in, 
rushing in, abounding, falling 
Infiuo, gre, uxi, uxuni, n. to flow, 
or run into, to flock, or rush in, 
to get admittance, to abound, 
to decrease 
Influvium, i, n. an effusion 
Influxio, onis,/. influence, power 
Influxus, (Is, m. an influx 
Inf5diens, tis, part, digging in 
Inf6dio, gre, odi, ossum, a. to dig 

into, or in, to dig, to plant 
Infoecundg, adv. unfriiitfully 
Infoecundltas, atis, /. unfruitful- 

Infoecundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

unfruitful, barren, poor 
Infoelicltas, &c. same as Infelici- 
tas, &c. 
Infoetus, a, um, adj. barren 
Infonuabllis, e, adj. that cannot 




be fashioned, that which does 
not assume a form 
Informatio, 6nis, /. information, 
a sketch, imagination, opinion 
Iuformaturus, a, um, part, about 
to form, constitute, or instruct 
Informatus, a, um, part, formed, 
framed, made, drawn out, con- 
stituted, instructed, imperfect 
Informldatus, a, um, part, not 

Inlormis, e, adj. shapeless, mis- 
shapen, rude, filthy, foul 
Informo, are, a. to form, shape, 
or fashion, to contrive, or design, 
to teach, to instruct [plead 

InfOro, are, a. to bore into, to 
lufortunatus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unfortunate, 
Infbrtunltas, atis,/. misfortune 
Infortunium, i, n. misfortune 
Ir.fossio, Onis, /. a covering with 

Infossus, a, um, part, dug, covered 

with earth, set in the eart]ji 
Infra, prep, below, beneath, under, 

less than, fewer than 
Infractio, Onis,/. a breaking 
Infractus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
broken, broken to pieces, dis- 
abled, weak, submissive, abated, 
Infraenatus and Infrenatus, a, 
um, part, bridled, unbridled, 
Iniraenis, e, and Infrenus, a, um, 
;, adj. unbridled, ungovernable, 

Ini'rreno, are, a. to bridle, to curb, 

to restrain, to keep in 
Infragllis, e, adj. not easily bro- 
ken, invincible, undaunted, bold 
Infremo, fire, ui, n. to roar aloud, 

to roar, to rage, to murmur 
Infrendens, tis, part, gnashing 
Infrendeo, same as Frendeo 
Inrrfiquens, tis, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unfrequent, un- 
usual, uncommon, rare, seldom 
seen, or visited, unfrequented 
Infrfiquentia, re,/, fewness, thin- 
ness [crumbled 
Infriandus, a, um, part, to be 
Infriatus, a, um, part, crumbled 
Infrlcatus, a, um, part, rubbed, 

Infrlco, are, ui and avi, ictum 
and atum, a. to rub in, or upon, 
to rub 
Infrictio, 6nis,/. a rubbing 
Infrictus, a, um, part, rubbed in, 

Infrlgeo, xi, n. to become cold 
Infrihgendus, a, um, part, to be 
lessened [bruising 

Infringens, tis, part, breaking, 
Infringo, ere, egi, actum, a. to 
break, tear, or rend in pieces, 
to break, to bruise, to lessen, or 
diminish, to quell, or subdue, 
to humble, to discourage 
Infrio, are, a. to crumble to pieces 
lnfrons, dis, adj. without leaves 
Infructuosus, a, um, adj. unfruit- 
ful, unprofitable, unavailing 
Infruglffirus, a, um, adj. un- 
fruitful [foolish 
Infrunitus, a, um, adj. silly, 
lnf ucatio, 6nis,/. a disguising 
Inf ucatus, a, um, part, painted, 

Inf tico are, a. to daub, to disguise 
Info. a es,/. a mitre, a turban, a 
diaaem, a fillet, a veil, a garland 

Infalatus, a, um, part, wearing 
a mitre 

Infulcio, ire, Ivi,Itum, a. to thrust 
in, to cram in, to foist in 

Infulgens, tis, part, shining, glit- 

Inf umatus, a, um, part, dried in 
the smoke 

Infumo, are, a. to smoke dry 

Infundendus, a, um, part, to be 
poured in, or upon 

lnfundens, tis, part, pouring in, 

Infundibulum, i, n. a tunnel, or 
funnel, the hopper of a mill 

Infundo, fire, f udi, f usum, a. to 
pour in, into, or upon, to dif- 
fuse, spread, to empty 

Infurnlbulum, i, n. a baker's peel 

Infuscans, tis, part, darkening 

Infuscatus, a, um, part, made 
dark, or blackish, troubled, dis- 
turbed, muddy, corrupted 

Infusco, are, a. to make dark, or 
muddy, to darken, to tarnish, 
to disturb, to corrupt, to dilute 

Infuscus, a, um, adj. swarthy, 
dark [pouring 

Infusio, Onis, /. an infusion, a 

Inf usus, a, um, part, poured into, 
or upon, pouring in, diffused 

Infusus, us, m. an infusion, a 
steeping [menting 

Ingfimens, tis, part, groaning, la- 

lngemlnans, tis, part, redoubling 

Ingeminatio, onis, /. a doubling 

Ingfimlnatus, a, um, part, re- 

Ingemlno, are, a. to double, or 
redouble, to repeat 

Ingfimiscens, tis, part, lamenting 

Ingfimisco, fire, incep. to groan, 
to sigh, to sob, to mourn, to 

Ingemo, fire, ui, n. to groan, to 
lament ; a. to bewail, to mourn 
for [gendered 

Ingfinfirasco, fire, n. to be en- 

Ingfinfiratus, a, um, part, bred in 

Ingfinfiro, are, a. to beget, to pro- 
duce [given 

Ingeniatus, a, um, adj. naturally 

Ingfinlculo, are, a. to kneel, to 
how, to curtsey 

Ingfiniose, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. ingeniously, wittily 

Ingfiniosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. ingenious, 
shrewd, keen, cunning, witty 

Ingenitus, a, um, part, inbred, 

Ingenium, i, n. the nature, quali- 
ty, or disposition of a thing, or 
person, the mind, the heart, 
genius, capacity, abilities, judg- 
ment, apprehension, ingenuity, 
wit [mighty 

Ingens, tis, adj. great, large, 

Ingenuatus, a, um, adj. well 
born, well bred 

Ingfinue, adv. ingenuously, frankly 

Ingfinultas, atis, /. ingenuity, 

Ingfinuus, a, um, adj. ingenuous, 
frank, honest, liberal, freeborn, 

Ingfirendus, a, um, part, to be 
thrown, or cast into 

Ingerens, tis, part, throwing into, 
or upon, heaping 

Ingfiro, fire, essi, estum, a. to 
throw, cast, or pour in, or upon, 
to heap up, to thrust 

Ingestabllis, e, adj. that cannot 
be borne 

Ingestus, a, um, part, thrown in, 
heaped, or laid upon, forced 
Ingigno, fire, gfinu\, Itum, a. to 

engender, or breed in 
Inglomfiro, are, o. to wind, or 

heap up 
Ingloriosus, a, um, adj. inglorious 
InglOrius, a, um, adj. inglorious, 
of no reputation, mean, obscure 
Ingliivies, ei,/. the weasand, the 
craw, crop, or gorge of a bird, 
gluttony [crease 

Ingrandesco, fire, incep. to in- 
Ingrate, adv. ungratefully, un- 
thankfully, discontentedly, un- 
kindly [grateful 
Ingratificus, a, um, adj. un- 
Ingratis, adv. by constraint 
Ingratltudo, Inis,/. ingratitude 
Ingratus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. ungrateful, un- 
thankful, unpleasant, unaccept- 
Ingravans, tis, part, growingheavy 
Ingravescens, tis, part, growing 

worse and worse, increasing 
Ingr&vesco, fire, incep. to grow 
heavier, worse, or dearer, to in- 
Ingr&vo, are, a. to make heavy, 
more painful, or worse, to in- 
crease, to overload 
Ingrediendus, a, um, part, to be 

entered upon 
Ingrfidiens, tis, part, entering into 
Ingrfidior, i, essus sum, dep. to go, 
to walk, to enter into, or upon, 
to attempt 
Ingressio, onis, /. an entering in 
Ingressurus, a, um, part, about 

to enter into, or upon 
Ingressus, a, um, part, gone, 

entering, entering upon 
Ingressus, us, m. a going, a walk- 
Ingruens, tis, part, violently ap- 
Ingruo, fire, ui, n. to invade, to 
attack, to set, or fall upon, to 
rage, to be near at hand 
Inguen, Inis, n. the groin, the 
privy parts, a disease in those 
Ingulnaria, re, /. an herb 
Ingurgltatio, onis,/. immoderate 
eating [ed 

Ingurgltatus, a, um, part, devour- 
Ingurglto, are, a. to devour, to 
swallow, to pour down, to cram, 
to stuff [tasted 

Ingustabllis, e,. adj. not to be 
Ingustatus, a, um, part, untasted 
lnhabllis, e, adj. unfit, dis- 
qualified, unable, unwieldy 
Inhabltabllis, e, adj. uninhabit- 
„ able 

Inhabltatio, Onis,/. an inhabiting 
Inhablto, are, a. to inhabit, to 
„ dwell 

lnhsrens, tis, part, cleaving to 
Inhrereo, ere, si, sum, n. to in- 
here, to stick in, or to, cleave 
to, to hang about, to remain, or 
continue, to stay 
Inhreresco, fire, n. to stick fast in 
lnhaesurus, a, um. part, about to 
„ stick [upon 

Inhalo, are, a. to breathe in, o? 
Inhaustus, a, um, part, tasted 
I nhians, tis, part, gaping, covet- 
„ ing 

Inhiatio, Onis,/. a gaping upon 
Tnhlbendus, a, um, part, to be 




'nhlbens, tis, part, restraining 

1 nhlbeo, ere, ui, Itum, a. to re- 
strain, to hold in, to keep back, 
to hinder, or forbid, to retard, 
to stop 

Inhlbltio, onis, /. an inhibition, 
a restraint 

I nlribitor, oris, m. a forbidder 

Tnhlbltus, a, urn, part, restrained, 

Inhio, are, n. to gape upon, or 
after, to gape, to covet, to de- 
sire much 

Inhonestamentum, i, n. a discredit 

Inh6nestas, atis, /. dishonesty 

Inh5neste, adv. dishonestly, 

„ lewdly 

InhSnesto, are, a. to disparage, 
to discredit, to disgrace 

inh6nestus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. dishonest, dis- 
honourable, mean, shameful 

Inhonoratus, a, um, part, ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. unbo- 
noured, without honour, unsa- 
luted [honourable 

InhSnorif icus, a, um, adj. dis- 

Inh6norus, a, um, adj. not re- 
spected, unrewarded 

Inhorreo, ere, ui, n. to quake, to 
shake, to shudder 

Inhorreseens, tis, part, growing 
rough, or terrible 

lnhowesco, same as Inhorreo 

Inhospltalis, e, adj. inbospitable, 

Inhospltalltas, atis,/. rudeness 

Inhospttus, a, um, adj. inhospit- 
able, cruel, wild, desert, unin- 

Inhumane, adv. ius, comp. inhu- 
manly, discourteously, unkindly 

I nh Amanitas, atis,/. inhumanity, 

Inhumaniter, adv. ius, comp. in- 
humanly, mercilessly, cruelly 

Inhumanus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. inhuman, bar- 

„ barous, cruel, severe, stern 

Inhujnatio, onis,/ a burying 

Inhumatus, a, um, part, unburied 

Inhumo, are, a. to bury, to inter 

Inibi, adv. even there, in that 

Injectio, Onis, / an injection, a 
casting in, a laying upon 

Injecto, are,/reg. to cast in often 

Injecturus, a, um, part, about to 
cast, or lay 

Injectus, a, um, part, cast in, 
thrown, or laid upon, cast, sent 

Injectus, us, m..a casting in, or 
upon [early 

lniens, euntis, part, beginning, 

Injiciendus, a, um, part, to be 
cast in 

Injlcio, ere, jeci, jectum, a. to in- 
ject, to cast, throw, or lay in, 
upon, or about, to cast, or 
throw at, to cast, or throw, to 
clap, or put on [fullv 

Tnimlce, adv. issime, superl. spite- 

InlmicTtia, ae,/. enmity, variance, 
a tailing out, a quarrel 

Tnlmico, are, a. to set at variance, 
to profess to be one's enemy 

Inlniicor, ari, dep. to become an 
enemy, to hate 

Tnlinieus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unfriendly, hos- 
tile, adverse, hurttul, pernicious, 

tnlnilcus, i, m. an enemy, a foe, 

an adversary, an opposer 
&licltabih\, e, adj u;., unable 

lnique, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. unjustly, unfairly, un- 
equally, disadvantageously 
Iniqultas, atis, / iniquity, injus- 
tice, partiality, unevenness, dif- 
„ ficulty 

Iniquus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unjust, unfair, 
partial, unequal, uneven, dis- 
u advantageous, unkind, cruel 
Iniquus, i, m. an enemy 
Initia, orum, pi. n. sacrifices, the 

principles of a science 
Inltialis, e, adj. initial, the first 
Initiamenta, orum, pi. n. the first 
„ elements, principles 
Initiatio, onis,/. initiation 
lnitiatus, a, um, part, initiated, 
entered into orders, licensed, 
or admitted to, instructed in 
„ first principles 

Initio, are, a. to initiate, to begin, 
o to give the first instructions 
Initium, i, n. a beginning, an 
entrance,' a rite, or ceremony, a 
Inlturus, a, um, part, about to 

enter in 
Initus, a, um, part, entered, be- 
„ gun, undertaken 
Initus, us, m. copulation 
Injucundfe, adv. ius, comp. un- 
pleasantly, disagreeably 
Injucundltas, atis, / unpleasant- 
Injucundus, a, um, adj. unplea- 
sant, disagreeable, hateful 
Injudicatus, a, um, part, un- 

Injiigis, e, adj. unyoked 
Injunctio, onis,/ an injunction 
Injunctus, a, um, part, enjoined, 
commanded, ordered, laid upon 
Injungo, ere, xi, ctum, a. to en- 
join, command, impose, or ap- 
point, to lay, or bring upon, to 
join to 
Injuratus, a, um, part, unsworn 
Injuria, ae, / injury, damage, hurt, 
wrong, injustice,, trespass, de- 
spite, displeasure, crime, of- 
fence, insult 
Injuria, adv. unjustly, wrongfully 
Injuriose, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. injuriously, wrongfully 
Injuriosus, a, um, adj. injurious, 

Injurius, a, um, adj. wrongful 
Injussus, a, um, part, unbidden, 

without bidding, spontaneous 
Injuste, adv. issime, superl. un- 
Injustitia, ae,/ injustice, ill usage 
Injustus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

unjust, unreasonable 
Inlargio, Ire, a. to bestow, or grant 
Innabllis, e, adj. that cannot be 

swimmed in 
Lnnans, tis, part, swimming in 
Innascor, i, natus, dep. born 

in, or with, to grow 
Innatabllis, e, adj. same as Inna- 
bilis [upon 

Innatans, tis, part, swimming 
Innatatio, onis,/ a swimming in 
Innato, are. n. to swim in, or 

Innatus, a, um, part, inbred, 

InnavlgabTlis, e, adj. unnavigable 
Innavlgans, tis, part, sailing down 
Innectens, tis, part, clasping, 

Innecto, 6re, xui and xi, xum, a. 
to tie, bind, or put about, to 

surround, to clasp, to fasten, to 
Innexus, a, um, part, tied, bound, 

joined, related 
Iunltens, tis, part, leaning upon 
Innltor, i, xus or sus sum, dep. to 
lean, rest, or depend upon, to 
Innixus, a, um, part, leaning upon 
depending upon, supported by 
Inno, are, n. to swim in, to float 

Inn6cens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. innocent, guiltless, 
Inn5center, adv. ius, comp. issi- 
me, superl. innocently, harm- 
Inndcentia, ae,/ innocence 
Innocue, adv. harmlessly, simply 
InnScuus, a, um, adj. harmless, 

inoffensive, innocent, safe 
InnoteSco, £re, ui, incep. to be- 
come known, noted, or notori- 
Inn6jatio, onis, / an innovation 
Innovator, oris, m. an innovator 
Innovo, are, a. to innovate, to re- 
Innoxius, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

harmless, innocent, free, safe 
Inn ilba, ae,/ a virgin 
Innubllo, are, a. to darken 
Innubllus, a, um, adj. clear, fair 
Innubis, e, adj.; the same 
Innubo, ere, psi, n. to be married 
Innumerabllis, e, adj. innunie< 

Innumerabffitas, atis, / innu- 

merableness, infinity 
Innumgrablllter, adv. without 

Innumgralis, e, adj. innumerable 
Innumfirosus, a, um, adj. number- 
Innumgrus, a, um, adj. innu- 
merable, numberless 
Innuo, 6re, ui, utum, n. to nod, or 

make signs to one 
Innuptus, a, um, part, unmarried, 
unlucky [up 

Innutrio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, a. to bring 
Innutrltio, onis,/ a nourishing 
Innutritus, a, um, part, nourish- 
„ ed, brought up, instructed 
InObediens, tis, part, disobedient 
TnSbedientia, ae,/ disobedience 
Inoblltus, a, um, part, mindful 
Inobrtitus, a, um, part, not over 

whelmed, safe 
Inobscuro, are, a. to darken 
lnobsequens, tis, part, disobedi 
„ ent _ [able 

Tnobservabllis, e, adj. unobserv- 
Inobservans, tis, part, unobserv- 

Inobservantia, ae,/ inadvertency 
Inobservatus, a, um, part, unob- 
Inoccatus, a, um, part, harrowed 
Inocclduus, a, um, adj. always 
„ watching, never setting 
Tnocco, are, a. to harrow in 
)n5culatio, onis, / inoculation, a 
„ grafting 

InOculator, oris, m. a grafter 
Inocalo, are, a. to inoculate, to 
„ graft 

In5doro, are, a. to make to smell, 
„ to perfume 
In5dorus, a, um, adj. void of smell, 

Inoffense, adv. ius, comp. inoffen- 
„ sively 
Inoffensus, a, um, part, unoffend- 




I ed, unhurt, safe, inoffensive, 

Inoft'Iciose, adv. uncivilly 
Inofficiosus, a, am, adj. unkind 
Inolens, tis, part, yielding no 
I savour 

Inolesco, fire, ui and evi, Itum 
i and etum, incep. to grow up, or 
I upon 

Inolitus, a, una, par?, inbred 
Jfnominalis, e, adj. unlucky, ill- 
. boding 

Enomlnatus, a, ura, part, unhappy 
EnSpaco, are, a. to overshadow 
EnOpacus, a, um, adj. open 
Enoperio, Ire, a. to uncover, to 
I open [naked 

EnQpertus, a, um, part, uncovered, 
Hnopia, ae,/. want, need, necessity, 
I scarcity, dearth, lack of any 
I thing [opinion 

flnSpInabilis, e, adj. contrary to 
SnSpinans, tis, part, not thinking 

of it, not expecting it 
InOpinanter, adv. unawares, sud- 
In6plnate, and In6pinat&, adv. 

the same 
ln6plnatus, a, um, part, un- 
thought of, unlooked for, un- 
InSpInus, a, um, adj., the same 
Inopportune, adv. unseasonably 
Inopportunus, a, um, adj. unsea- 
[ sonable 

Inops, 6pis, adj. poor, needy, 
destitute, dehcient, void of, 
wanting, that hath not 
Inoptabllis, e, adj. not to be 
wished for [for 

Inoptatus, a, um, part, unwished 
Inoratus, a, um, part, unpleaded 
Inordinate, adv. disorderly, ir- 
lnordlnatim, adv. out of order 
Inordlnatus, a, um, part, isslmus, 

superl. inordinate, disordered 
Inorior, Iri, dep. to arise 
Inornate, adv. plainly, inelegantly 
lnornatus, a, um, part, unadorn- 
ed, undrest, unpolished, un- 
praised [mouth 

Inorus, a, um, adj. having no 
Inotiosus, a, um, adj. not idle, or 
L vain [ulting 

In&vans, tis, part, rejoicing, ex- 
Inquam, verb defect. I say 
Inquantum, adv. as much as, as 

far as 
Inque, imper. say thou 
Inquies, etis,/. disquiet 
Inquies, etis, adj. restless, uneasy 
Inquietatio, onis,/. a disquieting 
Inquietatus, a, um, part, dis- 
Inquiete, adv. unquietly 
Inquieto, are, a. to disquiet, 

trouble, or disturb 
Inquietudo, Inis, /. disquiet, 

Inquietus, a, um, adj. unquiet, 
uneasy, restless, busy, trouble- 
some [mate 
Inquilinus, i, m. a tenant, an in- 
Inqulnamentum, i, n. defilement 
Inqulnans, tis, part, defiling, pol- 
luting [ruptly 
Inqulnate, adv. impurely, cor- 
Inqulnatio, onis,/. a defiling 
Inquinatus, a, um.^arr. ior, comp. 
iasiiaxis, superl. defiled, polluted, 
stained, dyed 
Inqulno, are, a. to defile, to pol- 
lute, to stain, to die, to sully, 
to blemish, to disgrace, to spoil 

Inqulrendus, a, um, part, to in- 
quire, or be inquired into 

Inqulrens, tis, part, inquiring 

Inquiro, fire, slvi, situm, a. to in- 
quire, or make inquiry, to 
search, to examine, to take an 

Inqulslte, adv. accurately 

Inqulsltio, onis, /. an inquisition, 
or search, an examination, an 

Inquisitor, oris, m. an inquisitor, 
an inquirer, a searcher, an ex- 
aminer, an informer, a promoter 

Inqulsltus, a, um, part, inquired 
for, searched for, not found out 

Insalubris, e, adj. errimus, superl. 
unwholesome, unhealthy 

Insalutatus, a, um.^ai-f.unsaluted 

Insanabllis, e, adj. ior, comp. in- 
curable, desperate 

Insane, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. madly, outrageously 

Insania, ae, /. madness, distrac- 
tion, fury, infatuation, dotage, 
folly, inconsistency 

Insanibllis, e, adj. insane 

Insaniens, tis, part, raging, mad, 
frantic, foolish, rough 

Insanio, ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to be 
mad, to rave, to dote, to play 
the fool 

Insanitas, atis, /. insanity, mad- 
ness, a want of health 

Insanlturus, a, um, part, that will 
be mad 

Insanum, adv. at a mad rate, ex- 

Insanus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. insane, mad, 
frantic, raging, distracted, in- 
fatuated, inspired, vast, huge 

Insatiabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. in- 
satiable, not to be satisfied 

Insatiabilitas, atis, /. insatiable- 

Insatiabiliter, adv. insatiably 

Insatiatus, a, um, part, insatiate, 

Insaturabllis, e, adj. insatiable 

Insaturablliter, adv. insatiably 

Inscalpo, 6re, psi, ptum, a. to en- 
grave, to cut out, to form 

Inscendo, fire, di, sum, a. and n. 
to go up, to mount, to climb 
up to 

Inscensio, onis, /. a mounting 

Inscensus, a, um, part, mounted, 

Inscie, adv. ignorantly 

Insciens, tis, part, not knowing, 
unwitting, ignorant [skilfully 

Inscienter, adv. ignorantly, un- 

Inscientia, se, /. ignorance 

Inscite, adv. issime, superl. igno- 
rantly [dence 

Inscltia, 33, /. ignorance, impru- 

Inscitus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. ignorant, fool- 
ish, imprudent, absurd, unbe- 
coming, insufficient 

Inscius, a, um, adj. ignorant, un- 
skilful, impr ident 

Inscrlbendus, a, um, part, to be 
inscribed, or charged 

Inscrlbens, tis, part, inscribing 

Inscribo, fire, psi, turn, a. to in- 
scribe, to write in, or upon, to 
superscribe, to engrave, to im- 

Inscriptio, onis,/. an inscription, 
a title, a bill, a mark, an accu- 

Inscriptum, i, n. an inscription 

Inscriptus, a, um, part, inscribed, 

written upon, titled, engraven, 
branded, not written 
Inscriptus, i, m. a rogue burnt in 

the hand, or shoulder 
Inscrutabllis, e, adj. unsearchable 
Insculpo, fire, psi, ptum, a. to en- 
grave, to carve, to cut 
Insculptus, a, um, part, engraven, 

carved, cut, imprinted 

Insficabllis, e, adj. that cannot be 

cut [pruned 

Insficandus, a, um, part, to be 

Insfico, are, ui, ctum, a. to cut in, 

to cut, to prune, to anatomize 
Insecta, orum, pi. n. insects 
Insectans, tis, part, pursuing, 

railing at 
Insectanter, adv. railingly 
Insectatio, onis, /. a railing, an 

Insect ator, oris, m. a persecutor, 

a scourger, a railer 
Insectatus, a, um, part, followed, 

pursued, reviled, inveighed 
Insecto, are, a. and Insector, ari, 
atus sum, dep. to pursue, to 
run after, to rail at, to inveigh 
against, to upbraid with, to sue 
Insectus, a, um, part, cut, or 

notched, uncut 
Insectura, ae,/. a notch 
Insficutio, onis,/. a pursuit 
Insecutor, 6ris, m. a persecutor 
Insecuturus, a, um, pari, about to 

pursue, or follow 
Insficutus, a, um, part, following, 

pursuing, railing at 
Insedabilis, e, adj. not to be 

Insedablliter, adv. so that it can- 
not be quieted 
Insedatus, a, um, part, unap- 

peased, unquiet 
Insemlnatus, a, um, part, made 

fruitful, begotten, ingrafted 
Insemino, are, a. to sow in, to in- 
Insfinesco, fire, ui, n. to grow old 
Insensatus, a, um, adj. senseless, 

Insenslbllis, e, adj. insensible 
Insensilis, e, adj. senseless 
Inseparables, e, adj. inseparable 
Inseparabffiter, adv. inseparably 
Insfipultus, a, um, part, unburied 
Insfiquendus, a, um, part, to pur- 
sue, or be pursued 
Insfiquens, tis, part, following, 

pursuing, ensuing, next 
Insfiquenter, adv. not to the pur- 
Insequor, i, ciitus sum, dep. to 
follow, to follow after, to pur- 
sue, to persecute, to rail at, to 
succeed [serted 

Insfirendus, a, um, part, to be in- 
Insfirens, tis, part, inserting, 

thrusting in 
Insfirenus, a, um, adj. cloudy 
Insfiro, fire, evi, Itum, a. to sow 
in, or among, to implant, to 
Insfiro, fire, sfirui, sertum, a. to 
insert, to put, or thrust in, to 
apply, or put to, to intermix 
Inserpo, fire, n. to creep in, or 

Inserta, ae, /. a piece put in, an 

Insertans, tis, part, putting in 
Insertlm, adv. byway of insertion 
Insertivus, a, um, adj. mingled 
Inserto, are,/reg. to put in often, 

to put 
Insertdrium, i, *. a thong at- 


Cached to a shield for inserting 
♦.he kit hand 

Insertus, a, urn, part, put in, or 
upon, mingled amongst 

Inserviens, tis, part, serving com- 
plying, falling in with 

Inservio, ire, ivi, ltum, n. to serve, 
to do service, to attend upou, 
to mind, or take care orj to 
comply with 

Inservo, are, a. to keep, or pre- 
serve, to observe 

Iusessor, Oris, m. a robber 

Insessus, a, urn, part, sat, or 
perched upon, beset, blocked 
up, infested 

Insibilo, are, n. to whistle, to 
make a hissing 

Insiccatus, a, um, part, undried 

Insicco, are, a. to dry 

Insldendus, a, um, part, to be 
sat upon 

Insldens, tis, part, sitting in, or 
on, continual, constant 

Insldens, tis, part, lighting, or 
sitting on 

Insideo, ere, edi, essum, n. to sit, 
or rest upon, to be fixed, to be 
settled in, to lie in wait for 

Insldise, arum, pi. /. a lying in 
wait, an ambush, an ambus- 
cade, a snare, a plot, treachery 

Insldians, tis, pari, lying in wait 

Insldianter, adv. insidiously 

Insldiator, oris, m. a lier in wait, 
a plotter, a treacherous person 

Insldiatrix, Icis,/. a female plotter 

In si diatoms, a, um, part, about 
to lie in wait 

Insldiatus, a, um, part, lying, or 
laid in wait 

Insldior, ari, atus sum, dep. to lie 
in wait, or ambush, to have a 
design upon 

InsIdiOse, adv. issime, superl. 
treacherously, deceitfully, craf- 

Insldiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. treacherous, 
deceitful, crafty, ensnaring 

Insidio, fire, sedi, sessum, n. to 
light, settle, or sit upon, to 
sink into 

Insigne, is, n. an ensign, an orna- 
ment, a badge, mark, sign, or 
token, an appellation, or dis- 

Insignio, ire, ivi, Stum, a. to 
adorn, to ennoble, to signalize, 
to distinguish 

Insignis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, guperl. remarkable, nota- 
ble, notorious, famous, noble, 
illustrious, glorious, extraor- 
dinary [ably 

Insignite, adv. ius, comp. remark- 

Insignlter, adv. ius, comp. remark- 
ably, notably, signally, excel- 
lently, finely, mightily 

Insignitus, a, um, part! ior, comp. 
adorned, marked, blemished, 

Inslle, is, n. the treadle of a 
weaver's loom 

Inslliens, tis, part, leaping upon 

Insllio, ire, ui, and ii, ultum, n. 
to leap in, or upon 

Inslmtil, adv. jointly, together 

Inslmulatio, Onis,/. an accusation 

Inslmiilator, oris, m. an accuser 

Inslmulaturus, a, um, part, about 
to accuse 

Inslmulatus, a, um, part, accused 

Inslmulo, are, a. to feign, to dis- 
enable, to pretend, to accuse 


Insincerus, a, um, adj. insincere, 
deceitful, corrupt, putrid 

Inslnuandus, a, um, part, to be 

Inslnuans, tis, part, insinuating 

Insinuatio, onis,/. an insinuation, 
a crafty address 

Insinuatus, a, um, part, insi- 
nuated, crept into favour, folded 

Insinuo, are, a. to insinuate, to 
wind, creep, put, or thrust in, 
to recommend 

Insipidus, a, um, adj. insipid 

Insipieus, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. unwise, foolish, 
doting [ishly 

Inslpienter, adv. unwisely, fool- 
In sipientia, sd, /. folly, indiscre- 

Insistendus, a, um, part, to in- 
sist, or be insisted on, to stop 

Insistens, tis, part, resting upon 

Insisto, fire, stlti, stltum, n. to 
insist upon, to urge, to stand, 
rest, lean, or fix upon, to re- 
solve, set out 

Insitio, onis, /. a grafting 

Insititium, i, n. a sausage 

Insititius, a, um. adj. ingrafted, 
put, or set in by art, strange, 

Insitivus, a, um, adj. ingrafted, 
serving for grafting, not natu- 
ral, spurious 

Insitor, Oris, m. a grafter 

Insltum, i, n. a graft, seion, or 

Inslturus, a, um, part, about to 

Insltus, a, um, part, grafted, set, 
or planted in, adopted, rooted, 

Insltus, us, m. a grafting 

InsOciabilis, e, adj. unsociable, 

Insolabilis, e, adj. inconsolable 

InsOlabilitfir, adv. inconsolably 

Insolatio, onis,/. a laying in the 
sun, a bleaching 

Insolatus, a, um, part, dried in 
the sun, sunny, bright 

InsOlens, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. insolent, haughty, 
proud, saucy, impertinent, 

InsOlenter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. insolently, haughtily, 

InsOlentia, se,/. insolence, haugh- 
tiness, disdain, strangeness, 

InsOlescens, tis, part, growing 

InsOlesco, fire, incep. to grow in- 
solent, or proud, to be elated 

InsOlidO, adv. wholly, entirely 

InsOlidus, a, um, adj. weak, not 

InsOlite, adv. unusually 

InsOlitus, a, um, part, unaccus- 
tomed, unusual, strange, ex- 

Insollicltus, a, um, adj. uncon- 
cerned, careless 

Insolo, are, a. to dry in the sun 

InsOlubilis, e, adj. insoluble, that 
cannot be loosed, or requited 

Tnsolublllter, adv. insolubly 

InsOlutus, a, um, part, unpaid, 

Insomnia, a, /. watching 

InsomniOsus, a, um, adj. full of, 
or troubled with dreams 

Insomnis, e, adj. without deep, 


Insomnium, i, n. a dream, a visioo 

InsOno, are, ui, n. to sound, to re- 
sound, to smack, to play on 

Insons, tis, adj. guiltless, inno- 
cent, harmless [watchful 

InsOpitus, a, um, part, sleepless, 

Insortitus, a, um, part, not part- 
ed by lot 

Inspectans, tis, part, looking on, 
guarding, protecting 

Inspectatio, onis,/. a beholding 

Inspectio, onis, /. an inspection, 
an oversight, an insight, an ex- 
amination, a survey 

Inspecto, are, freq. to inspect, to 
take a survey, or view, to be- 
hold, to look in, or upon, to 
keep, or guard 

Inspector, Oris, m. an inspector, 
an overseer, a surveyor, a viewer 

Inspecturus, a, um, part, about 
to view, or overlook 

Inspectus, a, um, part, inspected, 
examined, seen 

Inspectus, us, m. a looking on a 

Insperans, tis, part . not hoping for 

InsperatO, adv. ids, comp. unex- 

Insperatus, a, um, part, unhoped 
for, unexpected, sudden 

Inspergo, fire, si, sum, a. to sprin- 
kle upon, to powder, to sprinkle, 
to scatter 

Inspersio, Onis,/. a sprinkling on 

Inspersus, a, um, part, sprinkled 
upon, sprinkled, scattered here 
and there 

Inspiciendus, a, um, part, to be 
looked upon, or approved 

Inspiciens, tis, part, inspecting, 
beholding, viewing 

Inspicio, fire, exi, ectum, a. to 
look upon, or into, to behold, to 
observe [point 

Inspico, are, a. to sharpen, to 

Inspirandus, n, um, part, to be 
blown into 

Inspirans, tis, part, breathing 

Inspiratio, Onis,/. an inspiration 

Insplratus, a, um, part, inspired, 
blown, or breathed into 

Inspiro, are, a. to inspire, to blow 
in, or upon, to breathe 

InspOliatus, a, um, part, not 
spoiled, safe [upon 

Inspuo, fire, ui, tttum, a. to spit 

Instabllis, e, adj. unstable, un- 
steady, unfirm, tottering, wag- 
ging, slippery [fickleness 

Instabllltas, atis, /. instability, 

Instans, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. standing 
up, approaching, coming on, 
near at hand 

Instanter, adv. ius, comp. isslmfi, 
superl. instantly, earnestly 

Instautia, se, /. an instance, 
urgency, earnestness, impor- 

Instar, n. indecl. bigness, the full 
proportion, likeness, value 

Instar, adv. like, as it were 

Instaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Instaurandus, a, um, part, to re- 
new, or be renewed 

Instaurans, tis, part, renewing 

Instauratio, Onis, / an instaura- 
tion, a rebuilding, a solemniza- 

Instaurativus, a, um, adj. renewed 
restored, repaired, rebuilt 

Instaurator, Oris, m. a restorer 

Instauratus, a, um, part, renew eo 




{watamo, are, a. to renew, to re- 
form, to make, or prepare, to 

Insterno, ere, stravi, stratum, a. 
to spread, lay abroad, or cover 

Instlgandus, a, um, part, to stir 

"P ... 

Instigans, tis, part, inciting 

Instlgatio, onis,/. an instigation, 
an inducement, an enticement 

Instigator, oris, m. an encourager 

Instlgatrix, Icis, /. an inciter 

Instlgatus, a, um, part, stirred 
up, excited, induced, encouraged 

Instlgo, are, a. to instigate, to 
stir up, to excite, to incite 

Instillandus, a, um, part, to be 

Instillatio, onis,/. an instillation 

Instillatus, a, um, part, instilled, 

Instillo, are, a. to instil, to drop, 
to let, or pour in drop by drop 

Instimulans. tis, part, exciting 

In stimulator, oris, m. an encou- 

Instlmiilo, are, a. to excite, to 
push on 

Instinctor, oris, m. an encourager 

Instinctus, a, um, part, inwardly 
moved, inspired, set on, pushed. 

Instinctus, us, m. an instinct, an 
inward motion, an inspiration, 
a persuasion, or instigation 

Instipulor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
covenant, or bargain 

Instlta, se, /. a border, a welt, a 
fringe, or trimming about a 
gown, a garter, a bedgirth 

Instltio, onis,/. a standing still 

Institor, oris, m. a huckster, a 
padlar [sters 

Institorius, a, um, adj. of huck- 

Instituendus, a, um, part, to be 
instituted, appointed, or begun 

Instituens, tis, part, instituting, 

Instituo, ere, ui, utum, a. to in- 
stitute, to appoint, to ordain, 
to found, to settle, to set in 
order, to instruct, to educate, to 
bring, or train up 

Institutio, onis,/. an institution, 
instruction, education, disci- 
pline, a management, or con- 
duct, a custom, or fashion, a 

Instltutor, 6ris, m. a teacher 

Institutum, i, n. an institution, an 
appointment, or order, a law, 
statute, or decree, a lesson, or 
instruction, a way, manner 

Insfltutus, a, um, part, instituted, 
ordained, set up, taught, in- 

Insto, are, sttti, stltum, n. to be 
instant, or earnest, to urge, or 
press upon, to threaten, to stick 
to, to persist in [housing 

Instragulum, i, n. a covering, a 

Instratum, i, n. any covering, a 
counterpane, coverlet, or carpet 

Instratus, a, um, part, covered, 
spread over, saddled 

Instrenue, adv. cowardly 

Instrenuus, a, um, adj. cowardly, 

Instrepo, 6re, ui, Itum, n. to make 
a noise, to creak, to crack 

Instrictus, a, um, part, bound 

Instridens, tis, part, hissing, 

Instringo, gre, xi, ictum, a. to 
bind, to strain hard, to unbind 

Instructe, adv. plentifully 

Instructio, onis, /. instruction, 
education, a setting in order, or 
array, a furnishing 

Instructor, oris, m. an instructor, 
a provider, a furnisher, a server 

Instructus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. in- 
structed, taught, educated, 
prepared [vision 

Instructus, us, m. furniture, pro- 

Instruendus, a, um, part, to be 
devised, advertised, &c. 

Instruens, tis, part, preparing, 
devising [mental 

Instrumentalis, e, adj. instru- 

Instriimentum, i, n. an instru- 
ment, a tool, an implement, a 
mean, or help, necessaries, an 
evidence, a deed 

Instruo, ere, uxi, uctum, a. to in- 
struct, to teach, to inform, to 
get, provide, or prepare 

Instiipens, tis, part, being asto- 
nished [irished 

Instupeo, ere, ui, n. to be asto- 

Insuavis, e, adv. ior, comp. isSi- 
mus, superl. stinking, unplea- 

Insuavitas, atis,/. unpleasantness 

Instibide, adv. stupidly, foolishly 

Insubidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
stupid, blockish, silly 

Insuccatus, a, um, part, moistened 

Insucco, are, s. to moisten with 
liquor [at 

Insudo, are, n. to sweat, to sweat 

Insuefactus, a, um, part, ac- 

Insuesco, fire, evi, etuvn, n. to be 
accustomed, or wont; a. with 
accus. to accustom 

Insuetus, a, um, part, unac- 
customed, unusual 

Insula, se,/. an island, or isle, a 
house having no house joined 
unto it 

Insularis, is, c. g. an islander 

Insulosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Insulse, adv. ius, comp. isstrae 
superl. insipidly, simply, fool 

Insulsltas, atis, /. insipidness 

Insulsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp 
issimus, superl. insipid, unsa 

Insultans, t\s, part, insulting, hec 
toring, domineering, leaping, 

Insultaturus, a, um, part, about 
to insult, or leap 

Insultatio, onis,/. an insulting, a 
leaping upon 

Insulto, are, a. andn. to insult, to 
hector, or domineer, to deride, 
or jeer, to moek, to leap up 

Insultura, ae, /. a leaping in, or 
upon [onset 

Insultus, us, m. an assault, or 

Insum, es, esse, n. to be in, to be 
involved, to come on 

Insumo, Sre, psi, ptum, a. to con- 
sume, to spend, to bestow, to 
employ, to take up 

Insuo, ere, ui, utum, a. to sew, or 
stitch, to joir. to, to unite 

Insiiper, conj. moreover, further- 
more, over and besides, over 
and above, upon 

Insuperabilis, e, adj. insuperable, 
invincible, not to be overcome 

Insurgens, tis, part, rising up 

Insurgo, ere, rexi, rectum, n. to 

rise up, to rise, to make head 
against, to apply oneself to 

Insurrectio, Onis,/. an insurrec 
tion [ceivel 

Insusceptus, a, um, part, not re- 

Insiisurrans, tis, part, whispering 

Insusurratio, onis,/. a whispering 

Instisurratus, a, um, part, whis- 

Insusurro, are, a. and n. to 
whisper, to buzz, to make a 

Insutus, a, um, part, sewed, or 

Intabesco, ere, incep. to pine, 
waste, or wither away 

Intactilis, e, adj. not to be toucht d 

Intactus, a, um, part, ior, comp 
untouched, untasted, undetiled, 
uninjured, chaste 

Intactus, us, m. a not feeling 

Intaminatus, a, um, part, un- 

Infantum, adv. so much, so far 

Intectus, a, um, part, uncovered 

Intggellus, a, um, adj. pretty 
whole [covered 

Integendus, a, um, part, to be 

Integer, gra, grum, adj. ior, comp. 
errimus, superl. entire, whole, 
untouched, safe, sound, strong, 
healthy, lusty, complete, fresh, 
new, innocent, upright, honest, 
chaste, unstained, uncorrupted, 

Intego, ere, xi, ctum, a. to cover, 
to thatch [newed 

Integrasco, ere, incep. to be re- 

Integratio, onis, /. a renewal 

Integratus, a, um, part, renewed, 

Integrfe, adv. ius, comp. errime, 
superl. entirely, wholly, up- 
rightly, honestly, sincerely 

Integritas, atis, /. integrity, up- 
rightness, honesty, sincerity, 
purity, chastity, continence, 
perfectness, soundness, healthi- 

Integro, are, a. to renew, to re- 
peat, to restore, to perfect 

Integumentum, i, n. a covering, a 
pretence, a disguise, a cloak 

Iatellectualis, e, adj. intellectual, 
belonging to the understanding 

Intellecturus, a, um, part, that 
will understand 

Intellectus, a, um, part, under- 
stood, perceived, known 

Intellectus., us, m. understanding, 
sense, discernment, a meaning 

Intelllgendus, a, um, part, to be 

Intelligens, tis, part, and adj. 
understanding, knowing, per- 
ceiving, intelligent, skilful, wise 

Intelllgenter, adv. intelligibly 

Intelligentia, m, f. understand- 
ing, sense, knowledge, art, skill 

Intelliglbilis, e, adj. intelligible 

Intelligo, ere, exi, ectum, a. to 
understand, know, or perceive, 
to discern, to be wise, or 
sensible, to mean 

Intem6randus, a, um, part, in- 

[ntemeratus, a, um, part, unde- 
nted, unviolated, unprofaned, 
holy, pure 

Intemperans, tis, adj. ior, comp, 
issimus, superl. intempeiate, 

Intempgranter, adv. ius, cow, 
issimus, superl. intempemtely, 
immoderately, excessive^ 




laternpgrantia, se, /. intempe- 
rance, excess, incontinence, in- 
solence, unjust, or disorderly 

Intemperate, adv. intemperately 

Intempgratus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. isslmus, superl. intempe- 
rate, excessive 

Intempgria, m, f. unseasonable- 
ness, a want of temper, violence, 

Intempgries, ei, /. unseasonable- 
ness, extremity, indisposition, 
a want of moderation, madness 

Iutempestas, atis, /. unseason- 
ableness, badness 

Intempestive, adv. unseasonably 

Intempestivus, a, um, adj. ior, 
cornp. unseasonable, unlucky 

Intempestus, a, um, adj. unsea- 
sonable, unwholesome 

Intendendus, a, um, part, to be 
bent [stretching 

Intendens, tis, part, bending, 

Intendo, gre, di, sum and turn, a. 
to intend, to design, to purpose, 
to direct, or carry, to extend, to 
hold, or stretch out, to stretch, 
or bend, to strain, to knot, or 
tie, to apply, or employ 

Intensio, onis,/. a bending 

Intensus, a, um, part, bent, in- 

Intentans, tis, part, stretching 
out, holding out, threatening 

Intentatio, onis, /. a menacing 
with something held out to 
strike, a threat 

Intentatus, a, um, part, pointed 
at, untried, unassayed 

Intente, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. attentively, diligently, 

Intentio, onis,/. an intention, or 
design, a purpose, or aim, at- 
tention, care, diligence 

Intento, are, a. to stretch out, to 
shake, to menace, or threaten, 
to charge upon, or tax at law 

Intentus, a, um, part, and adj. 
ior, comp. issimus, superl. 
stretched, bent, bent upon, in- 
creased, intent, attentive, exact 

Intentus, us, m. a stretching out 

Intgpeo, or Intepesco, ere, ui, n. 
to grow warm, to be warm 

Intgpescens, tis, part, growing 
Iflnter, prep, with accus. between, 
betwixt, in, within, at, whilst, 
above, before, in comparison 

Intersestuans, tis, part, hot by 

Intgranea, orum, pi. n. the en- 

Intgraneus, a, um, adj. of the guts 

Intgraresco, ere, incep. to be 
dried up [up 

Interblbo, fire, Itum, a. to drink all 

Iatercalaris, e, adj. put, or set be- 

Intercalarium, i, n. a time taken 
into the year [calary 

Intercalarius, a, um, adj. inter- 

Intercalatio, onis, /. a putting a 
day, or month between 

Intercalatus, a, um, part, de- 
layed, put off 

Inte'rcalo, are, a. to insert, to de- 
fer, to delay, to put off 

Intercapedo, Inis, /. an intermis- 
sion, a pause, or respite, a delay, 
an interval, or distance 

(ntercfidens, tis, part, interceding 

Intercedo, gre, essi, etsuiu, n. to 

intercede, to interpose, to come, 
go, pass, or be between, to op- 
pose, or withstand, to forbid, 
or put a negative, to put a stop 

Intercentus, us, m. the mean in 

Interceptio, onis, /. an intercep- 
tion, a stoppage, a forestalling 

Interceptor, oris, m. an inter- 
cepted a forestaller, an en- 
croach er 

Interceptus, a, um, part, inter- 
cepted, stopped, prevented, sur- 

Xntercessio, onis, /. an interces- 
sion, an interposition, a prohi- 

Intercessor, oris, m. an inter- 
cessor, a mediator, an opposer ' 

Intercessiirus, a, um, part, about 
to intercede, step in, oppose 

Iutercessus, us, m. interposition , 

Intercidendus, a, um, part, to be 
cut asunder 

Intercidens, tis, part, falling, lost 

Intercldo, ere, Idi, casum, n. to 
fall between, or out, to happen, 
to decay, to be lost, to perish, 
to be forgotten 

Intercido, ere, Idi, Isum, a. to cut 

Intercinctus, a, um, part, en- 
compassed, girded 

Intercino, gre, ui, entum, a. to 
sing between 

Interclpiendus, a, um, part, to be 

Intercipio, gre, cepi, ceptum, a. 
to intercept, to stop, to come 
upon unawares, to surprise 

Intercise, adv. by cuts, with short 

Interclsio, onis,/. a cutting off 

Interclsus, a, um, part, cut off, 
cut short, broken down, parted, 
abrupt, short 

Interclamo, are, re. to cry out 

Intercludendus, a, um, part, to be 
shut in, stopped 

Intercludo, ere, si, sum, a. to shut 
in, or up, to stop, to hinder, to 
prevent, to close, or conclude 

Interclusio, onis,/. a stopping 

Interclusurus, a, um, part, about 
to shut up 

Interclusus, a, um, part, shut in, 
or up 

Intercolumnium, i, n. the space 
between pillars 

Interconcllio, are, a. to procure, 
or win favour 

Interculco, are, a. to trample upon 

Intercurrens, tis, part, running 

Intercurro, gre, ri, sum, re. to run, 
or go between, to come in the 
mean time 

Intercursans, tis, part, running 
up and down [between 

Intercuso, avi, atum, a. to run 

Intercursus, us, m. a running 
between, or together, an inter- 

Intercus, utis, adj. lying between 
the skin and the flesh, secret 

Interdatus, a, um, part, inter- 
mixed [debarred 

InterdTcendus, a, um, part, to be 

Interdico, gre, ixi, ictum, a. to 
interdict, to forbid, to forbid, or 
charge straitly, to debar, to 

Interdictio, 6nis,/. a prohibition, 

Inteidictura, i, ». r.n infrTdict, a 

prohibition, an order, or injunc- 
Interdicturus, a, um, part, about 
to debar [debarred 

Interdictus, a, um, part.forbidden, 
Interdiu, adv. in the daytime 
Interductus, us, m. a stop, or th« 
fetching of one's breath is 
reading, or writing 
Interdum, adv. sometimes 
Intgrea, adv. in the mean while, 
in the interim, notwithstanding 
Intgremptio, onis, /. a killing, 


Intgremptor, oris, m. a murderer 

Interempturus, a, um, part, about 

to kill, or slay [slain 

IntSrembtus, a, um, part, killed, 

Intgreo, ire, Ivi and ii, Hum, re. to 

die, to perish, to cease, to be 

annihilated, or extinguished, to 

be slain, or destroyed, to bo 


Intergquitans, tis, part, riding 

Intgrgquito, are, re. to ride between 
Interfacio, gre, eci, actum, a. to 

work by fits, to set hand to 
Interfans, tis, part, interposing 
Interfatio, onis, /. a digression 
Interfatus, a, um, part, addressed 
Interfectio, onis, /. a killing, a 
- murder 

Interfector, oris, ret. a murderer 
Interfectrix, icis, /. a murderer 
Interfecturus, a, um, part, about 

to kill, or slay 
Interfectus, a, um, part, killed, 
slain [killed 

Interf iciendus, a, um, part, to be 
Interf icio, gre, feci, fectum, a. to 
kill, to slay, to murder, to de- 
stroy [die 
Interflo, gri, pass, to be slain, to 
Interfluens, tis, part, flowing be- 
Interfluo, gre, xi, xura, n. to flow, 

or run between, to pass over 
Interfluus, a, um, adj. running 
between [enter 

Interf6dio, gre, a. to dig into, to 
Interfoemineum, i, re. the groin 
Interior, ari, dep. to interrupt 

one speaking 
Interfringo, gre, egi, actum, a. to 

break, or burst in the midst 
Interfulgens, tis, .part, shining 
Interfuro, gre, n. to rage, or be 

Interfusus, a, urn, part, flying 

between, besprinkled 
Interfuturus, a, um, part, that is 

to be present 
Interggrium, i. re., the same 
Interjacens, tis, part, lying be- 
tween [tween 
Interjaceo, ere, ui, n. to lie be- 
Intgribi, adv. in the mean while 
Interjectio, onis,/. an interjection, 
an interposition, a parenthesis 
Interjectus, a, um, part, cast, put, 
or placed between, intervening 
Interjectus, us, m. a laying be- 
Interjlcio, gre, eci, ectnm, a. to 

cast, set, or place between 
Intgrim, adv. in the mean time, 

in the mean while, sometimes 

Intgrimendus, a, um, part, to be 

killed, or slain, to be rent away 

Intgrimo, gre, emi, ptum, a. to 

kill, or slay, to take away 
Intgrior, ius, adj. inner, 

deeper, nearer 
Intgrltio, onis,/. a perishing 




Intgrfturus, a, um, pari, about 
to perish 

Intgritus, a, um, part, killed, 
slain, dead 

Interitus, us, m. death, destruc- 
tion, ruin, utter decay, extinc- 
tion • [together 

Interjunctus, a, um, part, joined 

Interjungo, gre, xi, ctum, a. to 
join together, or between, to 
unyoke, to bait 

Intgrius, adv. comp. more in- 
wardly [tween 

Iuterlabens, tis, part, sliding be- 

Interlabor, i, psus, dep. to fall 
between [tween 

Interlateo, ui, n. to lie hid be- 

Interlggendus, a, um, part, to be 
gathered, or picked up here 
and there 

Interlino, fire, lini, Iivi, or levi, 
Ttum, a. to interline, to blot out 

Interlltus, a, um, part, interlined, 
blotted, blurred, daubed, effaced 

InterlOcutio, onis,/. an interposi- 
tion of speech, an ^interruption 

InterlOcutOrius, a, um, adj. inter- 

InterlOquor, i, cutus, dep. to in- 
terrupt in discourse, to deter- 
mine in part 

Interlucatio, onis, /. a lopping off 

Interlucatus, a, urn, part, lopped 
so that it may be seen through 

Interluceo, ere, xi, n. to shine 
between, to be conspicuous, to 
stand thin, and be seen through 

Interluco, are, a. to make a glade 
in the midst of a wood, to lop 
boughs [amongst 

Interludens, tis, part, playing 

Interludium, i, n. an interlude 

Interlunis, e, adj. moonless, dark 

Interlunium, i, n. the change of 
the moon, a conjunction of sun 
and moon 

Interluo, ere, ui, utum, a. to flow, 
or run between, to wash 

Interluvies, ei, /. a stream, a cur- 

Interluvium, i, n., the same 

Intermaneo, ere, si, sum, n. to 
abide, to continue 

Intermgdius, a, um, adj. inter- 
mediate, lying in the middle 

Intermenstruum, i, n. the new 
moon [mestris 

Intermenstruus, same as Inter- 

Intermeo, are, n. to go, pass, or 
flow through 

Intermestris, e, adj. belonging to 
the space between the old moon 
and the new [among 

Intermico, are, ui, n. to shine 

Intermtnatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
threatened, forbidden, unlimit- 

Intermino, are, n. to threaten 

lnterminor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
threaten, to charge, to forbid 

Intermlnus, a, um, adj. unbounded 

Intermisceo, ere, scui, stum, a. to 
intermingle, to intermix, to 
mix [sion 

Intermissio, onis, /. an intermis- 

Intermissurus, a, um, part, about 

to omit 
[ntermissus, a, um, part, left off, 
discontinued, omitted, standing 
asunder [ance 

Intermissus, us, m. a discontinu- 
Intermistus, and Intermixtus, a, 
um, part, mixed amongst, min- 
gled with 

Intermittendus, a, um, pari, to 
be omitted 

Intermittens, tis, part, ceasing 
for a time 

Intermitto, ere, isi, issum, a. to 
leave off, to lay aside, to throw 
up, to discontinue, to omit, to 

IntermOrior, i, tuus, dep. to die in 
the mean time, to die, to be for- 

IntermOritfirus, a, um, part, that 
shall die 

Intermortuus, a, um, part, half- 
dead, feeble, lifeless, heartless, 
forgotten, corrupt, naughty 

Intermundium, i, n. the distance 
between divers worlds 

Intermuralis, e, adj. that is be- 
tween two walls 

Internascor, i, natus, dep. to 
spring up 

Internatus, a, um, part, with dat. 
grown among, or between 

Interngcatus, a, um, part, killed, 

Interngcvnus, a, um, adj., and 
Intern eeivus, mortal, deadly, 
cruel, bloody 

Interngcio, onis, /. universal 
slaughter, utter ruin, great car- 
nage [struction 

Interngclve, adv. with utter de- 

Interngco, are, ui and avi, ectum 
and atum, a. to put all to the 

Internecto, gre, xui and xi, xum, 
a. to bind between, to inter- 

Interaldiflco, are, n. to build its 
nests among 

Internigrans, tis, part, blackish 

Internltens, tis, part, glittering 
among [among 

Interniteo, ere, ui, n. to shine 

Internodium, i, n. Internodius, i, 
m. the space between two 
knots, or joints, a knuckle 

Internosco, gre, novi, notum, a. 
to know amongst others, to 
discern, to distinguish 

Tnternuculus, i, m. a catamite 

Internuncia, «,, f. a female mes- 
senger [message 

Internuncio, are, a. to go on a 

Internuncius, i, m. a messenger 

Internundtnium, i, ».. the space 
of time between two nundinse 

Internus, a, um, adj. internal, in- 
ward, secret, private 

Int.gro, ere, trivi, Itum, a. to rub, 
grate, or crumble into 

Interpartio, Ire, a. to part be- 

Interpellans, tis, part, hindering 

Interpellate, onis,/. an interrup- 
tion [rupter 

Interpellator, Oris, m. an inter- 

Interpellatus, a, um, part, inter- 
rupted, disturbed, hindered 

Interpello, are, a. to interrupt, to 
disturb, to hinder, to demand, 
to require. Interpellare debito- 
rem, to enter an action against 
a debtor 

Interplicatio, 6nis, /. an inter- 
folding [tween 

InterplTco, are, a. to fold be- 

InterpOlatio, onis,/. a new dress- 

Interpolator, oris, m. a mender of 
old things, a vamper, a polisher 

InterpOlatrix, icis, /. the same 

Interpolatus, a, iim, fart, re- 
paired, furbished 

InterpOlis, e, adj. vamped up 

InterpOlo, are, a. t" interpolate, 
to insert, to mend, to vamp up. 
to repair, to renew 

Interponendus, a, um, part, to be 
put between, or intermixed 

InterpOno, gre, sui, situm, a. to 
interpose, to intermeddle, to 
put between, or in, to insert, to 

InterpOsltio, onis, /. an interpo- 
sition, an interlineation, an in- 
termixture [pose? 

InterpOsitus, a, um, part, inter- 

InterpOsitus, us, m. an interven- 

Interprgmo, ere, essi, essum, a. 
to press hard, to stop, or close 

Interpres, Stis, c. g. an inter- 
preter, an expounder, a trans- 
lator, a soothsayer, a mediator, 
a confident 

Interpretandus, a, um, part, to 
be interpreted [ing 

Interprgtans, tis, part interpret- 

Interprgtatio, onis,/. an interpre- 
tation, a translation, a con- 
jecture [preter 

Interpretator, Oris, m. an inter- 

Interprgtaturus, a, um, part. 
about to interpret 

Interprgtatus, a, um, part, inter- 
preted, expounded 

Interpretor, ari, atus sum, dep. 
to interpret, to expound, to ex- 
plain, to understand, to trans- 
late, to judge, to account 

Interpunctio, onis,/. a pointing 

Interpunctum, i, n. & point, or 
stop [ed 

Interpunctus, a, um, part, point- 

Interpungo, fire, xi, a. to point, 
to stop 

Interpurgo, are, a. to take away 
superfluous branches 

Interpfito, are, a. to prune away 
little branches 

InterquSror, i, estus sum, dep. to 
complain frequently 

Interquiescens, tis, part, resting 
between whiles 

Interquiesco, gre, evi, etum, n. »o 
rest between whiles 

Interrado, gre, si, sum, a. to 
scrape off, to thin 

Interrasilis, e, adj. filed, polished 

Interrasus, a, um, part, scraped, 

Interregnum, i, n. an interreign 

Interrex, egis, m. a regent, a 

Interritus, a, um, part, undaunted, 
undismayed, fearless, bold 

Interrogandus, a, um, part, to be 
asked [quiring 

Interrogans, tis, part, asking, in- 

Interrogatio, onis, /. an interro- 
gation, a question, an inquiry, 
a demand 

Interrogative, adv. interrogatively 

InterrOgatiunctila, se, /. a short 
question, or demand 

Interrogator, Oris, r/i.a demander, 
a catechist 

InterrOgatoria, pi. n. interroga- 

InterrOgatus, a, um, part, asked 

InterrOgo, are, a. to ask, to de- 
mand, to examine, to accuse, 
to argue 

Interrumpendus, a, um, part, to 

be interrupted, or broken in 

upon [ir.g 

| Intenumpens, tis, r-""'- interrupt 





Interrumpo, fere, rupi, ruptum, a. 
to interrupt, to disturb, to hin- 
der, to break off, or down 

Interrupts, adv. interruptedly, by 
stops [tion 

Interiuptio, onis,/. an interrup- 

lnterruptus, a, urn,- part, inter- 
rupted, hindered, stopped, bro- 
ken off, or down, parted, sepa- 

Interscalare, is, n. a ladder-staff 

Interscalmium, i, n. the space be- 
tween the oars of a galley, &c. 

Interscindo, fere, scldi, issum, a. 
to cut in the midst, to hew 

Interscribo, fere, psi, ptum, a. to 
write between, to interline 

Interseco, are, ui, ctum, a. to in- 
tersect, to cut in, to cut, to 
chop [tion 

Intersectio, onis, /. an intersec- 

Interseminatus, a, um, part, sown 
between, or amongst 

Intersepiens, tis, part, inclosing 

Intersepio, ire, psi, ptum, a. to 
fence about, to hem in, or in- 

Interseptum, i, n. the midriff 

Interseptus, a, um, part, fenced 
in, stopped up 

Intersferendus, a, um, part, to be 
planted among 

Intersferens, tis, part, alleging 

Intersfero, fere, sevi, Hum, a. to 
sow, set, plant, or graft between 

Intersfero, fere, ui, ertum, a. to put 
between, to intermix, to allege 

Intersertus, a, um, part, thrust in 
amongst, intermixed 

Intersistens, tis, part, resting be- 
tween whiles 

Iutersisto, stiti, fere, n. to rest, 
or stop between 

Intersitus, a, um, part, set, or 
put between, set, planted 

IntersSno, are, ui, n. to so and, to 
play [spersed 

Interspersus, a, um, part, inter- 

Intersplratio, onis, f. a breathing 
between, a fetching of breath 

Interspiro, are, a. to breathe be- 
tween, to vent 

Interstinctus, a, urn, part, divided, 
separated, parted 

Interstinguo, fere, nxi, netnm, a. 
to divide, to extinguish, to 
strangle [cation 

Interstitio, onis,/. a pause, a va- 

InterstTtium, i, n. an interval 

lnrerstratus, a, um, part, laid be- 

Imerstrfepo, fere, ui, ltum, n. to 
make a noise amongst others 

Interstringo, fere, xi, ictum, a. to 
strain hard, to squeeze close 

Interstruo, fere, uxi, uctum, a. to 
build together, to join, to unite 

Intersum, es, fui, esse, n. with 
dat. to be present, to be in the 
midst, to come between, to dif- 
fer, to assist 

Intertextus, a, um, part, woven, 

Intertinctus, a, um, part, spotted 
here and there, marked, dyed, 

Intertraho, fere, xi, ctum, a. to 
draw out from between, to take 
away all 

Intertrigo, Inis, /. a galling, a 
chafe-gall, an interfering in a 

Intertrlmentum, i, n. v.a;te, loss, 
damage, rcf\ se 

Interturbatio, Onis,/. a disturbing 

Interturbo, are, a. to trouble, to 
hinder, to interrupt, to spoil 

Intervacans, tis, part, left vacant, 
or empty 

Intervallum, i, n. an interval, a 
space, a distance, a break, a 

Intervello, fere, vulsi, a. to pluck, 
or pull here and there, or up 
and down 

Interveniens, tis, part, interven- 
ing, coming, running, flowing, 
or lying between, coming on, 
or unawares, interceding 

Intervenio, ire, veni, entum, n. to 
intervene, to come, or pass be- 
tween, to hinder, to prevent, to 
come unexpectedly upon, to 
surprise, to come in, t come in 
the mean while 

Interventio, onis,/. suretyship 

Interventor, oris, m. a visitor, an 
interrupter, a mediator, a 
surety, a broker 

Interventus, us, m. an interven- 
tion, an interposition, a surprise 

Interversor, ari, dep. to mix with 

Interversor, oris, m. an interloper, 
a smuggler 

Interversus, a, um, part, pilfered, 
embezzled, intercepted 

Interverto, ere, ti, sum, a. to turn 
aside, to convey away, to em- 
bezzle, to intercept 

Intervigllo, are, n. to wake often, 
to sleep only by fits 

Intervireo, ere, n. to be green 
among other colours 

Interviso, fere, si, sum, a. to visit, 
to go and see 

Intferula, se, /. a shirt, a smock, 
a waistcoat 

Intferulus, a, um, adj. inward, in- 

Interv5lito, are, n. to fly often 

Interv6lo, are, freq. to fly among 

IntervSmo, fere, ui, a. to vomit 
now and then 

Intestabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. that 
by the law can make no will, or 
.be taken for a witness, that 
cannot be attested, detestable, 
gelt, emasculated 

Intestat6, adv. without a will 

Intestatus, a, um, part, intestate, 
of no credit, not proved by 
witness, gelt 

Intestinum, i, n. an entrail, a gut 

Intestinus, a, um, adj. inward, 
hidden, privy, secret, deadly, 

Intexens, tis, part, interweaving 

Intexo, fere, ui, a. to interweave, 
to intermix, to embroider.weave, 
or knit, to plait, or fold, to 

Intextus, a urn, part, interwoven, 
embroidered, wrought, folded 

Intextus, us, m. an interweaving 

Intime, adv. intimately, heartily 

Intimo, are, a. to intimate, show 

Intimus, a, um, adj. superl. inti- 
mate, very familiar, very much 
beloved, best acquainted with, 
privy to, inmost, most inward 

Intinctio, onis, /. a dipping, a 

Intinctus, a, um, part, dipped, 
dyed, stained 

Intinctus, us, m. sauce 

Intingo, fere, nxi, nctum, a to 
dip, or steep, to dye, to colour 

Int&ltiabliis, e, adj. ior, eo,np. 

intolerable, that caunot be 
IntOlferabilltfer, adv. intolerably 
IntOlferandus, a, um, part, into- 
IntOlferans, tis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. unable to bear, 
impatient, ungovernable 
Intolerantfer, adv. immoderately 
Int6lferantia, ae, /. want of mode- 
Intolferantissimfe, adv. superl. 

most intolerably 
Intollo, ere, a. to raise, or set up 
IntSnans, tis, part, thundering 
upon [upon 

Intonatus, a, um, part, thundered 
Intondeo, fere, di, sum, a. to clip, 

shear, or shave round about 
Intono, are, ui, n. to thunder, to 
make a great noise, to speak 
Intonsus, a, um, part, undipped, 
uncut, unshorn, rough, un- 
Intorquendus, a, um, part, to be 

Intorquens, tis, part, throwing, 
hurling, turning, writhing, 
Intorqueo, ere, si, sum and turn, 
a. to throw, cast, or hurl, to 
turn, to writhe, to wrest 
Intone, adv. crookedly, intricately 
Intortio, onis, /. a curling, or 

Intortus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 

hurled, turned 
Intra, prep, with accus. within, in 
less than, not more than, not 
Intra, adv. within, on the inside 
Intrabilis, e, adj. that may be 

Intractabilis, e,~ adj. ior, comp. 

untractable, unmanageable 
Intractatus, a, um, part, un- 

handled, untamed, unbroken 
Intraho, fere, axi, a. to draw in 
Intrandus, a, um, part, to enter, 
to invade [entering 

Intrans, tis, part, entering in, 
Intransitivus, a, um, adj. intran- 
sitive [enter 
Intraturus, a, um, part, about to 
Intratus, a, um, part, entered 

into, entered 
Intratus, us, m. an entrance 
Iutremisco, fere, incep. to quake 
Intrfemo, fere, ui, n. to tremble, to 
quake, to shake [boldly 

Intrepldfe, adv. undauntedly, 
Intrfepldus, a, um, adj. undaunted, 

Intribuo, fere, a. to bestow 
Intricatfe,-a<Zu. intricately 
Intricatus, a, um, part, intricate 
Intrico, are, a. to inwrap, to fold 
Intrinsfecus, adv. within 
Intrita, ae,/. fine mortar, loam, or 
clay, caudle [hash 

Intritum, i, n. minced meat, a 
Intritus, a, um, part, broken, 
mashed, minced, steeped, cram- 
Intrd, adv. within, into a place 
Intro, are, a. to enter, to go, or 

get in, to pierce, to insinuate 
Introcedo, fere, n. to come in 
Introdiico, fere, uxi, uctum, a. to 

introduce, to carry, to lead 
Introductio, Onis,/. an introduc- 
tion fin 
Introductus, a, um, part, brought 
Introco, ire. ivi, iturn, n. to erter 




IntrOfgro, fers, tali, latum, a. to 

bear, or carry in 
Introgrgdior, i, essus, dep. to go in 
Introgressus, a, um, part, entered 

Introiens, euntis, part, entering, 

going in 
Introitus, us, m. an entrance, a 

beginning, an introduction 
Introlatus, a, um, part, carried in 
IntrOmissus, a, um, part, let in, 

IntrOmitto, fire, misi, issum, a. to 

let in, to suffer, to enter, or 

iome in, to admit, to introduce 
Introrsum, or Introrsus, adv. 

Introrumpo, gre, riipi, upturn, n. 

to break, or rush in, to enter by 

Introspector, Oris, m. he who 

looks in [into 

Introspectus, a, um, part, looked 
introspiciendus, a, um, part, to 

be viewed, or examined 
Introspicio, fire, spexi, ectum, a. 

to look into, to view, to consider 
IntrOvocatus, a, um, part, called in 
I ntrovOco, are, a. to call in 
Intrudo, fire, si, sum, a. to in- 
trude, to encroach, to thrust in 
Intubaceus, a, um, adj. of endive 
Intubum, i, n. endive 
Intuendus, a, um, part, to be con- 
Intuens, tis, part, looking on, be- 
holding, observing, regarding, 

Intueor, eri, itus, dep. to look 

upon, or at, tobehold, to regard, 

to consider, to take heed 
Intuitus, a, um, part, having 

looked upon, beheld, considered 
Intuitus, tis, m. a beholding, a 

Intiimeo, fire, ui, n. to swell, to 

be swelled, or puffed up 
Intftmescens, tis, part, swelling, 

puffing up, rising 
Intfimeseo, fire, incep. to begin to 

swell, to be puffed up 
Intumiilatus, a, um, part, un- 

Intuor, i, utus and uitus, dep. to 

look upon, to behold 
Inturbatus, a, um, part, undis- 
turbed [peaceable 
Inturbidus, a, um, adj. quiet, 
Intus, adv. within, in, at home, 

inwardly, from within, into the 

Intutus, a, um, adj. unsafe, unsure 
Intjrbum, i, n. endive 
Invadeudus, a, um, part, to in- 
vade, or be invaded 
Invado, gre, si, sum, a. to invade, 

to attack, to fall, or come upon, 

to seize upon, to go 
Inv&leo, ere, ui, n. to grow strong, 

or into use, to be in health, to 

Invalescens, tis, part, prevailing 
luvalesco, fire, n. to prevail, to 

increase [sickness 

Invaletudo, inis,/. indisposition, 
Invalide, adv. feebly, faintly 
Invalidus, a, um, adf. ior, comp. 

isslmus, superl. feeble, weak, 

infirm, crazy, sick, faint 
Invasurus, a, um, part, about to 

invade, or seize up 
Imiber, gris, adj. ill-fed, poor, 

Invectio, onis, /. an importation, 

an inveighing, a course 

Invectttius, a, um, adj. brought in, 

Invectus, a, um, part, carried, or 
brought in, imported, inveigh- 

Invectus, us, m. a bringing in 

Invghendus, a, um, part, to bring, 
or to be brought in 

Invghens, tis, part, carrying in, 
conveying, railing at, riding 

Invgho, gre, exi, ectura, a. to 
carry, or bring, to bring in, or 
upon, to import, to convey 

Invendibilis, e, adj. unsaleable 

Invenditus, a, um, part, unsold 

Invgniendus, a, um, part, to be 

Invenio, ire, veni, entum, a. to in- 
vent, to contrive, or devise, to 
discover,- to find out, to find, to 
meet with, to get 

Inventio, onis, /. invention, a 
thought, an inventing, or find- 
ing out 

Inventiunciila, se, /. a small device 

Inventor, oris, m. an inventor, a 

Inventrix, icis, /. a deviser 

Inventum, i, n. an invention, a 
device [find 

Inventurus, a, um, part, about to 

Inventus, a, um, part, invented, 
discovered, found out, gotten 

Inventus, us, m. an invention, 
a discovery 

Invenuste, adv. unseemly 

InvSnustus, a, um, adj. unhand- 
some, unbecoming, unhappy 

Inverecunde, adv. without shame 

Inverecundia, x,f. impudence 

Inverecundus, a, um, adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. immo- 
dest, impudent 

Invergens, tis, part, inclining, 
pouring in, or upon 

Invergo, gre, n. to incline ; a. to 
slip, to pour in, or upon 

Inversio, onis, /. an inversion, a 
misplacing of words, or matter 

Inveisuree, arum, pl.f. turnings 

Inversus, a, um, part, inverted, 
turned, changed, altered 

Inverto, gre, ti, sum, a. to invert, 
to turn upside down, to turn in, 
up, or out, to turn, to change 

Investigabilis, e, adj. not to be 
found out. 

Investigandus, a, um, part, that 
is to be searched, sought, or 
found out 

Investigatio, Onis, /. an investiga- 
tion, a disquisition, a searching 

Investigator, Oris, m. a searcher 
out, an examiner 

Investigatus, a, um, part, investi- 
gated, searched, sought out 

Investlgo, are, a. to seek, or 
search out, to trace, or find out, 
to inquire, to examine 

Investio, ire, ivi, itum, a. to in- 
vest, to adorn, to clothe, to en- 
robe [pure 

Investis, e, adj. naked, unclothed, 

Investitura, a?, /. an investiture 

Investitus, a, am, part, clad, un- 

Invgtgrasco, gre, incep. to grow 
old, obsolete, or out of use, to 
grow incurable, to be confirmed 

Invgtgratio, onis,/. inveteracy 

Invgtgratus, a, um, part, invete- 
rate, grown old, of long con- 

Invgtgro, are, a. to keep till it be 
old, or stale ; n. to endure, to be 
of long continuance 
Invgtltus.a, um, part, unforbidden 
Invlcgm, adv. one another, each 
other, by turns, in turn, mutu- 
ally, on the other side 
Invictus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. unconquercd, 
unsubdued, unwearied, invin- 
Invidendus, a, um, part, to be 

envied, or coveted 
Invidens, tis, part, envying 
Invldentia, ae, /. envy, a repining 
Invideo, ere, idi, Isum, a. and n. 
to envy, grudge, spite, or bear 
ill-will, to hate, to deny 
Invidia, ae, /. envy, grudging, 

spite, malice, ill-will, hatred 
InvidiOse, adv. iu.s, comp. invidi- 
InvidiOsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. envious, spite- 
ful, malicious, hateful, odious, 
Invidus, a, um, adj. envious, 

Invigilatio, Onis, /. a careful, or 

diligent watching 
Invigilo, are, n. to watch dili- 
gently, to take great heed 
Invincibilis, e, adj. invincible 
Invincibilitgr, adv. invincibly 
Invitilabilis, e, adj. inviolable 
Inviolate, adv. inviolably, faith- 
InviOlatus, a, um, part, unviolat- 
ed, uninjured, untouched, un- 
broken, inviolate, unhurt 
Invisens, tis, part, beholding 
Invisibilis, e, adj. invisible 
Invisitatus, a, um, part, not visit- 
ed, unusual 
Invisito, are, frea. to visit often 
Invlso, gre, a. to view, to visit 
Invisor, oris, m. he that envies 
Invisus, a, um, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. unseen, 
hated, hateful, odious 
Invltabilis, e, adj. alluring 
Invltamentum, i, n. an attraction 
Invitandus, a, um, part, to in- 
vite, or be invited [ing 
Invitans, tis, part* inviting, entic- 
Invitatio, Onis, /. an invitation, 
an inducement, an allurement, 
a treat 
Invltator, oris, m. he that invites 
Invltatus, a, um, part, invited, 

bidden, allured, enticed 
Invltatus, us, m. an invitation 
Invitg, adv. iiis, comp. isslme, 

superl. against one's will 
Invito, are, a. to invite 
Invitus, a, um, adj. issimus, superl. 
unwilling, reluctant, forbidding, 
by constraint 
Invius, a, um, adj. unpassable, 

Inula, ae, /. elecampane 
Inultus, a, um, part, unrevenged, 
unpunished, unhurt [ing 

Inumbrans, tis, part . overshadow- 
Inumbratio, Onis, /. a shadowing 
Inumbrator, Oris, m. he that por 
„ trays 

Inumbratus, a, urn, part, shaded 
Inumbro, are, a. to cast a shadow 
„ upon, to shade, to preserve 
Inuncatus, a, um, part, caught 
Inunco, are, a. to catch, to hook; 
„ to entangle 

Inunctio, Onis,/. an anointing 
lnunctor, oris, m. he that anoiuts 




Inanclus, a, uro, pari, anointed, 

Tnundans, tis, part, overflowing 
lnundatio, onis, /. an inundation, 

an overflow, a flood, a deluge 
Inundatus, a, um, part, over- 
flowed, overrun 
lnundo, are, a. to overflow, deluge, 

or cover with water 
Inungendus, a, um, part, to be 

Jnungo, ere, xi, cturn, anoint 
lnunguem, a hair's breadth 
Inunio, ire, a. to unite, or make 
one [rally 

Jnuniversilm, adv. wholly, gene- 
InvOcans, tis, part, calling upon 
InvOcatio, onis,/. an invocation 
Inv&catus, a, um, part, invoked, 
called upon, unbidden, unin- 
InvOco, are, a. to invoke, to call 
in, upon, or for, to call, or 
name, to implore 
Involatus, us, m. a flying on 
InvOlito, are, freq. to fly about 
InvOlo, are, n. to fly in, into, upon, 

or at, to fly, to seize upon 
InvOlucer, cris, ere, and InvQ- 
lucris, ere, adj. unable to fly, 
unfledged, callow 
Inv6lucre, is, n. a shaving-cloth 
Involucrmn, i, n. a wrapper, a 

Involvendus, a, um, part, to be 

involved, or hidden 
Involvens, tis, part, involving, 

covering, concealing 
Involuntarius, a, um, adj. in- 
Involvo, ere, vi, latum, a-, to in- 
volve, to infold, to fold, or wrap 
up, to entangle, to cover, or 
Inv6lute, adv. closely, covertly 
lnv61utio, onis,/. an infolding 
InvOlutus, a, um, part, issimus, 
superl. wrapt up, covered, in- 
Involvulus, i, m. a vinefretter 
1 nurbane, adv. unmannerly, rudely 
Inurbanus, a, um, adj. ungenteel, 

rude, clownish 
Inurens, tis, part, scorching 
Jnurgeo, ere, a. to urge, to push 
Inurino, are, n. to wash as geese 
Inuro, 6re, ussi, ustum, a. to burn 
in, up, or to ashes, to mark, to 
brand, to imprint, to fix upon 
Inusitate, adv. unusually, strange- 
Tnusitat&, adv., the same [ly 

tnusitatus, a, um, adj. unusual, 
uncommon [brand 

Jnusturus, a, um, part, about to 
Inustus, a, um, part, seared, 
branded [use 

Inusus, us, m. a want of use, dis- 
Inutilis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. useless, unprofitable, 
good for nothing 
FnutllTtas, atis, /. inutility, un- 
Tnuii!!ter,nA' unprofitably, vainly 
Invulgo, are, a. to publish, or 
blaze [able 

InvulnCrabllis, e, adj. invulner- 
Invulngratus, a, um, part, un- 

16, inter j. a cry of joy, oh ! 
Ion, i, n. a violet, a gem 
lota, n. indecl. the letter j, a jot, 

a tittle, the least thing that is 
Ipse, a, um, pron, I, thou, he, she, 
flie same, his ownself, he 


Ipsgniet, pron. he himself 
Ipsisslmus, a, um, adj. even the 

very same 
Ira, ae, /. anger, wrath, rage, 
passion, resentment, displea- 
sure, a quarrel, a falling out 
Iracunde, adv. in anger, spitefully 
Iracundia, a?, /. passion, wrath, 

Iracunditer, adv. angrily 
liacundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
passionate, hasty, snappish, 
angry, boisterous 
Irascens, tis, part, being angry, 

Irascor, i, atus, dep. to be angry, 

moved, or displeased 
Irate, adv. ius, comp. angrily, in 

Iratus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. angry, displeas- 
ed, provoked, enraged, agitated 
Tricolor, oris, adj. of all colours 
Irinus, a, um, adj. of a flower- 
Iris, idis, /. a rainbow, a flower- 
de-luce, a stone, the circle be- 
tween the white and the apple 
of the eye [speech 

Ironia, ae, /. irony, a figure in 
Ironice, adv. ironically, jeeringly 
Iionicus, a, um, adj. ironical 
Irpex, icis,/. a rake, a harrow 
Irradiatio, onis,/. an irradiation 
Irradiator, oris, m., and Irradia- 
trix, Icis, /. he, or she that gives 
Irradio, are, a. to shine upon, to 

brighten, to enlighten 
Irrasus, a, um, part, unshaven, 
unpolished [able 

Irrationabilis, e, adj. unreason- 
Irrationalis, e, adj. irrational . 
Irraucesco, gre, rausi, incep. to 

grow hoarse 
IrrScupSrabllis, e, adj. irrecover- 
able [revived 
Irrgdlvrvus, a, um, adj. not to be 
Irrgdux, ucis, adj. from which one 

cannot safely return 
Irrefragabilis, e, adj. irrefragable 
Irrgfutabilis, e, adj. not to be 

Irregularis, e, adj. irregular 
Irregularitas, atis,/. irregularity 
Irregulariter, adv. irregularly 
Irrgligatus, a, xnn, part, unbound, 

IrrelTgiose, adv. irreligiously 
Irreligiosus, a, um, adj. irreligi- 
ous, iudevout 
Irremeabilis, e, adj. from which 
one cannot return [able 

Irremgdiabilis, e, adj. irremedi- 
Irremissibllis, e, adj. irremissible 
Irremotus, a, xim,part. unremoved 
Inemungrabilis, e, adj. not to be 

Irrgparahilis, e, adj. irretrievable 
Irreparabillter, adv. irrecoverably 
Irrgpertus, a, um, part, not found 
Irrepens, tis, part, creeping in 
Irrepo, £re, psi, ptum, n. to creep, 
or steal in, to steal into, or 
Irrgposcibilis, e, adj. that cannot 

be demanded back 
Irrgprehensibiiis, e, adj. irreprc- 

Trrgprehensus, and Irrgprensus, 
a, um, part, blameless, harm- 
less, just 
Irrepto, are, freq. to creep in by 
little and little, to steal into, to 

Inequies, etis, adj. restless 

Iir6 quietus, or Inrgquietus, a, 

um, adj. troubled, disturbed 

Irrfisectus, a, um, part, not cut, 

or pared [loosed 

IrrgsSlubilis, e, adj. not to be 

Irrgsolutus, a, um, part, never 

Iirestinctus, a, um, part, un- 

Irretio, ire, Ivi, itum, a. to en- 
tangle, to ensnare, to allure 
Irretltor, oris, m. an ensnarer 
Irretitus, a, um, part, ensnared, 
involved [fixed 

Irrgtortus, a, um, part, unmoved, 
Irrgvgrens, tis, part, irreverent 
Irrgvgrenter, adv. irreverently 
Irrgvgrentia, ae, /. irreverence, 


Irrgv6cabilis, e, adj. ior, comp. 

irrecoverable, that cannot be 

recalled [same 

Irrevocandus, a, um, part., the 

Irrgvocatus, a, um, part, not to 

be called back, or recalled 
Irrgv61utus, a, um, part, unopened 
Irrldendus, a, um, part, to be de- 
rided [Log 
Irrldens, tis, part, deriding, jeer- 
Irrideo, ere, si, sum, a. to deride, 

to mock, to scoff, to jeer 
Irridiculg, adv. unpleasantly, 

Irridiculum, i, n. a laughingstock 
Irrigandus, a, um, part, to water, 

to be watered 
Irrlgatio, onis,/. a watering 
Irrigator, oris, m. a waterer 
Imgatus, a, um, part, watered, 

Irrigo, are, a. to water, to bedew, 
to moisten, to soak, to diffuse 
itself over 
Irrigua, drum, pi. n. streams 
Imguus, a, um, adj. watered, 

wet, moist, watering, soaking 
Irripio, gre, a. to hurry in 
Irrlsio, onis,/. derision 
Irrisor, oris, m. a derider, a sccrner 
Irrisus, a, um, part, derided, 

Irrisus, us, m. derision, mockery 
Irritabilis, e, adj. irritable, wasp- 
Irritamen, Inis, n., and Irrita- 
mentum, i, n. an incitement, or 
Irritandus, a, um, part, to be 

Irrltans, tis, part, provoking, ex- 

• citing 
Irritatio, 5nis, /. a provoking, a 
provocation, a desire, an appe- 
Imtator, Sris, m. a provoker 
Irritatus, a, um, part, and adj. ioi, 
comp. enraged, provoked, angry 
Irrlto, are, a. to irritate, to en- 
rage, to provoke, to vex, to stir 
Irritus, a, um, adj. void, vain, in 

vain, of no effect 
Irrogandus, a, um, part, to be 

Irrogatio, onis, /. an infliction 
Irrftgator, oris, m. he that imposes 
Irrogatus, a, um, part, imposed, 

enjoined, laid, or set upon 
IrrOgo, are, a. to inflict, to im- 
pose, to lay, or set upon, to 
ordain [sprinkled 

Irrorandus, a, um, part, to be 
Irrorans, tis, part, besprinkling 
Irroratio, Onis,/. a beaewiiig 




Irroresco, fire, incep. to grow 

moist with dew 
Irroro, are, a. to bedew, to sprin- 
kle, to wet 
Irriibeo, ere, n. or Irrubesco, ere, 

to be, or grow red 
Irructo, are, n. to belch 
Irruens, tis, part, rushing in, or 

Irrugatio, Snis, /. a wrinkling 
Irriigo, are, a. to make wrinkled 
Irrumatio, onis,/. a sur.king 
Irrumator, oris, m. he that sucks 
Irrumo, are, a. to suck, or suckle 
Irrumpens, tis, part, rushing in, 

blustering, boisterous 
Irrumpo, ere, rupi, upturn, n. to 

break, rush, or hurry into 
Irruo, 6re, ui, utum, n. to rush 
in, or upon, to rush into, or 
Irruptio, onis,/. an irruption 
Irr upturns, a, um, part, about 
to break, or rush in [firm 

Irruptus, a, um, part, unbroken, 
Irtiola, ae,/. a kind of vine 
Is, ea, id, pron. he, she, it, the 

same, that, such 
Is&goge, es,/. an introduction 
Isagogicum, i, n. a book teaching 
the first principles of some art 
Isce, pron. in gen. ejusce, even he 
Ischias, adis,/. the sciatica 
Ischium, i, n. the hip 
Isfilasticus, a, um, adj. of games 
in which the victor was much 
exalted [sausage 

Isicium, i, n., or Insicium, a 
Isosceles, is, n. a triangle of equal 
Istac, adv. that way [sides 

Istactenus, adv. thus far forth 
Iste, ista, istud, pron. this, that, 

Isthic, isthaec, isthoc, or isthuc, 

pron. the selfsame, this same 
Isthic, and Istic, adv. in that 

place, there, in that affair 

Isthinc, adv. from thence 

Isthmiacus, and Isthmius, a, um, 

adj. belonging to a narrow 

strait, or to the Isthmian games 

Isthmos, Isthmus, i, m. a neck of 

land betwixt two seas 
IstiusmSdi, adj. indecl. of the 

same sort, such as 
Ist6, adv. thither, to that place 
Ist6c, adv. this way, on this hand 
Istorsum, adv. thitherward 
Istuc, adv. thither 
Ita, adv. so, even so, such, so far 
forth, yes, in such sort, by that 
. means, in, or on that condition 
(taque, conj. therefore 
Item, adv. also, likewise, in like 

manner, again 
Iter, itineris, n. a journey, a voy- 
age, a march, a walk, a going 
along, a passage, a road, a way, 
a highway, a path 
Iterandus, a, um, part, to be 
■ repeated 

Itgratio, onis, /. a reiteration, a 
„ repetition 
It6rat6, adv. again, the second 

Iterator, oris, m. a repeater 
Itfiratus, a, um, part, repeated 
Itero, are, a. to reiterate, to re- 
peat, to do, say, tell, or pass 
over again, to begin again 
ItCrum, adv. again, a second time 
U5dem, adv. likewise, in like 

ftlnerarium, i, n. an itinerary, a 
journal, a day's marcli 

Itingrarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to a journey [ney 

Itmeror, ari, dep. to take a jour- 

Itio, onis,/. a going, a walking, a 


Ito, z.xe,freq. to go often, or much 

Iturus, a, um, part, ready to go, 
or fall, about to go, or depart 

Itus, us, m. a going 

lulus, i, m. the down of fruit, 

Ixia, ae,/. mistletoe 

Jacens, tis, part, lying, lying 
down, along, or dead, situated, 
being afflicted, dejected, poor, 
Jaceo, ere, ui, n. to lie, to lie 
down, along, or at length, to 
lie sick, or dead, to be slain, or 
destroyed, to perish, to be fallen, 
or sunk, to be disregarded, or 
neglected, to live obscurely, to 
be still, or calm, to be heavy, or 
Jaciendus, a, um, part, to be 

cast, &c. 
Jaciens, tis, part, casting, throw- 
ing, flinging, laying 
Jacio, ere, jeci, j actum, a. to cast, 
to throw, to fling, to hurl, or 
shoot, to cast, or throw away, 
to lay, place, or put, to speak, 
or utter, to publish 
Jaclturus, a, um, part, about to 

lie, &c. 

Jactabundus, a, um, adj. tossing, 

boasting [tossed 

Jactandus, a, um, part, to be 

Jactans, tis, part, and adj. ior, 

comp. tossing, shaking 
Jactanter, adv. ius, comp. boast- 
ingly [glory 

Jactantia, ae, f. a boasting, vain- 
Jactatio, onis, /. a tossing, a 
shaking, a motion, or action, a 
casting, or throwing, a boasting 
Jactator, oris, m. a boaster 
Jactatrix, Icis,/. she that boasts 
Jactatus, a, um, part, tossed, 
tossed, or driven about, trou- 
bled, waved, canvassed, dis- 
puted [tering 
Jactatus, us, m. a tossing, a flut- 
Jactitans, tis, part, boasting 
Jactitatio, onis,/. a vain boasting 
JactXtator, oris, m. a boaster 
Jactito, are, freq. to cast, or toss 
Jacto, are, freq. to toss, to shake, 
to move, or thrcjw about, to 
cast, throw, or fling, to emit, 
or send forth, to utter, to pub- 
lish, or spread, abroad, to brag, 
or boast, to canvass, or debate, 
to revolve 
Jactuosus, a, um, adj. boasting 
Jactura, ae,/. a loss by shipwreck, 
or the throwing of goods over- 
board in a storm, any loss, or 
damage, a charge, expense 
Jactus, a, um, part, thrown, cast, 
hurled, cast in, scattered, sown, 
Jactus, us, m. a throw, cast, or 
hurl, a throwing overboard, 
a draught [cast 
Jaculabilis, e, adj. that may be 
Jaciilans, tis,part. darting, throw- 
ing [casting 
Jaculatio, onis, /. a darting, or 

Jaicxilator, oris, m. a darter, 5 

Jaculatrix, icis,/. she that shoots 

a huntress 
Jaculatus, a, um, part, darted, 

thrown, shot 
Jact'clatus, us, m. a casting, a 

Jaculor, ari, dep. to dart, to throw, 
to cast, to shoot, to throw out, 
to hunt after, to pursue 
Jaculum, i, n. a dart, a javelin 
Jaculus, i, m. a kind of serpent 
Jam, adv. now, at this time, at 
present, just, or even now, im- 
mediately, presently, ere long, 
besides, furthermore 
Jamdudum, adv. long ago, already 
Jampridem, adv. some while since 
Janitor, oris, m. a porter, a guar- 
Janitrix, icis, /. a female porter 
Janua, ae,/. a gate, an entrance 
Januarius, i, m. the month Ja- 
JScur, Oris, or in6ris, n. the liver 
JScusculum, i, n. dint, a little 

Jejunatio, onis,/. fasting 
Jejunator, oris, m. a faster 
Jejune, adv. ids, comp. coldly, 

slenderly, weakly, barely 
Jejunitas, atis, /. emptiness, po- 
verty, barrenness 
Jejunium, i, n. fasting, hunger, 

a fasting-day 
Jej-uno, are, n. to fast 
Jejunum, i, n. the empty gut 
Jejunus, a, um, adj. fasting, emp- 
ty, greedy, craving, hungry, dry, 
bare, barren, poor 
Jentaculum, i, n. a breakfast 
Jento, are, n. to break one's fast 
Jocabundus, a, um, adj. jesting, 

JOcaliter, adv. in jest, merrily 
J6cans, tis, part, jesting 
JOcatio, onis,/. a jesting, raillery 
JQcatus, a, um, part, jesting 
JOcor, ari, atus sum, dep. to joke, 

to jest 
Jocose, adv. ius, comp. hi jest, 
merrily [ful 

J6cosus, a, um, adj. jocose, cheer- 
Joculabundus, a, um, adj. jesting 
J6culans, tis, part, jesting, sport- 
J6cularia, orum, pi. n. bracelets 
J5cularis, e, adj. jocular, amusing 
J6culariter, adv. jocosely, merrily 
Jocularius, a, um, adj. jocular 
Jftculator, oris, m. a jester, a droll 
J6culatorius, a, um, adj. merry, 
droll [trick3 

J6ciilor, ari, dep. to jest, to show 
Joculus, i, m. a little jest, a low 

Jdcundus, a, um, adj. pleasant 
Jocus, i, m. a joke, a jest, sport, 
fun, raillery, banter, a pleasant, 
or witty speech 
Juba, ae, /. a mane, feathers in a 
cock's neck, crests in a snake's 
Jiibar, aris, n. a sunbeam, a ray 
. of light, reflected brightness, a 

lustre, a blaze, splendour 
Jiibatus, a, um, adj. having a 

mane, crested 
Jubens, tis, part, commanding 
Jubeo, ere, ussi, ussum, a. to bid, 
order, or command, to charge, 
to appoint, decree 
Jiibilatio, onis, /. a shouting foi 


Jubllo, are, a. to shout for joy 
Jiibtlum, i, n. a joyful shout 
Jucunde, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. pleasantly, merrily, glad- 
Jucundltas, atis, /. pleasantness, 
sweetness, cheerfulness, mirth 
Jucundus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. pleasant, sweet, 
delightful, agreeable 
Jiidaicus, a, um, adj. Jewish 
Jiidaismus, i, m. Judaism 
Judaizo, are, n. to Judaize 
Judex, Icis, c. g. a judge, a go- 
vernor, a valuer, or weigher of 
Jiidicans, tis, part, judging 
Judicatio, onis, /. a judging, a 

case of judgment 
Judicata, adv. advisedly 
J fidicatorium, i, n. a judicatory 
Judlcatrix, icis,/. she that judges 
Jiidicatum, i, n. a sentence, a de- 
cree 4 
Judicaturus, a, um, part, about 

to judge, or decree 
Judicatus, a, um, part, judged, 

esteemed, accounted, settled 
Judicatus, us, m. judgment 
Judicialis, e, adj. judicial 
Judiciarius, a, um, adj. judiciary 
Judicium, i,n. judgment, opinion, 
thought, understanding, dis- 
cernment, choice, considera- 
tion, a trial, a suit, a determi- 
nation, a verdict 
Judico, are, a. to judge, deem, 
think, or suppose, to judge, or 
conceive of, to determine, to 
declare, to give, or pass sen- 
tence, to condemn 
Jugalis, e, adj. that is yoked, nup- 
tial, conjugal 
Jugalis, is, m. a coach-horse 
Jugamentum, i, n. a band, or 

Jugandus, a, um, part, to be 

Jugavius, i, m. he that yokes, or 

drives the plough 
Jugatio, onis,/. a yoking 
Jugatorius, a, um, adj. yoked 
Jugatus, a, um, part, joined, 

coupled together 
Jugeratim, adv. acre by acre 
J user, jugeris, n. an acre 
Juggrum, i, n. an acre 
Jugis, e, adj. continual, perpetual 
Tugiter, adv. continually, always 
Juglans, dis,/. a walnut 
Jiigo, are, a. to yoke, to join, to 
couple, to marry, or give in 
Jiigo, 6re, n. to cry like a kite 
Jugosus, a, um, adj. full of ridges, 

J ft gala, se,/. Orion's throat, a star 
Jugulandus, a, um, part, to be 

killed, or slain 
Jilgularis, e, adj. jugular 
Jugiilatio, onis, /. a killing, a 

Jugulator, oris, m. a slayer 
Jugulatus, a, um, part, killed, 
slain, slaughtered, strangled, 
han ged 
Jugulo, are, a. to kill, to slay, to 
butcher, to cut the throat, to 
stab, to spoil, to mar 
Jugulum, i, n. and Jugulus, i, m. 
the throat, the neck, the wind- 
pipe, the neckbone 
Jfigum, i, n. a yoke, subjection, 
bondage, slavery, the top, or 
ridge of a mountain 


Jugumentum, i, n. the lintel of a 

Julius, a, um, adj. of July 
Julius, i, ni. the month of July 
Jumentarius, a, um, adj. that be- 
longs to cattle 
Jumentum, i, n. a labouring beast, 
a horse [rushes 

Juncetum, i, n. a place of bul- 
Junceus, a, um, adj. of, made of, 

or like bulrushes, slender 
JuncTdus, a, um, adj. the same 
Juncinus, a, um, adj. of a bulrush 
Juneosus, a, um, adj. full of bul- 
rushes [gether 
Junctlm, adv. jointly, close to- 
Junctio, 5nis,/. a junction 
Junctura, a;,/, a joining, or coupl- 
ing together, an union, a joint, 
a composition [join 
Juncturus, a, um, part, about to 
Junctus, a, um, i art. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. joined, coupled, 
united, married, associated 
Juncus, i, m. a bulrush 
Jungendus, a, um, part, to be 

Jungens, tis, part, joining 
Jungo, gre, nxi, nctum, a. to join, 
to yoke, to couple, to marry, to 
add, to associate, to set 
Junior, ius, adj. comp. younger 
Jumperus, i,/. the juniper- tree 
Junius, i, m. June 
Junix, Icis,/. a heifer 
Jupiter, jSvis, m. the heaven, the 

Juramentum, i, n. an oath 
Jurandum, i, n. an oath 
Jiirans, tis, part, swearing 
Juratissimus, a, um, adj. sworn, 

assured, approved, trusty 
Jurat6, adv. with an oath 
Jurator, oris, m, a swearer, a 

Juratus, a, um, part, having 
sworn, sworn, sworn to be kept 
Jure, abl. and adv. by right, 

J urea, ae,/. a dumpling 
Jurejuro, are, a. to swear 
Jureus, a, um, adj. pottage-like, 

Jurgamen, Inis, n. a chiding 
Jurgans, tis, part, chiding, quar- 
relling [noise 
Jurgatio, onis, /. a chiding, a 
Jurgator, oris, m. a chider, a 

Jurgiosus, a, um, adj. brawling 
Jurgium, i, n. a chiding, or brawl- 
ing, a quarrel, strife, a lawsuit 
Jurgo, are, a. to chide, scold, or 

Jurldicalis, e, adj. juridical 
jQiidicina, pi. n. courts of ex- 
Jundicus, a, um, adj. of the law 
Jurldlcus, i, m. a judge 
Jurisconsultus and Jureconsultus, 
i, m. a lawyer, a counsellor at 
Jurisdictio, 5nis, /. jurisdiction, 
power, or authority to deter- 
mine what is law, executive 
power in trying 
Jurisperitus, i, m. one skilful in 

the law 
Jurisprudens, tis, m. a lawyer 
Jiirispiudentia, ae,/. jurisprudence 
Juro, are, a. to swear, to take an 

oath, to conspire 
Jiimlentus, a, um, adj. full of 
juice, or liquor, stewed in broth 
J us, juris, a. justice, equity, right, 


honesty, reason, law, an ordi. 
nance, or statute, a court 

Jusculum, i, n. dim. broth, gruel 

Jusjurandum, jurisjurandi and 
jusjurandi, ». a solemn oath, an ] 
oath [charge 

Jussum, i, n. a command, a 

Jussurus, a, um, part, about to 
order, command 

Jussus, a, um, part, ordered, com- 
manded, appointed 

Jussus, us, m. an order, a com- 
mand, a charge 

Justa, orum, pi. n. funeral rites, a 
daily, or ordinary task, a dim 
rate, proportion 

Juste, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. justly, lawfully, up- 

Justif icatio, onis,/. justification 

Justif ico, are, a. to justify 

Justif Icus, a, um, adj. that dot.V 

Justitia, se, /. justice, integrity 
uprightness, righteousness, clc 

Justitium, i, n. vacation, a stoy 

Justd, adv. than just, or meet 

Justus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. just, right, ine'er, 
proper, reasonable, equitable, 
due, deserved, lawful, honest, 
upright, righteous 

Juvamen, Inis, n. help, assistance 

Jdvandus, a, um, part, to be 
helped, or assisted 

Juvans, tis, part, helping 

Jtivaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Jiivgnalia, ium, pi. n. games, or 
feasts for the exercise of youth 

Juvenca, a?,/, a heifer 

Juvenculus, i, m. a little young 

Jilvencus, a, um, adj. young 

Juvencus, i, m. a bullock, or steer, 
a young man, &c. 

Jiivgnescens, tis, part, growing 
young, sprouting forth 

Juvgnesco, gre, incep. to grow 
young, to grow wanton, or play- 
ful, to frisk 

Juvenilis, e, adj. ior, comp. ju 
venile, youthful 

Juveniliter, adv. youthfully 

Juvgnis, e, adj. young 

Juvgnis, is, c. g. a young man, or 

Juvgnor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
play a youthful part, to wanton 

Juventa, ae, /. youth, young age 

Juventas, atis, /. youth, the god- 
dess of youth 

Juventus, utis, /. youth, young 
people, courage, the goddess of 

Juvo, are, iivi, Gtum, a. to help, 
assist, succour, favour, or ease, 
to do good, to profit 

Juxta, prep, with accus. nigh, by, 
near, near to, hard by, toward, 
next after 

Juxta, adv. even, alike, all one, a« 
well one as the other 

Juxtim, adv. nigh, or near to, 

Kalendse, or Calends, arum, pi. 

f. the calends of a month 
Kalendarium, i, n. or Calendarius, 

i, m. a calendar, an almanack 




Lagans, tis, part, tottering, waver- 
ing, drooping, giving away, 
ready to yield, or fly 

Labarum, i, n. the royal, or im- 
perial standard, a flag 

Labasco, gre, incep. to fail, to 
sink, to give way, to be ready 
to fall 

LSbascor, i, dep. the same 

Labda, a?, m. a vile catamite 

L.ibecula, ae,/. a little stain 

Labef&cio, ere, feci, factum, a. to 
make to totter, or ready to fall, 
to weaken, to loosen, to shake, 
to frighten, to discourage 

L&bgfactandus, a, um, part, to be 
staggered, shaken, &c. 

Labgfactatio, onis,/. a loosening 

Labgfactator, oris, m. an under- 

Labgfactatus, a, wm,part. weaken- 
ed, wasted, tottering, shaking, 
ready to revolt 

Lftbgfactio, onis,/. a loosening 

Labefacto, are, a.freq. to weaken, 
to loosen, to stagger, to shake, 
to undermine 

Labefactus, a, um, part, weaken- 
ed, loosened, tottering, giving 
way, diminished, decayed 

Labgf'Io, fieri, n. pass, to be 

Labellum, i, n. a little lip, a lip, a 
little vat used in baths to wash 
in, a term of endearment 

Labens, tis, part, sliding, gliding, 
running, passing on, or away, 
falling, falling to decay, de- 
clining, fainting 

Labeo, onis, m. one blubber-lip- 
ped, a fish 

Labes, is, /. a spot, a stain, or 
blemish, a dash, or blot, a fault, 
guilt, shame, dishonour, dis- 
credit, disgrace 

Labia, ae,/. a lip 

Labidus, a, um, adj. slippery, 
slabby ground [pery 

Labllis, e, adj. apt to slip, slip- 

Labiosus, a, um, adj. full-lipped 

Labium, i, n. a lip, a thick, or 
lower lip 

Labo, are, wanting pret. n. to 
totter, to be ready to drop 
down, or out, to waver, to hesi- 
tate, to droop, to flag 

Labor, labi, lapsus sum, dep. to 
slide, or glide, to fly, to float, 
to fluctuate, to sail, to run, to 
run, or trickle down, to pass 
on, or away, to fall 

Labor and Labos, oris, m. labour, 
pains, exercise, toil, fatigue, 
hardship, difficulty, trouble, 
concern, anxiety, distress 

Laborandus, a, um, part, to 

Laborans, tis, part, labouring, 
oppressed, sick 

Laboratus, a, um, part, well 
wrought, formed, or done with 
rare [taking 

Lahorffer, 6ra, grum, adj. pains- 

Laboriose, adv. ids, cornp. issime, 
superl. painfully, hardly, with 
much ado 

Laboiiosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, supeW.laborious, pains- 
taking, toilsome, wearisome, 

Lftboro, are, a. and n. to labour, 

to work, to take pains, to strive, 

or endeavour, to make, or forge, 

to be puzzled, or perplexed 
Labos, oris, m., same as Labor 
Labosus, a, um, adj. slippery, 

Labrosus, a, um, adj. having great 

lips, or brims like lips 
Labrum, i, n. a lip, a brink, or 

brim, a bathing-tub, a bath, a 

vat, a cistern 
Labrusca, se, /., and Labruscum, 

i, n. the wild Tine 
Laburnum, i, n. a shrub 
Labyrinthaeus, a, um, adj. of a 

Labyrinthus, i, m. a labyrinth, a 

maze, any thing difficult 
Lac, ctis, n. milk, the breast, the 

juice of herbs, the soft pulp of 

figs, &c. 
Lacca, ae, /. a swelling on the 

shinbone of draught cattle 
Lacer, fira, grum, adj. tearing, 

rending, torn, rent, mangled, 

maimed, shattered, disabled, 

dishevelled, scattered [torn 
Lacgrabilis, e, adj. that may be 
Lacgrandus, a, um, part, to be 

rent, or torn to pieces 
Lacgrans, tis, part, tearing, rend- 
ing, tearing in pieces 
Lacgratio, onis, /. a tearing, a 

Lacgrator, oris, m. he that tears 
Lacgratus, a, um, part, torn, 

Lacerna, ae, /. a riding-coat, a 

cloak, a cassock, cowl, or hood 
Lacernatus, a, um, adj. cloaked 
Lacgro, are, a. to tear, to rend, to 

tear, or pull in pieces, to de- 
stroy, to spend riotously 
Lacgrosus, a, um, adj. ragged, 

rent [fish 

Lacerta, ae, /. a lizard, a newt, a 
Lacertosus, a, um, adj. strong, 

Lacertus, i, m. an arm, strength, 

force, a lizard, a fish 
Lacessendus, a, um, part, to be 

provoked, or injured 
Lacessens, tis, part, provoking, 

Lacessiturus, a, um, part, about 

to attack, or abuse 
Lacessitus, a, um, part, provoked, 

exasperated, attacked 
Lacesso, gre, ivi and i, Itum, a. to 

disturb, to trouble, to tease, to 

importune, to ask, or request, 

to challenge, to provoke, or 

push on, to encourage, to attack 
Lachanisso, are, n. to be feeble, 

or faint 
Lachanum, i, n. a potherb 
Lachryma, ae, /. a tear, a drop, 

the dropping of a tree 
Lachrymabllis, e, adj. to be be- 
wailed, lamentable 
Lachrymabundus, a, um, adj. 

ready to weep 
Lachrymandus, a, um, part, to 

be wept, or lamented 
Lachrymans, tis, part, weeping, 

Lachrymatio, 6nis,/. a weeping, a 

dropping of moisture 
Lachrymator, oris, m. he that 

weeps [led 

Lachrymatus, a, um, part, distii- 
Lachrymo, are, n., and Lachrj- 

mor, ari, weep, to lament, 

to distil 
Lachrymose, adv. weepingly 

Lachrymosus, or Lacr?m5sus, a, 
um, adj. full of tears, weeping, 
sad, doleful, mournful 

Lachrymula, ae, /. dim. a little tear 

Lacinia, ae,/. the flap, or hem of a 
garment, a jag, or rag, a sepa- 
rate fold 

Laciniafim, adv. by pieces 

Laclniatus, a, um, part, hemmed, 
folded, plaited 

Laclniosg, adv. jaggedly 

Laciniosus, a, um, adj. full of 
plaits, crumpled, jagged 

Lacio, gre, a. to allure, to decoy 

L&conicum, i, n. a hothouse, a 

Laconicus, a, um, adj. Lacede- 
monian, laconic, short and pithy 

Laconismus, i, m. a short way of 

Lacryma, same as Lachryma 

Lactans, tis, part, milch, giving 
milk, or suck 

Lactantia, um, pi. n. white meats 

Lactaria, ae,/. milkweed 

Lactarium, i, n. a dairy-house 

Lactarius, a, um, adj. made of 
milk, giving milk, milch 

Lactarius, i, in. a dairyman, a 

Lactatus, us, m. a suckling 

Lacte, is, n. milk 

Lactens, tis, part, sucking, having 
milk, made of milk, milky 

Lacteo, ere, n. to suck milk, to 
suck [fair 

Lacte&lus, a, um, adj. milkwhite, 

Lactes, ium,/. the small guts, the 

Lactesco, gre, incep. to become 
like milk, to have milk 

Lacteus, a, um, adj. of, or like 
milk, milky 

Lacticinia, same as Lactantia 

Lactic&lor, oris, same as Lacteus 

Lacto, are, a. to suckle, to allure, 
to deceive 

Lactuca, ae,/. a lettuce [tuce 

Lactuciila, ae, /. dim. a little let- 

Lacuna, ae, / a ditch, a puddle, a 
drain, any little hole, or hollow 
place, a defect 

Lacunar, aris, n. a ceiled roof, 
arched, or fretted 

Lacunatus, a, um, part, wrought 
with fretwork, made hollow 

Lacuno, are, a. to work with fret- 
work, to pit [ditches 

Lacunosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Lacus, i and us, m. a lake, or 
standing pool, a vat, a cooler 

Lacusculus, i, m. a little lake, or 

Lftcuturris, is,/, a cauliflower 

Laedens, tis, part, hurting, in- 

Laedo, gre, si, sum, a. to hurt, to 
wound, to injure, to infect, to 
violate, to offend, to trouble 

Laelaps, is, m. a dog's name, Swift 

Lama, ae, /. a cloak, or mantle, a 
rough frock, a frieze-cassock 

Laesio, onis, /. a hurting, or an- 

Laesura, ae, /. hurt, loss 

Laesurus, a, um, part, about to 
hurt, or injure 

Laesus, a, um, part, hurt, wound- 
ed, rent, torn [joyous 

Lactabilis, e, adj. glad, joyful, 

Laetabundus, a, um, very merry 

Laetamen, inis, a. compost, ma- 

Lwtandus, a, um, part, to be e- 
joiced at 

G 3 




Laetans, tis, part, rejoicing 
Laetanter, adv. gladly, joyfully 
Laetatio, onis,/. merriness 
Laetatus, a, um, part, having re- 
joiced, rejoicing 
Laete, ius, issime, adv. merrily, 

cheerfully, abundantly 
LaetlfTcans, tis, part, making glad 
Laetifico, are, a. to exhilarate 
Lcetiflcus, a, um, adj. that makes 

Laetitia, ae,/. gladness, joy, mirth, 

abundance, fruitfulness 
Laetor, ari, atus sum, dep. to be 

glad, joyful, or merry, to rejoice 
Laetus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issl- 

mus, superl. glad, joyful, joyous, 

rejoicing, merry, cheerful, plea- 
sant, delightful, brisk, lively, 

swift, willing, welcome 
Laeva, ae,/. the left hand 
Lsevandus, a, um, part, to be 

made smooth 
Laevatior, us, adj. made smoother 
Laeve, adv. dully, heavily 
Laevigatio, onis, /. a smoothing, 

or planing [ing 

Laevigatorius, a, um, adj. smooth- 
Laevigatus, a, um, part, smoothed 
Lzevigo, are, a. to smooth, to 

plane, to polish 
Laevis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 

superl. smooth, plain, even, 

sleek, soft, bare, bald 
Laevitas, atis, /. smoothness, 

plainness, evenness, sleekness, 

Laevo, are, a. to smooth [ness 
Laevor, oris, m. smoothness, soft- 
Laevus, a, um, adj. left, on the 

left side, foolish, silly, unlucky, 

inconvenient [fritter 

Laganum, i, n. a thick cake, a 
Lagena, ae,/. a flagon, a bottle 
L&gois, is, /. a bird with flesh like 

a hare [hares 

LagotrSphium, i, n. a warren of 
Laguncula, ae, /. a little flagon 
Laicus, a, um, adj. laic 
Lalcus, i, m. a layman 
Lalisio, onis, m. a foal of a wild ass 
Lallo, are, n. to sing lullaby 
Lallus, i, m. a lullaby 
Lama, ae, /. a slough, a bog, a 

Lambens, 'tis, part, licking 
Lambero, are, a. to tear in pieces, 

to mangle 
Lambo, ere, bi and bui, bltum, a. 

and n. to lick with the tongue, 

to lap, to touch softly, to run 
Lamella, ae, /. a little thin plate 
Lamentabilis, e, adj. lamentable 
Lamentarius, a, um, adj. causing 

Lamentatio, 6nis,/. lamentation 
Lamentatus, a, um, part, lament- 
Lamentor, ari, dep. to lament, to 

bewail, to bemoan, to weep 
Lamentum, i, n. a lamentation, a 

bemoaning, a shriek 
Lamia, ae,/. a hag, a witch 
Lamina, ae, f.,and Lamna, a plate, 

or thin piece of metal, a bar, or 

ingot of gold, or silver 
Lamlnosus, a, um, adj. having 

Lamium, i, n. dead-nettle 
Laranilla, ae,/. dim. a little plate 
Lamosus, a, um, adj. lull of 

LamnSda, ae,/. tame as Lampas 
Lampadias, ae, mi. a comet 
Lampas, adis, /. a lamp, a torch, 

a fiery meteor, light, bright- 

Lampsana, as,/, corn-salad 

Lampurus, i, m. a dog's name? 

Lana, ae, /. wool, hair, down, 
moss, cloth 

Lanaria, ae,/. fuller's weed 

Lanaris, e, adj. that bears wool 

Lanarius, a, um, adj. of wool 

Lanarius, i, m. a clothier, a draper 

Lanata, ae,/. a sheep, an ewe 

Lanatus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
woolly, bearing, or like wool, 
mossy [a pike 

Lancea, ae, /. a lance, a javelin, 

Lancearius, i, m. a pikeman 

Lanceatus, a, um, part, armed 
with a lance 

Lanceola, ae, /. a little lance, or 

Lancmans, tis, part, tearing 

Lancinatio, onis,/. a lancing 

Lancinator, oris, m. he that 

Lancinatus, a, um, part, lanced, 

Lancino, are, a. to lance, to 
thrust through, to rend 

Lancula, ae, /. a small balance 

Lanea, ae,/. flesh-shambles 

Lanestris, e,'adj. of wool 

Laneus, a, um, adj. woollen, made 
of wool 

Languefacio, fere, a. to weary 

Languens, tis, part, languishing, 

Langueo, ere, gui, n. sup. want- 
ing, to languish, to be sick, or 
faint, to droop, or flag, to fade 

Languescens, tis, part, languish- 

Languesco, ere, incept, to grow 
languid, to become dull, to 

Languide, adv. ius, comp. faintly, 
feebly, without spirit, a little 

Languidule, adv. somewhat faintly 

Languldulus, a, um, adj. some- 
what faint, fading, or short 

Languidus, a, um, adj. languid, 
faint, feeble, weak, weakened, 
decayed, faded, slow, spirit- 

Languificus, a, um, adj. causing 

Languor, oris, m. a languor, faint- 
ness, feebleness, weakness, wea- 
riness, a want of spirit, dulness 

Laniandus, a, um, part, ready to 
be torn, or cut in pieces 

Lanians, tis, part, tearing, or cut- 
ting in pieces 

Laniarium, i, n. a slaughterhouse 

Laniatio, onis,/. a slaughter, car- 

Laniator, oris, m. he that tears 

Laniatus, a, um, part, torn in 
pieces, torn, rent, shattered 

Laniatus, us, m. a tearing to 
pieces, a butchering, a quar- 

Lanlcium, i, n. a woollen, or cot- 
ton manufacture 

Laniena, ae,/. the flesh-shambles, 
the butchery, the trade of but- 
chery, havoc [wool 

Lanlfer, era, um, adj. bearing 

Lanlfica, ae,/. a spinster 

Lanif Icium, i, n. the art of making 
cloth, spinning 

Laniflcus, a, um, adj. clothwork- 
ing, spinning 

Laniger, fira, um, adj. bearing 

Lanio, onis, m. r butcher 

LSnio, are, a. to tear, or pull in 

pieces, to tear, to butcher, to 

cut up 
Lanionius, a, um, adj. of a 

Lanipendia, ae,/ a spinster 
Laaista, ae, m. a fencing-master 
Lanistatura, ae, /. the office of a 

Lauius, i, m. a butcher 
Lanosus, a, um, adj woolly 
Laniiginosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

downy, soft like wool 
Lanugo, Inis,/. down on the face, 

on birds, on fruit 
Lanula, ae,/. a small lock of wool 
Lanx, cis, /. a charger, a deep 

dish, a platter, a scale, a lance 
Lapathus, i, /. and Lapathum, i, 

n. a dock 
L&picida, ae, m. a stonecutter, a 

LSpicIdina, ae, /. a quarry 
Lapidarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to stones 
Lapidarius, i, m. a lapidary, a 

L&pldatio, Snis, /. a stoning, a 
throwing of, or covering with 
stones [stones 

Lapidator, oris, m. a thrower of 
Lapidatus, a, um, part, stoned 
Lapidesco, 6re, incep. to petrify, 

to grow as hard as stone 
Lapldeus, a, um, adj. stony, full 
of stones, made of stones, of 
Lapido, are, a. to throw stone--, 
to stone to death, to cover with 
Llpidosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

stony, full of stones, hard 
Lapillus, i, m. a little stone, a 

Lapis, idis, m. a stone, a pebble, a 

precious stone, a gem, a mile 
Lappa, ae,/. a bur, a clot-bur 
Lappaceus, a, um, adj. of a bur 
Lappago, inis, /. shepherd's rod, 

a teazle 
Lapsabundus, a, um, adj. ready 

to fall 
Lapsana, ae,/. wild coleworts 
Lapsans, tis, part, slipping, slid- 
Lapsio, onis,/. a trip, or fall 
Lapso, are, freq. to slip often, 
to trip [fall 

Lapsurus, a, um, part, ready to 
Lapsus, a, um, part, slipping, 
sliding, gliding, running, or 
trickling down, falling, de- 
scending, winding, fallen 
Lapsus, us, m. a sliding, a gliding, 

a slip, or fall, a mistake 
Laqueans, tis, part, ceiling, arch- 

Laquear, aris, n. and Laqueare, is, 

a ceiling done with fretwork 
Laqueatus, a, um, part, ensnared, 

roofed, ceiled, arched, vaulted 
Laqueo, are, a. to ensnare, to 

halter, to roof, to ceil 
Laqueus, i, m. a snare, a trap, a 

gin, a noose, a halter, a trick 
Lar, laris, m. a household-god, 

the fireside, a dwelling-house, 

one's home 
Larbason, i, n. antimony 
Lardum, or Laridum, i, n. lard, 

Large, adv. ius, comp. issime, 

superl. plentifully, abundantly 
Largiens, tis, part, giving, be 





I argYffcus, a, una, adj. liberal 
Largitiuus, a, urn, adj. flowing 

LargllOquus, a, um, adj. talkative 
Larg-ior, Iri, Itus sum, dep. and 
Largio, ire, a. to give liberally, 
to give, to bestow, to grant 
J Largitas, atis, /. largeness, bounty 
Largiter, adv. game as Large 
Largitio, onis,/. a largess, a gift, 

a bribe, bribery 
Largitor, oris, tn. a liberal giver, 

a briber 
Largltus, a, um, part, having 

given, or bestowed, granted 
Largltus, adv. same as Large 
Largus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issT- 
mus, superl. large, great, plen- 
tiful, generous, liberal, profuse, 
Larix, Icis,/. the larch-tree 
i Larva, ae, /. a visor, or mask, a 
spirit, a ghost, a phantom, a 
t scarecrow 

' Larvalis, e, adj. like a ghost, 
ghastly, dismal, frightful 
Larvatus, a, um, part, disguised, 

masked, frighted with spirits 
Larvo, are, a. to put on a mask 
Larus, i, m. a seamew, or gull 
Lasanum, i, n. a chamber-pot, a 

close-stool for men 
Lascive, and Lasciviter, adv. wan- 
Lasclvia, ae, /. wantonness, lust- 
fulness [ton 

Lasclvlbundus, a, um, adj. wan- 
Lasclviens, tis, part, playing the 
wanton, sporting, frisking, &c. 
Lascivio, ire, ivi, Itum, n. to be, 
or to play the wanton, to grow 
wanton, to frisk about 
Lascivus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
isslmus, superl. wanton, frolic- 
some, sportive, gamesome, frisk- 
ing, skittish 
Laser, Sris, n. benzoin, assafoetida 
Laserpitiatus, a, um, adj. mixed 

with benzoin 
L&serpitium, i, n. benzoin 
Lassatio, onis,/. a weariness 
Lassator, oris, m. he that wearies 
Lassatus, a, um, part, wearied, 
tired [weary 

Lassesco, e"re, incep. to grow 
Lassltudo, Inis,/. lassitude, wea- 
riness, laziness 
Lasso, are, a. to weary, to tire, 

to jade 
Lassulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

Lassus, a, um, adj. weary, tired, 
jaded, spent, worn out, faded, 
faint, ill 
Lata, se,/. a lath 

Late, ius, isslme, adv. abroad, far 
abroad, wide, far and wide, in 
many places, amply 
Latebra, ae, f. a lurking place, a 
den, a covert, a shelter, a re- 
treat, a disguise, a cloak, a pre- 
Latgbrlc6la, ae, com. gen. a lurcher 
Lat6br6se, adv. privily, closely 
Latgbrosus, a, um, adj. full of 

hiding-places, or dens, dark 
Latens, tis, part, lying hid, secret 
Latenter, adv. secretly, privately 
Lateo, ere, ui, Itum, n. to lie hid, 
or concealed, to be unknown, 
or concealed, to lurk, to skulk, 
to abscond 
Later, ens, m. a briek, a tile 
Lateralis, e, adj. belonging to the 


Lateramen, Inis, n. an earthen 
pot, or jug for wine 

Latgrani, orum, pi. m. yeomen of 
the guard 

Latgraria, ae, /. a brick-kiln 

LatSrarius, a, um, adj. of the 

Laterarius, a, um, adj. (from 
later) belonging to a brick 

Laterciilum, i, n. a slate, or mus- 

Laterculus, i, m. a little brick, or 
tile, a muster-roll, a list, a cake 

Latgritius, a, um, adj. made of 
bricks, or tiles 

Laterna, ae,/. a lantern 

Latemarius, i, m. alantern-bearer 

Laterniila, ae,/. a little lantern 

LatSrones, um, pi. m. yeomen of 
the guard 

Lateruncularia, ae, /. a chess- 
board, a pair of tables 

Latesco, fire, incep. to grow broad 

Latesco, 6re, incep. to begin to be 

Latex, icis, to. liquor, or juice, 
spring-water, water, a spring, 
or fountain 

Lathyr, is, m. the herb spurge 

Latibulo, are, n. to lurk, to skulk, 
to hide oneself 

Latibiilum, i, n. a cave, a den, a 

Laticlavius, a, um, adj. senatorian 

Laticlavius, i, tn. a senator 

LatlfSlius, a, um, adj. board- 

Latlfundium, i, n. common ground 

Latine, adv. in Latin 

Latlnitas, atis, /. Latin, the pro- 
priety of that language 

Latio, onis,/. a bearing, or carry- 
ing, a giving, or making of 

Latitabundus, a, um, adj. lying 
hid, skulking [ing 

Latttans, tis, part, lying hid, lurk- 

Latitatio, onis, /. a lurking 

Latitator, oris, m. a lurker 

Latito, are, n. to lie hid, to 

Latltudo, Inis,/. latitude, breadth, 
width, extent 

Latius, adv. comp. wider 

LatSmiae, arum, pl.f. quarries of 
stone, a prison 

Latomus, i, m. a mason 

Lator, oris, m. a bearer, a porter, 
a messenger, a maker, or giver 
of laws 

Latrans, tis, part, barking, roar- 
ing, craving 

Latratio, onis,/. a barking 

Latrator, oris, m. a barker 

Latratus, a, um, part, barked at, 

Latratus, us, m. a barking, a cry- 
ing, bawling, a railing 

Latrina, ae, /. a privy, the sink of 
a house, a washhouse 

Latro, are, n. and a. to bark, to 
bark at, to open as hounds, to 
roar, to bawl 

Latro, onis, m. a robber, a high- 
wayman, a cut-throat, a raven- 
ous creature, a soldier 

Latrocinatio, onis,/. a robbing 

Latvoclnator. oris, m. a robber 

Latroclnium, i, n. robbery, plun- 
der, fraudulent dealing 

Latrocinor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
rob on the highway, to rob, to 

Latrunc&larivp, a, um, adj. of 

Latrunculator, Sris, m. a justice 
a judge, a provost-martial 

Latrun cuius, i, m. a little thief, a 
tableman, or chessman 

Latum, sup. to bear, or suffer 

Laturarius, i, tn. a carrier, a 

Latura, ae,/. a fare, sufferance 

Laturus, a, um, part, about to 
bear, or receive 

Latus, a, um, part, borne, carried, 
passed, made, appointed, pub- 

Latus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. broad, wide, large, 
spacious, extensive 

Latus, Sris, n. a side, the waist, a 
companion, a kindred, a cli- 
mate, an earnestness in speak- 

Latusclavus, i, m. a garment with 
purple studs, senatorship 

Latusculum, i, n. dim. a little 

L&vacrum, i, n. a bath, a font 

Lavandula, ae, /. lavender-spike 

Lavandus, a, um, part, to be 

Lavans, tis, part, washing 

Lavatio, onis, /. a washing, a bath 

Lavator, oris, m. a washer 

Lavatrlna, ae,/. same as Latrina 

Lavatrix, icis,/. a laundress 

Lavaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Laudabllis, e, adj. ior, comp. com- 
mendable, praiseworthy 

Laudabiliter, adv. commendably 

Laudandus, a, um, part, to be 

I^audans, tis, part, praising, com- 

Laudatio, onis, /. a commenda- 
tion, thanks 

Laudativus, a, um, adj. commen- 

Laudator, oris, m. a praiser, a 

Laudatrix, icis,/. a commender 

Laudaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Laudatus, a, um, part, and adj. 
praised, commended 

Laudo, are, a. to praise, to com- 
mend, to quote, to bring 

Laver, 6ris, n. water-parsley 

Lavo, are and 6re, lavi, antiq. 
lavavi, lautum, lotum and lava- 
tum, a. to wash, to wash away, 
to bathe, to besprinkle 

Laurea, ae,/. a laurel, a crown, er 
garland of laurels 

Laureatus, a, um, adj. crowned, 
or adorned with laurels 

Laureola, ae,/. a wreath of laurel, 
a smaller triumph 

Lauretum, i, n. a laurel- grove 

Laureus, a, um, adj. of laurel, or 

LaurlcOmus, a, um, adj. full of 
bay trees at the top 

Laurlfer, £ra, um, adj. that bears, 
or wears bays 

Laurlger, gra, um, adj. that wears 
a garland of laurel 

Laurinus, a, um, adj. of bays, 
made of laurel 

Laurus, i and us, /. a laurel, or 
bay tree 

Laus, dis, /. praise, laud, com- 
mendation, boast, glory, re- 
nown, reputation, a good name 

Laute, adv. ius, comp. finely, 
nobly, magnificently, neatly 

Lautia, oruiu, pi. n. or Lautiic, 




arum, pl.f. presents bestowed 
by the Romans on foreign am- 

Lautltia, ae,/. fineness, daintiness 

Lautulae, arum, pl.f. hot baths 

Lautumarius, or Lauttlmiarius, i, 
m. a gaol 

Lautiimiae, same as Latomiae 

Lautus, a, urn, part, washed, 

Lautus, a, urn, adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus, superl. fine, elegant, noble, 
magnificent, splendid, sump- 
tuous, costly 

Laxamentum, i, n. a relaxation, 
or remission, ease, leisure, re- 

Laxandus, a, um, part, to be en- 

Laxans, tis, part, loosening, en- 

Laxatio, onis,/. a widening 

Laxatus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
loosened, released, freed, ex- 

Laxe, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. loosely, largely, far off 

Laxttas, atis, /. looseness, ex- 
pansion, largeness 

Laxo, are, a. to loosen, to slacken, 
to release, to free, to set at 
liberty, to open, or unlock, to 
enlarge, to dilate 

Laxus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. loose, slack, un- 
bent, unstrung, open, large, 
widfi, spacious 

Lea, ae, /. a lioness, a colewort 

Leaena, ae, /. a lioness 

Leberis, idis, /. a serpent's cast 
skin, a slough 

L£bes, etis, rn. a cauldron, a ket- 
tle, a pot 

Lecte, adv. issime, superl. choicely 

Lectlca, ae, /. a litter, a chair, a 

Lectlcari&la, ae,/. a common slut 

Lectlcarius, i, m. a chairman 

Lectlcula, ae, /. a litter, a little 
sedan, a little couch 

Lectio, onis,/. a reading, a lesson, 
a choice, a gathering 

Lectisterniator, oris, m. a bed- 

Lectisternium, i, n. a covering of 
the table, a spreading of a 
funeral banquet 

Lectltatus, a, um, part, read 

Lectito, are, freq. to read, or ga- 
ther often 

LectiuncOla, ae,/. a short lesson 

Lector, oris, m. a reader, a re- 

Lectula, ae, /. a little bed, a nest 

Lecttilus, \,m. a little bed, a couch 

Lectura, ae, /. a lecture, a read- 

Lecturus, a, um, part, about to 
read, or gather 

Lectus, a, um, part, read, gather- 
ed, selected, chosen 

Lectus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issl- 
mus, superl. choice, fine, ex- 
cellent, gallant 

Lectus, us, m. a choice 

Lectus, i, m. a bed, a marriage- 
bed, a couch 

Lecjthus, i, d. g. a cruise, a vial 

I.egalis, e, adj. legal, lawful 

Legarium, i, n. pulse 

Legatarius, a, um, adj. belonging 
to an ambassador 

Legatarius, i, m. a legatee 

Leeatio, 6nis, /. an embassy, • 

Legatlvum, i, n. an ambassador's 
allowance, charges 

Legator, oris, m. a testator 

Legatum, i, n. a legacy, or bequest 

Legatus, a, um, part, appointed, 
assigned, bequeathed, left 

Legatus, i, m. a legate, an ambas- 
sador, a lieutenant, a deputy 

L?gendus, a, um, part, to be 
read, gathered, or chosen 

Legens, tis, part, reading, gather- 
ing, coasting, or passing by 

Leglbllis, e, adj. legible 

Legicrepa, ae, m. a talker, or 
boaster of the law 

Leglfer, 6ra, um, adj. making laws 

Legio, onis, /. a legion consisting 
of ten cohorts, a great number 

Lggionarius, a, um, adj. legionary 

Legionatlm, adv. by legions 

Leglrupa, ae, m. a breaker of laws 

Legislator, oris, m. a lawgiver 

Legisperitus, i, m. a lawyer 

Legitime, adv. lawfully 

Legltlmus, a, um, adj. lawful, 
legal, just, right, meet, proper, 
allowable, complete 

Lggiuncula, ae, /. dim. a small 

Lego, are, a. to send as an am- 
bassador, &c. to send, or dis- 
patch, to intrust 

LSgo, ere, legi, lectum, a. to read, 
to gather, to choose, to steal 

Leguleius, i, m. a young solicitor 

Legulus, i, m. a gatherer 

Lggumen, Inis, n. pulse 

Lggumentum, i, n. pulse 

Legumlnarius, i, m. a seller of 
pulse [pulse 

Lgguminosus, a, um, adj. full of 

Lema, ae, /. a white humour, or 
matter in the eye 

Lembulus, i, m. a small bark 

Lembunculus, i, m. dim. a little 

Lembus, i, m. a pinnace, a bark, 
a smack, a fishing-boat 

Lemma, atis, n. an argument, a 
subject, a title 

Lemniscatus, a, um, part, adorn- 
ed with ribands, or silk strings 

Lemniscus, i, rn. a riband, a cock- 
ade, a label 

Lem6nium, i, n. wild beet 

LSmures, um, pi. m. ghosts, 

Lena, ae,/. a bawd 

Lendix, Icis,/. a maggot 

Lene, adv. softly, gently 

Leniandus, a, um, part, to assuage, 
or be assuaged 

Lenimen, Inis, n. an ease, an as- 
suagement, a mitigation, a com- 

Lenimentum, i, n. ease • 

Lenio, ire, a. to ease, to assuage, 
or mitigate, to allow, appease, 
lessen, or diminish, to soften, 
to stop, to tame, to polish, or 
make smooth 

Lenis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. soft, gentie, easy, mild, 
calm, tame, pleasant, good- 

Lenltas, atis,/. lenity, indulgence, 
softness, mildness 

Lenlter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. softly, gently, mildly ' 

Lenltudo, Inis,/. gentleness, mild- 

Lenltus, a, um, part, assuaged, 

Leno, onis, m. a pimp, a pander 

LOnociniuin, i, n. the practice of 

bawdi y, enticement, alluring 
Lenocinor, ari, dep. to play the 
bawd, to wheedle, entice, decoy, 
or trepan 
Lenonius, a, um, adj. of a bawd 
Lens, dis,/. a nit 
Lens, tis,/. lentils, ducks-meat 
Lentandus, a, um, part, to be bent 
Lente, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. slowly, leisurely, care- 
Lentesco, ere, n. to become clam- 
my, to stick 
Lentlctila, ae, /. a little lentil, a 

freckle, a chrismatory 
Lenticularis, e, adj. like a lentil 
Lentlglnosus, a, um, adj. freckly 
Lentigo, Inis, /. a pimple, a freckle 
Lentipes, edis, adj. slow-footed 
Lentiscifer, or Lentisclfgrus, a, 
um, adj. bearing mast.ich-trees 
Lentisclna resina, mastich 
Lentiscus, i, /. a mastich-tree, 

a toothpick 
Lentltia, ae, /. limberness, softness 
Lentitudo, Inis, /. slowness, loi- 
tering, tediousness, easiness, 
Lento, are, a. to make pliant 
Lentor, oris, m. toughness, clam- 
miness [pliant 
Lentulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 
Lentus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. slow, lingering, 
dilatory, idle, lazy, indolent, 
heavy, dull, stupid, unmoved, 
quiet, peaceable 
Lenulus, i, m. a young bawd 
Lenunculus, i, m. a young bawd, 

a skiff 
Leo, onis, m. a lion, a sign in the 

heavens, a disease, a lobster 
Leoninus, a, um, adj. of a lion 
Leontlce, es,/. wild chervil 
Leontios, i, m. a kind of precious 

stone like a lion's skin 
Leopardus, i, m. a leopard, a pan- 
Lepide, adv. prettily, wittily, 

Lgpidium, i, n. cresses 
Lepidule, adv. prettily, pleasantly 
Lepidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. pretty, witty, 
smart, tart, quick, brisk, face- 
tious, waggish, merry, pleasant, 
charming, dainty 
Lgpista, ae,/. a little pot 
Lgpor, or Lgpos, oris, m. mirth, 

wit, drollery, complaisance 
LgpOrarium, i, n. a hare-warren 
Lgp6rinus, a, um, adj. of a hare 
Lepra, ae, /. the leprosy 
Leprosus, a, um, adj. leprous 
Lepus, oris, to. a hare, a fish, a 

Lgpusculus, i, m. dim. a leveret 
Lessus, us, m. a funeral lamenta- 
Letalis, e, or Lethalis, e, adj. 

deadly, mortal, fatal 
Lethallter, adv. deadly, mortally 
Lethargia, ae, /. a lethargy 
Letharglcus, a, um, adj. lethargic 
Letharglcus, i, m. a lethargic 

Lethargus, i, m. a lethargy 
Lethatus, a, um, part, killed, 
murdered [fatal 

Lethlfer, era, um, adj. deadly, 
Lethiflcus, a, um, adj. the same 
Letho, are, a. to put to death, to 

Lcthum, or Letum, i, ». dest'a 




Lgvamen, inis, n. ease, an easing, 

relief, comfort 
Lgvamentum, i, n. ease, comfort 
Levandus, a, um, part, to be eased 
Levans, tis, part, lifting up, easing 
Lfivatio, onis,/. an alleviation 
Levator, oris, m. he that lifts up 
Lgvaturus, a, um, part, about to 

Levatus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
lifted up, eased, relieved, as- 
sisted, supported 
Leuca, a?,/, a league 
Leucon, i, n. a heron, a dog's name 
LeucSn6tus, i, m. the south-west 

Leuc8phaeatus, a, um, adj. gray, 

russet, brown 
LeucOphaeus, a, um, adj., the same 
Leviathan, indecl. a whale, or cro- 
codile [wanton 
Lgviciilus, a, um, adj. nighty, 
Lgvidensis, e, adj. coarse and 
slight [credit 
Levifidus, a, um, adj. of slight 
Lgvipes, gdis, ofallgenders, swift- 
Lgvir, iri, m. a brother-in-law 
L6vis, e, adj. ior, comp. issimus, 
superl. light, slight, small, tri- 
fling, trivial, inconsiderable, 
mean, changeable, fickle, in- 
constant, unsettled, uncertain, 
Levis, e, adj., same as Laevis, 
smooth [waked 
Lgvisomnus, a, um, adj. easily 
Lgvitas, atis, /. levity, lightness, 
fickleness, inconstancy, muta- 
bility, want of gravity 
Leviter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. lightly, slightly, poorly, 
a little, gently, patiently 
Levitfido, Inis,/. lightness 
LcHiusculus, a, um, adj. rather 


Lgvo, are, a. to lift up, to raise, to 

ease, to lighten, to lessen, or 

diminish, to allay, to relieve 

Lex, legis, /. law, a law, a decree, 

a canon, any rule, plan, measure, 

or design to act by, good order 

Lexicon, i, n. a Greek dictionary 

Lexipyrgtus, a, um, adj. good 

against fevers 
Lexis, is,/, a word, an expression 
Liacylura, i, n. a joiner's plane 
Libamen, inis, n. a sacrifice 
Libamentum, i, n. a drink-offering 
Llbandus, a, um, part, to be 

Libanotis, i dis, /. rosemary 
LlbanStus, i, m. the south-west 

Libans, tis, part, offering, pour- 
ing out [tree 
Libanus, i, /. the frankincense- 
Libarius, i, m. a cake-maker 
Libatio, onis,/. a libation, a drink- 
Libator, oris, m. he that offers 
Llbatorium, i, n. a chalice 
Libatus, a, um, part, tasted, 
sipped, essayed, proved, tried, 
offered, sacrificed, gathered 
Llbella, a?, /. a small coin of about 
three farthings, a line, level, or 
plummet, used by masons 
Libellio, onis, m. a letter-carrier, 

Libellulus, i, m. a very little book 
Iitbellus, i, m. a little book, a 
letter, a petition, or supplica- 
tion, a citation, a libel, or de- 
claration in taw, a writ of at- 

tachment, a bill of record, a 

LIbens, tis, part, and adj. ior, 
comp. issimus, superl. willing, 
glad, joyful 

Libenter, adv. Ols, comp. issime, 
superl. willingly, readily, freely, 
gladly, joyfully 

Libentia, ae,/. delight, pleasure 

Libeo, or Lubeo, n. to please, to 

Liber, bri, m. the inward bark, or 
rind of a tree, a book, an in- 
ventory, or register, an epistle 

Liber, gra, gram, adj. grior, comp. 
errimus, superl. free, disen- 
gaged, at liberty, or leisure, not 
subject to, exempted from, void 

Libgralis, e, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. liberal, bountiful, 
generous, free, genteel, well- 
bred, ingenuous, fashionable, 
handsome, large, ample 

Liberalitas, atis, /. liberality, 
bounty, generosity, kindness, 
good usage, a grant 

Llberaliter, adv. ius, comp. issime, 
superl. liberally, bountifully, 
generously, hospitably, freely, 
genteelly, handsomely, largely 

Libgrandus, a, um, part, to be 
freed [livering 

Libgrans, tis, part, freeing, de- 

Libgratio, onis,/. a deliverance 

Liberator, oris, m. a deliverer 

Libgratiirus, a, um, part, about 
to deliver 

Libgratus, a, um, part, freed, de- 
livered, released 

Liberg, adv. ius, comp. liberally, 
frankly, freely, without con- 
straint, boldly, genteelly, pro- 

Libgri, orum, pi. m. children, sons 
and daughters 

Libero, are, a. to free, to set free, 
to deliver, to disengage, to un- 
loose, to release, to acquit, to 

Liberta, as,/, a bondwoman made 
free, a freedwoman 

Libertas, atis, /. liberty, a free- 
dom, or power in acting, bold- 
ness of speech, frankness, good- 

Libertina, ae,/., same as Liberta 

Libertinus, i, m. a freedman, the 
son of a freedman 

Libertus, i, m. a bondman made 
free, a freedman [amorous 

Libidinans, tis, part, lustful, 

Libidinor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
play the lecher 

Libidinosg, adv. ius, comp. lust- 
fully, wilfully, after his own 

Libidinosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. lustful, lecher- 
ous, wanton, sensual, fleshly 

Libido, inis, /. lust, lechery, wan- 
tonness, concupiscence, sensu- 
ality, any unbridled passion, or 
unlawful desire, will, humour 

Libitina, ae,/. the care of provid- 
ing for a funeral, a bier, death 

Libitinarius, i, m. an undertaker 
for funerals, a very old man 

Libitum, i, n. will 

Libo, are, a. to taste, or sip, to 
touch lightly, to offer up, to 
pour out, to sprinkle, to gather 

LibOnotus, i, m. the south-west 

Libra, se, /. a pound-weight, a 

pound in money, a pint, a pail 
of scales, one of the twelve 
signs, a carpenter's line, or 
mason's rule, a plummet 
Libralis, e, adj. of a pound 
Libramen, inis, n. a balancing, 

equal weight, a bias 
Libramentu'm, i, n. even weight, 
the tongue of a balance, a level, 
a cord to tie ordnance 
Librans, tis, part, weighing, pois- 
Libraria, ae, /. a library, a book- 
seller's shop, a weigher of wool 
LibrariSlus, i, m. a bookkeeper, a 
clerk [register 

Librarium, i, n. a library, a 
Librarius, a, um, adj. pertaining to 

books, or a pound 

Librarius, i, m. a scrivener, a 

clerk, an amanuensis, a printer, 

a bookseller [poising 

Libratio, onis, /. a weighing, a 

Librator, oris, m. a weigher, a 

leveller of ground 
Libratus, a, um, part, ior, comp. 
weighed, poised, levelled, de- 
liberate [balance 
Librile, is, n. the beam of a 
Librilia, ium, pi. n. slings 
Libripens, dis, m. a weigher 
Libro, are, a. to weigh, to poise, 
to counterbalance, to level, to 
try by plumb-rule 
Libs, libis, m. the south-west 
wind [cake 
Libum, i, n. a wafer, a honey- 
Lib urna, ae,/. a galley 
Liburnica, ae,/., the same 
LIburnus, i, m. a litter, a couch 
Licebit, con.], although 
Licens, tis, part, cheapening 
Licens, tis, adj. ior, comp. licen- 
tious, extravagant, luxurious 
Licentgr, adv. ius, comp. licen- 
tiously, with too much liberty, 
Licentia, ae,/. licence, permission, 
liberty, indulgence, licentious- 
ness, unruliness, furiousness 
Licentiatus, i, m. a licentiate 
Licentiosus, a, um, adj. licentious, 

dissolute, assuming 
LIceo, ere, ui, itum, n. to be law- 
ful, to be prized 
Liceor, eri, itus sum, dep. to 
cheapen, to offer a prize, to bid 
Licet, ebat, licuit and licitum est, 
it is lawful, it is free, or pos- 
Licet, conj. although, albeit 
Lichen, enis, m. a ringworm, 

Liciatorium, i, n. a weaver's beam 
Licinus, a, um, adj. turned up- 
Licitatio, onis, /. a cheapening, a 

setting out for sale 
Licitator, oris, m. a chapman 
LIcitatrix, icis,/. a chap woman 
Licitg, or Llcito, adv. lawfully 
Licitor, ari, dep. to cheapen, to 


Liciturus, a, um, part, that shall 

be lawful [able 

Licitus, a, um, part, lawful, allow- 

Licium, i, n. the woof, or warp, 

thread, yarn 
Lictor, oris, m. a Serjeant, or 
beadle, a mace-bearer, or verger, 
a serjeant-at-arms, a marshal, 
an executioner 
Lictorius, a, um, adj. of, or per- 
taining to a serjeant, &c. 




Lica, enis, m , and Lienis, is, the 

milt, the spleen 
Lienlcus, a, lira, adj. splenetic 
Lienosus, a, um, adj. sick of the 

spleen, swollen 
Lienteria, ae,/. a looseness, a flux 
Lientericus, i, m. one that hath a 

Ligaculum, i, n. a scovel 
Ligamen, Inis, n. a band, or tie, 

a string [bandage 

Llgamentum, i, n. a ligament, a 
Ligans, tis, part, binding, tying 
Ligatio, onis,/. a binding up 
Ligatura, ae, f. a ligature, or 

bandage, a charm 
Ligiitus, a, um, part, bound, 

bound, or tied up, fettered, 

joined together 
Llgellum, i, n. a lodge, a little 

Lignarium, i, n. a timber-yard 
Lignarius, a, um, adj. belonging 

to wood, or timber 
Lignarius, i, m.atimber-merehant 
Lignatio, onis, /. a fuelling, a 

Lignator, oris, m. a wood-monger, 

a hewer of wood 
Ligneolus, a, um, adj. made of 

wood, wooden [wood 

Ligneus, a, um, adj. wooden, of 
Lignile, is, n. a wood-house 
Lignipes, fidis, m. a wooden shoe, 

a patten 
Lignor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 

gather fuel, to purvey wood 
Lignosus, a, um, adj. hard like 

Lignum, i, n. wood, a log, chump, 

or block, a stone, or kernel in 

Ligo, are, a. to bind, to bind, or 

tie up, to tie fast _ [&c. 

Ligo, onis, m. a spade, a pickaxe, 
Ligula, ae, /. a little tongue, the 

tongue of a pipe, a long sword 

made like a tongue, a spatula, 

a spoon, scummer, or ladle, a 

measure of three drachms and 

a scruple 
Ligurio, ire, a. and n. to feed 

nicely, or delicately, to slabber 

up, to waste, or spend riotously 
Llgurltio, onis, /. lickerishness, 

Llguritor, oris, m. a glutton 
Ligustrum, i, n. privet, withbind 
Liliaceus, a, um, adj of lilies 
Lilietum, i, n. a lily-bed 
Lllium, i, n. a lily 
Lima, ae, /. a file, a polish, a 

finishing-stroke, &c. 
Limandus, a, um, part, to be 

polished, corrected, or amended 
Limare, adv. ius, comp. accu- 
Limatulus, a, um, adj. neat, fine 
Limatus, a, um, part, and adj. 

ior, comp. filed, polished, neat 
Limax, acis, d. g. a snail, a harlot 
^imbatus, a, um, adj. embroidered 
Limb61arius, i, m. an embroiderer 
Limbus, i, m. a border, an edging, 

a toce, a fringe 
Liraen, inis, n. a threshold, a 

door, or gate, an entrance, a 

house, a goal, a limit, a frontier 
Limes, itis, et. a limit, a boundary, 

a frontier, a landmark, a great 

broad way, a way, a road 
LinricSla, ae, c. g. living in mud 
Limlger, era, um, cdj. daubed 

with mud 
Limlnaris, e, adj. of a threshold 

Limit atio, onis, /. a bounding, a 

Llmitator, oris, m. a limiter 
Llmlto, are, a. to limit, to bound, 
to set bounds, to part, or divide 
Llmo, are, a. to file, to polish, to 

amend, to correct, to cut 
Lirno, are, n. to look askew 
Limones, um, pi. m. lemons 
Limdnia, ae,/. an anemony 
Llmositas, atis,/. muddiness 
Llmosus, a, um, adj. muddy, slimy 
Limpldus, a, um, adj. clear, 

bright, pure, transparent 
Limpitudo, Inis, /. clearness, 

Limulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

Llmus, a, um, adj., and Llmis, e, 

crooked, squinting 
Limus, i, m. mud, slime, clay, 

mortar, dregs 
Lmamentum, i, n. linen, lint, 

thread, a wick 
Llnarium, i, n a flax-plat 
Lmarius, i, m. a flax-dresser 
Linctus, a, um, part, licked, suck- 
Linctus, us, m. a licking, or suck- 
ing down softly 
Llnea, as,/, a line, a'string, a cord, 
a streak, a rail, a bound, or 
limit, a rank, a degree of kin- 
dred, a lineage 
Lluealis. e, adj. lineal, in a line 
Llneamentum, i, n. a lineament, 
a feature, a form, or shape, a 
Linearis, e, adj. linear 
Llneatus, a, um, part, drawn as 

a plan 
Llneo, are, a. to draw lines, to 

Llneus, a, um, adj. linen, flaxen 
Lingendus, a, um, part, to be 

Lingens, tis, part, licking 
Lingo, fire, nxi, nctum, a. to lick 

with the tongue, to lap 
Lingua, ae, /. a tongue, a lan- 
guage, or speech, eloquence, 
slander, a promontory, or neck 
of land running into the sea 
Linguace, es, /. same as Lingu- 

Llnguaculus, a, um, adj. talk- 
ative, babbling 
Linguarium, i, n. a gag, a penalty 
Linguatus, a, um, adj. skilled in 

languages, learned 
Linguax, acis, adj. long-tongued, 

Lingula, ae, /. a lingel, a little 
tongue, the end of a lever, a 
little tenon, a promontory 
Lingillaca, ae, /. a sole-fish, a 

Lingulatus, a, um, adj. tongued 
Linguosus, a, um, adj. talkative 
Llniendus, a, um, part, to be 

Llniger, Sra, um, adj. wearing 

Linlmentum, i, n. a liniment, t 

Linio, Ire, Ivi, and ii, Itum, a. to 

anoint, to besmear 
Linnae, arum, pl.f. rough mantles 
Lino, ere, lini, llvi and levi, litum, 
a. to anoint, to besmear, to 
daub, to paint, to gild 
Linquendus, a, um, part, to be left 
Linqucns, tis, part, departing, 

Linquo, fire, liaui. lictuui, a. to 

leave, to quit, to forsake, to 

cast off, to lay aside 
Linteamen, inis, n. a linen cloth 
Lintearius, a, um, adj. of linen 
Liutearius, i, m. a linen-draper 
Linteatus, a, um, adj. wearing 

Linteo, onis, m. a linen-weaver 
Linteohim, i, n. a little piece of 

linen cloth, a rag, clout, or 

Linter, tris, d. g. a bark, a little 

boat, a wherry, a sculler, a 

Linteum, i, n. linen, a linen cloth, 

a towel, a napkin, a soil 
Linteus, a, um, adj. of linen 
Lintrarius, i, m. a boat, a barge- 
Liatriculus, i, m. a small boat 
Linum, i, n. flax, tow, linen, 

thread, a rope, a casting, or 

drag net, a purse net 
Llpara, ae,/. a salve, or plaister 
Llparis, is, /. a kind of lizard, a 

gem [sighted 

Lippiens, tis, part, blear-eyed, dim- 
Lippio, Ire, Ivi, Itum, n. to be 

blear-eyed, purblind 
Lippltudo, inis,/. bleaiedness 
Lippus, a, um, adj. blear-eyed, 

having watery eyes, dropping, 

dribbling, leaking, oozy, moist 
Liquabllis, e, adj. that may be 

melted, made soft 
Liquamen, inis, n. dripping, suet 

melted, tallow, ointment 
Liquandus, a, um, part, to be 

Liquasco, ere, incep. to melt away 
Liquatio, onis, /. a melting 
Liquator, oris, m. a melter 
Liquatus, a, um, part, melted, 

Liquefaciens, tis, part, melting 
Liqugfacio, 6re, feci, factum, a. 

to liquefy, to melt 
Liqugfactio, onis,/. a melting 
LIqugfactus, a, um, part, melted, 

dissolved, wasted 
Liqueflo, factus, ». part, to be 

melted [fluid 

Liquens, tis, part, melting, liquid, 
Llqueo, ere, licui, a. and n. to 

melt, to dissolve, to become 

liquid, to be clear 
Liquescens, tis, part, melting 
LIquesco, ere, incep. to melt, to 

run, to thaw, to grow liquid, 

to grow soft, or effeminate, 

to relent 
Liqulde, adv. ius, comp. issimfe, 

superl clearly, plainly 
Liquldiusculus, a, um, adj. some- 
what more mild 
Liquid6, adv. clearly, plainly, 

safely [clear 

Llquldo, are, a. to make moist, or 
Liquldum, i, n. moisture, water 
Llquidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 

isslmns, superl. liquid, moist, 

soft, melted, loose, soluble, 

clear, pure, unmixed, serene, 

Llqmo, are, a. to melt, to dissolve, 

to thaw, to loosen, or make one 

Liquor, gris, dep. to be melted, 

or dissolved, to melt, to drop, 

to run, or glide 
Liquor, 6ris, m. liquor, water, 
juice, moisture, the sea, fluidity 
Lira, ae, /. a furrow, a ridge of 

Lirac, arum, pl.f. trifles, toys 




Liratlm, adv. in ridges, ridge-wise 
Liro, are, a. to make baulks, to 
plough the third time, to har- 
Lis, litis,/, strife, contention, dis- 
pute, debate, a quarrel, a con- 
test, an action, or lawsuit, a 
fine, a fact 
Litamen, Inis, n. a sacrifice 
Lltandus, a, urn, part, to be ap- 
Litans, tis, part, appeasing by 

LItatio, onis,/. a sacrificing 
Lltat6, adv. luckily, fortunately 
Lit ator, oris, m. a sacrificer 
Litatud, a, um, part, sacrificed, 

offered up 
Litera, a:, /. a letter of a book, a 
letter, or epistle, one's hand- 
writing, a writing, a bill, or 
Llterae, arum, pi. f. a letter, or 
epistle, writings, deeds, me- 
moirs, evidences, learning 
Literalis, e, adj. literal, to the 

Lltgrarius, a, um, adj. of letters, 

or learning 
Literate, adv. ius, comp. learnedly 
Lifgrator, oris, m. a teacher of 

the alphabet 
Literatorius, a, um, adj. same as 

Lltgratura, as, /. literature, gram- 
Literatus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. learned, let- 
tered, marked with letters 
Llterosus, a, um, adj. greatly 

Lltgrula?, arum, pi. f. a short 

letter, learning 
Lithanlcus, i, m. one who suffers 

from the stone 
Llthargjros, i, m. litharge, scum, 

or spume of lead, silver 
Lithost.roton, i, n. a pavement 
composed of small pieces of 
marble of various colours 
Lith0t6mia, also Lat6mia, a?,/, a 

mason's workshop, a quarry 
LlthotSmus, i, v. a lithotomist, 

a mason 
Llticen, Inis, m. a clarionet 
Litlgans, tis, part, wrangling, 

Litlgatio, onis,/. litigation 
Litigator, oris, m. a wrangler 
Lltlgatrix, Icis,/. a scold, a quar- 
relsome woman [pute 
Litlgatus, us, m. a debate, a dis- 
Lltlgiosus, a, um, adj. litigious, 
captious, disputed [rel 
Lltigium, i, n. strife, debate, quar- 
Lltlgo, are, a. and n. to strive, de- 
bate, scold, quarrel, &c. 
Llto, are, a. to offer up in sacri- 
fice, to sacrifice, to appease, or 
Lit&ralis, e, adj. of the sea-shore 
Lltoreus, a, um, adj. on the shore 
LitSrosus, a, um, adj. of, near, or 
upon the shore [ing 
LItura, <e,f. a blot, a blur, a daub- 
Llturgia, 33,/. the liturgy 
LIturo, are, a. to blot, or dash out 
Lltus, a, um, part, anointed, 
daubed, spotted, marked, a- 
Lltus, us, m. a besmearing 
Lltus, poet. Littus, Oris, n. the 
shore, the sea-shore, the coast 
Lltuus, i, m. an augur's staff, a 
trumpet, a clarion 

Livens, tis, part, black and blue, 

livid, envious 
Llveo, ere, pret. wanting, n. to be 
black and blue, or pale and 
wan, to be rusty, or foul, to 
Llvesco, 6re, incep. to grow blue, 

to envy, or repine 
Livia, 33, /. a stockdove, a blue 

Livide, adv. bluishly, enviously 
Llvidulus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

Livldus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. black and blue, 
pale and wan, dark, dusky 
Llvor, oris, m. lividness, wanness, 

paleness, envy, spite 
Lix, llcis,/. water, lye, ashes 
Lixa, a?, m. a scullion, a sutler 
Lixamen, Inis, n. and Lixamen- 

tum, i, n. a boiling in water 
Lixatura, ae, /. a boiling, or 

Lixatus, a, um, part, boiled, 

Lixivia, as, /. lye made of ashes 
Lixivium, i, n. lye to wash with 
Lixivius, a, um, adj. of lye 
Lixlvus, a, um, adj. of, or like lye 
Lixo, are, a. to boil, to seethe 
Lixus, a, um, adj. boiled, sodden 
Lob us, i, m. a lobe, the tip of the 

Localis, e, adj. local, of a place 
LOcallter, adv. locally, in a place 
L6candus, a, um, part, to be let. 
L5cans, tis, part, placing, letting 
Locarium, i, re. house-rent, stall- 
wages, boat-hire, &c. 
LOcarius, i, m. he that places peo- 
ple at public shows, a clerk of 
a market, a pew-keeper 
L5catio, onis, /. the letting of a 
house, a setting to hire, a set- 
ting, or taking work by the 
Locator, oris, m. a lessor, a taker 
Locavoiius, a, um, adj. of hire 
L6caturus, a, um, part, about to 

place, or hire out 

Locatus, a, um, part, placed, set, 

let to hire, rented [bag 

Locellus, i, m. a little purse, or 

Loci, pi. m. and L6ca, orum, n. 

the womb, the matrix 
Locito, are,/reg. to let to hire, to 

L6co, are, a. to place, to set, or 
lay, to pitch, to settle, to let, 
to let out, to lease, to put, or 
lay out 
LSculamentum, i, n. a box, or 
drawer, a locker, a hutch, a 
comb in beehives, a case for 
books [bags 

L6cularis, e, adj. kept in little 
LOcularius, i, m. a pursemaker 
Lociilatus, a, um, adj. that has 
holes, or places distinct from 
one another 
L6culi, orum, pi. m. a pocket 
Loculosus, same as Loculatus 
Loculus, i, m. a little purse, bag, 

or coffer, a coffin, or bier 
Lociiples, etis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. rich, wealthy, well- 
stored, copious, plentiful, abun- 
LOcupletandus, a, um, part, to he 

enriched, improved 
LOcupletator, oris, m. an enricher 
Lociipletatus, a, um, part, enrich- 
ed, stored 
LOcupletissIme, adv. most richly 

LOcupleto, are, a. to enrich, to 

enlarge, to furnish, to set off 
L6cus, i, m. pi. loci and 16ca, a 
place, room, or stead, a situa- 
tion, condition, state, or case, 
an occasion, or season, oppor- 
LOcusta, ee,/. a locust, a lobster 
L6cutio, onis, /. a speaking, 
speech [talker 

L6cutor, oris, m. a speaker, a 
Locuturus, a, um, part, about to 
speak [spoken 

LOcutus, a, um, part, having 
Lodlcula, ee, /. a little sheet, or 

Lodix, Icis, /. a sheet, a blanket 
LSgarion and Logarium, i, n. a 
little account book in which 
trifling matters are recorded 
L&gi, orum, pi. m. trifling words 
L6glca, 33, /. and LSglce, es, /.. 

logic, the art of reasoning 
Loglce, adv. logically 
Logicus, a, um, adj. logical 
L5gion, i, n. a theatre, a stage 
Logijgraphi, orum, pi. m. lawyers 
clerks [tares 

Loliaceus, a, um, adj. made of 
Loliarius, a, um, adj. pertaining 

to tares 
LOlIgo, inis,/. a cuttlefish 
L51ium, i, re. darnel, cockle, ray, 
tares [colour 

Lomentum, i, n. bean-meal, a 
Longaevltas, atis,/. longevity, old 

Longasvus, a, um, adj. long-lived, 

ancient, aged 
Longanlmis, e, adj. long-suffering 
Longanlmltas, atis,/. long-suffer- 
Longe, adv. ills, comp. isslme, 
superl. far, far from, a great way 
from, afar off, a great distance 
Longinque, adv. ius, comp. same 
as Longe [distance 

Longinquitas, atis, /. remoteness, 
Longinquus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
remote, distant, far off, at a 
great distance, strange 
Longipes, 6dis, adj. long-footed 
Longisslme, adv. very far 
Longisslmus, a, um, adj. farthest, 

or utmost 
Longiter, adv. afar off 
Longitudo, Inis, /. longitude, 

length, futurity 
Longiusculus, a, um, adj. some- 
what of the longest [far 
Long-file, adv. rather far off, very 
Longulus, a, um, adj. rather long 
Longum, adv. for a long time, for 
ever [low 
Longurio, onis, m. a tall slim fel- 
Longurius, i, m. a rail, a cross 

Longus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. long, tall, oi 
long extent, lasting, long, tedi- 
LOquacItas, atis,/. talkativeness 
L6quaclter, adv. pratingly, noisily 
LOquacIto, are, n. to chatter, to 

Lfiquactilus, i, m. a great talker 
Loquax, acis, adj. ior, comp. issi- 
mus, superl. talkative, prating, 
babbling, noisy, roaring 
L6quela, te, /. speech, talk, lan- 
Loquendus, a, um, part, to bo 
talked of [ing 

Loquens, tis, part, speaking, talk. 




Loquentia, ae,/. a talking, talk 

LOquor, loqui, lOcutus, or lOquu- 
tus, dep. to speak, to talk, to 
discourse, to tell, to declare 

L6ra, or Lorea, se, /. a small, or 
thin wine, made of the husks of 
grapes [cord 

Loramentum, i, «. a thong, or 

Lorarius, i, m. a whipper, a 
beadle, a string 

LOreus, a, um, adj. made of lea- 
thern thongs 

>brica, ae, /. a coat of mail, a 
parapet, or breastwork, the 
coping of a wall 

Loricatio, onis,/. a harnessing, a 

LOricatus, a, um, part, clad in 

Lorlco, are, a. to put on a coat of 
mail, to arm 

Loricula, ae, /. a little coat of 
mail, a fortification, a breast- 
work, a balcony 

LOripes, fedis, c. g. adj. bow, or 
bandy-legged, slow 

Ldrum, i, n. a thong of leather, a 
cord, a strap, a girth, a whip, 
a rein, a bridle 

Lotio, onis, /. a washing 

Lotium, i, n. urine 

Letor, oris, m. a washer 

Lotos, and Lotus, i, m. the lote- 
tree, a very pleasant fruit 

Lotrix, Icis,/. a laundress 

Lotuja, a?,/, a washing, a rinsing 

Lotus, a, um, part, washed, bath- 
ed, rinsed, cleansed, dyed 

Ltibens, tis, part, willing, cheerful 

Liibenter, adv. ius, comp. isslme, 
superl. willingly, gladly 

Lubentia, ae, /. pleasantness, 

Lubido, Inis, /. pleasure, lust 

Lubrice, adv. slipperily, dange- 

Lubrico, are, a. to make slippery 

Lubricum, i, n. slipperiness, 

Lubricus, a, um, adj. slippery, 
unsteady, inconstant, uncertain, 
changeable, deceitful 

Liicanica, ae,/. a pork sausage 

Lucanicum, i, n. the same 

Lucanlcus, i, m. a glutton 

Lucanus, a, um, adj. pertaining 
to the light, or morning 

Liicar, n. indecl. money for a seat 
at plays 

Lucaria, Orum, pi. n. feasts solem- 
nized in groves 

Lucarius, i, m. a woodman 

Luce, adv. in the daytime, openly 

Lucellum, i, n. dim. a little gain 

Lucens, tis, part, shining, glit- 

Luceo, ere, xi, n. to shine, to glit- 
ter, to give light, to appear, or 
be apparent 

Lucerna, ae,/. a candle, alight, a 
lamp, a fish 

Lucesco, fire, incep. to shine out 

Lucl, adv. in the morning, or day 
by day [calmly 

Lucide, adv. ius, comp. clearly, 

Lucidus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. lucid, light, 
bright, glittering, sparkling, 
clear, plain, fair 

Lucifer, e"rt, m. the day-star, the 
morning-star, the devil 

Luclf'ferus, a, um, adj. light-re- 
volving, assisting 

Luclrtiga, ae, c. g. and 

Lud.'iigus, a, um, adj. avoiding 

the light, lurking, sleeping by 

LucigSna, ae, m. one born, or he- 
gotten in the daytime 

Lucmium, i, n. a glow-worm, a 

Liicisco, same as Lucesco 

Luciscus, i, m. a blinkard 

Lucius, i, m. a pike, a jack 

Lucrans, tis, part, gaming, getting 

Lucratlvus, a, um, adj. lucrative, 

Lucratus, a, um, part, having 
gained, gotten, or obtained, 

Lucrifacio, fere, feci, factum, a. to 
gain, to make gain, to get, to 
win, to escape 

Lucrlfactus, a, um, part, gained, 
gotten, won 

Lucrif Ico, are, a. to gain, or get 

Lucrlficus, a, um, adj. gainful 

Lucrlfio, Sri, factus, n. pass, to 
be won 

Lucrlfuga, ae, c. g. one that flees 
from profit 

Lucrfpgta, ae, m. an usurer 

Lucrius, a, um, adj. of, or belong- 
ing to gain 

Lucror, ari, atus, dep. to gain, 
get, win, or earn 

LuciOse, adv. gainfully 

LucrOsus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. lucrative, gain- 
ful, profitable 

Lucrum, i, n. gain, profit, benefit, 
advantage, an earning 

Lucta, ae,/. strife, a scuffle 

Luctamen, Inis, n. a struggling, a 
striving [gle 

Luctandus, a, um, part, to strug- 

Luctans, tis, part, struggling, 
striving, contending, resisting, 

Luctatio, onis,/. a contending, a 

Luctator, oris, m. a wrestler 

Luctatus, a, um, part, having 
wrestled, striven, or strained, 

Luctatus, us, m. a struggling 

Luctifer, 6ra, um, adj. mournful, 
dismal, fatal [sad 

Luctif icabilis, e, adj. sorrowful, 

Luctif Icus, a, um, adj. mournful, 
sorrowful, doleful, woful, sad 

LuctisOnus, a, um, adj. having a 
mournful sound, doleful, pitiful 

Lucto, are, a. to wrestle 

Luctor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
wrestle, to struggle, to endea- 

Luctuose, adv. ius, comp. mourn- 
fully, lamentably 

Luctuosus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
issimus, superl. mournful, sor- 
rowful, sad, doleful 

Luctus, us, m. mourning, sorrow, 
grief, lamentation, mourning- 

Lucubrans, tis, part, studying, or 
working by candlelight 

Lucubratio, onis,/. lucubration 

Lucubratorius, a, um, adj. of, or 
belonging to study by candle- 

Lucubratus, a, um, part, done, or 
made by candlelight 

Lucubro, are, a. to study, do, or 
work by candelight 

Lucubrum, i, n. and Lucubra, ae, 
/. a match, or touchwood to 
keep fire in 

Luculent^, adv. clearly, merrily 

Luculenter, adv. clearly, plainly, 

evidently, bravely, at a high 
Luculentia, ae,/. clearness 
Luculentus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. 
clear, plain, bright, fair, beauti- 
ful, renowned, notable, credi- 
Lucus, us, m. light, the morning 
Liicus, i, m. a grove, or wood, de- 
dicated to some god, and kept 
uucut, a temple in a wood 
Liidens, tis,peu-f. playing, sporting 
Ludi, orum, pi. m. sports, pas- 
times, plays 
Ludia, ae, / an actress 
Ludibriosus, a, um, adj. ridicu- 
lous, reproachful 
Liidibrium, i, n. a mock, a mock- 
ery, a laughing-stock, a jest 
Ludibundus, a, um, adj. full of 

play, playsome 
Ludicer, era, crum, adj. ludicrous, 
belonging to play, sportive, in 
jest, vain, trifling 
Ludicre, adv. wantonly 
Ludlcris, e, adj. same as Ludicer 
Ludicrum, i, n. a play, an inter 

Ludifacio, fere, a. to befool 
Ludif icabilis, e, adj. making sport 
Ludlficans, tis, part, mocking, 

Ludificatio, Onis, /. a mocking, 

or deceiving, mockery 
Ludif icator, oris, m. a mocker, a 

Ludificatus, a, um, part, mock- 
ing, or deceiving, mocked 
Ludif ico, are, a. fur 
Ludif icor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
mock, to make a fool of, to 
cajole [master 

Ludimagister, tri, m. a school- 
Ludimentum, i, n. a plaything 
Ltidio, Onis, m. a sword, or pup- 
pet-player [dancer 
Ludius, i, m. a stage-player, a 
Ludo, fere, si, sum, a. to play, to 
play at, or upon, to sport, to 
make sport, to frisk, or dance, 
to dally, to wanton, to banter, 
to jest upon 
Liidus, i, m. a play, sport, pas- 
time, or game, a trick of youth, 
a prank, a feat, a jest, a show, 
or sight, a school 
Luela, ae,/. punishment 
Luendus, a, um, part, to be 
punished, atoned for, or under- 
gone [for 
Luens, tis, part, suffering, atoning 
Lues, is,/, a plague, or pestilence, 
a rot, or murrain, a great mor- 
tality, destruction, ruin, a blight 
Lugendus, a, um, part, to be be- 
wailed [menting 
Lugens, tis, part, bewailing, la- 
Lugeo, ere, xi, uctum, a. to 
mourn, bewail, or lament, tc 
grieve at [fully 
Liigubrfe, adv. lamentably, piti- 
Lugubris, e, adj. mournful, la- 
mentable, sorrowful, grievous 
Lugubriter, adv. mournfully 
Lugubro, are, a. to make lament- 
Luitio, onis,/. an acquittal 
Luiturus, a, um, part, about to 

Luma, ae,/. a kind of thorn 
Lumbago, inis, /. a pain of the 

Lumbifiagium, i, n. a breaking of 
the loins [worms 

Lumbricosus, a, urn, adj. full of 




Lumbricus, i, m. an earth-worm, 

a belly-worm, a maw-worm 
Lumbfilus, i, m. dim. a little loin 
Lumbus, i, m. the loin, haunffh, 

or flank, the reins 
Lumectum, i, n. a thicket of thorns 
Lumen r inis, n. light, brightness, 
any light body, a light, a can- 
dle, lamp, or torch, a star, the 
sun, an eye 
Lnminare, is, n. a luminary, a 

light, a gallant person 
LtimTno, are, a. to light, to en- 
lighten, to dye purple 
Lirarinosus, a, um, adj. luminous, 
full of light, or windows, shin- 
ing, bright 
Luna, ae, /. the moon, a moon 
Lunaris, e, ad;', lunar, of the moon 
Lunatidus, a, um, adj. lunatic, 

Lunatio, 6nis, /. a bending like 
the moon, a change of the moon 
Lunatus, a, um, part, made like a 
half-moon, crooked [moon 

Luno, are, a. to bend like a half- 
Luniila, ae,/. a little moon, a half- 
moon on senator's shoes 
Luo, ere, i, ltum, a. and n. to pay, 
to suffer, to expiate, or atone 
for, to purge 
Liipa, ae, f. a she-wolf, a harlot 
Lupanar, aiis, n. a brothel 
Liipanarium, i, n. a bawdy-house 
Lupatum, i, n. a curb-bridle, a bit 
Liipatus, a, um, adj. bridled with 

a sharp bit, of a curb 
Liipatus, i, m. a, bit, or snaffle 
Lupercal, alis, n. the place where 
Romulus and Remus were fos- 
tered by a she-wolf 
Liipercalia, um, n. pi. solemn sa- 
crifices and plays dedicated to 
Liiperci, orum, pi. m. the priests 

of Pan 
Liiplnus, i, m. and Ltipinum, i, n. 
a pulse of most bitter taste, lu- 
pins, or hops 
Liiplnus, a, um, adj. of a wolf 
Lupula, ae,/. a curst she- wolf 
Lupiilatus, a, um, adj. having 
Liipulus, i, m. hops [hops 

Lupus, i, m. a wolf, a pike, a stur- 
geon, a spider, a bit, or snaffle, 
a hook, or drag, hops 
Lura, se,/. the mouth of a sack 
or bottle [god 

Lurco, onis, m. a glutton, abelly- 
Liiridus, a, um, adj. pale, wan, 

black, ghastly, dismal 
Luror, oris, m. paleness, wanness 
Lusctnia, ae,/. a hen-nightingale 
Lusciniola, ae,/. a small nightin- 
gale [gale 
Luscinius, i, m. a cock-nightin- 
Luscinus, a, xim,adj. dim-sighted 
Lusciosus, and Luscitiosus, a, 

um, adj. owl-eyed, purblind 
Luscitio, onis, /. a weakness of 
sight [eye 

Luscus, a, um, adj. blind of one 
Lusio, onis,/. a playing, or gam- 
ing, diversion, recreation 
Lusito, are, freq. to play often, 
to play, to frisk [ceiver 

Lusor, oris, m. a sporter, a de- 
LusOrius, a, um, adj. belonging to 
play, or pleasure, merry, spor- 
Lustralis, e, adj. done every fifth 
year, having power to purge, or 
make holy, purging 
LustrSmen, inis, n. a search, a 

Tiew, a survey 

Lustramentum, i, n. a cleansing, 

a purgation, an atonement 

Lustrandus, a, um, part, to be 

viewed, supervised, examined, 

&c. [viewing 

Lustrans, tis, part, surveying, 

Lustratio, onis, /. a surveying, or 

viewing, a purging by sacrifice 
Lustrator, oris, m. a surveyor, a 

Lustratus, a, um, part, surveyed, 

Lustricus, a, um, adj. purifying, 

or cleansing, naming 
Lustriflcus, a, um, adj. same as 

Lustro, are, a. and n. to survey, 
to view, to observe, to weigh, 
or consider, to examine, to go 
Lustro, onis, m. an idler 
Lustror, ari, dep. to haunt stews 
Lustrum, i, n. a purgation, or 
cleansing by sacrifice every fifth 
year, the space of four years 
Lusurus, a, um, part, about to 

Lusus, a, um, part, played, mock- 
ed, deluded, deceived" [liance 
Lusus, us, m. a play, a sport, dal- 
Lutamentum, i, n. a mud-wall 
Lutarius, a, um, adj. of, or living 

in mud 
Lutatus, a, um, part, daubed over 
Lutensis, e, adj. feeding upon mud 
LiiteBlus, a, um, adj. yellowish 
Lutesco, fire, ineep. to grow foul 
Lutetun, i, n. a yolk, woad 
Luteus. a, um, adj. made of clay, 
loam, dirt, or mud, earthen, 
dirty, nasty, sorry 
Luteus, a, um, adj. pale, yellow 
Luto, are, a. to daub, to pollute 
Luto, avi, are, a. intens., to pay 
Ltitose, adv. dirtily [draggled 

Lutosus, a, um, adj. dirty, miry, 
Lutra, ae,/. an otter 
Lutulentus, a, um, adj. dirty, 

miry, muddy, filthy 
Ltltulo, are, at o bedaub 
Liitum, i, n. clay, loam, dirt, mire, 

mud, a dirty fellow 
Lutum, i, n. woad for dying yellow 
Lux, lucis, /. light, day, splen- 
dour, brightness, an eye, a sea- 
son, life, the public 
Luxatus, a, um, part, put out of 

joint, dislocated 
Luxo, are, a. to loosen, to displace 
Luxor, ari, dep. to riot 
Luxuria, ae, /. luxury, extrava- 
gance, excess, superfluity, rank- 
Luxurians, tis, part, superfluous 
Luxuriatus, a, um, part, having 
been loose, or wanton, riotous, 
Luxuries, ei,/. luxury, profusion, 
lavishness, lasciviousness, wan- 
tonness, rankness 
Luxurio, are, n. to grow wanton, 
riotous, or rank, to wanton, to 
frisk about [&c. 

Luxurior, ari, dep. to grow rank, 
Luxuriose, adv. ius, comp. issiime, 
superl. luxuriously, extrava- 
gantly, expensively, riotously 
Luxuriosus, a, um, adj. luxurious, 
extravagant, expensive, profuse, 
lavish, sumptuous, riotous, wan- 
ton [joint 
Luxus, a, um, adj. loose, out of 
Luxus, us, m. luxury, extrava- 
gance, profuseness, excess, 
state, magnificence, riot 

Lyaeus, i, m. Bacchus, wine 
Lyams, a, um, adj. of wine 
Lychnobius, i, m. a night walker, 

one that turns night into day 
Lychnuchus, i, m. a candlestick, 

a sconce, a link-boy 
Lychnus, i, m. a lamp, a link 
Lycisca, ae,/. a shepherd's dog 
Lympha, ae,/. water, a stream 
Lymphans, tis, part, making mad 
Lymphaticum, i, n. madness, 

rage, distraction 
Lymphaticus, a, um, adj. mad, 

frightened out of one's wits 
Lymphatio, onis,/. a fright 
Lymphatus, us, m. madness, de- 
lusion [frantic 
Lymphatus, a, um, part, mad, 
Lympho, are, a. to make mad, to 

enrage, to frighten, to scare 
Lynceus, a, um, adj. of a lynx, 

sharp-sighted, quick, keen 
Lynx, cis, d. g. a lynx, an ounce, 

a spotted and sharp-sighted 

beast like a wolf 
Lyra, te,f. a harp, a constellation 
Lyrica, orum, pi. n. lyric verses, 

or songs 
Lyilcen, Inis, m. a harper 
Lyrlcus, a, um, adj. lyric, pertain- 
ing to a harp 
L^ristes, ae, m. a harper 
Ljrsis, is, and ios,/. a weakening 

by illness, a loosening 
Lytta, ae,/. madness of a dog, a 


Maccus, i, m. a fool in a play 
Macellarius, a, um, adj. belong- 
ing to shambles [tuals 
Macellarius, i, m. a seller of vic- 
Macellum, i, n. a market-place lor 
flesh, fish, and all manner of 
provisions, shambles [lean 
Macellus, a, um, adj. somewhat 
Maceo, ere, ui, n. to be lean, or 


Macer, era, crum, adj. crior, comp. 

cemmus, superl. lean, thin, 

poor, bare, barren [steeping 

Maceratio, onis,/. maceration, a 

Maceratus, a, um, part, steeped, 

soaked, wasted away, consumed 

Maceresco, fire, incep. to be 


Maceria, ae, /. and Macgries, ei, 

/. any wall, or mound about 

a ground 

Macfiro, are, a. to steep, to soak, 

to soften, to dissolve, to melt, 

waste, or pine away, to consume 

Macescens, tis, part, growing lean 

Macesco, ere, incep. to grow lean, 

poor, or barren 
Machaera, ae,/. a sword, a knife 
Machaerium, i, n. a dagger, a 
cook's knife [man 

MachaerOphorus, i, m. a swords- 
Machlna, ae,/. a machine, an en- 
gine, an instrument, a crane, 
&c, a frame 
Machtnalis, e, adj. belonging to 

Machinamentum, i, n. an engine 
to batter walls with, an instru- 
Machinans, tis, part, contriving 
Machinarius, a, um, adj. of, or 

belonging to engines 
Machlnatio, onis,/. any mecliani- 




cal instrument, a device, an 
/Iftchlnator, Oris, m. a deviser, a 
contriver, a projector, an au- 
thor, an engineer 
Machlnatrix, icis,/. a contriver 
Machlnatus, a, um, part, having 

invented, or plotted 
Machlnor, ari, atus sum, dep. to 
frame, or make, to devise, to 
contrive, to invent 
MachinOsus, a, um, adj. particu- 
larly, or skilfully constructed 
Maries, ei, /. leanness, bareness 
Macllentus, a, um, adj. lean, thin, 
Maris, idis, /. mace [lank 

Macreeco, ere, macrui, incep. to 

grow lean, or thin 
Macritas, atis,/. poorness 
Macritudo, luis, /. leanness 
MacrOchira, a,/. a coat with long 

Macrocolum, i, n royal paper 
MacrOcOmus, i, at. one long- 
haired [killing 
Mactabilis, e, adj. causing death, 
Mactandus, a, um, part, to be 

killed, slain, sacrificed 
Mactans, tis, part, killing, doing 

Mactator, Oris, m. a murderer 
Mactatus, a, um, part, killed, 

slain, slaughtered, sacrificed 
Mactatus, us, m. the killing for 

Mactea, ae,/. a delicate food 
Macto, are, a. to kill, to slay, to 
sacrifice, to offer up, to aug- 
Mactra, ae,/. kneading-trough 
Macula, ae, /. a spot, or stain, a 
mark, a slur, or fault, a blemish, 
disgrace, discredit [luting 

Maculans, tis, part, staining, pol- 
Blaculatio, Onis, /. infamy, re- 
Maculatus, a, um, part, spotted, 

stained, soiled, defiled 
Maculo, are, a. to spot, to stain, 
to sully, to defile, to pollute, to 
Mactilosus, a, um, adj. spotted, 
speckled, stained, blotted, scan- 
dalous, infamous 
Madefaciendus, a, um, part, to 

be wetted 
Madefacio, 6re, eci, actum, a. to 

wet, or moisten, to soak 
Madefactus, a, um, part, wetted, 

Madefio, en, n. to be made wet 
Madens, tis, part, wet, or moist, 

Madeo, ere, ui, n. to be wet, or 

moist, to be drunk, or full 
Madesco, fire, incep. to grow wet, 

or moist 
Madldans, tis, part, dropping wet 
Madlde, adv. moistly 
MadJdus, a, um, adj. wet, drop- 
ping wet, moist, drunk, boiled, 

Madulsa, ae, m. a drunkard 
Maiander, and Maiandrus, i, m. a 

turn, a shiir, or trick, a lace set 

in crooks and turns 
Maena, ae, /. a kind of herring, or 

pilchard, a sardine 
Maenas, adis, /. a priestess of 

Bacchus, or a gelded priest of 

Maenlana, Orum, pi. n. balconies 
Maga, ae,/. a witch, a sorceress 
M agalia, um, 7//. n. cottages, shed* 
Majfia, ae,/. magic, soicery 

Magice, es,/. magic, witchcraft 
Maglcus, a, um, adj. magic, of 

Magis, adv. more, more at large, 

more fully, rather, the rather 
Magister, tri, m. a master, a ruler, 
or chief, a schoolmaster, a tutor, 
a philosopher, a framer, a pilot 
Magisterium, i, n. the place, or 
office of a master, or governor, 
government [teacher 

Magistra, ae, /. a mistress, a 
Magistratus, us, m. magistracy, 
the office, or place of a magis- 
trate [dross 
Magma, atis, n. dregs, refuse, 
Magnalia, um, pi. n. great works 
Magnanimitas, atis, /. magna- 
Magnanlmus, a, um, adj. mag- 
nanimous, courageous, brave, 
Magr.arius, i, m. a merchant 
Magnates, um, pi. m. peers of the 

realm, grandees 
Magnes, etis, m. a loadstone 
Magneticus, a, um, adj. magnetic 
Magnidicus, a, um, adj. bragging 
Magnlf ario, ere, eci, actum, a. to 

esteem, or value much 
Magnificatio, Onis, /. a magnify- 
ing [nobly 
Magnlfice, adv. magnificently, 
Magnificenter, adv. ius, comp. 
issime, superl. magnificently, 
Magnif Icentia, ae, / magnificence, 

grandeur, a high value 
Magnif ico, are, a. to magnify, to 

Magnificus, a, um, adj. entior, 
comp. entissxmus, superl. mag- 
nificent, grand, splendid, state- 
ly, great, noble, glorious, ex- 
MagnilOquentia, ae,/. a boasting 
MagnUOquus, a, um, adj. lofty, 

exalted, highfiown, boasting 
Magnipendo, ere, a. to value 
highly [nitude 

Magnitas, atis,/. greatness, mag- 
Magnitiido, inis, /. magnitude, 
greatness, size, bulk, quantity, 
MagnOpgre, adv. greatly, much, 
exceedingly, very, chiefly, eager- 
Magnum, adv. greatly, aloud 
Magnus, a, um, adj. major, comp. 
maximus, superl. great, much, 
large, rich, powerful, round, 
hard, difficult 
Magus, i, m. a magician, a sor- 
cerer, an enchanter, a charmer, 
a wise man 
Magus, a, um, adj. magical, magic 
Majaiis, is, m. a barrow-pig, a hog 
Majestas, atis, /. majesty, gran- 
deur, solemnity, authority, 
Major, us, adj. comp. greater, 
bigger, elder, more efficacious, 
more powerful, more vigorous, 
weighty, momentous, important 
Majores, um, pi. m. ancestors, 

Maius, a, um, adj. of May 
Majus, i, m. the month of May 
Majusculus, a, um, adj. somewhat 

greater, bigger 
Mala, ae,/. the cheek, the jaw 
Malabathrum, same as Malobath- 
Malache, es,/. mallows [rum 

Malaria, ae, /. a calm, stillness, 
longing, squeamishness 

Malarisso, are, a. to soften, tn 

Malacus, a, um, adj. soft, supple, 
4exible, easy, voluptuous 

Malagma, atis, n. a poultice 

Malaxo, are, a. to soften, to supple 

Male, adv. badly, improperly, ill, 
disgracefully, wickedly, hurt- 
fully, unsuccessfully, unhappily 

Malgdice, adv. abusively, slander- 

Maledicentia, ae,/. detraction 

Malgdicentior, adj. comp, issimus, 
superl. more and more slander- 

Maiedico, gre, xi, ctum, a. to re 
proach, to revile, to rail at 

Malgdictio, onis, /. slander, de- 

Maledictum, i, n. foul language, 
a reproach 

Malgdictus, a, um, part, cursed 

Maledicus, a, um, adj. foul-mouth- 
ed, reproachful, reviling 

Malgfario, ere, eci, actum, a. to 
do amiss, to wrong, to injure 

Malefactor, oris, m. a criminal 

Malefaction, i, n. an ill deed, an 

Malefice, adv. mischievously, 
badly [ness 

Maleficentia, ae, /. mischievous- 

Malgficentissimus, a, um, adj. 
superl. most wicked 

Malgficiose, adv. mischievously 

Maleficium, i, n. a w